Lab Bill B is coming VERY soon! Don't miss "Mpls., St. Paul" and "Bang Bang You're Dead" playing Feb. 16-18! #EMUTheatre #MplsStPaul #BangBangYoureDead #Theatre #College #easternmichiganuniversity #truemu #ypsireal
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Had to go support my #BabySlavey and soon to be fellow #BCVA Eagle again in her show. #BangBangYoureDead #Shadow #ForeverEaglesSupportingFutureEagles
forevereaglessupportingfutureeagles - bangbangyouredead - shadow - babyslavey - bcva -
angietolomei : love you!!😊😘
gioconfaloneph : love it!
popxdtart - gabbymacaluso - boppit - zwack2112 -
All showed up to support our little Shadow. #BangBangYoureDead #NorthCarrollDramaDepartment #OldLadyNavies #EvenIfSheScaredUs
evenifshescaredus - bangbangyouredead - oldladynavies - northcarrolldramadepartment -
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I cut my bangs again.... Mayyybe a little too short. What do you think? #bangbangyouredead #vintagestyle #vintagelife #perfecteyebrows #roseycheeks #Desilicious #bbw #fatbabe #guages #swirls #tattoedgirls
perfecteyebrows - roseycheeks - swirls - tattoedgirls - vintagestyle - vintagelife - guages - bangbangyouredead - bbw - fatbabe - desilicious -
bella_andbear : Love it! 😍 💞
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💇🏻💁🏻 #bangs #bangerang #bangin #shebangsshebangs #bangbangyouredead #selfie #heresmeh #whatsahairbrush
shebangsshebangs - heresmeh - bangin - selfie - bangbangyouredead - bangs - whatsahairbrush - bangerang -
benjaminlowit : Hair is good
dailinhope : pppurrrrtyy
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bang bang family. ❤️ #bangbangyouredead #theater #family
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Bang Bang you're dead Principal/ signer Rumor5/ voice This play was such an amazing opportunity to be apart of, I'm so thankful for everyone who was involved and being blessed with the opportunity to do it #asl3 #BangBangYoureDead
bangbangyouredead - asl3 -
vbiebs : You were amazing!!!! I love you
vbiebs : 💖😉
hai_rue : love youuuu!!!❤️❤️ @vbiebs
kluvmyninas : I'm sad I missed it!
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I am so proud of this group. #BangBangYoureDead #squad #hardworkpaysoff
bangbangyouredead - squad - hardworkpaysoff -
alyssaharden10 : @marea.23 I know!!!! If the weather was better!
kylie_lo22 : Thanks for everything you do Katie! 💕
krazycharming : 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 thank you for inspiring those kids
meyniac_ : Is this the Skyline in the bay area!?!?
wrestlerzu : It was fun to see you again... Hope you can help us with the play next year.
thenotsolilmermaid : @meyniac_ that's what I thought too girl!! Looks like this is in Utah tho 😔
meyniac_ : @thenotsolilmermaid aww too bad lol
trinasmith28 : I can't believe I forgot about this. I'm sure they did awesome!!!
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A few of the lads from down the road convinced me to go training with them in the desert today #Kuwait #bombsquad #kaboom #bangbangyouredead
bangbangyouredead - bombsquad - kuwait - kaboom -
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"Bang Bang You're Dead" is back for one night only TONIGHT at 7 pm. Tickets are only $5. Please come see this thought-provoking show. A discussion will follow the performance of resources available in the community for those who are lost or alone. #theatre #acting #supportcommunitytheatre #tickets #bangbangyouredead
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this movie was really amazing
bangbangyouredead -
rebsdomine : #bangbangyouredead
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I will be at the Saturday matinée performance at Skyline High School. If you live in the Utah Valley please come see how hard these guys have worked and please bring a friend. I truly believe the arts have the power to change the world and I know that this play changed mine. #makeadifference #Repost @abby.hutchinson with @repostapp. ・・・ Everybody get ready because Skyline High School's ASL production of #BangBangYoureDead is this week! Shows will be in the Skyline Auditorium on Friday the 29th at 6:30 and Saturday the 30th at 1:00. Admission is free and all lines will be signed and spoken! #ItsGonnaBeAwesome #ItsTheMessage #JustTryingToHealTheWorldALittleBit
justtryingtohealtheworldalittlebit - bangbangyouredead - repost - makeadifference - itsgonnabeawesome - itsthemessage -
tfree1432 : I went to Skyline High School in Mesa, AZ and did the ASL program! I checked on @abby.hutchinson page that her Skyline HS is in Utah. North or South UT idk. I would love to go!!!!!!
ahnika.j : Nooooo!!! I'm going on Friday!
alyssaharden10 : OMG @marea.23 WE MUST GO
funmissemily : @gwendeliciouss @chalenecherie lets go!! Skyline and ASL two of my favorite things!!!
