#Repost @barriogirlsdotcom ・・・ #tbt first time i met the queen @jynxiemazie will never forget this day. I already had a vision, that her ass will be a legend!!!!! It sure did. #barriogirls #gosharks
gosharks - barriogirls - tbt - repost -
carrawayclothing -
#tbt first time i met the queen @jynxiemazie will never forget this day. I already had a vision, that her ass will be a legend!!!!! It sure did. #barriogirls #gosharks
gosharks - tbt - barriogirls -
manuel1286 : @aneudyfreytes
mrorange187 : Lucky guy
sergiobrian : @Randy @chekotron
nyanks75 : @el_chivo714
bigg_mike__ : @rigs24 @cisco415er
gripo88 : Por que no chambeas ahi carajo @miguelgalindoelera
miguelgalindoelera : @gripo88 algo así hago ultimamente jajajaj
father_jose : @king.jaime
bigsmoke4209710 - butuknewdat - asdasd7654383 - wmp_coach_prime -
The beautiful Ms. Tasty. Oh man is she grown from the first time we shot her. Past and future #barriogirls model Ms Tasty. @sdovelv @sdovelv @sdovelv @sdovelv @sdovelv @sdovelv @sdovelv @sdovelv
barriogirls -
deejay_a_lovelace : My wifey
nativepride73 : Very pretty :)
travieso_chinoe : @_lilybbyyy
beer.boatin.clay : @bdkkedwards
panchodealba13 : Beautiful
franciifrancesca - salmec831 - n69agent - r.araiza1973 -
This set will be available during our initial launch, yes I know its been a while but finally releasing this whole set. And yes, it's as hot as it looks. Scene is desperate house wife teaches young girl scout some grown up things.... and action!!!! @therealtrinityangel @dab710queen._ @therealtrinityangel @dab710queen._ @therealtrinityangel @dab710queen._ @therealtrinityangel @dab710queen._ #barriogirls
barriogirls -
leannesoevil : Is that from a porn scene?
unvatolocodeaguitas : Has been like 5 years from that scene homie, it's time
drehhdaape : Y'all's profile picture is the fuxking business #MVP
mrmarine333 : How do you subscribe?
yung_nino_mucklehead : @crod1292
therealtrinityangel : I'm the desperate house wife.... Lol I'm desperate again @dab710queen._ lol
edson2012brasil : Pq vcs não Vaz mas video
melanie408 :
lonergirl01 - dosesiroe - n69agent - julianahabab -
#PicsArt Classic Caprice ・・・ #DreamOnFlick #Converibel #hp #horsepower #hearse #chevrolet #chevy #caprice #chevycaprice #chevroletcaprice #carrestoration #restoration #instacar #insaauto #instacool #instahearse #v8 #luxurycars #deadsled #deadheads #addamsfamily #funerals #hotrod #speed #v8engines #makeover #carmakeovers #dm #barriogirls
deadsled - dm - picsart - hotrod - chevroletcaprice - instacar - hp - dreamonflick - funerals - v8 - deadheads - restoration - chevycaprice - v8engines - converibel - horsepower - instahearse - speed - carrestoration - makeover - luxurycars - chevrolet - hearse - barriogirls - caprice - instacool - carmakeovers - addamsfamily - insaauto - chevy -
mini.chen_ : 📍📍📍
iaanviniciusz : @lucastavaresjj
wiz_silly : @nn_11_ss
m73_2 : @hamoud787
watsonlow22 : Nice
datniggashed : @el_roachy @_richkidkenny
grannysboy74 : @dmoegotti
dmoegotti : I'm working on it almost there @grannysboy74
tonygk9 - hosen4757 - mkhulk83 - ranggadajjal -
Special birthday shout out to Alfonso. Me and this dude have been rockin together for a long time now. He and Eddie first brought me on board to barrio girls to do porno music haha. Not too long after he made me the photographer. And we have been doing shit like you see in this pic ever since. Yea we might bump heads from time to time and have differences of opinions. But that's one of the main reasons why we have been successful over the years. Disagreements or not, at the end of the day he is still my boy and Id give him the shirt off my back if he needed it. A lot of you guys don't know what it takes to do what we do. And I know that he is always looking for new girls, day and night. So if you are a fan of @barriogirlsdotcom then make sure you show Alfonso love today and thank him for bringing you the baddest girls in the business. Happy birthday fillmore 👌 #barriogirls
barriogirls -
txmadetxraised915 : Cool story bro.
