I am so happy that @maddytkennedy designed this for me. So much more meaningful. I miss my grandma Eda so much & I am going to miss my G.G when she is gone. When you are in such a close knit family losing people is so much harder. We went to church together every Sunday when I was little & we always spent the holidays together. I thank God that I got to know both of my great grandmas & my best memories with both of them was quilting with them on Mondays. No matter how awful I did, they kept the stitches in & told everyone I was a good helper. I will always remember both of them & what they taught me and how much they love me. Shoutout to @bendifani for this awesome tattoo! When I decided I was going to get this tattoo I knew he had to be the one to do such an important and meaningful tattoo. He will always work with you & make sure you are happy. This is the 8th tattoo I have had Ben do and I could not be happier. I think it is beautiful. #glasstowntattoo#bendifani#smalltowntattooshop#memory#cherisheverymoment#quilting#greatgrandmas#beautifultattoos#foottattoo
smalltowntattooshop - quilting - foottattoo - greatgrandmas - bendifani - glasstowntattoo - beautifultattoos - cherisheverymoment - memory -
maddytkennedy : Love!!😊
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Another new one. #4 To match my mom and sister. #matching #mother #daughter #sister #bendifani #addictedtoink #love #cross
sister - daughter - addictedtoink - cross - bendifani - 4 - mother - love - matching -
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Tattoo #3. She is clothed in Strength and Dignity and she Laughs without fear of the future. Proverbs 31:25 #newink #glasstowntattoo #bendifani #love #tattoo #addictedtoink #_tattooedannaked_
tattoo - love - addictedtoink - bendifani - glasstowntattoo - 3 - newink - _tattooedannaked_ -
_tattooedannaked_ : Awesome ink! You should give us a follow and we can share your ink with our fans. Just DM or tag us x
nickmorantattooer : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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It is a little swollen! Thanks to @bendifani for my nee tattoo 😬I love it. It is so pretty! "We walk by faith not by sight" Corinthians 5:7 even if you are not a biblical person this is a great motto to live by. Believe in every step you take. We never know what the future holds, but i guarantee its something beautiful 😊 #tattoo#numbersix#foottattoo#bendifani#glasstown#glasstowntattoo
glasstowntattoo - tattoo - glasstown - foottattoo - numbersix - bendifani -
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Well after 3 days of consecutive tattooing, we finally finished it.. my arm is like hamburger meat and feels like its been clubbed by little league baseball teams. #bendifani#glasstowntattoo
glasstowntattoo - bendifani -
cieararuess : Love it Anth!
tjplager32 : Dude that's so sick! Looks awesome.
areich89 : @cieararuess thanks c @tjplager32 thanks bro...I'm gonna prolly start my other sleeve come January. Be tatted up for summer
david_wisdom : That's bad ass!!
holly9jo : 😍 I love it!
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