#transformationtuesday This is a pic of me and @sharpdustin back in the day lol wow xD we have changed so much and we grow up so fast!!!! You have been my best friend for almost 5 years and I can't wait for our friendship to grow stronger and other stuff and things lol I don't know what I'm saying xD but anyway I'm happy that we made it so far through our friendship I've always got your back & I know you always have my back Love you bubba #bestguyfriend #bestfriend #bffe It's a beautiful day . . . . . . . . To suck my ass πŸ˜‚ #insider
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I'm pretty sure this made my day!πŸ’ŸπŸ’ŸπŸ’ŸπŸ’ŸπŸ’ŸπŸ’ŸπŸ’Ÿ @scarredme #bestfriends #bestguyfriend #awe
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scarredme : Hehehehe thank you very much for the skype call
andys_fallen_angel23 : No problemπŸ’Ÿ
andys_fallen_angel23 : @scarredme
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thesoulsucker : Eehh! :* ILoveYou.β™‘
mishjohri : @thesoulsucker iloveyoumore β™‘
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Most girls say ALL guys are the same, LIE! All guys are not the same. Some guys you just won't get along with, some may be boyfriend material, and some guys may just be a best friend material but either way you go all guys are not the same. I'm able to say I have a really great guy friend who sticks up for me, and is there for me. He's the only guy I've ever opened up to and knows so much about me. #truth#BestGuyFriend#nofilter
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stovergirl79 : :/
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For those of you who question why I still keep Jeremy around lol. #bestfriend #bestguyfriend #acebandage #medicalman #family #blooddoesntmatter #love #wrappingmyfoot #sprained #mynigga #hesawesome #lol
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based_kevinn : Damn you friend zoned him bruh
xo_lilrebal_ox : Lol nah. He has a girlfriend. @based_kevinn
based_kevinn : Ooh lmao thats okay then
agoldenplantain : Hahah jeremy never gets friendzoned
tatted_rascal : I friendzoned him
xo_lilrebal_ox : @agoldenplantain apparently I did lol @tatted_rascal you're cheating me with him so hush it lol
agoldenplantain : @tatted_rascal thats it bill we gon fight you never should friendzone my mans.. Yo
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true dat #bestguyfriend #nodrama
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Hey guys what any advice? #advice#crush#ihaveacrushonyou#crushsoda#trippybackground#background#bestguyfriend#dateornah#followme#confession#confessions#confessionforconfession#sadconfession#loveconfession
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camrynlayne_2020 : Tell him that you don't want to lose him
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Can't believe he's going to be a senior this year, oh how time flys! I love you Gabe πŸ’œ #brother #senior #bestguyfriend
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My best guy friend he has been here for me since sophomore year this is my best friend Kevon. We have been through hell and back a lot of drama between our friends in the group but no matter what he has always remained by my side I don't know what I would do with out him πŸ’œ. #bestfriend #tossbacktuesday #mathclass #sophomoreyear #highschool #throwback #bestguyfriend
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gisellevidetto_ : Aww I remember him he's so cool 😊
alexkristyn_ : He's been my best friend since sophomore year ☺️. @gisellevidetto_
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🌝chance is my fav🌝 #lovehim#myfav#brutha#mybestie#bestguyfriend#doubletap#followme#likeforlike
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You make me smile #iadoreyou #endlessly #bestguyfriend #6years
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He may be a guy...but he is my best friend! Sometimes a best friend of the opposite sex works better because each can provide a better understanding & perspective to any situation. #friends #friendship #bestfriends #boysandgirls #bestguyfriend
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My man crush Monday! ❀️ @jonathanwilliamk has been such an amazing friend!! He always knows how to make me laugh when I am upset. I love being able to talk about anything and everything. I can't wait to see how we grow! ☺️❀️ #mancrushmonday #bestguyfriend #lovehim
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Everybody stop what you're doing and go follow @gabegarcia5 he is really hot and has an amazing personality. Follow him please he will follow back. If you ask for a shout out he'll give one to you. @gabegarcia5 #hot #bestguyfriend #followersplease
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darci.michelle : I was wondering when you were gonna post again.. πŸ˜‚
