Who can help me? My hair is getting more and more damaged from all the sweating and being thrown up in a ponytail with all my workouts everyday. I'm forced to shower more and so I try to use shampoo/conditioner every other day. Any suggestions how to protect my hair better? Or what can I do or use to help drying out and damage? don't want to cut it! Help! Shout out to #babyshiloh for his guest appearances in the majority of my photos. Lol. #hairdamage #splitends #dryhair #toomuchsweat #alwaysinaponytail #help #beachbodygirl #workingout #blonde #blondie #longhair
babyshiloh - beachbodygirl - help - alwaysinaponytail - workingout - blondie - toomuchsweat - dryhair - blonde - splitends - longhair - hairdamage -
trevorfuce : Use vinegar
dreamingelegance_109 : Yo!! thats awesome! How does becoming a rep for our clothing line sound?? Check our home page and send us a text for details!
lola6653 : Use coconut oil and then let it sit in a messy bun about a hour then wash it with shampoo and conditioner
trevorfuce - elannebrandao - hein9663 - _fullmasonjar -
Being able to sneak up and watch my son play with his friends on the playground with his request for chik-fil-a lunch and a quick hug in the middle of the day?? PRICELESS I swear the secret to happiness is when you get to make your own rules. My children will always be the reason I work hard and sacrifice. All those events, activities, field trips, and stress of "not being able to afford it" will never be a factor. At 29, I am the #momboss. Being your own CEO, is the most liberating experience to date. This is only the beginning. Join the mission, decide the life you want for your family or yourself. Coaching is my life, teaching other's to do the same is my passion. #beachbodygirl #eatlikeyouloveyourself #goodvibes
eatlikeyouloveyourself - goodvibes - momboss - beachbodygirl -
smrussell2124 : How does it work???
fitfeistynurse : How does what work love?? @smrussell2124
smrussell2124 : The whole system. I can see the weight loss works cause you look amazing! I just wondered how the coaching system and such worked :). Send me an email @fitfeistynurse
fitfeistynurse : @smrussell2124 I'll email you tomorrow love. Hope you and the girls are well 💜
milcz_milordzie - fitmein4life - bellasweetbeats7 - fitandfunnurse -
I'm gonna swing from the chandelier..... I'm gonna live like tomorrow doesn't exist.... And I'm gonna post this like I don't know any of you.... #Cize Livin in the 8s This is the last routine from this program, WOW! I'm so darn proud of how far I've come, some crazy moves that aren't my own and my age. When I first watched them I rolled my ayes and said What? You're not supposed to get it the first time and it's ok if you don't, unfortunately that's my problem, I want to be perfect the first time. I have a passion for dance and my workouts and I enjoy them with all my life, but It does frustrate me when I don't do it right and I make mistakes. (It's cool though) This one is certainty not perfect needs much improvement, and I will continue to perfect this one and all of them. #shareyourcize #cizeitup #ShaunT #shauntfitness @shauntfitness #beachbodygirl #beachbody #homeworkouts #digdeeper #focus #mom #wife #grandma
digdeeper - cizeitup - beachbodygirl - wife - shaunt - focus - shareyourcize - cize - mom - grandma - beachbody - homeworkouts - shauntfitness -
natural_living_with_amber - ashleycashner - goal_digger2015 - fitjoe_88 -
A "Journey" is what I'm on!! Experiencing the moments of the lowest of lows and highest of highs are what keeps me humble and strong! I've never worked so hard towards something in my life! I SHOULD'VE worked harder for certain things in the past, but I don't believe I knew yet what my mind and body was capable of just till this past October 2014. What I'm learning more about now is sacrifice and hard work! Which is such a blessing for me to be able to work towards teaching those principles to my Children! ♡♡ #humbled #mormonfitmom #bethebest #beachbodygirl #55pounds #happysabbath #bedrecovery #foundmyselfanewfamily #fitfamily #neverhadawaisttowearabelt
humbled - beachbodygirl - neverhadawaisttowearabelt - happysabbath - bedrecovery - fitfamily - mormonfitmom - 55pounds - foundmyselfanewfamily - bethebest -
win_the_diet_war - monamother - treeleaf64_ww - teamray_24 -
