~{[Open RP]}~ Only one person please. Running a million different RP's off the same pic is just too damn confusing for me. If you want to start your own go with me DM me and I'll make a separate post. Literate and 18+ content please! Don't be afraid to swear and get sexual people! Shapeshifter Bakura Make sure to read both parts before commenting! ~~~~~~~~~~ Bakura stood in the park, a group of three men stood facing him. To anyone else this would have looked like and ordinary scene but in reality it was anything but. Bakura delicately sniffed the air, his nose bombarded with the smell of wet dog. "I'm assuming your the Alpha then?" He asked the tallest male; a slim and muscular blonde with a movie star face and hair. He nodded. "Yes,and you are trespassing on our territory stranger..." His words were casual but his eyes were cautious. The two other men shifted restlessly. "You dogs and your territory. I'll never understand it..." Bakura said with a sigh. The alphas eyes narrowed slightly. "You speak as if you are of the Feline Clan." He said, sounding slightly surprised amidst his now obvious annoyance. "Took you long enough to figure it out." Bakura said sarcastically. The alpha sniffed the air and his eye brows came together in confusion. The others shifted again. "You're nervous because you cannot smell me, all you smell are the pork ribs I had for dinner." Bakura grinned, his sharp teeth showing. The alpha cocked his head. "It is...unusual, only someone who has had centuries to master their powers can mask their smell so completely. And as you know our kind does not live for centuries like we used to..." His sentence trailed off, unsure of what to make of this. "Yes, it's a shame really. Unfortunately people do not revere us as they used to, instead they hunt and kill us, blaming us for all the bad they bring upon themselves. Exactly the reason we went into hiding, the world cannot afford to lose us, we're stuck protecting the imbeciles who bite the hand that feeds them. Exactly the reason I'm here actually..."
rp - yamibakura - shapeshifter - nekobakura - yugioh - openrp - neko - bakura - open -
tender_puzzle_shipper : The Alphas left eyebrow quirked up with interest. "So you're here on council business then?" He asked. Bakura nodded. "Yes. There is a rouge canine pack making it's way here through a neighbouring town, and leaving a trail of bodies after them. They've been feeding illegally and it gotten out of control. They're heading right into your territory, so the council wants you to deal with it how you see fit. As long as they die...." Bakura instructed. The alpha nodded. "We will take care of it and report back to the council." He replied. "Good. Good night then."Bakura concluded and with that the three men left. Bakura turned to the tree line with a sigh. "You can come out now human. They're far enough away where they can't smell you anymore. I would recommend you do so before I decide that chasing you down would be too much fun to resist." He said. He watched as a figure emerged from the forest...
tender_puzzle_shipper : #yamibakura #bakura #neko #nekobakura #shapeshifter #rp #open #openrp #yugioh
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Name: Bakura Relationship: Single ๐Ÿ˜‰ Friends: Marik and Melvin. #Bakura #melleniumring #evilbakura
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gohan_kobi_mal : Ok @vanitas.the.empty
vanitas.the.empty : I'm not your friend?
gohan_kobi_mal : U said ur not my friend @vanitas.the.empty
vanitas.the.empty : It was a typo
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^-^ ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ#InstaFrame#i#love#Bakura#yugioh!
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volleyball_chick03 - federich_yt - otakuking_1828 - mifuyuchan -
Yami bakura #drawing #yugioh #bakura #yami #art #anime #sketch #manga #f4f
sketch - art - manga - yugioh - yami - anime - f4f - bakura - drawing -
itisdj : nice :D
brandon_hendersonn : @itisdj thanks :)
b.tx : "Take my hand." Okay! ๐Ÿ˜
jozeilson_ - saura_67 - vines_soccer - in_a_coffin_ -
Dont make me take this to the shadow realm #dueling#yugiohcards#yugioh#bakura#bae#yamibakura
yugioh - bae - yamibakura - yugiohcards - bakura - dueling -
_vexshipping_ : #bae
kite1965 : 0-0' *gulp*
anime_and_ect : You do realize this picture makes you're kitty hair stand out?
