We didn't get a pic yesterday but here's one from the last comp at #BCBD! @sarah_feaver #crossfit #crossfitgirls #yyc #calgary
calgary - crossfitgirls - crossfit - yyc - bcbd -
jangraza - craiggilman - coach_lukacsy - londaitz64 -
#BCBD Aguardiente Edition 🍼🌹
bcbd -
loalo01 : Veee estas igualito a tu primo el chinito πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ anda dormi q maΕ„ana trabajassss no le des mal ejemplo a tus alumnos πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š
susangissell : Lmaooo
kennhimself : Tssst
alexa3210 : Lmaoo I just saw this video!
pbernardini2 - gabegca - veronik8 - andersonguevaragarcia -
We've got seeds!!! Check out Animal cookies in transformation from seed to flower, do you have what it takes to grow the best buds? Come pick your pick if you have those Dr. Green Thumb skills #greenthumb #harvest #farmers #dna #genetics #letitgrow #legalizeit #deeznugs #growers #seeds #bcbd #medicalcannabis #thehoneyspot #animalcookies
letitgrow - genetics - thehoneyspot - bcbd - greenthumb - farmers - growers - seeds - deeznugs - animalcookies - dna - harvest - legalizeit - medicalcannabis -
joedeezy_ : @mr_johnson_cuhh @timynator_
ten_speed_greens : check out the #10sgfarmertans calendar giveaway and presale - babes and veggies! 😍
fitness_grams : Unreal!! Please follow @fitness_grams
evrenunlocked : love indy wrestling? Follow me...
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#tbt to the week before the bridge city beatdown #bcbd practicing for the snatch + OHS kept missing 175lb. Happy I hit this on game day not once but twice #crossfit #snatch #squats #olylifting
crossfit - bcbd - olylifting - squats - tbt - snatch -
cplettell13 : Nicely done man!
fitpao - survivalistcasting - justinobara - a_silk_trainer -
Shout out to @bcbuddepot for their award winning genetics!! You can find a good selection of bcbd seeds here at The HoneySpot, if you have that green thumb what are you waiting for!? #bcbd #genetics #seeds #farmers #harvest #greenthumb #strains #cannabiscup #bcbuddepot #bcbd #honeyspot420 #honeyspotint #ultimatepurple #shiatsukush #animalcookies #sweetgod #propd #preico
preico - bcbuddepot - greenthumb - ultimatepurple - harvest - honeyspot420 - sweetgod - shiatsukush - propd - genetics - farmers - bcbd - strains - seeds - honeyspotint - animalcookies - cannabiscup -
nathanvnelson : email me
bachacomusic : Nice!
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“The next time you feel slightly uncomfortable with the pressure in your life, remember no pressure, no diamonds. Pressure is a part of success πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ I am now retired for few years and hope you all can make your dreams come true TCDR© #prop215 #Cannabis #Ganja #mmj #Love #CaliKings #PacificCoast #BCBD #707 #604 #Family #Grow #HighTimes βŒβ­•οΈ
604 - 707 - love - calikings - family - bcbd - prop215 - hightimes - ganja - cannabis - pacificcoast - mmj - grow -
adairtrainer : Nicccccce
_murrayjuana : Bless
liftedslabs - camerond223 - kimchaos1313 - perma604stoned -
I love having this girl as a training partner/friend and it was great to have her on my team for #bcbd.
bcbd -
megancmaes : @bijoutreasures
bijoutreasures : Same to you! It was really fun, you are an amazing athlete and great friend...
bijoutreasures : To many more wods together! @megancmaes
bijoutreasures - maloriegmaes - crossfittnp - stefespo10 -
Hittin that #tripleextension at #BCBD #crossfit #competition #girlswholift Photo credit Barry Usselman
tripleextension - girlswholift - crossfit - competition - bcbd -
fearlessfay - kevin.t.bergen - rhiannafm - kayfla3 -
BCBD New Strain Alert!! The Night Nurse is here!! Prepare to be heavily sedated!! #nightnurse #bcbuddepot #bestmeds #beautiful #medical #medicated #dank #hybrid #nomoreinsomnia #bcbd #indica #dank
beautiful - bcbuddepot - medicated - nomoreinsomnia - indica - bcbd - medical - hybrid - dank - nightnurse - bestmeds -
bcbuddepot : @bobbydigital81 @therealmorganlorenzo
bcbuddepot : We're giving away 5 free packs. Hit the BCBD Forums at and volunteer to do a grow journal.
the_secret_gardener : Ooh ooh pick me pick me pick meeeeeeeereeeeeee. I registered and I think I replied to the post. :)
bcbuddepot : @the_secret_gardener you've got the first pack going out! Congrats!!