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#movie #bestGuyFriend #Miss
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Mcm is this douche bag who has to suck up to me because he is a meany head😏he best be glad I love his butthead self lol!!!! @joe_topia #bestguyfriend#lol#thathashtagthough πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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joe_topia : Hahahaha love your gay self too!😏 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @sarah_gibson61
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Mcm #mahbro#bestguyfriend#likeitup#bored#doubletap @jacob_lundin
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#mcm goes to dis babe gotta love him he is a great friend :) #bestguyfriend
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paayyytttt_07 -
So decided to vent haha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #bestguyfriend#perfect#haha
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He's so weird πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #bestguyfriend #bestfriend #weirdos #lovehim
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sarahh_fox - ciraalqf - christaszak - alyssasaur27 -
In two more days it will be 4 months since me and Austin started dating, I still can't believe that I'm with my best friend! We meant 7 years ago when we where 10, mom told me that we were inseparable, and that was true, not a day went by that we weren't together getting in trouble lol. He's my best friend, an the one I hope to marry one day. #love #bestguyfriend #boyfriend #couples #cutecouples #followme #followforafollow #kissing
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jeffjeff803 : You just unfollowed me. Pretty mad bout that
red_love97 : Sorry I didn't mean to unfollow u @jeffjeff803
jeffjeff803 : :( nuh uh
red_love97 : I meant it, here I'll give u a shout out if u give me one @jeffjeff803
jeffjeff803 : OK deal!!
jeffjeff803 : Done @red_love97
therealgraysonking : niice!
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#mcm#cutie#bestguyfriend πŸ’•
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#mcm goes to @daaayviidmaayees. Cause I miss him like crazy and he's one of my best friends ever. I'm gonna be sad not to see him at school everyday or in drama club. #bestguyfriend #likemybrother #loveyou #dramabuddies #missyoulikecrazy.
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You make her smile.. Not just when you say something sweet, no, but when you're just there. You being alive and happy makes her smile. She used to never smile.. It was so rare in fact people thought there was something wrong with her. But now she smiles all the time, and she smiles so much it hurts. So thank you. Thank you for making me happy. #daniel #bestguyfriend #misshim
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This is my best friend☺️😘 #BestGuyFriend #LoveHim #HavingFun #HangingOut
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That face u can't forget #bestguyfriend
bestguyfriend -
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My #mcm is this guy!:P #mcm#mancrushmonday#bestfriend#lmao#snapchat#austin#guy#mancrusheveryday#bestguyfriend#instasize#photooftheday#friends#me#him#bestest#likeitup#dt#doubletap
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seanshelton_93 : @ashyrae702 You couldn't have picked someone a little less goofy looking? Haha @austincoil
ashyrae702 : Haha Well I couldve chose you but that would have been worse xD @seanshelton_93
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#MCM is my best guy friend @the_tommygunn . Thanks for being the sweetest guy I've ever met. Even if you're going back to NAU in August, I hope we remain close. ☺️#bestguyfriend #righthere
mcm - righthere - bestguyfriend -
doowadusty : Cutecute
the_tommygunn : Dwwaaaawww. goosshh haha thanks jasmine will i promise β™‘
thesweetscentofajasmine : @the_tommygunn you better keep that promise! LOL πŸ˜›
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Ahhhh lol yeeet #trace#bestguyfriend
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#bestguyfriend Preston
bestguyfriend -
oregon_nation : Thanks
aubreyanna27 : Welcome
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Me and Quinny!! #BestGuyFriend #Cousin #Flexin #rawr
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This is my mcm! He has been there for me for a long time. The only guy that I can talk to about anything even my most randomest questions. He has also got me through so much :) I love you ^-^ hope you get that chance you wanted ^.\ #MCM #cute #bestie #bestfriend #bestguyfriend #lovehim #funnyguy #sweet #Boasbf #nice
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