#bestmaniknow #grandpa #lovehim
lovehim - grandpa - bestmaniknow -
roonieluv : Love u.!
meigan.karolak - justcallme_giovanni - kiki_iz_a_damn_mom - walterghii -
Drink up Birthday Boy:) #mydad #bestmaniknow 🎈
mydad - bestmaniknow -
megrudy2011 - jennlynn87 - sydney_beth_04 - derikambrose -
Repost the last one was half gray #wierd but happy b day dad I love you so much and you inspire me more everyday! You make me want to be the best so bad! Wouldn't be the man I am now with out you! #thankful #bestmaniknow #babypic
thankful - wierd - babypic - bestmaniknow -
jigg99 - mayababe42 - stephanielopez94 - shawn35m -
Todays #MCM goes to the greatest hero, mentor, friend, provider, encourager, supporter and daddy..a girl could ever dream of having. This man, ladies and gentlemen, sets the standard. I pray every day that I can make him even half as proud as he makes me. I would have been so lost without him. #DaddysGirl #MyGreatestHero #BestManIKnow #LuckiestGirlInTheWorld #HappyHeart #TheStandard
mcm - happyheart - mygreatesthero - bestmaniknow - daddysgirl - luckiestgirlintheworld - thestandard -
doyouevenbeard : Win. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
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My pops fishin away on this beautiful day!! Love you daddy!! #familyday#beachdayz #bestmaniknow#classic
classic - beachdayz - bestmaniknow - familyday -
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He always makes my day better. I love my daddy πŸ’œπŸ’œ #bestmaniknow #poppabear
bestmaniknow - poppabear -
paulalouisecole : Oh jimmy
robyndenny : Cute!
makeupbyleticia : @robyndenny I feel like my dad can sense when something is wrong.... It's always my worst days he'll randomly text me... It's the little things in life :)
robyndenny : Aww :) my mom is the same way! Like right now I've been staying at my bfs but I got the stomach flu last night before going to bed :( my mom called me this morning to see how I was and she had no idea!
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Missing my baby this morning... Him and this bed πŸ’‹ #mysilentwarrior #myrock #bestmaniknow #adorehim #itakeupsoomuchroom
mysilentwarrior - itakeupsoomuchroom - adorehim - bestmaniknow - myrock -
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LMAO... I love him so much πŸ’™πŸ’™ #meltdownmondays #nephew #2011 #bestmaniknow #sosmart #soadorable
soadorable - bestmaniknow - nephew - meltdownmondays - 2011 - sosmart -
daniellesunshinee : πŸ˜˜πŸ’šπŸ’™
donciccioo : #swayzzzzzzieee
nickii_coleeee : @daniellesunshinee one thing about Jojo that you gotta respect... If he says no he means no LMAO... You can't even bribe or blackmail him... He don't play that shyt πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
daniellesunshinee : Lmao I know he's like get me off this bunny
tiff_a_nyyy : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
lil_day_savage - michelle_baiano - teeeeeeeeee - vee_dham -
I know he's my soulmate πŸ’ #bestmaniknow #sorryimstupid #mcm
sorryimstupid - mcm - bestmaniknow -
jessicajones09 : @elanaboo awww this is the cutest@picture ever!!
deebee1102 : So cute ❀️❀️
elanaboo : Photo cred to your man! This was after his selfies πŸ˜‚ @jessicajones09
elanaboo : @deebee1102 thank you baby girl
gi_naso : Love I have sooo many good ones 😍
jessicajones09 : @elanaboo @gi_naso omg he is too much
hisangel_4ever_ : Yes he is, he was raised by an awesome woman and awesome man @elanaboo
panagiotakiii - mgvelli - pixy0624 - loveshorty12 -
A man among men. My daddy πŸ’• #mcm #bestmaniknow #untouchable
untouchable - mcm - bestmaniknow -
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Knows my demons .. Always by my side fighting them off #stud #lovehim #selfie #couple #charlie #kind #strong #bf #bestmaniknow
bf - bestmaniknow - charlie - selfie - kind - stud - lovehim - strong - couple -
pinknasha - raveenasahota143 - harveengill_ - natashabains1998 -
This guy is 60 today! Don't know what I'd do without him. Happy Birthday Daddy ❀️ xxxx #legend #killingit #bestmaniknow #greatestdadever @donk999
greatestdadever - legend - bestmaniknow - killingit -
cg2017 - rachmcway - shantiadewijasmine - natalielythe1971 -
#loveofmylife #wherewouldibewithouthim #bestmaniknow
wherewouldibewithouthim - loveofmylife - bestmaniknow -
aleeannp : Xoxo
jentownsend99 - lezlee_121 - jennbrent - jaymeculberson -
@vtvctuk, lets do round two this week? πŸ™Œ #BestManIKnow #CookieShots #Addicted
addicted - cookieshots - bestmaniknow -
vtvctuk : I look like a damn fool 😞 I love you though.
