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Simple and beautiful 60mm bloodwood concave front and back set! #barkandbole #woodplugs Also do not forget about my giveaway! Three winners will be chosen Sunday 😊😊(refer to last post for details)
woodplugs - barkandbole -
dopeitsmigz : How much for these in a 3/4's?
barkandbole : @that_one_guy_eric lets make you a new set dude
that_one_guy_eric : Dude i would love that im going to dm you my number text me so i can figure out how to buy them. I never could figure out the etsye store thing or whatever it was called lol
that_one_guy_eric : And by the way i can guarantee you half of these people that are followers know what your name means haha
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#Repost @barkandbole with @repostapp. ・・・ If you're a still a fan of my work and wanna win a free set here's your chance! Three winners will be picked Sunday! Rules: 1) share a photo of my work( one photo a day max) 2) hashtag #barkandbole2016 3) follow my page Simple enough. . . If you're not feeling lucky you can check out my online store. Almost everything is $20 to $25 a set! #barkandbole #woodplugs #lowprices #handmade #madetoorder
woodplugs - barkandbole2016 - lowprices - repost - handmade - barkandbole - madetoorder -
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Just another giveaway I won't win haha #barkandbole2016 #starwars #barkandbole #sith #woodisgood #organicplugs #bodyjewelry #plugs #gimmefreestuff #giveaway #justwannawinonce #pickme
sith - starwars - barkandbole2016 - gimmefreestuff - organicplugs - woodisgood - giveaway - plugs - pickme - justwannawinonce - barkandbole - bodyjewelry -
deadmermaid - tomfoo1ery - lego_starwars_et - holesbodyjewelry -
If you're a still a fan of my work and wanna win a free set here's your chance! Three winners will be picked Sunday! Rules: 1) share a photo of my work( one photo a day max) 2) hashtag #barkandbole2016 3) follow my page Simple enough. . . If you're not feeling lucky you can check out my online store. Almost everything is $20 to $25 a set! #barkandbole #woodplugs #lowprices #handmade #madetoorder
woodplugs - barkandbole2016 - lowprices - handmade - barkandbole - madetoorder -
19agonia70 : @hellmutt_23
tophe131 : @kittenlily85
tophe131 : @sillyboy05
inkguyscott - tammy.the.terrible - ravenswritings - soothsayk -
Love my plugs from @barkandbole #immortal #liquidlip #plugs #barkandbole #57mm #wood #ink #writing #tattoo #moments #chic #barkandbole2016
tattoo - barkandbole2016 - moments - immortal - wood - liquidlip - 57mm - ink - chic - plugs - writing - barkandbole -
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#hagsameah #israel #eingedi #barkan #barkandbole #1998 #wine #semidrywine
israel - 1998 - eingedi - semidrywine - hagsameah - barkan - barkandbole - wine -
lirin__m : Χ’Χ•Χ©Χ” חיים
segev_dagmi - tal_aber - nircp - moran_mizan -
I feel a giveaway coming... 😁😁 #barkandbole #thisweekend ? #letsdoit
thisweekend - letsdoit - barkandbole -
magdalena_manson : Waannnntttttt 😍😍😍
tophe131 : Nice !! I really want a pair of 20mm skateboard wood plugs !!
samik.r : I just got my shipping notification that the label was made for my thinwall olivewood tunnels and I'm so excited!
hb8531 : Like
on_.7 - whoodkreations - magnusneergaard - vicsimi -
When you work a day job that is 60+ hours a week and then you get two days off in a row... #workhard #getitdone #barkandbole #woodplugs #etsy
etsy - workhard - barkandbole - getitdone - woodplugs -
whoodkreations - bip0lar_b3ar - tammy.the.terrible - kaaitlynn5 -
Sun heals the soul... sunbathing with the babes #girlswithplugs #barkandbole
barkandbole - girlswithplugs -
avatarofwoe : Yes!!! I'll DM you my address when I settle in!
