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My heart...I fall more in love with him everyday. #bigdaddy #himsessy #neveradullmomentwithhim
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#bigdaddy #iswatchingyou #macdonald
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Daddy got this..#GiveMeThat #BigDaddy #Stroken #MrLuvaLuva
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My pleasure is your pain 👅 #daddy #fwm #210 #alamocity #dabs #sexynigga #biglips #puertorican #bigdaddy #sanantonio
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shakira_ov2 : 👍👍👍
___sbr : 😍😍😍🔫🔫🔫
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WHEN ON A JOB I TRAVEL IN STYLE! #mercedesbenz #merc #travel #awesome #expectnothingless #pimp #bigdaddy #funtimes #airwheel #commercial #filming #wheresmytrailer
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You are my best friend my human diary, my other half you mean the world to me & I love you! @benjaminjeffrey22 #mce. #youseehimjustknowthatsme #bigdaddy
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benjaminjeffrey22 : I love you to baby phones about to die though lol @_williamsbabyy
_williamsbabyy : Well be quiet when you come in the room please (; @benjaminjeffrey22
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I LIVE FOR DIS THREE 👧👶👨I LOVE THEM WITH ALL MY HREAT ❤️😘 THEY ARE THE REASON IM HAPPY 😘 THE ARE MY WORLD MY EVERYTHING ❤️ THEY ARE MY PRIDE AND JOY💙 WORDS CAN'T EXPLAIN HOW MUCH I LOVE THESE THREE PUNKS MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY LOVE ❤️😘💙👶👧👨😘❤️🙏 #miah#babygirl#mydiva#myjoy#myjoy#bigbaby#mamasboy#chubzjr#jeremiasjr#babyboy##mywrold❤️😘💙#babydaddy#bigpapa#bestfriend#myman#myboo#mywrold#myeverthing#mylove#bigdaddy 👨😘💙❤️ @1_shot_chubz
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space_cowboy : @huelgabird
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#speakeasy boys #happylaborday #bigdaddy #IPA @bigglexo @snooperstar420
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Cool artwork from the NHRA US Nationals. #bigdaddy #dongarlits #usnationals #usnats #nhra
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#bigdaddy #IPA from #speakeasy brewery outta #sanfrancisco shits bomb!!
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Somebody's not a happy camper he has to work in the morning but super stoked inside about being a motorcycle mechanic ;) #bigdaddy #onceuponatayam #mypilipino
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smashlie910 : Lol! He looks mad!
zephlei28 : I made him take a picture ;)
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Hey Big Daddy... #bioshock #bigdaddy #rapture #paint #painting #acrylic #acrylicpaint #art #green #game #gamer #videogame #gameart
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justingummow : Is this for me?
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Give It To Me #BigDaddy 😂😂😂😂😂
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tre__the__truth : Rotfl😂😂😂😂 wtf
__darkskin.beauty__ : @tre__the__truth I'm A Freak Lol
tre__the__truth : Well damn (In My Gucci Voice) lol
__darkskin.beauty__ : @tre__the__truth KML My BF Lucky.
tre__the__truth : IK he be having a good time with u lol
__darkskin.beauty__ : @tre__the__truth KML.
tre__the__truth : I'm fr Lol.IK I would if I was him 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
tryc3___ : Wow 😂
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I woulda had em back then... #bigdaddy
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omgimarie : You woulda lol. You look 146677x better then Lil Kim did & Faith Evans too 👌💯🙌 lbvs
officiallkp : Ughhhh only if I came a little sooner! Would had the 80s on lock!! @omgimarie
omgimarie : Girl yessss 🙌 lbs. woulda kilt the game
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<> тнe new вegιnnιng <> ~ ~ нer вody ѕlaммed υp agaιnѕт тнe cold нard concreтe wall, нer lιpѕ connecтιng wιтн тнe ѕтrangerѕ own. long ѕтory ѕнorт, ѕнe needѕ ѕoмe мoney, wenт тo a rapтυre parтy, ѕedυced a мan, and тнe neхт ѕтep ιт тo вaѕιcally.. ĸιll тнe мan, ѕo ѕнe coυld ѕтeal тнe мoney, oғ coυrѕe. ѕнe нad acтed oυт aѕ ѕнe loved every мιnυтe oғ тнe мan тoυcнιng нer вody, вυт really, ιт waѕ ѕιcĸenιng. ѕнe coυldn'т eхacтly 'вare' one ѕecond oғ ιт any longer. нe нad ĸιѕѕeѕ нer roυgнer, ѕo wнy noт ĸιѕѕ нιм вacĸ roυgнer? ѕнe ғelт нer ѕнιrт ѕтarт тo rιѕe over нer нead, ғallιng тo тнe groυnd. aѕ ѕoon aѕ тнaт нad нappened, ѕнe ĸnew ιт waѕ тιмe тo end тнιѕ ѕιlly lιттle 'gaмe' oғ нerѕ. wнen ѕнe ғelт нιм тυg aт нer ѕнorтѕ, ѕнe нad ѕlowly releaѕed нer ĸnιғe oυт ғroм нer вacĸ. "god yoυr ѕo нo-" ѕнe нad cυт oғғ тнe мanѕ wordѕ вy нer ĸnιғe вeιng pιerced rιgнт тнroυgн нιѕ cнeѕт. "now, leтѕ noт geт тoo cloѕe." ѕнe ѕayѕ, тwιѕтιng нer ĸnιғe aѕ ιт waѕ ѕтaввed тнroυgн нιѕ ѕтoмacн. "we нaven'т even eхcнanged naмeѕ yeт." ѕнe ѕayѕ, evιlneѕѕ poυrιng oυт oғ нer wordѕ. ѕнe нad pυlled тнe ĸnιғe ғroм тнe ѕтrangerѕ cнeѕт, waтcнιng нιм ғall тowardѕ тнe groυnd. a