ecformica : 😍😍
fernguly : @marcymadz you in the city for the summer?
marcymadz : @fernguly yeppp!
fernguly : Awesome see you next weekπŸ‘Œ
marcymadz : @fernguly πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘!
kahdij_ - lizyrosario - nellybeans_ - juniorvalee -
I just want to say happy 80th birthday to the best man I know. The man that has taught me everything a man needs to know in life from riding my first bike to welding. I love you Papa and I'm blessed to be able to call myself your grandson. You've still got more to teach me and I can't wait what I will learn next #grandfather #granpa #myPapa #80thbirthday #thefatherIneverhad #thankyouforeverything #wordscantexplain #bestmanIknow #Iloveyou #Ihopetobejustlikeyousomeday #family #familyfirst #whatwouldIdowithoutyou #Massachusetts #thecottage #mylife
mypapa - family - ihopetobejustlikeyousomeday - thefatherineverhad - granpa - mylife - 80thbirthday - whatwouldidowithoutyou - bestmaniknow - thankyouforeverything - wordscantexplain - grandfather - familyfirst - iloveyou - thecottage - massachusetts -
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#ilovebadbitchesthatsmyfuckingproblem #yeahimeatingaslider #coolasacucumber #bestmaniknow #ilovethisman #bday #smiling
ilovebadbitchesthatsmyfuckingproblem - yeahimeatingaslider - bestmaniknow - bday - smiling - coolasacucumber - ilovethisman -
4ever_red_rini : Wish I could be there πŸ’‹β€οΈ
phoenix13 : @4ever_red_rini me too ❀
stephylo_lo - misssixtylady - chefjoeheyward38 - msvaleria_xo -
#johnnycupcakes #takeabiteoutofjohnny #bday #muzik #lovethisman #family #bestmaniknow
family - johnnycupcakes - bestmaniknow - bday - muzik - lovethisman - takeabiteoutofjohnny -
shayhype : cutetits
sinssanity : Lolol
_mariejoyce : I thought his birthday is in august?
phoenix13 : @_mariejoyce no baby July 28
_mariejoyce : Lol ok. When Ru coming to visit? Hehe I missed you at digital.
phoenix13 : @_mariejoyce I might be coming in sept 😁
4ever_red_rini - sinssanity - bexxxyl - hopechampionfit_ -
This is my favourite face in the whole world. I can't even explain how blessed I feel that God gave someone that looks at me with so much #love. #God really does give you the desires of your heart and every morning when I wakeup and see this man I'll remember that and forever be thankful for Gods love shining through this man. #iloveyou #bestmaniknow #blessed #blessed #blessed #husbandspam
iloveyou - love - bestmaniknow - god - blessed - husbandspam -
grapevinephotography : πŸ‘Œ
becvt - iaalaniz - alibally95 - grace_picot -
πŸ’™ Β‘Feliz DΓ­a Papi! πŸ’™ #happyfathersday #love #bestmaniknow
happyfathersday - love - bestmaniknow -
andreaisabelm - joannaacostaa - eduardojmh - gabymvasquez -
It just brings me back to my childhood 😍 #AintNothingChange #HesTheSame #BestManIknow #Sunday
hesthesame - aintnothingchange - sunday - bestmaniknow -
_myaveragelife - marlen_b15 - therealpovertymusic - msvergara88 -
Backseat bandits #grandfather #family #callsmechesty #bestmaniknow
callsmechesty - bestmaniknow - family - grandfather -
wehavenothingincommon : Lol why does he call you chesty?
wehavenothingincommon : Omg. I just realised I don't think he calls me anything. Not even my name.
