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They're so beautiful! #bnb9k #barkandbole @barkandbole
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Braids today since I got called into work & had no time to wash my hair. Rocking my @barkandbole skateboard deck plugs too. I've gotten soooo many compliments on them since I've got them! #PigTails #Braids #BarkAndBole #Plugs #GirlsWithPlugs #BodyModifications #BodyMods #CheesySmile
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#bnb9k can't pick one pair #barkandbole
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Perfect 1" Osage orange and skate deck inlay set available at the upcoming Salt Lake City #comicon! #slc #slccomiccon #comiccon2014 #peachtreats #barkandbole #barelobes #woodplugs @barkandbole #recycledskatedeck #prettyplugs #inlay
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wanderlustingmermaid : Can you do different colors in the middle section?
barkandbole : @wanderlustingmermaid yes ma'am! Mall sorts of color combos!
barkandbole : All*not mall lol
peachtreats : I think my typos are rubbing off on you more and more @barkandbole
barkandbole : Hahaha I guess so 😝
wanderlustingmermaid : Off to Etsy I go! :)
yungtraplordhayla : 😍😍😍😍😍
cavrona_87 : Ooo so beautiful!
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@barkandbole #BNB9K #giveaway #gauges #guyswithplugs #girlswithplugs #plugs #skateboardart #recycledskateboards #recycledskateboardplugs #barkandbole #itsover9000 #over9000 #itsover9000giveaway
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✨ #bnb9k #beauty #barkandbole #bnbgiveaway #wood #recycledskateboards #tunnels #organicplugs #oldskateboard #plugs #pieceofart #skateboard #strechedears #skateboardart #strechedlobes #girlswithplugs ✨ @barkandbole ✨ @barkandbole ✨ @barkandbole ✨ @barkandbole
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gramp2 : #gold #goldplugs #rosegold
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#bnb9k #barkandbole #best #plugs @barkandbole
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Hand looks all stupid but my new @barkandbole plugs I won! So fricken gorgeous! #Girlswithplugs #girlswithgauges #51mm #bigplugs #biglobes #wood #barkandbole #pinkandblue
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barkandbole : Hope you enjoy them for a long time!
giselacoloradoo : @barkandbole I will!!!(:
expiredlife : Ur hand xD ur purdy doe ;)
lil_wilber : @giselacoloradoo damn you
giselacoloradoo : @lil_wilber yeah xD
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Just a little sumthin sumthin for the homie @bmamodified always cranking out custom orders #plugs #bma #barkandbole #woodplugs #medusa #bangers #organicplugs
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r3m3mb3r_mistah_trii : @chanda_hawkins
jenniekbro : Oh man I'm in love with those face plugs!! XuX
vattiera : If I did plugs I'd buy stuff from here @thebarbergirl
thebarbergirl : @vattiera I LOVE these!!
barkandbole : @vattiera @thebarbergirl thank y'all 😊😊
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#bnb9k #barkandbole @barkandbole
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_theycallmecircus_ : Those are super dope
toylowta : Ya he makes some badass plugs
toylowta : @_theycallmecircus_
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#bnb9k #barkandbole @barkandbole skateboard inlays in ebony.
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Posting as much as possible! #barkandbole #bnb9k #bnb @barkandbole
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@Lilflaco_frank wearing some 23/8" plugs I made him a couple weeks ago. Such an awesome friend I've met through making plugs. One of the many people that keep me positive and creative! #plugs #barkandbole #woodplugs #skateboardart #recycledskateboards
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theshadowmaster666_vol420 : The homie frank
el.jeffy : #fresh #wouldwear
lilflaco_frank : Thanks again @barkandbole always appreciated, creations keep on coming, gotta keep positive chill homie
barkandbole : @ojfab let's make them :)
barkandbole : @lilflaco_frank always dude! Need to show the world those gumba plugs I made ya now!
