One of these women has my babies...... either way I win!!!! #tbt #barriogirls @jynxiemazie @aabbylicious
tbt - barriogirls -
abiihustle_ : Me and your wife have the same name 😍😍😍
_ayebabyyyy : @barriogirlsdotcom lol i think u ment to tag ^^😜😜
barriogirlsdotcom : Keep it up @abiihustle_ and you'll also share the same last name!!! DM me are we shooting or nah lets make you official!!!
luitenant_dan : @dboyy17
luitenant_dan : @isa_ac23 that's what's up
abiihustle_ : @barriogirlsdotcom lol u are too funny !!!! Hmmmmm it's an idea lol
danimal123 : Dude! Share que no?!
reinaldoguaimacuto : Hola linda como están las dos, que bella y hermosa están, cuídense niñas besos para las dos
t_r_a_m_p_ - marioarreola84 - babar_143 - andimalmsteen -
Uhhh the possibilities with these two!!!! #tbt #carshow #barriogirls
tbt - carshow - barriogirls -
edz3 : @jorgie101006
jorgie101006 : @edz3 good lookin out Dom πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘Œ
thats_just_jossh : Is that @dab710queen_ n @vacazfinest??
grumpyh77 : Wow perfect πŸ˜‰
darrkinge : Hang on!
sjokingofkings : @luckybunnyatplay bike photo
eddyloco87 : #Bikelife ❀
onyx4433 : 😘😘😘😘😝
avi.jacks - samehtork81 - mz14anguiano - enrique_viii_ -
Just a little throwback. #barriogirls #tbt #jenavevejolie
jenavevejolie - tbt - barriogirls -
_luisarroyo_ : I would definitely marry Jenaveve Jolie.
reza.2169 : ΨΉΨ¬Ψ¨ Ϊ©ΩˆΩ†ΫŒΫŒ اووووف
h1tmanlou : 😜😜
thewizard_94 : @peter_59
carlosgamezzz : I love jenavevejolie
crimepayscs211_ : Hood classic..
leannesoevil : I love her outfit
eddyloco87 : Niiice
t_r_a_m_p_ - visionsofa.dom - enrique_viii_ -
Agreed πŸ‘‹πŸ½πŸ’₯ (stole from @aabbylicious) Now ladies, if you please go in my room, you well receive a pretty hand mark, as seen on the screen 😜 #barriogirls #like4like #likeforlike #l4l #recent4recent #recentforrecent #follow4follow #followme #followforfollow
barriogirls - followforfollow - recent4recent - likeforlike - follow4follow - recentforrecent - like4like - followme - l4l -
kiki_up_in_smokes : @jalapinoy πŸ‘
free_weed_0.5 - kiki_up_in_smokes - andoniprieto_3 - redheaded_pothead_ -
#chicanos #cholasycholos #cholas #cholos #pachuco #pachuca #raza #califas #califaztlan #barrio #mexican #brownpride #hoodlife#oldies #oldiesporvida #ese #lowriders #lowriding #follow #followme #barriogirls
califaztlan - mexican - oldies - barriogirls - oldiesporvida - hoodlife - brownpride - cholasycholos - follow - chicanos - barrio - lowriders - lowriding - califas - cholos - ese - pachuco - raza - pachuca - followme - cholas -
laloliberato - jchavez2856 - charles2280 - complicated_nikon -
Cute little vegas chula. #barriogirls
barriogirls -
pperea03 : @barrio_girls Very Cute 😍
mclovintheman : Sexy
raulgarcia2838 : Mmmm hermosa πŸŒΉπŸ‘‰
theciscokid7 : Gangster style...... Super sexy
rigo_zp : @barrioskateshop
baranbari2172 - officialprez1116 - mikewazowski_64 - enrique_viii_ -
Sorry, super busy yesterday here's your #milfmonday on a Tuesday. Goodmorning everyone!!! #barriogirls @aabbylicious @aabbylicious @aabbylicious @aabbylicious @aabbylicious @aabbylicious @aabbylicious
milfmonday - barriogirls -
chino_whatitdo : Morning gorgeous 😍
blacksunday32 : Good morning...
barriogirlsdotcom : Jesus, tell her goodmorning on her page, not me locos!! I'm a vato!!!
