Play time yesterday - whilst mummy and daddy work- at snakes and slides with @shandonnxo and Lewis #bigkidschool
bigkidschool -
hippyladyannie - shandonnxo - nicoledunnx - danielle_wood3 -
So proud of this little one for making it through his first few days of kindergarten with the nothing but the highest praises from his teachers ❤ there will be cupcakes waiting for you when you get home tomorrow little one 😘 #kindergarten #nanny #aupair #school #bigkidschool #stoked #makeupartist #mac #macgirlsdoitbetter #macgirls #maccosmetics #mermaid #mermaidsdoitbetter #lovethelifeyoulive #livethelifeyoulove #smile #travel #traveler #wanderer
livethelifeyoulove - aupair - mac - nanny - traveler - macgirlsdoitbetter - maccosmetics - makeupartist - macgirls - bigkidschool - kindergarten - school - wanderer - travel - mermaidsdoitbetter - stoked - smile - lovethelifeyoulive - mermaid -
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All ready for his first day of big kid school. Look how cute he is!!!
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chronically_ronnie : #bigkidschool #cutie #nephew #firstday #canthandleit #thosecheekbones #somuchlove
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Violet's first day of school !!! 😱😁😄😩😭 #bigkidschool #primary #school #kindergarten #kindy #schoolbag #bagsbiggerthanher #uniform #dress #mummy #daddy #biggirlnow #gettingold #feelingold
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vionagung : Time flies... 😳😳😳 looking smart already, violet!!
olivia.vvv : 😊😊 A+ love this
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Ugh high school todayyyy!! #imgonnadie #prayforhannah #bigkidschool 😭😬
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meah.tattam : Do you go to ocean reef shs now ??
hhannahmarshall : Yep aha 😬 @meah.tattam
hhannahmarshall : 😂😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️ @natayanaumovski
hhannahmarshall : Thanks 😎💓 @t.ahlia.x
hhannahmarshall : Thank youuuuu 😚 @declannallen
hhannahmarshall : 💞 @rubywer
meah.tattam : Yeah I saw you
ambernort : 💖💖
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Maybe later, catch you in the elevator 😉📚 #bigkidschool
bigkidschool -
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First day of Prep 2016 ✏️📘 #bigboy #bigkidschool #preppy
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dandy_gentlemen : 👌
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Today I was able to substitute for @thischicadee in her digital photography class at our local #cooperativeschool and we went on a photo scavenger hunt! Here some middle school students are capturing a shadow. I had such a wonderful time working with the students and taking photos with them. I want to be IN that class 😁 #TEACH #memories #photography #homeschoollife #bigkidschool
cooperativeschool - homeschoollife - memories - photography - teach - bigkidschool -
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Congratulations Xanthe, Zoe, Liam and Chelsea! 👫👫These are our four senior butterflies from our city family who will be starting school at the beginning of February. They started as babies in the Honeypots room but are now spreading their wings and moving onto #primaryschool . We wish them all of the best! 🎓🎓 #growingup #uniform #bigkidschool #ourfamily #nextchapter 🏡🏠🏡
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All I seem to do is drink coffee and do homework. #sfu #bigkidschool #university #vancouver #burnaby #macbook #laptop #mustard #yellow #novel #english #coffee #starbucks #campus @simonfraseru
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broosjoos : @sladerrr what are you going to school for ?
sladerrr : @broosjoos I'm actually majoring in English and minoring in Communications 📚.
vanpilot : @sladerrr what happened to criminology and psychology? Studying is a short effort for long term results. Good job, proud of ya. Lots of love.
sladerrr : @vanpilot wasn't my passion broski. I was just doing it because I thought it was a more viable option for future career opportunities but my heart wasn't in it. Ask mom, she knows the details. English literature seems natural to me.
sladerrr : @vanpilot thanks for the love 😊right back at cha
uallasedm : 😱
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He has played with this backpack full of toys on for two hours. #goingtoschool #bigkidschool #eli
eli - goingtoschool - bigkidschool -
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XXX 😊 #bigkidschool #windowshopping عمار حكيم
windowshopping - bigkidschool -
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He's having a blast at K.Lees thanksgiving feast 😁 #doriankron #bigkidschool #blessed #tyj
tyj - doriankron - blessed - bigkidschool -
darthjader_i_am : ☺️
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17 yr old zack: "I'll just go to community college for two yrs then transfer and save some money. I'll graduate in no time" Present zack: "it's about fucking time! What a waste of 5 yrs! Let's get this shit over with!" Really though, I'm stoked on getting in to fullerton. The next two years are guna be life changing. Can't wait to get some knowledge dropped on me then get out there in the world and start livin. Stay away from community colleges kids, they're a trap. #csuf #businessmarketing #bigkidschool #backtoschooltoprovetodadthatimnotafool
backtoschooltoprovetodadthatimnotafool - businessmarketing - csuf - bigkidschool -
reighhhhh : Congratulations Zack!!!!