e10_j : It sure does
brittanytwotrees : @e10_j no matter where we are in the world! Hope your having a good day my friend
e10_j : @brittanytwotrees πŸŒΉπŸŒŽβ˜€οΈ
avatarofwoe - justjessica - i_stay_frosty - asimmons29 -
Fresh hair cut with some AMAZING plugs from @barkandbole 2&1/2" blood wood with Osage orange in the middle. 10/10 #barkandbole #plugs #stretchedears #stretchedlobes #bodymodification #bodymods
bodymodification - stretchedears - plugs - bodymods - stretchedlobes - barkandbole -
plugyourholes : Fork Yea!
holesbodyjewelry - kazzschwagg - http.fvckup_ - lostboyashe -
First pair of plugs from @barkandbole arrived yesterday and I am more than pleased. The price is behind reasonable and the quality is great. I'll be ordering more.
woodplugs - guyswithglasses - biglobeclub - wood - piercings - warbyparker - guyswituplugs - plugs - guyswithpiercings - barkandbole -
brycepeltz : #barkandbole #plugs #biglobeclub #woodplugs #wood #piercings #guyswituplugs #guyswithpiercings #guyswithglasses #warbyparker
brycepeltz : edit: beyond reasonable*
chickswearingmyglasses - warbyparker - nellyvanklaveren - joshua_haider -
Thanks for the good vibes everyone πŸ˜ŠπŸ™ #barkandbole
barkandbole -
mrallenrose : Those teardrop with the skateboard tunnels are dope as fuck.
asana_natural_arts : Did you see my DM? @barkandbole
douglasfreshtonkuhns : @al_le_killer hell yes they are
douglasfreshtonkuhns : What type of wood was used on them @barkandbole
jsull1791 - jacob_blanco - the_second_chance_ - yamilis5 -
Not an easy time for my family. Please be patient with your orders, I promise they are all being made with love as quickly as I can get to them πŸ™β€οΈ#barkandbole #woodplugs #handmade #madetoorder
woodplugs - handmade - barkandbole - madetoorder -
jentmasterflex : Sending good vibes your way πŸ’šβœŒοΈ
djmisskai : Continuing to keep y'all lifted πŸ’–
bobbers_n_choppers : Need to order another set from u. Lost mine 😩
modifiedphill : Yessss!!! Thank you so much David (@barkandbole). I can't wait to get em
sincitymodified - kcmobodypiercing - hannahkirschner - sleepyslothbaby -
@barkandbole what up! #barkandbole #stretchedlobes #stretchedears #plugs Chechen and olive wood 2&3/8"
plugs - stretchedears - barkandbole - stretchedlobes -
holesbodyjewelry - the_spear - aprefecthousewife - opvlescent -
I'm in love 😍 #barkandbole #skateboardhalos #bigplugs #recycledskateboards #plugs #woodplugs
woodplugs - skateboardhalos - recycledskateboards - plugs - bigplugs - barkandbole -
t2thedub : My lil pee pee would fit nice in it @barkandbole
ich.bin.zombie : @barkandbole I was looking through you products, and the size in the drop menus for these only goes to 1β…ž. Am I able to request a bigger size, or are you only making drop menu sizes?
jonnygraves13 : @jessicalyn0884
wayne_gainsayer : @jayydubbbs
gore_baby - jessi_darling_ - cptnwhiplash - samandthecat -
😸#barkandbole #woodplugs
woodplugs - barkandbole -
tim.demers - the_boy_blunder - mamacitasky - jaruku_jewels -
Starting on a collab project with @barkandbole, stay tuned! #plugsporn #barkandbole #largelobes #collaboration
plugsporn - collaboration - largelobes - barkandbole -
lina_bronson : @antoniaweird guck dir bitte mal die seite an
antoniaweird : Alter???? Wie geisteskrank ist das??? @lina_bronson
littlemissmetalface : I know this is an old picture and you might not have any of the moth/butterfly left but would a pair of plugs like this be possible in 20mm? 😊✨
asana_natural_arts : @skyethealien yes I have more of this moth and tunnels. Email me at to work out a custom order
eimydrawing - yvetteisthedevil - ibin3amiiii - ittybittyrecluse -
I only get one night a week to make plugs these days, but I enjoy it more than ever. Everything is $25 or less on my site. That's not a sale that's the everyday awesomeness! #getsomeplugs #savesomecash #thenchill #withthehomies #whatmorecouldyouaskfor #barkandbole #hobby #woodplugs #woodturning
thenchill - savesomecash - woodplugs - woodturning - hobby - getsomeplugs - withthehomies - barkandbole - whatmorecouldyouaskfor -
explor4tions : @xkracked_skullx these are so nice let's order some soon?
