Replaced the 77's oem style upper trans mount that was toasted. Installed a Black Forest Industries full polyurathane trans mount. Very happy with the reduced engine/trans movement between shifts. #maintenance #bfi #blackforestindustries #racecar #transmount #motormount #upgrade #vwrabbit #mk1vwrabbit #mk1 #miamiblue #vr6
motormount - vwrabbit - upgrade - vr6 - bfi - racecar - blackforestindustries - transmount - mk1 - miamiblue - maintenance - mk1vwrabbit -
erick773 : Looks like it was a Pain in the ass to get that in there.
itsbobbyullmann : @erick773 no sir, its a 3 piece mount. Yellow is cut in half, you simply slide both sections in from opposite ends, then the metal sleeve slides in through both
erick773 : That's great, that's smart of who ever invented that, saves alot of time of using a press, And getting in evenly. Making it out to Eurotripper ?
itsbobbyullmann : @erick773 honestly, its a genius design. And yes I should be there!
erick773 : We'll see you there, or maybe even on the drive there. Looking forward on seeing you car. Check out my page I'm the founder of @vwsociety
itsbobbyullmann : @erick773 sounds good brother. I appreciate the love the other day with my photo!
erick773 : No problem
lokogingerz - perdomo08 - vw_stance - jayrockthepopulous -
1948 'Spring in a Small Town' at the BFI Southbank #BFI #cinema #film #1948 #classic #china #hollywood
1948 - china - cinema - bfi - classic - hollywood - film -
missmerx : Was it good? I like older films sometimes. My fave is Queen Christina - "I want to cultivate the arts of peace, the arts of life. I want peace and peace I will have!" 😊
elvireroux - missmerx - sadeenglish - mwknowl -
Clutch on to the things that matter. #christofambroschphoto #nikon #capturedmoments #d5000 #clutch #mk2 #mkii #vw #volkswagen #rönbrgnd #bfi
rönbrgnd - christofambroschphoto - clutch - mkii - volkswagen - nikon - bfi - mk2 - d5000 - vw - capturedmoments -
trainboy414 : What car is this for?
christofambrosch_photo : @trainboy414 That is in the Coupe. It's an old photo.
trainboy414 : Oh ok that's what I figured but wasn't sure
burntherabbit - masteranalyst - capncrnch - keeblerelf_ -
So very proud of him today for hosting his event at the BFI in London 💜💜💜 #boyfriend #babe #film #bfi #cutie
bfi - cutie - babe - film - boyfriend -
joshtmorrall : Even though no one else came, you did so thank you my beautiful 💙
alicehobbisx - fsmolewski - joshtmorrall - je_mappelle_joel -
Giving the boy an education! @ak47mofo #bfi #marxbrothers
marxbrothers - bfi -
clare_kc_84 -
Hadi başlayalım bakalım, hep beraber.. #havas #together #glm2015 #london #londra #imax #BFI
glm2015 - havas - imax - london - bfi - londra - together -
yesimkanturer : @kezzsaki hayırlı olsun... özledim kızım seni
gulecp : Wow çok havalı
sedaaabas - batistua - acelyacetintas - ayciiikk -
#pink Got to be a lover #billyidol #bfi #idol #idolizeyourself
pink - idolizeyourself - bfi - idol - billyidol -
nickmeurling94 : ❤💋
billyidol_pics - fabry84ita - nickmeurling94 -
BFI teammmmm #documentaryorganising #bfi #like4like #l4l #followforfollow #fff #laughs #smiles #toojokeee
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BFI and the International Coffee Women's Alliance (ICWA) working together to empower women in the international coffee community to achieve meaningful and sustainable lives ✌️ #bfi #women #africa #burundi #coffee #sustainability #support #community #empowerment
empowerment - bfi - africa - coffee - community - sustainability - burundi - support - women -
grateful3students3 : sick pic, you should check your direct messages ⭐
likemetender - 1to1movement - sarafasi -
First start of the 2.5turbo.... #034motorsport #bwp #garrett #badrabbit #bfi #tialhousing #turboheader #vwturbo #mkvturbo #mk5 #cooleuros
