It's the first time I used apple juice in a long time. What is your favorite way to treat a low? #t1d #bgnow #diabetes #kiju
t1d - bgnow - kiju - diabetes -
thediabetictraveler : Fruits juice 125 ml (16.5 g), biscuits with calcium (15 g)
katet1dfitspo : Yum! I always have black currant and apple juice in a 125ml box, I find juice works the quickest πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘
luckygalgetsfit : Orange juice or glucose tabs
grainbrainch : Glucose tabs. I only need very little correction (4-8 g), unless it's a really low one, then I have apple juice.
brehemp : Sugar packets 1=4g of carbs. I usually need 2 to bring a low up! Just pour under tongue, works fast!
swampgater : Fast acting sugar tabs.
roonow : Lemon-lime gatorade!
tinabeare - tonkatu48 - officiallyrebecca - melissad_rmt -
#bgnow via mySugr Logbook
bgnow -
geogeewuzhere -
This bedtime blood sugar is one of her favorites!
dmomblog - bgnow - omnipod - diabetes -
dmomblog : #diabetes #bgnow #dmomblog #omnipod
lisaalexander8302 : I'm still so jealous that her basalt are that fine tuned, that you're comfortable leaving her there before bed!! Do you do much basal testing? Any tips on getting there? Yes, we have a Dex, but still can't leave him at 111 before bed.
lisaalexander8302 : *basals
dmomblog : @lisaalexander8302 I tend to be aggressive over night because I figure 8-10 hours in range will do a world of good for her A1c. I watch it like a hawk between 8-11pm and adjust as needed. I try to make sure she's not rising or falling when I go to sleep.
stacey_d - sarahnoeofficial - imonehappymama - pumppeelz -
#nerds #365lcs #365project #day25 #ig365 #insta365 #carbs #medicine #diabetes #bgnow #my_365
carbs - day25 - bgnow - 365project - medicine - my_365 - 365lcs - ig365 - diabetes - nerds - insta365 -
mikebarry23 : I ❀️ Nerds! I've never "used" them except the little Halloween boxes...hmmmm
colcalli : @mikebarry23 we call them sugar shots. Caleb likes them the best - quick and doesn't feel like they look like treats.
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#ada #basal #bolus #betes #bg #bgnow #bigbluetest #cgm #cwd #dbl#dhf #diatribe  #doc #dsma #dsn #dlife #hba1c #hypo #jdrf  #sweatbetes #type1 #vblog #diabetes #lchf #diabatic #typeonediabetes #t1d #mm #sugarhigh #diabetes #allshots
betes - bg - typeonediabetes - dbl - bolus - bgnow - ada - basal - hba1c - sugarhigh - jdrf - diabatic - allshots - cgm - type1 - sweatbetes - t1d - vblog - mm - dhf - dsn - bigbluetest - hypo - doc - lchf - dlife - diabetes - cwd - diatribe - dsma -
besho0om1992 : πŸ˜‚
journeyappstorejulian : Hello there! This is my new profile in order to support our cause and aim at spreading awareness for many disabilities, disorders, and more.. Can you please repost and check out my photo on my page to help us spread the cause?
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Despite Las Vegas, and missing meds, my #bgnow is pretty good. #diabetes
bgnow - diabetes -
austinmoont3 : Hi! I hope you are having a fantastic day. We are creating something very heart warming & would love you to check out my last image. It is going to change millions of peoples lives. Thank you so much if you take the time & help us out
ketogenicallday - justjkh -
Despite Las Vegas, and missing meds, my #bgnow is pretty good. #diabetes
bgnow - diabetes -
austinmoont3 - justjkh -
This went down fast. A fall in the kitchen. Some Coke. A headache. Stomach pains. Time to rest. Plan the next workout and get ready for some JDRF support group tomorrow night. Look up. There's always something to be thankful for. 3 a.m. Wake-up call to test bg's. Goodnight all. #t1d #bgnow #diabetes
t1d - bgnow - diabetes -
t1dactiveliving : @officiallyrebecca @melissad_rmt @type1momma thank you guys! Feeling better already
katet1dfitspo : Twins, just treated a hypo at the exact same number. Hope you're ok xx
sweetrunmd : Oh how I dislike this. Hope you're feeling better!
