#selfietime #hairstylist 💋 #beset
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It's almost time! What will you be going for midnight on February 9th? Free shipping and tax free on all orders from @cuteasabuttononline ! #jujube #diaperbag #bestdiaperbag #onthego #hospitalbag #babybag #beset #brb #babyregistry #babystore #babygear
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#monarch #beclassy with #bloomingromance #beset both by #jujube looking good together. Available February 9th @lauras_little_boutique
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natalyornelas13 : At what time please?
thenotrela : @natalyornelas13 8:00 am (GMT) :) x 👜
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One of our best selling Jujube items is the Be Set! A set of of 3 bags... a small crossbody bag that contains a wristlet and coin purse inside! Machine washable! $50.00 #jujube #tokidoki #spaceplace #beset #crossbody #wristlet #coinpurse #bloomingromance #tokidokiiconic
crossbody - bloomingromance - spaceplace - beset - coinpurse - tokidoki - tokidokiiconic - wristlet - jujube -
jomarq24 : That small set piece 😍
nadizzle_beastgirl - sofi.arellano_11 - saooooriiiiiiii - farasunarjaai -
One of our best selling Jujube items is the Be Set! A set of of 3 bags... a small crossbody bag that contains a wristlet and coin purse inside! Machine washable! $50.00 #jujube #tokidoki #spaceplace #beset #crossbody #wristlet #coinpurse
beset - coinpurse - tokidoki - wristlet - crossbody - jujube - spaceplace -
lesloooney : @a._.my.y
rakigates : Omg! The zipper is purple
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#Новинка 2016 лимитированный выпуск #beset #peekabow Скоро приедут в #Санкт-Петербург ✌ #jujube #jujubespb #bemammy #hellokitty #сумкадляколяски #сумкадлямамы #питер #ямама #девочкитакиедевочки👯 #временнонебеременна #будумамой
санкт - jujubespb - сумкадлямамы - ямама - hellokitty - девочкитакиедевочки👯 - beset - bemammy - питер - сумкадляколяски - временнонебеременна - будумамой - jujube - peekabow - новинка -
savvabox : Отличный кадр
irinadobryakova : Ждем. Очень ждем ;)))
jujubespb : @irinadobryakova 😉 ты здесь как шпион из кустов :))
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Peek-a-Bow!!! I see you!!! ❤️❤️ @jujube_intl does it again with another gorgeous, fan favorite print, Peek-A-Bow 🎀🎀 Available Tuesday, 2/9/16 at midnight PST *veryyyy limited quantities will be available #tothemoonbaby #jujube #hellokitty #sanrio #peekaboo #beset #comingsoon
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j.m.e.k.t.k : Tell me u have the rest of the prints!
j.m.e.k.t.k : @_jo3rch3llebr3e_ they are cute!
jamie_nicole1 : Need @krissymcg777 @rrcguevara
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Well, we will have 2 of the 3! tokidoki Iconic, Hello Kitty Peek a Bow, Countess, Blooming Romance and tokdoki Space Place Be Sets will be available! #beset #jujube #peekabow #iconic #spaceplace #bloomingromance #countess
beset - bloomingromance - jujube - spaceplace - peekabow - countess - iconic -
memyselfnailen_plan : Ahhhh peek a bow!! No way!!
memyselfnailen_plan : I'm stoked!
jojoleslie : Oh man. I was hoping for a Lucky Stars set 😥
the.pinkvictor : Will you be getting a good amount???? I'm loving the blooming romance💖👍
sanrioontario : @the.pinkvictor We have those available now..😊
sanrioontario : @jojoleslie Lucky Stars will be only available online.😕
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Well, we will have 2 of the 3! tokidoki Iconic, Hello Kitty Peek a Bow, Countess, Blooming Romance and tokdoki Space Place Be Sets will be available! #beset #jujube #peekabow #iconic #spaceplace #bloomingromance #countess
beset - bloomingromance - jujube - spaceplace - peekabow - countess - iconic -
sanrioontario : @pgoiorhl @iminlubwiththekoko Yes, $50.00 Most we have in stock now.. Hello Kitty peek a bow and countess release on 2/9.
dzinechic : @fashionfisheye
pgoiorhl : @sanrioarcadia wait, you guys still have the tokidoki space place for be sets?! I didn't see the last time I went so I thought you guys were sold out
whitneyinwonderland : @lynnstoner9
sanrioontario : @pgoiorhl behind the register. Just ask the girls.. we actually have quite a few😊
jrxljx : @sanrioarcadia will you be getting the be classy in the 6 new prints plus the countess be right back on 2/9 as well? Any peekabow mini bes?
sanrioarcadia : @jrxljx Unfortunately, we will only have the countess BRB and besets. Didn't order the 6 be classy. The mini be peek a bow and lucky star be set are only available online Sorry...
jrxljx : @sanrioarcadia Thanks!!!
