Thank you for sending @jynxiemazie 1300 new followers today!!!!! A very successful #jynxmazefriday muchas gracias. #queen #barriogirls see you next week!!! @jynxiemazie @jynxiemazie @jynxiemazie @jynxiemazie @jynxiemazie @jynxiemazie
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worm805 : @vinny_powers805
mickey_josee : @king.jaime
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danny_beyondstats : @malcolm000
bernardok9 : Mmmmm
dannyv_602 : @cazarez.avilez
_vik_ : @xleeroyx
israel_aka_buzz : @hollywood_81s
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Stockton and to the rest of my 209 and 925,408,510 and 916 areas. Get your asses to @dejavustockton and see these sisters in action!!! Only one night with 9 and 12 midnight shows. #barriogirls home in the 209 please check my people over at @dejavustockton @dejavustockton @dejavustockton @dejavustockton @dejavustockton @dejavustockton @dejavustockton
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themechanic4u : @cesar_a_sr
_bunny_ty : Tomorrow @dejavu_sacramento
sheonlylikesitwhenif_art - c3_fubu - _lilone408 - charlie_brown_310 -
This is all @jynxiemazie hears when people talk shit about her. #milliondollarbooty #jynxmazefriday #barriogirls @jynxiemazie @jynxiemazie @jynxiemazie @jynxiemazie @jynxiemazie
barriogirls - milliondollarbooty - jynxmazefriday -
jmarshall11 : She hears that dryer in the background
fuckyourhustle : Ain't nothin more important than the moola!!! JYNX is the truth forever!
phenogotfame : I feel the same when people hate...I just laugh hard when I get paid and enjoy it even more. @jynxiemazie @barriogirlsdotcom πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ’°
safii006 : U a bussines woman?
toyoterocedanio : se alguito con eso
bobjon2513 : Bien merecido!
leonchol : 200 dollars on one's
edson2012brasil : Cachorra linda cha te comi tantas vezes que vc ta com tudo branco te gozo
510cochiloco - 8_gemini_bee_4 - 7mendo0madueno7 - masiranji19955 -
Ladies, your man loves to play video games? Join him like this!!! Just imagine coming home to this????!!! #jynxmazefriday #barriogirls #queen @jynxiemazie @jynxiemazie @jynxiemazie @jynxiemazie @jynxiemazie
barriogirls - queen - jynxmazefriday -
thatmanchuck : Very fucking nice!!!
besosmurf : I would start playing video games if that wS the case
kevin_h2o : @ergb95
tc4usc : @jwall714duke got dam! And a Trojan jersey!!
aanddhernandez : Soo sexy in your USC jersey baby cakes
arey299 : Brah @furby_ πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
edson2012brasil : @gostosa linda
ayeg3 : @idwill2u
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So here we go. Some of my New Mexico girls. Albuquerque never dissapoints. The #505 is full of beautiful women and ill make sure to do a great job photographing them. Can't wait to travel out there... #barriogirls @1estherrose1 @ms.k__ @alegria_js13
505 - barriogirls -
missnancc : 😍
abdugaliyevofficial : 😜
realogrider : Such a hard decision all lovely
original_thirtys : #1 & #2 !!!
ms.k__ : 😘😘😘😘
ms.k__ : Much love!!!!
ms.k__ : @oliviasolovely awww!!!πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜πŸ’•
hammered62 : You all look good
brandonovalles - enrique_gutierrez90 - everythingblack8 - patriciacarter536 -
#tbt lighting is my thang! Had to crop out Alfonso's pansa and Kiara Mia's vag. #beautydish #barriogirls #kiaramia
kiaramia - tbt - beautydish - barriogirls -
thirtyknows - suspect_ink_ - montebello_smoke_shop - munoz23h -
Before we had our logo and when I was a huge fan of using fisheye lens on my camera. #barriogirls #tbt porn legen Olivia O'lovely.
tbt - barriogirls -
marc_boogie : @cmayor
sekret_society : @_3six5_
_3six5_ : Puro porno
gil_lomas : I remember her 😍
its_rawbs1 : @dnice_619 @dollar_ballin
elpecador47 : Me encantas
fgonzo2002 : She's a legend....and the best...