the_secret_gardener : @bcbuddepot thank you so much. I just did my happy dance. I'm honored.
green4sale : Wow like it!
realdarthhaze420 : @glockgirl19 sounds like a strain right up your ally
danky_mcdankerson : Thanks @bcbuddepot this strain sounds and looks amazing could really help with my insomnia and anxiety too!!!
thehoneyspot420 - _flowergang - paulo_rivas_jara - lilbuddhaseeds -
Hitting 235# on the Snatch + OHS ladder for a 6th place finish in the first event at #BCBD in Saskatoon last weekend. More photos to come. #crossfit #oly #weightlifting #snatch
oly - snatch - weightlifting - crossfit - bcbd -
oboydo : I love that you wear fun tights
quinn_taylor : Haha thanks @oboydo
lesliehuhn - 123rolly - solangemund - olifting -
99 problems, but the gym ain't one. #Mondays #BCBD #BlackRoses
blackroses - mondays - bcbd -
realtor_pulli86 - corii2090 - invinciblethroughgod - p_etr92 -
Such a memorable weekend! Hard work and so much fun! @lecina #bcbd #crossfit #synergystrong
synergystrong - crossfit - bcbd -
krisg81 - kenziehantelman - hammyjr33 - jdrk04 -
Them beans tho #animalcookies #shiatsukush #ultimatepurple let's see how they roll #bcbd
animalcookies - ultimatepurple - shiatsukush - growingmyowntruth - bcbd -
bcbuddepot : β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†
freshcake420 : @bcbuddepot heard a lot of talk that the animal cookies not made with the real GSC had to find out for myself #growingmyowntruth
bcbuddepot : Forum cut x fire og bx3 - you'll be happy :)
bcbuddepot - joepapi83 - mrsuccar - lbraiderette -
So excited we got to meet #StacieTovar right after the c&j ladder (I didn't even take off my belt haha) She is such an inspiration and role model!! @stacietovar #BCBD #shecouldntbenicer #thosequadsthough #awesomeday
stacietovar - thosequadsthough - shecouldntbenicer - bcbd - awesomeday - gascitycrossfit -
christalfreitag : #gascitycrossfit
krisplaksey : I'm jealous!!!! So cool!! @christalfreitag
joeyboylan80 : She is amazing and was so nice!! Such a role model indeed 😊
brittenydick : Haha yeah @christalfreitag nice belt! :) she was a very nice person!
joeyboylan80 - jaypetti - johnboylan22 - shanacomstock -
Couldn't ask for a better #box, #coaches & #teammates!!! Such an great weekend with amazing people! #BCBD #crossfit #sofun #kipitrealgood #strongmamas
box - sofun - crossfit - bcbd - gascitycrossfit - kipitrealgood - coaches - strongmamas - teammates -
christalfreitag : #gascitycrossfit
joeyboylan80 : Awesome job, huge congrats!!
brittenydick : Love this photo!
shanacomstock - jaypetti - brandi1982 - steinerkristen -
First event of the day! Congo line of: 400m run 20 #dumbbellsnatches 40 overhead #lunges 20 #burpees 40 #kbs 20 #pushpresses Took 7 seconds off of our time and then the big smiles when we heard them announce "and in lane 11, kip it real good" takes the top time in this event! #BCBD #cantwaittodoitagain #teammates #stillhaterunning
burpees - bcbd - lunges - gascitycrossfit - cantwaittodoitagain - pushpresses - dumbbellsnatches - kbs - stillhaterunning - teammates -
christalfreitag : #gascitycrossfit
joeyboylan80 : You guys killed that event!! πŸ‘
brittenydick : Haha what we are 1st? That's what they just said! Wow holy crap! This was the first workout of my life that at the end I looked at @christalfreitag and said I don't remember anything that I just did! Addicted to competitions !!!
mirandanelsonn - joeyboylan80 - johnboylan22 - jeahalladay -
180 lb farmer carry!!! #BCBD #competition #crossfit #heavy #ratherawkward
heavy - competition - crossfit - bcbd - kipitrealgood - ratherawkward -
christalfreitag : #kipitrealgood
krisplaksey - johnboylan22 - jeahalladay - thatlacherguy -
Clean and jerk ladder time!! I clean and jerked 175lbs and Brit cleaned 155, which was a PR for her!! It was rather intimidating having #StacieTovar directly in front of you @ the 175lb spot which was the last weight of the ladder! #BCBD #crossfit #sofun #teammates #2pood #cleans & #jerks
stacietovar - sofun - crossfit - bcbd - 2pood - cleans - kipitrealgood - jerks - teammates -
christalfreitag : #kipitrealgood
joeyboylan80 : Beast mode, so strong!!!
