@mobythick and @alfonso.acuna (me) have been lucky to work with some of the most beautiful women. Who's next?? #tbt #barriogirls
tbt - barriogirls -
popgoesdageezle : When is the magazine finally coming out????
sdrawkcabyssupsti : 3rd row middle πŸ’‹
johnny_a_1 : @victorrious1 @chinotafoya1 @chrismg92
mobythick : @mef_96 I appreciate it! 😊
ashley_mmae : πŸ™‹πŸ™‹ @alfonso.acuna @mobythick
perro_lv : Damn whos the hyna the 3rd on the first row
nandukes559 : Ice la fox
chinotafoya1 : @johnny_a_1 nice
pornlover123456789123 - arlexgordiillo - fernhry - mike_duran8 -
#tbt @barriogirlsdotcom #resume #barriogirls πŸ˜‰πŸ‘Œ
barriogirls - tbt - resume -
barriogirlsdotcom : Damn we are good photographers!!! @mobythick
mobythick : @barriogirlsdotcom indeed!!
barriogirlsdotcom : Guess I need to make another collage we are missing girls on there
mobythick : @barriogirlsdotcom I think you might have been mad at a few hahaha
barriogirlsdotcom : Who me??? Never! !!! These girls never get me mad!!! Lol @mobythick
fadivari - tino2100 - zeb185 - peruana23peruvianboss -
barriogirls -
vr_970 - volcanog01 - nyuuji - vlanga -
#barriogirls #barriogirlsdotcom #sexysucias
barriogirlsdotcom - sexysucias - barriogirls -
fifthauditor : @bottomendd
itzruffcutt : #jenavevejolie
chicobling1984 - syfyhd - nuttinbutluvfamilia4life - texrob210 -
I remember looking at this pic a long time ago and thinking man wouldn't it be nice if she was nude????? Then #barriogirls was developed not long after..... she was bad back in the day Angel Vain I believe was her name.
barriogirls -
marcusgay : @naomie_gee this is you In your dream haha
vargas82 : Rachel Sterling
frankiiboii89 : #rachelsterling
nataliealexisv : C:
xfelipipex : @digarfa
elcien100x1 : She was pretty hot back in the day. I think she was Mex-asian mixed
seven_206 : She got tattooed by one of the best in the biz. The legend Mr.cartoon.
alex650.leone : Classic pic. Shouts to jokerbrand
alaskaforlife25 - kings_jack28 - ithcarlosl - robertocarlossanchezrorres -
We usually don't let this many people snap pics during a shoot but when we shoot @jynxiemazie, she don't give a fuck, the more cameras the better. Just a little clip of what happens when #barriogirls gets down!! @mobythick on the camera and @kevin_sucio on the video.
barriogirls -
geovannie323 : Love working with girls who are not shy @mobythick next time let me know I am down to take some pictures I am a photographer too
soul.stoned : Lol invite next time. I wanna meet @jynxiemazie 😍😍😍
dymarmac : Because she's my good little whore.πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
714dodgerblue : #Maniacos
spartan_martyr : Damn it be hard to focus with the phone when u got her in front of u
marcos198707 : @barriogirlsdotcom the guy with the beer looks dissapointed he dint have his cell or camera so grab a beer lmao.. Lucky guys though got to see Jynx...
adonis2121 : I may or may not have "met" her.
edubbzz79 : @bigjuls90650 @therealdanno @hermdizzle562 @c__white8s
aleksroman - sandoval760s - kfkfjgj - kresnyk40 -
#fangirls #barriogirls #deltonilovethem @jakey_gaga
fangirls - deltonilovethem - barriogirls -
elguapo559 : @bostonjewel_ ur videos came out better them @jakey_gaga
jakey_gaga : @elguapo559 difference between galaxy and iphone
elguapo559 : @jakey_gaga u still got Jason phone
jakey_gaga : @elguapo559 nah I broke the screen on that mug
melomvtic - bang_a_rang_leti - jakey_gaga - lisa_lisa22 -
#tbt shooting pornstar remy for #barriogirls
tbt - barriogirls -
mobythick : @braulio427 myra is enjoying her life right now with her family. Nothing but love for her and her choices made.