sweetrunmd : Nice magazine/background by the way! Hehe..
t1dactiveliving : @katet1dfitspo hope you are feeling better! I'm hoping to sleep this off.
t1dactiveliving : @sweetrunmd hehe but of course!
haptix : Glad you recovered well & quickly.
dougjamieson5 : Are you ok Jess??
t1dm_oman - grainbrainch - b_redefined - eduardocaldeira -
Here a shot from the dance book I am in. Can't wait to see the final copy. My lowest BG was 2.2 and highest was 12. I usually eat fairly low carb for breakfast and lunch and then fill my dinner and snacks with carbs. However, I done it the other way round today and it didn't quite work ha. #dance #dancer #bloodglucose #bloodsugar #bgnow #t1d #type1diabetic #type1diabetes #diabetes #diabetic
t1d - diabetic - bloodglucose - dance - bgnow - type1diabetic - type1diabetes - bloodsugar - dancer - diabetes -
ellenvanlent : Beautiful pic!
atefe_shiri : Amazing dear β™‘
octane_kitten : Awesome pic! β™‘
navipack : Bellissima.
healthyjeneration : Awesome!
navipack - defeating_diabetes - rayray_lombard - t1d_fit -
Impossible #pumpkin pie recipe from @Allrecipes is such an easy #dessert to make. It only has 1/2 cup of flour and I use less sugar than the recipe asks for. Watching my waistline (NOT) #BGNow #diabetes #T1D #homecooking #baking
t1d - baking - homecooking - dessert - bgnow - pumpkin - diabetes -
bonifacioimagery : Yum yum
brianadawn1 - tanjarbrandt - crashtestcooking - tyeingknots -
I almost finished lunch before capturing it. Oops! It was a home-made buffalo chicken wrap with lettuce/tomato. So delicious. Check out that #bgnow
bgnow -
soupdragon67 - wwbiggestloserjayne - marcella_mff - jamierice3 -
Started today rolling with a #bgnow of 124 mg/dL .. Happy Tuesday !! :^)
bgnow -
betespora : At 07:28 (not now)... ;^)
colcalli - pearlsa - sweetercherise - j_roc650 -
Winner winner salad dinner :) what you having? This is spinach, Gherkin, baby corn, red pepper and something I don't know the name of. Dressed with balsamic vinegar and pumkin seed oil. #macros #macronutrients #dinner #salad #t1d #type1diabetes #type1diabetic #diabetes #diabetic #healthy #healthyeating#bgnow #bloodsugar #bloodglucose
t1d - diabetic - bloodglucose - salad - healthy - macronutrients - type1diabetic - type1diabetes - bloodsugar - macros - dinner - healthyeating - bgnow - diabetes -
anotherballpun : McDonald's #oops #sorrynotsorry #gottacheatsometimes #t1d #RideTheNeedle
type1active : @anotherballpun hope you enjoyed it :)
anotherballpun : I sure did lol! Now for the good ol' bolus, test, correct game haha
type1active : I don't know why it's like with McDonalds as I do year meat, but if it is anything like pizza and chips- good luckπŸ˜‰πŸ΄
stylinwithjen : That looks delicious!
navipack : Good
atxcowboy : This looks so good!
virginia.carrizo.180 - swampgater - easternbotanicals - type1andstrong -
Mi #gsahora #bgnow == 182 (~ 10.1) a las 11:36 (2 horas y 21 minutos después mis inyecciones de insulina antes desayuno) .. Parece que necesito una corrección ahora .. Tal vez 2 unidades ...
bgnow - gsahora -
sweetercherise - shannnboo - placelesstraveled - shreek -
Amazing night #ada #basal #bolus #betes #bg #bgnow #bigbluetest #cgm #cwd #dbl#dhf #diatribe  #doc #dsma #dsn #dlife #hba1c #hypo #jdrf  #sweatbetes #type1 #vblog #diabetes #lchf #diabatic #typeonediabetes #t1d #mm #sugarhigh #diabetes #allshots
betes - bg - typeonediabetes - dbl - bolus - bgnow - ada - basal - hba1c - sugarhigh - jdrf - diabatic - allshots - cgm - type1 - sweatbetes - t1d - vblog - mm - dhf - dsn - bigbluetest - hypo - doc - lchf - dlife - diabetes - cwd - diatribe - dsma -
akram_elsaadany : @zaynabalmoustafa yea πŸ˜– i hate it and hate all carbs πŸ˜”
zaynabalmoustafa : Help yourself that's bad .. watch out :)
sarabeejensen : 😩
besho0om1992 : 😒
eslam_awad : 😟
akram_elsaadany : @zaynabalmoustafa i do
fortlauderdalefl : We Love Fort Lauderdale!
