#mcm goes to Ben Breedlove you inspired so many people you made loads of people's days just by answering their question you gave the best advice in your youtube videos I always take your advice you always put so much effort into your videos heck you made videos for two years till you died but Ben you will be missed see you one day in heaven :) #benbreedlove #wemissben #love #youtube #inspiration
mcm - benbreedlove - love - wemissben - youtube - magconimagines - inspiration -
pumaespinosa5 : #magconimagines
doloreswolfsa - fineappledallas - heatherboykinq - younghxyes -
I DO! I believe that there is a god and angles and I believe there is a heaven! Ok my followers I know you've probably haven't seen this guy but his name is Ben Breedlove and he has a story on youtube his story is very touching and I think you should go watch it! From all his videos I could tell he cared about everyone and he always tried to help people as much as he could but people be thankful for the family and friends you have go tell your mom dad friend or brother or sister that you love them R.I.P Ben Breedlove you will be missed and loved dearly you won't be forgotten Ben see ya in heaven one day! :) #benbreedlove #rip #youtube #youtuber #love #hero
benbreedlove - love - hero - youtuber - youtube - rip -
multi_fan9irl : What happens to him
pumaespinosa5 : Ben Breedlove But he was born with a condition called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a thickening of the heart muscle that can cause high blood pressure, and sudden cardiac arrest. Well December 24,2011 he died from a caricature arrest :( @multi_fan9irl
multi_fan9irl : Oh my gosh that's so dad RIP Ben
pumaespinosa5 : @multi_fan9irl I watched part one of his story then part 2 and it was so sad I started crying
multi_fan9irl : I would cry to and I'm crying now cuz I'm so stressed
emma_lopez200 - caniffs.lawleypop - twanakeiter - younghxyes -
This boy makes me cry when I read his story. Hope you are in peace #RIP #BenBreedlove
benbreedlove - likeforlike - rip -
mascastadiaz45 : #likeforlike
maripazgomezmg - chickytoria - francescatabacchini03 - __martineberube__ -
#mcm #mancrushmonday #benbreedlove #beloved #rip This sweet innocent boy was taken away from this world by Jesus on December 25, 2011. Ben was such a great person. He struggled through life with a heart condition called hypertrophic cardio my-apathy . He cheated death 3 times before he passed. He was always so happy even battling with that terrible disease. I'm so glad he is in a better place now. I love you! :) #hypertrophiccardiomyapathy #loveforbreedlove #breedlove #ben #illmissyou #christmas #christianguy #christian
mcm - benbreedlove - ben - christianguy - mancrushmonday - rip - breedlove - hypertrophiccardiomyapathy - christian - beloved - illmissyou - loveforbreedlove - christmas -
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#ForeverInOurHearts 3 Beautiful angels who inspired the world to #livelife #JustKeepSwimming #believeinangels πŸ‘Ό #donalwalsh #benbreedlove #taliajoy #talia
livelife - benbreedlove - taliajoy - donalwalsh - talia - foreverinourhearts - justkeepswimming - believeinangels -
joanne_evans_mcd : Donal Walsh 1996-2013 died aged 16 yrs, Ben Breedlove 1993-2011 died aged 18 yrs, Talia Castellano 1999-2013 died aged 13 yrs.
angelsinourhearts - niamhmcdermott_x - hurleyniall123 - liadanderson -
happy birthday angel πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸŽˆπŸŽˆ
benbreedlove -
annasroberts : #benbreedlove
annasroberts : @oreooo1336 yeah his sister wrote it
fahedhraiz - georgestaines97 - martinlazka - lvcle -
I decided to put this photo together tonight. Felt a strong sense of being close to my #guardianangel last night. Thanks to @meganparken for sharing #benbreedlove story several years ago I too believe in angels and this story of #Ben is a prime example of life after death #benbreedlove πŸ‘Ό#doyoubelieveinangels #doyoubelieveingod #ido
ido - benbreedlove - ben - guardianangel - doyoubelieveinangels - doyoubelieveingod -
isa3ellhe - nellyjulia_ - kaycalderon - jackie_xoxo -
#benbreedlove #loveddearly #neverforgotten #rip #cutie #inspiration #madeadifference #iloveyou
benbreedlove - loveddearly - iloveyou - neverforgotten - madeadifference - rip - cutie - inspiration -
zuiopple : Why you Are Not active anymore?
