pjs and snow days ✌️ #girlswithplugs #girlswithtattoos #girlswithpiercings #piercings #tattoos #plugs #barkandbole
tattoos - piercings - girlswithplugs - girlswithtattoos - plugs - girlswithpiercings - barkandbole -
goldenhearts278 : @ayebeee Beautiful!!
meagannaise : Omg @ that shirt
tacarralane : .... You already know
the_djentleman00 : Stop being perfect ♡
friendofafaery - laugherz98 - jaimee.bell - keepbreakingbadalive -
Little snacks from this weekend 🍫🍩🎂🍦🍟🍗🍤🍕🍕#BARKANDBOLE #woodplugs
woodplugs - barkandbole -
shutupsatan : I can't wait to see what mine will look like!
doc_rocks13 : I think I see my pairs!
joshua_levy : Looking forward to getting mine!
kit_king : Check your DM :)
navasaurusrex : Bro dem thin walls on top are speaking to me
bluedizzle : I see my bangers there! Just got them in the mail! I'm in love with them!
somehandsomestud : @kellyyginger
tomerculon - jesse_marie - shydnbgal - __taylorgirard__ -
My face looks weird because misty was kissing me and turned her head really fast lol but she looks adorable! #misty #kitty #cat #brother #daww #kisses #plugs #barkandbole #tortielove
misty - daww - tortielove - kisses - kitty - brother - cat - plugs - barkandbole -
dreadedmikey - alycattington - xramona_flowersx - redwinegypsy -
Fresh new haircut, finally. #haircut #feelsgood #beards #bigplugs #plugs #plugsporn #biglobes #bigears #bignostrils #stretchedphiltrum #stretchednostrils #guyswithstretchedlobes #guyswithstretchedears #plugsover2inches #modified #bodymods #bodymodification #modify #all_bodymodification #barkandbole @all_bodymodification @plugsporn
biglobes - haircut - modify - modified - all_bodymodification - stretchedphiltrum - guyswithstretchedlobes - plugs - beards - plugsover2inches - bodymodification - bignostrils - bigplugs - feelsgood - bigears - plugsporn - guyswithstretchedears - bodymods - stretchednostrils - barkandbole -
simply_modified : Thanks bb! 💁 @quietedfox
abzikinz - wstcstplugs - 2st3p4day5 -
Hi! It's snowy and bleh and I can't build a snowman because I don't have a yard anymore 👎 #bleh #icantbuildasnowman #barkandbole #plugs #lame #damnyou
barkandbole - icantbuildasnowman - plugs - lame - bleh - damnyou -
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It's a plug thang #BARKANDBOLE #woodplugs
woodplugs - barkandbole -
plugsofinstagram : Bro hit me up.
plugsofinstagram : We never talk anymore :/
caseyhullagood : @ash_royalave
dmo_woodcraft : Excellent work! @barkandbole
codycole87 : David, these are awesome and I need a pair in my life! You're so talented! Do you make 0's?
kitty.glitterrr : @thetatted1 check this dude
eldest_feind : Dude the bearings!!!! @behind_the_belladonna
behind_the_belladonna : mad bigggg tho @eldest_feind
keepsmurfing - samysioux - littlesadhu - mexiee13 -
Nostrils are now at 6mm (2g). Thanks to my darling, @me0wzapal00za, for assisting me. 💕 #bignostrils #stretchednostrils #bigplugs #biglobes #guyswithstretchedlobes #guyswithstretchedears #modified #bodymods #bodymodification #beards #barkandbole #plugsover2inches
bodymodification - biglobes - beards - bignostrils - modified - bigplugs - guyswithstretchedlobes - guyswithstretchedears - bodymods - stretchednostrils - barkandbole - plugsover2inches -
diab_soule_ : Yes do happy to see my work looking great
diab_soule_ : Dude*
___gabe_____ : Boss
iniquitous.jpeg : Awesome! Mine weren't 100% even, originally at 5.2mm, I'm getting them punched out at 8mm! Too excited
iniquitous.jpeg : Did you stretch them?
simply_modified : They're doing great man! @diab_soule_ @iniquitous.jpeg Mine were done at 5mm, or a little over. This was my first time stretching them. :)
chelskahn - ananasbaum - hobogypsy87 - princess__kat__ -
Olivewood floaters #BARKANDBOLE #floaters #recycledskateboards
recycledskateboards - floaters - barkandbole -
dabigears : Olive wood ftw
sryankells : #size?
navasaurusrex : I love that color combo
alli_dicke : @jackgerman
ayebeee : holy shit the colors, I need.
