When your up working so late that you give up trying to decide if it's late at night or early in the morning 😳 4:40am #barkandbole #woodplugs
woodplugs - barkandbole -
josh_threw : Is it normal for the color to rub on ebony plugs? I always put jojoba oil on my ears before putting them in and and when I touch the plugs its like the color stains onto my fingers? @barkandbole
mndr.jpg : I think I see mine in there! Very excited
barkandbole : @mndr.jpg they are on the way! My favorites I've made in a while.
barkandbole : @josh_threw I've never had that happen before
__drvgs_ : I got an email saying mine shipped feb 28, and haven't received them or any shipping details
barkandbole : @__drvgs_ What's the name you ordered from? I'll have my wife see what's going on with your order today while I'm at work
__drvgs_ : Justin Siever. 5/8 porthole plugs.
barkandbole : @__drvgs_ I'll figure it out today. I remember the name. I made those last weekend. We will get you sorted out πŸ‘πŸ˜Š
dvl_wrx - laaneda - low4life68 - gino_pinela -
Are these antibiotics serious?! #toothpain #teeth #tunnels #stretchedears #barkandbole
clindamycin - gtfo - antibiotics - stretchedears - tunnels - teeth - barkandbole - toothpain -
jordandrab : #antibiotics #clindamycin #gtfo
batmanbeli : Reminds me of Nicki Minaj
dental_lifestyle - louisekaucki - hollowbones_hc - padredegatos -
W H O L E S A L E #barkandbole #woodplugs #handmade #organicplugs #organic #thisshitusedtobetreesdawg #wholesale
woodplugs - organic - wholesale - organicplugs - handmade - thisshitusedtobetreesdawg - barkandbole -
owens_a_goon : @heyyitschinky
stay_smokeyy : @barkandbole any one inch in those blonde beauties? πŸ‘Œ
juliuswoods : @barkandbole bring them by the shop tomorrow. I will grab them
barkandbole : @juliuswoods these are already spoken for man. If you really want some for the shop I'll do it. Just let me know homie
juliuswoods : @barkandbole yea man! Go ahead and put us a set together. Whatever style you feel like doing
barkandbole : @juliuswoods word! I feel a big variety pack coming your way. I'll throw it together next week for the shop
juliuswoods : @barkandbole sounds good. I know you are busy. So just whenever you can get around to it.
barkandbole : @juliuswoods always busy man! I'll get up to the shop next weekend with a nice setup for you. I also have about 17 sets of premade plugs in random sizes and styles left over from other projects you may like.
pankegarza - freakinjulz - bigears09 - thelove_monster -
Hey David...look what showed up in my mailbox today!!!!πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† I must admit when I say this, it was well worth the wait for these 36.5mm Zebrawood Thin Wall Tunnels from the one and only @barkandbole !!! This is my very first pair from him and not my last!!! Thanks again for making me such awesome tunnels man!!!
zebrawoodtunnels - customwoodplugs - plugsporn - plugcollector - plugperfection - barkandbole -
barkandbole : Ha! Glad they showed up man because my wife tried to track them and couldn't. Message me before you order again and I'll spice up the package ;)
ta2smitty80 : I definitely will man!!! I think i wanna get some skateboard deck inlaid plugs next time I order, they really caught the eye of my wife and I!!! Thanks again man!! I appreciate the amazing customer service throughout the entire processπŸ‘Œ@barkandbole
ta2smitty80 : #plugsporn #plugcollector #plugperfection #barkandbole #zebrawoodtunnels #customwoodplugs
barkandbole : @ta2smitty80 sounds great man! Just whenever you're ready we can make something cool for you
zcass23 - el_mejor_en_el_juego - rachaaelsmiith - fullylaflared -
so I did a thing to my hair a few days ago. #shorthair #girlswithplugs #girlswithtattoos #girlswithpiercings #girlswithshorthair #tattoos #plugs #piercings #barkandbole #glasses #ninewest
tattoos - ninewest - girlswithplugs - girlswithtattoos - girlswithshorthair - piercings - shorthair - plugs - girlswithpiercings - barkandbole - glasses -
juanyewest_ : 😍
komradekitten : !!!!!!!!
