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Five years ago I made a ballsy move and asked John O'Neil (a name shrouded in Internet mystique) to play cards in the Missouri State University Plaster Student Union. We talked about theatre, Black Swan, and liberalism. We made plans to sit together at the Meet & Greet. We lived together for three years. We consoled each other's heartbreak. We swapped boy drama. We jammed to The Bangles on Monday nights. We (he) recorded our (my) sleep talking offenses. We ate hummus and cried. We ate lemon cake and laughed. We made theatre. We were Bert and Ernie. Our SOAR Facebook page, a deck of cards, and a bit of chutzpah. That's all it took. Happy 24th birthday, John James! Wish I could be there to gesticulate wildly and drink deeply with you. I love you oh so dearly. Until June! #BearGrads #Birthdays #Roommates #Friends #Love
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inbetween_queen : Seriously you two are the most adorable queers I've ever known. So proud to be in the Caucus with you. ❀️
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Who else can stand against an old wall and look this good?
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alliebaughmanphoto : #canonphotography #canonrebel #photography #seniorsession #elementaryteacher #beargrads #rusticphotography #barnphotography
mandisha_hocklander : Al don't make me blush ☺️
garygrayjr : Double Thumbs Up!
assessment_services_inc : Excellent
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My favorite people from Exercise & Movement Science! #beargrads
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Can you tell I was excited for graduation? #beargrads
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mrs.austincouture : Woohoo!!!!
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Well, somehow I managed to get all A's by last semester of undergrad! 140 credit hours later, I'm finishing with a 3.93 GPA! πŸŽ‰ πŸ»πŸŽ“#beargrads
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diggy_british : Thanks for your insparation I will study hard to path your route
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Friday the 13th was a good day for me. I finally graduated from Missouri State University. My cap says it all. I went through a lot of stuff to graduate. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia recently. I went through a lot of other stuff I won't put on social media. I DID IT. I FINALLY DID IT. I can call myself a social worker now. However, they DID pronounce my name wrong at graduation. They called me shay-anne not Cheyenne. Thank you to everyone who supported me through this journey. #beargrads #classof2016 #collegegrad
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maciemargheim15 : Love that you persevered! Congrats girl! @cmcthecherokee
csaucier_92615 : We will forever go through life with everyone pronouncing our name wrong. @cmcthecherokee congrats!!
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#ActionShots #Strolling #BearGrads #DudeHellaUgly #ShotByAlexDon
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#offguard #BearGrads #blackgraduates #missouristatealumni #shotbyalexdon
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πŸ»πŸŽ“βœŒπŸΌοΈ #BearGrads
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MSU #beargrads Beauties!! πŸ˜πŸŽ“πŸ‘πŸΌ
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MORE SENIOR PORTRAITS : DELTA ZETA -EPSILON NU; MISSOURI STATE UNIVERSITY. #ClassyfadeEntertainment #DeltaZeta #MissouriState #MSU #DZ #CF #Photography #Mostate #BearGrads #Fall2012 #2012 #PledgeClass #Turtles #HappyFriday #Congrats #Alumni #Graduates #Spring2016Grad #GreekLife #FSL
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MORE SENIOR PORTRAITS : DELTA ZETA -EPSILON NU; MISSOURI STATE UNIVERSITY. #ClassyfadeEntertainment #DeltaZeta #MissouriState #MSU #DZ #CF #Photography #Mostate #BearGrads #Fall2012 #2012 #PledgeClass #Turtles #HappyFriday #Congrats #Alumni #Graduates #Spring2016Grad #GreekLife #FSL
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MORE SENIOR PORTRAITS : DELTA ZETA -EPSILON NU; MISSOURI STATE UNIVERSITY. #ClassyfadeEntertainment #DeltaZeta #MissouriState #MSU #DZ #CF #Photography #Mostate #BearGrads #Fall2012 #2012 #PledgeClass #Turtles #HappyFriday #Congrats #Alumni #Graduates #Spring2016Grad #GreekLife #FSL
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MORE SENIOR PORTRAITS : DELTA ZETA -EPSILON NU; MISSOURI STATE UNIVERSITY. #ClassyfadeEntertainment #DeltaZeta #MissouriState #MSU #DZ #CF #Photography #Mostate #BearGrads #Fall2012 #2012 #PledgeClass #Turtles #HappyFriday #Congrats #Alumni #Graduates #Spring2016Grad #GreekLife #FSL
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bobbyrod_fit : Wha! I dig it!
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Oh, happy day! Mandisha is one of my dearest friends and she graduated this past weekend! She will be teaching 4th grade in the fall and if I could reenroll in elementary school, I would. She is gentle, and patient, and sweeter than her fav tea which means her kiddos are going to be molded by one of the best humans out there. Congrats, Dish!
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alliebaughmanphoto : #canonphotography #photography #canonrebel #naturallight #beargrads #grad2016 #collegegrad #msu #elementaryteacher #iteachtoo #4thgrade #graduation #seniorsession
mandisha_hocklander : Awe! Thank you, Al! Those words mean more than you know! You're a genius behind that lens πŸ“·
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First day of work: βœ”οΈ #BearGrads #graduatenurse #cardiothoracic #holypaperwork
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karleighe123 : 😍
agadams626 : Congrats! 1 down, just a few more to go! πŸ˜‰
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#BearGrad #AnotherGraduation #missouristate
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iamalexismarieee : You look beautiful!
sierper : Gorgeous girl!
lalalove828 : #BearGrads
badddabing : I'm such a fan of u! Creepy but I care not!