Did the last routine in Cize for the first time today, this is gonna be my favorite one once I get it down, can't wait to learn it. Did my challenges, 50 squats, 50 lunges and 50 burpees, 42 push-ups. And some wall workout, love doing this. #homeworkouts #wallworkout #beachbody #beachbodygirl #healthy #sore #beachbody #arms #awesome #attitude #feeelgood #fitness #fit #focus ##sweet #SweatItOut #squats #lunges #burpees #challenge #getitdone #gettingfit
burpees - beachbodygirl - squats - sweet - awesome - focus - gettingfit - sore - attitude - getitdone - sweatitout - beachbody - feeelgood - fit - healthy - challenge - arms - wallworkout - fitness - homeworkouts - lunges -
danielroachrn : Sexy mama
kirstiekirstiekirstie : ☺
kirstiekirstiekirstie - carolineesansonee - drastikpixie - charlotteraeconejo -
First day of chemo and first day towards a different fight!! I got this 😉 may not be lifting weights and working out like I want but in time I will be flexing again! Packed my lunch box for this 7 hours of fun. Keeping up with calories and macros. #staystong #jessiesgirls #lifting #cancersucks #muscles #lifting #chemo #dayone #dedication #fitmom #fitrdh #macros #protein #beatcancer #shakeology #beachbodygirl #coaching
muscles - beachbodygirl - shakeology - fitrdh - fitmom - staystong - beatcancer - dedication - protein - lifting - cancersucks - jessiesgirls - dayone - macros - coaching - chemo -
healthystrongmomma : Thinking of you today!! 😘
connect4cancer : Best Wishes to you. Stay Strong!
mrs_duder : You can do this! Fight hard and string and remember you have us for support
rachelmoore9508 : Prayers for you! You have such a great attitude!
mandi2518 : Prayers being sent your way today! You've got this!!
kikigossage : You're stronger than you can imagine more prayers and love than you ever thought possible we're there for you thru good and bad we will see you through this
jamiehobrock : You got this girl! 😘
danafricke : #cancersucks #kissasskristen #inspiration2all #prayers
mandi2518 - abbmil5086 - emma_milby - 3weektees -
Cize AND.... My regular workout, ha I felt like doing P90X3 today, needed some weights, so I did Incinerator, awesome workout, I also did, 50 squats 50 lunges 50 burpees 40 push-ups And did Zumba for one hour at the gym, this lady made me work today, it was an awesome session. #Cize #p90x3 #zumba #sweat #awesome #workout #homeworkouts #sore #energy #fun #feeelgood #hard #healthy #beachbodygirl #beachbody #tonyhorton
beachbodygirl - workout - hard - tonyhorton - feeelgood - cize - sore - beachbody - zumba - healthy - p90x3 - energy - sweat - fun - homeworkouts - awesome -
transformingwoman : Looks Good
marilyn_congar : Thank you @transformingwoman
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Pretty sure the mailman now thinks I'm a lunatic after running up to him arms wide open practically jumping on him! I am so excited to try vegan chocolate shakeology I have heard such wonderful things! #shakeology #fitmom #beachbodygirl #fullgearnow #cantwaittotry
shakeology - fitmom - cantwaittotry - beachbodygirl - fullgearnow -
renee_fitmodmom : This is great
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Hi my name is Tina- aka coachtinav. I am a Beachbody Coach through and through 7 yrs vested and damn proud of it 👊🏻 ✔️. Coaching starts with our personal commitment to our fitness and health, Zach said, "Mom your eyes really do match your shirt, you must've been born to coach!" And you know how I love my Beachbody blue. 💙 Oh gotta love that kid! Many distractions today, but very productive. My workout was late, but non negotiable because that's how I do. It's on my calendar daily. Everything else comes next.👊🏻💞 Must get back to my early morning routine as I'm getting used to doing housework and business before my workout and I truly love it the other way around. Catching up on some personal development taking advantage of the beautiful day out here with the kids. Less then 2 weeks and we will be jet propelled back to the school schedule. 😱👾😁 #myreal #mydaily #workouttime #fitmom #fitat47 #fitness #doyou #doyourbest #bethebestyoucanbe #belief #blessed #beachbodygirl #rockitdaily #noquestion #longtermcoach #lovemyjob #livewithfire #lineleader #livewithpassion #livewithpurpose #livingthedream #liveintentionally
belief - beachbodygirl - rockitdaily - doyou - blessed - fitmom - mydaily - bethebestyoucanbe - livewithpassion - fitat47 - doyourbest - lineleader - noquestion - longtermcoach - myreal - livingthedream - liveintentionally - lovemyjob - fitness - workouttime - livewithfire - livewithpurpose -
wubinski : i love everything about this!