eyer1s : zam
sthomashorvath : πŸ‘πŸ˜
misslizfacee : You are too cute 😍
ayebeee : @misslizfacee aww so are you love! 😘
marissa_marley - geppetto_pepe - _kitsune_san - _elainekoh.0823 -
Plug party! #barkandbole #woodplugs
woodplugs - barkandbole -
foxxtrotftw : πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽŠπŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ @barkandbole
taybrewer_ : ying and yang. 😍❀️
myrandajae - sandy_sines - adamryan__ - phoebeykema -
New blood wood tunnels from @barkandbole came today πŸ˜„ crazy nice considering they cost like £15 #plugs #tunnels #stretchedears #50mm #2inches #dropdead
2inches - stretchedears - 50mm - plugs - dropdead - tunnels -
thesmellypeen - lizziexlambton - officialemmarodger - wearetheweirdosmister -
@barkandbole #barkandbole #plugs #woodplugs #organicplugs #stretchedlobes #earstretching #happyears
woodplugs - earstretching - organicplugs - happyears - plugs - barkandbole - stretchedlobes -
zhanara_s_j - leiannehotchick - maria_wheat - uitsili -
morning wood #woodworking#plugs#stretchedears#bodymods#barkandbole
plugs - woodworking - bodymods - stretchedears - barkandbole -
barkandbole : Nice dude!
buddy_tm : Clean af!
amanda.zepeda2014 - steelernina - restore_to_build - ruben805_ -
My pet dinosaur a great hugger! #barkandbole #barkandboleasaurus #megasaurus #licalotapusrex #woodplugs
megasaurus - woodplugs - licalotapusrex - barkandboleasaurus - barkandbole -
ta2smitty80 : Hey david, are you able to get back to me on here...I have to talk to you about an approx arrival date as I have not yet received my plugs yet πŸ˜• @barkandbole
ta2smitty80 : My email is down, I woulda emailed you if i could have..sorry man
barkandbole : @ta2smitty80 it's all good man. I'm at my day job for another 7 hours at least. I'll have my wife try to see what's going on. If we can't figure it out I'll make more this week and send them out
ta2smitty80 : @barkandbole ok thanks a lot man, sorry for bugging you so much.
barkandbole : @ta2smitty80 it's all good bro. We gonna figure this out
_pykachoo : @shilofay
sacred_cosmos - flaco_frank - navasaurusrex - chelsea_rose_lennox -
Some 2.5" sets for Robert! Thanks homie. These are on the way to you as we speak! Till next time man. #barkandbole #woodplugs #reznocs #organicplugs #skateboardbearings
skateboardbearings - organicplugs - woodplugs - reznocs - barkandbole -
riverspeers : So nice!
slobbyydee : Yeeeaaaa!
insert_any_name_here : love these. such a nice and smooth finish.
unclepater : can't wait to get my katalox plugs in the mail😎
mikeymafia : So sick and so jelly. @barkandbole @slobbyydee
misscery - nico.monette_mhtc - gabarae7 - psycho_kittyy -
I made these 45mm Katalox with skateboard wood flat cab plugs 6 or 7 months ago. Finally pulled them out of my drawer to wear them πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘#barkandbole #woodplugs #thisshitusedtobetreesdawg #recycledskateboards #katalox #woodturning #amateurtattoo artistandsemiprofessionalracecardriver
woodplugs - katalox - woodturning - recycledskateboards - thisshitusedtobetreesdawg - barkandbole - amateurtattoo -
andrewjp3 : @andrewaor
ta2smitty80 : email is locked out...can you DM me please? @barkandbole I havent received my plugs still since we last spokeπŸ˜•
12fu : Still making these? Would like to order a pair in 40mm.
barkandbole : @ta2smitty80 hey dude my IG Keeps crashing so I have been on here hit or miss. Did you get my message through etsy? I tried to message you a couple of times through there and email. Tracked your package and its on the way. USPS is just making me look like an asshole this last couple of weeks man.
barkandbole : @12fu we could make them for you! Message me on etsy or email me and we can set something up for ya!