drlisathompson : I really like your Instagram profile. You share some pretty cool stuff!πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸ™Œ Check my bio and follow if you want to connect 😎
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4.5 blood sugar, 4.5u bolus & 45g carbs. How often does that happen eh? πŸ˜‚
t1d - typeonenation - type1diabetic - bgnow - theresafirstforeverything - freestyleinsulinx - type1diabetes - abottdiabetescare - dinner - itakedrugstoavoidgettinghigh - diabest - vscocam - insulinaddict - diabadass -
_aishasheikh : #vscocam #bgnow #T1D #diabest #diabadass #theresafirstforeverything #type1diabetic #type1diabetes #typeonenation #freestyleinsulinx #abottdiabetescare #dinner #insulinaddict #itakedrugstoavoidgettinghigh
healthyjeneration : Superb!
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Big bowl of beetroot soup for lunch. This is 42 carbs as it has been blended with other vegetables including potato. It's really tasty and is an interesting colour so it's win win :) what is your latest BG? #food #macros #bgnow #bloodsugar #bloodglucose #healthy #soup #vegetable #diabetes #diabetic #t1d #type1diabetes #type1diabetic #fitspo #fitfood #carbs #lowfat
fitspo - food - bgnow - type1diabetic - type1diabetes - diabetes - t1d - carbs - bloodglucose - soup - healthy - diabetic - bloodsugar - macros - lowfat - vegetable - fitfood -
georginacowman : 11.9
mathilde_orth : 6.8 πŸ‘Œ
eilishh22 : 5.2 and same test kit πŸ˜‰
_ludovica : 118
atxcowboy : Saturday was horrible, yesterday I had a 4.9 average with +- 0.6. I had 5.8 with +- 1.5 this past week. The more often I measure the better the BG it seems.
jennah__mariee - itsjustbriauna - faithfitnesstype1life - kodyjackson1992 -
Diabetes your being an a $$ hole today... after several corrections, now a 150% basal rate... not today D, not today. #BGnow 121 #diabetes #t1d
t1d - bgnow - diabetes -
jaimie_jow - coolreeree - lifeasdiabetic - kmwilder420 -
My #bgnow is downright normal. #diabetes
bgnow - diabetes -
maxscerra : Ahhh!
austinmoont3 - bobhinden -
From 397 to 38 in a few hours... #Diabetes hasn't played nice with my sweet girl today. At. All. πŸ‘ŠπŸ’‰ #bgnow #t1d #StillSick #OmniPod #RageBolus #dmom #DiabetesDoesNotSleep #JDRF #typeone
t1d - diabetesdoesnotsleep - bgnow - dmom - omnipod - typeone - jdrf - ragebolus - stillsick - diabetes -
brooketollison : 😳 so sorry. It looks like a sleepless night for all.
iplandisney : πŸ‘Ž
mred7577 : πŸ˜₯
tluker : Praying
m_grace12 - rshirley13 - laurenrollins21 - acentilli -
Bingo! #diabetes #glucemia #bgnow #GSAhora #100 1⃣0⃣0βƒ£πŸ†—πŸ’―βœ”οΈ
100 - gsahora - bgnow - glucemia - diabetes -
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Can't really complain about my #bgnow. #diabetes
bgnow - diabetes -
justjkh -
Bedtime BG perfection.
dmomblog - bgnow - diabetes - bg100 - omnipod -
dmomblog : #diabetes #bgnow #bg100 #dmomblog #omnipod
mom_wow : Must be in the air! Same 100 here too!!
hannahgraceloftis13 : I'm 168 after having to treat 73 an hour ago. That's so awesome that she has that number before bed!!