anime_and_ect : Kitty!!! ๐Ÿฑ
kite1965 - luzespinoza15 - _vexshipping_ - jaycricardo -
You cant get rid of the shadows..... You cant get rid of me..... Immortality...... #yugioh#bakura#yamibakura
yugioh - bakura - yamibakura -
kite1965 : •_• eep...
kite1965 - asowell196 - jaycricardo - daiguren.hyorinmaru -
This ones for you Marik-Pu *Winks and giggles* (Bakura: Admin I am going to kill you Admin!!) ~Admin #admin #yami #yamibakura #bakura #fembakura #femyamibakura #yay #femyugioh #lol #yugioh #genderbent #gederbentsaturday
genderbentsaturday - yay - yamibakura - admin - gederbentsaturday - lol - yugioh - yami - femyugioh - femyamibakura - bakura - genderbent - fembakura -
tender_puzzle_shipper : #genderbentsaturday
kite1965 : X3 wow
tender_puzzle_shipper : Honestly replace the thong with a pair of either black leather pants or dark wash jeans and you have my head canon for what Fem! Yami Bakura looks like. Lol XD @kite1965
kite1965 : •_• mindblowing ain't it XD
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@kittybakura Hope you like this I drew one of ur pics ^_^ #bakura #yugioh #anime #art #manga #drawing #sketch #f4f
sketch - art - manga - yugioh - anime - f4f - bakura - drawing -
kittybakura : Thanks and I love itโค๏ธ
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Chibi everyone!!!!!! #yugioh#chibi#kaiba#yami#yugi#seto#marik#bakura#joey
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dark_magician_girl_mana : sho cute>~<
dark_bakura : Yeshhhh X3 @dark_magician_girl_mana
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I've got you both!!! HAHAHA!!! #akefia #thief #thiefking #thiefkingakefia #bakura #yamibakura #ryoubakura #ygo #yugioh #anime #manga #bakushipping
yamibakura - yugioh - ygo - akefia - thief - ryoubakura - thiefking - anime - thiefkingakefia - bakura - manga - bakushipping -
the_real_yami_bakura : *pushes you off* You're heavy you know...@akefia_thiefking
akefia_thiefking : *lands with an "oof!"* Hey! Don't push me! @the_real_yami_bakura
the_real_yami_bakura : Then don't go on top of me. @akefia_thiefking
akefia_thiefking : But it's fun to irritate you! @the_real_yami_bakura
the_real_yami_bakura : -_- @akefia_thiefking
the_real_yami_bakura : Seriously. @akefia_thiefking
akefia_thiefking : Yes seriously! *laughs* @the_real_yami_bakura
the_real_yami_bakura : *tackles you* @akefia_thiefking
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Hello everyone! It seems as though it's going to be a very boring day... #ryoubakura #bakura #ygo #yugioh #anime #manga #battlecity #duelmonsters
battlecity - yugioh - ygo - ryoubakura - anime - bakura - duelmonsters - manga -
white_mage_ryou : Surprisingly they get along really well...she acts like his mother and I think he likes it. She's a very maternal kind of person when she wants to be. :) @bonjoviluvr23
bonjoviluvr23 : "Oh Wow! =D I didn't realize that they have Such a Strong bond between them~" "LOL! ..when she wants to be! I'm sure that she Is! No! I Know - she is! Such a lovely and Kind Person she is! =) "
white_mage_ryou : They don't act like it over IG, but I've seen it. *chuckles* Careful, you'll make her blush. @bonjoviluvr23
bonjoviluvr23 : "Well, I can certainly understand~ For the way they've butted heads after all this time - shows that they Truly care for one another~" " xD But tis the Truth!"