ta2smitty80 : @barkandbole Thanks a lot for checking the tracking for me I really appreciate u doin that for me😊
barkandbole : @ta2smitty80 seriously man this week has been a very upsetting and stressful week trying to find out why people's packages are not arriving as fast as they normally do :/ thank you for understanding man. I'll hook you up next time you order from my shop
ta2smitty80 : @barkandbole I believe you man dont worry, i'll be sure to let you know as soon as they arrive here, thanks again for the good customer service throughout the whole process, means a lot manπŸ‘Œ
jack_little21 - young34051000 - zach.christie.24 - navasaurusrex -
Muh kidz #barkandbole #organicplugs #woodplugs #00g #bullseye #mayanflare #headsandbutts
woodplugs - 00g - bullseye - mayanflare - organicplugs - headsandbutts - barkandbole -
__drvgs_ : I love the myan flare. How much for 5/8
nik2.0__ : @barkandbole how much for the black tunnels?
mellenball - wes_king - love.less_21 - neillwithoutyou -
Super limited gold medusa plugs. Only a few sets left at @bmamodified check out there site if you wanna set! #barkandbole #bmamodified #woodplugs #medusa
medusa - woodplugs - bmamodified - barkandbole -
juanestevez13 : What sizes you make them?
juanestevez13 : Better question can this be made on 00g. maybe Mayan flared?
barkandbole : @juanestevez13 I think only like 11/8" and and up are left :( sorry. But we may have some clear medusa inlays that will work.
barkandbole : @talamo666 you can actually email me and I'll look in my supply later and see if I have some that will work for your size. Just tell me your size in the email! Thanks
juanestevez13 : Meh. my luck lol where can I see the clear medusa inlays?
barkandbole : @juanestevez13 really far down on my IG feed. We haven't made any in awhile but I have a lot of inlays left
djdougiefresh22 : Hell yea! Those are rad af! @talamo666 and good lookin out @barkandbole
iamjuco : @j3lly_man
katchthasun - 19agonia70 - olympia_ventura - iamjuco -
B A S I C P L U G S #organicplugs #woodplugs #barkandbole
organicplugs - woodplugs - barkandbole -
mcrump2012 : Love your plugs. You're doing things right.
plugmaster : @barkandbole hey I emailed you did you get it?
barkandbole : @plugmaster I believe I did. I'll be checking emails tonight after work man
siegexrhino : Hey man one of my plugs randomly started cracking down the side and it has begun spreading. I've kept them oiled properly and they haven't fallen or anything. Anything I can do?
barkandbole : @siegexrhino yeah of course. Email me or etsy message me with the picture and your order number and I'll see about remaking it for you
hotbitch411 - chadgilbert13 - greenskytattoo - illest_creature_inside -
SUPREME CLOSEUP! Got some new treats in the mail (the mail is my favorite thing ever) fantastic earrings from @barkandbole and @peachtreats and a sparkly new septum ring! #365feministselfie
darkhair - tattoos - throughtunnels - bodymod - girlswithtattoos - girlswithstretchedears - stretchedears - piercings - hashtag - palegirls - girlswithpiercings - cuntasaurusrex - peachtreats - earart - 365feministselfie - blueeyes - earrings - barkandbole -
annas_in_wonderland : #girlswithtattoos #girlswithpiercings #stretchedears #girlswithstretchedears #tattoos #piercings #bodymod #blueeyes #darkhair #palegirls #hashtag #cuntasaurusrex #peachtreats #earrings #earart #throughtunnels #barkandbole
mermaid_patronus : Gorgeous!!!!!!!
annas_in_wonderland : @mermaid_patronus Did you get yours done or are you waiting until your foot heals?
mermaid_patronus : I got it done, probably a few days after your advise and I love it! I can't wait to try out the pretty jewelry
annas_in_wonderland : @mermaid_patronus I remember I even commented on it haha! Man I'm braindead!
asananaturalarts : Thanks for sharing this, beautiful!