barkandbole : @ayebeee I have more 😉
ayebeee : DO YOU?
skelz420 : I love these man! They are very comfortable and smooth👍👌 thanks a lot!
ayebeee - menefeeisaiah - fly_addictxx1 - krettler06 -
#BARKANDBOLE #recycledskateboards
recycledskateboards - barkandbole -
brittanyxgrice : Omg these are to die for! 😍
catspittt : Need these!
catspittt : @shredderghost babe
shredderghost : @catspittt 😘
the_best_stripper : Omg please tell me those are mine 🙏🙏🙏
juicekills : I would love a pair of these.
barkandbole : @the_best_stripper they are yours 🙌👍👍
the_best_stripper : Yes! I've been checking the mailbox all week I'm so excited to get them
ijinxx10 - titoelcarpintero73 - mark_kanexo - reychonm -
Progress on 57mm. The gaps are getting better. #plugs #plugsover2inches #bigears #biglobes #beards #plugsporn #all_bodymodification #barkandbole #stretchedlobes #guyswithstretchedlobes #guyswithstretchedears #woodplugs #bloodwood @barkandbole @plugsporn @all_bodymodification
plugs - biglobes - plugsover2inches - bloodwood - all_bodymodification - bigears - woodplugs - guyswithstretchedlobes - plugsporn - guyswithstretchedears - beards - stretchedlobes - barkandbole -
_veganopoly_ : Looks good bro! I miss being able to put my finger through my ear! 😞@simply_modified
barkandbole : How's the weight of those feel?
redpandabur_x : LOVE ! It's so pretty😍. Reminds me of a doughnut 😂
simply_modified : @barkandbole Pretty good, but a little mishap just happened. I'll post it in a minute.
chelskahn - jparleauxchats - nurlopezz - giselasela_ -
Just ordered a pair of 36.5mm zebrawood tunnels from @barkandbole !!! These are not the exact plugs, just an old pic of a pair that @barkandbole made a while back. I cant wait to get them!!! Ive been wanting zebrawood tunnels for a while now!! #barkandbole #customplugs #zebrawood #tunnels
customplugs - zebrawood - barkandbole - tunnels -
plugmaster - jessi_sykes97 - lyn_kelly - mrs.plugmaster -
Made some ebony with diamond shaped skateboard inlays for the @plugmaster and his wife last week! Can't wait till you get them Micheal! Should be a fun addition to your super sized plug collection 👍 #BARKANDBOLE #floaters #recycledskateboards #diamonds #ebony #woodplugs
woodplugs - ebony - floaters - diamonds - recycledskateboards - barkandbole -
plugmaster : @barkandbole beautiful
heatherjchimarys : Holy shit I love those.
deadland_dustin : Sick work man!
barkandbole : @plugmaster thank you sir!
barkandbole : @heatherjchimarys @deadland_dustin thank yall
getstoked17 : Sick.
navasaurusrex : I need in my lobes now
duuuh.iana - marie_martina_powell - titoelcarpintero73 - spaceshipfacelift -
Heads up! Last day to grab a set of plugs from this sale! Up to 2" can play. Price is for a set of 2 plugs 👍thanks everyone who has already taken advantage of this awesome deal. #plugs #plugsale #etsy #BARKANDBOLE #woodplugs #stretchedears #bangers
bangers - stretchedears - woodplugs - plugsale - plugs - etsy - barkandbole -
exposedposition : Long time follower first time buyer and so fucking excited! @barkandbole
jacobisabeaner : Are the original prices for a set or just for one plug? @barkandbole
lyn_kelly : @barkandbole hi can you tell me what are the prices for 47 mm plugs or eyelets? The plugs with inlays too please i didn't know about the sale, im kicking myself now really good and hard too😣and my wife just ordered me some plugs and some other stuff days ago im sorry i suck from now on i will check every day thanks in advance oh and may i ask what type of payment you take? I just talked my wife into buying me a set. The pair that was just put up?
chooosme : Superb!