braulio427 : @mobythick oh alright good stuff. Was just wondering man. Nothing wrong with family.
mobythick : @braulio427 no worries!
braulio427 : @mobythick she still my favorite tho B) keep up the awesome work.
mobythick : @braulio427 thanks bro!
peruana23peruvianboss : @mobythick if u ever need a beauty holla taking pics especially with cars 😍😍😍😍☺️
mobythick : @peruana23peruvianboss shit hell yea. Can you Dm me? Let's talk
peruana23peruvianboss : @mobythick go head dm me
antwan_jameson_408 - yungcabron - mando7979 - saulkilo -
Well a promise is a promise. I told @catalinaa_rosee if the #49ers won she would get a shout out. Pretty close game!!! Here we go, a shout out to one of the biggest #barriogirls and #49ers fans around. #follow @catalinaa_rosee @catalinaa_rosee @catalinaa_rosee
follow - 49ers - barriogirls -
catalinaa_rosee : β€οΈπŸ’›β€οΈπŸ’› Niners baby!!! 😘
___nolanb__thc_____ : Nnnniiiinnnneeerrsssss !!!
neonfil : I would.
wmstr23 : That's what I'm talking about Niners Baby!!! #NFL #NinersForLife #NinersBabyGurl
dodgerblues23 : @catalinaa_rosee so beautiful
catalinaa_rosee : @dodgerblues23 thank you!
roadstar_robinson : Yummy!!!
brown12rooster - fernasty209 - gpelayo11 - onebadchango -
By request I'm sure you've seen this set out there on different IG profiles but just remember who took them!!! #barriogirls hey it was a long day I was looking rough. Pics by @alfonso.acuna
barriogirls -
theakme : 300
californiarose93 : Cute!
chiinobling : Baby
assassinape : Damn. Nice.
momodoee : #legend
somber.arrow : First porn star I ever saw in a full length video πŸ™Œ
johnny_a_1 : @victorrious1
catalinaa_rosee : ❀️❀️❀️❀️
_d_harris_ - onebadchango - youngmakenmoney - nicoyadaze777 -
Nuestras Reinas!!!! Our queens!!! Hope everybody has a great weekend!!!! So happy to have worked with these 2 legends. Who's our next legend???? #barriogirls
barriogirls -
33nellynel818 : HOT!
realisticautobody : πŸ‘€πŸ˜πŸ‘€πŸ˜πŸ‘€πŸ˜πŸ‘€πŸ˜πŸ‘€
darkpassenger29 : both of them are πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯!
mef_96 : #cantfuckwithJynx #Queens
lilcal09 : πŸ‘™
lilcal09 : VjvvπŸ’πŸ‘πŸ’†πŸ˜›
buttcher : Jynx >~~~~<3~~~~~~>
m.e69 : WOW! NOW thats sexy if i must say 😍
sergioosantos - hayqelking - ajithton - dxrulezandyouknowit -
Follow past #barriogirls @sdovelv @sdovelv @sdovelv #tbt
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nerped1 : Bangin
raybo98 : @alberrtaco omg thanks
israel_aka_buzz : @hollywood_81s
dirtygreg77 : @alberrtaco #jesusfuckingchrist
dirtygreg77 : @mrluck πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
w6zac : @el_seeto_rodriguez
roadstar_robinson : Yummy😜
408hooligan_si : @elpattrron
_marcusthabarber831 - dj_spade9 - oscarwolfy - had2_change -
Who would have guessed that these 3 would group up to shoot nudies??!!?? Follow the #barriogirls crew at @kevin_sucio @mobythick @alfonso.acuna Sucios from birth!!
