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❆ Ya casi es navidadπŸ˜› ❆ #InstaChile #InstaDani #BlackAndWhite #Girl #Tongue #Face #BeaYOUtiful #Likes4Likes #FollowMe #Tags4Likes
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My uncles dog #beaYOUtiful
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Repost from @recovrywarriors πŸ‘ŒπŸ’š yesterday was a bad, bad day for ED. Blah. Gonna make today better though... And I'm going to do that by eating every 2-4 hours something that's "safe" enough but still nourishes my body and make sure to drink plenty of fluids to help replenish my body from purging so much. Dear Body, I'm sorry for abusing you yesterday. I'll take care of you better today 😘 #edrecovery #recovery #bulimia #mentalhealth #mentalillness #mentalhealthmatters #depression #hope #holdon #healing #itscalledrecovery #itgetsbetter #suicideprevention #selfworth #loveyourself #kickass #keepfighting #pain #ptsd #beatED #beaYOUtiful #breakyostigma #bipolardisorder
pain - keepfighting - bulimia - loveyourself - mentalillness - beayoutiful - suicideprevention - healing - breakyostigma - edrecovery - depression - recovery - beated - mentalhealthmatters - mentalhealth - hope - itscalledrecovery - bipolardisorder - selfworth - kickass - holdon - ptsd - itgetsbetter -
cjmyhre : @its_called_recovery stay strong ! πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
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338/365 Just love this. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ#beaYOUtiful #effyourbeautystandards #recovery #selflove #positive #quote #beautiful #fearfullyandwonderfullymade #365project
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whitneyfindingbalance : Love this!!!
priscilla_n_sylvie : This is awesome!
lamarks06 : Love this message! ❀️
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My Sissy is definitely #RepresentingBEaYOUty in her #BEaYOUtiful BLING Tee! Get It Girl! The BE YOU Movement has made it to Cincinnati, OH Y'all! WHOO HOO! The MOMENTUM is REAL! Thanks for your support my dear! You can "Join the BE YOU Movement too and BREAKTHROUGH to EMBRACE the Authentic * True * Unapologetic YOU!" #BEYOUMovement #SeeingYOUrselfThruTheEyesOfGod #EmbraceTheRealYOU www.deshaunajones.com
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blessedblondie58 : Amen yes he is awesome God πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜˜
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#ThisIsTheNoJudgementZone #BEaYOUtiful
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blessedblondie58 : Amen this is true there is s price to pay!!!!
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And some money for therapy wouldn't hurt πŸ˜‚ went on a date yesterday that lasted nine hours. We went so many places, and talked a lot. He's nice. I just over analyze everything. Damn brain and lack of self worth. #mentalhealth #mentalillness #mentalhealthmatters #hope #holdon #healing #itgetsbetter #depression #anxiety #suicideprevention #selfworth #beaYOUtiful #breakyostigma #bipolardisorder #edrecovery #recovery #itscalledrecovery
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eat.pray.recover : That's awesome I wanna hear all a out him message me when you have a sec :)
its_called_recovery : @eat.pray.recover promise!!
sarabeebeautee : And lunch and presents with Sara today will be awesome!!:)
cerridwenshamrock : UGH THIS!!!
its_called_recovery : Hahaha well yes!!!!! I miss my best friiiieeeend @sarabeebeautee
dixiefrog24 : Good for you!! πŸ‘ Sounds like you had fun! Shut that brain off girlie! 😜 If only it were that easy, eh? ❀
its_called_recovery : @dixiefrog24 haha I know!!! :)
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Be bold⚑️ •Everyone, at some point and time, struggles with body image and comparing themselves to other people. But it is the little things about you that make up who you are. Everyone has a different look and that's what makes us beautiful. Not because we are like anyone else, but because we are a unique design. We are made in the image of God, and He DOES NOT make a mistake. Be bold in your skin, freckles and all• #beaYOUtiful
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mrs.moore10 : LOVE THIS!!! your so beautiful inside and out!!! I'm so proud of the woman you've become!! Keep shining! πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ’• @oliviaremsberg
oliviaremsberg : Awe! I love you too. You are so precious to me. Right back at you😘 @mrs.moore10
lvylaaa : beautiful πŸ’œ
oliviaremsberg : Thank you! @lvylaaa
macie_hibbard : 😍😍😍πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
oliviaremsberg : Haha I love you Macie! 😻πŸ”₯ @macie_hibbard
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It's Friday. Happy Friendship Friday! #beaYOUtiful #WorkingForTheWeekend #tgif #SpreadDatCheer #FriendshipFriday #partAy #smile
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torpideka : Great photo! β˜€
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Be You! ❀ #follow4follow #like4like #smile #beaYOUtiful
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Yes. ✌ #truth #beaYOUtiful #beautiful #regram
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jacquelinesarahh : πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
__mrsdomricco : πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
stylinsavanna : ❀❀❀
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One of those days I just didn't feel like doing my makeup. Embrace your natural beauty! #beaYOUtiful #betruetoyou #beyourself #believe #happygirl #smile #fitness #followyourheart
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You'll have to wait, Dad & Company #tistheseason #MerryGrizzmas #MadeWithLove #beaYOUtiful #happyholidays #ChristmasInMemphis
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Repost from @throwawaythebladesbabe πŸ’š I'm tying to kick ed's ass, and it's hard. I haven't been binging, purging, or restricting, but I bought a "cleanse..." As a Biology major I know better- that cleanses are actually bad if they actually work because they get rid of bacteria that your body NEEDS, but I bought one anyway. I know I should just throw it away... But the add says I could lose a bunch of weight... Blah. I need someone to kick my ass please and thanks... #endthestigma #edrecovery #recovery #mentalhealth #mentalillness #mentalhealthmatters #suicideprevention #depression #hope #holdon #healing #selfworth #ptsd #pain #feminism #anxiety #beatED #beaYOUtiful #bulimia #breakyostigma #bipolardisorder #fuckED #itgetsbetter #itscalledrecovery #kickass #keepfighting #loveyourself #warrior #wecandothis
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tiffanythetrainer : Wow!