bwp - cooleuros - turboheader - garrett - mkvturbo - vwturbo - mk5 - badrabbit - tialhousing - bfi - 034motorsport -
high_octane3541 : What turbo u go with? @mkv2.5turbo
mkv2.5turbo : Gtx35R garrett @high_octane3541
high_octane3541 : 👍👍
mkv2.5turbo : With tial housing vband @high_octane3541
wasliam : @zombii3stun
zombii3stun : @mkv2.5turbo 😍❤️
mjb8482 : Awesome! 👍👍
iamcrack - high_octane3541 - rorylehtola - jettar32 -
"Pick me up from the BFI please." "The London eye ok?" Factors in the cold and wind "No..." ☺️💃🚘🚁🚂 #london #comedy #bfi #loco #training #love
training - love - london - bfi - comedy - loco -
jaytayroll -
"Ghost in my guitar". Look at this @billyidol !!! #hardrock #love #rock #metal #heavymetal #bfi #billyidol #music #rocknroll #vinyl #bands #instagood #goth #follow #scene #stevestevens #punk #guitar #igers #like4like #música #band #tagsforlikes #beautiful #cool #andybiersack #fashion #rockandroll #brazil #saopaulo
beautiful - goth - stevestevens - love - bands - scene - guitar - band - vinyl - música - igers - follow - cool - brazil - andybiersack - heavymetal - fashion - bfi - punk - instagood - tagsforlikes - saopaulo - rocknroll - rockandroll - rock - music - metal - like4like - hardrock - billyidol -
jys32 : nice cool @JohnTuckerMagic
vinyldinosaur - carlotakells - jennyferfleming - -
Check out our new review of #charlie #chaplin the #circus on #bfi #review #film #filmreview #movies #blackandwhite #old
chaplin - old - blackandwhite - charlie - bfi - circus - movies - filmreview - review - film -
alliesparksofficial : Beautiful!
foodiesandmovies : @alliesparksofficial Thank you
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British Film Institute :D #BFI #filmforever #cinema #films #London
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pequena_dulita -
Stage 2 #mkvii #bfi torque arm insert installed. #hausofdub #vw #mk7 #gti #ea8883
mk7 - mkvii - ea8883 - vw - gti - bfi - hausofdub -
cakesnturbos : Dirty girl hahah
arijaycomet : @cakesnturbos don't you mean dürty!
cakesnturbos : @arijaycomet hahha yes. Lemme get in on your car wash subscription
arijaycomet : @cakesnturbos trade ya car wash for some vegan sweets LOL
cakesnturbos : Deal! @arijaycomet
boosted_wagon - arijaycomet - letsgetbked - wyguyvr6 -
Another day, another office #FindYourMoments #BFI #lounge
findyourmoments - lounge - bfi -
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Picasso :D #fachzeichnen#BFI#borring
borring - fachzeichnen - bfi -
alondra.palomino - asel.v - kurdin_sar_blindin - rimafaza -
To The Devil A Daughter (1975) was Hammer's final horror film until 2008's Wake Wood. Trying to update the company with a contemporary tale about devil worship to compete with films like The Exorcist and Rosemary's Baby, the production was plagued with difficulty. Yet again, the company was compelled to cast an American star to sell the film internationally and Richard Widmark was hired and immediately was unhappy working in the British low budget, no frills style. The actual ending was thrown away and replaced with scenes that ruined the plot. Although To The Devil was Hammer's most domestically profitable motion picture of the 1970s, it flopped internationally and the company made absolutely no money from it, as the profits went directly to ICI (who had purchased Hammer) and to various European distribution companies. The days of British horror films had passed, being eclipsed by both American and Italian modern styles. ICI would sell Hammer to Gerry Andersson's ITC (home of The Thunderbirds and various Puppet productions)... #hammerwednesday #britishhorror #bfi #horror #tothedeviladaughter
hammerwednesday - bfi - britishhorror - horror - tothedeviladaughter -
bonnieblue80 : I love Christopher Lee !