tbt - barriogirls -
millaacutthroaat : @mobythick lil Stevie MCM tho haha
_____michellle : MAÑACOS πŸ’‹πŸ˜‹
ashley_mmae : I love this! Two of my favorite guys @alfonso.acuna @mobythick so cute!
get_moneynows : Cool!
mobythick : @millaacutthroaat 😘
mobythick : @ashley_mmae haha 😜
calistylz : I bet @mobythick 's shirt said #pimpin
mobythick : @calistylz and you know this mayne
cr1s2306 - juangozalez139746 - ms.k__ - weezy408 -
I love all type of females, but I always, always fall back to my Latinas. My weakness. #barriogirls
barriogirls -
one_luv831 : this girl is so beautiful
vegaslilly89 : #thanks for the following
cabron408 : @ya_worst_n1ghtm4re @e_loz.father damn mitt
buckeyechuck : She is beautiful!
scr3w_h3ad : @p_cruz13. @trigg_cruz
slowpoke_rodriguez13 : Who is this chick?
kattfam23 : Gorgeous
livinglife_lovinglife_ : @barriogirlsdotcom wow super beautiful you have the prettiest girls love following you guys!
dhag0d - livinglife_lovinglife_ - jsmokinloc - gordosounds1978 -
And she said yes!!!! Shooting her april/may. I know it's a while from now but being patient does pay off. Building the new line up oh but wait don't be surprised if a super fan favorite makes a return, shhhhh. I'm not saying nothing, you didn't hear it from me. Let's just wait and see. So for now let's welcome Gia and follow her @gfedullo @gfedullo @gfedullo @gfedullo @gfedullo @gfedullo #barriogirls we only shoot the hottest girls!!!!
barriogirls -
iamjjguerrero : Daaaas it @andreanalove
dodgerblues23 : @gfedullo is amazingly beautiful
andreanalove : @iamjjguerrero daaaaaassss it
one_luv831 : @barriogirlsdotcom txt me
boricua_beauty415 : She's gorg!!
waggon__boyz__swcc - deon4081 - yung_shumurda1994 - mo__7227 -
We may have not discovered her but you will Def see more of her shooting for #barriogirls thanks to @mobythick for bringing her on board. Follow the gorgeous @kittykattkash @kittykattkash @kittykattkash @kittykattkash @kittykattkash
barriogirls -
24k_photography : Nice legs @kittykattkash
chris_luis88 : Not bad @timtheimpaler
honey__naomi : @slimmax647 🎁
one_luv831 : thats a bad ass pic
stef650_ : That's my girl πŸ˜πŸ’πŸ‘―πŸ’ƒπŸ‘™πŸ’‹πŸ’―πŸ’Έ
megalicious127 : My babe ❀️
flow_supernova : Wauw looking good girl 😍
heysir31 : @thirtyoners
dhag0d - malnikolai1979 - mojtaba_gh_1986 - gordosounds1978 -
#missgreeneyez916 #barriogirls
missgreeneyez916 - barriogirls -
rootsjp - silencer13 - 02fordmustang - jjxoxolove -
barriogirls -
ltdking - lowglasshouse - salomalo1 - cruisin54 -
Waaaay back #tbt picture by El Alfonso. #jenavevejolie was and is stunning his day. Nothing but perfection. #barriogirls
jenavevejolie - tbt - barriogirls -
pale_papi : @jualma I am the pale papi hermano. It's a tough job but someone on the pale side has to do it.
