Getting ready for Mother's Day like a champ πŸ’ͺπŸ™ŒπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚#barkandbole #mothersday #bestson
bestson - mothersday - barkandbole -
thatshimm : @hellax_x
thatshimm : Naaaa
nekraflesh : @theamazingashley _😍
ayebeee : my mom would punch me
stingrza : @commelafromage
jcqlnjones : @wellsarahbelle now where was this card when I was looking for one Saturday??
wellsarahbelle : @jcqlnjones Amen!
theamazingashley : Lol! @nekraflesh
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MAY THE 4TH BE WITH YOU #barkandbole #starwars #sith #woodplugs #floaters
sith - starwars - woodplugs - floaters - barkandbole -
bjornsundvall : Okay, sounds great, but is that with worldwide shipping or just inside US? @barkandbole
barkandbole : @bjornsundvall it would be $10 for the shipping anywhere outside the U.S.
topherpierces : @pattypan666
topherpierces : I need these @d3rt_1
pattypan666 : @topherpierces buckingham..shits are to sick with it.... We need to get something tatted today
topherpierces : Yea we do @pattypan666
pattypan666 : @topherpierces figure something out and let's do it
ksinger134 : @aozelius
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1-1/4" plugs made for Zac! Thanks for sending in the decks homie! These were made from a deck he sent me this week. If you have some decks you'd like to send me we can trade $$$$ or plugs! Message me if you're interested. #barkandbole #recycledskateboards #skateboard #originalskateboardplugs
recycledskateboards - skateboard - originalskateboardplugs - barkandbole - bromance -
barkandbole : @madmadmike158 DM me or email me or etsy message
zakkparx : BRO! These are so gorgeous. Thank you so much! It was definitely a pleasure trading with you.
chaney_joshua : Yeah man life is going well I can't complain I hope the same for you as well. And yes sir I still have my hand carved baby plugs they were always my favorite!
ourdocumentary : These are beautiful 😍
barkandbole : @ourdocumentary thank you!!!
barkandbole : @chaney_joshua live is good! Stressful at times ya know but it's hard to complain! Love my simple life
barkandbole : @zakkparx it was a blast dude! If you find some more decks we can do it again
chaney_joshua : Gotta love it man it's yours
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Last day to snatch up a seven day plug set for $100!!!! Check out our previous post and etsy message, DM, or email me if you want to get in on this deal! I'd hate for you to miss out on this epic deal πŸ˜³πŸ™Œ #barkandbole #epicdeal #getitgetit
getitgetit - epicdeal - barkandbole -
brennan.cole : I'm so bummed
barkandbole : @brennan.cole if you want a set but can't pay until one day this week I'll still do it for you
brennan.cole : That would be amazing! and I get payed on tuesday, would you be able to do 1-1/2" by chance?
sacratachi : @jayrisk i need.
barkandbole : @brennan.cole yeah let's do it! Just DM me or etsy message me then please
brennan.cole : Done!
lg_ivy : I ordered! I'm so friggin excited!!!
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my girlfriend ❀️❀️ #girlswithplugs #girlswithtattoos #girlswithpiercings #plugs #barkandbole #tattoos #piercings #glasses #jeep #jeeplife
tattoos - girlswithplugs - jeep - girlswithtattoos - jeeplife - piercings - plugs - girlswithpiercings - barkandbole - glasses -
ravenhps : 😍😍😍😍
relaxchristina.starks - jere_will - necojames - iamthecwt -
#hair #haircolor #teal #purple #girlswithplugs #girlswithtattoos #girlswithpiercings #plugs #barkandbole #tattoos #piercings #shorthair #curls
tattoos - girlswithplugs - purple - girlswithtattoos - curls - hair - piercings - teal - shorthair - haircolor - plugs - girlswithpiercings - barkandbole -
_ciaobellaxoxo : 😍 #babe
son_of_dc : You're perfect 😍😍
imaragon : clevage! πŸ˜…... 😈
readingreid : Holy moly me oh my 😍
foxy_grandpa : You're such a fucking babe.
goldengreaser_93 : I love your hair! It's super cute
obiwanke_toby : 😍😍😍beautiful !
