Two sets of rims #notmine #likeaboss #bitchmade #hashtagrape
notmine - likeaboss - bitchmade - hashtagrape -
igmgt -
bitchmade -
tha_ming : But they woke up in a new Bugatti
brap_dat_a55_ : True
ayyo_pilaa - brap_dat_a55_ - tha_ming - zachramirez361 -
bitchmade -
#FancyFriday #sectionring #Copenhagen #countryboy #america #football #yeeyee #bored
fancyfriday - bored - sectionring - football - yeeyee - countryboy - copenhagen - america - bitchmade -
chris_heim1994 : It'd be a shame if Corning was D1 that year instead of us, that ring would be nonexistent 😜 @the_lame_one62 @aerod1994 @shelamertz
the_lame_one62 : yeah too bad.... would've loved to spank you guys on your scoreboard too! @chris_heim1994
chris_heim1994 : Come on now. You know that wouldn't have happened @the_lame_one62
kylecosi : this is awesome!
shelamertz : Lol @chris_heim1994
the_lame_one62 : we would've destroyed you guys.. @chris_heim1994 #bitchmade πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
chris_heim1994 : You guys were good, but not that good @the_lame_one62 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ miss you dude
the_lame_one62 : I miss ya too man... @chris_heim1994 ha....... gaaaaayyyyy
thatgirlsydney22 - raygibsonmusic - rachaelwhitted - rubix_cube89 -
Haha #bitchmade #bitchniggas who be raising these bitch nigga haha acting straight like females πŸ’ƒπŸ‘­πŸ’ haha 🚺
bitchniggas - bitchmade -
luca_brasi_502 : I'm weak
cash_and_gas : Just speaking the lol @luca_brasi_502
luca_brasi_502 : The truth I feels bruh
_.destinnnyyy._ - luca_brasi_502 - janayaaeriana - raaaaaavenn_ -
theyll talk shit then theyll copy. πŸ’ #bitchmade #phonies #monkeysee #monkeydo
monkeydo - phonies - monkeysee - bitchmade -
kick_____kick - matthewmartinez1 - moksgraffiti -
U foos r #bitchmade #realtalk #quitthatgayshit #fuckselfies #leavethatshitforthebitches #selfiesareforgirls #selfiesareforfags #FOH #stoptakingselfies
leavethatshitforthebitches - selfiesareforfags - stoptakingselfies - realtalk - quitthatgayshit - selfiesareforgirls - fuckselfies - foh - bitchmade -
bryansurvive_ : Lmao
instamarket_agent : Cool
roe213 - jst_da_tip - joana2419 - _wakedafucup -
N I notice them everywhere.... #fugazie #bitchnigga #bitchmade...
bitchnigga - bitchmade - fugazie -
1nonlybreoncaa_ - bran_luna - kingscoot_hello2900 - willy_boe -
If you'red bored and despise bitch ass trolls, go make fun of this tird. @rawdawdurteam #troll #bitchmade #babybackbitch #hedoesntlift
troll - hedoesntlift - babybackbitch - bitchmade -
_kingdavid.13 : He looks like a beast bro be careful lmaooo #doesheevenlift
daysinhades : Lmfao i read your tag as "does she even lift" @_kingdavid.13
gabrielanedley : What a looser :( @amandar_rawr thankfully that doesn't even touch your awesome character an strength .... He should be hiding from @daysinhades tho .... What an Idiot !
amandar_rawr : @sonnyboy_127 seriously don't get how people get off being a troll
amandar_rawr : @jazminekariss thank you ☺️
amandar_rawr : @gabrielanedley serio πŸ˜‚ today is fucking Friday ain't got time for that shit today haha
gabrielanedley : @amandar_rawr D.G.A.F ANY DAY! ... Sorry but I mean it ! Hahahaa πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š I'll be mailing you something this weekend to the address I have babe .... So be alert ! ( I'll let u know when it's gone ! ) πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹
amandar_rawr : @gabrielanedley oooo exciting! I still need to talk to the new guy!! Ugh he has an ig haha I'll try to find it
_kingdavid.13 - ajortizzle - be_wilder - riiicky.u -
Nothing like a chew before bed #bitchmade
bitchmade -
kris_martin44 - official.destanee16 - myaaa_97 - ayeeee_redneck -
#FuckMyBD #NoTime #BitchMade
notime - fuckmybd - bitchmade -
jlovee27 : Lol right!!! Better watch out IM REALLY THE UNDERCOVER HULK
jelly_dntgive_afuk : Fa real @jlovee27
jlovee27 : Lol
jlovee27 - joe_webb48 - elyyyy93 - the.grump_415 -
bitchmade -
thatniggajosh69 - tatyy_valeriano - eliixh - ohsnap_itseli -
bitchmade -
ciciilovee : πŸ‘Œ repost ✊
ciciilovee : #mitchshit
elsocio_805 - mariagongora22 - ciciilovee - sickrick_dadon -
Jimmy and I thinkin were tough #TBT #BitchMade
tbt - bitchmade -
shanks339 : Why lookin small? How'd you get big so fast?