httpsad_ : excuse me your body doesn't deserve that, you are fine the way you are and fuck that thought that tells you otherwise. the ads play on your 'needs' and screw with your mind and you DONT NEED THAT, now man up and accept your beauty, or at least don't harm the body that you are so lucky is fully functional. I feel like we have a mutual little budding friendship so I'm taking it upon myself to ensure you don't go purging your body in other ways than being sick. on the flip side, congratulations on booty whipping ed
its_called_recovery : @httpsad_ I fucking love you :) you're so correct!
cjmyhre : @its_called_recovery I will come there and kick your ass! Throw it away ! Shit I'll send you a check for the cost!!
cjmyhre : @its_called_recovery above comment is said with love!! ❀️❀️❀️
its_called_recovery : Lol love you :) it was only $5 so no worries... I'll consider tossing it. Truly. It will be difficult though @cjmyhre
to.the.stars.and.back : Go ahead and throw it away! You are amazing without it! And it can do damaging things to your body! (I love that song by the way) ~Elle
httpsad_ : I fucking love you too 😘 just say bye bye to it, it's still purging, remember. Chuck it out and let me know πŸ‘
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My #BEaYOUtiful Cousin, Tawanda Harris, not only ordered herself a #BEaYOUtiful BLING T...she decided to BE a BLESSING to 3 Other Family Members as well! YOU ROCK CUZ! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT! WHOO HOOO! You can "Join the BE YOU Movement too and BREAKTHROUGH to EMBRACE the Authentic * True * Unapologetic YOU!" #BEYOUMovement #SeeingYOUrselfThruTheEyesOfGod #EmbraceTheRealYOU www.deshaunajones.com
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blessedblondie58 : That's great what a blessing !!!
deshaunajones : Indeed it is a blessing @blessedblondie58 ‼️
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WHOOP WHOOP! LOOK at MY #BEaYOUtiful Sistah Marcella Wofford Shipley! YOU GO GIRL! YOU SHO NUFF ROCKIN that #BEaYOUtiful BLING Tee Honey!!! #MahGurl You can "Join the BE YOU Movement too and BREAKTHROUGH to EMBRACE the Authentic * True * Unapologetic YOU!" #BEYOUMovement #SeeingYOUrselfThruTheEyesOfGod #EmbraceTheRealYOU www.deshaunajones.com
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jessaycuh.homie : hey
deshaunajones : Hey @jessaycuh.homie ! I know you miss me! 😜
blessedblondie58 : Beautiful πŸ˜„πŸ˜˜
deshaunajones : Thank you @blessedblondie58 β€ΌοΈπŸ˜Š
jessaycuh.homie - nieceyplace - finebway -
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blessedblondie58 : O amen like that πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
deshaunajones : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ @blessedblondie58
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#BEYOUTip: Please understand this: “The opinions of others don't matter. What's important is how YOU perceive YOURSELF.” -Les Brown #BEGreat #BEaYOUtiful www.deshaunajones.com
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deshaunajones : I used to STRONGLY DISLIKE close up pictures of myself because you could SEE ALL of my flaws and facial imperfections! I wanted that SMOOTH FLAWLESS BEaYOUtiful face with NO imperfections! LOL I mean...what woman doesn't? BUT TODAY I EMBRACE every flaw, scar and imperfection because what I've been through has made ME who I AM! So, I AM GRATEFUL for every tear, for all the pain, for every wound, for every scar etc that brought ME to where I am TODAY! #iAmFlawless #BEaYOUtifulME
blessedblondie58 : O U r so beautiful inside and out praise Jesus 😘😘😘
deshaunajones : Awww THANK YOU SO MUCH @blessedblondie58 ! πŸ˜Šβ€οΈπŸ˜„πŸ˜˜
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We're still going STRONG! WHOO HOO! THANK YOU for Your Purchase Apostle Sharlayne Brown @genuinechocolatemi! Your SUPPORT means a whole lot to ME My Sweet! This MOVEMENT has a POWERFUL MESSAGE and I am SO GRATEFUL for ALL of the SUPPORT MY #BEaYOUtiful Sisters are giving Me! You can "Join the BE YOU Movement too and BREAKTHROUGH to EMBRACE the Authentic * True * Unapologetic YOU!" #BEYOUMovement #SeeingYOUrselfThruTheEyesOfGod #EmbraceTheRealYOU www.deshaunajones.com
