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Dead to the world. #bangbangyouredead #filmnoir #whodidit
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#losolvidados #bangbangyouredead #goskate
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This movie is one of my favorites. Makes you think and feel. Sheds light on something most people ignore. Makes me cry everytime. It is a heartbreakingly beautiful movie. #bangbangyouredead #movie #alsoaplay #mustwatch
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At @usagibooks, you mess with our #books, we mess with your FACE! Right @bkbookstorecrawl ? (I burst out laughing right afterwards cuz Chrissybunny kept on making me giggle. RIP Anne attack's arm, @_redkiss) I need to check out their art next time. It looked neat! #sup #fingerbang #bangbangyouredead #books4life #bkbookstorecrawl #bookstore #artgallery #wherebrooklynat
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Happiness is only real when shared. #bangbang #bangs #bangbangyouredead
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j_donajiski : #daria
litmusound : #Dariaforlife
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#dirtyprettythings #bangbangyouredead
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Throwback. I miss the shooting range. #bangbangyouredead #targetpractice #rifle
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foresterrestrial : Gorgeous
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We're at the movies 😎🔫 #jamesholmes #truecrime #bangbangyouredead @goodmorningcolumbine
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goodmorningcolumbine : Looking for people with black duffle bags 😂😂😂🔫🔫🔫
godlikexwrath : 😰😰😰
flawedxhero : X.X I almost met him that night. Lol no lie. I was supposed to go see the movie, even commented online a out going to see it. Decided against it last minute cuz we needed gas money instead.. Lmao... My facebook, calls, text - it was all blown up with people making sure I was okay.
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True shit #columbiner #columbine #columbiners #EricHarris #DylanKlybald #bangbangyouredead #zeroday
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Hard to believe it's been 17 years since your death, little buddy. I wish you eternal peace in the eternal nirvana as well as all of the victims, excluding those who were bullies of course. I have no sympathy for bullies. Such scums of the earth nearly took my life from me when I was in high school, so I spit on their graves gladly and encourage anyone to take any and all efforts towards extirmnating them. I know how you felt, Dylan, and I understand what the entire nation failed to understand. And it is with this "I love you" that I say in friendship, for a friend that will never be. Though we are united as victims of circumstance, we are separated by death, time, and intelligence. Peace out #columbine #columbiner #columbiners #DylanKlybald #EricHarris #420 #bangbangyouredead #zeroday
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Does anyone know any good school shooter movies besides Zero Day and Bang Bang You're Dead? I don't like Elephant or Zero Hour btw #columbine #columbiner #bangbangyouredead #zeroday
bangbangyouredead - columbiner - columbine - zeroday -
listentoreb : The dirties, the class (klass), beautiful boy, duck! The carbine high massacre
the_nazzz : YAY! Thank you! I'll check them out tonite @listentoreb
listentoreb : @the_nazzz you got it! Enjoy 😄
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Fuck that... chillin time with the crew #Fuck #crewlife #crew #BangBangYoureDead
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Talkback with the cast of #bangbangyouredead They did a fabulous job tonight. It was hard for me as the mom of 2 "deceased" but they did a fabulous job and the message is important. 2:30 tomorrow is one last chance to catch the show at #casttheatre #granitefallsnc
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This might be one of my favorite movies ever. #BangBangYoureDead
bangbangyouredead -
lxstintheecho : It's one of my faves too 💖
riverphoenixflowsinyou : @lxstintheecho Ugh ily 💖😂
lxstintheecho : Ily too 😘💖
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From all 3 movies about school shootings i've seen (Zero Day, Elephant and Bang Bang You're Dead), this one is by far the BEST !!! 🙌 #BangBangYoureDead - 3/4
bangbangyouredead -
lovin_the_90s : Sean is also fucking beautiful 😍
novemberebs : @lovin_the_90s Yah and Trevor too 😍
rebsdomine : SUCH a great film
novemberebs : @rebsdomine yes !!! And it's so underrated
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#studying #revision #gces #tiring #killme #college #highschool #pass #exams #examseason #study #studyhard #bangbangyouredead
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_margauxseager : Good luck.