visual_expressions52 : Future wife
6dueceimpala : @59junkie
mistermike313d : Mmmm!!!πŸ‘…πŸ‘…
sixtieskitten : @m_aguilar828 my favorite pornst*r
motovato7 : @luv_my_peach7
foxychika : @Barriogirls she's so pretty wish I could work with her one day
daman61574 : @barrio_girls pretty hot ass you got there πŸ˜›
_marcusthabarber831 - oscarilunna - wolfman81g - dxrulezandyouknowit -
Photography by El Alfonso of one of the greatest one of all #jenavevejolie for #barriogirls
jenavevejolie - barriogirls -
brownsugar1703 : @will_i_am_76 Ahhh thanks for lying to me!!! :). If I looked like her I'd be in the money tho!! πŸ˜œπŸ˜‹
will_i_am_76 : Lol; I wasn't lying. You have beautiful eyes. Just saying it how I see it and, I don't lie. @brownsugar1703
brownsugar1703 : @will_i_am_76 Well thank you! ☺️
barriogirlsdotcom : It takes a lot of work to look like her I remember the told me she was glad we didn't cancel our shoot, since she had not had any sugar in 3 weeks!!!
will_i_am_76 : I guess I'm partial towards brown hair, brown eyes and Latinas. Was with one for 20yrs. @brownsugar1703 good Sunday Sarah
sdrawkcabyssupsti : Everybody calm down talkin bout my future wife right here! ❀️
will_i_am_76 : Pffffffffftttttttt; Riiiggghhhhttttt.
z.ezo14424842 : Nice
bigcadillacj - youngmakenmoney - dee_smokin - amjuarez77 -
barriogirls -
liljgarcia : @bigcypha
bigcypha : Ahh shit the competition is looking good. Im slacking! ! I need long arms in the back and to finish my rear axle reinforcement. Then its paint and interior. Ill be hitting back bumper for the fiestas till I break that mofo! Than fix it the way my woman is way hotter so I already win...hahaha@liljgarcia
vanmanloki - silencer13 - cruisin54 - yung_rich_kidd_361 -
Studio pics are great but sometimes magic is captured spontaneously. Pic Of #jenavevejolie By @mobythick For #barriogirls
jenavevejolie - barriogirls -
yogier61 : @barrio_girls can u do me a big favor plz
niggazcantkeepup : πŸ‘πŸ”₯πŸ‘Œ
keepit1hunid : @meadows_g_vi wat yu knw bout this
visual_expressions52 : Future wifey;)
douglastaboada : Que panochita Mas bella mmmmm
jdeburgo600 : can i have some :-)
ernestandrade1984 : @gabanelli12 @big_d_419
amjuarez77 : @juanzuniga287 @gguer776
_marcusthabarber831 - 117ut - dxrulezandyouknowit - wolfman81g -
Woke up, and saw this. Just want to make sure, it may not be HER, but is this still HER #officialpage ? Lol #JenaveveJolie #BarrioGirls #Latina Which ever tbe case @jenavevejolie thank you for the Like haha
officialpage - jenavevejolie - latina - barriogirls -
artis_dope - princezzlily - jeannette_23 - theotherjosselyn -
Our makers!!! We may have shot more girls before and after we shot these two, but honestly, these two broke the mold!!!! #barriogirls hall of fame. Jenaveve and @jynxiemazie
barriogirls -
bsolano760 : @olopez79 #EeeeJole
big_island_boy_808 : Uhhh. Fat bean
vanitylove00 : Jynx my fav she has a beautiful p**** haha
xchristhebarberx : @pharfetcht @el_tuntun @xconstantex @abram_barber @jjondrums
xchristhebarberx : @beingnecio210
beingnecio210 : @xchristhebarberx πŸ’¦πŸ’¦
thetroubledkid : Damn ur ugly asf @tha_nasty_kid
foxychika : @Barrio girls jenaveve it's the best beautiful lady muahsss
edubbzz79 - gerrgar2 - elcaminoray - dhag0d -
@armz_korleone looking amazing after yesterday's gym workout at @atlasspartans Gym in Milton Keynes. I asked Armz to hit a few poses and we both thought why not go for the classic Arnie style type. You could say Armz is a man of many talents. If you didn't already know he is also a very talented artist. I've seen his art work and believe me it's πŸ‘. #womanseyecandy #barriogirls #loveofmuscle #dedication #hardtrainung #nutrition #determination #bodybuilding #healthyeating #healthychoices #arnoldschwarzenegger #picoftheday #bestoftheday #fitspro #fitfam #fitness #exercise #glamourous #instacool #instaatlas #physique #atlasgymmiltonkeynes #atlasnutrition
nutrition - fitfam - loveofmuscle - barriogirls - fitness - glamourous - healthychoices - determination - bodybuilding - womanseyecandy - healthyeating - hardtrainung - atlasnutrition - instaatlas - physique - fitspro - instacool - bestoftheday - atlasgymmiltonkeynes - arnoldschwarzenegger - dedication - picoftheday - exercise -
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#tbt follow my nasty girl @t.reagan #tinsleereagan #barriogirls #censoredforthecrybabies
tinsleereagan - tbt - censoredforthecrybabies - barriogirls -
barriogirlsdotcom : Is this her 100th ig already??