biggie_small3 - mattl_au - cassekitten - prmkubilay -
Happy Birthday Pops!!! #LoveHim #BestManIKnow
lovehim - bestmaniknow -
paintballer4life - plpolatas - jackstiefel - lucyjmangan -
#fbf papi i love you #myhero #father #bestmaniknow #king πŸ’–
myhero - king - father - fbf - bestmaniknow -
hilarylauren - valdana427 - 86joon - skinnybunnie -
πŸ’” I miss you so much papa! I wish you could come back to visit! #rip #papajoe #papa #grandpa #bestmaniknow #imissyou #iloveyoupapa
grandpa - iloveyoupapa - bestmaniknow - papajoe - imissyou - papa - rip -
woahitsambuuurrrr : Im so sorry for your loss love! Om going to my aunts funeral tomorrow too :( im not ready to face the fact shes really gone :(
mrs_verna : Prayers hun I'm so sorry ur grandpa was a great ma
mrs_verna : Man
andrea_madaris : Thank you @mrs_verna and I know me too! @woahitsambuuurrrr
oliviasams : I feel your pain... 😫
x_ashlleeyy_x : I'm sorry .. πŸ˜” stay strong beautiful . 😘
larisa_anne - x_ashlleeyy_x - mackenzie_gangle - mr_dilka -
Happy birthday daddy, i love you so much. πŸ’– πŸ‘³You are the most amazing man, & you're the best dad in the world, you always put me & the boys first and i could never repay you for that but thank you for being there for me when i cry and when i want to goof around or annoy you. πŸ˜‚ well you know no man can ever take your place daddy booboo so don't worry you're in the clear, well i love you & have a good day with me & the boys. πŸ’•πŸ‘ͺπŸ˜½πŸ‘³πŸ’• #whatsagirlwithoutherfather #bestmaniknow #pops #daddybooboo #happybirfday @da_papa_bear
pops - whatsagirlwithoutherfather - daddybooboo - bestmaniknow - happybirfday -
gee.nuh : tell dad i said Happy birthday!
lasoniaaaaa : Tell him i thought it was a spanish thing alright.
lasoniaaaaa : Lol jk tell him i said happy birthday duuuuuude..πŸ˜βœŒπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚
matttlopez : Happy birthday Tio Miguel!:) @da_papa_bear
fvckingbriannaa - miss_rosas - fngm_vi_ - bekkkahhhboo -
I stumbled upon this picture yesterday looking through some old yearbooks at college surprisingly I found out that my dad, Rhett Johnson, was Mr. JC in 1990. I also realized just how much we look alike when I looked at this picture even closer. I honestly couldn't be more thankful for my father. It is really an honor to be told that I'm just like him because of how great of a man and role model he is. Thanks for everything you do dad. Maybe I'll have the opportunity to follow in your footsteps and be Mr. JC myself. #loveyou #bestmaniknow
bestmaniknow - loveyou -
jusmills - collins_jacob - bm_013 - e_daugherty -
Been a daddy's girl since the beginning. #tbt #bestmaniknow ❀️
tbt - bestmaniknow -
audreylcarlson - ke_haas - kathrynmulliken - karanickole -
Me and my granddaddy #blurredpic but still cute #meandmygrandaddy #lovemesomehim #myace #james #slim #jr #bestmaniknow
bestmaniknow - james - slim - meandmygrandaddy - jr - myace - lovemesomehim - blurredpic -
pretty_pisces0613 - dappadon71 - birdlady_rocks_ - princetonexxx -
The moment you realize your life has changed forever #BestManIKnow #AlexPoohbear #AlexPogs10th
blessedindeed - alexpogs10th - alexpoohbear - bestmaniknow -
tita7985 : That is how I define Blessed!
pogs_s6od : @tita7985 #BlessedIndeed ☺️
gabtrojan - theryfic - ronskiedoodle - mehmeg -
#poppa #lovehimtopieces #bestmaniknow this man means the world to me. He has taught me so many life lessons, with a firm hand and a loving heart. Always work hard and love harder. He taught me my first "dirty" jokes. Showed me all sorts of mischief , never doubted me at my worst, and always praised me at my best, even if it wasn't truly my best. I love you with all my heart Poppa.
poppa - lovehimtopieces - bestmaniknow -
My amazing dad sent me this picture today of the rose he grew for me. Every year he grows roses and the biggest 1 he will put on my nightstand for me to get home. I love u so much!! #bestmaniknow
bestmaniknow -
emma_daf : πŸ’›
annalouisespang : @emma_daf πŸ’œ
giovanniwolfang : Your dad is awesome
borgcrantz - emma_daf - mrezaghaffari - siriblomquist -
My dad is the sweetest! Made my afternoon☺️ #daddyo #lovemydad #luckygirl #bestmaniknow #thoughtful #family
thoughtful - daddyo - family - bestmaniknow - lovemydad - luckygirl -
jillrlackey : Sweet notes from the dads are the best!!!❀
ashleybertrand - kbellio - mjr1065 - skinnykatt302 -
He lifts things up and puts them down πŸ’ͺ. #crossfit #bestmanIknow #trainhard
trainhard - crossfit - bestmaniknow -
meselmasska - kellymcg23 - steamdrivenkasey - mmkennedy9 -
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