mboten macak rumiyen nggeh, dicocokaken kaleh reganipun sembako =___= #badgrammar #ClozetteID #clozetteambassador #beautybloggerid
clozetteid - beautybloggerid - clozetteambassador - badgrammar -
graceliahs : Tetep ayu kok mbakee
shintadelaora : matur nuwun nggeh mbak ayuu @graceliahs
shintadelaora - fikaaa73 - graceliahs - marettadwitika -
#biggestPetPeeve #badgrammar 😳#shitaintcute #investinadictionary
biggestpetpeeve - investinadictionary - badgrammar - shitaintcute -
ricky.r1 : @chiasantana imagine if @mrsmorales578 ever heard @saul.sanchez.805 speak. That guy gives me a headache after a couple sentences.
chiasantana : @ricky.r1 that's right! Pinche Paquita rata de dos patas can't speak or write. He makes up his own words that's how bad it is
mrsmorales578 : Hahaha @ricky.r1 @chiasantana pobre @saul.sanchez.805 alli le saco la regla! Lol
mrsmorales578 : I meant it mostly for people who use big words and dont know what the hell the word means! Haha if i dont know what something means i avoid the whole sentence πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
chiasantana : @mrsmorales578 @ricky.r1 pinche guero paso la prepa a panzasos, por eso esta bien panzón Lol!
ricky.r1 : Hahahahah @mrsmorales578 you made it worst for @saul.sanchez.805 because he's that guy. He uses made up words like disconcentrated, unmagnitized and the last one he said was....I'm going to write a unanimous letter so they won't know it's me. He looked at me weird like I was wrong when I said its....anonymous πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ
mrsmorales578 : Hahahahhahaha @ricky.r1 @chiasantana poor william heavy all i wanna do now is give him a hug! Lol pues lo bueno que paso aunk sea a panzasos! That unanimous letter tho! Hahaha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
ricky.r1 : @mrsmorales578 yea he's too much Hahahaha
celest3v - chiasantana - tatiianaaa_ - lala_1987 -
working on a primitive loom for whom it is intended the lovely work of @tylerhurwitz .not yet complete. #loom #weaving #oak #greenwoodworking #joinery #mortise #tennon #slöjd #badgrammar
mortise - loom - weaving - joinery - tennon - oak - slΓΆjd - badgrammar - greenwoodworking -
tylerhurwitz : I luuuuuuv it.
rocky_dthompson - wsa319 - mattfriesland13 - makeshoppgh -
The walnut's what? #willitneverend? #noteverysneedsanapostrophe #badgrammar #proofreading #typo #stupidity #stopit
stopit - stupidity - typo - badgrammar - willitneverend - noteverysneedsanapostrophe - proofreading -
shelby_cocks - 0405.mmm -
Oh know! Say it ain't sew!! Thanks for the tag, @mrumain! Photo taken by @justinsirois. #coolgrammarbro #grammarfail #goodgrammarmovement #grammarpolice #grammar #badgrammar
grammarfail - grammarpolice - grammar - badgrammar - goodgrammarmovement - coolgrammarbro -
coolgrammarbro : Sorry @justinsirois. We're all about giving credit when credit is due. It's been corrected. Nice capture!
alwayspolished7 : @nailsbymaz haha found this
nailsbymaz : @alwayspolished7 baahahaha no wayyyy!!!
alwayspolished7 : That bugs me so much! Especially on a huge sign! In public!
