Throwback ♡ #NationalFirstLoveDay #FatherOfMyPrincess #Tbt #BeginningOfJuniorYear #jonathanjosiahherrera
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This summer was a lot of fun! I'm so lucky to have such amazing friends and family that I got to spend it with! But sadly it's over and junior year starts tomorrow... #whyissummerover #beginningofjunioryear
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skylerketola : Love you 😘
shaylers98 : 💚💜 @skylerketola
barecub3 : Thanks for ditching us Skyler. 😒😉 @skylerketola
shaylers98 : Yeah! How rude! lol 😱😜 @skylerketola
skylerketola : Ugh 😔 I'm gonna miss you guys 😥 @barecub3
barecub3 : We already miss you. 😢 hope you have a great year though! 😊 @skylerketola
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#TBT with my one of my bestfriends 💥💅🏼 #bestfriend #throwback #beginningofjunioryear #vibes #simple #smallcircle #alexis #rod@reyes_aka_kingz
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reyes_aka_kingz : Omg throwback Ahahah lol ! 😂 Spanish class lmao
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Lets throw it back a lil even thoe its not thursday😂 i miss you girls💕#beginningofjunioryear
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vaaaallery : We sure was on us we were lol and ik we should hang out this year and wait for katie cause she coming back december👌👌 i miss yall to💕 @queen_mariee213 @katietello
katietello : Idk what even happen to us? Aha @queen_mariee213 but Yeaa miss kicking it with you guys
queen_mariee213 : @katietello I moved right by where u livee
katietello : Really by wayside?
vaaaallery : So you not going to south this year @queen_mariee213 😭
queen_mariee213 : @katietello yeah like I say 5\6 min away from where u live
katietello : Ohh shit that's what's up 👌 kick it whenever where I live there's nobody I know here it's boring asf @queen_mariee213
queen_mariee213 : @katietello fr it be boring af lol & foshoo
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its not tuesday, but i just had to post this. 😂 hooooly transformation. 😅😩 #thankgod #beginningofjunioryear #tonow #lost30lbs #dayum
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davidd.greenlee : Text?
sara_banaraa_ : you look amazing😍 happy for youu!
twistaaaaan : @sara_banaraa_ thank you girl 😊
sara_banaraa_ : You're very welcome💗
t.maay : I need to lose 30 lbs 😍
itzz._.mee : 🌺😍😘👌💚
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Mi women crush para siempre is my beffah😘😍 your the one I can count on, the one I trust......I love you so much 😘❤ We've been through so much together good n bad....we've laughed together, we've cried together, we've gotten mad together, we have done so much together....... I wouldn't switch you for no one else ❤ because your my bestfriend, my beffah, my twin, my boo, my other half..... no cambies weyy. Te quiero mucho weyy, eres al mil weyy. Muah 😘 12/18/13 🍭Lollipop and ring pop 💍 #mybestfriend#2014#beginningofjunioryear#blackshirts#foreverandalways @_est1997.tm
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jtm.97 : Awww this just completed me 😍😘 made my whoever days forever lol my other half!! Nunca cambies I love you wey!!
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Throwback to when I weighed 295. I want to give a shoutout to everyone that helped me lose the 70 pounds and counting.#pullingahouse #beginningofjunioryear
pullingahouse - beginningofjunioryear -
donnieb34 : Ayyyyeeee 😎😎 @micahsomers70
hunter136 : That's my boy
aubreyjohnson98 : Proud of you Micah!!❤ and I know @housejohnson96 is too!
housejohnson96 : I'm so proud of you and I'm glad my weight loss could give tiy the motivation. I love you kiddo.