edson2012brasil : Gostosa
v.cex - iestyntrebilcock - banksderek - makaylavillarreal2003 -
Sorry, had to crop out the nipple action since we get reported over anything. Once more, we end up ever monday with our #bg #og queen for #milfmonday #barriogirls @aabbylicious @aabbylicious @aabbylicious @aabbylicious @aabbylicious @aabbylicious @aabbylicious @aabbylicious @aabbylicious
og - bg - milfmonday - barriogirls -
sadar3 : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ŒπŸ’ƒ
gil_lomas : 😍 would of been better with nipple lol
ofcourseitsloaded : @barriogirlsdotcom website not letting me sign up?
martinez0114 : I just love her!
barriogirlsdotcom : We should all hang @martinez0114
aabbylicious : @martinez0114 babe we need to go out for some drinks🍻 maybe end of this month.
martinez0114 : @aabbylicious lets!
aabbylicious : @martinez0114 I'll PM you
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Watch freakin' out! #barrioart #feminist #autodefensafeminista #Repost @brenmorado with @repostapp.
Mi barrio me respalda
repost - barrioart - autodefensafeminista - feminist -
indrajsaavedra - espiral_turquesa - sabina723 - rakedz -
Lets get my girl Canela aka Cinnamon de Houston to 50k right now!!!! If you're blessed to live in Houston go check her out at @xtcsouth_ and tell her #barriogirls sent you. Again, me paso de verga sometimes on my posts but love this girl's skills!!!! Never mind booty in the background tho @sophiab03 @sophiab03 @sophiab03 @sophiab03 @sophiab03 @sophiab03 @sophiab03
barriogirls -
enrique_rivas_ : @betoo_213
espinola_william : @moisesmollet99
ap1chick : @vinooo @rayrayz98
sandinheroh619 : @r2thaz619 @jjcmor @pimpfacekillah
mar_k24 : @h_8980404
jiodady : @bk535408
willie_g_81 : @youaretheprototype
tattooadrian : @robrincontattoos
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One of my new girls. I fucking love New Mexico girls!!!! #505 #burque #dukecity #barriogirls my girl....... @ms.k__ @ms.k__ @ms.k__ @ms.k__ @ms.k__ @ms.k__ @ms.k__
dukecity - 505 - burque - barriogirls -
jdco1228 : Looks like they blocked her account from being followed
keepitreal.teresa9420 - b_rrod831 - xplizit_cc_montereycounty - andyh510 -
More girls coming in 2015. And guess what? Ill be positng my New Mexico and Texas Girls next. @kevin_sucio get ready to travel. Again, dumb ass negative comments will be deleted and youll be blocked. #barriogirls From left to right @my.bre @californiarose93 @melissamayxoxo @cynthia.martell
barriogirls -
roger_04 : Ooooh yes!! Can't wait for @cynthia.martell she's such a beauty.
herbert_faze : @johnny_faze
californiarose93 : I want @melissamayxoxo 😌I can't wait to work with this gorgeous doll πŸ’•πŸ’‹
davidruval : last girl to the right is bomb af
wedo505 : @kevin_sucio @barriogirlsdotcom let me know when your coming to the 505. I got the cars for your shoots.
lv_artist2014 : Haven't been able to sign up. I won't let me
abdulazizabdi34 : Barriogirls
cali_girl760bby : @cynthia.martell is way way better 😍
mobzilla_831 - rip_kaitlyn_ - suede_ces - lovely_cyndoll -
Well here is the first set of girls for 2015. Will be posting more soon. #barriogirls I guess we have a thing for brunettes!!! Any rude comments or any past drama with any of the models posted on here will be deleted and you'll be blocked. I really don't care about anyone's gossip, or asking for opinions!!
barriogirls -
hipnacio : @weeesssssss damn
weeesssssss : @hipnacio dylan dylan dylanπŸ”₯
21_dead_again_hool8gan : @jmbm_arts
the_original_jr : Sexy girls πŸ‘πŸ˜‹πŸ˜˜
victorahumada23 : I appreciate you taking the time to respond to my concern, good looking out! #Respect.
iamsonyareal : πŸ’—
inkdbarbiedoll : ❀❀❀❀
_xjannaex_ : Shaooow! ;) @iamsonyareal
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Our anchor, our main girl. @vacazfinest haven't been this excited to work with a model in a while. #barriogirls @vacazfinest @vacazfinest @vacazfinest @vacazfinest @vacazfinest @vacazfinest @vacazfinest
barriogirls -
june707bugg : 😍😍😍😍
vacazfinest : πŸ’‹
realisticautobody : 😍😍😍Qvoo
nolovenoworries : Bae ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️
nessa_renae_ : Baeβ™‘ @vacazfinest
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Hmmm, you know just here building the team back up again. All comfirmed, all ready to go!! #barriogirls
barriogirls -
79buda79 : Oh yeah
h1tmanlou : Bout time super thirsty!!!
gil_lomas : Sexy 😍
aabbylicious : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
toyoterocedanio : nitida
my.bre : 😍😍😍😍😍😍
lady.westcoast : My bestfriend @my.bre
chefbrownboi916 : Dopeness!