tinavoz25 : Thx @wubinski 👊🏻👍🏻 I appreciate that!!!
tinavoz25 : It's about the long haul- no overnight success. It's the real work daily that people don't see or aren't willing to do in order to be successful and see results
vivi_bks : Cool!!! 😄
running_life_inspiration : Inspirational
studioelb : Brilliant! Like it!
jenmirabile : Love This! :)
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Is it a bad thing to be happy and excited about your progress????????? I love what exercise does to your body along with changing your eating habits. I've seen my body change in so many different ways. I use to keep my page private because I've been afraid of what people may say or think of me 😔 afraid of all those who may judge my journey as something I shouldn't be doing or sharing it with the world. I now share my journey hoping to inspire others to start there #Journey! I've learned I feel better and can do more when I #TRY to take care of my #body and also working out is my #happyhour!!! My #metime!! It's a part of my life. I try not to take it for #granted and trust me I thank God I'm able to move!! #bbg #beachbodygirl #gymselfie #Liss #3miles #sumosquats #progress #fitnesschangemylife #jesus #thankful #getfit #iwilldothis #joinme
body - 3miles - joinme - beachbodygirl - fitnesschangemylife - jesus - thankful - journey - bbg - granted - liss - iwilldothis - sumosquats - try - gymselfie - metime - getfit - progress - happyhour -
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What an insane workout day!! 1.5 hours of cize, 1 hour of Zumba at the gym....that one really messed me up I thought I was gonna pass out, even my ears were hurting. 38 push ups 50 lunges 50 squats 50 burpees 60 lawnmower 30 heavy pants 30 skull crushes 50 tricep kickback 30 deadlift rows 100 Russian twists Anyway feeling awesome, this type of workout days don't happen everyday, gotta take advantage when they do. #cize #Zumba #sweat #SweatItOut #feeelgood #getitdone #dontgiveup #hard #happygirl #beachbody #beachbodygirl
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Day 1 of my #oneperfectweek and #beachbodygirl workout. I didn't get a full 8 hours of sleep, but I've come to terms with that not being realistic with work. I'm trying for 7/night but last night was only 6. My 5:45 breakfast was an hard boiled egg, half of a peach, and tablespoon of almond butter. Morning snack before my full day surgery case is 1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt, half of a peach, cinnamon and tbsp of hemp hearts. Diet wise I'm trying to follow a spin on the #17daydiet but will have more healthy fats (almond butter, avocados, hemp hearts etc) because I personally feel better when j eat them, and will be working out during the first cycle of 17 days. I'm really focused mainly to #eatclean this week vs eliminate or restrict food groups. I've been trying to go carb free and it's just not worked out leaving me feeling sluggish, tired and like a failure. Here's to a positive start of the week! Much love to everyone today ❤️ #fitspo #cleaneats #mondaymotivation #fitness #bbg #bbg1 #healthy #accountability
oneperfectweek - beachbodygirl - bbg - accountability - healthy - bbg1 - 17daydiet - fitness - mondaymotivation - cleaneats - eatclean - fitspo -
ethan_ban : 💪🏼
alex_sanelli - maddeburg - leatitiatheart - jose.galera17_fit -
Had 4 lymph nodes removed before I start chemo Friday! No lifting for a week so pretending this is a vacation 😖. I will be back soon. I'm sure not full force but enough to keep routine. #breastcancer #beatcancer #lovelifting #beachbodygirl #shakeology #shorthairdontcare #fitrdh #fitmom #jessiesgirls #muscles #motivation #dedication
motivation - muscles - shorthairdontcare - beachbodygirl - shakeology - jessiesgirls - breastcancer - fitmom - lovelifting - beatcancer - fitrdh - dedication -
kerricamille : Get it girl!!!! 💪🏽
jflo0245 : Awesome!