barkandbole : @bobbers_n_choppers @exposedposition hell yeah! Thank yall so much
barkandbole : @jacobisabeaner price is always for a set of two plugs unless you need only a single plug
_cuauhtzin_ : Wish i seen this
artbypawly : Why do I keep missing these sales. We need to figure something out soon haha
mrsbarkandbole - neillwithoutyou - shy_dollas - chapter7_by_jeanbrooklyn -
#kitty #blackcat #killstar #barkandbole #sohappy 🌹😻❤️
killstar - sohappy - kitty - barkandbole - blackcat -
jjallday_220 : #sobeautiful 💜
miss.isi - daneelisdead - vattelys - jjallday_220 -
@tif_blank has a baby #groot to hold her #BARKANDBOLE #plugs 😁😁🙌
groot - plugs - barkandbole -
earthrise_x : :3
selfiesforsatan : @meghanholiday
littleyellowlantern : ❤️❤️
kventresca : @bevanbowmantattoos
queen.illi : BABE. LOOK ITS GROOOOOT. @chanceeeexd
adaptivereuse - higoorpc - tylerrraee - obnoxious.jess -
A couple of orders for #sithempire #plugs I had a few weeks ago! Forgot to post the completed photo! If you'd like a set for your self email me 😂😊they are a fun collab with the @the_bearded_woodworker Also we have a super duper cool sale going on this weekend! Check it out and score some new plugs for cheap #BARKANDBOLE #plugsale #starwars #sith
sith - starwars - sithempire - plugsale - plugs - barkandbole -
tragicrich : 👌😎
yeahnototally : I need a pair of these with the Jedi emblem.... Uuugggghhhhhh
sosafett : 😍
discipledevin : Could they be made with the rebel symbol? It would be sick to have reversible ones!!
barkandbole : @discipledevin that's totally possible!
barkandbole : @yeahnototally we can do that
barkandbole : @jaster__ I would frame them lol
tattoosbyjordan : @herenoevil @tattoomike1980
xmayhemx - ericast_tattoos - shredded.treasures - dabigears -
Pretty stoked on it being my birthday! Decided to run a sale for rest of week. Get bangers, tunnels and concave or convex plugs for $15 a set up to 2" and flat cab inlaid plugs for $20 a set! Go check it out. Email or message me on etsy if you have questions 😊👍 #BARKANDBOLE #sale #etsy #birthdaysale
birthdaysale - etsy - sale - barkandbole - dontsayturd -
jeanenerr : Also, happy happy birthday to you!! Mine was this month as well! :D
barkandbole : #dontsayturd lolol they are always sold as a pair! Get a few sets and happy birthday
rainbowfishgod : @telps
nic_sellers : Just ordered a pair of concave ebony! Thanks so much! And happy birthday man!
doc_rocks13 : I just tried to order some pairs. Do I need to make an etsy account to do that? Happy. Happy birthday
barkandbole : @nic_sellers thanks dude!
barkandbole : @doc_rocks13 I believe you can check out as a guest. But I'm not completely sure man
11turd_bird11 : HAPPY belated birthday!!
myrandajae - 19agonia70 - psilo_cybin - paisleypainbow -
How I'll be spending the night. #guyswithplugs #guyswithstrerchedears #guyswithstretchedlobes #barkandbole #uggboots #uglyboy2k15 #whitegirlgames #bitchyouguessedit #thereturnofthehairpart #hairpart2k15 #hardpart
guyswithplugs - hairpart2k15 - uglyboy2k15 - guyswithstrerchedears - hardpart - bitchyouguessedit - whitegirlgames - guyswithstretchedlobes - uggboots - thereturnofthehairpart - barkandbole -
koreyh00d : And magics hopefully
baby_kud - xtrashmouth - oh_lolo_ - rbl.grl -
Playin with my plugs #BARKANDBOLE #woodplugs #recycledskateboards #reznocs #bangers #stretchedears
bangers - stretchedears - woodplugs - recycledskateboards - reznocs - barkandbole -
seashellbumblebee : What kind of wood? @barkandbole
goldandarrowsco : @barkandbole .. Check yer DM 😁
gabriellebedard : Would you be able to do a ring in those prganic woods? I would love yo give on away to my man and i don't find anything satisfying in store!
piercingsbycourtney : My guy loved his ball bearing plugs. Thank you again 😊 Amazing craftsmanship!
galenone : @12fu
12fu : @galenone Följer för länge sen. ;) Ska beställa när jag är uppe på 40mm. :(
12fu : @galenone :)*
galenone : @12fu misstänkte nästan det, men ändå. Gör bra snygga grejjer.
epiclyajustin - 95tonsy - bymarcsanchez - nocturnalteenagers -
The taping process. A tedious, yet rewarding one. @quietedfox #taping #teflon #ptfe #bigears #biglobes #guyswithstretchedears #guyswithstretchedlobes #plugsover2inches #piercings #plugs #barkandbole #stretchednostrils #stretchedphiltrum #beards #skulls #modifed #modifiedguys #bodymods #bodymodification #buttonups
biglobes - teflon - modifiedguys - stretchedphiltrum - buttonups - piercings - plugs - beards - skulls - bodymodification - modifed - bodymods - plugsover2inches - taping - bigears - guyswithstretchedears - ptfe - stretchednostrils - barkandbole - guyswithstretchedlobes -
cradleofcorpses7 : Your going up again?