barriogirlsdotcom : Thanks for the shout out, I must admit I only read a sentence or two!!!! Lol thanks again.
anthony1088 - __pantherbby - bigkiddru - cindylokzzz_206 -
#tbt oooo @__pantherbby 😘 follow her!! #barriogirls shoot.
tbt - barriogirls -
__pantherbby : @mobythick 😘😘
fifty1fiftykustomz - chaingang_la - d.bear_1990 - vperez920 -
#tbt I love shooting @jynxiemazie #barriogirls shoot. Follow her!! #jynxmaze
jynxmaze - tbt - barriogirls -
eaglesflyalone_ : If she only new bro if she only new @mobythick
1_soul_on_ice : @youngpatdago
father_jose : @king.jaime
el_5kreecho : That's my Uncles Truck ha ha
hydro14725 - - bladeofares - ozge.eda -
Out of all the nudie pics ive done. This non nude one is my favorite ever!!!! The other #wcw Ms. Jenaveve Jolie #barriogirls
wcw - barriogirls -
danrod2011 : Babe! 😍
barriogirlsdotcom : @scotchcigarsartdarwin can we do this with you???????
dfrankcabrera : 😛
barriogirlsdotcom : Oh no, we shoot her nude afterwards @ashley_mmae 😎
ashley_mmae : @barriogirlsdotcom I text you yesterday you didn't reply.. Text me 😜
barriogirlsdotcom : Ahh sorry, I was busy. I'll hit you up later @ashley_mmae
quackandsmack : @skrapin_49
laylaybaybayy : @tarpski_nhutch classy
dannymaldonadoo - apple_store781 - triggerman214 - omar45655 -
All this goodnes packed in a 4'11" frame. #milfmonday #barriogirls edition our own #babygirl @dab710queen._ @dab710queen._ @dab710queen._
babygirl - milfmonday - barriogirls -
remyrose_msface : Damn she as tall as me 👌
benny360 : She is bad ass!! No doubt 👍👍
wormsicksidehd : Bomb!! Right next to jynx!!
j_pizzel_83 : @carlos4rm863
giant76 : @jp.22 @beto_perez00 @alex_velasco @methburger from san jose 👅👅
mie_liefe : Fuck I want to make them knees and cheeks shake.
joseluis.ortizdiaz.54 : Mamita q rica y q buenas nalgas tienes
ellouie1 : Everyone knows I loved her since the beginning!
migglesdelpeaches - tonyarellano12 - brisker661 - timid_666 -
#barriogirls #milfmonday #2 the ever beautiful @__pantherbby always a fan favorite!!! @__pantherbby @__pantherbby @__pantherbby @__pantherbby @__pantherbby @__pantherbby
2 - milfmonday - barriogirls -
eureka_x1 : @brendad_nevaehv 😁😋
middy8484 : I want to cum on u
mightymouse1503 : 😨
mightymouse1503 : @smiley_the_skumbag
smiley_the_skumbag : @mightymouse1503 👎
mightymouse1503 : @smiley_the_skumbag u have issues ESE that face tho
mightymouse1503 : @smiley_the_skumbag #babyshower 🌂
smiley_the_skumbag : @mightymouse1503 💦💦💦☔️
killa_keyon_ - tonyarellano12 - chromeandcandymag - slieone.213 -
#PicsArt Classic ・・・ @stylistics_cc #DreamOnFlick #Converibel #hp #horsepower #hearse #chevrolet #chevy #caprice #chevycaprice #chevroletcaprice #carrestoration #restoration #instacar #insaauto #instacool #instahearse #v8 #luxurycars #deadsled #deadheads #addamsfamily #funerals #hotrod #speed #v8engines #makeover #carmakeovers #dm #barriogirls
deadsled - dm - picsart - hotrod - chevroletcaprice - instacar - hp - dreamonflick - funerals - v8 - deadheads - restoration - chevycaprice - v8engines - converibel - horsepower - instahearse - speed - carrestoration - makeover - luxurycars - chevrolet - hearse - barriogirls - caprice - instacool - carmakeovers - addamsfamily - insaauto - chevy -
stylistics_cc : 👍
teamuncensored : 🙌😎👍
60payback : @817pete my homie p-fonk
817pete : Thanks for the tag homie @60payback
tattooedsamson94 - batmanlifestylecc - dujind29terbep871 - mohmmed_86 -
#PicsArt Classic ・・・ #DreamOnFlick #Converibel #hp #horsepower #hearse #chevrolet #chevy #caprice #chevycaprice #chevroletcaprice #carrestoration #restoration #instacar #insaauto #instacool #instahearse #v8 #luxurycars #deadsled #deadheads #addamsfamily #funerals #hotrod #speed #v8engines #makeover #carmakeovers #dm #barriogirls
deadsled - dm - picsart - hotrod - chevroletcaprice - instacar - hp - dreamonflick - funerals - v8 - deadheads - restoration - chevycaprice - v8engines - converibel - horsepower - instahearse - speed - carrestoration - makeover - luxurycars - chevrolet - hearse - barriogirls - caprice - instacool - carmakeovers - addamsfamily - insaauto - chevy -