stockholm_fitness - johnboylan22 - krisplaksey - karen.ventura -
Had such an amazing weekend competing in the #bridgecitybeatdown with the best team mate I could have asked for!! Can't wait to do it again! #BCBD #crossfit #competitiontime #teammates #bronzemedal #pistols #thrusters & #sprints #barbells
sprints - pistols - crossfit - bcbd - bronzemedal - kipitrealgood - barbells - bridgecitybeatdown - thrusters - teammates - competitiontime -
christalfreitag : #kipitrealgood
mirandanelsonn - joeyboylan80 - johnboylan22 - jeahalladay -
#tbt to the chipper at #BCBD this past weekend. Still feeling the effects in the shoulders. #crossfit
crossfit - tbt - bcbd -
nkorch - cjt348 - arre.te - unclephil_6 -
#bcbd final. 160 lb sand bag carry. #wowzers
wowzers - bcbd -
barrett896 : Looks like you just entered that sandbag...
lilloop44 : Very inspiring to watch the finals! Good job!
carly_neil - belch12 - allbrando - emily_anders0n -
Loving the 185#/side farmers walk!
bcbd -
destinyfroom : Hot!
mrogers306 : #BCBD
carly_neil - gigil249 - belch12 - nadine1275 -
#pistols #pistolssuck #BCBD
pistolssuck - pistols - bcbd -
15parker15 - pricewright - gigil249 - jenneratormcfall -
Bridge City Beat Down 2014 #BCBD #synergystrong #crossfit #yxe
synergystrong - crossfit - yxe - bcbd -
djjohnson43 - katrinacurrie93 - jillflath - ahovland7 -
One All Star salad from @freshrestaurants. Exactly what you need after a #bcbd workout with @evaredpath #vegan #healthy
healthy - vegan - bcbd -
evaredpath : YUM!
freshrestaurants : πŸ’š
kurietibu - nadiawasti - xoxokimberlyn - alexandra_e_golovac -
Iron sharpens iron, or something like that.... #picklesnprotein #bcbd #bridgecitybeatdown #bighairycanadianwinningmachine @suranko @coach_lukacsy
bighairycanadianwinningmachine - bridgecitybeatdown - picklesnprotein - bcbd -
cameeronpricee - closethipster - roncharlington - mattiedubz -
Happy birthday to The Chairman of Operations #BCBD and yes Ladies, he's single. @avilesdylen #BREAH
breah - nolegday - bcbd -
jade_perez : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚aww happy birthday @avilesdylen
avilesdylen : LMFAO!!! Thanks for telling everyone I'm single and then posting unflattering photos of myself BREAH!!
avilesdylen : @jade_perez thanks BREAH!
alejandra_2205 : @fitnesswithharvey haha aww this is so cute. What a good friend☺️☺️
camilo.vg7 : Happy BDay Dilly Bear!! #BCBD #nolegday #bodyweightonly #bestdrunkdriver #livinglifeontheedge #BREAHH
fitnesswithharvey : @camilo.vg7 lmfao #NoLegDay
mariaaavila : This is gold! HAPPY BDAY @avilesdylen
bighomiechesco : @avilesdylen dilly bear happy birthday BREAH!!!!
louey_d - lorena_pani - ishalou - omarm22 -
Repost from @manningcurt : Great weekend at #BCBD. Not the finish I was hoping for... But very happy with the progress of my shoulder and the direction of my training with my new coach #kalecprogramming Big thanks to @jaktrx and @againfasterca for all the support!!! #trainingwjthaweightveston #againfasterca #jaktrx
kalecprogramming - jaktrx - againfasterca - trainingwjthaweightveston - bcbd -
felipecfaf - stgraye - shanna_red - aliciamayconnors -
Very proud of this girl @kaylajdickin She was skeptical of competing, but she still did it and killed it. She was nursing a injured shoulder, lower back was being a bitch and as she matched a 135# power clean PR, she went for the jerk and missed. With that miss came with a popped rib. With no complaints and strict recovery leading into the next day, she pushed through and completed the 185# deadlifts with ease, did the pull ups at a fast pace and went through the engine workout killing her practice time in the gym by almost 2 mins. If that's not drive and determination then I don't know what is. Great job Kayla! I'm very proud of you. #proudboyfriend #crossfit #BCBD
proudboyfriend - crossfit - bcbd -
justinliwanag : @danlamoureux fuck she told you about that!?? Hahah @kaylajdickin
jessieliwanag : That's sick @kaylajdickin!