simply_modified : Yeah, working on 57mm. The inlays to these eyelets have been making popping noises because of the cold, so it's bugging me. Haha @cradleofcorpses7
lil_oo_oo : Are you in SA?
simply_modified : NY :( @lil_oo_oo
mis.anthrop : Love your nostrils
simply_modified : Thank you :) @mis.anthrop
austin_bryant34 : Ayo josh I started stretching my ears , and I got a problem they're starting to chaffe and get itchy what shit I use?
austin_bryant34 : What should I do ?*
opens0uls - dancesbear - meagancyr - cayleedarling -
0g to 2" fun #BARKANDBOLE #plugs #woodplugs #stretchedears #recycledskateboards #bullets #floaters #bangers
bangers - floaters - stretchedears - woodplugs - bullets - recycledskateboards - plugs - barkandbole -
ashleygeyer : Love those floaters!
barkandbole : @ashleygeyer thank you 😊😊😊😊
emilyobscenity : @barkandbole what is the average turn around time for custom orders?
barkandbole : @emilyobscenity depends. Somewhere around two weeks right now. Then a couple days shipping
emilyobscenity : @barkandbole awesome. Thank you! I'll definitely be ordering a few pairs soon.
miss_meow87 : @wayne_gainsayer
wayne_gainsayer : @miss_meow87 that's awesome!!!!
miss_meow87 : @wayne_gainsayer check out there other stuff
xcrx13 - neck.x.deep - jpogliano - callythewonk -
My new plugs from @barkandbole :) #plugs #organicplugs #wood #woodplugs #olivewood #bloodwood #customplugs #bodymod #bodymodification #stretchedears #tunnel #barkandbole #girlswithplugs
bodymodification - olivewood - girlswithplugs - bodymod - tunnel - organicplugs - customplugs - bloodwood - stretchedears - wood - woodplugs - plugs - barkandbole -
barkandbole : 😊put some jojoba oil or vitamin e oil on them and they will look shiny and awesome forever
eilalala_ : I will! :) @barkandbole
wieeebki - gagmeimgorgeous - bardadim - sam_r1992 -
If you don't have a pair of @barkandbole plugs, WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?! I've had these for over a year and they are still by far my favorite pair 💜#barkandbole
barkandbole -
br0wntown : @sihaag 👂🍩
sihaag : I love your donut holes.....
br0wntown : @sihaag 😆😆😆 Now I'm hungry...
hauntingmemory : Mmm chocolate.
br0wntown : @hauntingmemory Got sum of dat wyte chocolit 4 u bby
hauntingmemory : Oooh my favorite. 😏
barkandbole : 😊😊 they still look awesome on ya!
br0wntown : @barkandbole Thank you kindly!!
mrs_intolerance - nightchick - meghan.is.starving - sardaukar1977 -
Looks like I need a bigger box for my 11mm #plugcollection 😂 I'm in love with each and every pair and everyone who has helped contribute to the growing beauty 💞 #barkandbole #peachtreats #occessories #somaticglass #plugsbyemma #bodymodorganics #kaossoftwear #plugsporn @plugsporn
peachtreats - plugsbyemma - plugcollection - somaticglass - bodymodorganics - plugsporn - occessories - barkandbole - kaossoftwear -
nivedyorb : My art class! I designed it in tenth grade 😊 @katies_wenson
katies_wenson : Awh man it's gorgeous! 😍
nivedyorb : Thank you! One of my most prized possessions, you should see the sides ☺️😚 @katies_wenson
katies_wenson : DM me pics! I want to see if I can find something like it online 😊
kayla_the_koo_ : JGFJJSDOSFHDIDN ❤️❤️😻😻
nivedyorb : Aren't they beautiful 😍😍😍😍 @kayla_the_koo_
nivedyorb : I didn't even realize I had this many until now hahah
kayla_the_koo_ : Yaaaaas
rastachaia - alysseinwonderland__ - jyaires_mummy - justkeepjamming -
How about a couple sets of ebony plugs in 2"❗️❗️❗️❗️ #barkandbole #woodplugs #plugs #recycledskateboards #floaters #bubblecabs
woodplugs - floaters - recycledskateboards - bubblecabs - plugs - barkandbole -
deesenutzftw : Dude those look really nice!
