#badnewsbears up to no good
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Game tomorrow vs. Arizona Wildcats! Worst to First season! Support the Bad News Bears at 7pm on Pac12 Networks. Your talent determines what you can do. Your motivation determines how much you are willing to do. Your attitude determines how well you do it. Let's go Bears! #calfamily #familyforever #pac12opener #calvsUofA #BoutThatAction #BadnewsBears
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victoria_mccurdy : Go get em TK!!!!
ipu_ti : @tkfootball91 I want to com nee watch your next home game?
tkfootball91 : @ipu_ti lemme know.. I'll give y'all tickets
asap_neezy55 : Beetle juice beetle juice beetle juice!! Lol
j_badger11 : @scoobywright33 bout to wreck shop on ur offense lol
jrbarrett33 : Good luck Trev. We love you
jah_ram : Go get Emm TK!
dofashooowww : Do y our thing biy
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They make me smile!! Lol! #badnewsbears
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Efforts! #constipation#badnewsbears #hopetoπŸ’© beforenextleg #TheEndlessRunners #RagnarRelay
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t_rex_payne : Lol port o potty pic.....classic
sonbrounc : I hope you are hovering 8) Lol @dawnmercurio
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Autumn is my favorite season and the first day of Autumn is this Sunday. So my mom gave me this bad boy to celebrate a bit early. #badnewsbears but a taste test is totally going down. I'm not big on pumpkin per say unless it's pumpkin pie. #weightlossproblems #cookies #nomnomnom #tastetest #autumn #autumn2014
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#badnewsbears #econoline #vanspotting
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Casual Friday 🐻 #Grizzly #BadNewsBears #DiamondSupplyCo #plugs #tattoos
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davidlir4 : #smile
filthy_goods : 100% ILL!!
lindawild20 : hey great pics πŸ’— πŸ’“ follow me back#
beastofsneakers : Our FlagShip shop is now live ( come check us out #BEASTYMOVEMENT
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@jweev giving me a ride in @codeman616 truck on the dunes. #wantsies #badnewsbears
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codeman616 : @bbender785 it gets even better when the hood pins are in!
bbender785 : lmao @codeman616 I thought maybe the hood came up by design to help slow us down.
codeman616 : @bbender785 nope don't need a parachute just yet. Maybe in the future though.... I told @jweev I wanted to go bigger.
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Not much has changed. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‘ΆπŸ»πŸ†πŸ’¦πŸ”«πŸŒž @sophdoee #Swooped #Tbt #FlowGameAlbertEinstein
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johnwcurley : @sophdoee 😳 #BadNewsBears #China πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅
sophdoee : @johnwcurley hahaha im literally dying 😷
conner_galifinakis : schwag
swolson_26 : 😍
the_cornelius_ : #based πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
_renoanoai98 : Dayum😍
sofia_roses : omg I remember that day πŸ˜‚
megannandersonn : I remember this too! I literally was crying laughing!
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Can't not #regram this #tbt from my #covetliving partner in crime @covetlivingkarrie - "...#tbt to when we were the laziest, sorriest excuses for cheerleaders you ever did see." And the only hash tag she shouldah added after #wealwaysdroppedpeopletoo was : #sorrykelly @eyesofbuwalda
regram - badnewsbears - worsttoetouchesever - sorrykelly - covetliving - wealwaysdroppedpeopletoo - tbt -
setya5 : You forgot #fightsong and the infamous #kickline
eyesofbuwalda : Hahhaha. What is @covetlivingkarrie fantasizing about in this pic? And no worries. I've been dropped harder from men in NYC. Was good training lol
covetlivingsteph : @setya5 what about #worsttoetouchesever #badnewsbears
covetlivingsteph : @eyesofbuwalda ...she's dreaming about Chad Ashcraft. Or Nathan Pearson. It's a toss-up. And, I'm dreaming about @pizzakingindiana ...and Ian and Kavon. @covetlivingkarrie
eyesofbuwalda : @covetlivingsteph Hahahahhaha
covetlivingkarrie : You're thinking of corduroy pants and rash creme.
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Eating mexican food and watching all of the old #BadNewsBears movies on Netflix!