zee_ay_sea_kay : Thanks man @_kohltastic_
taylor_fal : Congrats cuz! Keeping the family fullerton tradition goin! Enjoy it, it will fly by!
zee_ay_sea_kay : Thanks reigh @reighhhhh
zee_ay_sea_kay : Thanks brotha @taylor_fal
twinn182 : Stoked for you @zee_ay_sea_kay!
couvermarketing : This is nice :)
sapph_ic : Gayyyyy
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Ich Kotze gleich!!! 😖😖 #microbiology #genetics #haventdonethisinawhile #biology #bigkidschool #scurry
biology - haventdonethisinawhile - genetics - bigkidschool - microbiology - scurry -
jessikaaacccc : What degree are you getting?
nicmartin6169 : I'm proud of you :-)
blue_eyed_homicide54 : @jessikaaacccc my end game.. A masters in microbiology :)
mrspinkman : I hope your experience at sjsu is better than mine
sweetpeabea : Yay! Congrats lady! That's so awesome. Maybe I'll see you on campus next year.
blue_eyed_homicide54 : @sweetpeabea hopefully! 😁
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Coffee ✔️ Oversized Cardigan ✔️ Three hour lecture ✔️ #happymonday #homies #mondayblues #monday #school #sfu #unversity #bigkidschool #lectures #tired #coffee #comfyclothes
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Essay writing at it's finest. 🍺📑🙇🏼 #bringmethebeer #beer #productive #essaywriting #bigkidschool #university #philosphy #philosophypaper #saturdayevening #sicky #gotthesniffles #beercancure #sapporo #sapporobeer #homework #macbook #macbookair #bottle #candlelight #msword #descartes #meditation
saturdayevening - descartes - msword - beercancure - meditation - essaywriting - sapporo - bigkidschool - productive - candlelight - bringmethebeer - macbookair - university - sapporobeer - macbook - beer - bottle - gotthesniffles - philosophypaper - sicky - homework - philosphy -
ten86nyc : Wow!
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First day of school selfie. I can already feel the soul sucking exhaustion and chronic messenger bag shoulder pain sinking in... #firstday #bigkidschool #universityoforegon #purplehair #lavendarhair #tiredalready #isitfridayyet
universityoforegon - isitfridayyet - purplehair - tiredalready - firstday - lavendarhair - bigkidschool -
jimsens : @rheakai good luck on your first day of school!
arrowsandbananas : Yayyy👸🏼👸🏼👸🏼
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Back on the bus like the big boy he is. #daddydays #bigkidschool #busrides #juniorkindergarten #frenchschool My little man grows bigger and wiser everyday #arkells #love #life #growingup
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And we're in #Kindergarten and she's so excited to be going to #BigKidSchool ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
kindergarten - bigkidschool -
lainevalin : Too cute
neikz : She's so big! And such a smart girl. We didn't get enough time with her this summer.
nolienoles - - lovely_lovelee - missynora -
#lesley #bigkidschool
lesley - bigkidschool -
simoneailham : Dude....your school seems incredible. Hope you're doing well!!
sarina_dreamer : @simoneailham it's pretty rad so far 😊 I'm lovin it! I'm great hope you're doing well too!! ❤️
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Someone wanted to help pack their brothers lunch this morning. #bigkidschool #brotherlylove #eatingalltheraspberries
eatingalltheraspberries - brotherlylove - bigkidschool -
runningbun : That's a great lunch box, I've been looking for something similar! What is the brand?
ladyaubaub : @runningbun, GoGreen lunchbox. It's amazing!
hausbeckjordan : Look how big Abel is getting! He definitely looks more like a toddler than a baby now!
webcanvases : That lunchbox is awesome! 🍎🍞🍪
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Ok it just hit me like a million bricks! 😢 My first born is off to big kid school tomorrow for the first time! I have a million emotions flowing through me right now as I finish packing all of his favorite foods he helped pick out today at the store. I was honestly excited for school to start, both kids were at each others throats constantly and they needed that kiddo interaction as well as structure. They miss their friends! But now at 9pm as he sleeps peacefully I am a big ball of emotions! I pray I have the strength to leave him tomorrow!😔💚
momlife - firstdayofschool - kindergardenbound - bigboy - iloveyou - elementaryschool - reallife - mommasscared - bigkidschool -
mamachelsbefit : #reallife #momlife #kindergardenbound #iloveyou #mommasscared #bigkidschool #elementaryschool #firstdayofschool #bigboy
missybenj : It's hard girl. I cried the first week. Both of mine are off to school, all day long. Good luck to you both!