white_mage_ryou : They're entertaining, I'll admit that much. :) @bonjoviluvr23
bonjoviluvr23 : "XDD They Sure Are! All the Fun and Wild Adventures they've Had this year! So Fun seeing them along with their friends, too! =D"
white_mage_ryou : *laughs* Oh yes, you're quite right. She's giving his account a small break though. She feels like she never spends any time with me. *shrugs* @bonjoviluvr23
bonjoviluvr23 : "Amen! ^_^" "Awwww, she'd Never forget about You, Ryou! :3 How is that possible?! xD"
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I keep forgetting I want to upload this... hahahha cute bakura you sweet angel!! No demons there ;) #yugioh #bakura #therebeithfilter #sorry :(
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cythepanda : Amazing :0!!
sims3_109 : Thank you :) @cythepanda
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Yami Bakura
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ima_art_ish : #Drawing #Sketch #Anime #manga #YuGiOh #Yami #Bakura #YamiBakura
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Hello mortals.. Look what I got back.. yes my millenium ring.. #anime #yugioh #originalyugioh #yamibakura #bakura #millineumring #evil
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britush.kitti : Dat midriff though. ~Maliku
yami.bakura : Indeed.. @britush.kitti
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Hey remind me not to get on your bad side (´๏ฝฅ_๏ฝฅ`). - #yami #yugimuto #yugioh #ryo #bakura #thiefking #pharaoh #anime #atem
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kite1965 : 0-0'
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Hello everyone! #ryoubakura #bakura #ygo #yugioh #duelistkingdom #anime #manga #cute
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kite1965 : Hi ^.^
kittybakura : Hey
white_mage_ryou : Hello Yami. How was your day? @kittybakura
kittybakura : So far it's been good and yours?
white_mage_ryou : Terrible. Well, Admin's day was horrendous and it sort of rubbed off on me. @kittybakura
kittybakura : Awww I'm sorry.Admin is just busy working since she's taking AP Classes and has to start her summer hw due Monday and she's been half asleep all day because of the article she had to write last night. Hope your admin has a better day
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#bakura #theifkingbakura #theifkingakefia #yugioh #yamibakura #ryoubakura
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Bakura: Cant touch me. #Bakura #canttouchme
bakura - canttouchme -
kittenmon12 : Hi bakura๐Ÿ’™
gohan_kobi_mal : Bakura: Hello @kittenmon12
kittybakura : *pokes*touch :3
gohan_kobi_mal : Bakura: Oh hell naw @kittybakura
kittybakura : I touched you Fluffy now I want my prize xP
gohan_kobi_mal : Bakura: *slaps u* @kittybakura
kittybakura : *grins*slap me again xD
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(Stollen from @yami_bakura) hey guys, it's Friday! Thank goodness!! #ryobakura #bakura #cute #morning
cute - bakura - ryobakura - morning -
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Admin had gone off her bloody rocker. She went to get blood work done today and they took 9 vials of blood and it's making her loopy. The fucking doctor was no help either, fucking telling her that worst case scenario she's either pregnant or developed type 2 diabetes. As if she wasn't stressed out enough. Not to mention her boyfriends dad was just diagnosed with lung cancer and they think he only has a few months left to live. Bloody fucking hell universe, could you cut the poor girl a break already? ~Bakura
great - yamibakura - paranoid - crazy - thiefkingbakura - worried - ryoubakura - sorry - yami - sick - ryou - thiefking - bakura - admin -
tender_puzzle_shipper : #admin #yami #bakura #yamibakura #ryou #ryoubakura #thiefking #thiefkingbakura #great #paranoid #sick #crazy #worried #sorry
lovely_lady_tyffani : Oh my gosh! ๐Ÿ˜ฅ๐Ÿ˜” prayers to everyone!!! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™
kite1965 : D8 oh my Ra I'm so sorry
kite1965 : I'll be praying I promise ;-;
isela_proudlatina : I hope things get better her
sims3_109 - marik__ishtar - yamibakura_ - kaseykczb -
Again and again #bakura #anime #drawing #art #yugioh @lil_limey209 hope this is okay, if you want any other drawings done let me know :D
yugioh - bakura - art - anime - drawing -
lil_limey209 : Nice! Thanks!! Admin loves your drawings!!