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Looking for Be Sets? We have a few coming in 02.09.16 Launching at Midnight PST with the Be Classy!
ckaya : @jennel091011 hahaha! You actually got me looking at baby bag videos! Lol!
jrxljx : @jujube_intl there goes more $... ❤️
christ9a : @gmaswine
hurookoruh : Yessss!!!!!
jrodriguez02 : @fitgabe216
jennel091011 : @ckaya hahaha I'll tag you in one I follow!!
bbbaww : I need a Franken-set lol!
blisteredbliss : Please bring back unikiki!!
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It's not too late to enter to win the @jujube_intl SUPERBE from @cuteasabuttononline ! Use the link in our bio! #giveaway #jujube #pinklady #diaperbag #superbe #hellokitty #peekabow #beset #bestbabygear
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elleglam33 : Nice shoot
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What a perfect small set piece! The #QueenBe print has great positive words designed by @afabulousfete. #jujube legacy prints are so awesome! Thanks for sharing @kateschwanke! 👊 #jujubelegacy #BeSet #BeExtra #BeExtraordinary
beset - beextra - beextraordinary - jujube - queenbe - jujubelegacy -
uliaslu - kristina_kirichenko - ilacollie - kateschwanke -
Be sets for days... 😁😍 #jujube #beset #tokidoki #fairytella #seaamo #bubbletrouble #perkytoki #unikiki #spaceplace #dreamworld #animalini
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#Psalm 139:1-8 O #lord, thou hast #searched me, and #known me. Thou knowest my #downsitting and mine #uprising, thou understandest my #thought afar off. Thou #compassest my #path and my #lying down, and #art #acquainted with all my ways. For there is not a #word in my #tongue, but, lo, O #Lord, thou knowest it #altogether. Thou hast #beset me #behind and #before, and laid thine hand upon me. Such #knowledge is too #wonderful for me; it is high, I #cannot attain unto it. Whither shall I go from thy #spirit? or whither shall I flee from thy #presence? If I #ascend up into #heaven, thou art there: if I #make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there.
art - presence - uprising - ascend - beset - cannot - altogether - known - path - compassest - heaven - spirit - before - acquainted - word - knowledge - downsitting - make - thought - behind - wonderful - psalm - searched - lord - tongue - lying -
calahasen235 : Miss you
creesince_1987 : Miss you too ♡ @calahasen235
calahasen235 : Kokum Said miss you ❤️❤️❤️
creesince_1987 : Miss her & Moosum tons ❤️❤️❤️ @calahasen235
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It's Double Stamp Tuesday at Sanrio Arcadia.. again! Happy February everyone! #doublestampday #sanriostore #hellokitty #sanriojapan #jujubespaceplace #beset #tokidoki #beanieboo #shopkins #blindboxes #dreamworld #bloomingromance #gutedama #rements #squishies #pusheen #sanrioarcadia
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New video is up on my channel! Be Classy packed so check it out and subscribe. Link to my channel on my bio 😀#jujube #jujube_intl #packing #packingcubes #beset #bloomingromance #beclassy #firstlady #baby #babygirl #diaperbag #innobaby #youtube #video #babyneeds #travel #drbrown #JuJuBe #floral #huggies #enfamil #9monthsold @jujube_intl
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rachelballfitness : What a beautiful life you have! 💕
sarahmenegiofit : This is a really nice post
jujubefordays : Perfect!
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Ju-Ju-Be Tokidoki Space place ♡ #jujube #tokidoki #spaceplace #beset #fuelcell
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808doppe_runna : Follow @unicornos_and_friends808
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#somewhereSunday At Church with my @jujube_intl Blooming Romance Large Set Piece packed as my purse! I seriously LOVE Be Sets and Be Quicks being used this way. And this print is gorgeous! #jujube #jujubediaperbags #kateschwanke #beset #bloomingromance #church
beset - kateschwanke - bloomingromance - jujube - somewheresunday - church - jujubediaperbags -
cuteasabuttononline : Love it more and more!
apmc7 : So pretty, love this print!