harli_g_ : Sooo will we get to meet you there?!
vickileclerc8 : This is a powerful performance that everyone should see . Please encourage all your friends and family to attend with you . The students are outstanding, and have worked countless hours to bring such an important message to the Community. This can change people's lives. Thank you Mrs.Tolley ,cast, crew and administration for making a difference.
vincentskrezyna : You are good memory of your old picture! 😉👏👌
bree_june_d : Katie, I'm a parent in the skyline area. & I am so thrilled that you took time out to come hang with these kids while they did this production. Thank you for being an outstanding example for these kids. I wish I would have known sooner, I would have come!
rdethy_2016 - lashea0120 - vmaranopictures - kryss_kryss98 -
Everybody get ready because Skyline High School's ASL production of #BangBangYoureDead is this week! Shows will be in the Skyline Auditorium on Friday the 29th at 6:30 and Saturday the 30th at 1:00. Admission is free and all lines will be signed and spoken! #ItsGonnaBeAwesome #ItsTheMessage #JustTryingToHealTheWorldALittleBit
bangbangyouredead - itsthemessage - itsgonnabeawesome - justtryingtohealtheworldalittlebit -
makdance2012 : What state is this held in, I would love to come!
abby.hutchinson : @makdance2012 It's in Utah! We would love to have you come!
makdance2012 : Okay I'm from Minnesota but I can drive down! (:
disneyamym : @sappirah_zara it's at 6:30. :)
makdance2012 : I was not able to make it sadly, I hope everything went well!
abby.hutchinson : @makdance2012 it was great! Sorry you couldn't make it.
makdance2012 : That's wonderful to hear!
sierra_wells14 - rwells31 - titoriverab - izzyrosego -
@acpyouthwing "Bang Bang You're Dead" is back at ACP on Thursday at 7 pm. Tickets are $5 and can be bought online at aikenplayhouse.us/tickets/ or over the phone by calling 803-648-1438. Please share with youth groups in the area. #theatre #acting #bangbangyouredead #tickets
tickets - bangbangyouredead - acting - theatre -
some_unknown_guy - jacobm147 - hannahbearss - iambrittanycollier -
Tom se ha convertido en una bolita 🐹 #bangbangyouredead #dirtyprettythings ✨
bangbangyouredead - dirtyprettythings -
boladetipex - paauliitt - _celiabravo - looree_17 -
Be very, very quiet. I'm hunting blue tape. #paintball #magfed #rap4 #moderncombatsports #pistol #assassin #paintballgirl #LAHitmen #dyepaintball #destinypaintball #giantsports #giantsandiego #besieged #sas #odsc #ponytail #blonde #scenario #bangbangyouredead #redtape #milsim Photo credit: @sboltjesphotography
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moderncombatsports : Ha! This is great! ❤️
paintball_weekend : @calli.sta good shot!
westcoastmeditation : Super badass!
pbgateway : 😃
destinypaintball : Yeah, @calli.sta !!!
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Shooting with fam #BangBangYoureDead #IGotYouFirst
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❤️💀 #uhoh #poison #bangbangyouredead
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timothymichaelsanders : It was probably for being mean to innocent men on social networking sites 🐵🎉🐺
ladybreepresents : "Innocent"
timothymichaelsanders : Does Mr. Fergus agree with you? @ladybreepresents
cowboymark808 : Oh that's a good one
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Randy nel film "Bang bang, sei morto" (Bang, bang, you're dead) del 2002. Qui interpreta Sean, un adolescente problematico che fa parte di un gruppo chiamato "trogs", dei fanatici delle armi molto pericolosi. Arriveranno anche a pensare di sterminare dei loro compagni di classe e insegnanti... avete visto questo film? :) a me è piaciuta molto la sua interpretazione :) Have you watched this movie? #bangbangyouredead #bangbangseimorto #randyharryson #movie #2002 #justintaylor
2002 - bangbangyouredead - randyharryson - justintaylor - movie - bangbangseimorto -
rainbowtongue : Si l'ho visto! E adoro la sua parte, poi lui recita benissimo ❤️😍❤️
queer_as_folk_italy_fans : @angevitagliano Concordo pienamente :D ;)
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"Bang Bang You're Dead" is back for a limited time only - Jan. 27 and 28 at 7 pm at ACP! Get your tickets now, only $5. Call 803-648-1438 @acpyouthwing #acting #theatre #bangbangyouredead #tickets
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bangbangyouredead -
The #greenandgold being taken out #bangbangyouredead
bangbangyouredead - greenandgold -
amneligan : Brilliant photo!
