#wcw because she's perf in every way πŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’› #bandhype #bandbuddies #bandcamp
bandbuddies - bandhype - bandcamp - wcw -
hayle_paige : Aww thanks! We're looking cute πŸ‘ŒπŸ’™
ciara_schumacher : Yaaas. @hayle_paige
samantha.jane - countrygirllover11 - jenna_ann16 - itsautumnn18 -
Happy 20th birthday to this chica! Even though we're at different colleges, I love her to death especially with our inside jokes. We're totally stupid and silly together and that's what stuck us together! Throwback to baccalaureate mass... missing those high school days with her. Anyways, hope you have a blessed birthday! P.S. We need to hang out before summer ends! πŸŽ“πŸŽ‚πŸŽŠ @xobrittany1xo #highschoolfriends #baccalaureatemass #sacredheartsacademy #shadays #happybirthday #missinghowclosewewere #bandbuddies #selfie #beforeitwaspopular #highschool #almamater
shadays - happybirthday - selfie - baccalaureatemass - beforeitwaspopular - bandbuddies - sacredheartsacademy - almamater - missinghowclosewewere - highschoolfriends - highschool -
cerandipity_ncg - tyler_fg1 - im_just_kitten__ - ashlynndaa -
#eva #music #bandbuddies #goodtobeback 🎹🎸🎀
bandbuddies - eva - goodtobeback - music -
t_obrien1 - olanw7000 - amykins_96 - cian_healy14 -
This is my super cool Norwegian, accordion playing buddy. Goodbyes stink, see you in November Johan! 😊🎢 #johan #friends #goodbyes #dq #sophomore #college #bandbuddies #choirnerds #gonnamisshim #fargobound #blessed #laughter #summer
bandbuddies - summer - choirnerds - sophomore - goodbyes - laughter - fargobound - blessed - gonnamisshim - college - johan - friends - dq -
breckon.felch - fyrftrmork - dockxd - pichmeupfordinner -
at the grandparents again.. πŸ‘Œ#grandparents #lame #boredoutofmymind
bandbuddies - grandparents - boredoutofmymind - lol - lame -
madisonfisher_6 : Tbh: Ur pretty I miss u ..u need to come back sooooonnnn I wish u guys could have stayed Ur awesome Ur sweet u have a good loyal bf we need to chat soon..:'( I'm sad u left me here #come #back #sooooooonnnnnnn
itsgracelynn : @madisonfisher_6 haha. awe thank you, i miss you too. ill come back to visit as soon as i can. #bandbuddies #lol
zserocki - lexi_5010 - madisonfisher_6 - 2jasminemarie3 -
#TransformationTuesday to my junior year of high school to graduation as a college sophomore with my best friend. I can't believe it has a few years now since we known each other in middle school. I remember the first time when you found out about my Band President speech rap 2 years ago, you said to me you would support me, no matte what. I couldn't ask a better best friend than Ciara because we're always there for each other! My last year of marching band wouldn't have been fun without her, and CHS wouldn't be fun without her. I'm proud of you, Ciara, for graduating with Honors, and you got accepted to FSU! Just please be safe and have a wonderful experience. You're one of my amazing and awesome BFFs, and I'm just saying that as a compliment, but because I really mean it! Miss and love ya! <3 :) #BestFriends #Transformation #Besties #ThrowbackTuesday #Throwback #JuniorYear #Buddies #Graduation #Commencement #FSU18 #TroyU17 #piccollage @ciaradalton_
truefriendship - summer - collegelife - besties - mypeep - troyu17 - piccollage - bigredmachine - throwback - fsu18 - junioryear - throwbacktuesday - marchingband - bandbuddies - transformationtuesday - swag - crestview - bff - buddies - florida - graduation - instagood - bestfriends - colorguard - commencement - transformation -
kingcharisma19 : #BigRedMachine #MarchingBand
kingcharisma19 : #BFF #TrueFriendship
kingcharisma19 : #Crestview #Florida
kingcharisma19 : #Swag #instagood
kingcharisma19 : #BandBuddies #Summer
kingcharisma19 : #MyPeep #ColorGuard #collegelife
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We might look really ratchet, but we still cute as frick!! #Pool #SWSShirt #SleepingWithSirens #BandBuddies @sierra_26_
bandbuddies - sleepingwithsirens - pool - swsshirt -
sierra_26_ : We still look good πŸ˜‚ Lol
zoiehelton : @sierra_26_ YUS!!