koatbug62 - baylee_smith117 - mo_nuggits - kaylaloyd_ -
#benbreedlove #kidcudi #mrrager #cudfam #cudlife #cudder #cudnation
cudnation - cudlife - cudfam - benbreedlove - ripbenbreedlove - mrrager - kidcudi - cudder -
jessie_happy_as_fuck : πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
mrrager__ : #ripbenbreedlove
samoanhippy : #mrrager #rip
camacho80_ - 6_baseballbabe - cudthewzrd -
#benbreedlove #support #rip #missyou
support - benbreedlove - missyou - rip -
kat_osorio : I'm sorry that's horrible. I understand you. you're not alone okay, you're an amazing person.
king.of.queer - jazzsixx2000 - vanity_demonkitty_ - harley_quinn_1234 -
No disfrutaba leer antes de este libro, este ha sido el mejor libro que he leído y lo digo a pesar de que no he leído muchos πŸ˜… aprendí muchas cosas positivas que aplicare a mi vida desde hoy! Ben Breedlove es mi inspiración. #BenBreedlove #WhenWillTheHeavenBegin #inspiration #hero
whenwilltheheavenbegin - benbreedlove - hero - inspiration -
bsjerez : Did you get the answer to that question??
mggaltamirano : @bsjerez Estoy casi segura que si😊 pienso que empieza cuando por fin has cumplido el propósito por el cual Dios te mando aquí a la tierra, después mueres, y si cumpliste tu propósito siguiendo los pasos de Dios.. Entonces te vas al cielo πŸ’­ ¿Que pensas tu?
bsjerez : I think that make sense!!! :D
andrea_ngb - heyisandrea_ - yaacovr44 - milieflrs -
My MCM goes out to a very special guy... It's still so hard even after almost 3 years you will always be missed and never forgotten. You helped me when I was going through a thought time and showed me that there was more to life itself and I thank you for that everyday. I would give anything to see that smile again. I wish I would have gotten the chance to tell you in person just how much you meant to me but I know now your in that peaceful place again and your enjoying every minute of it. I Love And Thank You For Everything Ben 1993-2011 <3 #BenBreedlove #MyInspiration #LoveYou #NeverforgottenNeverWill
neverforgottenneverwill - benbreedlove - loveyou - myinspiration -
country_forever177 - mggaltamirano - ew.turtles - laura.hinson -
Anyone else any similarities? Augustus Waters was a character who was cute, charming and positive despite his terminal illness. Ben Breedlove was a real teen with those same characteristics and same infectious smile. Nobody in the media picked this up yet. Whatcha think? #thefaultinourstars#anselelgort#augustuswaters#benbreedlove#lookalikes#celebrities#newactors
benbreedlove - lookalikes - thefaultinourstars - celebrities - newactors - augustuswaters - anselelgort -
sarahswartz96 : I totally agree thanks for putting this out there.
pouchiofficial : Very best!
reece_youngpeters : H also looks like JB!
