This guy #bestmaniknow #ilovemydad. He is turning 60!!!! Happy mother trucking birthday!
ilovemydad - bestmaniknow -
graveyard.ghoul - capnmuttonchops - chevvypiston - miss_carousel -
My Louis bear #BestManIKnow #louis #always #wearing #white #socks #NationalCatDay 🐾🐱🐻
wearing - bestmaniknow - nationalcatday - always - louis - white - socks -
taybraddd : He's MY wittle Louie bear!!!!! The love of my life my wittle babyyyyy πŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ˜»πŸ˜»πŸ˜»β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈ
coryyyybrad : @taybraddd you a wittle bit funny my wittle sista! 😘😘
taybraddd : Da wittlest cutest baby in da whole world!!!! πŸ‘ΆπŸ―πŸŒ
taybraddd : DA BABBYYYYYYYYYYYYY😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
coryyyybrad : @taybraddd crazy cat lady 😽😽
karachloe - miabiancaa_ - mroy_ - neatopracitto -
#hegonekillme but I just #lovehim so much. #Godsgift - I know my Dad definitely picked this one and brought him into my life. #bestmaniknow #idontcareimbeingsoppy. #thankyou my love for always being there for me. #idbelostwithouthim #blessed #imsolucky #whatababe πŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ˜˜πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ˜πŸ˜
hegonekillme - bestmaniknow - godsgift - blessed - thankyou - idontcareimbeingsoppy - imsolucky - lovehim - whatababe - idbelostwithouthim -
ebobz1 : What a nice picture 😊
frosty3392 - richconnelly_ - myfitnessrox - emmabrucey -
missing this guy ..😍#germanyromance #bestmaniknow
germanyromance - bestmaniknow -
a_sandoval - gabrielllera - shaheena16 - alisinderella -
Missing this guy today !! #bestmaniknow @creemilan
bestmaniknow -
rachhekingg : ❀️❀️
anubis_anput1 - thejrandallexperience - ashasoloist - mr_aogle -
Happy birthday pops! #bestmaniknow @mrrandythompson #habs #regram
regram - habs - bestmaniknow -
instacanadiens - karinausorus - bdthomp - thehabsfans -
Went and saw my pap this evening! I've missed him. I love you old man! ❀️πŸ’ͺ #papaw #gramps #bestmaniknow #lovehim #bestfriend
lovehim - papaw - bestfriend - gramps - bestmaniknow -
nutterbutter_16 : You guys look alike @fluffynuts_xdd
fluffynuts_xdd : Well he is my kin. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but yes I know, when my dad shaves his beard off I look like him too. @nutterbutter_16
nutterbutter_16 : I know. But like you look a lot like him you don't look like your mom. Lol @fluffynuts_xdd
fluffynuts_xdd : Lol, well then. πŸ˜‚ @nutterbutter_16
lookingup14 - whitetrashty - _.eiznekcam_ - xo_joe_xo -
You ladies want a #MCM eat your heart out . Lmao My Dad is a boss. Played football and coached at Western Kentucky #Dad #Mcm #LongHairDontCare #family #Heart #BestManIKnow #love #westernKentucky #football
dad - heart - mcm - love - family - bestmaniknow - football - longhairdontcare - westernkentucky -
afriyierebecca : Like for like?
ctab_smoove : That's the man right there!
hopeskelton : Damn!!!
kaheptinstall - tatesm09 - dan_e_boi - marcylynn87 -
My dad taught me at a young age how a women should be loved, he set the bar high! #loveyoudad #bestmaniknow #Moshers2014
moshers2014 - loveyoudad - bestmaniknow -
lindseyxloves : congrats, beautiful!! :)
puetzcn - cracker84 - julie_fedders - lindseyxloves -
Missing him more then anything in the world right now!!! Love my dad and would do anything for him to be here!! #bestmaniknow #lovemydady
lovemydady - bestmaniknow -
swayzeeramage - riley_nicol96 - t.lane - kourtney_poteet -
Pops 70th birthday. #bestmaniknow #father #70 #birthday
birthday - father - bestmaniknow - 70 -
aimstaind : 😍 cannot believe he is 70!!!!! he get cuter the older he gets!!!!