brittanyxgrice : So ready to wear mine! You're awesome☺️
carollkatze : hello, i have a question and I think this way is shorter ;) are your plugs always a pair or have I to order 2 of them? and what's about shipping to Germany? :)
barkandbole : @carollkatze hello! It's always for a set of two plugs and shipping is around $7 or $8 for international shipping 😊
crazyratlady00 - cjbaum08 - kalebbolton - rufiocorp -
The homie @flaco_frank surprised me with this text earlier! #barkandbole #woodplugs #originalskateboardplugs #halos
halos - woodplugs - originalskateboardplugs - barkandbole -
barkandbole : How are we gonna top that set man! @flaco_frank
flaco_frank : Always another idea to art there will be some more @barkandbole
fiounz : @adrii_terror regarde bien son cou
adrii_terror : @fiounz me patate =]
based.storyteller - vodkasquid - drbourbonstein - beaverscraps_handmade -
Another year to appreciate the difference you lead in your life onto others as well as your own. Thankful for all that is around and making the best of what I have. Positive influences to keep moving forward everyday. #barkAndbole @barkandbole #skateboarding #plugs consafos #cs @plugsporn #tattoo #positive
tattoo - skateboarding - cs - positive - plugs - barkandbole -
plur_doleia : those are nice πŸ‘ŒπŸ½
sillycassiee_ : Umm who is that? ^
the_wizard_of_ox - m_solis32 - andyjungtattoo - impure_ink -
Meant for everyday ass kickin! Check out my lil online shop and my prices! #barkandbole
barkandbole -
tophe131 : The skate bearing ones are cool !! What size ?
barkandbole : @tophe131 thanks! The small ones were 1" the large ones were 1-1/2"
kattdiamondtattoos : Hey those are mine! Too excited!
aaaaammmmbbbeeeeerrrrrr - kalebbolton - damijan_furlan - andrewralph -
Something satisfying about ending a fun night wood turning to find your pocket is full of dust 😊 lol #barkandbole #woodplugs #nuggetpocket
woodplugs - nuggetpocket - barkandbole -
okwaves918 : How can we contact you? @barkandbole
barkandbole : @okwaves918 just send me an email or message me directly on my etsy. All the info is in my bio 😊
davidsix54321 : Are those blood wood ones mine? 😍
jagua_s - ozzikins - delvientojoyeria - candice_louise2 -
Excited that I got my new plugs in. They have 12 gauges in. Thank you #barkandbole
barkandbole -
mamanicelyy - bitchesaintshiiiit - x0missy0x -
This is my hobby #nightswhenimoffworkimakeplugs #barkandbole #woodplugs
woodplugs - barkandbole - nightswhenimoffworkimakeplugs -
davidsix54321 : Did you ever figure out if you could put that inlay in my plugs? Thanks!
skeyearova : I dm'd you a picture of the decks man!
dreweffingduh : @barkandbole hey boss I sent you an email back on the 10th of last month curious about a pair of 70mm tunnels. If you. Could get back to me I'd really appreciate it, thanks again!
