Cookie Decorating and watching Football! #battleofthesexes
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Battle of the Sex's #thanksgiving #XD #battleofthesexes #family #dad #brother #bro #stepmom #grandpa
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Game Night!!!! @cherrelle25 where you at... This the Pre-Game for Saturday lol #BattleofTheSexes #MenVsWomen #Fun #Drinks #Games #Winning #LetsGetIt #ItsAboutToGetReal #GameNight
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cherrelle25 : Awww man I need to come I just texted you buy my ass work tomorrow 😩 @mz.tjai
mz.tjai : It's ok... This was last min anyway. As long as you come for my party Saturday😀🍸🍽🍲🍹🍹🍹🍹 @cherrelle25
cherrelle25 : Yes!!! I will be there bright and early front and center 😂
mz.tjai : Lol yaaassssss turnup @cherrelle25
cherrelle25 : 💃🏼🍸🍹🍷
mz.tjai : @just_alex_allday Text Me
just_alex_allday : @mz.tjai whats up
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As a #feminist i know my role in this #boardgame 😜 #girlpower #battleofthesexes
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It's game time #battleofthesexes! #happythanksgiving #family #love
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A little competition on Friendsgiving #battleofthesexes #cranium #friendsgiving #greatfriends
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Dah surrenders to The Tighe Women!!! #battleofthesexes #bestwomenwon #fallafternoons #whoneedsfootballonthanksgiving #history
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SO thankful for these girls and for all of my friends all over the country. I am truly blessed and I thank my lucky stars every day for the amazing people in my life. Happy Thanksgiving y'all!! #gobblewobble #weallDIDhavebooties #phonebooth #accidentalstolenuggs #battleofthesexes #theDenvers
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rdub57 : I ❥ U girls!! Can't wait to see you all!
lisa_millah : CUTE! 😍
scatesy3 : @lisa_millah see you very soon????
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#BattleOfTheSexes after the feast!
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Hehehe so the battle is on #theqeffect Who do you think is NEATER? THE MAN OR THE WOMAN Link on bio #battleofthesexes #theqeffect #neatness #malesversusfemales #takeastand #issueofneatness #whoisneater
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Mood= Focused and unbothered cause you already know what time it is !!! #clubtoazoo #mytenacityradio #🐥roast #battleofthesexes #CCG
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hostedbyturk : Clearly prime is a lifelong Cowboy! And you pick this pic? Atleast do a FSU pic bro. But i get the point.
byrdsanchez : The point is this team was up and down,but you knew what time it was when Prime was on the field .... Period @hostedbyturk
slydelvec : @hostedbyturk prime went in the HOF as a Niner... Honestly he didn't like the cowboys that much !!!
hostedbyturk : The Pro football hall of Fame has him listed under every team he played for but technically the Black bandana on his HOF Statue suggests that he went in as a falcon. BUT .... @slydelvec
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#goalsaf #relationshipgoals #battleofthesexes but my daddy was a #marines so I can shoot #war
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ladi_nred : No boyfriend doe 😂😂😂😂
all_american_outfitters : Sounds like somthin you would do @countrygirl.07
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Cartel de @highstontv, lo nuevo de los directores de Pequeña Miss Sunshine http://www.movies4indies.com/2015/11/25/cartel-de-highston-lo-nuevo-de-los-directores-de-pequena-miss-sunshine/ #movies #cinema #indiefilms #jonathandayton #valeriefaris #littlemisssunshine #rubysparks #stevecarell #emmastone #battleofthesexes #improudofyou
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ilovefilmmaking : Very nice! 😃
kodisaintangelo : 😸
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So excited to bring people together! Starting something new in Baltimore, let's have fun. Link in bio. #culinarysocialite #somethingtodoinbaltimore #fun #single #singleandreadytomingle #smallblackbusiness #battleofthesexes #baltimore #dmvnetwork #youngprofessionals
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unixking : well done! ;)
naturallychefcat : @unixking hi 🙋
dudepanel : Very cool!
naturallychefcat : @theflywire https://www.eventbrite.com/e/battle-of-the-sexes-game-night-singles-edition-tickets-19669929288
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mood #byrdbirthdayweek #clubtoazoo #battleofthesexes
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chocolate_vixen30 : Waiting on this roast tho!!! 🙃🙃
byrdsanchez : @chocolate_vixen30 when are you getting ur tickets
chocolate_vixen30 : @byrdsanchez Friday... Square cash
byrdsanchez : @chocolate_vixen30 #respect
charliemommy0210 - djheadbussa813 - lennoxgirls - 904trickbaby -
#🎧 Ludacris - Sexting - #instasound by @sounds_app on http://sounds.am #ludacris #sexting #battleofthesexes #rap #hiphop #follow #followme #pleasefollowme #needfollowers #needmorefollowers #likemypic #likethispic #_music_is_my_addiction So I'm gettin treated for my sex addiction
In a private clinic and I need you to be sensitive 'bout my condition
Cause I'm in it to win it and I really don't wanna further disappoint my fans
And my teacher's a cougar so I wish she'd lend a helpin hand, a helpin hand
Damn! Calm down, B-B-C T-X-T a M-S-G
After class, come with me
And can I get a little bit of T-L-C?