ckpereyra - manuel_bizc8 - aubrey_eunhee_yu - eulahuljessica -
This guy and I have been together 17.5 years and have never spent more than 5 nights apart. Today he left for 24 of the next 26 days and I am devastated. #truelove #misshim #bestmaniknow
truelove - misshim - bestmaniknow -
birdonawireart : Sending you big HUGE hugs! Xox
iverdogg : AwwwwπŸŽ‰parrtay time!!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Roxy country night tonight...#frankthetank
zzzzzinger : Where's he going?
kfurioso : πŸ‘―
kfurioso : Let's do this.
inspiredbythisnthat : You're in good hands Jode 😘
ohsojojo : @zzzzzinger work stuff. Williams lake and Smithers. 😟
kfurioso - ronicasundar - coshelle - claudio412 -
Pops rockin the redhead hat!! #bestmaniknow #pop
pop - bestmaniknow -
mattfincher8 - rickyfurr13 - dillonturner14 - lmfincher14 -
Another solid, traditional tattoo from my man @eli_falconette This was done a couple months ago, as a tribute to my Dad πŸ’™πŸ’ͺβš“οΈ #dadsrule #dad #bestmaniknow
dadsrule - dad - bestmaniknow -
eli_falconette : ❀️❀️❀️you the best
keanumendoza - tattooed_pixie84 - eli_falconette - emilarrildtcph -
"E longe um do outro, a Vida é Toda errada..." hoje é um dia mto feliz pra mim, aniversario de uma das pessoas mais maravilhosas que eu tenho na minha Vida! Agradeco a Deus todos os Dias pela sua Vida pai e pelo privilegio de poder ser filha de um homem com o coracao Tao Grande!! Obrigada por me ensinar as coisas mais nobres e importantes dessa Vida. Nao vejo a hora de estarmos junto de novo! "e perto um do outro, a Vida é diferente.." Te amo hj e sempre! #daddysbirthday #bestmaniknow #imisshim πŸ’•
daddysbirthday - imisshim - bestmaniknow -
fabianagvieira : Que lindo 😁
carol_gasparini - fabianagvieira - mallegro_ - tati_banks -
A little break from the hospital and a date with the love of my life! Now on our way back to our Emma. #waytoomuchfuntogether. #iminlovewithmybestfriend #bestmaniknow @kev_bernal
waytoomuchfuntogether - bestmaniknow - iminlovewithmybestfriend -
jjswiers : Best ever❀️
joty_n - iklefish - briseckner - _fatherof4 -
Tomcat and his larlar. Trouble with a capital T. #heyheybythebay #beamusup #spacebrothers #4ever #bestmaniknow
bestmaniknow - 4ever - beamusup - heyheybythebay - spacebrothers -
jordyncassidy : ❀️❀️❀️
skroad10 - amburkholder - lizzcollege - clarencehodgens -
#mybaby #mylove #myeverything #dorneypark #carrides #myworld #iloveyou #iloveyoubabyboy #weareperfect #youregorgeous #youreincredible #youreperfection #bestmaniknow #bestmaninmylife #mybaybay #myforever #mybestfriend #allsmiles
weareperfect - iloveyoubabyboy - bestmaniknow - youregorgeous - myworld - mybaybay - bestmaninmylife - myeverything - myforever - youreperfection - mybestfriend - allsmiles - mylove - iloveyou - mybaby - dorneypark - youreincredible - carrides -
airlove123 : Omg love you guys:)) miss you
charlii_annee : Love you too and miss you too:) @airlove123
airlove123 : Omg got a story for u
charlii_annee : Omg. Txt it to me or call me @airlove123
emmakate1595 - airlove123 - nootforyouu - bri_ha96 -
THESE GUYS. Baby daddy, husband, best friend, hero. I've loved this man since he was a boy and we we're 15 years old. #sweetheart #husband #bestmaniknow #lucky #bestdaddy
husband - sweetheart - lucky - bestmaniknow - bestdaddy -
emjunes : Oh Mike! ❀️ Love you guys.
