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Great find at the #dollartree today #whenwilltheheavenbegin #allybreedlove #benbreedlove #book #books #bookstagram #booklove #booknerd #bookworm #booklover
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New book to read. πŸ˜πŸ“– #vscocam #book #booklover #benbreedlove #bookstagram
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healthy_mom_of_many : πŸ‘
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Rest in peace Ben Breedlove 8/8/93-12/25/11 #benbreedlove #ben #breedlove
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Today 4 years ago you went home to God, Ben. I wish I could join you up there. Merry Christmas. And I do believe in Angels and God. #benbreedlove #christmas
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It's been five years from today that you died. It wasn't easy for us, but for you, you were given the greatest gift of all. I can't wait till I see you again. I love you Ben #benbreedlove
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jacobgomillion : Merry Christmas! I haven't seen you in a while! We need to go ride
amberdavida : πŸ’œ
princesschl0 : πŸ’–
wtfkaylen : "jellybear🐻"
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#WhenIDie is now available on #wattpad go read it and tell me what y'all think. #wattpadstory #sarahswartz #dylanobrien #shailenewoodley #benbreedlove
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Ben, today is your 22nd birthday angel! Party it up up there in heaven like you always did. And remember, I do believe in Angels and God. #benbreedlove
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A quote from my new book, "When I Die" which will be available to read on #wattpad this Fall. The following quote is from chapter 5. #whenidie #hypertrophiccardiomyopathy #benbreedlove #anselelgort #shailenewoodley #codychristian #sarahswartz
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Quando mi chiederanno "Perché tra tutti i cantanti che ci sono proprio Kid Cudi?" Risponderò col suo nome: Benjamin Breedlove. Thank you Ben. I love you, you'll be in my heart forever. Rest In Peace. #YouMadeMeCry #KeepOnShining #RIP #BenBreedlove #Cudder
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Benjamin, 18, passed away on Christmas night of 2011 from cardiac arrest. He is know for the famous YouTube video "This Is My Story." Fly high Ben! #benjaminbreedlove #benbreedlove #cardiacarrest #thisismystory #beautiful #boy #teenager #missed #loved #rip #restinpeace #angel
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be.kind.2.all : @gabbinator Honestly, if anyone is "small-minded" and "not very bright" it's you.. Keep acting all innocent because it's NOT working.
inspirationkidz : I have maked a YouTube Video like this too... are u interested Write direct
teatherthevlogger : Aww Fly high Ben!
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I do. #BenBreedlove
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lmjames_565 : I do
kay.tayy : I do!
misscaramel13 : I do
bre.chenevert : I do
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Do you believe in Angels or God? I do. #benbreedlove
benbreedlove -
britzp : No way! You designed it the exact same?(: @alfaglie
alfaglie : No, I just have "I do" and the tattoo guy did his best to do the same as ben's handwriting. It looks like it came off card 😊
britzp : Aww that's awesome!! I love that (: @alfaglie
alfaglie : thanks! I love your take on it as well! Hope all is well and merry Christmas!
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I can finally read it now! #r.i.p #benbreedlove #kidcudi @allybreedslove
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live_a_little_ : Wat is this book
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"When Will The Fantasy End, When Will The Heaven Begin" πŸ˜’πŸ˜–πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­i crying right now and I haven't cried in a long time 😭 R.I.P Ben Breedlove #kidcudi #mrrager #when #will #the #heaven #begin #rip #benbreedlove #dec2011 #24 #heart #condition #crying #born #in #tx #austin #saw #the #light #and #found #peace #happiness #noworries #i #will #never #forget #whenwillheavenbegin
and - heart - begin - forget - dec2011 - never - rip - born - kidcudi - benbreedlove - in - saw - happiness - 24 - heaven - tx - i - light - peace - when - whenwillheavenbegin - will - condition - crying - noworries - found - the - mrrager - austin -
dj__wiz : Can u skate
shisanregina : πŸ‘ @KLAUS514
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Today, 3 years ago, you went home to God, Ben. I thank you for everything you have done and still do for me. I love you, Angel. And I do believe in Angels and God. #benbreedlove
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stephanievriens : Oh daar is een boek van?
gaelllrvk : Ja zijn zus heeft een boek over zijn leven geschreven @stephanievriens
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"God is love"-Ally breedlove idk I just had to post this photo I seen his youtube video back in 2011 n a few months later died on christmas day he is an inspiration.Merry Christmas Ben breedlove. #Rip #BenBreedlove #1993-2011 #MerryChristmas #late #Christmaswish
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#MerryChristmas #Ben πŸ’– ☝ πŸ˜‡ #love#tbt#wakeboarding#lake#Austin#Christmas#day#2011#benbreedlove#throwback#Thursday
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current_crew : Sweet!
berbijowo : Like back?