sarahswartz96 - onealmorgan - fraysfez - xx.idkstyles.xx -
Rip #benbreedlove
benbreedlove -
bryony3 - los.angel.es - meganstewart166 - alison.yang -
"When will the fantasy end? When will the heaven begin?" ... Bought "When Will the Heaven Begin?: This Is Ben Breedlove's Story" earlier today and can't put it down! #Reading #Book #BenBreedlove #Memoir #HCM #Quote #Lyrics #KidCudi #Youtube #Videos #Music #Inspiratonal #Family #Friends #Life #Love #Heaven #God
life - love - videos - quote - kidcudi - heaven - family - friends - benbreedlove - lyrics - god - youtube - book - music - reading - memoir - inspiratonal - hcm -
her.books - lovingquotesxx - ikp_ga - writingsbyderek -
Just finished reading the book "when will the heaven begin?" On the planeride home. Very good read and it's cool that I knew some of the people ally talks about in the book. Ben Breedlove was an awesome person and you should read his story! #benbreedlove #heaven #goodread
benbreedlove - heaven - goodread -
stargell55 - madeleine7paige - hannahacton - jenharwig -
benbreedlove -
yoldi888 - shelbiej94 - stefaniewhatever - camilastarr_ -
This book is so amazing. I'm only on chapter 9 and it already touched my heart. I can't wait to learn more about Ben and his story. @allybreedlove_ #benbreedlove
benbreedlove -
allybreedslove - aaron_carpenter.magcon - fxckingcam -
RIP #BenBreedlove
benbreedlove -
yoldi888 - rachelluvsyewtons - kenziemills7 - sprousetwinsfanpage -
So, I just finished reading this book. I am speechless. Such a beautiful tribute to a truly pure and beautiful soul. Although this story is a few years old, it is still changing lives. It sure changed mine. This book really shook me to my core. It really hit home with me and touched the deepest parts of my heart. Ben lived his life to the absolute fullest. I'm still in tears. The way that his sister wrote of his life, I felt like I have known him for my entire life. For anyone who is going through a tough time, I strongly recommend reading about Benjamin Breedlove. I can't say that I have many people who I consider heroes, but Ben is one of them. Reading his story was just a sobering reminder of how precious life really is and how every single day that we are blessed enough to wake up is a gift from God. #BenBreedlove #whenwillheavenbegin #doyoubelieveinangelsorgod #ido #benjaminbreedlovesstory πŸ’•
ido - benbreedlove - benjaminbreedlovesstory - whenwillheavenbegin - doyoubelieveinangelsorgod -
nikkibevsxo : That's beautiful kris! I call dibs on reading it next???!:)
princesskrisx3 : Anytime Little! This book is amazing. @nikkibevsxo
djcosta92 : losers...... who reads anymore @nikkibevsxo @princesskrisx3
princesskrisx3 : @djcosta92 THE SECRET IS OUT, IM A CLOSET NERD
nikkibevsxo : @djcosta92 #haterrrrrr πŸ˜†
princesskrisx3 : @nikkibevsxo It's actually an incredible book, I'm a sap but I sobbed through it.
_johnwynne_ - nikkibevsxo - gina_rizzo - ashleymelissaa -
Everybody go follow the #BDB @bdbapperal --- Great hats for a great cause. @bdbapperal <<<<follow><<<<<< #benbreedlove #mystory #follow #gopro #BDBapparrel. YOU CAN ORDER HATZ!
mystory - benbreedlove - bdbapparrel - bdb - follow - gopro -
blakesawyer : πŸ‘
societyisamess - jacksondsteinle - jason_najjar - findingnima24 -
so excited to finally read this. Can't wait to learn more about this amazing guy and his story while on earth #BenBreedlove
benbreedlove -
alananderson123 : if you've never heard of Ben or his story, google him!
bcorona22 : He is from where I live.
alananderson123 : @bcorona22 oh dang, what a small world!
kdolieslager : oh my gosh. I watched all the videos when it happened and we still talk about him and pray for his family.
alananderson123 : @kdolieslager that's awesome! His story is amazing and he seems like such a cool guy
kdolieslager : I know. wish I would've gotten the chance to meet him!
atitloy - samiha.meh - melissa.daz - viri.ibarra -
amando amando amando πŸ’™ #book #love #benbreedlove
book - love - benbreedlove -
marinaelisa__ : E esse robofoot? :/
luisabadaui - marinaelisa__ - juhzinharaujo - marimagaldi_ -
By far an amazing and inspirational book!!! It really makes you think about what we have, God, life, and how to spend your time on earth. It is amazing and I HIGHLY recommend it!!! πŸ™ #whenwilltheheavenbegin #benbreedlove #amazingbook #inspirational #christianlife #lifechanging
christianlife - benbreedlove - amazingbook - inspirational - lifechanging - whenwilltheheavenbegin -
the7inreverse : Can i barrow that book sometime please?