4whynots : So stoked my first set is coming in he mail in this print! !
kateschwanke : @4whynots Yay! You will love it!
hairflirt11 : @kateschwanke do you know when they will release some new prints for the Be Classy?
kateschwanke : @hairflirt11 Yes! February 9th :)
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I'm not #good #like #you I'm #just #great #like #me #garden #green #picnic with #friends #masti #lawn #beset #cool #jeans #shirt #handsome #gay #dashing
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Just got my Be Set from @cuteasabuttononline love this print so much and I'm really satisfied with the placement. There's still some larger bags left on the site. Tax free and free shipping, what more can you ask for. #tokidoki #tokidoki10ve #tokidokixjujube #jujube #spaceplace #beset
beset - tokidoki - jujube - tokidoki10ve - spaceplace - tokidokixjujube -
cuteasabuttononline : @vickyisodd enjoy it! Thank you!!! 😘😘
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Есть очень удобный набор сумочек #BeSet от #jujube! 👝👛Три сумочки разных размеров в комплекте с двумя ремешками разной длины. Можно использовать как отдельно так и для организации пространства другой сумки🎒, или дома на полочке! Может быть маминой косметичкой💄💍, дорожной аптечкой💊💉🌡, визитницей💳. ☝🏻️В наличии в Казани и на заказ, цены от 2️⃣9️⃣5️⃣0️⃣₽ 🚗Доставка по Казани бесплатно!! ❓Любые вопросы в Direct или WA/Viber 8(917)251-78-26 всегда рады помочь😊 🔅Smart bags for smart people🔅 #маминасумка #сумкадлямамы #сумкадляколяски #косметичка #инстамама #мойребенок #моймалыш #jujubelifestyle #jjbmoms #moms #momstyle #momlife #instamom #инстаказань #стильнаямамуля #мамаказань #ямама #будумамой #беременность #9месяцев #instamama #kazanmama #коляска #stokke #bugaboo #jujube_intl
стильнаямамуля - беременность - инстаказань - moms - 9месяцев - beset - инстамама - мойребенок - stokke - сумкадляколяски - jujubelifestyle - momlife - jujube_intl - коляска - сумкадлямамы - маминасумка - ямама - jjbmoms - мамаказань - моймалыш - momstyle - будумамой - косметичка - kazanmama - jujube - instamom - instamama - bugaboo -
garbuzovaphoto : вы напоминаете какую то актрису...)
queenmamaru : @garbuzovaphoto это вы по этой картинке определили?😳
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Happy!!! 😀 #Karpacz #Karkonosze #śnieg #ferie #weekend #urlop #holiday #Narnia #snowtime #ilovesnow #biegówki #narty #góry #śnieżka #pet_perfection #instadogs #ilovemybasset #ilovemyznalezionykundelek #ilovemydogs #pies #beset #mojpies #k📷
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Just a few a #spaceplace items left! 🚀💫❤️ This BFF bag and BE SET are waiting for you!! Perfect placement of some of the most adorable #tokidoki characters too! Link in profile 😃 you will be getting these exact items!! #tothemoonbaby #jujube #space #spaceplace #popofcolor #tokidoki #simonelegno #bff #beset
tothemoonbaby - bff - space - spaceplace - simonelegno - beset - tokidoki - popofcolor - jujube -
cofully : @ebfully
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Thanks @simonelegno for designing Space Place for #jujube X #tokidoki - it looks great with the other space prints! @jujube_intl @tokidokibrand #simonelegno #spaceplace #diaperbag #beset #segue #space #prayersanswered
segue - space - spaceplace - simonelegno - beset - tokidoki - prayersanswered - jujube - diaperbag -
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#beset #easr #sape4 #define #njgraff #njgraffiti
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*New Video Posted!* Something amazing got delivered to my door today! Come check out my unboxing of the new @jujube_intl @tokidokibrand #spaceplace #beclassy 😍 ~Link to Video in Bio~ #ppp #inlove #buyallthespaceplace #beset #jujube #tokidoki #diaperbags #momstyle
beclassy - momstyle - spaceplace - beset - buyallthespaceplace - ppp - tokidoki - jujube - diaperbags - inlove -
kateschwanke : @xopenguin Nooooo!!! Dang snow
kateschwanke : @yesyxoxo Yay!! Are you excited?!