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54mm chechen Mayan flared tunnels inlaid with pink Ivory and holding a square coolibah burl floater πŸ™Œ #barkandbole #floaters #woodplugs #plugs #stretchedears Today is the last day to get in on our $100 deal for seven sets of custom plugs!!! Message me if you want to know more
stretchedears - woodplugs - plugs - barkandbole - floaters -
barkandbole : @chugarsenic you gonna be next right?
chugarsenic : Yes very soon man:)πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
barkandbole : @chugarsenic just message me whenever you're ready! We can make something really cool 😁😁
chugarsenic : For sure! Gonna test your skills on it😜
barkandbole : @chugarsenic 😳 looks like I'm up for a new challenge!
plugsofinstagram : Posting these up!
barkandbole : @plugsofinstagram thanks dude!
plugsofinstagram : No sweat bruh. These are super gorgeous.
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Made by @barkandbole who is running a 7 pair special!!
plugsporn - plugs - woodplugs - barkandbole -
plugsporn : #plugs #plugsporn #woodplugs #barkandbole
shutupsatan : These are mine<3
m_bertz : @cam_era_
cam_era_ : @m_bertz πŸ™‰πŸ™‰πŸ™‰πŸ™‰
luvbyseven : @mopeacelove these are you! Lol
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I'm in love with it. #mermaid #hair #purple #bluegreen #girlswithplugs #girlswithtattoos #girlswithpiercings #plugs #barkandbole #tattoos #piercings
tattoos - girlswithplugs - purple - girlswithtattoos - hair - bluegreen - barkandbole - plugs - girlswithpiercings - mermaid - piercings -
kay_lovexx : It looks so cute! 😍 I just love your hair!
queenofallbooty : That hair 😍😍
xgarrettsx : Looks good πŸ‘Œ
komradekitten : Yesss!!!
beanzsweething : Love itttt
komradekitten : Also, I would describe this as what magic looks like.
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I became a mermaid today #bluegreen #purple #girlswithplugs #girlswithtattoos #girlswithpiercings #barkandbole #plugs #tattoos #piercings
tattoos - girlswithplugs - purple - girlswithtattoos - bluegreen - piercings - plugs - girlswithpiercings - barkandbole -
_cakefarts - laugherz98 - destinydivosta12 - mycosmicafterglow -
Today was a great family day 😊watched my nephew play some ball and hung out with the family #familyovereverything #familyfirst #barkandbole #baseball #goodday
goodday - familyfirst - baseball - familyovereverything - barkandbole -
piercingsbycourtney : That's what it's all about!
jenna_hatesyou : @cotyvhxc aww
jessenew_fishing - purplebubba14 - flat_rice_field - the6thkind -
My boy @barkandbole us having a killer sale on his etsy store, any 7 sets of plugs for $100, that's a steal because I know how much work and late nights he puts in. #barkandbole #stretchedears #stretchedlobes #plugs #tunnels #woodworking #skateboard
stretchedears - woodworking - tunnels - plugs - skateboard - stretchedlobes - barkandbole -
d.u.h.n.a.h - rockabillychick12_voninks - originalgrain - youarenowmine -
woof #girlswithplugs #girlswithtattoos #girlswithpiercings #girlswithshorthair #plugs #barkandbole #tattoos #piercings #shorthair #tropical #spring #happy
tattoos - girlswithplugs - spring - girlswithtattoos - girlswithshorthair - tropical - piercings - shorthair - plugs - girlswithpiercings - barkandbole - happy -
phillydubs540 : #gorgeous #marryme #iloveyou
ayebeee : @phillydubs540 lol that's a little awkwardly forward
phillydubs540 : @ayebeee okay everything except the I love you
meagannaise : You're like, the prettiest girl.
