Made rainbow spaghetti with my 2nd and 3rd graders. They were amazeddd lol #bgclt #rainbow #spaghetti #masterchef #funkyyy #spaghett
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tinyy_9 : All you do is cook the noodles regularly. While it's cooking you want to get ziplock bags with a tablespoon of water and 20 drops of food coloring in each bag (your choice of colors I did neon food coloring). Once the noodles are done cooking you drain and wash it in cold water. Then portion the noodles out into each bag and let it soak for 1 minute. Then wash each bag of noodles with cold water and mix them together. The kiss absolutely loved it and are it all
tinyy_9 : @nicolenolimits
tinyy_9 : *kids
nicolenolimits : Ahh perfection ! Thank you (:
nicolenolimits : This is a good idea for a super bowl dinner with the team colors !
tinyy_9 : Oh it is ! There also is a recipe for these cute Parmesan clouds ! Real simple to make !
nicolenolimits : Ahh how perfect ! Clouds with cut up spaghetti rain drops for little people !
tinyy_9 : Lolol it's adorable ! @nicolenolimits
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Mmm I can't be upset when this is my work schedule for 12 weeks. Teaching pre-teens how to cook and stuff my face? Done. #masterchef #kidscooking #boysandgirlsclub #boysandgirlscluboflaketahoe #BGCLT #work
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Love them 💞💘 #Staff #Coworkers #BGCLT #MainAndBijou #TheyAreFamily #Love #PicOfTheDay #TheBest #ChristmasDinner #Edgewood
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