georgia_gillie_fit : You are strong and amazing and positivity will take you far I'm sure. #inspiration 💖
jesshilgenberg : Big hugs to you! 💖💖💖
cj80edwards : Did you find a lump in your breast?! You are so young and healthy! I'll be praying for health and healing! You got this! And I want your six pack ;-)!
tkkinstle : @cj80edwards yes I found a limp 6 months ago and he it checked this summer. After many tests a month later I'm starting 18 wks chemo with invasive ductal carcinoma stage 2 aggressive. No lymph involved!!! Double mastectomy I 5 months followed by radiation and chemo! I got this but putting a hiccup in everyday life! I have heard the same thing about my age from every doctor😞. Thanks to everyone with the encouraging words and prayers. God Bless
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Omg I so want this shirt!!! 💁🏼💁🏼 #Standards #HowHighAreYours #Beachbody #fitapperal #TankTop #GymLife #GetOnMyLevel #YouCanCallMeCoach #CaliforniaGrown #beachbodyGirl #DoYouEvenLiftBro
fitapperal - gymlife - youcancallmecoach - beachbodygirl - tanktop - standards - howhighareyours - beachbody - californiagrown - getonmylevel - doyouevenliftbro -
getfitwithniki : Lol
cheryllynn0247 : So nice!
abel_lifts : 😊👌
jrichest1 : Follow for follow?
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Such a busy day today!! Mom & I went to Ikea to pick out a new desk and some cute things for my room. We ended up spending wayyy too much, but I'm super excited about moving in now [even though my room is extremely small]. Anyway, we stopped at the mall on the way home and I got a few new clothing items, including this awesome @victoriassecretsport sports bra and the black + pink leggings. So comfy & cute! Of course I wore the bra for my workout tonight & it's perfect. Supportive + comfortable = perfect for BBG workouts [tonight was arm + ab day btw & damn my arms are dead]. P.s. No, I don't have perfectly toned abs, but I am soooo much more confident with how I look (even today when I was super bloated & right after eating Chinese food 🙊). Confidence is key ladies!!
beachbodygirl - vsx - workout - kaylaitsines - bbgprogress - thekaylamovement - bbgcommunity - deathbykayla - vssport - healthylife - fit - bbg - bbgstrong - sweatwithkayla - bbggirls - bbg1 - beachbodyguide - kaylasarmy -
lex_bbg_inchaarg : #bbg #bbg1 #bbggirls #beachbodyguide #beachbodygirl #bbgcommunity #kaylaitsines #kaylasarmy #thekaylamovement #sweatwithkayla #deathbykayla #fit #healthylife #workout #bbgprogress #bbgstrong #VSX #VSSPORT
bbg_power90 : 🔥🔥🔥🔥 looking smokin!
lex_bbg_inchaarg : @bbg_power90 thanks girl!
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Day4 of #dogdaysofsummer: the upward facing dog. A yoga challenge for a good cause. I am no yogi at all but I do this 'cause I am a dog lover😉🐶. Hosts: @beachyogagirl @kinoyoga charity: @pethavenrescue #savedogs #charity #beachbodygirl #kinoyoga #pethaven #popster #blogilates
pethaven - popster - beachbodygirl - kinoyoga - blogilates - dogdaysofsummer - savedogs - charity -
yaiway2inspire : Looking beautiful my Jax!
