๐Ÿ’• Nutella Popsicles ๐Ÿ’• Tag a friend that would eat these in a heartbeat!
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#beginnersluck #marchmadness #basketballbracket #cbssports
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#winning my money bracket, hopefully I can keep it going. I need this for my wedding funds. #basketballbracket
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Priorities of my 15 yr old son while at school. Seriously??? He wants me to bring his $ to school? #momlife #basketballbracket
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ashley.marie.34 : @jrford0 touché.
fitdadovafity : Ah the life of a parent! Just wait till they are grown, you'll miss this ๐Ÿ˜‰
tracrich4 : Haha! I know @calby59 just a very small snapshot of typical parent life that I thought was kind of funny. ๐Ÿ˜€
fitdadovafity : ๐Ÿ‘ so hopefully you got him his money so he didn't have to use the school "bookey" lololololol ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
mis_fit_me : "Is there anyway *I* can get it" hahaha
cathyfeole : How much money do these kids bet?
leesbreadandbody : I don't even understand what basketball bracket is lol๐Ÿ˜ญ
tracrich4 : Haha @leesbread it's basically colllege basketball tournament betting
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Dam idk which one to choose!! #Marchmadness #basketballbracket
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blackburnr : I went with Duke
jameslemaire : I went Michigan
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Finally it's that time of year #marchmadness #basketballbracket #sportsguy
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a_mayaa : How much is the buy in
mickey_free : Hey one for me
lavaswimmer : 10 bucks. Jaleocc pool. Get em in by Thursday.
mickey_free : Ok meet Thursday morning you work
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โ–ถโ–ถ BILLION DOLLAR BRACKET PAYOUT โ—€โ—€ We were going to fill out a bracket, but the entry form was too intrusive ... Why must they require entrants to give a main & alternate phone number? We understand why they're asking about one's dwelling info, but they need to be more transparent & honest about their collection purposes and intentions... who's going to mind the database of over 150,000+ phone numbers & personal data & what do they plan on doing with it. Warren Buffett knows what the hall is up... he's offering something that's virtually impossible to obtain ... appealing to people's love to get that big money opportunity ... in exchange for personal information which is priceless... Well, they're not getting ours... facebook, google and others sold out the NSA ... we're not going to sell ourselves out to Warren Buffett & whomever he's in bed with... Nope!!! Not going to do it!!! 1 in a 15000000000000000000 ... ha ha ha ha ... BEWARE OF BIG BUSINESS ... THEY WANT YOUR INFO FOR THE OBVIOUS & NOT SO OBVIOUS ... #BASKETBALL #MARCHMADNESS #BASKETBALLBRACKET #BILLIONDOLLARS #BILLIONAIRE #WARRENBUFFETT
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michael_talento : I see you are an ambitious person. I am looking to connect with some like minded individuals! Lets connect!
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Dinner with my man ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜ ~ #Handsome #BasketballBracket #DinnerDate
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#fuckyeah #1 #basketballbracket #iguessedright #100dollars #firsttimewinning
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Annnnnnd I just won $300 ๐Ÿ˜ #firstplace #basketballbracket #louisville
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Now how does this work again? #amiwinning #marchmadness #basketballbracket #idontwatchsports
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mychaldiaz : Hahaha
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Didn't do too bad on this part..especially since I know almost nothing about basketball :P #marchmadness #basketballbracket @mac5427
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Basketball bracket for work... I wondered why the celtics weren't on here.. that about sums up what I know of basketball hahahah #bracket #basketballbracket #basketballshannanagans
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kerii32 : I wish there was an emoji for shaking your head.. Cause there would be alot of them
runnerellaaa : @kerii32 I seriously asked my dad that and he looked at me like "how are you my daughter" haha
abpontor : Go Syracuse!
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I finished my bracket #basketball #bracket #basketballbracket #love #awesome @kbarnesy12
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samijowild : @cbass102
cbass102 : Bucknell!!??? @samijowild
samijowild : Yeah I think they will have some potential @cbass102
cbass102 : I agree. They are tough. Not a believer in St. Louis or New Mexico?
cbass102 : @samijowild
samijowild : You or me @cbass102
cbass102 : You @samijowild
samijowild : Only St. Louis
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Came into #Work #ReadyToWork :-) about to fill in my #NCAABracket uploaded it blank cuz i don't want ppl cheating off mine.. #Money on the line.. let the #MarchMadness #Begin #CollegeBall #NCAA #Basketball #Upsets #MadnessBracket #MyBracket #BasketballBracket
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1caddylak : @babysleepy05 ppl cheating off mine includes you muah haha
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Work... #boots #basketballbracket #cedarridge
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