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barriogirls -
abelito51 : Nice wagon
bekay75 : Oh yeah the wagon
3216impala - ijustwantapage - mgjr66 - santos_d82 -
This week for #milfmonday all hot #barriogirls mommies. @vacazfinest is so fucking cool and chill but one thing. Dont piss her off!!!! She is as dangerous as she is beautiful. My paisa homegirl de Mexicali.... @vacazfinest @vacazfinest @vacazfinest @vacazfinest
milfmonday - barriogirls -
sir_smoke_alot_408 : Daaaaaaaam
funkworld96 : Mmm.mmm.mmmm
eddyloco87 : She a baddie 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
vacazfinest : ☺️😘
meinphragm : Fuck yes!
edraph1980 : She is pure perfection!!
___nico03 : @bigman50grand
camberos254 : Hey hello beautiful
marioestrada63 - phantom_wes - tonyarellano12 - slieone.213 -
#babygirl is back. That means her and I get to create more magic like this 🙌 @mama.dab710queen #flashbackfriday #barriogirls
babygirl - flashbackfriday - barriogirls -
4.14.93 : #BAddiE
nerdwithballs : I can't wait!!! My imaginary wife is back!!! 🙌🙌🙌🙌
boricuaco - leoimpala - elmm2007 - supermodelsaramarie -
Are you following our new girl @lickkmyink ? Better get on that if not. And word is her official shoot is soon so stay tuned for those pics 👌 #barriogirls
barriogirls -
ashley_mmae : @mobythick when are you shooting @lickkmyink I want to come to the shoot?
belovedstevie : @ashley_mmae I'm actually not sure what the plan is. Alfonso hasn't given me the details yet.
belovedstevie : @i_am_second_jollena I love seeing beautiful girls show love to beautiful girls. That's what's up!
i_am_second_jollena : I love beautiful women!! I'll always tell a woman when I think she's beautiful ❤❤❤😍😍
lickkmyink : I defiantly SECOND that on the love from other women!! Thanks for the love babydoll!!! @i_am_second_jollena 😍😍😘
belovedstevie : @lickkmyink I don't know why them other girls hate on beautiful girls. Women should rise and support 1 another. It's a beautiful thing to see
ashley_mmae : @mobythick ok once you find out either DM me or have @alfonso.acuna text me please 😊
belovedstevie : @ashley_mmae you got it! 😘
leoimpala - d.bear_1990 - jpizzali99 - mariahhhb11 -
Hope everyone has a great weekend. Almost shooting time with our girl @lickkmyink told you, you'll be seeing more of her, and so far no complatins. So for now here you go. @lickkmyink @lickkmyink @lickkmyink @lickkmyink @lickkmyink @lickkmyink @lickkmyink @lickkmyink @lickkmyink @lickkmyink #barriogirls we feature the best!!!
barriogirls -
belovedstevie : @kolsone get the fuck off our page with your bullshit. Why you hating on a beautiful girl?
ashley_mmae : I swear some people are real class acts! Shout out to the dude who likes to talk shit to females your a real man for that one... Not!
hooliigan412 : 😍😍😍😍😍😍
lickkmyink : @mobythick @ashley_mmae idk wat was written but THANKS for sticking up for me guys lol tooooo cutee!!!!! 😍😍😍😘😘😘
belovedstevie : @lickkmyink we are family now. That's what we do. Welcome to the fam #barriogirls
lickkmyink : @mobythick well I'll take that any fuckin day!!!! Thanks for havin me 😉
ashley_mmae : @lickkmyink some irrelevant fool making disrespectful comments about your beautiful self and tagging me in it. That's where he's wrong! I love the Barrio Girls fam and I don't condone that shit. 😘
lickkmyink : @ashley_mmae I really appreciate that boo I can't b everyone's cup of tea lol so much love ☺️😍😘😘😘😘😘😍
sanshezsilva - darkventrue80 - tum1630 - mafia.gonzalez -
"No seas mala" @jynxiemazie always sends me nudes when she travels, from her hotel room. Talk about a way to stay in touch. she is in Philadelphia at cheerleaders so make sure you follow. #barriogirls @jynxiemazie @jynxiemazie @jynxiemazie @jynxymazie @jynxiemazie @jynxiemazie @jynxiemazie
barriogirls -
serggalvan82 : LOL 👍😂 nice response. I would've said the same thing
bobjon2513 : Felicitaciones!!!
