Happy birthday our beloved perio's daddy Dr. Ira Komara, drg., Sp. Perio, wish you have a happy life, amen 💙💙 #ourteacher #periodontist #happybirthday #belovedteacher #familygathering
periodontist - happybirthday - ourteacher - belovedteacher - familygathering -
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Terima kasih kepada Cikgu Hazianty kerana telah mendidik dan membimbing kami selama ini...we love you cikgu...kami akan ingat jasamu Cikgu Hazianty♥♥ #belovedteacher #loveyou #thankyou
thankyou - belovedteacher - loveyou -
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bantranquanghuy : Kêu t lên lấy bông rồi đứng chụp với thầy :((((((
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Tayang jak.. Hoho Thanks cikgu Suriana #BelovedTeacher #BusinessTeacher #Wallet
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I'm Gonna Miss My Teacher And Friends, Tak Sangka Kita Dh Nak Berpisah. And Tak Lama lagy naik Form 4 , Masa Cepat Sgt Berlalu, Rasa Mcm Baru Je Naik Form 3 . Goodbye 3 Ibnu Khaldun , Gonna Miss All The Moments =) #family #BelovedTeacher #WonderfulFriends #GoodbyeForm3 #HelloForm4
helloform4 - wonderfulfriends - belovedteacher - goodbyeform3 - family -
amirhaikal_ : Assalamualaikum. Follow back @syarifah_adila
syarifah_adila : done @amirhaikal_
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When we help others in need with sincere would definitely rewarded in return. Thanks ckgu Octarina for today love yaa~ #potd #kindness #happysaturday #spendaday #create #memoriestogether #with #belovedteacher #Iss #wear #shawl #blackday #pizzahut
belovedteacher - spendaday - iss - pizzahut - create - shawl - memoriestogether - happysaturday - wear - potd - kindness - with - blackday -
jesslovesquotes : Superb!
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Keeping the light burning and sending copious amount of love to you Thay#loveyou #belovedteacher#ty#presentmomentonlymoment
presentmomentonlymoment - belovedteacher - loveyou - ty -
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That happy moment when I saw this food. Hoho. I love foods #zenQ #mukah #lefriends #belovedteacher #missyekyunyun #foods #delicious #tresbien #desserts
missyekyunyun - lefriends - mukah - desserts - foods - tresbien - delicious - zenq - belovedteacher -
ash_awesome96 : Laaa. Ko sngd be ko dgen ne gbr ne. Hahaha
natyapattinson : Haha.pic bknen ew @ash_awesome96
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To all Plum Village Practice Centers, To all Practice Centers and Sanghas World Wide, To our Dear Beloved Friends, With a deep mindful breath we announce to the world the news that yesterday, the 11th of November 2014 Thay, Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, experienced a severe brain hemorrhage. Thay is receiving 24 hour intensive care from specialist doctors, nurses and from his monastic disciples. At present, Thay is still very responsive and shows every indication of being aware of the presence of those around him. He is able to move his feet, hands and eyes. There are signs that a full recovery may be possible. For the last two months, Thay’s health had already been fragile due to his advanced age. He was hospitalized in Bordeaux on the 1st of November. He was gaining strength day by day until this sudden and unexpected change in his condition. All the monasteries in the tradition of Plum Village are organizing practice sessions to generate the energy of mindfulness and to send Thay this healing and loving energy. We would like to ask the whole worldwide community of meditation practitioners to participate and support us in this critical moment. We know and trust that Thay will receive all your energy and that this will be a big support in his healing and recovery. Our practice of stability and peace in this very moment is the best support we can offer to Thay. Let us all around the world take refuge in our practice, going together as a river to offer Thay our powerful collective energy. We are all cells of the great Sangha Body that Thay has manifested in his lifetime. Future reports on Thay health and recovery will be posted officially at www.plumvillage.org, langmai.org, villagedespruniers.org, and www.facebook.com/thichnhathanh. #zen master #thich hatband #prayers #death #rebirth #plumvillage #zen #belovedteacher #mindfulness
zenmaster - plumvillage - death - prayers - mindfulness - zen - rebirth - thichnhathanh - thich - belovedteacher -
milarepacenter : #zenmaster #thichnhathanh
khrystene : Om Mani Padme Hum 🌹
milarepacenter : @khrystene 🙏
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Sending healing and loving energy to one of my most precious and Beloved Teachers ~ Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh ~ may our collective energy of mindfulness flow from the Heart, and join together as One... ~ Gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha ~ #thichnhathanh #love #zenmaster #belovedteacher #mindfulness #bodhi #buddhanature #heartsutra #healingenergy #gratitude #metta
zenmaster - gratitude - metta - belovedteacher - love - mindfulness - heartsutra - buddhanature - bodhi - healingenergy - thichnhathanh -
swedishyogini : 💛
sharingthejourney : 🙏🙏💙🙏🙏
looperlee : 🙏
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#ThichNhatHanh "You must LOVE in such a way that the person you love feels FREE." - Thich Nhat Hanh #prayer #love #freedom www.CASIMIRA.com #PlumVillage #BelovedTeacher #Zen
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Sebelom pulang kita grupie dulu wkwkwkwk,ayo mommy2 kls fish,poseeee!!!! #piccollage #fishclass #fieldtrip #grupie #smile #momandme #belovedteacher #prenursery #bintangmulia #preschool
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#InstaSize #me #belovedteacher #cikgu @ctsharina #gardening #todayactivities #getknowlwdge #howtogardening
me - cikgu - gardening - howtogardening - instasize - todayactivities - getknowlwdge - belovedteacher -
ctsharina : Cantik petak kat pokok tu..kemas..