whatthekicks : I love these ones
lilflaco_frank : Ha we do i gotta get a cool picture real soon @barkandbole
ianthadude : @dasnasti
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✨ #bnb9k #barkandbole #bnbgiveaway #recycledskateboards #organicplugs #plugs #skateboardart #strechedears #strechedlobes #girlswithplugs #pieceofart #beauty #wood #skateboard #oldskateboard ✨ @barkandbole ✨ @barkandbole ✨ @barkandbole ✨ @barkandbole
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This guy doesn't only make plugs, but he can make a bunch of other things!!! He can probably do what you need!! I Would love anything he makes especially plugs!!! Follow this guy!! @barkandbole #bnb9k #barkandbole #pluglife #hotsauce
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niceguyimsogenerous : βœ‚οΈβœ‚οΈβœ‚οΈβœ‚οΈβœ‚οΈ
oclare : @barkandbole
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✨ #bnb9k #barkandbole #bnbgiveaway #recycledskateboards #organicplugs #plugs #skateboardart @barkandbole ✨ @barkandbole ✨ @barkandbole
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Only look forward keep a positive attitude and appreciate what truly matters. Thanks @barkandbole for the new tunnels recycled skateboards put to good use as art. Thanks @sillycassie805 for this picture:) #art #skateboarding #barkandbole #plugs #tunnels #pride #stretchedears #edit #sun #recycle
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lilflaco_frank : Thanks @road_y86
krookz1 : Skate/chill soon dude
lilflaco_frank : Im down @krookz1 i gotta buy a board
krookz1 : @lilflaco_frank Alright cool man hmu when you do
rick_ramirez17 : Dope. As. Fuck.
lilflaco_frank : Thanks man @rick_ramirez17
nailedbyjimmy : holy shit!!!
rastaafari_ : Dope !!!
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Just got these 7/8" plugs back from getting a @snactoos image zapped in them! Go follow @snactoos and check out all the amazing things @skinwerks and @jimelitwalk draws/tattoos and turns into epic stickers and prints and skateboard decks ... #plugs #organicplugs #snactoos #skinwerks #jimelitwalk #barkandbole
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barkandbole : @outlawjessejames :( unfortunately Gotham city needs me tonight.
michelparisay : i'm coming to your place for the homemade version! haha nah, i'll be at Loco with @outlawjessejames. πŸ‘Œ
snactoos : I wanna go get Mexican 😢
chadgilbert13 : i want!!!!!
tawacakes : OMG I want someeeeee
barkandbole : @snactoos next time your in town we will have to all meet up
takingace : @dancingwithgavin_
sandy_sines : Awesome work like always !!
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@barkandbole #barkandbole #BNB9k
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Please let this time be a winner! #BNB9K #barkandbole @barkandbole #please#withcherrysontop
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travelingwolf -
I love the skateboard inlays. #BNB9K @barkandbole #barkandbole
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@barkandbole is doing a giveaway bc he is awesome and loves his followers! If you haven't followed him yet, you should, and even if you don't win you should buy some lol #bnb9k #barkandbole #plugs
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11turdbird11 : All of his stuff is custom. Why are you having such a hard time stretching your lobes to a 0? @gewfydrewfy
gewfydrewfy : Amazeballs:D aight how much for a pair of 1g's design doesn't really matter to me whatever a cheap ya know @barkandbole
barkandbole : @gewfydrewfy we have basic plugs listed on our etsy in 0g and 00g for like $25. I you order you tell us in the note section that you would like 1g and I'll handle it dude!
barkandbole : And sorry @11turdbird11 for blowing up this feed lol 😝
11turdbird11 : No worries lol @barkandbole 😁 I've kinda slacked on stretching mine out. I need to get back on it.
barkandbole : @11turdbird11 get on it girl haha 😝jkjk
11turdbird11 : I'm still determined to fit an 1" lol @barkandbole
gewfydrewfy : Word thanks man:) @barkandbole
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Reached 9k the other day so it's time for MORE FREE PLUGS! RULES: 1) must be following me! 2) share 1 photo of mine each day 3) hashtag #BNB9K 4)profiles must not be private 5) good luck everyone 3 random winners will be selected Friday evening! So share your favorite set I make! Thanks everyone for being awesome. Spread the word! #plugs #barkandbole #bnbgiveaway #skateboardart #recycledskateboards #organicplugs
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harmonymrow : @phillip_long417 check this shit out.