gaothmhor : @amneligan are you out marching today, we might get a photo of you
amneligan : I went in for a look. I'll be back in later... look out for a red parrot 😉
lafoc - squeeky34 - serpentbones - amneligan -
Been an awesome day of #coyote #wolf #target #practice now time to get ready for the family😁. #bang #bangbangyouredead #shooting #weatherby #submoa #.257 #varmithunting #varmitcontrol
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#roadkill #bait #snow #cold #bangbangyouredead
bangbangyouredead - cold - bait - snow - roadkill -
573punisher : Coyote/wolf bait :)
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#Kill #Kill #Kill #Kill #KillYou
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marcus_li_dk : #bangbangyouredead
breebaffordmua - anyaalol - chriswhiteboy818 -
#dreamteam #cocoloco @daniellecocoburnham
bangbangyouredead - cocoloco - dreamteam -
jbuzn : Coco loco me please
anotherbloodyusername : @jbuzn you wish jelly fish get in the kitchen cook me Xmas dinner 🔫 #bangbangyouredead
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Drums in the lounge. Vol.1 #bangbangyouredead
bangbangyouredead -
niall_tyson : They're well nice 😍😍😍😂🖕🏽
louishorton1 : Not bad eh @niall_tyson
niall_tyson - frankie.bradshaw - alina.mp - randyparrot -
A year ago today, I had the amazing opportunity of directing and opening Bang, Bang You're Dead with some amazing people. With everything that is going on in this world today, I can honestly say that this amazing cast portrayed such a touching story in the most beautiful way. I still, to this day, am blown away by the talent of my wonderfully talented friends. Thank you all so much for helping me tell a story that needs to be heard, and even more so today with everything that is going on in our country and all over the world. You are all wonderful, beautiful and such talented people. Love you all! #bangbangyouredead
bangbangyouredead -
annarobbz : You're amazing. Love you ❤️
heyyitsjared : 😍
christinap246 : You're the best. I miss this so much😘❤️
shaniggy : I love you. ❤️
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I guess you could say our last performance went out with a bang. 😉🔫 #bangbangyouredead
bangbangyouredead -
kenna.donaldson : r u okay? That looks like a serious wound
kayy._ : @kenna.donaldson we're actually dead so, shrugs
kenna.donaldson : That's what happens when you move away
katiegrace629 : ^%^^
sam.gayle : Noice shirts
sam.gayle : Gotta say tho Kay, ur blood was splattered alittle too neatly... #ihavequestions
dyaniwyd : wow we look Hawtttttt 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
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#nowplaying #DirtyPrettyThings - #bangbangyouredead #drink #コーラゼロ #cococola #どこまでも限りなく降り積もる雪とあなたへの想い #昨日のキン肉マンの写真は #キン肉マンスーパーフェニックス っていうキャラらしいです #王位継承で5人のキン肉マンが戦って決勝で主人公のキン肉マンと戦うらしいです #強いけどただ卑怯な手を使うらしいです笑 #このキャラでダーツするんですか #でもなんだか僕らしいかな笑 #今日は道路を7キロジョギングしてきました #スパルタでしたな謎 #今日のミラクルはファミレスでカプチーノを飲もうとボタンを押したら明らかに白だらけのこれ牛乳じゃないと思われるのが出来て飲んだら薄めの牛乳だったこと #これが僕のルーティーンですと言ったら五郎丸かって突っ込まれました #明日は体がバッキバキの予感
今日のミラクルはファミレスでカプチーノを飲もうとボタンを押したら明らかに白だらけのこれ牛乳じゃないと思われるのが出来て飲んだら薄めの牛乳だったこと - 王位継承で5人のキン肉マンが戦って決勝で主人公のキン肉マンと戦うらしいです - drink - 昨日のキン肉マンの写真は - bangbangyouredead - どこまでも限りなく降り積もる雪とあなたへの想い - スパルタでしたな謎 - cococola - コーラゼロ - 明日は体がバッキバキの予感 - 今日は道路を7キロジョギングしてきました - nowplaying - これが僕のルーティーンですと言ったら五郎丸かって突っ込まれました - キン肉マンスーパーフェニックス - このキャラでダーツするんですか - 強いけどただ卑怯な手を使うらしいです笑 - でもなんだか僕らしいかな笑 - dirtyprettythings -
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Guys I'm beautiful and no one can tell me that I'm not.
beautiful - cute - pretty - imbeautiful - dontmakemeleave - imgorgeous - bangbangyouredead - donttellmenot - loves - awe - lovethesepeople -
ymirsbutt : #imbeautiful #bangbangyouredead #beautiful #dontmakemeleave #donttellmenot #imgorgeous #loves #lovethesepeople #Cute #pretty #awe
e_claire01 : Yes yes you are
aphbrodite : You aren't just beautiful; you're flawless in every way, shape, and form.
ymirsbutt : @aphbrodite YOU ARE LITERALLY MY FAV OMG IM CRYING
mestiza_ny : Cool!
e_claire01 - mestiza_ny - eeeeelliek - cmpunk175 -
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