_cuauhtzin_ : @tecuani909
jimpawa - pprincessppeach - galactic.mermaid -
New earrings .❀️❀️❀️❀️😍 @barkandbole thanks again. #plugs #57mm #ink #writing #anastasiabeverlyhills #sarafine #woodplugs #jewelry #barkandbole
jewelry - sarafine - woodplugs - anastasiabeverlyhills - 57mm - ink - plugs - writing - barkandbole -
askemblastore : πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š
alicelucyjeanne - datkidpatrick - uhohnick - amandasentermua -
I look bald but I love my plugs . #woodplugs #barkandbole #jodow
woodplugs - jodow - barkandbole -
_chamuca_ : Pero cute 😊
el_bigdaddy_p : Pero like thanks @_chamuca_
_mimibby - cynthia_monalee - christinaa_rioss - z1003819 -
😈 #girlswithpiercings #girlswithstretchedears #barkandbole #selfie
girlswithstretchedears - selfie - barkandbole - girlswithpiercings -
leggosteppin - falkown_northlane - 3dolivares -
A couple really long nights and boom! #PLUGLAND #barkandbole #woodplugs #handmade
plugland - handmade - barkandbole - woodplugs -
barkandbole : @skeyearova that's definitely possible! If just have to see some photos of the decks then we could most likely make a deal
skeyearova : Alright man I'll dm you the pics!
higashigab : @procoro_valderrabano tsssss
faith_plus_one : @jlowe360
ur_a_maggot_harry - milleniumfulco_sithlord - beelzebutt310 - chocookiwi -
For the homie @flaco_frank 2-5/16" #barkandbole #woodplugs #originalskateboardplugs #halos #handmade #sopointy
woodplugs - originalskateboardplugs - halos - handmade - barkandbole - sopointy -
_pykachoo : those are amazing
barkandbole : @_pykachoo @candice_louise2 thank yall ☺️
navasaurusrex : I need these but in tear drop shaped
h__dizzle : It is so hard to find bigger sized plugs. I have 2 1/4 and would love to see if you have anything in that size! Thanks!
_cody78 - hukkanikkaup - pedro.troche.7 - akromination -
Made by @barkandbole
leeanndunton : πŸ‘ŽπŸ»
john17_38 : These are cool! @cindylou_parrot
john17_38 : Me too babe! @cindylou_parrot I want em lol
yea_nooo - coalesce92 - maytowers - sss0ul -
#plugswithholes #barkandbole
plugswithholes - barkandbole -
lovekillsboutique : plugs with holes πŸ‘πŸ½
societies_speaker : These are my life I neeeeed these
varkuplugsvzla : @luis_aviles24
queenofthemachine - danilonoletomf - fatmanjesus - tammy.the.terrible -
A few small sets I finished up last weekend. So many more to finish this weekend 😊 gonna get the rest of my orders out! Thanks dooooodes πŸ‘ #barkandbole #woodplugs #originalskateboardplugs #boom
woodplugs - originalskateboardplugs - barkandbole - boom -
majinhannah : Mostly wood?
majinhannah : @thetylerfinley
thetylerfinley : @majinhannah yes. Recycled skateboards and shit. It's pretty cool 😊
majinhannah : @thetylerfinley that is cool! πŸ’ž
dabigears - classysavages - addison_tils - d_bonedaddy -
Hey guys! Hope everyone is having an awesome thanksgiving! Didn't wanna blow your feed up with sale stuff but if you would like to purchase a set of plugs from my etsy shop you only have a few more days to do so. My shop will be closed all of December! All plug sets cost $20 to $25 πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ if you have any questions message me on etsy only and I'll get to them asap! #barkandbole #woodplugs #handmade #toorder
woodplugs - handmade - toorder - barkandbole -
drbourbonstein : I'm 5pr0ck37 on Etsy. The printer that also works nights!
barkandbole : @drbourbonstein oh lol that makes more sense now! Yes your plugs I finished last night. πŸ‘
drbourbonstein : Nice! Woo-hoo!
mhawk16 : @tysofly89
kodie666 - makalamiddleton - balance.composure - xladylobesx -
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