kenknee_dope : What stockings 😨
gusyyyyy : Mandame una q tmbn ando d viaje...
mj_brooks34 : I need better friends
____michellle : She can send me pics like that too. I won't mind! 😜
erraticassassin_1 : Whenever i see pics like those i wonder who is taking them
traviezitacouqueta : What ur phone number girl only girls
guerin4148 - 415steadyflossin650 - traviezitacouqueta - figish -
Where's waldo???? #tbt #barriogirls
tbt - barriogirls -
crstnvlllvzowlf : Remy is a barrio girl?
barriogirlsdotcom : We did shoot her yes. Before she blew up.
big_bird_5 : That bæ
black_rose_talent : is the site up and running
luizpfilho : Remy... the best
belovedstevie : I sent you another DM a couple days ago. Check it and let me know.
zareenati - rene.52269 - sherabros - victorarredondo510 -
When babygirl sent me her first pic. One of the pics that convinced me to shoot her. #tbt #barriogirls @mama.dab710queen @mama.dab710queen @mama.dab710queen @mama.dab710queen @mama.dab710queen @mama.dab710queen
tbt - barriogirls -
___nolanb__thc_____ : Hahahhaa fuckin thirsty people up there huh? ^
luis_manuelurrutajunior : Hahaha
luis_manuelurrutajunior : But still u know what I mean?
itsjustdannyboy : @jw.s
gil_lomas : @mama.dab710queen is my favorite 😍
dollarbillz1947 : Its a nice one!!
mdns_creep : 0
loyalforever15 : Cute😍
loyalty_b4_erythang - dayis_1389 - nano_esmr - laurahgil11 -
Under boob alert!!! So you got 7 days of Ashley. Be on the lookout for for since we shoot her next month. Please give her a follow. @lickkmyink @lickkmyink @lickkmyink @lickkmyink @lickkmyink @lickkmyink #barriogirls
barriogirls -
blvdbeautyy : 😍😍😍😍
reckless_ardor : @boricua_boii23
luscious49ers : 👌
300blknicoya : She bad @lickkmyink
vitolocs : 😳😁👍
magictrucksupply : Marie..
magictrucksupply : ?
the_real_bryan_ : @gloverb_
notarocstar - manzana84 - metliveli - xwtfxreallyx -
Never been a fan of the bull piercing, but Ashley just has a way for making me forget that its even there. Pic #4 of our future #barriogirls model @lickkmyink @lickkmyink @lickkmyink @lickkmyink @lickkmyink @lickkmyink @lickkmyink @lickkmyink
4 - barriogirls -
leojies : @elguapo559 🎺🎺🎺🎺
rhd_miggysmalls : @jays_85
raulgarcia2838 : 👌👌😉
mb_338winmag : 👌👌👌😍😍
edraph1980 : Perfection
lickkmyink : Must b my eyes that make U forget BAHAHAH!!!! Has to b 😜😉😉😘😘😘😘
mrlopez80512 : Beautiful
pdalghak : 😍😍😍😍😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋
wetbbwxlover - mtzneil - darkventrue80 - metliveli -
#tbt one of the only pics I have of this set with @mama.dab710queen #barriogirls #babygirl when here and I shoot its a wrap!
babygirl - tbt - barriogirls -
cadydady : I luv this picture. ..
belovedstevie : @cadydady thank you!
cadydady : @mobythick bra you post some good pictures. ..keep it push"n brother. ..
belovedstevie : @cadydady thanks bro. I truly appreciate it.
manuel_tokes562 - joshuapringle23 - yebra831 - j_bomar4207 -
#tbt Jen #barriogirls
tbt - barriogirls -
manuel_tokes562 - all_filler - sick0rsane_ - dathan_valdeezy -
#tbt @theonlykiaramia #barriogirls
tbt - barriogirls -
usantos760 - thelast_brownbear - diegor89 - eddie_camacho7 -
We don't always do shows, but when we do there's lines to meet our girls. #tbt #barriogirls #sociosshow
sociosshow - tbt - barriogirls -
ashley_mmae : @mobythick @barriogirlsdotcom when are we doing a show?