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Hope everyone has a great, safe weekend!!!! #barriogirls #jenavevejolie if you love our page post this pic on your page and give us a shout out. Gracias.
jenavevejolie - barriogirls -
el_ojo_2319 : Wat ever happen to dabqueen?
2beerdan : @dipslife
chevyrob10 - navyboi_g - jazzyji272 - mario.velazquezo3 -
This is MALTAAA πŸ’ƒphoto by❀️@brougham #malta#vacaciones#goodwinsgarage#
lowrider - goodwinsgarage - barriogirls - vacaciones - thunderbird - wheels - malta -
brougham : Π’Π°Ρ…!))
misscannibal : @brougham πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Ρ‚Π²ΠΎΡ Ρ€Π°Π±ΠΎΡ‚Π°!!
brougham : ВсС Π΄Π΅Π»ΠΎ Π² Ρ‚ΠΎΠΉ Π΄Π΅Π²Ρ‡Ρ‘Π½ΠΊΠ΅ Π² ΠΆΡ‘Π»Ρ‚ΠΎΠΉ манишкС;)
torronstravels : @adelewrey
sweestoolka : 😍😍
greenloko : Wow!! @misscannibal
misscannibal : @sweestoolka 😊❀️
misscannibal : @greenloko 😊thx)
60s33 - greenloko - 77_82ssb - sweestoolka -
THE WAIT'S FINALLY OVER!!!! Hitting news stands next month on cinco de mayo πŸ‘Œ #barriogirls
barriogirls -
jewlizolyfe : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ I'll be on the lookout πŸ‘€πŸ‘€
eddie_camacho7 : We're finally doing it! @belovedstevie
sicsych : Dope!!!!!
ivanj61 : How can I get one ? doubt I'll find it on newstands around here
ramirez1408er : Where's it going to be sold in the 408? Any way to get a early copy? Are they nudes? Haha a cochino has to ask bro
ramirez1408er : @phillipr82
picazzoentertainment : April fools!
vixendee : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚are you doing stand up now? @belovedstevie
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#Repost @barriogirlsdotcom ・・・ #tbt first time i met the queen @jynxiemazie will never forget this day. I already had a vision, that her ass will be a legend!!!!! It sure did. #barriogirls #gosharks
gosharks - barriogirls - tbt - repost -
grivera247 - cergas20gos_yarcid - patchesoohulahan - carrawayclothing -
#tbt first time i met the queen @jynxiemazie will never forget this day. I already had a vision, that her ass will be a legend!!!!! It sure did. #barriogirls #gosharks
gosharks - tbt - barriogirls -
manuel1286 : @aneudyfreytes
mrorange187 : Lucky guy
sergiobrian : @Randy @chekotron
nyanks75 : @el_chivo714
bigg_mike__ : @rigs24 @cisco415er
gripo88 : Por que no chambeas ahi carajo @miguelgalindoelera
miguelgalindoelera : @gripo88 algo así hago ultimamente jajajaj
mickey_josee : @king.jaime
kennygill44 - frenkli_bajrami - ajsudderth - jose_etiene -
The beautiful Ms. Tasty. Oh man is she grown from the first time we shot her. Past and future #barriogirls model Ms Tasty. @sdovelv @sdovelv @sdovelv @sdovelv @sdovelv @sdovelv @sdovelv @sdovelv
barriogirls -
deejay_a_lovelace : My wifey
nativepride73 : Very pretty :)
travieso_chinoe : @_lilybbyyy
beer.boatin.clay : @bdkkedwards
panchodealba13 : Beautiful
sharkcity_shy : @sdlovelv can This REALY be you?
chichimekas818 : @1992alexander
onthat69 - torreblancaeder - hoseinsepehri20 - -
This set will be available during our initial launch, yes I know its been a while but finally releasing this whole set. And yes, it's as hot as it looks. Scene is desperate house wife teaches young girl scout some grown up things.... and action!!!! @therealtrinityangel @dab710queen._ @therealtrinityangel @dab710queen._ @therealtrinityangel @dab710queen._ @therealtrinityangel @dab710queen._ #barriogirls
barriogirls -
unvatolocodeaguitas : Has been like 5 years from that scene homie, it's time
drehhdaape : Y'all's profile picture is the fuxking business #MVP
mrmarine333 : How do you subscribe?