jstark23 : Crushed it
ilemley09 : @shanks339 just shootin up
theonlybshea : Young bloods
theonlybshea - meghanchevy - decerbokelly - andreadimauro -
@textgramofficial #bitchmade #lesson #aking #whoareyou
whoareyou - lesson - aking - bitchmade -
kathie.lane.c -
S/o to the original #SlumpKing on #TBT on #HallOUween a few years back. My bad bro πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #MikeyLife #BitchMade #SeaSickSailor #NotReallyItsAlcohol #PlayersFuckUp
slumpking - notreallyitsalcohol - hallouween - mikeylife - tbt - seasicksailor - playersfuckup - bitchmade -
mr_boombox_ : hahahahahaha fuck you lol
_tenderonie : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ hands down the funniest thing ever! We laid him down on the couch and ppl was sittin on top of him lol
the_jake_show : @_tenderonie πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ mannnnnn everybody was there that year!!! We kicked it
the_jake_show : @mr_boombox_ I love you though lol
_tenderonie - bcruz24 - cbcpt - stephhhbanes -
#CPOV #CrustyPissedOffVeteran #MarineCorps #Marines #Infantry #Grunts #03XX #03XXFoundation #Army #Afghanistan #Iraq #LAR #ISIS #ISIL #IslamicState #Fuckery #Warriors #War #WeWillFuckingKillYou #AndPissOnYou #USMC Those Islamic State fuckers are barking up the wrong tree.
wewillfuckingkillyou - youlooklikeabitch - infantry - 03xx - howyoulikethemapples - crustypissedoffveteran - iraq - usmc - getonmylevel - cpov - andpissonyou - afghanistan - mct - isis - fuckery - army - warriors - grunts - islamicstate - marinecorps - bitchmade - lar - marines - isil - war - 03xxfoundation -
jakeosalty_rex : Might #mcm this. Even though it's Tuesday
crusty_pissed_off_veteran : @jakeosalty_rex I'll #mct you so hard
mariannapimenta22 : Damn who's that stud to the right? @longbaugh_03xx
kingrdg007 : Fuck isis....
abu_shamil_shishani : Well we waiting you since a Long Time ! Except us drones or aircraft you don't know how to fight like your grandfathers?
crusty_pissed_off_veteran : @abu_shamil_shishani not only did we kill the fuck out of you idiots in both Iraq and Afghanistan with just of small arms, we're gonna continue raping you with drones and close air support. #GetOnMyLevel #BitchMade #isis #HowYouLikeThemApples #YouLookLikeABitch
smsghost : You look like you shagged ur mum who was a dwarf haha get ur boots on the ground old timer
crusty_pissed_off_veteran : @smsghost you look like a donkey fucker. Oh wait, you are. Get lost bitch.
dedicationworks - kingrdg007 - zacharydavis - hapkido_duderino -
#aintnolove #heartofthecity #jayz #bitchmade #bitchniggas #jealousy #envy #nochillmafia #nofucksgiven
envy - nochillmafia - nofucksgiven - aintnolove - jealousy - jayz - heartofthecity - bitchniggas - bitchmade -
foodstamp_papi2.0 : U spit hot πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ (Dylan voice) πŸ’―
i_crack_backs_3 : Word!!
eightysbaby_80 : Hahaha... Good one!!
wisekingnastydaddy2 : πŸ‘πŸ‘ @eightysbaby_80 it's sad that it's true tho πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Ž
sheenaagram : Mm hmm
teelove_2smile - jiggggga_jayy - hollywood_rome - _yeekz_ -
how, STFU! #stfu #shutup #bitchmade #soft #serenade #duet #Alonetho! #loser #singing #songbird #soundcloud #noise #chilltfout #stopsinging #braceface! #xo #ovo #theweekend #canada #canadians #smh
serenade - shutup - xo - smh - chilltfout - stfu - noise - stopsinging - singing - ovo - soundcloud - canada - alonetho - theweekend - loser - songbird - canadians - duet - soft - bitchmade - braceface -
datruth6 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
kimlawrence247 : Good one!!