She reply, "What the fuck? F-Y-I you're gonna flunk S-M-H, it's such a shame You ain't learned a damn thang"
likethispic - 🎧 - ludacris - likemypic - battleofthesexes - sexting - _music_is_my_addiction - hiphop - needfollowers - rap - pleasefollowme - needmorefollowers - follow - instasound - followme -
female.fan.like.stan - hero_out - slimshady_mademe_ - thatblackguy25 -
#🎧 Ludacris ft. Ne-Yo - Tell Me a Secret - #instasound by @sounds_app on http://sounds.am #ludacris #tellmeasecret #neyo #battleofthesexes #rap #hiphop #follow #followme #pleasefollowme #needfollowers #needmorefollowers #likemypic #likethispic #_music_is_my_addiction I got five kisses, where you want 'em at?
Either of yo' lips, yo' ears, yo' neck, yo' stomach or yo' back
Yo' inner thigh, right on yo' kneecap or yo' belly button
These other guys be out here talkin but they steady frontin
They don't know what they want, that's why I tell you put yo' trust in me
Share all yo' secrets, yo' desires and yo' fantasies
I ain't gon' tell nobody baby, I'm an only child
I'll keep it to myself cause all I wanna do is see you smile
Knowin that you got someone to talk to, ain't that what you want?
I'll be yo' lover, yo' provider and yo' confidant
And I won't judge you cause I know that ain't nobody perfect
But you got some perfect imperfections and that makes you worth it
I wanna see yo' body in all of the positions that you like it in
We could do it slow or have some drinks and it gets enticin when
You like it rough and I give it rough and start to pull yo' hair
Cause ecstasy's yo' destination and I'mma take you there
Tell me a secret baby
likethispic - ludacris - tellmeasecret - hiphop - needfollowers - rap - follow - needmorefollowers - 🎧 - likemypic - battleofthesexes - _music_is_my_addiction - neyo - pleasefollowme - instasound - followme -
gladys_porto - gabri_shady - virginie.eminem - venuswift -
#🎧 Ludacris - Feelin' So Sexy - #instasound by @sounds_app on http://sounds.am #ludacris #feelinsosexy #battleofthesexes #rap #hiphop #follow #followme #pleasefollowme #needfollowers #needmorefollowers #likemypic #likethispic #_music_is_my_addiction Well I'm way over on the Southside cruisin in the 'llac
But I'mma make it to yo' crib in 'bout fo' minutes flat
Keep talkin how you're talkin baby, what you got on?
(I got a blace lace bra, leather boots and a thong)
Well I'll be there in a double
Expect when I step through the door that it's 'bout to be some muh'fuckin trouble
(Ooh, what you gon' do?) Sweat you out 'til you thirsty
Pin your body to the ground and have you beggin for mercy
likethispic - 🎧 - ludacris - likemypic - hiphop - battleofthesexes - needmorefollowers - _music_is_my_addiction - feelinsosexy - needfollowers - rap - pleasefollowme - follow - instasound - followme -
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#🎧 Ludacris ft. Monica - Can't Live With You - #instasound by @sounds_app on http://sounds.am #ludacris #cantlivewithyou #monica #battleofthesexes #rap #hiphop #follow #followme #pleasefollowme #needfollowers #needmorefollowers #likemypic #likethispic #_music_is_my_addiction One day I love you, the next I can't stand you
Huh, it's too much for me to handle
I made my mind up thinkin I'm on the right track
So then I leave you, but then come right back
And I don't like that, I swear I'm so confused
Don't know what I want or what's the right thing to do
But the right thing is you, you're my destiny
Even at my worst you still bringin out the best in me
But then you testin me, know how to push my buttons
Fussin, fightin, yeah we always gettin into somethin
So mad I make you cry, then we make love
A never-endin cycle, make up to break up
It's time to wake up, I need to smell the coffee
Play with these other women, or get 'em all off me
And you wonder why your man'll just doubt ya
Can't live with ya, can't live without ya