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Merry Christmas to who ever celebrates it #OneDirection#5sos#michaelclifford#niallhoran#harrystyles#zaynmalik#liampayne#louistomlinson#lukehemmings#calumhood#ashtonirwin#lq1d#lq5sos#lanadelrey#janoskians }
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5sos_jiggly_puff : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @psychoticcuddles
stephthemonster : @gi4nna
gi.geo : πŸ˜‚...😏 @s.c.catastrophe
petridish.jpg : @averymaeb
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Philippians 4:7 #merrychristmasben #benbreedlove #3years #likeforlike #youtube #christmas #peace #kidcudi #whenwilltheheavenbegin #coffee
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afraozden : l4l
dublinscoffee : Very cool!
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I feel my guardian angel watching over me tonight, Merry Christmas #benbreedlove
benbreedlove -
not_number1 : Snapchat?
melizabeth503 : πŸ’•
markieliam : Starting to feel a lot like Christmas ✨
zach_and_cheese_ : He is remembered. I watched the video and bawled. He was a warrior and battled so hard. God loves him. Rip Ben Breedlove @meganparken
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Its been three years and I still miss you... #ripben #benbreedlove #missyou #love #insiders #christmas
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duncvnnn : Carmen :3 remember meh?
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Ben's little brother noticed me three times god bless Ben and his family they had a amazing son/brother I bet he was even a great friends to people thank you for all the advice ben I'll cherish it forever! @j4kebreedlove #benbreedlove #jakebreedlove
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Getting my Ben Breedlove book in the mail today and having fried chicken for dinner and getting small oranges and Pepsi today is what made me ten times happier and better everyone ben taught me to never take life for granted it a special gift and you should be happy that you have that gift from god and to live life to the fullest and stay positive and strong don't let anyone year you down. Ben is my inspiration and my guardian angle. #benbreedlove #allybreedlove #jakebreedlove
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pumaespinosa5 : #magconimagines - emomum - fineassdallas -
So happy I got my Ben Breedlove book in the mail today!!!!! <3 I recommend people read It it's a great book!! Good job @allybreedslove @j4kebreedlove #benbreedlove #wheneillheavenbegin #book #love
magconimagines - book - love - wheneillheavenbegin - benbreedlove -
pumaespinosa5 : #magconimagines
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I got my book today in the mail and I recommend people read it it's about Ben Breedlove and how he had hypertrophic cardiomyopathy a heart condition that posed a constant risk of death. A thickening of the heart muscle. Rest in peace Ben you inspired a lot of people and I do believe there is a angels or god this story was very touching :) I wish I would of known him he seemed like a nice sweet caring guy very close to family and friends good job @allybreedslove and @j4kebreedlove @benjamin_daniel_breedlove excited to pass the story/book on see you in heaven one day Ben #benbreedlove #love #whenwillheavenbegin #magconimagines
magconimagines - benbreedlove - love - whenwillheavenbegin -
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#mcm goes to the one and only @benjamin_daniel_breedlove <3 R.I.P Ben Daniel Breedlove 1993-2011 I may not of found your videos till three years after you died but your videos and your advice always made me feel happier and better your my inspiration you taught me to live life to the fullest and to always stay positive and be happy with what you have! I believe there is angels and god do you! #benbreedlove #love #allybreedlove #jakebreedlove #magconimagines
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loganwindham : How did he die?