thenutritiousprincess : 👏💪💕
cinnamonandberries - l.i.o.n.e.t - hanapomposova - artist_michaeljcitak -
Slow but steady wins the race, right? Here is my progress since integrating BBG into my life. The left picture is from April 2015. I was doing cardio almost everyday, trying to lift weights [failing because I had no idea what to do], & doing my best to eat right on a college student budget. I was unhappy & uncomfortable in my own body. I knew that I needed a workout plan that I could stick to & enjoy, but I just couldn’t figure out what was right for me. The middle picture was taken in June 2015. I was a few weeks into BBG & LOVING IT. I had already slimmed down a bit (most noticeable in my legs, which unfortunately you can’t see here). But I was also gaining muscle. I was already much happier with my body & BBG fit perfectly into my life - it was exactly what I was looking for. The last picture is from about a week & a half ago in August 2015. My transformation isn’t a night/day difference, but it has been life-altering for me. I am so much more confident with my body. I love that I can see muscles & I notice more positive features now rather than constantly focusing on the negatives & imperfections. Yes, I have a long way to go, but that’s okay! I enjoy working out. I love the challenge & making progress. My biggest weakness is my eating habits. One week I will eat super clean & not even think about crappy foods, & the next week that’s all I want so I indulge. But that’s okay with me. I’m finding balance & I’m happy. I’m young & in college, I don’t want to cut myself off from having fun & indulging sometimes. So there you have it… my BBG progress so far. Thank you @kayla_itsines for changing my life & to all the BBG girls who are super supportive and motivating! I love following all your journeys & I hope you enjoy mine too :)
beachbodygirl - fit - bbg - workout - kaylaitsines - sweatwithkayla - bbg1 - healthylife - progress - thekaylamovement - bbggirls - bbgcommunity - deathbykayla - beachbodyguide - kaylasarmy -
lex_bbg_inchaarg : #bbg #bbg1 #bbggirls #beachbodyguide #beachbodygirl #bbgcommunity #kaylaitsines #kaylasarmy #thekaylamovement #sweatwithkayla #deathbykayla #fit #healthylife #workout #progress
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Now don't you go thinking that because I'm doing Cize in not doing my regular workouts. I did Cize, Combat, push ups wall squat and butt challenge! #combat #sweat #beachbodygirl #beachbody #attitude #daybyday #gettingfit #gettingfit
attitude - sweat - beachbodygirl - combat - beachbody - daybyday - gettingfit -
wit_couple - pr_azian - worldofdani - fitjoe_88 -
#Cize Full Out! Needs much work but I will get it soon. Absolutely loving this program dancing and sweating buckets!!! #sore #sweet #SweatItOut #homeworkouts #digdeeper #focus #nutrition #healthy #gettingfit #getitdone #beachbodygirl #beachbody #shauntfitness @shauntfitness
nutrition - digdeeper - beachbodygirl - healthy - sweet - focus - cize - sore - getitdone - sweatitout - beachbody - homeworkouts - gettingfit - shauntfitness -
danielroachrn : Love those hips
pr_azian : Ok, it's official, I don't like you... LOL you make it look easy n fun!
marilyn_congar : @pr_azian don't know the struggle I went through before that one came out, AND I messed up on the one after this one... It's fun but not easy.
pr_azian : Post one of those, it'll make me feel better.. LOL
marilyn_congar : @pr_azian I will in the group
pr_azian : O.K. :-)
marilyn_congar : @danielroachrn it's my Hispanic heritage.
aestheticelixir - inshannonity - ninadilorenzo - tahkolefitness -
Every time I am a leader ,I focus on helping the people in my group grow , as a person , as an athlete , as a leader. YOU ARE THE LEADER , THE HEAD OF YOUR FAMILY, MAYBE YOU ARE A LEADER AT WORK OR CHURCH. Focus on helping them grow and go to the next level and find their highest potential. #leadbyexample #teamfitwarrior #faithfamilyfitness #serve #inspireothers #coachgiset #Houston #beachbodygirl #everyonematters
leadbyexample - houston - faithfamilyfitness - beachbodygirl - serve - teamfitwarrior - everyonematters - inspireothers - coachgiset -
bronsonbarber : 👌 👌 👌
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I committed in both @kinoyoga and @beachyogagirl post a few days ago and I'm in! It starts today and look how short it is, but most importantly what a great cause! Who's in? Hosts: @beachyogagirl & @kinoyoga Charity: @pethavenrescue Inspired by all the poses named after dogs, this challenge raises money for an awesome charity that rescues AND rehabilitates dogs! This challenge is meant to unite animal lovers and keep you accountable to your practice, inspire you, share tips and tricks and connect you with the amazing community on @instagram. You can help a good cause simply by posting. 10,000 posts = $500 donated 40,000 posts = $1,000 donated 70,000 posts = $1,500 donated HOW TO ENTER: 1. Repost this challenge and tag a friend who you want to do it with you. 2. Starting August 15, share a photo of the challenge pose for that day after your practice. 3. Follow & tag @beachyogagirl @kinoyoga @pethavenrescue and #dogdaysofsummer in your daily posts! 4. Have fun! Join the yoga community here on Instagram by commenting and liking other people's photos who are participating in the challenge. *Make sure your account is public so all can see! 5. Be inspired! Are you ready to go back to raise money for this awesome cause? 🐩Comment below if you will join this challenge!!! #savedogs #cute #charity #beachbodygirl #kinoyoga #me #inspire #instagood #yaiway2inspire #positivity #yogagram #yogafam #beyourself #love #poppilates #popsters #help#tagsforlikes #yaiway2inspire #realfollowers
cute - love - inspire - beachbodygirl - beyourself - yogagram - savedogs - realfollowers - yaiway2inspire - charity - me - kinoyoga - help - positivity - dogdaysofsummer - instagood - tagsforlikes - poppilates - yogafam - popsters -
poppliatedhannah : I am! Glad you joined!!!