likethispic - monica - ludacris - hiphop - needfollowers - rap - follow - needmorefollowers - cantlivewithyou - 🎧 - likemypic - battleofthesexes - _music_is_my_addiction - pleasefollowme - instasound - followme -
taraloam : This is sweet :)
miss.dont.give.a.fuck - danibustosm - all_wwe_roh_24_7 - eminemscum -
#🎧 Ludacris ft. I-20 - B.O.T.S. Radio - #instasound by @sounds_app on http://sounds.am #ludacris #botsradio #battleofthesexesradio #i20 #battleofthesexes #rap #hiphop #pleasefollowme #needfollowers #needmorefollowers #likemypic #likethispic #_music_is_my_addiction Get your money right Ladies Learn to sign your own checks, But don't call me after midnight unless we havin sex, Don't ever assume nothin no man gone be a man, A groupie gone be a groupie, a fan gown be a fan, These tricks gown keep on trickin Those hustlers gown keep hustlin, As long as there's new couchy, dogs gone keep fuckin, So don't be all up in my phone, replyin to womens pagers, I thought your mama taught you, you should never talk to strangers! Don't you ever ask no question that you really don't want the answer to, So stop poppin off at the mouth, like Neno Brown ill have to cancel you, Handle you, stop the ride, leave you on the avenue, half of you, always wantin some nigga to pampa you and that'l do for him But not for me, I'll probably baffle you, And if he wants to act a fool, Il show em what the gat will do, run along go find somebody to snitch on or go chit-chatter to, Then your name will follow with A What ever happened to...
likethispic - rap - 🎧 - ludacris - i20 - likemypic - botsradio - battleofthesexes - _music_is_my_addiction - hiphop - needfollowers - battleofthesexesradio - pleasefollowme - instasound - needmorefollowers -
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Ohhh my i caint wait @ogslim317 @lettakold and the kid @djflip69 #battleofthesexes. Live at the vip lounge. Dec 4th. Make it make since. Ya dig
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ogslim317 - te_birrd - ashley_the_ferocious_beast - mielyb -
#🎧 Ludacris ft. Gucci Mane - Party No Mo' - #instasound by @sounds_app on http://sounds.am #ludacris #partynomo #guccimane #battleofthesexes #rap #hiphop #rap #hiphop #follow #followme #pleasefollowme #needfollowers #needmorefollowers #likemypic #likethispic #_music_is_my_addiction I done had about four, five, six shots, yeah, I'm gettin' wasted
Red pills, blue pills, yeah, I'm in the Matrix
Two swisha, three swisha, four swisha, five
So turn my music up and tell these hoes to get live
Got a pocket full of hundreds and some bottles on ice, ice
Conjure and lime got a nigga feelin' nice, nice
Dessert on my hips so if you gamble, roll the dice
When I let it off once it make a nigga think twice
You got more dough then, homie, you gon' have to show me
You never say it rains like Tony, Tony, Tony
My Chevy's outside and it's sittin' on Kobe's
And I keep the hood with me like Obi Wan Kenobe
Wood grain trim, seat softer than your butt, butt
Make your car rattle from the speakers in my trunk, trunk
Swisha's burnin' slow and it got a nigga stuck, stuck
But don't be a fool cause the tool's on tuck, tuck
likethispic - ludacris - partynomo - hiphop - needfollowers - rap - follow - needmorefollowers - guccimane - 🎧 - likemypic - battleofthesexes - _music_is_my_addiction - pleasefollowme - instasound - followme -
gladys_porto - female.fan.like.stan - virginie.eminem - gabri_shady -
#🎧 Ludacris ft. Lil'Kim and Lil Fate - Hey Ho - #instasound by @sounds_app on http://sounds.am #ludacris #heyho #lilkim #lilfate #battleofthesexes #rap #hiphop #follow #followme #pleasefollowme #needfollowers #needmorefollowers #likemypic #likethispic #_music_is_my_addiction Now I been ridin up in my Bentley coupe, stuntin with the top down
Fo' 24-inch rims so heavy they hold the block down
24 karat necklace so heavy it hurt my neck
Three things you can't take away from me - money, power and respect
I got it and hold onto it, you knew that I never let it GO!
You prostitute it, but money I never let it HO!