angelique_sk : I have loved my husband since he was 15 too (I was 16). Now we are 24 and recently married ☺️. @rawfoodlove
yogababymama : I met my husband when we were young too. Dated when we were 15 for a short time!
harmonyraye13 : ❀️
ppadilla10 - chantellecl4rk - sallycinnamon5 - lifeisgoodorg -
I love this man!! #UncleWookie#BestManIKnow#BirthdayBoy#BirthdayParty
unclewookie - birthdayboy - birthdayparty - bestmaniknow -
missjohansen_ - revadawn93 - tayloramccormick - vanessahodg -
That time @cray_ottawa made me not one, but three mix CDs. I love that man. #mixcdsforlife #ilovechristopher #awesome #bestmaniknow #sweetestpresent #snailmail #circa2005 #love
ilovechristopher - circa2005 - bestmaniknow - awesome - snailmail - mixcdsforlife - love - sweetestpresent -
rahal_vondeck - sillybeingsteven - hobbyhoppers - doublezeroaldriv00 -
Happy happy birthday to the best, the kindest, the most genuine man I know! My life is better because you are in it. Wish I was there with you today... #bestmaniknow #birthdayboy #thankful #tamythacameron
birthdayboy - thankful - bestmaniknow - tamythacameron -
amanda.bonar2014 - agomez_ovo - taliaprince - medorasmith -
:) Who is dis J? @jenstockdale #bestManIKnow #Dad #tbt
dad - tbt - bestmaniknow -
benroy305 : Ur dad of course
airmono1 : Lol @benroy305 u would know...
jenstockdale : Look at my DADDY!!!!😍😍😍😍😘😘
airmono1 - 50fathers_film - benroy305 - lashawnkg -
Hard working hands #bestmaniknow #hardworker #ilovehim #inspiration
ilovehim - inspiration - bestmaniknow - hardworker -
mvp26 - danielamar25 - liana_012 - ciaran_murray -
Throw back to one of the most beautiful couples I have ever seen. Thank you Doug for making mom so happy and for being such an amazing father to us. I absolutely ❀ this pic. I hope for a love like this one day πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–πŸ‘ #tbt #throwback #oldiebutagoodie #alovelikethis #truelovelastsalifetime #truelove #beautiful #momanddad #bestmaniknow #myeverything #lifewouldntbethesamewithoutyou #truebeauty #argentina #younglove #lifeisgood #livelovelaugh #happiness #simplicity #smile #keepsmiling #stronglove #instalove #epic #beauty
beautiful - simplicity - beauty - younglove - instalove - livelovelaugh - tbt - lifeisgood - truelove - truebeauty - alovelikethis - throwback - keepsmiling - myeverything - happiness - momanddad - bestmaniknow - truelovelastsalifetime - stronglove - lifewouldntbethesamewithoutyou - oldiebutagoodie - smile - argentina - epic -
mike_____enship : Love those 2...helped raise me ☺️
_latin_eyes_ : They are pretty awesome people 😊. I still remember when you played for my mom....made her cry she was so happy. It was mothers day I believe. She loved you so much! @mike_____enship
mike_____enship : @_latin_eyes_ oh yeah I think I played Yesterday by the Beetles
_latin_eyes_ : You did 😊 @mike_____enship
1rogeredwards : Best people on the planet
_latin_eyes_ : I'd have to agree 😊 @1rogeredwards
mike_____enship - a_macias0523 - diglar - 2wheels_210riders_rc -
Such an awesome #TBT of my daddy from around 1976. He is, of course, camping and fishing (a few of his favorite things to do) and is obviously sporting backpacking gear from his favorite place, REI. He also is rocking an amazing mustache. I love this man, happy birthday (a day late) Daddy! ❀️ #bestmaniknow #daddysgirl #stud #everyoneisbeautiful
daddysgirl - everyoneisbeautiful - tbt - bestmaniknow - stud -
drisanaaa - kristen_boo_ - alecj__ - qtpieaimee -
Been over 10 years since I had a photo with this man. Greatest man I know #totalinspiration #bestmaniknow
totalinspiration - bestmaniknow -
montannahhucker - jdawes90 - jacinda_a -