ayebeee : @meagannaise stop no ❀️
tobyallenshamblin : I'd get lost in your poop brown eyes your gorgeous creature
ayebeee : @tobyallenshamblin hahaha oh thanks Toby πŸ˜‰
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Stoked for these πŸ’™πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ #barkandbole #stretchedears #plugs
stretchedears - plugs - barkandbole -
christopher_cloud - justinnarwhal - thecheefking - annie_panda_ -
That was fun! A weeks worth of 3/4" plugs and a kickass stand so they can rest easy 😎 anyone else interested in a weeks amount of plugs? Thinking of having a super duper awesome sale if you want seven sets πŸ‘#barkandbole #woodplugs #recycledskateboards #plugs #stretchedears
recycledskateboards - plugs - woodplugs - stretchedears - barkandbole -
rubyred_666 : I'd love ❀ a pair of your plugs. Got 8mm and cannot decide which ones to buy. 😍
barkandbole : @nicolevhayes 1" is a good size though
barkandbole : @rubyred_666 😁😁
therealchainreaction : @joemakin94
rubyred_666 : I might stretch up to 10mm and order a pair then. Love ❀ your work. Big hugs
barkandbole : @rubyred_666 awesome! If you were 10mm I could make you plugs almost like all of these and a lot more different things 😊😊😊
rubyred_666 : Ok... I'll be stretching up soon 😍
ourdocumentary : Bottom right 2 pairs 😍
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A few of the goodies headed to the homie @bmamodified #barkandbole #woodplugs #reznocs #bangers #skateboardplugs #portholes #organicplugs #skateboardbearings
bangers - portholes - organicplugs - skateboardplugs - skateboardbearings - woodplugs - reznocs - barkandbole -
barkandbole : @starlitdaydream just saw! Thank you so much
starlitdaydream : You're so welcome! I'm excited to see how they turn out. :D
wlaue : I love the top far right plugs! Can't wait to get my order in!:D
barkandbole : @wlaue thanks dude. We don't have the skateboard wood listed right now because we are low on supplies but if you want a set I can make it happen!
wlaue : @barkandbole I actually ordered some last week when you had the bogo sale. But once I get them and get to my size I'll be sure to order more!
barkandbole : @waywardnephew oh awesome dude. I should be shipping that order any day then!
_losifer : What wood is the furthest to the left, center row?
barkandbole : If I'm thinking of the same set your talking about it was Katalox with a really dark bocote burl smooth convex face
lewis_halstead - men_who_rock - ryan.donnelly.37017 - piiinny -
Flowers in her hair #flowers #headband #boho #girl #brunette #greeneyes #spring #tunnels #plugs #eargauges #bodymods #barkandbole
brunette - headband - greeneyes - spring - flowers - eargauges - boho - barkandbole - girl - bodymods - plugs - tunnels -
princess466 - breathe718 - lushtoblush - checkmyphresh -
Today is unbelievably sunny out πŸŒžπŸŒžπŸŒžπŸŒ‹ made a stand from #recycledskateboards that will hold 7 sets of plugs πŸ™ŠπŸ˜#barkandbole #woodplugs
recycledskateboards - woodplugs - barkandbole -
mary_doppelpunkt3 : Such a sick idea! Love it
shutupsatan : I'm so stoked for that. 😍 it's perfect
rahrahrrrachel : @cunae
madmadmike158 : Duuude i love this idea!! : Looks like pepperoni pizza
barkandbole : lol it really does! But like school pizza that's cut like strange rectangles 😳
jt_smith14 : Hey quick question.. So I want to "attempt" to make handles for a fixed blade knife of mine, and I want to make it from a recycled deck. And I was wondering if you use anything to seal the wood at all? Because I do get my blade wet a lot of the times. And we both know when decks get water logged they are pretty much ruined... Lol! So if you have any pointers for me I would really appreciate it! I'm really excited for this project and I want it to come out great so bad! Thank you for your time and I hope you can get back to me😁 -Josh
jt_smith14 : @barkandbole
silverblackdragon - ohh_shiiit - jaster__ - sandy_sines -
@hustlebutterdeluxe is my favorite thing ever to put on my tattoos ears and plugs! Been using it everyday for well over a year and it's the shitπŸ™ŒπŸ‘ #barkandbole #woodplugs #organicplugs #hustlebutterdeluxe
hustlebutterdeluxe - organicplugs - woodplugs - barkandbole -
lostlove78 : @uglyj0seph
earthrise_x : i know this post is about hustle butter, but those plugs are πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
barkandbole : @storm_dawn it's smells real gooood 😁
barkandbole : @earthrise_x thanks man! Made these amboynaburl plugs a super long time ago
clint_brannon : Great stuff! πŸ‘πŸ‘
ta2smitty80 : Those plugs are so nice!