yung_nino_mucklehead : @crod1292
therealtrinityangel : I'm the desperate house wife.... Lol I'm desperate again @dab710queen._ lol
edson2012brasil : Pq vcs não Vaz mas video
melanie408 :
elpadrino56 : When is this going to be up lol
dosesiroe - maclaz_block_sj - kikas75 - lord_marduk -
#PicsArt Classic Caprice ・・・ #DreamOnFlick #Converibel #hp #horsepower #hearse #chevrolet #chevy #caprice #chevycaprice #chevroletcaprice #carrestoration #restoration #instacar #insaauto #instacool #instahearse #v8 #luxurycars #deadsled #deadheads #addamsfamily #funerals #hotrod #speed #v8engines #makeover #carmakeovers #dm #barriogirls
deadsled - dm - picsart - hotrod - chevroletcaprice - instacar - hp - dreamonflick - funerals - v8 - deadheads - restoration - chevycaprice - v8engines - converibel - horsepower - instahearse - speed - carrestoration - makeover - luxurycars - chevrolet - hearse - barriogirls - caprice - instacool - carmakeovers - addamsfamily - insaauto - chevy -
mini.chen_ : πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“
iaanviniciusz : @lucastavaresjj
wiz_silly : @nn_11_ss
m73_2 : @hamoud787
datniggashed : @el_roachy @_richkidkenny
grannysboy74 : @dmoegotti
dmoegotti : I'm working on it almost there @grannysboy74
silvershark_gt - detrick.wrightdw - sirius_performance - wakanupy -
Special birthday shout out to Alfonso. Me and this dude have been rockin together for a long time now. He and Eddie first brought me on board to barrio girls to do porno music haha. Not too long after he made me the photographer. And we have been doing shit like you see in this pic ever since. Yea we might bump heads from time to time and have differences of opinions. But that's one of the main reasons why we have been successful over the years. Disagreements or not, at the end of the day he is still my boy and Id give him the shirt off my back if he needed it. A lot of you guys don't know what it takes to do what we do. And I know that he is always looking for new girls, day and night. So if you are a fan of @barriogirlsdotcom then make sure you show Alfonso love today and thank him for bringing you the baddest girls in the business. Happy birthday fillmore πŸ‘Œ #barriogirls
barriogirls -
txmadetxraised915 : Cool story bro.
barriogirlsdotcom : Thanks for the shout out, I must admit I only read a sentence or two!!!! Lol thanks again.
paulknuckleneck - robertpicoss - all_filler -
#tbt oooo @__pantherbby 😘 follow her!! #barriogirls shoot.
tbt - barriogirls -
__pantherbby : @mobythick 😘😘
fifty1fiftykustomz - chaingang_la - d.bear_1990 - vperez920 -
#tbt I love shooting @jynxiemazie #barriogirls shoot. Follow her!! #jynxmaze
jynxmaze - tbt - barriogirls -
eaglesflyalone_ : If she only new bro if she only new @mobythick
1_soul_on_ice : @youngpatdago
mickey_josee : @king.jaime
el_5kreecho : That's my Uncles Truck ha ha
ozge.eda - jugobalas - tat2sbytat2dave - chinos.queen408 -
Out of all the nudie pics ive done. This non nude one is my favorite ever!!!! The other #wcw Ms. Jenaveve Jolie #barriogirls
wcw - barriogirls -
barriogirlsdotcom : @scotchcigarsartdarwin can we do this with you???????
dfrankcabrera : πŸ˜›
barriogirlsdotcom : Oh no, we shoot her nude afterwards @ashley_mmae 😎
ashley_mmae : @barriogirlsdotcom I text you yesterday you didn't reply.. Text me 😜
barriogirlsdotcom : Ahh sorry, I was busy. I'll hit you up later @ashley_mmae
quackandsmack : @skrapin_49
laylaybaybayy : @tarpski_nhutch classy
cr1s2306 : Chegando... E vendo essa imagem @rafael2304 ...