hildredztzq - sierra_26_ - ughfuckit - _lilyhughes_ -
Band camp selfies with my fish trees! 🌳🐠 #bandbuddies
bandbuddies -
jdolin3 - alexafaye11 - hharding9 - maddiecooperr -
besties-😘excuse my face #bandbuddies#prideoftrion14#prideoftriin#marchingband#bandbabes#band#cuties#bestfriends#tbh#rates#trionbulldogs#tflers
bandbuddies - tflers - tbh - prideoftriin - cuties - band - bestfriends - rates - bandbabes - prideoftrion14 - trionbulldogs - marchingband -
kaitlynnn_connerrr : I love you! @savannaa_p
kaitlynnn_connerrr : And
courtneyking16 - abboyz.nation - madi_martinnnn - jenniferr_lynnn_ -
This is great! :) @firepokemaster #bandbuddies
bandbuddies -
firepokemaster : I fucking can't breathe omg <3 xD
sparksss_10 - moderndayhippe - firepokemaster - ancientmeww -
So excited about Switzerland with Aliza. Love her so much xx #summer #swizerland #france @alizagator #bandbuddies #cantwait
bandbuddies - summer - swizerland - cantwait - france -
he1en4f - teeniewithpainas63 - alizagator - huepelnora -
Birthday Shoutout to one of my favorite oboe players and best friends! This beautiful young lady has always been there for me with support and care, and I'm glad we got a chance to know more about each other during my senior year. Her family has been a blessing to me ever since middle school, and they all can see the good in me! Amelia, I hope marching band and high school life is treating you well, and I'm glad we are besties. Happy 16th Birthday, best friend, and enjoy!! :) #Birthday #ShoutOut #BestFriends #Besties #BandBuddies #BigRedMachine #BRMPride #HappyBirthday #BirthdayGirl #instagood #piccollage @amelia_ jh
bandbuddies - happybirthday - besties - brmpride - instagood - piccollage - bestfriends - birthday - bigredmachine - birthdaygirl - shoutout -
amelia_jh : Thanks Kevin!
kingcharisma19 : @amelia_jh You're welcome, Amelia! See you at Band Camp!! :D
kirst2love - zachjines12 - _sweeetpeaaa_ - deceivingstardust -
Can't wait for more tour memories πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ @alizagator @elsie_stu @nitramylime @serena2k10 @daniiibumxx @jondrumz @_katepotter #france #bandbuddies #swizerland #tommorow #wow #superexcited #summer
bandbuddies - summer - swizerland - tommorow - wow - superexcited - france -
serena2k10 : OMG I remember that :-) hopefully don won't get dog poo on him again
gracemary811 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
serena2k10 : Everyone looks really young in that photo ;-)
throdgent6688 - marcelloagosta - _itssally_ - serena2k10 -
Her and her crazy faces #funny #bffs #forever #sisters #bandbuddies #icanteven
bandbuddies - funny - forever - bffs - icanteven - sisters -
airelleherron : Ashleynwalker111
ashleynwalker111 : Double selfies πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ But aw haha
ashleynwalker111 - x.joshx - animal.lover - megan_awesome16 -
Can't wait to get back up to Aberdeen and start seriously preparing for the nationals with this lot! πŸ˜„πŸŽΊπŸŽΆ #missthem #bandbuddies #music #abz #champions #firstsection #nationals #cheltenham #goteamGCB
bandbuddies - cheltenham - goteamgcb - firstsection - music - missthem - abz - nationals - champions -
rheganfm - trurnpet - my_2014_in_365_photos - michaelmclaughlin30 -
Even though we all look super tired , I love this photo!! Love these girls and really can't wait for tour!! #2days #tour #bandbuddies #swizerland #france #cantwait @alizagator
bandbuddies - 2days - swizerland - cantwait - tour - france -
alizagator : Aw this picture is cute :3
gracemary811 : πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
alizagator - flo_mylittleangel - elsie_stu - serena2k10 -
Happy Birthday Bailey!πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆ Have a good one!(: #bandbuddies #clarinetswag
bandbuddies - clarinetswag -
baileylawson_26 : Thanks Lauren!!!
laureenchristinee : @jjackiielluengas thank you!