vandalinkk__ : GOOD MORNING @barriogirlsdotcom 😊😊😊😊😊
pacmaan720 : HAHAHAHAHAHA! Desperate as dudes @barriogirlsdotcom
haria_ngel_71 : @barriogirlsdotcom good morning πŸ’‹πŸŒΉ
aabbylicious : Good morning boysβ€πŸ’‹
irocz63 : you fine as fuck..... 😍😍😍
chubbz_elmaniakko - josardriguez - willy_micky - roholla80 -
Follow our main page over @barriogirlsdotcom every monday we have some of the best #milfs so if you love them a little more mature follow us for #milfmonday #barriogirls @aabbylicious @aabbylicious @aabbylicious @aabbylicious @aabbylicious @aabbylicious @aabbylicious @aabbylicious @aabbylicious @aabbylicious
milfs - milfmonday - barriogirls -
celestenicoleloera : @barrio_girls whats your KIK?
borracha4life : Dammmmm
santosh12482 - officialprez1116 - enrique_viii_ - petysafado -
A few more days and we reveal who our two new girls are. I'm not tripping, got them on lock already!! Can't wait #new #barriogirls
new - barriogirls -
themechanic4u : She's bad...πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
abiihustle_ : I wanna be one 😭😭
tio_robert : I the site up yet I wanna join @barriogirlsdotcom
mef_96 : She bad!
houston_ross : That's bs lol
houston_ross : I want to know her now
barriogirlsdotcom : I will right after she signs I'll dm you some pics Mr ross. @houston_ross
houston_ross : Cool
dylan_vics.dv - thewingking_ - henrysilvalopez - romantic_sexx -
Another blast from the past. #barriogirls
barriogirls -
ronnie977 : @chuchman
gil_lomas : I'll take a bite out of that
leonardoharuki : Remy Lacroix
chepito408to209 : @kantgetrite304
elmaestro619 : @elchikis97
philly_flyer : Dope peep πŸ‘€ @anarchy_accinelli
dreamonphotography : Bad ass flick
antartwork - royrosa71 - kramz31 - franciscogm1998.fgm -
Feeling a little nostalgic and going through some old hard drives. Man I don't even remember who these girls are. #barriogirls
barriogirls -
thenotorious_jrt : Shame on you then bro those chicks are dope
carlitosway8304 : Surely some runners tho
notauriousgram : The one on the left has what looks like a Jessica tattoo
pale_papi : @jualma 😍😍😍😍
oscar_granados_2015 - visionsofa.dom - enrique_viii_ - ntiz_delonge -
Just a blast from the past!!!!! #tomasa #barriogirls
tomasa - barriogirls -
auth3nticstyle : I wldnt pull out...
lewisdad : Kiss πŸ’‹
funkworld96 : I'd wanna stay in that
angelfernandez817 : Sexy! 😘😘😘
luckybudda1 : @motomaniakk111
mrboscobroleno : Stay strapped with that jimmy brothas....she's pro level.
upperpower : I want her to sit on my face & not get up til im dead πŸ‘…
getactiveces : Fuked sexy as FUK..#barrio_girls
oscar.rojas.martinez - lkrafakingin - tommygunz1974 -
#thankyou @shotgunarte Mr. @silentcapone13 #catrinas #pillows #cholasonpillows #cholasholdingcholas #pillowtalk #barriogirls #catrinasdelbarrio #calilife
cholasonpillows - pillows - cholasholdingcholas - barriogirls - catrinasdelbarrio - calilife - thankyou - pillowtalk - catrinas -
derek213619 - muchila_munhoz - perrrita - venenosa_del_barrio -
#jynxmazefriday #barriogirls #myfavoritepornstar #milliondollarbooty #jynxmaze #cantfuckwithjynx how many @jynxiemazie DVD's you guys got ??? @barriogirlsdotcom
jynxmazefriday - jynxmaze - cantfuckwithjynx - myfavoritepornstar - barriogirls - milliondollarbooty -
onn_cloud9 : 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
imjizz : Love @jynxiemazie ❀️
chug__passion : @rosy_angel24 Dvd goals
rosy_angel24 : @chug_passion lol good collection of all types haha
tony_dabberbox - robs_mobile_detail - chochis925 - kaniceurphete -
When @jynxiemazie sends me new pictures I get all 😍😍😍😍 love this woman and I'm sure you do also. Hope you enjoyed #jynxmazefriday see you next week. #barriogirls @jynxiemazie @jynxiemazie @jynxiemazie @jynxiemazie @jynxiemazie @jynxiemazie @jynxiemazie @jynxiemazie
barriogirls - jynxmazefriday -
nachoelokz : @horton7665 @caballoruso thottie
victorprmt562 : @jerrysc213
pet6m : Oy! Oh my lordy!!