_brenttttt_ : I love these plugs dude!
alexx13x : Wonder if you can still make some?
aligurl11 - flat_rice_field - the6thkind - earthrise_x -
My cat was in shock by his own beauty. I love my pets ❀️❀️❀️ #Lucipurr #lucipurrthecat #cat #blackcat #meow #girlswithplugs #girlswithtattoos #girlswithpiercings #girlswithshorthair #plugs #barkandbole #tattoos #piercings #shorthair
lucipurr - tattoos - girlswithplugs - meow - girlswithtattoos - girlswithshorthair - blackcat - piercings - shorthair - lucipurrthecat - plugs - cat - girlswithpiercings - barkandbole -
carabajal22 : Whoa that cat is grown up!
ayebeee : @carabajal22 oddly he hasn't. he's still SO small. he just has a big boy face
ink_poisoning_ : Cool!
amber_juliaxo - jere_will - nery.bryant - deefenestrate -
Alrighty lets do this. My etsy shop has all these listed now for sale. Each listing has a size they will fit into for wood tunnels. You pick the wood and the size and we will make it happen! They are all listed for $20 a set and they prolly won't last long! #barkandbole #weekenddeal #stoned #woodplugs
weekenddeal - woodplugs - barkandbole - stoned -
barkandbole : @chrishatesy0u well the stones aren't exactly 1" they are like 3/4" to fit inside 1" wood plugs
chrishatesy0u : so I can't buy an inch set that's just stone, no wood? like for example the inch set that would fit inside the 1 1/4 wood?
chrishatesy0u : Hmm could you fit these inside bloodwood?
barkandbole : @chrishatesy0u that's correct! I can put them in bloodwood for you 😁
chadbigears801 : Fawk why do you have to do this to me?! Same price for 2 1/2"? Cuz some howlite in bloodwood would be sick
chrishatesy0u : So $20 for inch bloodwoods with howlite inlays?? I can PayPal ya asap!! Haha
alecjoshua : Yessss got the last tigers eye for 1 1/2" so stoked.
chrishatesy0u : ??
macabredesigns - flat_rice_field - the6thkind - koltonrwatson -
Just finished up inlaying a customers old stone plugs into some bloodwood tunnels! Really diggin the look and I have some old stone plugs from other projects that would be super fun to inlay in more plugs 😁😁will post about it later on and make listings on my shop. All the sets will be $20 each and will sell quick! So if you want a set don't sleep on it πŸ˜‹ #barkandbole #woodplugs
woodplugs - barkandbole -
barkandbole : @boba__vet thanks dude
d_martin333 : Purple ones are awesome
littleyellowlantern : Holla if you do some 1 7/8" I would love to rock these.
littleyellowlantern : Especially if it's that jade pair!
bamboo2187 : Do you have any amethyst 0's?