mobythick : @barriogirlsdotcom 101. She's going to post her naked ass regardless. She gives zero fucks hahaha
tech310 : Hey @mobythick and @barriogirlsdotcom does Jenaeve have an ig.. I ran into this one this week @missjenav .. Is this really her or scam
barriogirlsdotcom : She does NOT have an ig or Facebook or Twitter @tech310 her twitter was being ran by her old webmaster
barriogirlsdotcom : Yup i know @mobythick I love her crazy ass, she is sex crazy not crazy crazy like other we've worked with
t.reagan : πŸ’‹πŸ’œ @mobythick @barriogirlsdotcom
mobythick : @t.reagan 😘
javiier_sanchez - ymakur10 - baijin19940606 - angelmtz530 -
#tbt #unedited. When you know what your doing, you don't need photoshop. #kiaramia shout out to Alfonso for being my personal light stand haha. #barriogirls #lighting
kiaramia - unedited - lighting - tbt - barriogirls -
barriogirlsdotcom : My shoulders hurt for days but I had a semi going on at the same time she smelled deliciois.....
mr_gooch : @otravidaropas
pale_papi - ebi.021.tehran60 - rameez00 - mr_luchalibre -
Follow my nasty girl @t.reagan she made a new Instagram and if you are a fan of #barriogirls then you know who she is πŸ‘Œ. If not you could always google her πŸ™Œ #tinsleereagan
tinsleereagan - barriogirls -
snapshotzo : @the_yule
thug___baby - ymakur10 - ayeyouugly - hightimes63 -
#tbt again years ago when I first started. I was only making music for #barriogirls at this time. #tasha #sbfotos
tasha - sbfotos - tbt - barriogirls -
jewlizolyfe : She's bad!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
jespinozainyomix : I was bouta say. Damn didn't know you were a girl! Lol
4fizzlemynizzle - drafuir - palmettostate843 - tech310 -
#catrinas #catrina #barrio #barriogirls #tequiz y #venenosa #sisters #sista #sisterhood #hood #women #movement
venenosa - barriogirls - catrina - movement - sista - tequiz - sisters - women - sisterhood - barrio - hood - catrinas -
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Love me some Cat! #BarrioGirls #DrunkInLove
drunkinlove - barriogirls -
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#lowlows #lowriders #classy #models #barriogirls
models - lowriders - barriogirls - lowlows - classy -
silverromero : @guttit47 @knajares
elvolo : @theboogieshop
96_klique_64 : πŸ‘πŸ‘
realogrider : I know ha ;-)
6dueceimpala - shawnyongp - bluesukcheese -
@vacazfinest I swear keeps on getting better and better looking!!!! Agree???
barriogirls -
martinez0114 : 😍
christy_bernadette : 😍😍😍😍😍😍
33nellynel818 : Telling u mann...Latinas do it better!...Shuuuuu
dreski594 : Boob job!! Agree*
rubalcaba82 : You always looking very beautiful 😊
h.c.s_a.m.c : Ahea just so so beautiful
eddyloco87 : ALWAYZ
r.guevara77 : You look great. Im AZ.
sinist3r86 - __koroshkabir__ - fermeng - akaa888 -
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