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LOOK at this BEaYOUty right here! She's SHINING in her #BEaYOUtiful BLING Tee! WHOO HOO! Thank YOU for your SUPPORT Prophetess Jennifer! I appreciate you so much Sis! Can YOU say #Momentum! WHO'S NEXT?!? Let's keep the BE YOU Movement ALIVE by keeping the MOMENTUM going (GROWING) STRONG! You can "Join the BE YOU Movement too and BREAKTHROUGH to EMBRACE the Authentic * True * Unapologetic YOU!" #BEYOUMovement #SeeingYOUrselfThruTheEyesOfGod #EmbraceTheRealYOU www.deshaunajones.com
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blessedblondie58 : Love her smile πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
deshaunajones : She's a BEaYOUty, isn't she @blessedblondie58 ! 😊
misskari1 : :-)
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#happy #humpday #smile #brunettegirls #blueeyedgirls #lovemylife #lifeisgood #byehaters #muah #singleandfabulous #happygirlsaretheprettiest #beayoutiful #champion #iamstrong #myjourney #bringiton #riseabove #positivevibes
coloradosprings - champion - 719 - muah - byehaters - bringiton - beayoutiful - lifeisgood - brunettegirls - weightlossjourney - happygirlsaretheprettiest - lovemylife - myjourney - colorado - happy - singleandfabulous - riseabove - positivevibes - iamstrong - smile - blueeyedgirls - followme - humpday -
merlot_muscle : nice!
lilmissbombshell07 : Why thank you ;) @merlot_muscle
lilmissbombshell07 : #weightlossjourney #followme #coloradosprings #719 #colorado
mrsfitkkm : Awesome pic! Are you on fb? Let's connect! My link is in my bio
carababy27 : Pretty!
malikahma : Looking prety
bestdayofmylife : it looks like life is good! only thing missing is one of our awesome shirts :)
lilmissbombshell07 : I LOVE ur shirts! Those are awesome! :) @bestdayofmylife
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Top before bottom after Moodstruck 3D Lashes #lovinit #Younique #beayoutiful
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#wcw huge shout out to @kelseyklay for making my day the other day by stopping in to see me at work. This girl has big dreams and an even bigger heart. Keep that smile bright girl. With time everything will slowly fall into place #trusttheprocess #havefaith #beyourself #believe #happygirl #smile #beaYOUtiful
wcw - happygirl - beayoutiful - havefaith - beyourself - smile - believe - trusttheprocess -
kelseyklay : Thank you SO much!(: I hope things are going well for you!!
only_kirk - amy_monroy - kelseyklay - morganschick12 -
Come away little loss Come away to the water Away from the life that you always knew πŸ˜πŸ’ŸπŸ’‹πŸ’ͺπŸ˜™ #Maroon5 #MarryMe #AdamLevine #love #TagsForLikesFSLC #TagsForLikes #likebackteam #likealways #like4like #likeback #likeall #liker #commenting #shoutoutback #musicislife #beayoutiful
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andrielle_14 : No. @abshar_26
mohammadmusictv : Beautiful
andrielle_14 : Thanks @mohammadmusictv
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Repost from @recoveryhappens πŸ˜˜πŸ‘Œβ€οΈ how are you all doing? I had a major fear food today with dinner (mango lassi)... And I didn't purge! Take that ED! πŸ‘Š πŸ’ͺ #fuckED #edrecovery #recovery #hope #holdon #healing #mentalhealth #mentalillness #mentalhealthmatters #itgetsbetter #itscalledrecovery #beaYOUtiful #breakyostigma #suicideprevention
mentalhealthmatters - mentalhealth - recovery - mentalillness - itscalledrecovery - beayoutiful - breakyostigma - suicideprevention - healing - fucked - holdon - edrecovery - hope - itgetsbetter -
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WHOO HOO! We are still on the MOVE! Thank You for Purchasing our #BEaYOUtiful BLING T-Shirt Design my Dearest Tracey @kingdomthick! I appreciate your SUPPORT Sissy! You can "Join the BE YOU Movement too and BREAKTHROUGH to EMBRACE the Authentic * True * Unapologetic YOU!" #BEYOUMovement #SeeingYOUrselfThruTheEyesOfGod #EmbraceTheRealYOU www.deshaunajones.com
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kingdomthick : In the flow now Sissy!!!!! Muuuuuah!!!!!!