Speakin of hoes, oh yes we meet 'em and we G 'em dude
And we may see 'em but we wouldn't wanna be 'em dude
I put my fist UP, I got the power girl
I wash my nuts off, go take a shower girl
It's been a hour girl, it's time to GO
And if my neighbor see you while you walkin out my do'
likethispic - ludacris - heyho - hiphop - needfollowers - battleofthesexes - rap - follow - needmorefollowers - 🎧 - likemypic - lilkim - _music_is_my_addiction - pleasefollowme - lilfate - instasound - followme -
miss.dont.give.a.fuck - eminemscum - eminemdaboss - amillionshoutoutz -
#🎧 Ludacris - I Do It All Night - #instasound by @sounds_app on http://sounds.am #ludacris #idoitallnight #battleofthesexes #rap #hiphop #follow #followme #pleasefollowme #needfollowers #needmorefollowers #likemypic #likethispic #_music_is_my_addiction Ha! I do it all night, my whip is all white
I done had a couple drinks and I got a little buzz so I'm feelin alright
But the night's just gettin started, haters get disregarded
Roll up them sweets, creep-creep let's hit these streets and get retarded
I pop a bunch of bottles, my bitch be poppin too
Keep talkin out yo' face, and she might be poppin you
She might be pop lock and droppin down to the flo' wit it
Meanwhile all my dogs chasin paper, that's right we go get it
So get it right (get it right) kill the lights (kill the lights!)
I'm feelin like I might just pop a pill tonight (pill tonight)
Cause the feeling's right (the feeling's right), pass me a Miller Lite
Then grab that girl with the Coke bottle shape, she's my type (woo!)
I'll take her home (take her home) and do the do (do the do!)
I know the Kama Sutra, think what I'll do to you
Stick to you like super glue, maybe even like bubblegum (okay!)
Don't go to sleep woman (why not) no matter how many times I cum
likethispic - followme - 🎧 - ludacris - likemypic - battleofthesexes - idoitallnight - _music_is_my_addiction - hiphop - needfollowers - rap - pleasefollowme - follow - instasound - needmorefollowers -
miss.dont.give.a.fuck - amillionshoutoutz - eminemscum - bigcmart -
#🎧 Ludacris ft. Lil Scrappy - Everybody Drunk - #instasound by @sounds_app on http://sounds.am #ludacris #everybodydrunk #lilscrappy #battleofthesexes #rap #hiphop #follow #followme #pleasefollowme #needfollowers #needmorefollowers #likemypic #likethispic #_music_is_my_addiction Okay oh, okay now e'rybody with me drunk as FUCK, break it down and {"roll it up"}
Yeah, e'rybody get they killers wit 'em, rep yo' side and throw it up
Po' it up and it's goin down, light another blunt and it's goin 'round
Puff puff pass, you could toast yo' glass, later we'll +Screw+ and slow it up
If you make it fast I can make it last, and I'm a nigga that's makin cash
Eight figures in the bank and I'll pull yo' rank, what you think wit your hatin ass?
Hee-hee-hee-hee-hee-hee - heh, you think you fly I know you not
Hee-hee-hee-hee-hee-hee - you tote yo' knife I tote my Glock
Big body Cadillac, women in the back seat, speakers steady pumpin as I pass these losers
Yo' car too small, I can't fit my women in a PT Cruiser
Get your cake up, get your weight up, way up to the top 'til you can't go further
These snitches is after my riches and yes I smell bloody murder
When I cock back better drop that, can't block that lock that, fools better stop that
Otherwise you could pop back, but after dumpin a round you'll be wonderin where the cops at
Where the cops at? Cause I'm drunk as FUCK, tell 'em I'm far from sober
Cause if the po'-po' happen to pull me over - I'mma just tell 'em
likethispic - ludacris - lilscrappy - hiphop - needfollowers - rap - follow - needmorefollowers - 🎧 - likemypic - battleofthesexes - _music_is_my_addiction - everybodydrunk - pleasefollowme - instasound - followme -
gabri_shady - female.fan.like.stan - virginie.eminem - miss.dont.give.a.fuck -
#🎧 Ludacris - Intro - #instasound by @sounds_app on http://sounds.am #ludacris #intro #battleofthesexes #rap #hiphop #follow #followme #pleasefollowme #needfollowers #needmorefollowers #likemypic #likethispic #_music_is_my_addiction Luda!