eduirian : Guapa
ralphy_718 : @rudad0n DAMN 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
andrademiguelangel : Wooow
909rag63 : @sal_dodgers12
aalaniz333 : @jconseeded1
hammer_swinger_713 - asspool - richardgomez428 - isaclopezlopez -
Oh to be so fortunate to be able to touch that million dollar ass!!! Yes sir, #jynxmazefriday is starting and I have a couple personal pics directly from her phone!!!! #barriogirls #jynxmazefriday @jynxiemazie @jynxiemazie @jynxiemazie @jynxiemazie @jynxiemazie @jynxiemazie @jynxiemazie @jynxiemazie @jynxiemazie @jynxiemazie
barriogirls - jynxmazefriday -
fernandodl : This kids like 😐😱
betoo_213 : Lucky as vato !!!
kilomancilla : Lucky bastard
serggalvan82 : You're a lucky man bro!
mef_96 : Pinche suertudo! Logradote!! #barriogirlsqueen #milliondollarbooty
eduirian : Que no te toque el culo ese palanganas eh.jajaja
dannyv_602 : Lucky bastard!
luisalbertolomeli12 : TOY CELOSO
ntiz_delonge - thewingking_ - oscar_granados_2015 - isaclopezlopez -
Friendships may come and go but model releases last forever 😊 releasing all the old stuff very soon!! Need to make room for the new content already shot. #tbt #barriogirls
tbt - barriogirls -
craigflako1408 : Ashley is so damn hot !!!!!
ramos___sd : Baby girl has a body bitches pay for
segura714 : @joev647
zubia58 : @xkingart23x
gil_lomas : Damn sexy ass chicas
jamesdrankotv : Can't wait to see Christy B @barriogirlsdotcom
richfsport : Can't wait to see them all!! Be like a kid on Christmas morning opening up gifts!!!
gie718 : Baby girl is sexi a.f look ma good ...
musclejh289 - visionsofa.dom - enrique_viii_ - eddiediaz31 -
One of my favorite pics!!!! Dinner with Jenaveve. And your welcome for not posting my ugly ass face and ruining this picture. #tbt #barriogirls
tbt - barriogirls -
elgolditto : No pos ta cabron dos mujeres muy guapas pero the beard kills bro lol @barriogirlsdotcom
a1sauce805 : @simplyliisa is that the pri πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
haria_ngel_71 : You guys look so cute 😘
leannesoevil : Lmao
sun_bro : Lucky you
simplyliisa : @a1sauce805 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ™…no lol I can't stop laughing!
boogiez1976 : Lucky
__fountain__ : How she doing?
ari_glend - willy_micky - mikewazowski_64 - ryfeb5093 -
My other new girl!! So excited to tag them and introduce them to the fans!! New #barriogirls model #compton
compton - barriogirls -
playademex81 : Gorgeous af πŸ’―πŸ‘πŸ’£πŸ’₯πŸ’ŽπŸŒΉπŸ’¦πŸ˜˜
manzters : When's the website gunna be up
robertopatordez : @speedy1nk @slezye @oldsmobile85 @818freddy @sammyboy760
ag_sssj_r1p.grumps : Shes hella bad
dirtyabel364 : @sanchez_world
nicholastiscareno : @mdogg81 @segura714 @anthonyy.segura
spartan_martyr : Man when u need an intern. Lol. Shit ill carry your camera..make the tent idk. Lol.
obowym3 : @autolifetv
miguelmenglez - la.guera.lokz - thewingking_ - losotek -
Fat booty, but guess what? It's the face that I love. Test shoot coming next month. #barriogirls #santarosa #babyfacestunna
babyfacestunna - santarosa - barriogirls -
torres.dominic : Who is this sexy Masota
mobwifexoxo_ : 707 Has The Best Girls
willy_micky : awesome
dreadheadricanboi : 😱😘
essxgee : 2young2drive
msarol_ : Whats her nama?
man_of_steel28 : She is bad. Let's get the site up bro. We more than ready to see all of the honeys you advertising.