macplay2much : @kimlawrence247 lol thanks... this crackd me up πŸ˜‚
the_real_swift718 : Lmaoooo πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
iammarketingmarty : Salute!!!!! I see you on your grind...u gotta get with me....i do social media marketing...I think we can really make a huge impact on your brand!.... my contact info is in the bio
crafty_zebra : @iamramona @cristiroxanita
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#stitches #bitchmade
bitchmade - stitches -
mathieu_miville - sabryna_xox - emmie141212 - meghan1995 -
This is what happens when a #procap tries to come for me. I didn't send for you bitch so sit the fuck down. #fuckyouprocaps #takeaseat #bitchmade #yourewelcome #boycottseaworld #emptythetanks #procapsbelike #donotcomeforme #lessonlearned #yourmistake #letsgo #roundtwo #bitchboy #facts
takeaseat - fuckyouprocaps - lessonlearned - letsgo - boycottseaworld - procap - emptythetanks - donotcomeforme - procapsbelike - yourewelcome - facts - yourmistake - bitchboy - bitchmade - roundtwo -
wilddtail : Seaworld even had the upper hand as "the industry experts" the mexican theme park offered to give him to seaworld and they declined him. They rejected him. AND THANK GOD!!! Because he went on to live 6 more years and he died happy, he died free!
vegan_vixen : Thank you!! πŸ‘πŸ‘ @wilddtail it pisses me off how naive people are 😑 they think that Seaworld doesn't call shots... Those sadistic bastards have so much power it's sickening and their pockets are lined very deep. These pro caps have absolutely no clue what they're talking about they're so brainwashed and moronic they'll sit there and defend the corporate monsters and the blood money I feel they're just as responsible for continuing to stand behind Seaworld so I'll happily put them in their places as well πŸ‘Œ
miguelmcf96 - kdogrescue - salim1129 - biancaaa.mustafa -
Hahaha! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #skinnyjeans #effeminization #moscato #bitchmade
effeminization - moscato - bitchmade - skinnyjeans -
wine_ardour - dreadheadbeauty82 - kennedy.deanna2014 - elizabeth_vandenberg -
Thank you for the most amazing groomsman gifts a man could ever get!!!! @megums @otter714 @dirtydeeds
otteshow - bitchmade -
dakine1786 : @dirtydeedssoap
dakine1786 : #otteshow
matticusxfinch : His famous last post!! #shavingwithmachetes
dakine1786 : Hahaha if I could I would!!! #bitchmade
dakine1786 : @matticusxfinch
matticusxfinch : You better not manscape with that thing
northwestluv - spcoble - mrs_flosi - bea3429 -
Y'all #BitchMade frfr tho #WhatYouScaredOf?? #GoodNight
goodnight - bitchmade - whatyouscaredof -
this_man_is_the_king - stellllllaaaaa - jp_da_dondotta - highclasshosea -
bitchniqqa - dickleg - onmywaytofuckyourbitchandstillyourlettuce - supahot - wcw - bruh - rns - fuckyourself - bars - bitchmade -
c_lopezz : How many of your Dubois friends knew that? @grahamtaylor1 #probablynotmany #i<3racism
grahamtaylor1 : Yeah here's the fucking thing @greg__rainey you are just some limp dick cock grabbing piece of shit that sits around and puts pine cones in his ass all day. Not only am I on top of fuck mountain, but I'm stroking one off while I'm up here. So you can take your #bitchniqqa self somewhere else and swallow my load you fuckin Rosa Parks looking cock
grahamtaylor1 : Alright there you have it everyone. I'm a big sweaty black man that loves white woman and purple drank
greg__rainey : Me? A limp dick? Need I remind you about the goat incident at Vegas last year? And the only think you could stroke is the fur on my hairy balls. #YouCanBeMyQueenBee and by the way, maybe my dick looks like Rosa Parks, but at least it sparked a revolution in both women's and African American rights.