alwayspolished7 : @nailsbymaz ^^
nailsbymaz : @alwayspolished7 my ocd kicks into high gear!! πŸ˜‚
alwayspolished7 : Me two! We seem too be like to peas in a pod... Yes I did that on purpose! Haha @nailsbymaz
nailsbymaz : @alwayspolished7 aahaha itching like crazzyyyyy
justinsirois - birdlycircus - karmen_nicole - danophonicdan -
Did someone in their editing office not pick this up? #badgrammar #badpunctuation
badpunctuation - badgrammar -
This chica makes me smile and laugh every time I see her at the gym or hang out with her for dinner or movies. She is my BB: Bacon Buddy! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ It's an inside joke, but I'm thankful for her light around me. She is a single mom with two adorable munchkins who will soon be taller than I am...before they are even out of elementary school. She has had an incredible weight loss, muscle gain, confidence building journey...and she is not giving up. She is another one who walks to the beat of her own drum. Thanks for all you did yesterday at #FITCONTEXAS2015 held at @destinationdallastexas, @powerhouse_pinup! πŸ’œ #smile #smiles #greeneyes #glasses #girlpower #destinationdallastexas #friends #gymbuddies #movies #insidejoke #laughs #nofilter #wedontneednostinkinfilter #badgrammar #canyoutelliamjewish#mynoseishuge 😳
girlpower - smiles - fitcontexas2015 - laughs - gymbuddies - mynoseishuge - friends - insidejoke - greeneyes - movies - canyoutelliamjewish - wedontneednostinkinfilter - badgrammar - smile - nofilter - destinationdallastexas - glasses -
mtyler0951 - westc0astmade - fredsmatto - noahstrength -
Lol#funny #lol#bunny #cool #jacksfilms #tests #grammar #badgrammar#jacksfilmsbadgrammar#youtube #videos
funny - tests - grammar - videos - youtube - lol - jacksfilmsbadgrammar - badgrammar - jacksfilms - bunny - cool -
schell_miriam - phonegizmo - doe_fabulous_unicorn_ -
Don't mess with this grandma! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚#dinotrespass #badgrammar #badassgrandma
dinotrespass - badgrammar - badassgrandma -
[Kpop Ahead] Let me start the story,i started to like kpop on 2013 when i was 12 years old but i know about kpop when i was 8 years old. I know the very first song about kpop was Super Junior Sorry-Sorry . My sister was having a sleep thingy on my house with her friends then they opened the SJ Sorry-Sorry mv continously for three days. Then i forgot about SJ when they were away. Then when it was 2012 i was sitting on the bed my sister suddenly opened one of the Running Man episod. Until then, i started to like and watch running man like a crazy person (lol).On 2013, i dont know how but suddenly i started to like Super Junior at the end of 2013. It just so suddenly i dont why. and then i started to like Kdrama and Kmovie.I started to buy album and other merchs on September last year and now i know why people said that once you buy kmerch or K-album you cant stop the habit to buy more and more eventhough you dont have any money lefy. And i started to like BTS on this year and started to buy their album this year too. I am never-ever got any luck on any giveaway that i joined so far. Hope i have luck on this giveaway :) #badgrammar #ssquaredkpopshop1stgiveaway
ssquaredkpopshop1stgiveaway - badgrammar -
ssquaredkpopshop : goodluck
nadhirahjalaludin : @ssquaredkpopshop thanks
zul_hecox - iranadia_ - adr_aziz - aishvhlyfe__ -
Not a bad view to wake up to. #badgrammar #uptooearly #toddlerlife
toddlerlife - uptooearly - badgrammar -
corinneherndon - abbymaci - sarabhooker - dregurl14 -
Woke up in a great mood today, sleeping beuty deluxe mode! And yesterday i was at brunch with some less cool people and then bbq party after! β˜€οΈπŸŽΆπŸ˜Ž #theyareactuallycool#hype#goodmorning#sunday#bbq#brunch#knivsta#sätra#gävle#sweden#healthy#food#awesome#goodday#coolsomfan#thaipudding#asian#thaiboy#badgrammar
theyareactuallycool - food - gΓ€vle - awesome - sΓ€tra - brunch - coolsomfan - healthy - thaiboy - sweden - thaipudding - knivsta - goodday - sunday - goodmorning - badgrammar - hype - bbq - asian -
frizzan66 - annasandeliin - fronjian - denisesord -
I Los U, Antara Aku oLos dan Kamu
badgrammar -
red_rosita : Pengen ih
tegarrrrrrrrr : Itu mbikin sendiri hlo kak ros @red_rosita
red_rosita : Wah selius? Itu kok ada yg gosong 3? Hehe. What about the taste, @tegarrrrrrrrr ?