lil_limey209 - yami.neko.girl - ashleighsavannah - pocky.otaku -
Morning!!! #ryoubakura #bakura #yamibakura #akefia #thiefkingakefia #thiefkingbakura #ygo #yugioh #anime #manga
yamibakura - yugioh - ygo - akefia - thiefkingbakura - ryoubakura - anime - thiefkingakefia - bakura - manga -
bonjoviluvr23 : « Guud MoRrrrniN' ^_^ »
kite1965 : Morning ^.^
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#millenium ring #millenium #ring #yugioh #bakura
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too bad I just gave up on everything below the face lol crayola doesn't like me at all #art #yugioh #bakura #yamibakura
yugioh - bakura - art - yamibakura -
svntian : :-)
jqey : ITS LIKE
jqey : AMA
jqey : ZING
bitsycluckins : @jqey thank you so much thank you thank you!!!! Thank you thanks
jqey : it makes me want to go watch yugioh
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See Yami? I told you I could pick you up!! #ryoubakura #bakura #yamibakura #ygo #yugioh #tendershipping #anime #manga
tendershipping - yamibakura - yugioh - ygo - ryoubakura - anime - bakura - manga -
white_mage_ryou : *kisses you back deeply* Hmmm... @kittybakura
kittybakura : *moans a little and mumbles*i love you...whenever your ready to stop you can always tell me*tongue kisses*
white_mage_ryou : I-I think I'm... *gasps as he orgasms and falls back onto the pillow, exhausted* @kittybakura
kittybakura : *stops and exits*i think you had enough*lies next to you and holds you tight*
white_mage_ryou : *hugs you* Mmm...thank you... @kittybakura
kittybakura : *kisses your forehead*anything for you my light...
white_mage_ryou : I think I'll sleep now... *chuckles* You really wore me out Kura...I love you. @kittybakura
kittybakura : *smirks*i tend to do that a lot...I love you more my little hikari
beyblade_funny - isela_proudlatina - _vexshipping_ - marik_ishtar_yaoi -
Y-Yami?! Put me down!!! #ryoubakura #bakura #yamibakura #ygo #yugioh #tendershipping #anime #manga
tendershipping - yamibakura - yugioh - ygo - ryoubakura - anime - bakura - manga -
white_mage_ryou : No, but I'm not a sack of potatoes you know!! *pouts* @kittybakura
kittybakura : *puts you down*heh I know
white_mage_ryou : *brushes imaginary dust off his shirt* Thank you. *smiles and shyly kisses your cheek* @kittybakura
kittybakura : *pokes your cheek*your welcome
white_mage_ryou : *grins at him* Next time I'll pick you up!!! @kittybakura
kittybakura : That's if your strong enough*grins*
white_mage_ryou : Oh I know that I can! *smiles in determination* And I'll prove it to you! @kittybakura
kittybakura : Go ahead and left me then*smiles*
androdia - kareengarciia_ - i.am.a.ghoul - _flippythesoldierbear_ -
Happy #smexywednesday mortals... #anime #originalyugioh #yugioh #bakura #mortals
originalyugioh - yugioh - anime - mortals - smexywednesday - bakura -
yami.bakura : -glares- why he brake up with you? @marik_ishtar_yaoi
marik_ishtar_yaoi : Idk, he changed his account name, then said it was over
yami.bakura : Oh I see.. I'm sorry my host.. @marik_ishtar_yaoi
marik_ishtar_yaoi : Im looking for a Bakura tho
yami.bakura : Oh okay @marik_ishtar_yaoi
marik_ishtar_yaoi : Yea... *blushes*