laureenchristinee : @baileylawson_26 no problem!(: I stayed up till 12 so I could be the first one to say happy birthday(;
baileylawson_26 : Awww so awesome @laureenchristinee
emmamarie_07 : Happy late bday baillllllleyyy
emmamarie_07 : @baileylawson_26
baileylawson_26 : Thanks Emma!!! @emmamarie_07
causeweareguys : 😍
tiffanyy_skyee - issam95sang - madalyn01 - ricosuave_27 -
Thanks Mozzy. πŸ’• #rocketfizz #foreveratlast #bandbuddies
bandbuddies - rocketfizz - foreveratlast -
falbrittany : You got it n. :)
mrandrewhensley - thenextprince - alayna_kelty - michaeljackharrell -
Who would've thought that this cat would walk into the shop!! Totally miss this dude! @benmckill and me talked about them good times back in the day with Bettie and the Antibiotics and Estentoreos... See you soon brother!! #tattooedbrotherfromanothermother #bros #neverssleepingalwaysscheming #bandbuddies #tattooeddudes
bandbuddies - neverssleepingalwaysscheming - tattooedbrotherfromanothermother - tattooeddudes - bros -
mapachebones : eaahhhhh! que tiempos' ufffffff
ismarie028 - tokyoredd - ilostmysonicscrewdriver - peludiente -
πŸŽπŸŽˆπŸŽ‰Happy birthday to one of the greatest friends I've ever been blessed with! πŸ™ŒπŸ˜It is bananas that we have been rockin since the 7th gradeπŸ˜³πŸ‘ From marching band🎢🎡 to science fair projects πŸ“–πŸ“š to being a Bulldog🐾 I'm so grateful to have experienced my first few years of college with you, as not only my friends but also my roommate! πŸ‘πŸ‘ I hope your day is absolutely amazing, because you deserve it! β˜€οΈπŸŽˆπŸŽŠπŸŽ‰ love you Char❀️ #happybirthday #itsyourday #letscelebrate #childhoodfriends #bandbuddies #throwback
happybirthday - bandbuddies - itsyourday - childhoodfriends - throwback - letscelebrate -
ejohngee : Whoa braces lol
misssplash7 : @ejohngee lol! Right!πŸ™ŠπŸ˜¬
charc25 : We are so adorable!! Awww I miss us! Thank you SOOO much sequoia!! I truly have been blessed to have such an AMAZING friend like you and I hope sometime soon we will be able to get passed your busy schedule and my busy schedule so we can spend some time together and celebrate our birthdays! ☺️ I miss you ❀️❀️
kslates33 - arkeenarae_ - crystalalcala559 - marrrrrrria -
Hangin with my band buddies #bandbuddies
bandbuddies -
alainaxxo : Wuts ur kik?ΒΏ
crooks108 : tomuchcuteness101
alainaxxo : K gonna kik u
p.costello12 : That sounds funnyπŸ˜™ @alainaxxo
singer_678 - yourponygal - izzy_cambece11 -
Welp, it's marching season. And I'm so excited...but then I think "Wow. I am waaaaay too lazy for this. I'm not ready." But hopefully my bestfriend @brandon_firlie_12 will at least go tomorrow, because I really want him to do it. Even my dad wants him to do it. At least come tomorrow D: @brandon_firlie_12 It would make me so happy. Anyways, I need sleep for the first day, so night Instagram! :) #bandgeek #band #marchingband #marching #firstday #bandbuddies #bestfriends #coolest #people #you #will #ever #meet #baritone #section #baritonesection #all #summer #goodbyesummer #halfdaytomorrow #goodlordhelpme.
summer - all - bandgeek - people - goodlordhelpme - firstday - band - halfdaytomorrow - marchingband - marching - bandbuddies - goodbyesummer - baritone - section - will - bestfriends - baritonesection - meet - you - ever - coolest -
_carlos_214 - aliciaesmer - pearlenewpaa - umailla -
My forever #wcw, @mkrezenski c: thanks for being amazing, bae!! #ily #bandbuddies :D
bandbuddies - wcw - ily -
loverthehater - hannah_ahl - beautifully_broken1001 - -
Saw this chicky today!! Missed you much!!! #wcw #bandbuddies
bandbuddies - wcw -
t.r.a.c.i_30 : 😍😍😍😍 yee
dr.costi : Tbh idk you but you seem chill and your pretty rate 8
amber_bammber : Thanks @dr.costi
rogerbivins - crystal_irizarry - sabannaaa_yooo - -
Happy birthday hubcap! No one else could ever be a better Guitarist to play with, a better friend to play monkey tag with, or a better guy to be #FenderBuddies #voxbuddies #guitarbuddies #bandbuddies. Love ya bro! @hubcap_mcgee
bandbuddies - voxbuddies - fenderbuddies - guitarbuddies -
hubcap_mcgee : Thanks lil buddy lol ahah love yah too!