jdefenty_ : Hope you pass them all
murasakininja28 : You got this,, Fightie !! :D
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It wasn't fair. Kenny was head cowboy because he had the biggest gun. Joe knew all about cowboys. Joe was the one who told Mr Henshaw that the play should be about cowboys. Joe already had the checked shirt. Mr Henshaw said there wasn't a head cowboy. He said they were a posse, nobody's in charge. But Kenny got to go into the baddies' hideout first, and Kenny had the biggest gun. Miss Pearson put her hand on Joe's shoulders. She said nobody sulks in the Wild West. #story #vintagephoto #foundphoto #cowboys #kids #1960s #bangbangyouredead
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evanshane__ : Wonderful :)
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Thanks For Being an awesome guide Kat and Pepe 😊 #LatePost #OldTownSanDiego #BangBangYoureDead #BeautifulTown #FunWeekend
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kat08 : @1981_liz_ anytime. ..we gotta do it again 😊
1981_liz_ : Yes. This time more breweries lol @kat08
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media inspired by the Columbine Massacre #elephant #americanhorrorstory #zeroday #klass #coldcaseramage #thedirties #duckthecarbinehighmassacre #bangbangyouredead
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Preshow makeup stuff #halfbaked #makeupwhores #theatreproblems #bangbangyouredead #spring2k16
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Dirty Pretty Things - Bang Bang You're Dead #dirtyprettythings #bangbangyouredead #indie
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marinafive : 👌🎶
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Play time. Please support your local arts. Can't wait to see the snow #BangBangYoureDead #cac @savyyyyyyg
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I knew all along That I was right at the start About the seeds of the weeds That grew in your heart #lyrics #dirtyprettythings #bangbangyouredead #selfie #snapchat #dogfilter #makeup #highlight
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ma.rissa.mae : 😍😍😍
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OGs see me comin’ through and they say, “That’s a baller” That’s that ni**a really started from the bottom really in that order Make a call, bring them plans down Smokin’ loud like surround sound Ni**as wanna come around now Cause they know that Milly got the crown now Put my mans on, put the crown down Tell ’em turn up When it come to action, ni**as ride with me Screamin’ murder Ni**as fallin’ off, b*tches fallin’ through Callin’ plays like an audible Get that money, what you oughta do Need the plug, got them ni**as callin’ too Put you on, ni**a, put you on, I can put you on What you doin’, ni**a, what you doin’, ni**a, what you doin’? Get the bag but don’t write triller You around cause you paid ni**as In the dark when we spray ni**as When we run into you, we ain’t playin’ with you Meek put a rapper on CNN Ni**as said I wouldn’t eat again I just counted 5 mil’ in cash I’m a real ni**a they won’t see again... ‼️ This is wtf I'm talking about that "Bang Bang" your dead on arrival shit‼️ #NewYorkCityNights 🌃 #Bqe #MeekMill #Dc4 #PrayForEm #BangBangYoureDead #ComeBackSeason #QuickRun #TheMayhemChronicles #MsMayhem 🌪
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we_wavy : Oh shit angie behind the wheel fasten ur seat belts 😂😂
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#gangstagranny #bangbangyouredead
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Bang bang. Got my hair cut courtesy of the lovely @erinmn75. #igotmyhairdid #bangs #cutmyhair#hairstyle #haircut #bangbang #bangbangyouredead #piercings #girlswithpiercings #piercedgirls
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erinmn75 : 😘
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#JeanLucGodard - Finally a director who understands how a gun works! 🔫😵 #TakeNoteActionFilms #ProtagonistNotImmuneToBullets #BangBangYoureDead #MyLifeToLive #VivreSaVie #FrenchNewWave #BlackAndWhite #AnnaKarina #OscarNots #FilmReview #Movies
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"Bang, bang, you're dead, Put all the rumors to bed, Bang, bang, you're dead" #bangbangyouredead #countrygirl #citygirl #blueeyes #music #lyrics #musicislife #dirtyprettythings #makeup #darklips
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He asked me if I could shoot a gun and I responded with three shots straight to the heart 🔫 #bangbangyouredead
bangbangyouredead -
madcrayy : If looks could kill 😏
zoehaswitt : This is concerning.