yami.bakura : -chuckles patting his head-
marik_ishtar_yaoi : Blushes but sighs
doujinshi_love - evil_marik - worldofapples - marik_ishtar_yaoi -
Poor innocent ryou... #smexywednesday #bakura #yugioh
yugioh - smexywednesday - bakura -
yugioh_aot_mlp_and_others : *Ryou blushes*
doujinshi_love : *looks at him and blushes* @yugioh_aot_mlp_and_others
yugioh_aot_mlp_and_others : *sits down* sorry
doujinshi_love : It's okay @yugioh_aot_mlp_and_others
yugioh_aot_mlp_and_others : Whats up
doujinshi_love : Nm bored and you? @yugioh_aot_mlp_and_others
yugioh_aot_mlp_and_others : Same
doujinshi_love : Cool -smiles- @yugioh_aot_mlp_and_others
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Ah rape!! #animeworld #yugioh #tendershipping #originalyugioh #otaku #femaleryou #smexywednesday #nosebleed #bakura #anime
tendershipping - animeworld - femaleryou - smexywednesday - otaku - originalyugioh - yugioh - anime - bakura - nosebleed -
marik_ishtar_yaoi : *ryou rips ur shirt*
gohan_kobi_mal : Bakura: Bad.
yami.neko.girl - rosario_4ever - nuke_remix27 - franzis_wunderwelt -
Heh akefia you naughty man.. #doujinshi #otaku #yugioh #akefia #thiefkingbakura #yamibakura #geminishipping #anime #bakura
yamibakura - akefia - geminishipping - thiefkingbakura - otaku - yugioh - anime - bakura - doujinshi -
yugi___muto - yami.bakura - _queen_adriana_ - _stocking_anarchy_ -
Goodnight everyone, Urg why can't it just be Friday already? #yugioh #ryobakura #bakura #joey #duke #tristian #yugi #yami #moccuba #kaiba #tea #cute #night #FullSizePhoto
duke - night - moccuba - tea - ryobakura - fullsizephoto - kaiba - yugioh - yami - tristian - cute - yugi - bakura - joey -
inuyasha_yami_yugi_gohan55j2 : Night
kittybakura : Night
i_am_aware_of_this_world : I want it to be Friday too
doctorwhoovescompanion - official.yu.gi.oh - _neo_neo_ - whovians_doctorwho -
๐Ÿ’œ Hai hai lovelies! ๐Ÿ’œ Yes another ship post deal with it. Anyways here's some โค๏ธ Marik x Bakura โค๏ธ action going on here. If you don't know what I'm talking about then get the hell out of that rock you've been living under gurl! #anime #manga #yugioh #marik #bakura #marikxbakura #shipping #cuties #yaoi
shipping - cuties - yugioh - marik - marikxbakura - bakura - manga - yaoi - anime -
otakuidiot.nate : @daremo.desu.pafekuto Do I has permission to slap @syrupdragon ?
daremo.desu.pafekuto : They look so cute and adorbs here but their fanfic kills MEHH feels.
daremo.desu.pafekuto : And NO baby nice.
otakuidiot.nate : @daremo.desu.pafekuto shhhh...
otakuidiot.nate : @daremo.desu.pafekuto But baby!!
daremo.desu.pafekuto : No boo remember that whole nicey thing?
little_argonian : I swear I've seen this base in a yaoi somewhere!!!!!!! Like the faces are different but the expressions are the same and so are the poses!!!
syrupdragon : I don't want to be slapped ;3; XD
songlover10 - nelson46357 - justadreamer18 - vocalover_1213 -
Marik x Bakura! <3 #olddrawing #myart #art #yugioh #marik #bakura #classic #yugi
art - classic - olddrawing - yugioh - marik - myart - bakura - yugi -
ryobakura_jadenyuki_lover - anna_vick - netogasparetto - soniapvr -
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