perry_james_uk : @bonnieblue80 he's great. How are you sweetheart????
jeiixonleniix - heypena - majd_aldin1994 - si_man1 -
Further into the tale of Carmilla, Lust For A Vampire, released in 1970, Yutte Stensgaard is the freshly resurrected Vampire who enjoys the students and the staff at an exclusive girls' school somewhere in Central Europe. Unfortunately for Hammer, the company remained with the gothic horror theme that had made them ahead of their time throughout the 1960s, elsewhere (most notably in the USA) modern horror films like Night Of The Living Dead were beginning to make these period pieces look dated and remote to international audiences. Without knowing it, the end of Hammer as the world's leading horror studio had already began. #hammerwednesday #britishhorror #bfi #horror #vampires
hammerwednesday - bfi - britishhorror - horror - vampires -
callum_carbery : Ooopsy I think she cut herself shaving! ... Just a small nic bless her!!! I'll fetch a band aid! I think I have one with a care bear on!! 😘 xx
perry_james_uk : @callum_carbery those things on the front of her chest are called boobs in case you didn't know there name hehehre xxx
callum_carbery : Oh I spotted those yes aka titties or tits! Her titties are bonafide as the real thing! That's why a called her she! I guess she was shaving because she was out of wax strips 😜 xx
angel_sky01 - jalvarez97 - majd_aldin1994 - kayden5604 -
The lightening of censorship in the UK gave Hammer another of its studio trademarks: Sex. 1970's The Vampire Lovers, based upon Carmilla, a 1871 novella that predates Bram Stoker's Dracula by 25 years. Polish actress Ingrid Pitt is the mysterious aristocrat with a taste for lesbianism and the blood of a wealthy household. The film was so explicit with full frontal nudity that it was severely edited for its US release, and heralded a new phase of Hammer's productions in the 1970s. #thevampirelovers #Carmilla #ingridpitt #britishhorror #hammerwednesday #bfi #gothic #vampires
carmilla - ingridpitt - britishhorror - vampires - hammerwednesday - bfi - thevampirelovers - gothic -
callum_carbery : I think I'd politely ask her to take those teeth out before She goes down on me otherwise when she has quite finished I will have permanently changed sex!! 🙀😘 xxx
perry_james_uk : @callum_carbery lol xxxxx
callum_carbery : Hehehe xox 😙🙊😋 xxxx
heypena - majd_aldin1994 - getlike_zazzy - mike121193 -
Possibly one of Britain's best supernatural horror films ever produced, 1968's The Devil Rides Out, features Hammer regular Christopher Lee unusually cast as the goodie, fighting Lucifer himself and his cult of worshippers headed by Charles Gray. The cutting edge special effects and the almost constant tension made this one of the most memorable film in Hammer's huge catalogue. #hammerwednesday #thedevilridesout #bfi #britishhorror
hammerwednesday - thedevilridesout - britishhorror - bfi -
occasionsbyjdarrell : You are all about the movies today.
perry_james_uk : @occasionsbyjdarrell yes I've decided to be film historian Perry for a change lol
jogyvab - rodrigoneves.m - leeonardoconceicao - mike121193 -
In one of the blackest comedies of all time American actress Bette Davis plays the one eyed matriarch Mrs Taggart, who gains great pleasure from terrorising her children and emotionally destroying their significant others in 1968's The Anniversary. Davis gained an awful reputation as a tyrant with her 2 films for Hammer and was not used to working outside the Hollywood studio system, especially for a low budget, fast paced studio like Hammer. #hammerwednesday #bettedavis #theanniversary #bfi
hammerwednesday - bfi - bettedavis - theanniversary -
occasionsbyjdarrell : I love her in whatever happened to Baby Jane.
perry_james_uk : @occasionsbyjdarrell yes that's a great film too but this film is painful to watch lol she destroys the other characters just for pleasure
occasionsbyjdarrell : She could play the hell out of being a cunt! Have fun with old movie Wednesday!