tegarrrrrrrrr : Hahaha. We made a mistake by using a cake flour rather than rice flour. And we did an improvise by adding abon inside of it. So it was taste just like a pastel :D #badgrammar @red_rosita
novitalilian - deva.and - triscaayuswari - cerita_vera -
Me and Hilary trying the drunk goggles one the stairs... @hilarydawn9 #madeesgonnahateme #badgrammar #fun #almostfell #taddnb #cyaid2015 #thuglife #swag #messageme #bored #friends #fun
madeesgonnahateme - swag - bored - almostfell - thuglife - taddnb - badgrammar - fun - messageme - cyaid2015 - friends -
hilarydawn9 : We did pretty good hahaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
allyleiper_7 : Decent πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @hilarydawn9
simply_a_swiftie13 : Lovin the hashtags πŸ˜‚
allyleiper_7 : Well I was gonna put the right grammar but then I was like nah @simply_a_swiftie13
simply_a_swiftie13 : So you took more time to make the long hashtag haha
allyleiper_7 : Yes @simply_a_swiftie13
hilarydawn9 : Send me that video and the one of me on the rings
craftycassie21 - hilarydawn9 - rause_71130 - sheannatrecartin -
#grammar vs #badgrammar #stayinschool #funny
funny - grammar - stayinschool - badgrammar -
ajx8141x -
Happy Fifth Birthday to my not-so-little puppy!!!! Poor puppy was so abused when we first got him that when the fridge door opened he would whimper and run behind me legs. Now look at him!!! The most handsomest puppy I know! Happy birthday baby boy and stop growing up!! #Charlythedog #Charly #happybirthday #englishspringerspaniel #shihtzu #mutt #muttpuppy #muttdog #notapuppyanymore #badgrammar #ohwell #Spanielshihtzu #blackandwhite #officiallyfiveyearsold #fiveyearsold #dog #doggy
ohwell - fiveyearsold - blackandwhite - muttpuppy - charly - mutt - happybirthday - notapuppyanymore - charlythedog - spanielshihtzu - shihtzu - muttdog - dog - englishspringerspaniel - officiallyfiveyearsold - badgrammar - doggy -
its.kimmy.bitch : Awwww char char!
timmythepuppy - poppythemalteseterrier - miahannink - jaikedaniels125 -
Sent to us by @its_nats_m8 Sorry i havent been active and thank you for the dm's. Also i totally want a fancy drass like that. -Raven #grammar #badgrammar #ygs #ygsig #grammarnazi #yourgrammarsucks #yourspellingsucks #englishlanguage #languagearts #tryharder #youtried #proofread #grammarpolice
grammarpolice - grammar - ygsig - tryharder - yourspellingsucks - grammarnazi - englishlanguage - ygs - badgrammar - youtried - languagearts - proofread - yourgrammarsucks -
its_nate_m8 : I'm calling you out for grammar xD @its_nats_m8
mow.roo.chan - tankfreak - eidolons_gallery - phobiamaniaminecraft -
The most awesomest teacher in the whole entire world.... Aka Dr. Smiley. So happy you said yes to introducing me at the grad ceremony. You da bomb! ( I hope he never sees this because he is an English teacher) #badgrammar #cantspell πŸ˜›πŸ‘πŸΌ
cantspell - badgrammar -
haileymaelamoree : Loveeee him
autumnallysse01 : I had him for comp 1 and 2, seriously the most enjoyable class I have ever had. @haileymaelamoree
haileymaelamoree : Same here! I Definitely agree!
bettyjeancooks : "Awesomest" lol. #isthatevenaword
marybethkadoo : Love Mr. Smiley!
tori_holiday_ - bbboooyyyyzzzz - clh_queen - ledezmar_17 -
OHANA means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten. Last Minute Street Crew @wandsg never thought that this guys will still become part of us after graduate but fortunately behind his skinny body there's a huge passion that can not be shaken easily. His present surely makes us complete. @bingblink tacik atom that super talented, always love seeing her dance. The one who always care for me and asking my condition. My late night chatting friend, thank you for trusting me. @missblmsc the girl that believe in me 100% from day 1 she joined LMSC untill now. A super kind girl, a hard worker, always do her best to reach her dream. Super proud of you! @heslnguk the biggest reason why I keep doing what Im doing right now. His faithfulness and kindness really inspire me, giving me strenght to continue this journey. Learned a lot from this guy, a great leader, a man of God. #LMSConeDecade #unshakable #5threcital #dancerecital #pardonmyenglish #badgrammar #youknowiknowenoughlah
dancerecital - unshakable - 5threcital - lmsconedecade - badgrammar - pardonmyenglish - youknowiknowenoughlah -
tiky_mmjl : Iya 😑 emang dia butuh tatih tayang keliatannya, makanya mengganggu ig org πŸ˜… @evanffun @imjustkidd
bingblink : Co cwiiittt 😘😘
missblmsc : Thank you cece , mama tiky .. I love you full !!😍😍😘😘 *edisi terharu .. #hug
cupbe_wasc : Makasi cee
cupbe_wasc : Makasi ko @imjustkidd
mapsdanceschool : @cupbe_wasc be.... ojok ngrusak susasana..... q loh lagi menyelami hubungan ibu anak ini