phillip_long417 : @harmonymrow I'm on top of it lol
baradea : πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ
ronjs : 😍😍
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Like little candy treats for your ears #plugs #woodplugs #barkandbole #skateboardart #recycledskateboards #stretchedears
stretchedears - woodplugs - skateboardart - recycledskateboards - plugs - barkandbole -
barkandbole : @clint_brannon yes sir! Got a lot left to get out the way before I can get to all the Jacksonville plugs
r3m3mb3r_mistah_trii : @chanda_hawkins
piercingsandshinythings : How do you manage to get such a shiny polish on the wood? I have a pair of wood plugs that have lost their shine and I have no idea how to get back to looking like there were when they were new. The quality of your jewellery looks amazing, when I have some spare cash laying around I know where I'll be coming to get some new wood plugs :)
barkandbole : @piercingsandshinythings it's just oiled thoroughly with jojoba oil and then high speed waxed with all natural beeswax. Over time plugs will get dull but a little oil each day helps them a lot and it helps your ears.
goldfishnigguh : @lesbiannaog
whatthekicks : 😩😩😩😩
findingnemo_16 : Didn't even realize my pair was in this bunch! Received them today!! Pretty much in love. πŸ’› Thank you guys!
barkandbole : @findingnemo_16 you're very welcome!
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Last set I made last night! 2" Chechen with #recycledskateboards inlaid #plugs #barkandbole #skateboardart This style is available from 1/2" to 3"+
skateboardart - recycledskateboards - plugs - barkandbole -
reznoc : Wow! Just... wow!!! #salute #pluggenius
michellekelsy : Amazing *Β€*
booty.ninja : @steezy1996
deesenutzftw : Dude those are nice!
rocknjocknjew : You need these @beareatspear
whatthekicks : I take that back I love these more the concave omg
altezzatx : @benfrezza
lolozeno : @aaronmcc69 @eatitmonsterrr
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Little weekend recap for ya! A little from Friday and Saturday night after work and most from today! #plugs #barkandbole
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barkandbole : @justjessica I thought you didn't wear wood anymore or I would have
barkandbole : @whatthekicks we have an online store. Our link is in our bio.
whatthekicks : @barkandbole I emailed you back homie
barkandbole : @mfcreepshow @heythatdude both of y'all are correct. Packages shipping out this morning
barkandbole : @plugsofinstagram yo! I'll email ya back dude. I just woke up lol
heythatdude : @barkandbole dope man I'm so stoked
alanjohansson : @poison_queen22
aleiaoffthewall : Any 9/16s with the bearings in them ? :) @barkandbole
te_rods - giuliet_crazy96xd - candice111 - kelstar927 -
13/4" bloodwood with stainless inlays. #plugs #barkandbole
plugs - barkandbole -
el.jeffy : Soon.
theacaciatrain : @derpswithwulves holy shit
megandempkey : @wj_tank
eazyevil : @rinxkay
mrbenjybean : @meg_roth89 these would look splendid in my lobes.
seek_this : @darkhorseorganics follow for awsome plugs
plugsofinstagram : How much for this exact set/replica of set?
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Made by @barkandbole
plugsporn - plugs - woodplugs - barkandbole -
kfresh69 : @chris_kraft18
wayofthe_buffalo : @dreddie_haskell
crystabal_ : Finally see this happen :)
eleanor_swolesevelt : This is so awesome❀️
bruseshaw : @mk5krista @mike_vitag @brandonb856
mike_vitag : Thsts wild @bruseshaw
oz_tehn : These are too sweet. @velvetchrist
_ravenmiyagi : @luis__________r so sick
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A couple more sets freshly made! #plugs #barkandbole #woodplugs #skateboardart #recycledskateboards
skateboardart - recycledskateboards - plugs - woodplugs - barkandbole -
barkandbole : @bombshell_deluxe ⏫
bombshell_deluxe : 😍 LOVE them!πŸ‘Œ
barkandbole : @bombshell_deluxe awesome! Me too. Even the mini stripe details in that pink skateboard are sick
bombshell_deluxe : Right on! I noticed there was detail in there so I was trying to squint to see it better haha πŸ˜„
barkandbole : Haha well they will be on the way to your ears tomorrow morning! So you won't have to squint much longer ;)
bombshell_deluxe : Lol I'm stoked!