ladyjadexo : that face πŸ‘Œ
thewingking_ - __chop.suey - gimylon - fuckin_haters_haters_hate -
Goodnight everyone. Turn in in early. Thank you to the new 1k followers in 3 days. So if you are new with our #milfmonday we always end with the #bg #og #queen #barriogirls #bae @aabbylicious @aabbylicious @aabbylicious @aabbylicious @aabbylicious @aabbylicious @aabbylicious @aabbylicious @aabbylicious @aabbylicious @aabbylicious
bae - bg - barriogirls - og - queen - milfmonday -
petenice44 : @aabbylicious good nite beautiful 😍
sangremetal : Eso
tinaabaybee143 : Isnt this your wife? She is a beauty!!!
haria_ngel_71 : @aabbylicious πŸ‘‘πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸŒ·
xzkoko - richardgomez428 - zay_600_300 - jojo_408sj -
Slow day at work but I keep it funky #keepeatingthattommysgirl #eclecthick #barriogirls
keepeatingthattommysgirl - barriogirls - eclecthick -
_akdsg : At the Cafe del sultry sweets with smooth silky sounds rreemind meeee
nlbjose - elcompajuan58 - twinnando88 - jjanderwald -
This woman is baaaaad!!! #milfmonday #barriogirls @izzyboo8 @izzyboo8 @izzyboo8 @izzyboo8 @izzyboo8 @izzyboo8 @izzyboo8 @izzyboo8 @izzyboo8
milfmonday - barriogirls -
blckregal_losangelesfamiliac.c : Nice picπŸ‘
willy_micky : nice boobs
dcejboogie : No pull out lol
izzyboo8 : @barriogirlsdotcom thanks bbe❀️
angelbaybe21 : She's gorgeous! @barriogirlsdotcom
megadavex4 : nice tities!
izzyornot : Love your name. Cause that is mine as well. :)
cadillac_connect : @finestkreations_bc
staywinning_cleve - la.guera.lokz - thewingking_ - enrique_viii_ -
One of my favorite from my army days. I would always buy magazines with her spreads and also DVDs. Retired now yet still beautiful. Super milf @therealmariahmilano #barriogirls #milfmonday
milfmonday - barriogirls -
91fcm8one8 : Yo who was that chick u guys had with the 408 tatted on her chest she was bad @barriogirlsdotcom
gil_lomas : Yes @barriogirlsdotcom @therealmariahmilano was one of my faves when she was in the biz
therealmariahmilano : Ahhhhh thx babe😍☺️😘😘😘😘😘😘
cj.thugz - thewingking_ - enrique_viii_ - syne420 -
From the #505 and as beautiful in person. @deiliahrivera for #milfmonday #barriogirls @deiliahrivera @deiliahrivera @deiliahrivera @deiliahrivera @deiliahrivera @deiliahrivera @deiliahrivera
505 - milfmonday - barriogirls -
aabbylicious : πŸ‘„β€πŸ‘„β€πŸ‘„
deiliahrivera : @aabbylicious 😘
lceram : Are u pretty
willy_micky : so soxy so amazing
wmlawson730 : I would love to have my own private photos of you. You are Gorgeous.😍
miguelmochila9 : 😈
bronzedglitter : @starkmechanical here
gil_lomas : Damn she's gorgeous
xzkoko - manuel_ortega_jr - mayankagg88 - isaclopezlopez -
My other new girl also has booty tho!!!! Watch out for these two girls test shoots out in July. #barriogirls
barriogirls -
veeate36 : @mrfolgerz het
jdgutierrez_ : Slap!!
barriogirlsdotcom : Gracias @weirdos510 tell Nate the same
iblis_eblis : Dam!
willy_micky : beautiful fat ass
locnut46 : Sexy azz
sooperatzzi : @liquidg37s
dizz0_r : @teddyavina28
m_bucur69 - mat_shino_garcia - kramz31 - big_s253 -
The beautiful @1estherrose1 #barriogirls #505 #burque finest @1estherrose1 @1estherrose1
505 - burque - barriogirls -
blckregal_losangelesfamiliac.c : πŸ‘
isreal_aka_buzz : @hollywood_81s @ccheagles @jmcandella @flhtc_prospect36
justjoe24_7 : @rd95stang
mrmarine333 : I love esther! !! @1estherrose1
mia_love127 : @soulmerchant333
lucky_luciano1989 : Omg your sexy as hell!!
lucky_luciano1989 : @1estherrose1
oscarmarrero17 : :-) ♥β™‘♥β™‘
staywinning_cleve - cardo_415 - oscar_granados_2015 - enrique_viii_ -
July going to be busy. One of our first trips will be to L.A. we have a couple of girls down there. Here is another pic of our latest, desde Compton. Una chulada. Anxious!!!!! #barriogirls
barriogirls -
josue_ibarra03 : She's beautiful!!!