ourdocumentary : No amethyst in 1 1/8" 😒
barkandbole : @ourdocumentary sorry. The biggest amethyst stones just sold. I have a little bit smaller size listed that I put up to 1" but if you want them in 11/8" and don't mind a little more wood around the stone I can make them for you! Just buy the 1" and in notes put 11/8" for me
ourdocumentary : Ordered, thanks! Can't wait to receive them @barkandbole
charles_marble - koltonrwatson - shredded.treasures - daveyotanka -
I decided to bring back my septum today. I'm still debating on whether or not to stretch it, or just wear some fancy clickers. #modifiedworld #guyswithstretchednostrils #guyswithpiercings #plugsofinstagram #plugsover2inches #bigears #bignostrils #septumpiercing #bodypiercing #bodymodification #thetattoogallery #bodypiercer #legitbodypiercing #highnostrils #barkandbole #guyswithstretchedlobes
modifiedworld - thetattoogallery - highnostrils - bodypiercing - guyswithstretchedlobes - guyswithpiercings - guyswithstretchednostrils - bodymodification - bodypiercer - bignostrils - plugsover2inches - legitbodypiercing - septumpiercing - plugsofinstagram - bigears - barkandbole -
c0ldpeople : Stretch it and stack jewelry πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
bootyqveeeen : What size are your nostrils stretched to?
madisonhamiltonn : 😍
simply_modified : That might be the plan 😎 @c0ldpeople My nostrils are at 8mm @bootyqveeeen Oh shh you! πŸ™ˆ @madisonhamiltonn
c0ldpeople : You would definitely look great rockin' that πŸ™†πŸ»
simply_modified : I appreciate the compliment! 😎 @c0ldpeople
willvondoome : Come get some gold from me
killkatalina_ : You should leave it at that! - bootyqveeeen - lisha_nothere - xcaitlinurwinx -
New jewelry..... @barkandbole love my olive wood plugs..... Beauty 2 3/16 . #plugs #wood #56mm #ink #melt #belladonna2 #chic #selfie #tattoo #barkandbole
tattoo - selfie - 56mm - melt - belladonna2 - wood - ink - chic - plugs - barkandbole -
poolxboy : If you like olive wood, check out @organic.remains! Dude makes beautiful jewelry.
sinnamint : @poolxboy thanks. I'll check it out.
ayden16_aaron28 - beatrizkaca - h818_ - kamkamdunes -
I love my new #plugs! Thank you @barkandbole #barkandbole #bodymods #plugsporn #organic #organicplugs #vans #vansshoes
vans - organic - organicplugs - plugsofinstagram - vansshoes - plugsporn - plugs - bodymods - barkandbole -
jentmasterflex : #plugsofinstagram
jentmasterflex : @casafrassss
thebokashibucket : Awesome!
honeyoatswhore - sara_connell13 - toxic.pills - netssa -
Rock the red! LETS GO CAPS! #nhlplayoffs #WashingtonCapitals #CapsNation #rockthered #girlswithplugs #girlswithtattoos #girlswithpiercings #girlswithshorthair #plugs #barkandbole #tattoos #piercings #shorthair
tattoos - girlswithplugs - capsnation - girlswithtattoos - girlswithshorthair - nhlplayoffs - washingtoncapitals - piercings - shorthair - plugs - girlswithpiercings - barkandbole - rockthered -
hunterriggs : Shut upppppo
feelinfree3 : Your ears are perfect, what size are they?
ordo_adeptus : 😍
whiteblaze11 : So damn Cute!