kateschwanke : @belle_rosew It will be coming in 6 other prints as well! They will be releasing on February 9th :)
yesyxoxo : @kateschwanke oh yes! Especially that I was able to choose the print placement...I just can't wait to see it in person! 😄 how do you like the be classy so far?
kateschwanke : @yesyxoxo LOOVE it! And yay for picking print placement!
mrs_brandon_bahr : I can only hope that I get half as good as a print placement as this! 🙏🏼 It's peeeeerfect! 👌🏽
kateschwanke : @beeonkah23 Thank you!! Best of luck!
mrsmandylewis : This is my dream PP!! 😍 I would part with KC for this! Lol!
applesofeva - jenn_mommyof3 - mytshadow - planologys2 -
Shop link in bio! We LOVE our Be Set in The Empress print and use it daily to carry all the small items we need throughout the day! How do you pack your Be Set and what is your favorite print? #JuJuBe #JuJuBeDiaperBags #DiaperBags #BestDiaperBags #TheEmpress #BeSet #Fashionable #Functional #SmartBagsForSmartPeople
fashionable - functional - beset - theempress - jujubediaperbags - smartbagsforsmartpeople - jujube - diaperbags - bestdiaperbags -
uglybunny_15 : I love Tokidoki Bubble Trouble!! I use my medium set piece for mommy essentials in the front pocket of my be lights. I use the small piece for medical stuff like bandages. And the large makes a great small purse.
dragonsroar : I'm using my Hello Perky medium to hold all my random purse stuff and a small as a wallet. Love my be sets! #HelloPerky
jessicamariehannah : Right now empress is my favorite.... But I'm planning on getting a Blooming Romance that I plan to pair with it... I use my small for receipts,coins and gift cards... My medium for stationary, Chargers and pens bc I'm always taking notes, my large set piece currently holds makeup! @jujube_intl we need a makeup bag :) I suggested it in the pink room!
3octobergirls : Love, love, love Empress! And I've hardly ever been without a Medium Set piece in my bags since I found Ju-Ju-Be love over 6 years ago.
jcoffman121 : @jujube_intl Thank you so much for being so gracious and awesome to me last week especially Nicole!!!! I am a jujube for life! Not only are your products amazing your customer service is beyond perfect!
m3b___ : We need a Be Classy in Empress!
mamaliness - pennysqrd - mommy2cam - sammie___sosa -
Look what just landed at the Schwanke house!! My Space Place Be Set! Loove this print! Also ordered myself a @lillebaby Space Place Teal carrier earlier today...and I blame that on @prettyinpinkmama 😘 @jujube_intl @tokidokibrand #kateschwanke #spaceplace #beset #picsinthesnow #jujube #jujubediaperbags
beset - kateschwanke - jujubediaperbags - spaceplace - picsinthesnow - jujube -
kateschwanke : @candicejojones Lucky!
wheresjackieee : I scored mine at 12am...
eyc_al8o8ha : Can't wait for mine to arrive! Quick fingers got me one at 12:01am!!
prettyinpinkmama : @kateschwanke 💞💞💞💞💞
kateschwanke : @wheresjackieee Wootwoot!
kateschwanke : @eyc_al8o8ha That's awesome! You ladies are fast!
j.m.e.k.t.k : Omg! My ppp😍
kateschwanke : @j.m.e.k.t.k I was pretty excited about my Small Set Piece!
