Learned today people will do anything to birth their 1st, 2nd & 3rd ring muscle ups ever. Yesterday @dmundey13 got stung 13x by bullnose hornets so the ER could give him two doses of Benadryl & steroids. #barrybonds #lancearmstrong #sammysosa #benjohnson #nevergiveup #keepgrindin #crossfit #bucketlist #dominateyourday #athlete #training #fitness #im2excited #landscapingproblems
im2excited - training - crossfit - lancearmstrong - nevergiveup - athlete - dominateyourday - benjohnson - keepgrindin - barrybonds - landscapingproblems - fitness - bucketlist - sammysosa -
ybe_fitness - sweet_ke23 - cmdgym - passiondrivenlife -
barrybonds -
j2daizzo77 - tha_green_eyed_rebel - phenomenal_lee_styled - jiggzmob16 -
#barrybonds #sfgiants #pirates #giants #clublevel #baseballmuseum
giants - barrybonds - pirates - clublevel - sfgiants - baseballmuseum -
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#barrybonds we outta here baby.
barrybonds -
comediandayday : Grind my dude
damaniknows : He grows the beard again
impirio : @damaniknows getting ready for your city bro. Lol
nikkibathaus - sportsblondmn - raechelle_24 - msshelbywoo -
Barry Bronze kickstarter will break $25k today! Get in while you fit in! #barrybonds #barrybronze #sf #sfgiants
barrybonds - sf - sfgiants - barrybronze -
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Probably my favorite photo taken in a while. Two legends. #mj #barrybonds #intheirprime #locshit
intheirprime - locshit - barrybonds - mj -
hoschke - americanspiritmolechops -
I know its #mjmonday from wanting to be better than #23 #goat to playing the sport what #barrybonds #nba 2 #mlb #tracymcgrady courtesy of #kanyewest
mlb - 23 - kanyewest - barrybonds - tracymcgrady - mjmonday - nba - goat -
moneygangla : Why Lebron look so big next to him lol @kingarthur773
kingarthur773 : @moneygangla he is
joezalta : @ikeysalem
wiiflihi : @bsawyer45 @joseluisito34 uh huh #stilldatnigga
milmil_10 - misssy_elliott - tha_magic_duff24 - houstonk23 -
Closing in on $25k! Big day today for #barrybronze! Inching closer to making this a reality! Thanks for all the support and love for the #goat BARRY BONDS. Please keep spreading the word hop on the website to support! #sfgiants #barrybonds #beatpirates #barrybronze
barrybonds - mccoveycovedave - barrybronze - goat - sfgiants - beatpirates -
deltabshot : @iirisheyes
barrybronze : Nice! Please share the picture Dave!
marcmirandajr : How many words for the quote on the statue will we be able to use if we purchase the 762 dollar pledge? @barrybronze
barrybronze : it depends on how big the font size you know how many characters you need/want?
marcmirandajr : I was thinking like 7 words, i haven't really thought about the font size. Me and a bunch of buddies are season ticket holders in the left field bleachers and sat right behind bonds since 2000 so i hope we reach 60,000 @barrybronze
barrybronze : 7 words would work definitely! I thought you wanted a couple lines. We'd love to meet you guys, 14 years as season ticket holders is awesome
marcmirandajr : Yeah man we sit in section 139 ill keep you updated on when we will purchase the pledge. I'm still waiting for my other friends to see if there down to this @barrybronze
barrybronze : Awesome! Thanks for you support, we've got this!
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Juicing b4 I hit the weights today wit my #family at @juicesforlife ✊#seamossfruit #protein
protein - seamossfruit - barrybonds - family -
polanco_vision : Barry bonds
chefbornathlete : πŸ˜‚ @polanco_vision & here's another hit #barrybonds we outta here baby
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Baseball cards #BarryBonds #Cooperstown #HoF
hof - cooperstown - barrybonds -
bplusshrestha : Niiiiiceeeeeeee πŸ‘
iiikeyost - wearecooperstown - bplusshrestha - derek_j -
LINK: ... Folks at CBS asking the tough questions in the Gotham Club @at&tpark watch the last part of the last part of the clip. Larry on Barry #barrybonds #sfgiants #barrybronze #beatpirates
barrybonds - beatpirates - sfgiants - barrybronze -
peti_in_sf - jdunkin - mamiejtos - weirdalmal -
That #BarryBonds guy is everywhere -- showed up in the #Giants #baseballcards I just put on #ebay
giants - baseballcards - barrybonds - ebay -
krazy_kyle14 : Go giants!!!!
nothoardinganymore : How about those Dodgers? ; )
cesar.carbajal.92 : Boys in blue rule!
barrybronze - libertycircles - smbisono09 - carolina_collector24 -
The best bottle opener ever! (obviously not because of how well it does the opening)
kuiper - barrybonds - sfgiants -
sbagala : #sfgiants @sfgiants #barrybonds #kuiper
ketchyou4 : @sbagala that is fantastic!!!
mattgoepel : I would quit drinking again.