lolohuntley - kjcfalcon - jenbear_13 - amanda_k_romero -
Another Valentines Babe wearing some treats! @cupcakemuch always smiling, wearing some pink Ivory chain-maille dangle plugs in 1". These are available in my online shop now! (Link in bio) #peachtreats #teampeachtreats #babecity #ilovemycustomers #stretchedears #stretchedlobes #woodplugs @barkandbole #barkandbole #chainmaille #plugs #plugdangles #prettyplugs #rosegold
peachtreats - prettyplugs - plugdangles - ilovemycustomers - babecity - teampeachtreats - rosegold - peachbabes - stretchedears - woodplugs - chainmaille - plugs - stretchedlobes - barkandbole -
annemaleblond : @l3au_d3_m3r sont fucking beaux
mylittleartichoke : 😘
cupcakemuch : 😊😘😘
barkandbole : 😍😍❀️
l3au_d3_m3r : Maladeeee !!!!!
peachtreats : #peachbabes
l3au_d3_m3r - oajrs - englishrose666 - lindsaymschreiner -
Happy Valentines Day all you lovers out there πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜ its the last weekend to grab a free set of basic plugs with your store purchase! Ex: tunnels, concave, convex, flats, thinwalls, thickwalls Just tell us in the note box what you want me to make you! The free set can be same size or smaller then the purchased set! #barkandbole #woodplugs #valentinesday
valentinesday - woodplugs - barkandbole -
bohemian_light : Is it one free pair per set or order? I'm buying multiple pairs =]
barkandbole : @bohemian_light hmmm depends on how nice ya are πŸ˜‹
paisleypainbow : I love that bracelet! (And the plugs too of course)
barkandbole : @paisleypainbow thank ya! Hand made in st. Thomas last year 😊
nirvanalova : Im stoked the one on the left looks like there pair i ordered!
barkandbole : @nirvanalova I've made a few big sets like that lately!
nirvanalova : I believe it your probably super busy with your special goin on. Worth the wait though!
bohemian_light : πŸ‘β˜Ί
deesenutzftw - fluffyhippopotamus - lyn_kelly - reznoc -
2" bloodwood convex plugs! Simple and beautiful grain. #barkandbole #woodplugs #organicplugs
organicplugs - woodplugs - barkandbole -
ohmyword_bodyjewelry : Wow.. So smooth! Definitely bloodwood at its finest!
barkandbole : @brandan_gv @tdr_angel thank yall!
barkandbole : @ohmyword_bodyjewelry thank you sir πŸ’˜
dirtbikebabee : @lordpr82
kellyyginger : I neeeeeeeeed these
six_5_eighty_2 : These are beautiful!!!!
westcoastwoodwear : Purdy
stoneymahoneyy : 😍😍 I can't wait till they're here holy shit thank you! They're so beautiful
ayebeee - _.misheaadolll - jacrispykibbs - robertemberton -
Made by @barkandbole
plugsporn - plugs - woodplugs - barkandbole -
ashlovesguard : @caitlinoliviaa_
actualloser : @fuckingguy ones like these
ericas22 : @z0mbie_killer
allisons_tattooed_mommy : @ibarraalin
wishfulhippy89 : @teapartieswithbuddah
ms_sweetnightmare : Oooooo want ❀️
dmw.maddie__ : πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
iwrestledatomonce : @beccalewer
nadja_h98 - silent.ocean_ - pausmoreno - cailynpitman -
We are having a fun Valentine's Day deal! Now until February 15th get a free set of basic plugs with your order. Just tell us in the note box what you'd like to have us make. (Example: 1" concave olivewood plugs) is what you'd tell us in notes. Only catch is the free set has to be same size or smaller then the purchased set. Any questions message me on etsy! #barkandbole #woodplugs
woodplugs - barkandbole -
rvr87 : @svar1087
taybrewer_ : 😍😍
710pdx : @katiecutiepantss
__drvgs_ : What if we placed the order and have forgotten to put that in the note box?
kayceeraeee : How much are these plugs? @barkandbole
barkandbole : @kayceeraeee just depends on size. We have a listing for them on our etsy shop 😊
kayceeraeee : Okay I'll go check it out thanks ☺️ @barkandbole
barkandbole : @kayceeraeee thank you! Let us know if you need anything else! We also have a buy a set get a free set all week long 😁
deesenutzftw - misstanscrafty - lokitaa27 - reznoc -
#Repost @thewrappromoter with @repostapp.
