Yep. I ate it. #balut #vietnamnese #cuisine #foodie #onomz #xotours
vietnamnese - cuisine - onomz - foodie - xotours - balut -
quietjupiter : Whyyyy did you do it!! Haha my coworkers also tried it while we were in the Philippines, I couldn't bring myself to it!
tinawhoo : @quietjupiter i eat full grown ducks....same same but different!
matsukoala - ianhlam - viciousruthless - kevinsecrets -
Thank you Manila! Matt Basile eats #Balut - check. Next stop, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! To find out how you can meet Chef Matt, visit http://www.asianfoodchannel.com/mattbasile Catch Matt Basile on season 2 of "Rebel Without A Kitchen" every Thursdays, 10PM on AFC. #afc #asianfoodchannel #mattbasile #kitchenrevolutiontour
mattbasile - balut - asianfoodchannel - kitchenrevolutiontour - afc -
2h4un - bobbymorales1985 - jamieong1 - rudykis -
#Balut for dinnerπŸ˜‚ #duckembryo #streetfood #ateitwiththelightson Thanks @jayphet702 for making me crave this.
balut - ateitwiththelightson - duckembryo - streetfood -
helloxmarj : @jayphet702 Can you text me info on where to get a tray of balut? Thanks! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
mhaynila22 : Yum-O πŸ˜‹ penge mare 😝
helloxmarj : @mhaynila22 Isa lang ang binili ko mare. I heard may nagbi-benta dyan sa Skyline. Alam mo ba yun?
jayphet702 : @helloxmarj I don't know exactly where. My cousin know. I'll shoot the info in your email. πŸ‘βœŒοΈπŸ£
helloxmarj : Sounds good. Thanks @jayphet702 ☺️
mhaynila22 : @helloxmarj oh yeah mare let me know ha 😍
helloxmarj : @mhaynila22 I will mare as soon as I find out.
mhaynila22 : @helloxmarj yay! Ty MareπŸ’‹
simias - che_real - poweredbypork - jayphet702 -
What I miss about the Philippines. So happy to find one in #toronto #streetfood #filipinofood #balut #pinaycravings @richellefidello
toronto - filipinofood - pinaycravings - balut - streetfood -
angelumarie - asya.carlyle - teedot.ca - clengcleng_11 -
@fidelgastros meets a balut for the first time. And eats it. I think this is a first time for me to be actually making someone eat, it's usually the other way around. Hahaha! Awesome guy. Read more about this 'rebel without a kitchen' on ClickTheCity today! He shares to me his favorite kind of pasta, what he ate on his first day in Manila, and other fun stuff, like a kitchen disaster involving a deli slicer and a trip to the hospital... @asianfoodchannel #foodrevolutiontour #balut
mattbasile - balut - foodrevolutiontour - fidelgastros -
beatrizisabel : @chefedward @kyao_ πŸ‘ŒπŸ£πŸ˜„
beatrizisabel : #mattbasile #fidelgastros
mikechuamike - katokski - kyao_ - chefedward -
Ladies and Gentleman: meet #thecontender. In case you needed another reason to attend #thebaluteatingcontest ---- here's a new one. Bash @bashlife life is the reigning #chickennuggetchamp. He ate 172 chicken nuggets in 4 minutes. Think he can beat the two time #balut champ @wayneywonder29 ? We will see this Saturday at the Hester Street Fair. @jeepneynyc @maharlikanyc #pinoylife
thebaluteatingcontest - pinoylife - balut - thecontender - chickennuggetchamp -
anajulaton : @nicole_ponseca I hear you are coming to Vegas...Don't forget to call us :-) @chefmigsnyc
cincityeats - halohalo_plz - kevinnadal - nastashaablan -
Never go grocery shopping when your hungry. Crab now #balut lol
balut -
rose_axg2014 : Omg!!!!
mama_vien : Yum
mcuison : Ewww
bunnie_mama : Yummy!! Chicken? Duck?
diana_thi - beemike_fsu510 - mike_n27_lifestyle - danifoodie -
#balut #pinoy #pinas #portland #washington #asian #gnarlybuttastegood #filipino #proudtobepinoy #duckegg #streetfood #challenge
proudtobepinoy - gnarlybuttastegood - filipino - streetfood - pinoy - challenge - balut - washington - asian - duckegg - portland - pinas -
d3angelo - cashbacksafari - princeardy - dlanyerski -
balut -
johnson_127 : oh my...... :)
kidkid_03 - wheninmanila - acharles026 - ayrisgeyl -
Is there anyone that wants to represent @killdit at the 3rd Annual Balut Eating Contest this Saturday? (must be able to eat 37+) #balut #nyc
nyc - balut -
ms.cristy : Me
tinabooch : gross
itsmeehteo : 37+ ur kidding... I can barely eat 6, thats insane
anthonyjhonn : I just had this yesterday lol
seann.john : @fiftyshadesofray
111ro111 : I'll do it! 😜 ... but I'm in Turkey right now & I love in Toronto 😩lol
chrispanlilio : Next time then. Maybe you can help us spread @killdit in Toronto. πŸ˜‰ @111ro111
kp0pjudy - _anjunadoll - roslynco - may_b_urs -
Say hello to my little friend... #balut
balut -
kaseymichelee : Ewhhhh noooooo πŸ˜·πŸ™…
lilromzrgd06 : Yummy!!! @kaseymichelee πŸ‘πŸ˜‚ lmao
kaseymichelee : @lilromzrgd06 Rommel that's so nasty lmao
infinite.xox : Ew. 😐
pinaysweetsmile - alem_rdes10 - franchize003 - bmc_hari -
#balut on deck
balut -
priincesskaaay_ : Ewwwwwwwwwwww
brianatm : You really like those?!