miixx99 : Pokok tu je ke cikgu? @ctsharina
nadia_kwon : Cool la aiman
aimanadam1999 : @nadia_kwon haha..btw tqvm for that comment..I appreciate it..thanks
nadia_kwon : @aimanadam1999 wc
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With my beloved teacher~ i will miss her teasing me about K-Pop..hahaaXD *just ignored my stupid face =="@hawa_oml #cbnroyalgrad97 #Belovedteacher
cbnroyalgrad97 - belovedteacher -
21queen_qwn : P.S sorry for the broken english >.< (Accidentally) =="
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皇上与后宫三千 #belovedteacher #lastschoolday
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linda.ting : Spm fighting💪💪💪
yoyokoo1314 : 🍀🍀
pare126 : :) @jess_yooo
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Maligayang Kaarawan Tita Ana, pinakamagandang guro sa Filipino! Lubos na nagmamahal, Myckha. #thankfulstudent #belovedteacher #idolsinceHS
idolsincehs - thankfulstudent - belovedteacher -
myckhagandahan17 - pitchelsi - fritziechan - hinampasmae -
Neon Pink Personalized Cupcakes for my favorite teacher back in High School, Ma'am Ana. Pink lipsticks, make-up kits, bags and school supplies. With dedication "Maligayang Kaarawan Tita Ana, pinakamagandang guro sa Filipino. Lubos na nagpapasalamat, Myckha." With mini Ana icing with pink dress and bouncing curls. I love you Tita! These are all for you! Happy Birthday! #jaoiscakes #thankfulstudent #belovedteacher #idolsinceHS
idolsincehs - thankfulstudent - belovedteacher - jaoiscakes -
martybaboi08 : Asa ka order ana? @myckhagandahan17
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My beloved Japanese teacher #injapan #toyotacity #classroom #class #belovedteacher #Japaneseteacher #Japanese #farewell #日本 #豊田市 #クラス #日本語の先生 #秋山先生 #きれいな先生
classroom - 日本 - 日本語の先生 - クラス - 豊田市 - きれいな先生 - japanese - 秋山先生 - farewell - injapan - japaneseteacher - toyotacity - belovedteacher - class -
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My best best best two prefect teachers!! When we had problem, this beloved two teachers will hlp us solve it!! I love you two!! Thankiuuu for leading me the new pathway in my form 6 life....xD #best #prefect #belovedteacher #thankyou #for #leading #me #the #newpathway #in #form6life #preu #prefectboard #instamood #instadaily #potd #mymum #muacks #loveyouall
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goon_lijing : This teacher can kill de mah ?
bqiiiiingchia : Cannot dear....xD @goon_lijing
goon_lijing : Y nih ?
bqiiiiingchia : Nothing @goon_lijing
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#tb #MalamPascamerdeka #bbq #with #belovedteacher #Mudirah #PKP #CikguShamsudin #CikguZulhilmi #TeacherMalilah #CikguNorleha #CikguKhamsahAli #SirAzrilElmi :*
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Ủa thầy đang sửa bài đó hả !?! "CON VẼ LẠI HÌNH NÀY ĐƯỢC KHÔNG!? ĐỂ THỐNG NHẤT KÝ HIỆU VỚI TRANG 7". Thay vì dùng câu mệnh lệnh thì thầy dùng Yes/No question @@ ... Rất may mắn học bộ mộ Lý và gặp thầy. Ko bít có chọn đúng đề tài ko nhưng dám chắc ko chọn nhầm gv hướng dẫn <3 #finalessay #requirement #belovedteacher #love #xoxo
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mairainzy : Chaiyo thiên eiii💐 3 tuần nữa e cũng học xog. Tuần 16,17 là thi hết r đó❤️ quẩy =)))
sindyloverf24 : Good shot!