nik.gtcha : Hey man. Got anything in a 6g
lukayegeeh : @c_urcrazy
marimedusaa : These are too cute
barkandbole : @marimedusaa thank you 😊😊
marimedusaa : I might totally get a pair soon :D I've been on a plug buying spree lately haha
barkandbole : @marimedusaa sounds fun! And I'd love to make you some to add to your collection 😊❤️
marimedusaa : Sounds awesome :D too stoked, what's the variety of the different skateboard inlays you do?
pannichii - europeanwhitetrash - __fostolaza - ilissamarie -
Bang! #barkandbole #woodplugs #bangers #floaters #bullseye #skateboard #recycledskateboards #bullets
bangers - floaters - skateboard - woodplugs - bullets - bullseye - recycledskateboards - barkandbole -
jaster__ : So sick dude
thesplintercell : Awesome dude! Funny I was given the end of a shotgun cartridge just the other day.
thesplintercell : @barkandbole :-)
barkandbole : @jaster__ thanks pimpin
barkandbole : @thesplintercell they are fun to mess around with
kbon_ - __fostolaza - ilissamarie - fynearttattoos -
Boyfriend loves his new B&B Teardrops!!! 😃😃 thank you so much @barkandbole! 😃👍✌️ #barkandbole #teardropplugs #woodenplugs #bestplugsintheuniverse #crybabys
woodenplugs - teardropplugs - bestplugsintheuniverse - barkandbole - crybabys -
lucystanton_ - brookelilyyy - courteneybuxton2106 - pisani_sarah -
@ayebeee with Katalox with olive inlaid plugs 🙌 #barkandbole #girlswithplugs #woodplugs #tattoos 😋 use code #bnb2015 for 30% off all weekend in our etsy shop
tattoos - woodplugs - girlswithplugs - barkandbole - bnb2015 -
plugsporn : Sooooocute!!!
ayebeee : aww hey that's me! 😘😘
pannichii - sadderall2001 - lordvoid - laur3900 -
A few sets for @peachtreats! Made a bunch of really awesome plugs for her company last year! Let's see what we can do this year 👍😊 #barkandbole #woodplugs #organicplugs #peachtreats 🍑🍫
organicplugs - peachtreats - barkandbole - woodplugs -
_cuauhtzin_ : @naualli
dabigears : Olive wood?
mamajama0108 - triumphlazylionx - navasaurusrex - _liminality_ -
One of my favorite gifts! @chattyfeet from my sister in the UK #barkandbole #chattyfeet
chattyfeet - barkandbole -
te_eigh : These are so cute!!
sirmclean : @attila.the.bun
kenijaybby : @emiliah310
navasaurusrex : Whaaaaaat!!!!
isreal_buschard15 : @tucker3939
11turd_bird11 : Love love them
barkandbole : @11turd_bird11 thanks 😋
chattyfeet : @barkandbole looking great! Happy new year! :-)
louisadominique_ - fooozy - kristinabuk_artist - zimnabb -
Happy New Years everyone. 2014 was awesome! Let's make this year a great one too! Use code: BNB2015 to save 30% all weekend in our etsy shop #barkandbole
barkandbole -
bamaaaaan : @pidermaaaan
ta_molli : @genderqueerquestionnaire
forever_a_pirate : Those heart cut outs ❤️
xdeathshandx : Yooo check your dm please @barkandbole
barkandbole : @xdeathshandx we don't DM anyone, you'll have to email us or message us on etsy please
noelleyboo : @prizzamike they're so cute haha
__fostolaza - creature_kev_on - fynearttattoos - shredded.treasures -
2" Katalox floaters! Grab a set for your self or anything else from my shop and save 30% use code #Xmas30 #barkandbole #woodplugs #floaters #recycledskateboards
recycledskateboards - woodplugs - barkandbole - xmas30 - floaters -
ashleygeyer : Absolutely loveeee those colors.
chugarsenic : Perf!
xdeathshandx : Check your dm @barkandbole
artbypawly : Hey buddy. A company totally ripped off my custom plugs you made me haha. Like identical to the ones you did in the Chechen wood.
mysamichnomnom666 : Just got these in the mail today! Word cant expess how in love with these i am! Fit perfectly and are absolutely beautiful! Couldn't be happier :)
hotpinkcindy - shagzilla_tha_monster - gracestolarski_ - navasaurusrex -
Made by @barkandbole
plugsporn - plugs - woodplugs - barkandbole -
plugsporn : #plugs #plugsporn #woodplugs #barkandbole
posmkv : @bambiemarie
ta2barbie : Omfg @wild_flower_gypsy_soul
gallowmichelangelo : @tehezib
mimischnitzel : @mariansomething
mariansomething : Omg these are gorgeous!
marymargaret20 - kiwiesforlife - caligerrlart - _i_dont_want_to_live_ -
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