greg__rainey : @EcigTokingInTheBathroomBecauseIDontGiveAFuck
jiboohani : None of you cock ass cocks know the struggle of being a black man. So take your big toe out of your ass and your pinky toe out of your ear and get over yourself. I've been on these corners being a human sex toy for man. I don't need to hear you betty white vagina eating faggots talk about shit @c_lopezz @greg__rainey @grahamtaylor1
grahamtaylor1 : #OnMyWayToFuckYourBitchAndStillYourLettuce oh and shit @greg__rainey womens got me busting a gut while I'm busting a nut all over yo girls butt and calling her a slut #bars #supahot
c_lopezz : #supahot SUPAA SUPAHOT PLEASE @grahamtaylor1
sirgamby - greg__rainey - tretter_kade - ephillips208 -
Hahaha got your ass lmfao! #bitchmade#hagayy @cameronklips
hagayy - bitchmade -
__emillyyrose__ - _____mara - cameronklips - chad_zim -
#whoyoufooling #bitchmade You don't want her til someone else do..then you wanna #rayrice the chick smfh #nochillmafia #nofucksgiven #noflexzone #womanbeaters #aintshitniggas
noflexzone - aintshitniggas - womanbeaters - nochillmafia - whoyoufooling - rayrice - nofucksgiven - bitchmade -
i_crack_backs_3 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
foodstamp_papi2.0 : Lmfaooooo #pettyaf
the_fukcn_bad_guy : πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
jake_from_statefarm_410_2 - 100_at_all_times_ - ganjahauntuxx - pinkblack2789 -
Never knew #BitchMade Men still exist.... They do!!! For my #CoWorker is a Hoe. He already the bread winner of the house... Nigga u the Maid too!! I just 1 question do u piss sitting down? Tampons or pads!!! #HoeAssdude
nickcannonproject - hoeassdude - coworker - bitchmade -
datniggahead : Wth
2000nddezandra : #nickcannonproject
shugsmomma1129 - imthetruuuuth_ - thecandylady - jaydenmommy_23 -
Well here comes the soft side of Gus Bus #bitchmade
bitchmade -
hutchison15 : Aren't you always on the soft side, Gus? πŸ˜„πŸ’œ
marrissa_jane - tyrafar09 - horace_21 - torilroberts -
That person at your job who Complains to YOU all the time about # 1 The Job. #2 The Pay. And most important. #3 the Boss..... They are playing you...Don't say sh!t! . perfect example here.... My fellow Employee......A man Telling another man Happy "BossDay?" WTF! #brownnosing #bitchmade #kissass. #Fullofshit. #whatabitch #bigpussy #suspect
11 - work - bossman - working - whatabitch - fullofshit - workflow - boss - 3 - 2 - suspect - kissass - bigpussy - brownnosing - bitchmade -
the_shell_toe_geronimo : #workflow #working #work #bossman #boss.
houston_thereal : What? Men can't be cordial to one another? LMFAO
the_shell_toe_geronimo : @houston_thereal .... telling me Happy B D.... or Man Nice Gator Boots. Or man you got the #11 jordans. ...dam those or nice. one thing.... but this is clearly an attempt to kiss ass......
th3_g3n3ral422 - r_mark_davis - felant_1991 - makemoneywithjus -
alotta - stromix - niggas - small - circle - cuz - bitchmade -
step.daddy.quae : I needs
_wumt - gullydonboss - _luvpassion - ray.jay25 -
New neighbors move in and try to scare me by puttin this note on my car LOL I've lived here for 20 years fux with me. Dumbass can't even spell PONTIAC right lol #dumbass #Pontiac. #illegal engine LMFAO #bitchmade #GTO #BONNEVILLE #gmmafia #Pontiaclife
gmmafia - pontiac - pontiaclife - illegal - gto - bonneville - dumbass - bitchmade -
baffone_noodle : Which ones ?
tonybirdcrowe : Hahahahahhahahahah wowwww
dannygtoohh77 : Those ones in sunnys house to the left of us with the boat @baffone_noodle
baffone_noodle : Complain about their over sized boat
spalmsiano : Wow lol
dannygtoohh77 : Yeah foreal they are deff some anuses
dylan_fowler5 : That's funny @dannygtoohh77
skii52 - demos_5oh - misterbeast69 - chase_400ex -
Ahhh... Aint no turnin around.
bitchmade -
larellqueen_ : DID YOU CUT YOUR HAIR 😳😳
angelkisst88 : I am goin to fuck yu up on sight! Smh. Damn it nana! What yu go n do that for?
siracey : @larellqueen_ duh Talia lol. @angelkisst88 cuz #BITCHMADE niggas like to pull hair an wrestle insteaf of just throwin hands. Had a few missing so I'm restarting. Smh Doddamn it nanuhh.
angelkisst88 : Yu remember how long that took yu? Do yu know the hours I spent twisting yur raggity mess? Ugh! I'm done! Yu gone have Lil baby dress again smh
siracey : Mane it took foreva but hey. Eitha way it go I'm still ACEY dammit. Lmao
shauna_brown : Awww you look like my Pookie again! Lol
siracey : You waited for this day lol @shauna_brown
live_kuxh : 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😒😒😒😒😭😭😭😭😭
harlaaboo - you_can_call_me_tea - lifeasrachael_ - thereallando_g -
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