yaiway2inspire : @poppliatedhannah yaaay! Love these types of challenges!
bionbion_melon : 👊👊👊💕💕
thenutritiousprincess : Looks so fun!!! Nice cause 💕
fitnessover50 : You know I'm in. I got more rescued dogs to help me finish the challenge. Hahaha : Awesome profile
erizo24h - popster_i_luvleggingsandyoga - popster_laurajune - charlene.stander -
This routine is called "You Got This" from #Cize and you know what? "I Got This" 😂 no I don't. But what I can assure you is that I'm having lots of fun while I get it and I will too. I love Shaun T, he's amazing, he puts so much energy in everything he does he transmits that energy on to you, and you're tired and sweaty and he tells you he knows you're tired but to give him everything you got and it works like magic, you just do, you give it (or give him) everything you got. It's hard to explain what I feel...but I do give him everything I got...and "I Got This"!!!! 100% or nothing at all! Feel like no one is watching you! ✅👀 #shauntfitness @shauntfitness #dance #fun #fitness #fitnesslover #beachbody #beachbodygirl #homeworkouts #sweat #SweatItOut #sweet #me
me - beachbodygirl - dance - sweet - sweatitout - fitnesslover - cize - beachbody - sweat - fitness - fun - homeworkouts - shauntfitness -
mayasfitness : Like it!
marilyn_congar : @mayasfitness thanks!
crystal.bruce - j_88onts - - hbfit -
YUP!! I'm very PROUD to be a Beachbody girl👍👏😃. #BeachbodyGirl #Pink #lovefitness #FitnessIsFun #FitnessJourney #Happy #OneDayAtATime #ProgressNotPerfection #Smile
pink - beachbodygirl - fitnessjourney - onedayatatime - fitnessisfun - smile - lovefitness - progressnotperfection - happy -
jennymarie536 - peaweeprincess - tolumontana_fitness - motivationalcoachingbymichele -
Because it's flex Friday and I'm still a #jessiesgirl. Diagnosed with breast cancer last month so I know my workouts will slow down but my strength and attitude about lifting will continue! I will continue the muscle building program until my doctors say it's time to stop💪😀. Show off your hard work and flex because it's Friday😉. #dedication #motivation #shakeology #jessiesgirls #breastcancer #colitis #glutenfree #muscles #goals #lifting #flexfriday #toddlermom #fitrdh #gain #lovelifting #macros #beachbodygirl
motivation - muscles - beachbodygirl - shakeology - toddlermom - breastcancer - lovelifting - goals - flexfriday - jessiesgirl - dedication - colitis - glutenfree - jessiesgirls - macros - lifting - fitrdh - gain -
csseward : You are a true inspiration! I have no doubt you got this. Prayers sent your way.
radin_rana_fitness : impressive
fitpossiblecoach : GREAT IG Feed! 😃
breastcancerchamp : You are a champion and inspiration!!!!!!
coachrondon : Nice!