bigp_the_teddybear - artigjoshi - niina831 - jack25026 -
All this goodnes packed in a 4'11" frame. #milfmonday #barriogirls edition our own #babygirl @dab710queen._ @dab710queen._ @dab710queen._
babygirl - milfmonday - barriogirls -
remyrose_msface : Damn she as tall as me πŸ‘Œ
benny360 : She is bad ass!! No doubt πŸ‘πŸ‘
s1ckornada : Bomb!! Right next to jynx!!
j_pizzel_83 : @carlos4rm863
giant76 : @jp.22 @beto_perez00 @alex_velasco @methburger from san jose πŸ‘…πŸ‘…
mie_liefe : Fuck I want to make them knees and cheeks shake.
joseluis.ortizdiaz.54 : Mamita q rica y q buenas nalgas tienes
ellouie1 : Everyone knows I loved her since the beginning!
chevyalex06 - maclaz_block_sj - massimochico - vudutattoo -
#barriogirls #milfmonday #2 the ever beautiful @__pantherbby always a fan favorite!!! @__pantherbby @__pantherbby @__pantherbby @__pantherbby @__pantherbby @__pantherbby
2 - milfmonday - barriogirls -
mightymouse1503 : @smiley_the_skumbag
smiley_the_skumbag : @mightymouse1503 πŸ‘Ž
mightymouse1503 : @smiley_the_skumbag u have issues ESE that face tho
mightymouse1503 : @smiley_the_skumbag #babyshower πŸŒ‚
smiley_the_skumbag : @mightymouse1503 πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦β˜”οΈ
tone_lokk : OhFfuckkkYeaaah!!!!
martinrosales490 : @3lk0k0drilo
rudysvt : @s2kbromar
romnsy2019 - mrpandabeer136 - maclaz_block_sj -
#PicsArt Classic ・・・ @stylistics_cc #DreamOnFlick #Converibel #hp #horsepower #hearse #chevrolet #chevy #caprice #chevycaprice #chevroletcaprice #carrestoration #restoration #instacar #insaauto #instacool #instahearse #v8 #luxurycars #deadsled #deadheads #addamsfamily #funerals #hotrod #speed #v8engines #makeover #carmakeovers #dm #barriogirls
deadsled - dm - picsart - hotrod - chevroletcaprice - instacar - hp - dreamonflick - funerals - v8 - deadheads - restoration - chevycaprice - v8engines - converibel - horsepower - instahearse - speed - carrestoration - makeover - luxurycars - chevrolet - hearse - barriogirls - caprice - instacool - carmakeovers - addamsfamily - insaauto - chevy -
stylistics_cc : πŸ‘
teamuncensored : πŸ™ŒπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘
60payback : @817pete my homie p-fonk
817pete : Thanks for the tag homie @60payback
silvershark_gt - academy_success - batmanlifestylecc - jafr_xx -
barriogirls -
abelito51 : Nice wagon
bekay75 : Oh yeah the wagon
ssozz85 - el_quezo_58_42 - kustom_e - johnnyg_85 -
This week for #milfmonday all hot #barriogirls mommies. @vacazfinest is so fucking cool and chill but one thing. Dont piss her off!!!! She is as dangerous as she is beautiful. My paisa homegirl de Mexicali.... @vacazfinest @vacazfinest @vacazfinest @vacazfinest
milfmonday - barriogirls -
sir_smoke_alot_408 : Daaaaaaaam
funkworld96 : Mmm.mmm.mmmm
eddyloco87 : She a baddie πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
vacazfinest : ☺️😘
meinphragm : Fuck yes!
edraph1980 : She is pure perfection!!
___nico03 : @bigman50grand
camberos254 : Hey hello beautiful
bigp_the_teddybear - artigjoshi - francis_stacie - chevyalex06 -
#PicsArt Classic ・・・ #DreamOnFlick #Converibel #hp #horsepower #hearse #chevrolet #chevy #caprice #chevycaprice #chevroletcaprice #carrestoration #restoration #instacar #insaauto #instacool #instahearse #v8 #luxurycars #deadsled #deadheads #addamsfamily #funerals #hotrod #speed #v8engines #makeover #carmakeovers #dm #barriogirls
deadsled - dm - picsart - hotrod - chevroletcaprice - instacar - hp - dreamonflick - funerals - v8 - deadheads - restoration - chevycaprice - v8engines - converibel - horsepower - instahearse - speed - carrestoration - makeover - luxurycars - chevrolet - hearse - barriogirls - caprice - instacool - carmakeovers - addamsfamily - insaauto - chevy -
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