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Discovered @nordstromrack #badnewsbears #bobbeau #vintage #leopard #loafers #mybankaccountwilllovethis #fashion #fashionblogger #style
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coleforthefire : #nordstromrack
ansleycoots : 😍😍
sspinto_ : The BEST store in Atlanta. Right across from perimeter mall @coleforthefire
thesavvysister : Best everπŸ™Œ
sasimmons : #bestnewsbears it's coming to brentwood in October! πŸ’ƒ
whitney_matsuno : Love that sweater...
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#tbt #youngstar #cokebottles #minifro #badnewsbears
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blackiswhite89 : Bro why are you still the same size
crichmondbaseballacademy : Bro I told you I haven't grown for over 15 years! Lol Back then I was a Giant! Lol
baseball_hunterblake : That's you πŸ‘ˆ
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#BadNewsBears my all time favorite movies. Yes πŸ™
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codyspradlin217 : #benchwarmers
always_gay : Bench Warmers Kelsea. @thereal_kelsea
jkatelewis : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
syd_tuck : Yasssssss!
thereal_kelsea : Oh πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I'm pretty sure it was bad news bears πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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#tbt #twoyearsago #irishweekend #badnewsbears #hottmessexpress @gina_1087
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gina_1087 : Love this pic !
jeanbeanz88 : Me too! @gina_1087 one of my favs!
bcornell688 : You going?
jeanbeanz88 : Idk @bcornell688
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#TBT first season coaching little league in New Orleans. First championship. Two more since then. We shooting for one this year! First game tonight in New Orleans! #Ready #BadNewsBears #L3AP #Fitness #PersonalTraining #GroupTraining #MealPlans #OnlineTraining #Bodybuilding #TrainWithMe #L3APKidz #MakeTheChange #DoItForYOU #TogetherWeCan #BuildABetterYou #Fitness #ItsALifestyle #LifestyleChange #YouHaveToWantIt #ChaseYourDreams #JoinTheTeam #TeamL3AP #Nike #Teamwork #JustDoIt #NoExcuses
itsalifestyle - togetherwecan - chaseyourdreams - trainwithme - tbt - makethechange - fitness - ready - teaml3ap - bodybuilding - personaltraining - buildabetteryou - l3apkidz - nike - noexcuses - onlinetraining - justdoit - doitforyou - jointheteam - badnewsbears - youhavetowantit - teamwork - mealplans - grouptraining - l3ap - lifestylechange -
teddyflowypr : cool, hey DM @bigchris_ypr he is helping thousands of people around the world
brianonealthomp : Y'all got just enough players
james_l3ap : Everybody play both ways we coach em up right lol. Couple kids not pictured @brianonealthomp
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Juicy pics are up!!! Check them out at !! Join us again on Saturday Oct 4th πŸ™Œ
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lupelooove : Two of my favorite 818 ppl! @djlezlee & @_inferno
lala_143_alina : Always looking great grl congrats on being such an awesome dj:)
djlezlee : @lala_143_alina So sweet! Thank you ❀️
djlezlee : @lupelooove #818 reppin' ALWAYS!!! Much love ❀️
djlezlee : #badnewsBears
krystalray_1 : 😍
_inferno : Youu darlin' are my favorite. ☝️
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Thank you nutrishop Folsom for your support and sponsorship of Team Carnage! #mma #nutrishopfolsom #champions #jiujitsu #carnage #badnewsbears #Folsom #ufc #folsomhealth
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so 9 innings later, and we finally got the πŸ‘ #BadNewsBears
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thelmaaajaneee : Good work my little studs!!😘
_julieanne__ : Thuggin so hard
tallenn : surprised you have shoes on
kkenzzzzzzz : barely @tallenn
nia24601 : #photocred
_kaitkait_ : Good seeing you today lovely! 😊😊 @kkenzzzzzzz
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#HalfSleeve #InProgress #HurtsSoGood #NewGun #NewGear #HesLovinThisShit @sallad_tattoo 🎨🎨🎨
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bigpaaapa : #Tattoo #Tat #Ink #Inked #BadNewsBears
mikesingh5 - tiffanyyxoxx - x_sunshine_x - sallad_tattoo -
Great movie #badnewsbears
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#boredom makes me do stupid things... and right now I couldn't give 2 fucks less about my hair #tattoos #girlswithtattoos #piercings #girlswithpiercings #modified #idgaf #ftw #badnewsbears
tattoos - ftw - girlswithtattoos - modified - idgaf - badnewsbears - piercings - suicidesaves - girlswithpiercings - boredom -
alexandrarhyan : πŸ‘
xxchlzzxx : @snotrocket586 thank you :) and @junkkennedy hahaha that's the "my hair has been in a messy high bun all day and I'm too lazy to turn on the straightner on" doo
junkkennedy : I like it messy
bharadastone : Pretty
livingdeadgrrl057 : Beautiful
murdered_180sx : Wow. You are the prettiest female with a penis I ever did see. Lol jk please don't kill me.