pearlsa - mom_wow - imonehappymama - stacey_d -
#bgnow is good, mood however could use some work. #diabetes
bgnow - diabetes -
Dinnerrrr and good blood sugar woohoo! πŸ‘ also I can't stop using this app. ❀️ #mySugr #dinner #food #foodporn #foodie #pasta #vegetarian #insulinaddict #bgnow #T1D #type1diabetic #diabest #diabadass #dinner #wholewheat
t1d - foodie - kale - foodporn - food - vegetarian - type1diabetic - wholewheat - dinner - mysugr - kaleaddict - pasta - diabadass - insulinaddict - bgnow - diabest -
_aishasheikh : #kale #kaleaddict
wooooojunx - sakebarkushi - seirytol - t1toddlergrowing -
I've just found this photo. I got a glass of champagne and a hypo for Christmas. Do you drink alcohol? I do drink, but not very often. I don't think the hangovers are worth it. Plus, it makes me want to eat pizza and chips that I know I would regret ha. #t1d #type1 #type1diabetes #type1diabetic #type1diabetics #diabetes #diabetic #bloodsugarselfie #bgnow #bloodglucose #bloodsugar #bg #champagne #christmas #celebration #alcohol
bg - bgnow - type1diabetic - type1diabetes - type1 - diabetes - t1d - bloodglucose - alcohol - bloodsugarselfie - diabetic - celebration - type1diabetics - bloodsugar - champagne - christmas -
frann101 : @type1active I drink rarely I hate not knowing how it will effect my blood sugar sometimes it makes me hypo other times hyper id rather drink a Capri-sun 😳 xx
type1active : @frann101 I love Capri-sun :) x
diabetes_studio : Follow @diabetes_studio
rhinestonediabetic : I don't get hangovers. I know some other diabetics who don't either. My doctor said it had to do with the way the Diabetic body processes stuff different. I'm not sure what the deal is. Obviously if I drink too much and don't bolus and wake up high I have hangover symptoms, but not like how regular people get them.
type1active : @rhinestonediabetic really? How come I don't get the hangover free card? Maybe I haven't been diabetic long enough πŸ˜‰.
rhinestonediabetic : It might depend on what you drink? I usually have mixed drinks and cider. I don't like beer at all. I developed t1d when I was about 12, but I wasn't diagnosed until I was 18/19. Age could be a factor. I don't really know what it is. Some of my t1d friends still get hangovers though. It might just depend on the person. Sowwy!
deri78 : I don't suffer with hangovers either but low blood sugar the next day is common the next day after a drink. Took two weeks off work for Christmas and boozed it up a lot, blood sugars all over the place! Dry January for me.
sugarlesshigh : Drop it low girl dorp drop low! That made me nervous just seeing it!
insulin_addict - hus34y - navipack - scullydion -
I thought my #bgnow would be higher than this. Not complaining. #diabetes
bgnow - diabetes -
arnoldjdonato -
My #bgnow was 111 (~ 6.2) at 07:55 this morning .. Triple 1s For The Win .. Weehee ! =^) #FTW
bgnow - ftw -
midiabetes - pearlsa - wendybencomo - shreek -
πŸ• After-pizza WIN! πŸ˜‰ Makes me feel like I actually know what I'm doing 😜 #bgnow #insulindependent #bolusworthy #type1diabetic #lifeofadiabetic #DUCKFIABETES #insulinpump #pumppride #diabeticsofinstagram #diabadass #diabeticlifesupport #typeonediabetes #bloodglucose #curet1d #peacelovecurediabetes #diabetes #girlswithdiabetes #irunoninsulin
bolusworthy - peacelovecurediabetes - typeonediabetes - curet1d - irunoninsulin - bgnow - type1diabetic - pumppride - diabeticlifesupport - lifeofadiabetic - insulinpump - diabetes - duckfiabetes - diabadass - bloodglucose - diabeticsofinstagram - girlswithdiabetes - insulindependent -
mr.dannylee : Yippee! πŸ•πŸ•πŸ‘πŸ‘
scootypie : Eating pizza right now...hope I'm this lucky
amnjone : Awesome! I need to know that trick! πŸ‘πŸ‘
insulin_addict : @mr.dannylee you're profile pic goes perfect with your comment! πŸ˜‚ πŸ‘ @scootypie πŸ• regardless of the outcome, enjoy the good food πŸ˜‰ @amnjone dualwave is always the way to go... figuring out percentages is what always messes me up lol. 50 50 over a duration of 30 mins worked well this time πŸ‘
mr.dannylee : Haha!! Me very happy and jumping around everywhere. πŸ˜ƒ
tinakvigil : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
judy_switzer : Nice. I'd like to see that after my 15yo ds eats pizza.