kayrachelle5 : he died of cardiac arrest at the age of 18 @loganwindham
angelface014 - vanna808 - mariah__mariah -
He noticed me three times <3 Ben has a awesome little brother gos bless Ben and his family @j4kebreedlove @allybreedslove @benjamin_daniel_breedlove #benbreedlove
benbreedlove - - carsonbell124 - j4ke_breedlove - imafr3akinninja -
#mcm goes to Ben Breedlove his story is super touching he was just a regular teen trying to live life to the fullest he's living a happy peaceful life in heaven! You are missed Ben see you in heaven one day <3 was looking at the book and mr.rager came on by kid cudi thanks for sharing writing the book @allybreedslove I bet he was a good brother @j4kebreedlove #benbreedlove #allybreedlove#jakebreedlove #magconimagines
allybreedlove - mcm - benbreedlove - magconimagines - jakebreedlove - - emomum - bri_byrd_ -
Ben Breedlove's brother @j4kebreedlove but it's chill I'm not offended I'm happy day made but I think I should of wrote the comment on my other account cause I think he thinks I'm @matthewespinosa ha oh well I'm happy that he read my comment :) Ben has changed so many lives and he's my inspiration My idol his advice I will always take to heart <3 see ya one day in heaven Ben wish I could of met you #benbreedlove #jakebreedlove #mattespinosa #fanaccount #magconimagines
jakebreedlove - benbreedlove - magconimagines - mattespinosa - fanaccount -
emma.haines - fineassdallas - foxy.madison -
Rip Ben you will be missed I recently bought his sisters book "when will heaven begin: Ben Breedlove's story" and I'm excited to read it when it arrives in the mail..but look up Ben Breedlove on youtube his story literally brought tears to my eyes do you believe in angles and god? I do. We miss you Ben, wish I could of met you before you passed but I'll meet you in heaven one day <3 you seem like a nice carrying guy always trying to help people and answering their advice and ill always take your advice. #benbreedlove #heaven #angels #god #love #miss #wemissyouben #benjamindanielbreedlove #magconimagines
benbreedlove - love - miss - god - wemissyouben - magconimagines - heaven - benjamindanielbreedlove - angels -
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Missin my bro #ben #breedlove #benbreedlove
benbreedlove - ben - breedlove -
j4ke_breedlove : I miss you too bro! @wepoppincampagne
purple___hayes : I miss your brother too man. And you! Hope you're doing well!
sophiestokez : what happened to him?
xjadahcx : @sophiestokez he died of cardiac arrest πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ sorry for late comment
parkerpaynesurf - stnolley11 - gmccrea8 - dixiehammett -
#mcm goes to Ben Breedlove you inspired so many people you made loads of people's days just by answering their question you gave the best advice in your youtube videos I always take your advice you always put so much effort into your videos heck you made videos for two years till you died but Ben you will be missed see you one day in heaven :) #benbreedlove #wemissben #love #youtube #inspiration
mcm - benbreedlove - love - wemissben - youtube - magconimagines - inspiration -
pumaespinosa5 : #magconimagines
lani_aalders -
I DO! I believe that there is a god and angles and I believe there is a heaven! Ok my followers I know you've probably haven't seen this guy but his name is Ben Breedlove and he has a story on youtube his story is very touching and I think you should go watch it! From all his videos I could tell he cared about everyone and he always tried to help people as much as he could but people be thankful for the family and friends you have go tell your mom dad friend or brother or sister that you love them R.I.P Ben Breedlove you will be missed and loved dearly you won't be forgotten Ben see ya in heaven one day! :) #benbreedlove #rip #youtube #youtuber #love #hero
benbreedlove - love - hero - youtuber - youtube - rip -
yoldi888 : I know him for a long while now. It just make me feel so glad and happy that they know him and believe and still pray for him. I love him so much, he was such a good guy. Sure that every girl would want a guy like him. Rip Ben
pumaespinosa5 : @yoldi888 I'm getting the book his sister wrote in two days an I'm excited too read it an feel closer to Ben his story changed my life..I literally cried watching his video but I'm glad he's in a better place and not suffering anymore and ya a lot of girls would kill to have a guy like Ben he seemed sweet and caring
yoldi888 : @pumaespinosa5 when you get the chance to have and read the book. Pleaseeeee tell me if you recommend it to me and if its a good book. Thanks😭❀️
pumaespinosa5 : Well I was reading it on this app but it only let me get to chapter 4 and it was good but when I finish the book I'll let ya know :) @yoldi888 I ordered mine off amazon
its_emma_l - twanakeiter -
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