freedumb047 : That right 2 hehe
lilromzrgd06 - nsaquii - tracycrist - joeanvc -
Eating balut! #Yum #FilipinoTreat #Balut #NotForTheWeakStomach #Pinay #SoFilipino
notfortheweakstomach - filipinotreat - yum - pinay - sofilipino - balut -
ingrid_marcela : I'm scared to ask, but what is it?
may19881113 : @purtygirlmar noooooooo!!!!!!!
purtygirlmar : @ingrid_marcela its a chicken egg...with a baby chicken in it.
purtygirlmar : @may19881113 why? Haha.
mrs__hunter : Ewwww 😷
purtygirlmar : @mrs__hunter its good. I thought the same thing before I tried it too. Haha.
uema_yukiko - ivaneric1 - imrin0124 - sabrinashante -
ngaon ta mga braaaa! #balut
balut -
wheninmanila -
Thanks sa #balut @noy @maki @benhar :)) tig iisa talaga kayo ah. #goodboys #feelingspecial #feelingyoung #twentytwo
feelingyoung - twentytwo - feelingspecial - balut - goodboys -
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Leggo... Lamon Lamon Lamon...πŸ˜πŸ‘Œβ€ #Balut #DuckEmbryo #Coffee #AfterDinner #Weird #Exotic #ExoticFoods
exotic - coffee - duckembryo - afterdinner - exoticfoods - balut - weird -
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Look what I got for mama and papa. #Balut
balut -
wheninmanila - tulalei - candyshoes07 -
Anniversary dinner date. Hahahahahahaha. Jk. #Balut #Penoy #Isaw #Vitamilk #Gatorade XD
penoy - isaw - vitamilk - balut - gatorade -
wheninmanila - ja9nymko - maebarnuevo -
balut -
gitellaaa : Matalap?
laurenxxiv : @gitellaaa yet hahaha ewan lang sa sisiw -_-
maria.knows - dharnerosario - mikkologs - xavieryulcruz -
Tito Romy, Dada's friend, cooked Sizzling Balut for dinner. Never thought I could eat balut other than the usual way. It's super spicy and it tastes so good!!! I miss Legazpi and spicy food. 😭😭😭
sizzlingbalut - food - vscomanila - vscocamphilippines - vscomnl - foodideas - vscocammanila - vsco - lutongpinoy - bestofvsco - pinoyfood - vscoph - balut - vscophile - vscocamph - vscogood - vscophilippines - vscocammnl - vscofinds - vscocam - vscofood -
superaena : #vsco #vscocam #vscophile #vscoph #vscocamph #vscophilippines #vscocamphilippines #vscomnl #vscocammnl #vscomanila #vscocammanila #vscogood #vscofinds #bestofvsco #vscofood #food #pinoyfood #lutongpinoy #balut #foodideas #sizzlingbalut
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#balut . Boiled, developing duck embryo. Considered an exotic food in the #philippines . My #dinner tonight. Ate them with the lights on.
philippines - balut - dinner -
wheninmanila - yosoyrichie - mave888 -
balut -
wheninmanila -
#Balut xD !
balut -
wheninmanila -
Simpatikong Kusinero ng #Delio #Batangas – Delio Dimaculangan Delio grew up in a poor family. His drunkard father would often beat his mother. Delio #workedatayoungage to help his family, selling #balut, #kaimito, #mango, and #fruitjuice. Sadly he was unable to finish his studies. The greatest challenge he faced was when he got his girlfriend, the daughter of his boss, pregnant. Their relationship was against all odds, and his boss forbade him from seeing his girlfriend and baby. It was only two years after when he first saw his child. From then on he promised to work hard to provide for his new family.
workedatayoungage - mango - fruitjuice - kaimito - balut - delio - batangas -
yusuf439 - tropang_melason -
#balut 😊 isa lang muna nga baka mahighblood na ako... 😝
balut -
iamtornee - mendicab -
At first i was like 'whaaa....' THEN it was "WOW". Today for afternoon tea - #balut ( #duckfetus ) sauteed with all its juices in extra virgin olive oil, fresh garlic and salt to taste! Very flavorsome! Thanks for the tips @nadinebernardo #bizarrefoods #itsmorefuninthephilippines #NOTfoodporn #antifoodporn #foodgasm
bizarrefoods - notfoodporn - foodgasm - antifoodporn - duckfetus - itsmorefuninthephilippines - balut -
nadinebernardo : Now you can cook it for me 😘
marionbran : Yum!