klesoine07 : @i looooove this! (And the reading on it is sweet!)
candycone0103 - mercurialcharm - salt_island_gurl - life_of_jenks -
2 days with #ShakespearetheChihuahua and I have definitely seen changes in my bg. Little things like going on walks can make such a big difference for a diabetic. #lifeofadiabetic #diabeticsofinstagram #bloodglucose #bgnow #type1diabetic #furmama #itsthelittlethings #insulindependent #invisibleillness #chronicillness #autoimmunedisease #butyoudontlooksick #insulinpump #diabeticlifesupport #diabeticgirl
bgnow - type1diabetic - diabeticlifesupport - lifeofadiabetic - insulinpump - itsthelittlethings - furmama - shakespearethechihuahua - bloodglucose - invisibleillness - chronicillness - autoimmunedisease - diabeticgirl - diabeticsofinstagram - butyoudontlooksick - insulindependent -
stickydownthere : That is a lot if hashtags #hashtags ##'s
insulin_addict : Lol. I use so many hashtags i know the limit is 30 per post lol πŸ˜‰ @stickydownthere
swampgater : Exercise is my insulin amplifier.
kea5ton : Tbh. We are diabuddies!! I remember when this account just started out! We've shared many stories and advice!
misty_hope - officervanessa - imnothingbutasinkingship - jturtlesoto -
I walked the line. #bgnow #diabetes #type1 #cgm #dexcom
dexcom - cgm - bgnow - type1 - diabetes -
kaarael : Trotzdem 😁 Bei mir ist momentan, egal was ich mache, Berg- und Talfahrt :D Ne Linie existiert nicht
diabetina : @crawfish77 zahlt deine Krankenkasse den/das Dexcom?
crawfish77 : @jivegirl79 nein, bin selbstzahler. :-(
diabetina : @crawfish77 darf ich fragen was da so Plus Minus monatlich auf einen zukommt an Kosten?
crawfish77 : @jivegirl79 also ein Sensor kostet 70 Euro und hält ne Woche. Ich hab allerdings großes Glück, dass die Sensoren bei mir sehr lang laufen. Zwischen 3-6 Wochen. Ich komme im Monat also mit einem Sensor/70 Euro aus.
diabetina : @crawfish77 vielen Dank für die Info. 70 Euro pro Woche wäre schon viel auf Dauer,menno :-(
crawfish77 : @jivegirl79 wohnst du in dtl? Dann frag doch bei der Firma nintamed mal an, ob du mal ein oder 2 Wochen testen darfst. ;)
diabetina : @crawfish77 gute Idee ;-)
insulin_addict - theonetype - katjamiau - schoenheitderchance -
The 59 mg/dL right after she fell asleep was not cool. But hopefully she stays steady in the low 100's all night.
dexcom - dmomblog - bgnow - bg100 - diabetes -
dmomblog : #diabetes #bgnow #bg100 #dmomblog #dexcom
insulin_addict - busywith7 - so_sweet_diabetic - liladila -
Afternoon cafe time ... with a great #BGNow . Sensor for Dex4 #CGMS being restarted hopefully for its 3rd week of helping me have better #diabetes control #diabetesawareness #T1D #typeonediabetes #insulin #motivation #inspiration #insulin #hope4CURE #diabadass #shoutout #DM #WeNeedACure #DuckFiabetes #DSMA #DOC
hope4cure - motivation - dm - typeonediabetes - diabadass - bgnow - duckfiabetes - diabetes - t1d - cgms - doc - diabetesawareness - weneedacure - dsma - inspiration - shoutout - insulin -
escarpo55 - thesucreblue - typeonetypehappy - defeating_diabetes -
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