altes07 - ccodding - ashlei24 - ketchyou4 -
@teamtwenty16 on a morning breakfast ride to celebrate a special day! Happy birthday Barry! #oysteromelette #whatablast #goodfriends #awesometeammates #barrybonds
awesometeammates - whatablast - barrybonds - goodfriends - oysteromelette -
callumhughson : Wow! Was he nice?
lex_albrecht : Of course @callumhughson. And most of all Barry's a blast. We love him.
callumhughson : πŸ˜„
jerryvangogh : Fun ride today. You ladies are killer.
amtetrick : #lexflex
lex_albrecht : We were so glad to have you join us @jerryvangogh!
sn0wsurfer73 - donaldfergus - calibou1 - otizdog -
In honor of Bobby Cox's induction to the Baseball Hall of Fame today, I thought it'd be appropriate to post my favorite Braves moment during the Bobby Cox era. I still remember my parents pulling me out of bed and driving us through Buckhead and the Highlands, high-fiving everyone lining the streets after 'The Slide.' Those were the days when there was nothing cooler than the Atlanta Braves. #BobbyCox #HOF14 #HallOfFame #Cooperstown #TheSlide #SidBream #FranciscoCabrera #BarryBonds #1992NLCS #DavidJustice #Safe #AtlantaBraves @lklee517 @cooguwg @_joshtracy_
franciscocabrera - davidjustice - 1992nlcs - safe - theslide - halloffame - bobbycox - cooperstown - barrybonds - sidbream - hof14 - atlantabraves -
scottkimner : Ahhh freaking memories
atlsocial_director - juz4you02 - dooley_vision - shansultann -
YES! YES! YES! BEAT LA!!! Hit the website and donate lets get some good karma going today #barrybronze #barrybonds #sfgiants #beatla #publichouse #mccoveycovedave
barrybonds - mccoveycovedave - publichouse - barrybronze - sfgiants - beatla -
tamale_nollie : @koenigisking peep out the shirt!
marthashelby : @barrybronze Yes Beat LA
koenigisking : @tamale_nollie yes movement
suckafreedramafree415 - tabibs - aliciabeee - aromero127 -
grassroots - barrybonds - barrybronze -
barrybronze : Lets get this built!
mrscarlastone : #grassroots
mrscarlastone : #barrybonds
barrybronze - mrscarlastone - dkildy - true_sfgiants_fan -
SF GIANTS painting Handmade fiber paper, acrylic magazines on canvas SOLD #williemays #barrybonds #SF #GIANTS #Paintings #ceycity
giants - barrybonds - paintings - williemays - sf - ceycity -
blackbookgallery : That's a good one!
bfewjr : Nice!
buzzizle : Awesome!! Represent!
dreski594 : Needs to make an A`s one yo!
duro189_415 : Dope!! #sfgiants
heathpearce : Why you gonna go and sell this one brooooo.
chinobyi : Congrats!
nyetatts : Dopeness I love the colors!!!
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Tag a friend #barrybonds #barry #athlete #athleteshome #athletesmansion #bighouse
bighouse - athletesmansion - athleteshome - barrybonds - barry - athlete -
cooperboy_1010 - p.aty - _mshimko - 22v.i.n.c.e.n.t -
moments after belting HR #74 to break #barrybonds' single season HR record! i liked how my teammates mobbed me at home plate after completing my home run trot (footage not shown). @mlbtheshow #mlbtheshow14 #roadtotheworldseries #homerunrecord
74 - barrybonds - roadtotheworldseries - mlbtheshow14 - homerunrecord - houstonastros -
poontangpie : sorry no volume because this happened around 4am yesterday. there are people in my household who need to sleep.😴 @mlbtheshow
edgar_loya : @poontangpie What's up with not playing on the Angels and you must be playing on Rookie.