h1tmanlou : πŸ‘
haria_ngel_71 : Sexy
dmontantes : Sexy
esfmajid : OK
icharger619 : Yum
beylmoreland : She's Bad She's Dangerous
sam_chairez : Got u a good one πŸ‘Œ
husseidx - la.guera.lokz - regina_triii - iran24.iran24 -
Not tagging her yet but my little Compton girl is just perfect!!! Look for our first shoot with her pretty soon!!! Happy with the new girls we are working with. Tagging her next week. #barriogirls #newblood
newblood - barriogirls -
black_sunday78 : πŸ‘πŸ‘
haria_ngel_71 : πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯β€πŸ’‹
icharger619 : Approved βœ”οΈ
johnny_boy_559 : Bad as fuck
d3nnis_manuel24 : El diablooooooooπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
shes_s0_serious : πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“
parkerrobert95 : How that's dame sexy my god
parkerrobert95 : πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’
__chop.suey - iran24.iran24 - regina_triii - isaclopezlopez -
I could only imagine being behind that!! Hope you enjoyed this week's #jynxmazefriday see you next week. #barriogirls @jynxiemazie @jynxiemazie @jynxiemazie @jynxiemazie
barriogirls - jynxmazefriday -
gusguzman831 : Love this anal bioch jynx
pab1970 : @keith19m
bigwhitewolf : @6quatro that's how they great me !!!
6quatro : @bigwhitewolf who !!!?? Dj ???
bigwhitewolf : Lmao
raiderjess78_rnwc : @c_q1
f_i_t_h : @pacos10
drew_lopez81 : @chato424
engjellpilku - antonio_wilmas_28 - bigpappi6742 - regina_triii -
This is the stuff that jynx posts on her page. So why not follow her??? That is her only instsgram, the rest are FAKE. #follow the #queen of #barriogirls #jynxmazefriday @jynxiemazie @jynxiemazie @jynxiemazie @jynxiemazie @jynxiemazie @jynxiemazie @jynxiemazie @jynxiemazie
follow - queen - jynxmazefriday - barriogirls -
_chach_ : What happened to the tat on her leg? @jynxiemazie
coupeer16 : Oh, my God, what a beauty baby finished me honey
detroitdougie1972 : #boom
jshort707 : @sham_green
nay_official_ : Q te fucking
raiderjess78_rnwc : @c_q1
jhoan_art : @aka_clown
obowym3 : @autolifetv 😜
ab.bam.bam - regina_triii - bigpappi6742 - isaclopezlopez -
Decisions decisions. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!! #barriogirls @aysahmikalah @aysahmikalah @aysahmikalah @aysahmikalah @aysahmikalah @aysahmikalah @aysahmikalah @aysahmikalah @aysahmikalah
barriogirls -
chukychuck1 : One like this @sirenamexica.93
sirenamexica.93 : Tmbn @chukychuck1
viciouspaint : @phnix8
carlosarias84 : @malosozacatecano fuck yeah
carlosarias84 : @jedimindtricks818 @alejandro_mr
alejandro_mr : @jedimindtricks818 @carlosarias84 is this at your house while your girl isn't there?? PIMP! Puro Bruce Wayne... Billionaire Playboy
carlosarias84 : @alejandro_mr @jedimindtricks818 you know it my boi πŸ˜‚
dee.sanchez.7902 : Qvo..dang girl my stilo
santosh12482 - sal_gonz23 - willy_micky - azteca297 -
Nuestra Reina. The one and only @jynxiemazie #barriogirls #jynxmazefriday @jynxiemazie @jynxiemazie @jynxiemazie @jynxiemazie @jynxiemazie @jynxiemazie @jynxiemazie @jynxiemazie @jynxiemazie
jynxmazefriday - barriogirls -
bgmn54 : I remember that day.. Good times!
antdawg82 : Omfg 😨😧😦 @jynxiemazie I'm so in love with you
fco.taper1 : ChikititA
jasonfuckingtejeda : @californiazephyrwinds
nicholastiscareno : @mdogg81 @segura714 @anthonyy.segura
southcityskate : @420emogirl69blazed take this. :)
mranaheim714 : @jynxiemazie nice star! πŸ‘πŸΌ
andrademiguelangel : Woow
syne420 - shadowdiablo - tigger10134 - enrique_viii_ -
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