dcoperry : One of my absolute favorite actresses I adore her
rodrigoneves.m - leeonardoconceicao - smile_anyway_45 - mike121193 -
1966's The Reptile sees Anna, played by Jacqueline Pearce, as a hideous half human creature that survives by feeding from villagers in an isolated countryside hamlet. #hammerwednesday #thereptile #britishhorror #gothic #bfi
hammerwednesday - bfi - gothic - britishhorror - thereptile -
rodrigoneves.m - villalbasaguier - oficial_diogenes - carloslpj1 -
Barbara Shelley as Helen in 1966's Dracula: Prince of Darkness... #hammerwednesday #britishhorror #bfi #gothic #dracula
hammerwednesday - bfi - britishhorror - gothic - dracula -
jotajp - rodrigoneves.m - brendonist - villalbasaguier -
bfi - tuesday - office -
Later today, when I've had a nap lol #hammerwednesday #bfi #horror #britishhorror
hammerwednesday - bfi - britishhorror - horror -
alessio_leoni - andrewpeter01 - rebelheartonvinyl_ - pablo_lugilde -
Be Warned... Today Will Be HAMMER WEDNESDAY on my IG... Not for the easily afraid, expect Hammer Glamour Girls and Blood Curdling Horror... #hammerwednesday #bfi #britishhorror #gothic #screams
hammerwednesday - bfi - britishhorror - gothic - screams -
jopado - matruh - through.a.lens.darkly - andrewpeter01 -
Got my CD today... Finally (it was lost in the mail)! 😞 CD to go along with the book! #Billyidol #dancingwithmyself #book #kingsandqueensoftheunderground #cd #BFI
book - billyidol - bfi - kingsandqueensoftheunderground - dancingwithmyself - cd -
billyidol_pics - the_aw21 - camrudross11 - viktorkidson -
Southbank rebels! 🌃 #waterloo #southbank #bfi #lesbian #gay #london #couple #city #lights #nightsky #love
city - love - waterloo - gay - couple - lesbian - southbank - lights - bfi - london - nightsky -
christiangsimon : :) !!!
jenna_d_simon - kev1n_a - _thecamerawhore - robertotornese -
Anybody looking for a clean e30 vert? 1987 325i with 130k miles. Top is in good condition, clean interior, everything works. 5 speed with new clutch. $4000 #bmw #e30 #doublecupboyz #doublecup_boyz #euro #forsale #nc #bfi #speedsociety #vw #vwvortex #fatlace #325i #vert #bimmer #tailoredmovement
vert - doublecup_boyz - fatlace - bimmer - bmw - vw - tailoredmovement - speedsociety - euro - e30 - bfi - nc - vwvortex - 325i - forsale - doublecupboyz -
leonslavagex : Any possibility of financing it? Im only 18 so i dont have 4k under my belt right now but this is my fucking dream car and i want one clean like this one
si_trav : I have no idea. You'd probably have to talk to your bank and see. @leonslavagex I'm posting for a friend.
leonslavagex : Well can you ask him for me?
leonslavagex : Thanks for putting me on this one @static_tc1_
si_trav : You'd have to talk to your bank and see if they would give you a loan. Then just bring him the cash. As long as he gets the cash it doesn't matter lol @leonslavagex
leonslavagex : You right
marcusjamez : Bank OF Travis™. @si_trav man can you finance me to get a new car?
si_trav : Yeah i got you. Let me just get it out of my safe. @marcusjamez
e30_fiend - saif.e30 - wesdevane - boost_lee_95gt -
Are we going up on a Tuesday? Yes. Because I'm getting deported. 🇬🇧 #BFI crew
bfi -
twindian97 - gilardeeno - gurpreetgrewal08 - coleslove -
"We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do," -Mother Teresa #smiling #future #friendship #bfi #burundi #africa #children #beauty #quotes
beauty - bfi - africa - quotes - future - burundi - smiling - friendship - children -
nellelizabethp - universal_specimen - - sarafasi -
#TessmanRoadLandfill #BFI #TrashStinks #Republic #Tiger #BetterThanC6
tiger - republic - tessmanroadlandfill - betterthanc6 - bfi - trashstinks -
amie_leal22 - adrianrocks92 -
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