On your mark, get set, put the music in the deck
And turn it up and let the system go
You done heard a lot of people in the past
But you never heard a nigga like this befo'
Ain't nobody better let the records show
If they outta order let a tec just blow
Over the border, I be in Mexico
Throwing it up like an anorexic ho
Anybody thinkin' like they just don't know
Tell 'em that Luda gotta electric flow
Come and see me live and I wreck a show
Sucka niggas better find the exit row
Extra cheese and the extra dough
And I'mma keep goin til the record's broke
So if you don't mean what you say when you spit it on a track
Women wanna get me and I can't say no
So I get 'em fast and I sex 'em slow
But every now and then it get hectic
They holdin' on tight to a nigga and I gotta let go
Gotta go sign on the X with O's
Wrist gotta shine and my neck just glow
It's a man's world
And all you women I just want the rest to know
likethispic - 🎧 - ludacris - likemypic - battleofthesexes - needmorefollowers - _music_is_my_addiction - hiphop - intro - needfollowers - rap - pleasefollowme - follow - instasound - followme -
my_music_collections - officiallypl - conleyglen - taymastan -
Dec 4th hosted by me and @lettakold w/ @djflip69 mixing at @viploungeindy #battleofthesexes #Indy #indiana #indianapolis #317
indiana - indianapolis - 317 - indy - battleofthesexes -
viploungeindy - simplyapril39 - 1n_only_lashae - allshecooks -
😏 well that was fast...... @duppandswat @sirabstraxxx #WordOfMouth #BattleOfTheSexes Tomorrow 830p
wordofmouth - battleofthesexes -
mzklassyladi : Facts
sirabstraxxx - duppandswat - mzklassyladi - dammit_wesley -
Sooooooo due to Thursday being 🐓 day we banging 👊🏽 out a combo... ✌🏽️ shows in ☝🏼️ we goin LIVE TADAY from 5️⃣➡️7️⃣ so don't miss the double dose Tuesday turn up 😜 Download the MIXLR app📲 Search MYLOUDRADIO 👂🏽up and tune in 🎬 #tamirrice #battleofthesexes #doubledoseday #faceoff #quadset #checkouttheshow #downloadthemobileapp #wellworthit #fuckwitmedj #controversy #newsyoucanuse❗ #realraprawshit ok I'm done 😂 see ya @ ✋🏽 💋✌🏽️😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜 @u.o.e.n.o.queeeeeni @sayulov3it @bishopkingdc @just_look_donttouch⬅️Bennie
faceoff - newsyoucanuse❗ - quadset - tamirrice - doubledoseday - fuckwitmedj - battleofthesexes - controversy - downloadthemobileapp - wellworthit - realraprawshit - checkouttheshow -
actionvance - jtuckox - thatkennshareef - delilah002 -
Sooooooo due to Thursday being 🐓 day we banging 👊🏽 out a combo... ✌🏽️ shows in ☝🏼️ we goin LIVE TADAY from 5️⃣➡️7️⃣ so don't miss the double dose Tuesday turn up 😜 Download the MIXLR app📲 Search MYLOUDRADIO 👂🏽up and tune in 🎬 #tamirrice #battleofthesexes #doubledoseday #faceoff #quadset #checkouttheshow #downloadthemobileapp #wellworthit #fuckwitmedj #controversy #newsyoucanuse❗ #realraprawshit ok I'm done 😂 see ya @ ✋🏽 💋✌🏽️😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜 @u.o.e.n.o.queeeeeni @sayulov3it @bishopkingdc @just_look_donttouch⬅️Bennie
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chuckieman6 - j_jig_cicero - delilah002 - actionvance -
Sooooooo due to Thursday being 🐓 day we banging 👊🏽 out a combo... ✌🏽️ shows in ☝🏼️ we goin LIVE TADAY from 5️⃣➡️7️⃣ so don't miss the double dose Tuesday turn up 😜 Download the MIXLR app📲 Search MYLOUDRADIO 👂🏽up and tune in 🎬 #tamirrice #battleofthesexes #doubledoseday #faceoff #quadset #checkouttheshow #downloadthemobileapp #wellworthit #fuckwitmedj #controversy #newsyoucanuse❗ #realraprawshit ok I'm done 😂 see ya @ ✋🏽 💋✌🏽️😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜 @u.o.e.n.o.queeeeeni @sayulov3it @bishopkingdc @just_look_donttouch⬅️Bennie
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Come out for a great time. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/battle-of-the-sexes-game-night-singles-edition-tickets-19669929288 #culinarysocialite #battleofthesexes #singles #thingstodoinbaltimore #dmv #veteranowned #fun
fun - thingstodoinbaltimore - dmv - singles - veteranowned - culinarysocialite - battleofthesexes -
naturallychefcat : @theflywire
cultclassiq - chefwrw - _art_of_moe - kemetic_energy123 -
Another competition... Another poem being written (then memorized) in the last minute #ProcrastinationIsMyMiddleName #GregShrug See y'all tomorrow! #WordOfMouth #BattleOfTheSexes hosted by lil bruh @sirabstraxxx at @duppandswat 830p $5 cover
procrastinationismymiddlename - wordofmouth - battleofthesexes - gregshrug -
ink_gawd : @milkjacobss
duppandswat - she_remains - bikingbarber - venture_club -
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