xxchlzzxx : @bharadastone @livingdeadgrrl057 thanks girlies xD @murdered_180sx I'm going to slaughter you and your whole family with my black 13 inch cock..
murdered_180sx : Damn. Can you at least save me for last so I know it's coming?
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#BearDown #BadNewsBears #Chicago #DaBears #BearNation
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#swinging #46s #badnewsbears?
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On point. πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ #yeg #yvr #badnewsbears
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coolpeopl2 : Nice cool! @VinesBeLike !
jasmin_serene : @rebecca13jane πŸ™ŠπŸ˜Ή
sweetfangz - miminolet - aviamakela - instawhat_larsen -
#333#Led_ Zepplin#theRainSong
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_go_forward_ : @jason__m_healdsburg Won by 2!!! Damn fine coaching. Lol
jason__m_healdsburg : πŸ’ͺ @_go_forward_
_go_forward_ : @jason__m_healdsburg yup we are the only girl coaches in the league. Had something to prove. πŸ’ƒ
jason__m_healdsburg : I think I see more girl soccer players than boys anyways... Where I live there's a league and the team is the Arsenal... They travel all over the United States... My boss had two daughters on the team and he damn near went broke!keeping up with them..
jason__m_healdsburg : @_go_forward_ πŸ‘†
_go_forward_ : We just have a small league...barely enough to sub out players. All of the coaches are men. I'm coaching with my best friend. Our sons have grown up together and are like brothers. It's a total band of misfits. Such a cluster of a team. They played like a dream tonight. It was fun to be a part of all the pride they experienced after. Great night!! It was the first game! Hopefully it set the tone.
jason__m_healdsburg : #BadNewsBears !! πŸ˜„πŸ˜‚
kyleagar : I'm always down to go to a good show I have some planned for this month and next month so if its not on one of those dates I would totally want to go!
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I'm no mechanic but that doesn't look kosher #badnewsbears
badnewsbears -
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Happy birthday to the other half of the short stack, my partner in crime, the teacher of students. Daddy mayoral you aren't just the life of the party, you are the party. Love you buddy have a great birthday! @mr.mayoral #daddy #mrmayoral #badnewsbears #shortstack #ohhhyaaababy #imtaller #notiptoes
badnewsbears - notiptoes - ohhhyaaababy - daddy - shortstack - mrmayoral - imtaller -
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Be strong my love, the pain only lasts for a while. #roughday #badnewsbears #staystrong #keeponkeepinon
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sarahwinczura : What's wrong? @sammi_jo0703
sammi_jo0703 : Text me. @sarahwinczura
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Ugh I've waited 5 weeks for this damn jacket and guess what it's a bit short πŸ˜‘ but good thing it matches my hat #badnewsbears
badnewsbears -
jett_whatley : What kind of jacket is it
knight_knation1 : YOURE A FUCKING FAGGOT jk
shelbs_025 - fewman715 - knight_knation1 -
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lara_kay - moley4life - ahealy12 - _lindseyrae -
In honor of our first Tuesday without Softball. Team Photo. #BadNewsBears #Beers #Champs @devkresge @mattaveni @antfasulo @kfourn1 @briansalzillo @mike_sica @brian_sica @ckarnauchov24
badnewsbears - beers - champs -
t_dex32 - brian_sica - volpeveggies - carissariccio -
What's up erosion #gvsu #badnewsbears #documentaryphoto #notfixingit
notfixingit - badnewsbears - documentaryphoto - gvsu -
kushemrerwa - cstiteler - shukwit - chlojayy -
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