kim_fitness_traveler - ulcerativecolitissupport - livelifenowproject - olivia_healthyhappylife -
The Grind Includes Friday ...... Tag a friend to inspire! 👊🏽🙌🏼💪🏽
trainhard - fitspo - fitcook - workout - chickswholift - cize - gymjunkie - bodybeast - train - fitfamily - getitdone - beachbody - girlswholift - girlswithmuscle - riseandgrind - gymtime - training - traindirty - teamnoexcuses - fiercelyfitchicks - shaunt - fitgirls - fitfanatic - healthy - chickswithmuscle - weights - eatcleantraindirty - beachbodygirl - weightlifting -
fiercelyfitchick : #workout #riseandgrind #fiercelyfitchicks #chickswholift #getitdone #teamnoexcuses #Beachbody #BodyBeast #Cize #beachbodygirl #gymjunkie #train #fitfamily #fitgirls #fitspo #trainhard #gymtime #training #traindirty #fitcook #girlswholift #shaunt #fitfanatic #healthy #chickswithmuscle #weights #eatcleantraindirty #weightlifting #girlswithmuscle
beauty_brilliance_britt : @1ofakindbeauty
fitnessonthefly : 🌟 🌟 🌟
stacktive : 👍✨
beauty_brilliance_britt - tortorfitness - kevinrdoyle - olivia_healthyhappylife -
Relaxing a bit in the sun on our new hammock before I go workout. WK 2 Arms+Abs tonight 😁 I really dislike arm day, but I know it'll only make me stronger! I'm proud to say I can now do 10 real push-ups in a row without stopping!! [to some of you this is nbd, but to me this is awesome! I've always struggled with upper body strength]. Since restarting BBG 1.0 I've noticed that I'm getting through the workouts a lot faster and easier. I've obviously gotten stronger this summer and I have @kayla_itsines to thank for that! I can't wait to see how much more progress I will make in the next 22 weeks [1.0 + 2.0]. Happy 🐫 day BBG babes 😘
beachbodygirl - fit - bbg - workout - kaylaitsines - sweatwithkayla - bbggirls - healthylife - thekaylamovement - bbg1 - bbgcommunity - deathbykayla - beachbodyguide - kaylasarmy -
lex_bbg_inchaarg : #bbg #bbg1 #bbggirls #beachbodyguide #beachbodygirl #bbgcommunity #kaylaitsines #kaylasarmy #thekaylamovement #sweatwithkayla #deathbykayla #fit #healthylife #workout
balancing_in_sneakers : 😍
1onlylulu : awesome @TALNTS
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PLEASE READ: 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 and answer! Thank you! DAY 4 of #MyMantra 7 day challenge! With Host: @beachyogagirl and Sponsor: @mantraband Is Be PRESENT This for me translates to being in the moment and as I always say #enjoyeachmoment because at the present time that's all we have. When you're enjoying family and friends let them know you care by being actively there...this means LISTEN to what they're saying. I'm sure most is us are guilty of being stretched to our electronic devices and that at times takes away from wonderful experiences. Something as simple as putting that device away or turning it off shows someone that you really care about the time you're spending with them and let's them know you're PRESENT! Have you been guilty of being engage in your phone during a gathering? I would love to hear about it and promise that the next time it will be different! Believe me it's worth it! Wearing: @theelephantpants comfy shorts. Info in my bio #PRESENT #LOVE #mywaytoinspire #me #mantra ##yogachallenge #blogilatesdesigns #contest #love #instagood #like #follow #cute #popster #followme #tagsforlikes #artinmotion #altaregoapparel #blogilates #popsociety #poppilates #mantraband #beachbodygirl #yaiway2inspire #TEP
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fitnessover50 : Sorry but in my home when we're all together no iPhone or iPad are allowed. Only for calls 😂😁😁
naughtyyogagirl : 😍😍
angie__la : Well when I am out of the house, usually no because I don't have data. If there was good free WiFi then yes. Doesn't happen often though. So no I wouldn't say I'm too guilty. Perhaps when I'm in the house I'm a little guilty (because I am socializing with my friends back at home. ). However, my dad and sister are always wasting HOURS on their phones making them behind on schedule . it's so annoying.