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On Friday I graduated from Missouri State University with a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Political Science and minors in Spanish, Legal Studies, and General Business. πŸŽ“πŸ»β€οΈ #BEARGRADS
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epicsoundsstldjs : So proud of you @ashleycrisafulli see you in like 3 weeks
janet_glaser : Congrats! 😍
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@luuuharmon graduated from MSU this Friday, and we could not be more proud! Beauty and Brains, what more could you ask for? #graduation #beargrass #beargrads #MSU #missouristate #springfieldmo #bs #bears #msu🐻 #cousin #proud #msugrad #msualumni
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bellasimonenyc : Absolutely adorable!
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Graduation and things #ceilingsandthings #BearGrads πŸ“Έ// @alex.gustin
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As I left Springfield for the last time, I couldn't even see the city being left in my dust. There's no looking back now. Duces Springvegas. #movingontobetterthings #collegegrad #beargrads #movingday #kcbound #rearviewmirror
collegegrad - movingday - beargrads - rearviewmirror - kcbound - movingontobetterthings -
jdmproparts - thevanthatcan - keenanscottart -
See ya later, MSU πŸ‘‹
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wagnerchelsear : #graduate #collegegraduate #graduation #missouristategrad #missouristateuniversity #msubears #beargrads #missouristate #acolorstory
scwilder : Congrats!!
missouriphotoco : This is nice
bobbi65682 : Congrats
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Strong has been important to me for about eight years now. The first four years I spent one day every year rehearsing for a meaningful band competition in front of here. The past four years it has been my second home (sometimes I spent more time here than at my real home). From my major and minor being here to PSP meetings in the basement and to being my study spot. I'm bittersweet about leaving it after so many years spent here, but I'm excited for where life leads because of my time here. #BearGrads
beargrads -
kaitlyncook93 - mrgn_mssy_ - caleb_brandt_ - samholzer -
At exactly one year ago I was graduating from college! Such a special moment and a great feeling of accomplishment πŸŽ“πŸ»πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ #foreverabear #followyourpassion #RenataSander #Repost @missouristate with @repostapp. ・・・ Two of the 73 @missouristbears student-athletes receiving their degrees today. #BearGrads
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mario_orzechowski : Parabéns Renata você é um exemplo a ser seguido.πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌestá muito πŸ”
fezaomartins : Acima de qualquer diploma material vc tem um raro e impagável: Caráter... 😊😘
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One last pbar hurrah for all the #BearGrads! πŸ»πŸŽ“
beargrads -
llgodwin13 : 😍😍😍
ellieledwards : Crying again
ellieledwards : πŸ˜”
ellieledwards : ❀️
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Yesterday I witnessed the closest friends I've had since high school graduate and I'm so proud and I love them so much! 😘 @tayjanae @keisha_keishhh #blackgirlmagic #beargrads
beargrads - blackgirlmagic -
queensoso314 : Beauts!
tayjanae : U kno I love you girl lol
keisha_keishhh : Love you too baby girl! And thanks @queensoso314
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Congrats to all the Bears who graduated on yesterday. We give a special CONGRATS to the members of His Legacy (from left to right) @mel_cray @____jamm @locsofhislove @maria We love you all dearly and we are certain that if you remain faithful to the Lord your path will be straight! Be blessed and continue to walk as Christ did and leave a legacy that reflects His! ❀️ #beargrads #msugrads #2016grads #HisLegacyGrads #goBears
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inherownworld_23 : Congratulations Ladies !
ashleigh.deanna - demetria_sg - inherownworld_23 - courtney_anita -
My time at Missouri State University came to an end yesterday, but I am so happy to have had the opportunity to come to this school and make Springfield my home for the past three years. I made some unforgettable memories, some great friends, earned a degree, and most of all, met this handsome man. Happy 25th birthday, Nick! I am so proud of you for graduating and so happy we got to do it together! With that personality and those brains of yours, you are going to go far in life and I can't wait to see what the future holds! #HappyBirthday #BearGrads #Graduation #SpringfieldMo #LoveHim #Boyfriend
happybirthday - beargrads - lovehim - springfieldmo - graduation - boyfriend -
najmazubairdesigns : Hit that #TapFor100Gains ⬅️⬅️⬅️ & look at the red/blue most recent icons 2 get a ton likes on ur profile 😺
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Kansas sunsets! #gowestyoungman #missouristate #beargrads #themountainsarecallingandimustgo
themountainsarecallingandimustgo - gowestyoungman - beargrads - missouristate -
lok93co - annaboda3 - dusty_barrett3 - modernmountainman -
My best friend graduated yesterday! Tay I am so proud of you and I can't wait to do life with you (starting with a visit to Texas). Love you! #beargrads
beargrads -
morganrchurch - kaylee_chappelow - itsjustbeccaaa - annie_rhoades -
It's been great posting for y'all this year, fam. But I'm outtie now. See ya around, T&D Bears. Love to you all. 😘✌🏼️#TandDGrads #BearGrads #MSUTheatreDance #TheatreGrads #BSTheatre #DirectingMinor
theatregrads - msutheatredance - beargrads - directingminor - bstheatre - tanddgrads -
missmegan_16 - 417spots - greekgal100 - ken_of_95 -
Bye Mo State. Hello Los Angeles. #beargrads
beargrads -
rachelnicole33 - vincentlauren26 - kreeves17 - bayleereann22 -
He did it ! First generation college graduate .. The American Dream , if you knew where we came from and what we lived , you would know that this was definitely an "impossible " but he made it ! #beargrads
beargrads -
stephgzlz - yenivett - lazardina24 - racheldeann88 -
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