the_holdy_bomber : Hey, I purchased a set of your plugs a few weeks ago and the tunnel had broken after wearing them for a few days, can you help me?
mfcreepshow : Ahhhh so much more beautiful in person!!! Thanks @barkandbole πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’šβ€οΈ
ej1honda_826 - goosetopgun - 19agonia70 - chaney_joshua -
In case you missed them yesterday, I had the honor of doing a collaboration with @barkandbole to make a killer set of olivewood plugs for @plugmaster! and yes, they spin! Go give both these fine gentlemen a follow if you have the time. #plugs #tunnels #bodymods #earrings #jewelry #accessories #woodwork #custom #gears #steampunk #handmade #barkandbole #rustedheartjewelry #omgitspins
rustedheartjewelry - jewelry - woodwork - steampunk - handmade - accessories - custom - omgitspins - gears - earrings - plugs - bodymods - barkandbole - tunnels -
rusted_heart : And thank you πŸ˜„ @paradox_machine
jessikahmoe : I reeeaaaally want to buy some plugs from you, I love everything you come up with! :) just curious if you can make them and inch and a quarter though?? ;)
jessikahmoe : Ah fuck, I probably should just email you asking that :P
rusted_heart : @jessikahmoe I definitely can! I currently only have plugs up to an inch in Stock, but I'm expanding my selection to accommodate sizes up to 2" starting the end of September. If you want I can make sure your size is on the order, and you and @makemedreadful can be the first to get a pair!
makemedreadful : This is such exciting news!!! To have both talented artists making phenomenal plugs!
allockie : These are gorgeous James!!
rusted_heart : @allockie thanks so much! I can only take half credit though :p
allockie : @rusted_heart well that half credit is enough. They look great!
allockie - izzydude2093 - memoriestome - marcosmvi -
Had a custom order for these! Definitely a fun one to make 😁 #barkandbole #plugs #hangers #organicplugs #olivewood #woodweights
woodweights - hangers - organicplugs - olivewood - plugs - barkandbole -
barkandbole : @janedoeblack thank you :)
darthgiggity : Messaged you on etsy^___^
nicolevhayes : David they are perfect!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh I'm super stoked to get these in the ears!!
barkandbole : @nicolevhayes thanks for giving me this fun challenge!
zombiequeen_iscrafty : Awesome!! Those look really comfy. I might just have to hit you up
barkandbole : @zombiequeen_iscrafty I can make them larger also! Just talk to us on etsy and we can make a set for you if you want
a_sleepy_girl : What different types of wood could you do? And if they were a bigger size (5/8) would the whole thing be bigger or just the hook? I love these!
barkandbole : @a_sleepy_girl actually if you wear 5/8" this would be a perfect size hook. I'm probably going to start making them with the hook part longer but other then that they will look similar to this. We have 12 different kinds of wood to make these on our etsy. These are like the same size as 11/2" tunnels. We could make them larger like 2" or 2.5" round if you wanted more weight
em2dee2 - obrads_plugs - slayerfn123 - kmarie62114 -
🎢🎢🎢 rolling on through this mornings work #plugs #barkandbole #reznocs #war #lowrider #dododo
lowrider - reznocs - plugs - war - barkandbole - dododo -
neutralizenick : @swabbwobble
nathanleamon : @
nathanleamon : @saramartinezbedoya
reznoc : HA!!! Those is #CRAZY
barkandbole : @reznoc next I'm gonna make a skateboard inlay on one side and back side like a Reznoc so you can spin the skateboard inlay
mikeyrosenthal : How much?
reznoc : O I'm def wit it!!!
sunshinepluridian420 : So pretty
alex_long420 - cliftm17 - cpt13007 - nerdykidwashington20 -
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