poontangpie : i came up with the halo organization. played for their AA team the arkansas travelers and AAA team salt lake bees. problem was that i picked CF as my primary position and the halos already have some guy named @miketrout manning that spot! i got limited at bats so when i became a FA, i bolted! i actually sat out the entire 2022 season because all the teams interested in me made me low ball offers! after signing a 1 year deal with the #houstonastros and winning the AL MVP in 2023, i'm now making an annual salary of $26 mil playing for the royals! anyway, the game mode is on default settings. once your player's offensive attributes ratings rises, hitting becomes much easier! @edgar_loya
edgar_loya - danielfatcheecks23 - l_gonzalez9 - monica4mj -
the numbers i put up in 2023 has made the hundreds of hours i've invested in this game well worth it!βŒ›οΈi shattered the following single season records en route to a 3βƒ£πŸ‘‘: #ichiro's 262 hits, #hackwilson's 191 rbis, & #barrybonds' 73 HRs! i won't stop playing until i break b. bonds all time HR record of 762 HRs! you should send me a @miketrout autographed jersey for my efforts! @mlbtheshow #mlbtheshow14 #rtws #triplecrownwinner
ichiro - rtws - hackwilson - mlbtheshow14 - barrybonds - triplecrownwinner - rickyhenderson -
bretters37 : These numbers are god like these should be praised πŸ™ @poontangpie
poontangpie : don't care about praises, i just want autographed MLB merchandise!😎 @bretters37
michaelgreen5 : U suck at this game
poontangpie : that was mean, tubby @michaelgreen5
michaelgreen5 : Sorry mr Wong
bbrumbaugh27 : U suck only 3 hr in 44 ab I would at least have 15
poontangpie : so you're saying in a 748 AB season you would hit 255 HR compared to just 84? LOL @bbrumbaugh27
bbrumbaugh27 : Yep
str8flexin411 - l_gonzalez9 - beffyskye - edgar_loya -
#hotd #ProjectMayhem #wafflefest #based #family #goldgang #cubanlink #youngjimi #diorcurtains #pinkraggin #newdealcrewdotcom #newdealcrew #rara #tiedye #barrybonds #red #newera #chicago #thefinesse #itsus
family - barrybonds - tiedye - goldgang - newdealcrew - projectmayhem - newera - rara - based - chicago - thefinesse - youngjimi - wafflefest - hotd - red - pinkraggin - cubanlink - itsus - newdealcrewdotcom - diorcurtains -
ll_leno : #LordFinesse
barrybronze - mctreeg - mandafrankie - samariasmommy08 -
Free rides free tickets free bracelets free music. Levi's hooking up team BarryBronze! #barrybronze #liveinlevis #sfgiants #barrybonds #beatla
barrybonds - cabriotaxi - liveinlevis - barrybronze - sfgiants - beatla -
barrybronze : awesome driver too #cabriotaxi
artavitia : I'll be at the game on Wed! #barrybronze #sfgiants
barrybronze : me too! lets get this done!
ashlee_d7 : Whaaaa?! Me too @artavitia @barrybronze
hurtle_stallion - suckafreedramafree415 - frammertime - seannammartin -
I don't always dress like a #pirate but when I do... #dominicanrepublic #vacay #buttpirate #barrybonds
dominicanrepublic - barrybonds - pirate - buttpirate - vacay -
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Go to and make a contribution towards building a bronze statue for #BarryBonds. The goal is to raise $60,000 in th. I want to see Bonds celebrated for the great ball he played here. #SFGiants
barrybonds - sfgiants -
mccoveycovedave : Raise the $60,000 in 30 days.
ct.13 : I donated
thediehardsco : We're. In. #diehard #barrybronze
gonzalesrich_16 : Amen!
barrybronze : Awesome Dave, lets #beatpirates tomorrow #barrybronze
imamasancmt - chris_castle04 - schifty19 - tony4421 -
Barry Bonds #barrybonds #sanfranciscogiants #giants #gigantes #giantsgraphs #autographs #signedbaseball #baseball #nlwest #nlwestgraphs
giants - autographs - signedbaseball - baseball - giantsgraphs - barrybonds - nlwestgraphs - sanfranciscogiants - gigantes - nlwest -
dre707 : @keyinik1 for sale?
allsportsallthetime3 - autographs_galore - jwyattgray35 - 72peyton_gators5 -
Has a piece of his bat in it out of the 600 cards I have of him #barrybonds
barrybonds -
christiepoo123 - _j._a._m._e._s._ -
#Bonds throwback from rookie season to final game. #roids #homers #homerunleader #barrybonds #1986 #2007 #pirates #giants #sf #pittsburgh
1986 - giants - pirates - bonds - pittsburgh - roids - barrybonds - 2007 - homerunleader - homers - sf -
freedaquan - touchdown.designz - superman_designz -
Keith Olbermann changes his tune on #barrybonds with Tony Bruno on #barrybronze. Support the cause & make a pledge at #sfgiants #beatla #legend
beatla - barrybonds - legend - sfgiants - barrybronze -
das_haycist : @youngsnukes @middwest @atttackofzac @ontariosmith @dkildy @frammertime
hurtle_stallion - laneaminafhfj - emmarose41 - floragmuoi -
#SanFranciscoGiants' fans are trying to #kickstart a #BarryBonds statue... Like for serious?! They can't ever spell "Bonds" right! They spelled it "Bronze"! And they went through 2 Bonds, even... Dang this San Fransisco Gaints fans... Baet LA.... Also, unrealated... Baseball fans are kickstarting a Giant Balco needle - pun INtended
barrybonds - kickstart - sanfranciscogiants -
__keepingupwithsosa : Their calling it Barry "Bronze" because the statue is gonna be made of Bronze.
lizethruiz.s - bmfitnesscoop - luisperez805 - soarmedical -
Beat LA #giants #beautiful #barrybonds
giants - beautiful - barrybonds -
_walkup_ : #tombrady
devrose12 : royals
erinclairee_ - nick_pass - arianapendleton - trout_slayerr -
This is chill #gogiants #clublevel
barrybonds - gogiants - clublevel -
l0fish : #barrybonds
barrybronze - lilmisssunshine101 - kierb0 - broffyyyy -
THE ball #BarryBonds hit to break #HankAaron's record. The guy that sold the ball at auction forever defiled the ball like Barry forever defiled the record.
hankaaron - barrybonds -
athlete_throwbacks - ericlinatl - gavinrblair - rcernus -
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