cabbypatch23 - jacob_tuttle_37 - emilynicole_51 - gigi_demarco -
Haley, Jordan, and I all got the same exact dinner tonight. #triplets #pasta #alfredo #juice #bandbuddies
pasta - alfredo - bandbuddies - juice - triplets -
feliciav1523 - mikami7675 - haleyleland - cantinadangelo -
#TransformationTuesday from my freshman year with Cydney to our parted college life & a big special #BirthdayShoutout to one of my incredible and caring best friends! Through all these past 5 years with each other, we survived high school, education, but most of all, marching band. It felt like yesterday I can remember the first time we met during Rookie Camp; Freshman year was the year when we became best friends. As much as I really wish I was at FSU with you, I'm happy to hear you are doing great there with the marching band. I miss you and Casie so much! Happy 19th Birthday, Cydney, and let me say I'm glad we are BFFs! Enjoy, hope to see you around the summer, and I love you!! <3 :) #TBT #TransformationTuesday #HappyBirthday #Birthday #BestFriends #BandBuddies #TrueFriendship #FreshmanYear #JuniorYear #CollegeLife #BFF #BigRedMachine #piccollage @cydney311
happybirthday - transformationtuesday - collegelife - bff - birthdayshoutout - pasadenatrip - mypeep - shoutout - tbt - birthday - freshmanyear - truefriendship - bestfriends - bandbuddies - bigredmachine - throwback - junioryear - piccollage - bahamastrip -
kingcharisma19 : #ShoutOut #PasadenaTrip #BahamasTrip
kingcharisma19 : #MyPeep : Cool one :)
kingcharisma19 : #Throwback
cydney311 : Thank you Kevin! You're too sweet!
kingcharisma19 : Anytime, Cydney! That's what best friends are for!! :) @cydney311
haleighhollinheadd - presidentkennnedy - thisgiiiiirl - chaneymaliaaa -
Jono & Bright lights in the background Β€ #tuesdaynights#bandbuddies#allgrownup#brofromanothermo#perthcity
bandbuddies - tuesdaynights - brofromanothermo - perthcity - allgrownup -
nagemngo - johno_best - ash_2828 - mike_rajagopal -
MCM had to do it don't kill me but it's what ya get for taking my phone πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ #mcm #bandbuddies #seniors @bradleybarber007
bandbuddies - seniors - mcm -
bradleybarber007 : Oh my god @cici_kirk_
cici_kirk_ : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ love u πŸ’™ @bradleybarber007
saaaphire__ - baileylindall - bradleybarber007 - katanne2016 -
These two πŸ’―πŸ’•. #bandbuddies πŸ˜‚
bandbuddies -
quueeentrecee_ - umonperez_ - peachhvodkaa - tootie_nofruity -
#howtolooksexy before going out to a venue #bandbuddies
howtolooksexy - bandbuddies -
weallrecoverband - sexydrummerboy101 -
My #mancrushmonday goes to this lovely creature right here, @sfserik. He is the best bro I've ever had. He has been with me through the good and bad for the best years of my life so far and I am so thankful for him, words cannot describe. I love this dude to the core!
mcm - family - bestbro - mancrushmonday - derp - throwback - onelove - bandbuddies - bestfriend - ohana - brother - metalface - roommates - bromance - longhair - goofball - glasses -
mrandykins : #metalface #bestfriend #mcm #bromance #onelove #bestbro #bandbuddies #roommates #family #ohana #brother #longhair #throwback #derp #goofball #glasses
kufre_u - emily_todd_ - ewok03 - fleursdanssescheveux -
Jared, Ready for band?! #bandbuddies
bandbuddies -
tatertot2046 - georgia_childress - tatum_harris - slindeman42 -
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