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Alter afternoon good music #WaterlooToAnywhere #BangBangYoureDead #Alternative #CultureShock #rock
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Cuidado, cuando me tengas que dejar a un lado. Sabes que el mundo seguira girando, y alguna vez acabaras llorando. Cuidado, porque a tu vida me tendrás ligada, Porque en tu mente yo estaré presente. Porque al volver, inclinaras la frente.🎵 #bangbangyouredead #andobienjosejose #lyrics #mexico #selfie #girl #inkedgirls #dontpunkwithmyheart #kitty #piercing #girlswithpiercings
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Телевизионный фильм "Пиф-паф, ты - мёртв" (2002 год) затрагивает очень важную для современного общества проблему, а именно гигантскую пропасть между родителями и детьми. Представьте себе такую ситуацию. Некий подросток попадает в неприятную ситуацию. Допустим, в школе ему одевают мусорку на голову. Если он не даёт отпор, то сразу становится аутсайдером. Если даёт - есть варианты: от крутого парня до белой вороны или трудного подростка. Взрослые дают детям ярлыки и заставляют с ними жить. Планы на будущее - это хорошо, но что если вам 16, а за вас уже типа всё решили? Как справиться с давлением? Переходный возраст - бунт - неприятие - разочарование - фатализм - мысли о смерти. К чему только не приводит глупая беспочвенная вражда со сверстниками. Унижение. Агрессия. Нервный срыв. Ненависть. "Пиф-паф, ты - мёртв" - это тяжёлая психологическая драма о целом поколении потенциальных убийц и суицидников, живущих в шаге от трагедии каждый день. Конечно же, это касается далеко не всех. И естественно, речь идёт не только об американских подростках. Эта проблема есть в каждой стране. Некоторым нужно чуть больше внимания, чем другим. Некоторым - чтобы их не трогали. Но всем им нужна вера. Это касается и главного героя фильма в исполнении Бена Фостера, одного из моих самых любимых актёров. "Пиф-паф, ты - мёртв" будет актуален не для всех, но тему он затрагивает очень и очень актуальную. Да и идёт фильм идёт час двадцать с копейками. Личная оценка: 7,5/10 #kinoganza #фильм #пифпафтымёртв #bangbangyouredead #драма #триллер #психология #кино #showtime #школа #benfoster #рекомендую #сша #канада #2002
рекомендую - драма - психология - кино - showtime - benfoster - школа - сша - пифпафтымёртв - 2002 - bangbangyouredead - фильм - канада - триллер - kinoganza -
alexey_ganza : @olga_1703 Просто для просмотра фильмов - архаизм. А если заморачиваться качеством картинки, звука и прочими благами - конечно да. Я же не спорю. В отличие от тебя)
olga_1703 : @alexey_ganza уже почти никто не смотрит фильмы "просто"-все больше заморачиваются на картинку и звук т.к. массовое кинопроизводство все технологичнее. Первое свое сообщение ты написал без этих нюансов))
alexhandle : @alexey_ganza когда живёшь в городе с высокоскоростным интернетом, то может быть и так)) У меня 170 не смотренных фильмов лежит на винте и около 4 сериалов. Как-то набралось постепенно.
alexey_ganza : @alexhandle Справедливо)) Раньше, когда онлайнов не было, у меня порядка 50-70 фильмом, наверное, всегда были на винте. А может и намного больше. Потом я перестал пользоваться компом. Айпад, привет))
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I love my dog. #labrador #lablife #bangbangyouredead #dogslife #dog #tricks
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samilemarquand : Love this @emmalangfjord sooo cute x
olive_french : Excellent!
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