kingdomthick : I can't wait @deshaunajones!!!! Blessings to you always!!! Grace be unto you and the Kingdom Movement!!!!!
imhishesmine3 : I'll have to put an order in
deshaunajones : @imhishesmine3 Awesome! Just let me know when you're ready! 😊
deshaunajones : @kingdomthick I'll be mailing yours tomorrow before I leave for FLORIDA! βœˆοΈπŸš†lol
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LOOK at My Cutie Patootie ROCKIN her #BEaYOUtiful BLING Tee! I so appreciate your SUPPORT my sweet! It’s our MISSION to help YOU SEE YOUrself through the Eyes of God! Join our BEaYOUtiful ~ BE YOU Movement today and please don't forget to purchase your BLINGING t-shirt! #BEaYOUtiful #BEYOUMovement @shesmydestinee
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blessedblondie58 : Another beautiful girl awesome shirts
deshaunajones : Thank you @blessedblondie58 ! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜„
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Rise and GRIND! Before tonight's EPIC showdown against the Golden State Warriors, consider stoppin' by either Bud Davis Cadillac on Poplar or WMC-TV station on Union to donate a toy or two for children with Porter-Leath! 7 AM-7 PM, Dec 15- Dec 19! #MerryGrizzmas #SpreadDatCheer #beaYOUtiful #choose901 #porterleath #memphis #tistheseason
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Hello BEaYOUtiful Ladies! Have you purchased your #BEaYOUtiful "BLING" T-Shirt? It's high quality and absolutely eye-catching. This is not just any old T-shirt...It has a BLINGING design with a Powerful MESSAGE! The BEaYOUtiful T-Shirt ~ BE YOU Movement signify's BUILDING SELF-ESTEEM, HEALING HEARTS and EMPOWERING LIVES of women around the Globe. It also symbolizes BREAKING barriers and OVERCOMING obstacles that have held us in captivity and refrained us from seeing ourselves as God SEES us, which has prevented us from being who He CREATED us to BE. BEaYOUty comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. No matter where YOU are at this stage in your life, we want YOU to understand that TRUE BEaYOUty is a reflection of what has taken place inwardly being displayed outwardly. So STOP HIDING behind the pain of your past or any self-defeating thoughts. As you learn to surrender to God, watch the REAL YOU come out of the shadows and into the place GOD has DESTINED YOU to BE! It’s YOUR TIME to SHINE! And by being a part of the BE YOU Movement you are giving YOUrself permission to allow the GREATNESS on the inside of YOU to SHINE through! We invite you to Join the BEaYOUtiful ~ BE YOU Movement and BREAKTHROUGH to EMBRACE the AUTHENTIC ~ TRUE ~ UNAPOLOGETIC YOU! It’s our MISSION to help YOU SEE YOUrself through the Eyes of God! Join our BEaYOUtiful Movement today and please don't forget to purchase your BLINGING t-shirt!
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Eye spy a girl who is exhausted beyond belief but promises to give it her all in everything she does. #dedication #beyourself #believe #beaYOUtiful #followyourheart #chaseyourdreams #betruetoyou
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Still time to grab some last minute Christmas gifts πŸŽπŸŽ„ for those ladies in your life.. (sister..mom..aunt..gf..in law..babysitter..nieces) https://www.youniqueproducts.com/LuvDawnsLashes/party/1093326/view
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luvdawnslashes : #lashaddict #nomorefalsies #GottaHaveIt #lashcrack #christmasgifts #makeupjunkie #lips #picoftheday #igers #instagood #instadaily #empowered #beaYOUtiful #mlm #empowered
borboletabeauty : Like it!
fabfashusa : Nice!
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Thanks #Younique for dinner!πŸ’³ Boom!πŸ’£ #ladyboss Link in bio
motd - makeup - beayoutiful - gottahaveit - igers - younique - instadaily - mlm - happy - success - makeupjunkie - empowered - instagood - smile - ladyboss - picoftheday - naturalmakeup -
luvdawnslashes : #makeup #motd #makeupjunkie #naturalmakeup #beaYOUtiful #igers #instagood #instadaily #gottahaveit #picoftheday #mlm #empowered #success #smile #happy
angel_nicolas : hey i checked out your profile take a look at mine
makeupbyb : πŸ™Œ
my_resultz : I found a better way! After looking through your profile you are just the person I would like to share this with. Email or DM me ASAP! contactmyresultz@gmail.com
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