@pgnola ・・・ PG NOLA is doing its part in making a terminally I'll little boys birthday wish come true, with help from a incredible collection of stickers drawn by artist around the globe. Do your part, so #bubbyeverson some love. πŸ™πŸ‘ #pgnola, #bubbyeversonstickers, #stickerslap, #sticker, #stickerbomb, #snactoos, #partoonz, #decal, #paintisdead, #nolaled, #vorheesart, #ambushboardcompany, #secondhamdchoppers, #orvilletattoos, #bayoubugjigs, #barkandbole
stickerslap - sticker - ambushboardcompany - stickerbomb - snactoos - bayoubugjigs - vorheesart - repost - orvilletattoos - partoonz - paintisdead - nolaled - secondhamdchoppers - decal - pgnola - bubbyeverson - bubbyeversonstickers - barkandbole -
ezaaclopez : Thank you πŸ™
lazcustoms - o_nagaoka_restyle - ahmadd333 - rdgarza1 -
@pgnola ・・・ PG NOLA is doing its part in making a terminally I'll little boys birthday wish come true, with help from a incredible collection of stickers drawn by artist around the globe. Do your part, so #bubbyeverson some love. πŸ™πŸ‘ #pgnola, #bubbyeversonstickers, #stickerslap, #sticker, #stickerbomb, #snactoos, #partoonz, #decal, #paintisdead, #nolaled, #vorheesart, #ambushboardcompany, #secondhamdchoppers, #orvilletattoos, #bayoubugjigs, #barkandbole
stickerslap - sticker - ambushboardcompany - stickerbomb - snactoos - bayoubugjigs - vorheesart - paintisdead - orvilletattoos - partoonz - nolaled - secondhamdchoppers - decal - pgnola - bubbyeverson - bubbyeversonstickers - barkandbole -
vinyl_bros : He has a huge package from Vinyl bros coming
thewrappromoter : Thanks @vinyl_bros
stickergeek_stl : Will send out a package Monday
metrorestyling : #bubbystickers
dabottomclothing - tim.mundy1989 - joebarraud - 5950wraps -
PG NOLA is doing its part in making a terminally I'll little boys birthday wish come true, with help from a incredible collection of stickers drawn by artist around the globe. Do your part, show #bubbyeverson some love. πŸ™πŸ‘ #pgnola, #bubbyeversonstickers, #stickerslap, #sticker, #stickerbomb, #snactoos, #partoonz, #decal, #paintisdead, #nolaled, #vorheesart, #ambushboardcompany, #secondhamdchoppers, #orvilletattoos, #bayoubugjigs, #barkandbole
stickerslap - sticker - ambushboardcompany - stickerbomb - snactoos - bayoubugjigs - vorheesart - paintisdead - orvilletattoos - partoonz - nolaled - secondhamdchoppers - decal - pgnola - bubbyeverson - bubbyeversonstickers - barkandbole -
srfrog84 : @sscustomdesigns
renonelab : Sent dude a fat pack.
eschouest4 : @reepez
stickergeek_stl : Will send a package out Monday
reepez : All packed up and ready to be mailed out on Monday😊 @eschouest4
bradrakes : Shipped him some decals this afternoon!
skepple : @paintisdead_com
sth_kustom : @pgnola This is awesome that your doing this guys!
joshculverhouse - dupes89 - srpast - porter_lee8 -
Finally these plugs will be mine thanks to @barkandbole #plugs #stretchedlobes #barkandbole
plugs - stretchedlobes - barkandbole -
barkandbole : πŸ‘πŸ˜Š
statutory_ape666 : Words cannot express my excitement @barkandbole
sm_jon35 : Stahhhhhhhpppppp
thehomie_genghiskhan : Finally, you should be at like 5 in by now!
cwagonn - timildeeps - oracle_gypsi - davidmgalloway -
Wearing my @barkandbole floaters today. Ive gotten so many compliments on these its ridiculous! #barkandbole #plugs #tunnels #yesss
plugs - yesss - tunnels - barkandbole -
barkandbole : πŸ˜ŠπŸ™Œ lookin awesome!