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#beginningofjunioryear #twists #beauty #eyebrows #selfie #2k14memories
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doll_face_18 : Call me
j.cxz : Follow back
furtakarlh3 : Follow @juliancamarena 😊
_cant_judge_me : Yo have nice eyes n ur beautiful
_cant_judge_me : You
bella_babez101 : Beautiful 👌😍
shekina2016 : Tbh//you real asf and I love you boo😘😘😘
ederasmileyface : TBH// this is gonna be long but just bare with me. U r one of the only ppl that I can truly trust. U r always there for me no matter what. We've had our ups and downs and we are still in this together. I can always count on you when there is something that I need to get off my chest. I love you to death 😆❤😍😄👌😉😃😘
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They say I changed alot since then💘💘🔥😂😂 #Glo'dUp #BeginningOfJuniorYear #TBT
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#Tbt to when I was accused of being a witch in Salem and locked up. JK!! :D But in just a few short months I'll be moving there and attending Salem State University! I'm really excited but hope I don't get locked in the stocks again! 😖 #ThrowBackThursday #Salem #FieldTrip #BeginningOfJuniorYear
salem - fieldtrip - tbt - throwbackthursday - beginningofjunioryear -
xshlxy : I hope u do
ali_the_fletch : You could be with a dragon ok
xshlxy : Who dat
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patience is key🙎.. #TransformationMonday #BeginningOfJuniorYear #NowwNigga #TryMeee
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lillyanddaniel_99 : Overall perfection,🔥🔥🔥😫💘😍😍😍💢💘
indiancelestee : @lillylove_99 Thank you beautiful 😍
mightysantana_10 : Beauty at it's finest 😍
theofficialprettyboycash : beautiful😍😍
lenchlungzsquared : Que Linda
melaaale : you're my inspiration & motivation tbh🙌😩😻🔥
indiancelestee : @__melaaaanie You're the sweetest! & so perfect💘
melaaale : thank you☺️💓 @indiancelestee
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#transformationtuesday💋❤️ #withthe3greatestpeopleinthe🌍 #mytwobesties #tanya&shelby #topleftside #freshmanyear #rightside #beginningofjunioryear #topbottomleftcornerismyneice #shelby #throwbacktolastyear #thepictotheright #ismeandshelby #myjunioryear
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DUDE I need to get my body back to this 😩 #beginningofjunioryear #beforemykneewasapieceofshit
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_brendie : It's just the munchies 😩
kerryneverready : Everyone wants to go back to the beginning of their junior year skinny 😭
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Throwback to me owning these poopheads. #Juliansface #gracedontevenknow #beginningofjunioryear #wasskinny #lolnowimfat #yolo
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heywheressperry : #BeforeMcChickensEverydayForLunch
itsaliyahh__ : I miss u❤️😘
screamingdeers : Awwww girly i miss you too!!
screamingdeers : @itsaliyahh__
nematoid92 : I love this.
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Makes me so sad that I don't get to finish of my school years with my two best friends 😪 But I'm also so proud of them both. You guys been through some shit but everything that's happened, happened for a reason & I'm soooo proud of you guys. Now you're both blessed with baby boys & I know you'll be great mommys 💖 I love you hoes forevaaaa 💋 I'll always be here. Don't worry you can send the boys to Aunty Kayla's & we gon have a blast 💁💁 hehe. Can't wait to meet my two nephews 😍👶👶 #momoryMonday #besties #throwback #beginningofjunioryear #pregnantbitches #bbc Abcde can't see this cuz her faggot ass bf blocked me 😹 awwww #boohoo
boohoo - babyooohooohz - besties - stoneyprobz - pregnantbitches - momorymonday - throwback - bbc - tbt - beginningofjunioryear -
kayl0ve_ : Lol nawwwww @kcambra05
kyraxzxz : I'll let this slide ....😑 #bruh
chelsouza_ : Hahahah aw I love u too ! 4eva dumb hoe. Even tho these pics of me is HORRIBLE lmfao
__kingstinsmama : @kayl0ve_ & @_xoxochelsc aww, I love you guys ! Ugh wish we could be with you in school too Kay :'( but shit happens ! I'm so proud of you too kayla, bitch you better grad you never make it this far for nothing lol ! And Omgosh, chels these pictures of us is so cute, well there cute kodaks of us! It shows how really close we are lolol! Anyways forever and always AKC ! LOLOL
bubbasmumendadim : Omg abcde's pregnant?! When is she due?
kayl0ve_ : Yes! She's due next month. 😊 lol crazy.... @tess.tickles.sez
bubbasmumendadim : Wow! That IS such a trip lol congrats @abcde_daycin_ 😘
chelsouza_ : @abcde_daycin_ lmfao AKC 4 lyfeee!!
gabbykins_ -
Wow. #transformationtuesday #beginningofjunioryear #aproachingsenioryear
transformationtuesday - aproachingsenioryear - beginningofjunioryear -
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