thenutritiousprincess : Amen!!! Completely agree, wise words Y 🙆
theuniversebeyond : Yes !! Agreed. .
bionbion_melon : It happens. That's why sometimes I take a break😊😊😊
pop_lena13 : Great words 😍
yaiway2inspire : @popster_lula @fitnessover50 😉 @angie__la @bionbion_melon @thenutritiousprincess @luzardiente @pop_lena13 thank you all for commenting! It shows that you were present by reading my post! 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🍫
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Tag a friend to inspire: I will work out I will eat clean I will do this No one will doubt me! 🙌🏼💪🏽💕
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tortorfitness : I love this
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Stepping up my game people! I haven't been slacking but I think I've been a bit soft on myself. My workout today consisted of #combat Ultimate Warrior's Workout, #CIZE Hold Your Own, #CIZE 8 Count Abs, 21 push-ups 70 sec Wall Squats, 40 Squats, 25 lunges, 30 burpees, 2 minute plank with rows with 15 pound weights and 50 triceps kickbacks. I'm sweaty, I'm stinky, I'm sore, I'm shaky in other words I feel awesome! 😀 By the way those 8 count abs are no joke, my abs hurt and combat works your entire body, they don't kid around either wow! #go #hard #sweat #nopainnogain #noexcuses #feeelgood #getitdone #gettingfit #awesome #attitude #beachbody #beachbodygirl
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drew_abernethy29 : I'm a beach body trainer please check me out and follow
marilyn_congar : @drew_abernethy29 I will check it out, I'm also a Beachbody coach.
drew_abernethy29 : @marilyn_congar thank you! I've lost over 100 pounds!
marilyn_congar : @drew_abernethy29 wow! That's awesome ! Congratulations. I don't have a great story, I just want to be fit. I'm 45 and a grandma of 5.
drew_abernethy29 : Well I'd love to help in any way I can I know a ton about the programs and dieting
marilyn_congar : Great thank you, I really appreciate it. I've done HHA, TJ, BBL TF, Piyo, T25, Insanity, P90X, P90X3, IMax30, 21DFX, on Monday I start Combat and CIZE with the portion control containers @drew_abernethy29
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2 years after a c-section and hernia surgery last year, I proved my doctors wrong that abs would be seen with hard work and nutrition. Don't let anyone burst your bubble. Work like crazy to reach your goals💪😀. #fitmom #fitrdh #beachbodygirl #abripper #herniarepair #muscles #abday #flexfriday #jessiesgirls #dedication #motivation #glutenfree #colitis #breastcancer #goals
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zenobipowell : Awesome job. @tkkinstle 💪💪
paleobrokers : 👋
nalieagustin : 💖
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That moment you realize your favorite pair of yogas are a little too big now. #thestrugglecontinues #fitgirl #fitandfree #timetoshop #notsorry #beachbodygirl
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mrskaylaclark : That bod though >>>>>> 🙌 #getirgirl #youlookhotttttt @fitndfree8706
burduhh : Shit son. I am so jealous. Your work ethic is legit as eff. #ooohhkillem #flatstomach #canibelikeyou @fitndfree8706 oh BTW love that 87 06 #represent :)
fitndfree8706 : @mrskaylaclark thanks boo!
fitndfree8706 : @burduhh thanks B! You can be like me! I can help! :)
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Happy Pump Day Butterflies & Samurai's...LEGGgoooOoo! 💪🏽
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fiercelyfitchick : #21DayFixExtreme #bam #fitfam #beachbodygirl #gymjunkie #train #fitfamily #fitgirls #eatxlean #fitspo #trainhard #gymtime #training #traindirty #shred #swole #girlswholift #fitfanatic #healthy #chickswithmuscle #weights #eatcleantraindirty #weightlifting #girlswithmuscle #dvdworkouts #fiercelyfitchick
authenticshoes805 : 👌
bina_there : Yassssssss
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The last thing I wanted to do tonight was work out. I tried so many times to find an excuse not to. In the end, I pushed play anyways! #willpower #pushplay #fitmom #beachbodygirl #Istruggled #Imadeit
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brandon.bell96 : Same!
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