eriemerrieapplesauce : You can do it, Chelsey! It's so much easier for them than it is for you. He is going to have a great day and you will enjoy so much hearing all about it when he comes home. Good luck tomorrow! ❤️
mamachelsbefit : @missybenj 😢
mamachelsbefit : @eriemerrieapplesauce thank you honey!! That's funny you say that, because that is what I wrote in his card, that "I hope he is having a great day and I can't wait to hear all about it!" He seriously just went though the biggest growth spurt too! I'm like KID, PLEASE SLOW DOWN!!😕
ficazo - ashmm102001 - kileyskitchen - kelsie_banzer -
Glad Avery has her Aunt Syd to show her the ropes at "big kid school". #BigKidSchool #IFeelOld
ifeelold - bigkidschool -
caits625 : Future mercy mafia member
cbangelo1 - carmenc727 - whiterabbit5 - jennalynn511 -
We had two first days this year. Left side was last week which was to be her last year in preschool... But all her friends had moved "over the fence to the big school" and she was left without any of her peers... So this week she moved over to the Pre K class herself and is so excited to be a big kid once again and with all her homies. So proud of this Miss. #themissV #bigkidschool #ilovemyfamily
themissv - ilovemyfamily - bigkidschool -
wellsam : She's so cute with her hand on her hip!
joydivided : @wellsam tell me about it!! She did it herself the first week so I had her do it again! Gosh it kills me.
kpos : She's just the cutest
colleenshawk : shes so adorable!! miss u all!😀
alpinehosh : #rainbowdash
olliepopflop : Awwww yay viola!!
hairluvbytiffany : Yessssss! Big girl doing big things! Lei misses her old school😓😩😏!
eliseelaine_sunshine - cotius21gos_nonolit - staxsykids -
😢 My Lil mini me growing up too fast #firstdayofschool #kindergarten #epicben #citizensoftheworldcharterschool #bigkidschool
kindergarten - epicben - firstdayofschool - citizensoftheworldcharterschool - bigkidschool -
_dizzy_dezzy_ - _sunshine01_ - ashgiov - ellie_4209 -
#bigkidschool here we come!
bigkidschool -
bributt - jackiec21 - janesurprise - jeanbean44 -
My loves, on my little love's first day of #bigkidschool #heartisbursting #ohmyheart
ohmyheart - heartisbursting - bigkidschool -
jillemader : Dylan looks so grown up!
jennifer_mccormack : I love this!
cath_croucher - _margotl_ - lefrensea - jenws4 -
Another set of transcripts off to their new home. Eek! And I totally noticed I am wearing the same shirt I was the last time I sent transcripts out. Haha. #bigkidschool #transcripts
transcripts - bigkidschool -
miss_craftybriplans - artsypanda - mrsaeudy -
The alarm is set, the boy tucked in. Lunch is made, bag is packed, and everything in sight is labelled. We taught him how to be safe around and on the bus. We told him to make friends with the boy or girl playing or sitting by themselves. He can scrawl his name in adorably shaky letters, and says please and thank you (most of the time). He is first to introduce himself and loves to help and share. He is bright, he is curious, he is generous and kind. He is ready. And yet, I have this nagging feeling I've forgotten something, but I don't know what. Oh yes, I know: now all I have to do is...let go. #bigkidschool #bigboynow #ohmyheart
ohmyheart - bigboynow - bigkidschool -
jillemader - ashhurshman - jsdelong - its_kylie_c -
Royal Vale Back to School Picnic, 2015 #backtoschool #bigkidschool #auntiepride
backtoschool - bigkidschool - auntiepride -
vanessadifrancesco : @slips514 @amoroso3
slips514 - xoxelizaxox - akelebay - terryforesta -
My baby is all grown up 😢😍 First day of big kid school!
soold - cute - school - daughter - instastyle - firstdayofschool - style - ootd - love - dress - bigkidschool -
heathermarmal : #firstdayofschool #school #bigkidschool #soold #cute #ootd #style #instastyle #daughter #love #dress
_youveseenthebutcher_ : I love her outfit. I wanted dahlia to get those boots but she wasn't into them. Lol
heathermarmal : @_youveseenthebutcher_ yeah thwyre super cute. She tried the whole outfit on at the store and I cried haha. She looks so grown up.
nanookfareal : Nooooo! She is so adorable!
heathermarmal : @nanookfareal can you believe I have a kid in school?! Because I can't haha
a_rose__b : OMG that outfit. She's beautiful. Hope she had a wonderful day xo
sheldon.902 - leahlarusic - paigey121511 - 1989countryman -
1st day of Kindergarten 2015-2016 #firstdayofschool #kindergarten #tearsofjoy #bigkidschool
kindergarten - tearsofjoy - firstdayofschool - bigkidschool -
dalla_sign : 😭😭😭 Aw I love her 😌
seansunn - nessa_alr_281101 - bebelove06 - meche0166 -
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