kaylajdickin : 😘😘 couldn't have done it without youz !
kaylajdickin : Hahaha only vino @danlamoureux
sharenda : I have no idea what most of that means, but I do know you're amazing! @kaylajdickin Congrats!
dariasalamon : Awesome post, awesome pic! Way to go @kaylajdickin πŸ˜˜πŸ“’ And wet sloppy kisses to both of you for supporting Rhea and my team over the weekend!
haleyburdett : What a tough chick popped a rib doesn't complain! People take notes. #toughasnails #iheartu #waytogo @kaylajdickin
kaylajdickin : ☺😘😘 @haleyburdett @sharenda @dariasalamon @daniwazny @jessieliwanag
lesliedubwilzer - megancmaes - messbautista - gar_let -
The cup runneth over!! #bcbuddepot #bcbd #cannabiscupwinners #bestmeds #dank
bcbuddepot - bestmeds - dank - cannabiscupwinners - bcbd -
killabitch1877 : Tomm much herb,NEVA!!!!!
bcbuddepot : BC God is in the cup with half pounds of our BC Mango and BC Blueberry below. :)
samuelfaraone - big_guwop_mwb - canadian.cannabis.connoisseur - emilio2612 -
Had an absolute blast competing in my first Crossfit competition last weekend! Five intense partner workouts in 2 days! @tolly21 Couldn't have chosen a better partner and group of athletes to spend the weekend with! πŸ’ͺπŸ˜ƒ#bcbd #bcbd2014 #crossfit #cf #wod #partnerwod #chipper #thrusters #cleanandjerk #ladder #farmercarry #pullups #deadlifts #burpees #sprints #kettlebellswings #snatches #pushpress #crossfitchicks #muscles #girlswithmuscle #crossfitcompetition #firstcomp #hooked #loveit #challenge #cantwaittodoitagain
farmercarry - muscles - snatches - loveit - bcbd2014 - kettlebellswings - cf - pullups - crossfitchicks - deadlifts - partnerwod - thrusters - burpees - girlswithmuscle - sprints - crossfitcompetition - crossfit - firstcomp - bcbd - cleanandjerk - challenge - hooked - cantwaittodoitagain - pushpress - chipper - wod - ladder -
mirandanelsonn : You ladies did awesome! Great job and way to work hard!!
jessiecrossfitmomma : You and Amy made those thrusters look so easy Sunday! Wicked job was awesome watching you guys!
nutrishopfresno : Wow like it!
deltadelainey : Thanks! You and Sonya kicked some serious butt too! πŸ’ͺ @mirandanelsonn @mrssobro
deltadelainey : Thanks 😊 @jessiecrossfitmomma that was my favourite WOD!
tolly21 : Can't agree more! Awesome time and great partner!! Had so much fun and proud of how hard we worked and did in each WOD!
deltadelainey : Thanks πŸ˜ƒ @tolly21 I'm super proud of how we did too! Can't wait for the next comp!
jacobjw7 - crossfitaboveall - thegirlgonewod - mikej2point0 -
É o desejo de cada cara pra fazer pernas! Pra ficar Grande Porra!! Mamão com açúcar! #BCBD
bcbd -
fitnesswithharvey : @thisisjuniorr lição
fitnesswithharvey : @thisisjuniorr lmfao
fitnesswithharvey : @bighomiechesco vai cara
bighomiechesco : @fitnesswithharvey o rei das pernas harveyzinho!!!! Vamos la!!
mary_able : @gigiix2
bhoppish : @aandreandersson
estefanygomez : Hahahjajahahahaha
socalichiver : @kennyday23
janelle0x - _impressive_j - jpsaintalbin - jenig_ -
Since #bcbd just passed, I felt it was appropriate to make @jesspyak my #wcw ... This chick can lift heavier weights than you and your gf/bf combined, she's the nicest person ever, and she's a total babe. πŸ’ͺ #inspiration #amicreepyyet #crossfit #crossfitgirls
amicreepyyet - crossfit - wcw - bcbd - crossfitgirls - inspiration -
jesspyak : Omg!!! @__stephanieh I am flattered!!! It's pretty awesome having such a wicked support system from all over the city. Makes me love this sport even more than I already do! Thanks for the #wcw I think I'm blushing! 😊
lesliedubwilzer : I agree @__stephanieh good choice !! @jesspyak your legs are sick! #demlegsdoe
jesspyak : Thanks ladies! 😊 @lesliedubwilzer @__stephanieh
lesliedubwilzer - dtotheon - rmarcoux - shelley_rodgers_mimi -
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