lukeybear216 : Yeah, I got it today and I'm already halfway done because it's so amazing, then there's one other person borrowing it, then you can 😊 @kurts_girl
the7inreverse : Awesome thanks!!!! Wait were did you get it? @lukeybear216
the7inreverse : Might talk dad into it if I can I really really would love to have my own copy
lukeybear216 : Amazon @kurts_girl
the7inreverse : Kk thanks!
lukeybear216 - ashley22_hoskins - the7inreverse - cheyennegabriela -
I didn't hear about Ben's story until I started watching @meganparken YouTube videos ! His story is so amazing ! Gone but NEVER forgotten ! #benbreedlove #insparational #neverforgotten #love
benbreedlove - love - neverforgotten - insparational -
princesskrisx3 : @murrismitchell If you ever get the chance, you should read the book that his sister, Ally, wrote about him. Such a beautiful tribute to his life. πŸ’•
fxckracism - clt704 - lineberger5 -
This sweet girl brought me a yellow rose in memory of my friendship with Ben Breedlove! It's amazing how his story has impacted people from all over! @allybreedlove_ πŸ’› #benbreedlove
benbreedlove -
lexyheartsbeauty : Omg that's amazing!!!
salmamones : It was really cool meeting you today ^.^ :D I was really hyped (\^.^/)
laurenlovsuboo : @erielizzie oh hey that's you ! :)
meghanvgrams : I want her jacket
getfitwithmaranda : ❀️❀️❀️❀️
muamichellenyc : It was great meeting you
trickshot_legends : Follow us for trickshots
m_gifford14 : So nice to meet you Megan! You were literally sooo sweet! When will you upload the footage that you took on youtube? I would love to see it! Xo @meganparken
juliaryanxox - krista.read - bis4banana -
I just want to say thanks to this kid who I didn't know physically but knew mentally. Ben is one of the few people who encouraged me to live each day as your last and not let the fear take control of ur ability to do what ever u want. To hear Ben's story you can find it on YouTube and in his sisters book "When Will The Heaven Begin?" By Ally Breedlove. His story inspired me and hopefully sending this message will inspire u too. RIP Ben Breedlove. #benbreedlove
benbreedlove -
denis_otaku - kenziemills7 - christineswartz96 - jennyo06 -
Definitely recommend this book to anyone! It's so inspirational #BenBreedlove
benbreedlove -
camiandanto - briley2002 - fabian_8484 - epic.kate -
Words to live by..#benbreedlove @allybreedlove_ #beautiful #favoritebook #rolemodel #breedlove #prayer #God #nevergiveup #inspiration
beautiful - benbreedlove - rolemodel - favoritebook - god - breedlove - prayer - nevergiveup - inspiration -
that_logangirl - utcmoc2016 - babyclem25 - allison_williams_1 -
A guy named Ben Breedlove cheated death 3 times 1st= at the age of 4. 2nd= at the age of 14 and the 3rd time= at the age of 18. Go watch the video it is called this is my story - Ben Breedlove [original flash card video]. I looked up John 14 18. R.I.P #Benbreedlove
benbreedlove -
chloeemckenna : Recent for recent ? πŸ’•
h_renfroe1 - kayode4 - mydigitalecsape - madison_sage05 -
#whenwilltheheavenbegin #love #Godisgood #benbreedlove #seeyouinheaven #church #church #life #amazing #youtube
godisgood - life - benbreedlove - love - youtube - amazing - church - whenwilltheheavenbegin - seeyouinheaven -
ayyeeeitslanieee - piperrrr_ - swag_money63 - serornoaman -
Came across this book at Walmart. Took everything in me not to buy it. But I am going to buy it on amazon. #Rip #benbreedlove #atx
benbreedlove - atx - rip -
huurriiccaannee - brookethemermaid - katymcquillan - angelahopemarieserrano -
This book moved me to tears several times. Never knew someone I have never met could change my life. Ben was an amazing person & I wish I could have had the fortunate of meeting him. #BenBreedlove #whenwilltheheavenbegin #amazing
whenwilltheheavenbegin - amazing - benbreedlove -
josieluthman - brooke_welsch - 10tay13 - mcjk_1208 -
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