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My bestfriend guys..lmao #Cassidy #biffelsforlife
biffelsforlife - cassidy -
madge_hiphop : Nice!
santito72 - violetrose19 - tittiana18 - queendeedeemoran -
This girl has always and will always hold a special place in my heart! :) I love you soo much christina and I am so thankful for your friendship! !! #biffelsforlife#lovemygirl#btwshessingle#gorgeousgorges
biffelsforlife - btwshessingle - gorgeousgorges - lovemygirl -
lorrainebertram : I love my gorgeous girls!!!!
tanyap2011 : I LOVE my beautiful, wonderful, amazing sister Bertram! !! ;)@lorrainebertram
pammy_lomeli - _v_cooper___ - denise_keeter - akire67 -
HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY BIFFEEELLLL!! Literally 365 more days until you get your life long wish of unlimited legal drinks. I hope you enjoyed your organic tea and had no difficulty making it :) here's to another year of stressing out and complaining about our messed lives. Hopefully the fates will be kind to us and bestow success and boys (this ones mostly to you) upon us. Thank you for always having my back (and my mums too for that matter, aha) and being fabulous. Without your input on clothes I'd be even more shabby dressed than right now. You're an amazingly loving and compassionate person and I sincerely hope that you have a wonderful year (with tons of boys of course) HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN FUTURE BEST PARALEGAL IN VANCITY <3. #Biffelsforlife #reannas18
biffelsforlife - reannas18 -
reanna_ali : Merve I love you and thank you ❤️ and yes I am ready to punch a bitch out for your mom because that's how much I love your family ❤️ can't wait for the drinks and of course the boys 😍 love you biffel ❤️and thank you for the tea ❤️
mervefattah : AHAHAHAH you're very welcome :) love you insanely and have a great day!
mervefattah : Oh yeah and fuck that woman. So rude.
nsahota_ - laylamoh_ - rowena.lau - reanna_ali -
Love this picture 😂 #meandciara #biffelsforlife #bitofamileycyrusbyme #checkyout #cuties #whateves 💕🙊😆
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#w/mabro #biffelsforlife
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max_bouratoglou : Sexy af
mtcswag : Max is gettin dem fly ass honies @maxisacoolkid25 @onamlh
onam.espinosa : 👍 @mtcswag
icecreamkawaiicake - berry.w -
biffelsforlife -
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@msspikes @travisashton321 oh we are soo #goofy #biffelsforlife #instadaily #instagood
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Bus @lexi38 @kennakane742
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lexy.scott13 : #bffs #lovethem. #biffelsforlife
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When I was still taller than you @jonafrin :D #precious #littlepumpkins #wesocute #wecantstop #siblinglove #biffelsforlife
wecantstop - siblinglove - uoeno - biffelsforlife - littlepumpkins - precious - wesocute -
snack_king_forever : Damn I wish we still had this outfits! #swag
shadylyn80 : GUARANTEED mom still does. #uoeno
shadylyn80 : @jonafrin
tiffanyhankes - magic_hawk - ni.cool - alfreemany -
It's crazy to believe you're gone, I wish it wasn't true, I wish you were still here. You were my biffel, thick and thin we had eachothers backs, I'm gonna miss you and your pocket jokes. I'm gonna miss all our good times in class together, you made senior year memorable, and you helped make me who I am. I know you're up there watching down on me, watching all of us, you won't be forgotten and you will be missed, always. I can't help but think of all the stupid stuff we used to do and joke about. You had such a bright future, a baller for life no doubt, but now you're up there playing with the big girls teachin them a thing or two😉 I'm not gonna say goodbye, because you'll never truely be gone, you're kept alive by all of us and the impact you've had on McKinney(and Rockwall since you practically lived there) I love you biffel, I hate to think you're gone and i wanna just wake up from all this but I can't, cause it really happened and I wished it didn't #ripnicole #33 #biffelsforlife
ripnicole - 33 - biffelsforlife -
kristinakittenn19 : You made me tear up :'(
spencerdillard : Aweee
courtneymichelle16 : Love you.
mwach643 : Love you Kiv
dominic_labarge : Love you kiven. Hope you're doing okay
wood_han : If you need to talk you are welcome to call
rose_marie_18 - destinyochoa80 - samueloku48 - jessicamekenzie -
Lovers and friendzz #cincotwenty13 #sandiegolovin #gettitt #lessbehonesttt #biffelsforlife #ilovemybabymama
ilovemybabymama - lessbehonesttt - gettitt - biffelsforlife - sandiegolovin - cincotwenty13 -
shadylyn80 : @chelsealately
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I'm a lil late but #transformationtuesday! Crazy how much we've changed in just a year. We haven't been friends for long but I love you so much @evictoriashhh & I know we'll be friends forever. #biffelsforlife.
biffelsforlife - transformationtuesday -
evictoriashhh : Awww send this to me (: I love it
dece12 - evictoriashhh - drew_casa - lucas_sherrill -
Really lucky I got to spend SB with my old friends #lovethem ☺ #biffelsforlife @sweet_n_saltie @Nita_Chantile
biffelsforlife - lovethem -
samurai1721 - maddywiedeman - brookeeestewart - deborah731 -
My 3 loves; Star Wars, Disney, and @jon316 💙❤💛 this picture pretty much sums up our relationship 😊 Smiles&Sillyness #boogersforlife #bestfriends #biffelsforlife
biffelsforlife - boogersforlife - bestfriends -
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my bestfriend! There is not enough words to say how much i love you. But if i had to say it simply, you're the best. No one will ever come between us. #loveyousomuch #biffelsforlife
biffelsforlife - loveyousomuch -
jerridaletemple : @babybell19
ellie_bell129 : I love you so much :)
augdog1211 - mayaalewis - colinisaacconway -
@bennnnna @bnzxo "Happy got a new boyfriend, you're a girlfriend day" hahaha love my friends 👯👯😘 #biffelsforlife #alwaysfindreasonstoeat #makeupyourownholidays #whatever #malasadasareamazing
malasadasareamazing - makeupyourownholidays - alwaysfindreasonstoeat - biffelsforlife - whatever - tpb -
niagonzalezzz : @ker_rissa killlllinnn me 😞
ker_rissa : @niagonzalezzz haha sorry!
jenjaminbutton_ : Lubbb you dats why  #TPB
ker_rissa : @bennnnna yeeeee #TPb❤
leonardsbakeryhawaii : Hope you enjoyed the Malasadas. Aloha!
c_aweau - hi4life808 -
Dinner date @chelsealately Organic whole wheat roting, steamed zucchini, squash, red bell pepper and red onion with fat free feta and sauce blanc. #yummah #wine #pasta #veggielovin #biffelsforlife
pasta - biffelsforlife - veggielovin - yummah - wine -
shadylyn80 : **rotini**
shadylyn80 : **sauv blanc** apparently the vino is already getting to me :D
kkuduk21 : Yum!!! Wheat roting!!!! :)
shadylyn80 : @kkuduk21 shut it! Lol :)
kkuduk21 : At least sauce blanc made a little sense :):)
kkuduk21 : Shay, damnit give me your phone number!!!! I lost all my contacts a while ago.
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