gil_hd - leoimpala - rachel_darrough - rubalcaba82 -
Once we start selling merchandise again and you purchase our shirts, we will post it on our fan page. Hope everyone has a great day. #barriogirls
barriogirls -
edraph1980 : How many more days until the site is up and working?
barriogirlsdotcom : Still looking at the end of the month just waiting on our credit card processing company to let us accept Visa
dammitman305 : Hell yea can't wait!
edraph1980 : Me neither!
bernardok9 - a.m.d_7 - heliosgabbanelli - sapo213ss -
Going to say it again, one of the prettiest models we discovered. Stay tuned and watch her transformation future #barriogirls model @lickkmyink @lickkmyink @lickkmyink @lickkmyink @lickkmyink @lickkmyink @lickkmyink @lickkmyink @lickkmyink @lickkmyink
barriogirls -
mrmartinez_72 : @lickkmyink Bomb As Fuck.....such a Sexxxy Beauty!!!
slickrick408rh : Lovely. Baby girl, bad assets m a a as,
mikesclassicsnmore : @victoriatheexplora
mtzneil : WOW AMAZING RACK!!
ronnie977 : @outofstepdotnet @brinemass
boogiez1976 : @decoto64 @antg1948 @califronialivin @buddhabenjie
benny360 : Beautiful
blvdbeautyy : Beauty. 😍 😘 💋
lawrence83lopez - jhorman_londono - manzana84 - mrsm0nica -
Beautiful smart and stunning are some words that describe @christy_bernadette but most important is friend. A solid one for years now and she always shows us love. Give her a follow. #barriogirls @christy_bernadette @christy_bernadette @christy_bernadette @christy_bernadette @christy_bernadette @christy_bernadette
barriogirls -
mari_marisamendoza1 : Yummy
victoriatheexplora : Baddie😈
lista_8309 : 😍😍😍 @christy_bernadette 😋
one_luv831 : 👅👅👅
barriogirlsdotcom : See @christy_bernadette them females love you!!!!
christy_bernadette : And I love them females!! 👅💦💦 😍😍@mari_mendoza1 @victoriatheexplora @lista_8309 @one_luv831
mrlopez80512 : Sexy
mohamad.h1356 - peterkoloff - sherabros - heliosgabbanelli -
The beautiful Chole from the 831 wearing one of the original #barriogirls shirts. @chole_daniel @chole_daniel @chole_daniel
barriogirls -
realisticautobody : 😍😍😍#wcw
kevin_sucio : @westcoast_kittyy yeah dm me your address
westcoast_kittyy : I will thanks 😆 @kevin_sucio
kevin_sucio : I'm at the post office now send me your address
kevin_sucio : @westcoast_kittyy
westcoast_kittyy : Sent it @kevin_sucio
_xjannaex_ : Chole <3
ubaldocorona : Push in and out -in and out
enesinstagram1 - valley_canyoncarver - rillosetyonugroho - betto_ortega_24 -
La Hierba Mala 🎭 #ghettosa #hood #latingirls #tattoohood #chicana #chingona #mamacita #barriogirls #morena #lovebitchies #truecally #streetstyle #lifestyle #modelcally #ggb #foe #dad 🙏 @hierba.mala 👊
dad - ghettosa - chicana - barriogirls - streetstyle - modelcally - ggb - chingona - hood - lifestyle - truecally - latingirls - foe - lovebitchies - mamacita - morena - tattoohood -
viniduart_ - carenmsantiago - soychingona_ - eitaaaa_giovanna -
@lista_8309 showing off her shirt today!!! Again, thanks for the support. @ashley_mmae is our next dinner with a "fan" #barriogirls
barriogirls -
alicia_jessicaa : I want one
kevin_sucio : I can mail you one @one_luv831
one_luv831 : @kevin_sucio 😍Please do. I'll DM you my address
raulgarcia2838 : 👍😳
ashley_mmae : @barriogirlsdotcom @kevin_sucio when do I get my shirt and booty shorts? Yes can't wait for our dinner! ❤️💯
sweetest_love408 : 😍😍😍😘😘👌👌
barriogirlsdotcom : You're next loca @sweetest_love408
pdalghak : 😍😍😍😍😋😋😋
ahmed_elmagrby - tareq_alrashed - azzam_al_gazawe - eu_spotters -
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