It's you baby, you're the strongest man I know. You're the best man I know. I know you'd give the shirt off your back to anyone in need. You've got that country boy charm. You've got a pure heart of gold. I am so lucky to call you mine, I promise I'll never let you go. You're the man I know I wanna spend the rest of my days with, right by your side, I'll be here til I die. You're amazing baby. Everything about you is special. Being with you, is what makes me feel like life is perfect. You're my MCE. #ManCrush#ManCrushEveryday#IloveYou#Forever#TilTheDayIDie#RideOrDie#Boyfriend#FutureHusband#HesCountry#MyHillbilly#Perfection#Handsome#HardWorker#BigHeart#MyRelationship#OtherHalf#BetterHalf#BestManIKnow#BestFriend#Lucky#HesTheOne
futurehusband - bestmaniknow - mancrush - tilthedayidie - lucky - hestheone - perfection - mancrusheveryday - handsome - betterhalf - forever - bestfriend - myhillbilly - otherhalf - hescountry - iloveyou - bigheart - boyfriend - rideordie - myrelationship - hardworker -
shvwt : Cool @VinesBeLike
thenichoward : I love your feed!(:
verniacata8a845 - that_one_redheaded_kid - redingmendy - alysiapetrye4cf -
Anthony: "Aspyn all you need to do is crop me out and this might be the best picture you've taken!" #mustacheyouaquestion #bestmaniknow
mustacheyouaquestion - bestmaniknow -
shlong86 : Yea boyyyy that mustache is bitchin @anthoparty @howsyouraspyn
howsyouraspyn : Growing in strong and looking official as fuck!! @shlong86
shlong86 : @howsyouraspyn hell yea we shall do a manstache night soon lol
howsyouraspyn : Well get back to America and we will talk. @shlong86
shlong86 : @howsyouraspyn deal
aimeemowbray : His mustache= gross
howsyouraspyn : I think it's badass!! @aimeemowbray haha
aimeemowbray : πŸ‘¨πŸ‘¨πŸ‘¨
john_wertz - kingcaseyspade - magellanik - _dpain_ -
Happy birthday to the #1 man in my life. Dad you mean the world to me and I can't Thankyou for everything you do for me. You are the kindest man I know and I only hope that in the future I marry a guy who is just like youuπŸ’• I love bonding over soccer games and Gotham πŸ’• Thankyou for always making me laugh and smile. I love you so much and hope you have the most amazing birthday because you deserve that and much more πŸ’• I will always be your little princess never forget itπŸ‘ΈπŸ’ž #daddysgirl #itshisbirthday #lovehim #bestmaniknow
1 - daddysgirl - lovehim - bestmaniknow - itshisbirthday -
diego_serfaty17 - trinity.drogalis - flesht0flesh - danimartinezz -
Happy Birthday to my Papi!! #bestmaniknow#62#stillayoungman#😘❀️❀️❀️😘😘
62 - stillayoungman - bestmaniknow -
staysee17 : Haha love this pic! 😁
aulloa : @staysee17 my fav too! 😊
florm103 : Tell my Tio I said happy birthday!
aulloa : @florm103 I will😁😊
lovelyvane8 : Happy BirthdayπŸŽ‚
mandapoo2 - mrsburleson1 - khamad23 - miss_jeanettel -
#Happy60thbirthday to my #wonderful and #hardworking #father. I'm #sograteful everyday to have him in #mylife. #bestmaniknow #grateful #dad #happybirthdaydaddy #luckygirl #lovehim #family #father
dad - sograteful - happy60thbirthday - bestmaniknow - hardworking - father - luckygirl - wonderful - mylife - family - lovehim - grateful - happybirthdaydaddy -
costmealot1 : awesome. hey Direct message @Jlock_ypr hes helping alot of people with a new business
flaquis_tvrz : Happy bday to him!
flaquis_tvrz - sil_viri_jimen - sweetps82 - jperales5 -
Visiting Daddy/Pop-pop for the day! #mydaddy #myhero #bestmaniknow #daddysgirl #myworld
myhero - daddysgirl - myworld - bestmaniknow - mydaddy -
beautybreexo : 😩😩😩😩
caramel_cutie - viva_lashay - lovely_shaek - ms_scorpioluv -
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