We got some of the best news of our lives. We work our butts off doing what we love, and we LOVE what we do, and when others love it too, well... there is nothing more we could ask for, it is truly a dream come true. With such gorgeous and stiff competition, I can't begin to express what this Grand Prize Win for such a great contest means to us. We are sincerely honored, overwhelmingly humbled and beyond proud of this. Thank you so much to @rfwppi and all the judges for this gorgeous sign that we were right to follow our heart in work and life. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you. <3 About this photograph: Taken during a portrait session with a Great Dane puppy named Claire, on my favorite film camera, a @Hasselblad 501, on @Fujifilm's Pro400H, lovingly processed and scanned by @indiefilmlab . This session was featured in @bellelumieremagazine 's VI print issue. If this wasn't enough, our work for @the_bark_mag placed in the Runner Up collection too, along with our fabulous friend Terran of @westwaystudio ! You can see the galleries filled with gorgeous work on the link below for First Place and Runners Up.
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juneaugifford : You guys totally deserve it! You are amazing!! ❀️ Congratulations!!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ : Thank you so much @phuongphillips and @juneaugifford ! 😘❀️😊
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BEST FRIENDS! ONE WINNER! #bestfriendsphotocontest
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Catch us in our upcoming movie Brave!! #identical #triplets #picstitch
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