charburbia - prettyplanner2015 - ___jackie__ - jen_clark4 -
🚀💕 #jujube #tokidoki #kingscourt #spaceplace #beset #baglady
beset - tokidoki - baglady - kingscourt - spaceplace - jujube -
adlvc_ : @beedanielle yeah I went to a cool little store they have a lot of stuff still, I wanted to buy so much stuff but I can't yet 😑 Lol next month maybe, I'm so excited you got what you wanted also, I want a fuel cell I've never had one and seeing one in this print made it hard to put down and seeing a BFF with amazing print placement made it hard to walk away lol my medium set piece has it lol I want to sell it and buy a different one but I'll live with it for now my small has it on the back but it has a perfect sandy and moz on the front lol
adlvc_ : @beedanielle I'm not gonna lie I stared at him for a good couple of minutes and he isn't too bad he is kind big but I like the cat on top, he's holding a toki America flag aha I heard they aren't good for food either but I seen someone put a good amount of cloth diapers in one with a buti pod and butt cream perfectly and it fit so good in a BFF with room to spare. Awh I want to try a be near the magnets are good on the back really strong, yeah it is I was even looking at the shopkins cause my daughter loves them but I said no she has a box full of them lol I love this print with KC it adds some color to it lol I think someone is selling one on the bst right now it's nice, The BP's are big though but great bags ☺️ I think dutchess is so cute it looks very Minnie Mouse to me ☺️ me too, I hardly use my SA BFF cause I'm scared its going to get dirty fast lol
adlvc_ : @beedanielle I hope so I'm super scared to mess it up :( I love it back pack style it's super cute :) I need one they are so cute have you seen the way people turn them into backpacks for kids they look amazing :) I've seen that too I have a Tula but I'm so scared to fold it up it handing in my closet I want a different one but trying to get the ones that I want is worst than buying on a toki release everything is gone in like 1 minute lol literally. My daughter loves them she has houses and buses I'm like over them lol they do look like erasers lol oh for overnight their perfect I used mine to go to the pumpkin patch it was so perfect my Tula fit inside with all my stuff, and room to spare :) yes we should it would be nice we can go to the park or something? :) it's called puff monkey it's in Monrovia. No it's like a Sanrio I got to try on a Brb there very cool and I seen a be classy :)
adlvc_ : @beedanielle it's ok I'm not that much into big backpacks but I think it would make a great over night bag or a good Disney bag, oh ok cool yeah let's meet up I would love to hang out and your moms so nice :) yeah they are I like the pastry ones lol oh man your quick I should get you to get me a Tula aha I think puff monkey still has some if you want to get one later on. You should get a seat belt strap I like them I use one on my KC light it's the color of the inside of KC :) I like it too but I want a wrap conversion Tula there pricey like 300 and up but the resale value on them is amazing so I know I can get my money back when Nathan stops wanting to be worn which I hope is never he loves it a lot :) that was fast, points to Ju Ju be for quick delivery :) post a pic when you open it ☺️
adlvc_ : @beedanielle I like them and you can get matching hardware I have gold on mine cause KC is the only toki print with gold. Yeah please I wanna get a heart one ahhh its so pretty, I have one but Tula messes with you it makes you do one of those things to prove your not a robot aha well there is standard ones it's 15-45 pounds but if you have an infant insert it's birth to 45 they even have toddler ones from 25-50 pounds :)
tokidokiclub - sabrinashayfox - _peeeanut - lovelyhundreds -
Imajinasi 🙌 #rengganis#argopuro#beset#hiking#melet#lemahtertimbuncinta#dengkulkugembroyo
melet - lemahtertimbuncinta - hiking - dengkulkugembroyo - beset - rengganis - argopuro -
argaandi : Ditambal dengkul e @cholescover
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Ju Ju Be & Lillebaby Trunk Show Today from 10-12pm. Every JJB Purchase over $100 will receive a Coin Purse. We will also be stocking Blooming Romance! All Lillebaby Space Place will ALSO receive a Gift w/ Purchase. All remaining Stock will be added online at 12:39 PM EST! #jujube #spaceplace #jujubetrunkshow #trunkshow #beset #coinpurse #gwp #lillebaby #lillebabylove
beset - lillebabylove - spaceplace - trunkshow - coinpurse - gwp - jujube - jujubetrunkshow - lillebaby -
sogrimmhappy : Space coin purses still available with purchase? :)
babysweetpeasmodernkidboutique : @sogrimmhappy yes we still have plenty
sogrimmhappy : Online you have a BRB, is that the only one available?
babysweetpeasmodernkidboutique : @sogrimmhappy of the BRBs yes we have plenty of other styles available but that's the last for Space Place in that style!
sogrimmhappy : Thanks! :)
tokidokiclub - _alysmith_ - mamin_market24 - lovethedistrict -
Ju-ju-be x Tokidoki Space Place already selling on eBay, this print has yet to make the debut in the stores in HI #jujube #tokidoki #spaceplace #beset #superbe #bequick #fuelcell
fuelcell - beset - tokidoki - superbe - bequick - spaceplace - jujube -
annabelle34jp : :smile: :heart:
kamochie - simonelegno - tokidokiclub - yaayib_ -
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