тwιѕтed ѕмιle plaѕтered on нer ғace. ѕнe нad тнen вenт down, тaĸιng oυт нιѕ walleт oυт oғ нιѕ pocĸeт. "now, leтѕ ѕee.." ѕнe ѕayѕ тo нerѕelғ, openιng υp тнe walleт. ѕнe тoѕѕed oυт нιѕ ι.d., and вaѕιcally everyтнιng υnтιl ѕнe ғιnally ғoυnd wнaт ѕнe waѕ looĸιng ғor. "тнere yoυ are." ѕнe ѕayѕ devιoυѕly, a ѕмιrĸ ғorмιng on нer ғace aѕ ѕнe pυllѕ тнe мoney oυт, тoѕѕιng тнe walleт тo тнe ѕιde. ѕнe нad тнen graввed нer dreѕѕ ѕнιrт, pυllιng ιт вacĸ over нer нead. ѕнe нad мade ѕυre тнaт enoυgн мaĸe υp waѕ on нer rιgнт eye, coverιng тнe raged ѕcar. ѕнe нad мade ѕυre тнaт no one woυld ғιnd тнe вody, conѕιderιng тнaт ѕнe waѕ ιn тнe deep parтѕ oғ rapтυre, and noт тнe υpper parтѕ. ѕнe тнen вegan тo walĸ away ѕιlenтly, нer нιgн нeelѕ ecнoιng oғғ ιn тнe dιѕтance. { open rp }
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alexandra.warden : Taking this role play)
alexandra.warden : (One minute)
alexandra.warden : Alexandra was wandering Rapture. She had passed by several couples showing their affection or embracing each other and decided to evade the area. She walked down the aisle finding the ruby puddle. She followed the blood only to find the victim lifeless. "Holy shit." She spoke in shock. She inspected the man. "Stab wound in the chest. ID still here, Robert Quint. Money missing. All things that can be pawned missing." She noted. She then ran down Songbird's path to find a phone to call her coworkers at DeWitt Detectives. She then saw the woman pass by with a few specs of blood on her dress. She hung up her phone and tapped her on the shoulder. "Songbird right?" She asked, ready to interrogate.
songbxrd : Songbird had stopped dead in her tracks once she heard her name being called, quietly sighing in frustration. She just wanted to go home. She had put on a smiling face, turning around slowly to come face to face with the lady. "Yes, how may I help you?" She says, keeping a slight happy face on. Her eyes had wandered down to a small badge that was placed on her shirt, 'DeWitt Detectives', it had said. 'Shit', she instantly thought. She knew that this was something about her killing the man, and she was ready for the questions. She was good at lying, right? Maybe, she just needed to get through these questions that were about to be poured onto her. Just lie with a smile. @alexandra.warden
alexandra.warden : She saw Songbird smile and felt suspicious of the woman. She knew how this woman was and knew she wasnt the most innocent woman in Rapture. She didnt hold Songbird's personality against her, but mentally took note that she had the capability to kill. "So Songbird why do you have bloodstains on your dress? I dont think you're menstruating, so something must be up." Alex asked as she took out her notebook and pencil.
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Happy Birthday To My Hubby Hope U Have A Wonderful Day Today Love U 🎂🎈🎉❤️#mylove #39baby #bigdaddy
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bltsmom04 : Geez I remember when he turned 30 ... Crazy how time flies.
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#son #bigdaddy #sesameplace #goodtimes
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Beer be all like, "no you didnt!" #speakeasy #bigdaddy #sanfrancisco #beer #northbeach #roadtrip #day2
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3rd Power.. #biszbeatz#bigdaddy..
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#bigdaddy #bioshock #queenslandmuseum
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My baby got shoe game!#babypantz #family #love #newbalance #kicks #bigdaddy
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#bigdaddy #preparebreakfast #loveya <3
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My #bigdaddy
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See u in the morning#BigDaddy #IMissU #INeedU #ILoveMyBlackKing
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eyedecipher : Damn right
qweenbytch : Word.. no cologne... #evenwhenhesweats
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This dude is so hilarious and talented and i've never in my life been one of those "fan girls" but man I'd love to meet this fella. #dylansprouse #canwemeet #Lol #sweetlife #suspenders #turtleneck #bigdaddy #hairisonpoint
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Cheers! Chillin with the cuzzo's today #IPA #bigdaddy #speakeasy #vscocam
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🙏 #bigdaddy
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#happybirthday #daddy #weloveyou #big60 #bigdaddy #familytime #dinnertime #taeem @taeem @shainleyton @joedelreycustoms @s_leyton
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Watching and waiting for him to come home....#misshim#bigdaddy#fabio
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_savann_e : Oohh giirl!! #Lookinlikeastalker 🔪 🔪 😂 @mrz_vasquez
mrz_vasquez : LoL I am his stalked lol
mrz_vasquez : Stalker*
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