ttrishie : Woah πŸ‘Œ
ttrishie - nadinebernardo - marionbran - jaxaustin -
#VietnameseFoodHeaven #VietnameseFoodPorn #VietnameseSandwich #Balut #HotVitLon #PateChaud #Mmm #VietChick
mmm - hardcoreviet - vietnamesefoodheaven - balut - vietnamesefoodporn - vietnamesesandwich - hotvitlon - patechaud - vietchick -
yungcalifornia : The bottom right picture
_hellocourtney_ : What is that on the spoon?
delanielynn82 : It looks like a mouse.... Lol
mzazngoddess408 : @_hellocourtney_ @delanielynn82 baby duck embryo from inside the egg
mzazngoddess408 : @yungcalifornia
delanielynn82 : Omg!!!!
mzazngoddess408 : @delanielynn82 asian delicacy
_hellocourtney_ : Oh wow!! Does it taste like straight duck meat or are there little bones inside?
jotantrum - mrsjclaudio - rinseyroo - _hellocourtney_ -
Lunch time "aged duck pasta pomodoro" #protein #carbo #agedduck #balot #balut #pomodoro #pasta #healthyliving #healthy #healthymeal #foodgasm #foodies #foodporn #preworkout #freeathlete #freeletics #freeleticsfood #nomnomnom #delicious #yummy #cheese #parmesan #agedegg
cheese - preworkout - foodgasm - foodporn - agedduck - freeletics - agedegg - delicious - parmesan - pasta - protein - freeleticsfood - freeathlete - nomnomnom - yummy - healthy - balut - healthymeal - pomodoro - foodies - healthyliving - balot - carbo -
kiarasimon9yr : @fraserross96 @rickyender @lil_tish I like Legos, you like Legos, why don't we build a relationship?
free_athlete : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
guntur_platok : πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ˜‹
guntur_platok - ktan15 - adamdl380 - malpat524 -
Fresh #Balut from the farm. Want one? Hard Boiled and still hot! An object of culinary fascination around the world. #pinoy #delicacy #Filipinofood #fertilizedrggs #FearFactor #Survivor #food #duckeggs
duckeggs - filipinofood - survivor - food - balut - delicacy - fertilizedrggs - fearfactor - pinoy -
lookforsaab - poleng1322 - plastictoycamera - ortizfromla -
What I found in my 'Balut'.. Skipping this one #aiesec #philippines #balut #ohmygod
ohmygod - philippines - balut - aiesec -
iamwai_ting : Ewwwwww
karthini_ : Is a a duck's head??
5feetroundtheworld : Yeap, the Philippinos eat the fertilised duck embryos as snack, so I thought I'd try it- haha,never made it to the end- just too disgusting :/
karthini_ : Ohhhh..... Yuck! No appetite.... :*(
dylanmunwei - adelynnlwkay - xsuzanneong - robinrobz -
Meet the reigning champ for our #baluteatingcontest @wayneywonder29; he has won 2 years in a row and is now seeking a third. Fun fact: Wayne never ate #balut before in his life. When asked how he felt after winning, he replied "Hungry". We salute you Wayne. Email us if you would like to be a contender and challenge the champ this year on September 20th at @hesterstfair!
baluteatingcontest - balut -
jonafeid : @jasian @alexanderjandro
alexanderjandro : @jonafeid that is ... foul. as fuck.
leo31july : @jeepneynyc @jeromeyrome That's what I want to know too...how many did he eat????
cat_corcuera : @lipany @allabouttat
scarlettmond : @pjinmotion hehehe.
troy_dyer : Lots of calories
kxb_alpalau671 : @drevm3r
allabouttat : @cat_corcuera @lipany πŸ™Š
miss_s_sand - joannemccusker - rayamndrgn - bashfulmonster -
pampalusog - pampalakas - powerful - balut - pampagana -
dachozzenuno : @jesstheeboss @mushu_pork @bgibson04 yummy lets all have one for goodluck
mushu_pork : @dachozzenuno lmao y'all ain't bout it
dachozzenuno : @mushu_pork ur not either
smiledurch : Lmao....all the best;)
enokitaki - royale_beautywellness01 -
Eating #balut for the first time which is a boiled developing duck embryo. #FilipinoFood
filipinofood - balut -
eurosonic : How was it?
nezabarom8 : No sure if it's totally gross or disgusting
dolotohiphop : Ya'll have no clue, it was actually good. They say it's very good energy booster as well; better than any monster drink
troy_dyer : Where did you try the balut?
dolotohiphop : @troy_dyer at Karihan Filipino food in San Diego
troy_dyer : Wow. ! I like balut but not my everyday food... 😜 so how was the taste, did you like it?
dolotohiphop : It was cool man, like some yolkier eggs. Good
troy_dyer - mishkafilm - d3angelo - andrey_a_b -
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