ththiennn : @mairainzy : yayayy *shake the big booty* =)))))))
liinhle94 : Thầy dễ thương dị chời! ... Có điều chữ khó đọc quớ chuỵ :)))
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Marcus Reid, words cant describe the emotions I am going threw. I just don't want this to be real. You are literally the worlds best teacher ever! I am so thankful I had the pleasure of being your friend and playing video games together and talking about comic books and superheros ! (I say this because even though I went to Sun Valley he was never my teacher but he was such a great person that he wanted to be friends with everyone at the school. He made us all feel special no matter what.) I love you marcus Reid I have known you since I was a freshmen to graduation and then after that would still come back all the time to catch up and talk about the latest games and how life is. I will do better for myself because I know that's what you want for me and jay thank you for always being there for us ♥ #belovedteacher #rip #restinparadice #nerd #geek #teacher #bestmanintheworld #bestteacherintheworld #loved #missed #whoopwhoop
bestmanintheworld - restinparadice - missed - bestteacherintheworld - whoopwhoop - rip - teacher - geek - heavenbound - restinpeace - belovedteacher - nerd - loved -
iceeinsane : #heavenbound #restinpeace
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Today is one of Britt's teacher's last days until after Christmas. Mr. Billington got called back into training for the military for a couple of months. The entire fifth grade class and Maestra Bradley are very sad to lose him for even a short time. He came in to a decorated classroom this morning, filled with red, white and blue, which made him very emotional. It is truly an emotional day, but we all wish him the best very best of luck on his journey and can't wait to see him next year! #SendOff #military #belovedteacher #USA #ProudtobeanAmerican
military - proudtobeanamerican - belovedteacher - usa - sendoff -
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Guru kesayangan sexiipapa @sexiipapalibels #belovedmom #belovedteacher #guru
belovedmom - belovedteacher - guru -
angelinenovidenta : Guru paling sabar😂
fatkat101 : Nice!
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#belovedteacher #wheremystudentsat
wheremystudentsat - belovedteacher -
#belovedteacher #wheremystudentsat
wheremystudentsat - belovedteacher -
mrcbush -
#latepost #throwback #paksuharmen #gurutercinta #belovedteacher #kind #goodteacher #puncak #alamsari #selfie #selca #likeforlike #likethis #l4l #likenow
kind - belovedteacher - selca - likenow - goodteacher - selfie - puncak - likethis - likeforlike - latepost - throwback - gurutercinta - paksuharmen - alamsari - l4l -
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Ya Rabbuna, jagakan mereka dan letakkan mereka sentiasa dalam perlindungan-Mu. Rahmati seluruh hidup mereka. I do love them so much. #MamaRohana #BelovedTeacher #FatinShantek #Bestie #LoveNeverEnd
fatinshantek - loveneverend - belovedteacher - mamarohana - bestie -
_nurulnatasha99_ : Kak nani comel nya 😄 @hannaaaani
hannaaaani : Haha. Effect 360 camera je tu dik. Adik @_nurulnatasha99_ lagi comel :3
_nurulnatasha99_ : Hahaha.. okay kak @hannaaaani
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My beloved dosen psychology industry and organization, Yang selalu PHP, but so pity when he in the class, he always traveling and so so busy #linecamera #class #today #likeit #belovedteacher
linecamera - belovedteacher - likeit - class - today -
rasinaputri : Mr. Eko psychology industry and organization
niranuryus - hawaanindita - rinaastriani - 201astro -
Repost in honor of a year that has passed since one of the best school days ever. I forgot what we called it but we could be whoever or whatever we wanted :) to those of you who are crazy studying, don't forget to take a breather and smile. Life is good. #fun #onedirection #ohgrace #belovedteacher #wehadchemistry #pun
wehadchemistry - pun - belovedteacher - fun - onedirection - ohgrace -
dulcenayen : @desireeyen @chloeyeoo @aalyarocks ISNT SHE THE BEST CHEM TEACHER IN AC?! I miss her!!! Hahaha!
dulcenayen : @sophiachan92
beenut7 : Hahaha she's the hippest :D I miss her too :( @dulcenayen
chloeyeoo : @dulcenayen omg it's grace HAHA wait her name is grace right? And no disagree, best chem teacher will always be NSC
dulcenayen : @beenut7 quite funny how she said "no, you don't know organic chem!" Hahaha! :P this is a cute video!
dulcenayen : @chloeyeoo HAHA! Okay, I'm sitting on the fence, BUT OF THEM WERE GREAT! But I like J. teo too, she's hilarious. My love for chemistry. Haha!
chloeyeoo : @dulcenayen cannot... J teohas hated me since year 3... She sent me to get scolded by V Loh
rachelluvs - desireeyen - dulcenayen -
Need to review, *scratch* memorize rather for our unit test tomorrow. Hi Dadaaa :> #Computer💟 #BelovedTeacher
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sceywhut - lablysha - supergelo16 - janneh_26 -
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