csdgiji - xfuckrealityx - washcapsfilm - cr3wc4banger -
@chadbigears801 killin it in his 2-3/8" bloodwood plugs πŸ™Œ thanks dude #barkandbole #awesomecustomers #woodplugs #hugeplugs #guyswithplugs
awesomecustomers - guyswithplugs - woodplugs - hugeplugs - barkandbole -
lewis_halstead - densbloods - shredded.treasures - earthrise_x -
time to stretch #barkandbole #lignumvitae #etsy #quality #bodymods #stretchedears #woodtunnels
stretchedears - bodymods - lignumvitae - etsy - quality - barkandbole - woodtunnels -
instamomshopper - erynoleary - zuluktilar25ter_yarcid - stone__rebecca -
Finally got my 3/4 ebony wood floaters by @barkandbole and I'm in love with them 😍 #stretchedears#plugs#nofilter#nomakeup#galaxyhair#barkandbole
nomakeup - stretchedears - galaxyhair - plugs - nofilter - barkandbole -
barkandbole : Glad you like them! Sorry for the long wait also 😒
renafletch32 : Don't be they are amazing and any plugs I order that are hand crafted I know they are going to take a little longer than usual. The wait was worth it times 10 πŸ˜„ @barkandbole
inlovewithdopefreshplugs : Hey! You should model for @dopefreshplugs ☺️
groverfleshtunnelsuk - nitucee - hippy.van - jambocambo21 -
So happy!! I got these pair of shadow basilicas plugs with black pearls from @onetribejewelry for Christmas. But I stretched passed the size they were and couldn't wear them anymore. But thanks to @barkandbole now I can again!! He was able to set my plugs as inlays into some gorgeous blood wood myan flare tunnels in my size! Now I can wear them again. And honestly I love them even more now!! #stretchedears #guyswithstretchedears #plugs #pluglife #barkandbole #tatted #tattoo #tattooes #guyswithtattoos #gay #gaybear #gaysofinstagram #bear #beard #bearded
gaybear - tattoo - bearded - gay - plugs - tattooes - bear - stretchedears - tatted - gaysofinstagram - guyswithtattoos - guyswithstretchedears - pluglife - barkandbole - beard -
morristhanisnt - thereallevenx - bossmanbrands - dopevern -
meow #dress #stripes #glasses #girlswithplugs #girlswithtattoos #girlswithpiercings #girlswithpiercings #plugs #barkandbole #tattoos #piercings #shorthair
tattoos - girlswithplugs - girlswithtattoos - stripes - piercings - shorthair - plugs - dress - girlswithpiercings - barkandbole - glasses -
trecoletrain : 😍
miss_anthropa : So sweet!
nate.alger : πŸ‘
josh_you_uh : 😍
phillydubs540 : Marry me? πŸ™ŒπŸ½
thia.n - phillydubs540 - theraxputin - androgynous_8 -
Customer sent me his old 3/4" plugs to be inlaid into 1" bloodwood Mayan flared tunnels! Fun little project I messed with tonight. No plugs were harmed in the making of this πŸ˜‹ they can be reused as 3/4" plugs in the future if he chooses to down size πŸ‘#barkandbole #woodplugs #inlaidplugs
inlaidplugs - woodplugs - barkandbole -
renoldo_ : That's incredible?
renoldo_ : !*
sr.orellana : @sra.figueroa
the_lanky_lad : @joelythelad
chadbigears801 : Just got my plugs today! Well worth the wait they are beautiful! Awesome craftsmen ship! Will definitely buy again! My girlfriend loves hers as well thank you!
brennan.cole : Are those onetribe basillicas?
barkandbole : @brennan.cole yup! A customer of theirs wanted to be able to wear them again in a larger size
brennan.cole : Beautiful craftsmanship my friend! They look awesome!
captainkirkcano - estradam1 - momi_bennour - earthrise_x -
Floatin trough the weekend πŸ™ #barkandbole #recycledskateboards #floaters #skateboarding
recycledskateboards - floaters - barkandbole - skateboarding -
emilyobscenity : Love these. Can you make them with other wood instead of skateboards?
barkandbole : @emilyobscenity heck yes!
barkandbole : @emilyobscenity seriously though, if you want a set with a different kind of wood just message me on etsy or email me and we could talk it out! Or just put the wood type you want for the inlay in the note section 😁😁
emilyobscenity : @barkandbole awesome! Now I just need to decide what woods I would want to use! Thanks!
lawsonflanagan : Beautiful
barkandbole : @emilyobscenity you're welcome :)
lady_beastly : @beastly_beard
jessenew_fishing - piercingbychristy - karina_alex_duarte_ -
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