barkandbole - heatherann413 - ms_chanandler_bong_ - jayjayk1ng -
Should be cleaning but picks up guitar instead. Plugs by @barkandbole #guyswithstretchedears #guyswithplugs #guyswithstretchedlobes #whitegirlgames #uggboots #starbucks #plugsoveraninch #barkandbole #fuckcleaning #byefelicia #bitchyouguessedit #eightstring #djenniferaniston #hashtag
guyswithplugs - djenniferaniston - bitchyouguessedit - plugsoveraninch - byefelicia - eightstring - fuckcleaning - starbucks - uggboots - hashtag - whitegirlgames - guyswithstretchedears - barkandbole - guyswithstretchedlobes -
damnbrandont : πŸ‘
kay_k98 - simonxsludge - veronicavabeach - devinhole -
Pink Ivory Skateboard floaters #BARKANDBOLE #skateboards #woodplugs #floaters #recycledskateboards #recycle
woodplugs - floaters - recycle - recycledskateboards - skateboards - barkandbole -
plugdaddy : Hand looking good from were you shot it with a staple gun πŸ’₯πŸ”«
barkandbole : @plugdaddy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ that was a fun day lol
modestmegan : Every time I wear mine I get so many compliments 😁 love em!
doc_rocks13 : Hey, what's the average shipping time for plugs man? I've already got to go up from 1/2 so I need to order the next size up
nicoliscage : I've never seen anything like these, I am absolutely in love!!!
bandaruorganics - nicoliscage - _._black_veil_brides_._ - reznoc -
Plug groupies #BARKANDBOLE #woodplugs
woodplugs - barkandbole -
shutupsatan : I'm so excited to see what mine will look like
jacobisabeaner : You make teardrop plugs now?!
_snozzberries_ : Must have teardrops!!!!!!!
lndngray : these are beautiful!
barkandbole : @lndngray thanks dude!
connordearaujo - xxtraviexx - alifeoftravel - glintwood -
Rainy day in Georgia! Hope everyone is having a good day. I heard there's a foosball game today #BARKANDBOLE #recycledskateboards #bloodwood
recycledskateboards - bloodwood - barkandbole -
kissmyhardwood : @barkandbole thank you for the 5/8 plugs. Very nice work. I will get more in the future
kolor_and_blood : @barkandbole ive been eyeing up your plugs and tunnles for a while now, can you dm me a price for a 26mm single please in a sweet style, I'm after a tunnel rather than a plug but I love the colour wood like that if that's do able as a tunnel?
irideirecycle : πŸ‘Šβ™»οΈβ—οΈ
josh_threw : I'm so impatient😩😩😩😩😩 I just want my plugs. 😩😩😩😩
noholesbarred : Are the multi-coloured sections crafted from recycled skateboard? Wicked concept & results! Gotta have a 1"pair - where do I need to go to get that done? Cheers! =)
rvral - jamesy.mcnab - plugdaddy - tinie_beanie -
Got the new plugs in 1 1/4 😏 #barkandbole
barkandbole -
car.lean - ahherica - bannarae - luci.carvalho_ -
pjs and snow days ✌️ #girlswithplugs #girlswithtattoos #girlswithpiercings #piercings #tattoos #plugs #barkandbole
tattoos - piercings - girlswithplugs - girlswithtattoos - plugs - girlswithpiercings - barkandbole -
goldenhearts278 : @ayebeee Beautiful!!
meagannaise : Omg @ that shirt
tacarralane : .... You already know
the_djentleman00 : Stop being perfect β™‘
skymlong - khizzyy__ - mrwassam - jackrabbitparole -
Little snacks from this weekend πŸ«πŸ©πŸŽ‚πŸ¦πŸŸπŸ—πŸ€πŸ•πŸ•#BARKANDBOLE #woodplugs
woodplugs - barkandbole -
shutupsatan : I can't wait to see what mine will look like!
doc_rocks13 : I think I see my pairs!
joshua_levy : Looking forward to getting mine!
kit_king : Check your DM :)
navasaurusrex : Bro dem thin walls on top are speaking to me
bluedizzle : I see my bangers there! Just got them in the mail! I'm in love with them!
somehandsomestud : @kellyyginger
dabigears - shaktigor26ter_fybim - errl_dabbingson710 - kolor_and_blood -
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