cupbe_wasc : @mapsdanceschool wah maap y, sy ga ad mksud utk merusak suasana
tiky_mmjl : Wkwkwkwk koplaakk @cupbe_wasc tunggu upload ku buat wasc ya 😈😈😈
ichakarenina - emilybintang - jodyhappyfeet - putriihilda -
screwing - badgrammar - hahaha -
dorman.debra -
We love. We share. We play. We laugh. We fight. We life. We are Family. Last Minute Street Crew @reinhardgouw never cross my mind that this ex student will become a family, having a difficult time at first to be a part of us but thanks to the recital...yesterday during evaluation time, I can saw him laughing and enjoying the time just like a family. @wthrvey his passion lead him to our family, from a fan boy and now become a member. His love to dance really unshakable and he really push himself to catch up the skill and I believe someday he will be a great man. @e_dope19 well I think all of you already know him, the most famous guy this week. He is the one who help me to complete all the multimedia needs. A very humble person, full of forgiveness, koplak like his twins, and super kind heart. @eckoblack a quite and super polite person. Bring the new love of krumping in our family and also in our future generation. A hard worker and dont like to complain. Really blessed having him as a family. #LMSConeDecade #unshakable #5threcital #dancerecital #pardonmyenglish #badgrammar #youknowiknowenoughlah
dancerecital - unshakable - 5threcital - lmsconedecade - badgrammar - pardonmyenglish - youknowiknowenoughlah -
glencrazyg : kalo ga ada edope nama recital unshakeable cuman bakal sekedar nama.. tapi kejadian edope jadi pembuktian apakah benar benar unshakeable?? and you guys prove it.. not only unshakeable as an artists, not only unshakeable as crew.. but also your faith.. your believe in God's way , God's miracle are really unshakeable.. Salute!!
tiky_mmjl : Jadiii...cintamu beralih ke edope? Kau duakan saint seiya mu? πŸ˜„ @glencrazyg always...selalu diuji habis2an hehehe.. thanks for coming and supporting! U too one of unshakable person that I know, stand firm!
wthrvey : Wkwk thank you ceee ^^
eckoblack : Wuaaaah thank you ce ^^..β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘
dikadancer - emilybintang - jodyhappyfeet - ichakarenina -
The love of a family is life's greatest blessing. Last Minute Street Crew @josephineardel a super girl who struggle with her skripsi but still make it to finish the recital's booklet (which is I really thing thats the hardest part of designing needs for recital) and im super in love with the booklet. Really blessed having her in our team! @petertheodorus I never thought that this guy can do flip but he can! Conquer his fear, push himself to the limit, do extra practice, and finally he really make a huge progress in his dancing skill. @delavril the cutest girl in the team and the one who will leave us in a short time :( im super amaze with her, she has a super kind heart, super helpful, and im sure we will really miss her. #pleasedontgogirl @michaelhandojono super busy marketing, have to meet the client, have to go to the office, have to reach the target but still can spare his energy to practice and even choreograph a super beautiful part : LA Style. You dance like Brian cool! #LMSConeDecade #unshakable #5threcital #dancerecital #pardonmyenglish #badgrammar #youknowiknowenoughlah
unshakable - 5threcital - pardonmyenglish - pleasedontgogirl - dancerecital - lmsconedecade - badgrammar - youknowiknowenoughlah -
josephineardel : Thankyouu cecee! #mueltingtudemeks love you β™‘
petertheodorus : @tiky_mmjl 😒😒😒 terharu huahuahua!!! Thank you so muchh ceee!!! #mueltinggakmasukakal aaku akan giat berlatihh lebih lagiiii
michaelhandojono : Mamaaaaa.. Aku mau menangiiisss.. Thank youu poooolll.. Dirimu memang mama ketigaku yang paling buaaiiikk, puinteeerrr, dan speciaaalll.. #menangissesenggukandipojokkamar @tiky_mmjl
rcangelianaft : Aku teringat km lat flip dblakangku, fail lalu sesak nafas tiba2 keluar meluk ko kidd πŸ˜… hahaha but, at the end, u did it !!! Woho! @petertheodorus 😍
petertheodorus : Well.. hahahaha itu uepicc shee πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.. nah.. quiting just for the weak... if u have enough courage to set a goal.. make sure u have enough courage to do it... there will always be a risk to achieve your goal! So yeah!! Keep pushing. Keep practicing!! Huahuahua ia jadi ingett ituuu hal yg membuat excited... @rcangelianaft
tiky_mmjl : Yak ampunnn... ternyata km nangis dimana mana 😐 @petertheodorus @rcangelianaft
petertheodorus : @tiky_mmjl heh aku gak nangis pas jatuh zzzz.. cm sesek nafas zzzzz nguawoorr fitnahh
git_amelia - tri_astutik_andayani - jacqueline_gkenzy - millenniaa1 -
Time spent with family is worth every second. Last Minute Street Crew @irsamuel struggle with his sooo many uni activity, always come to practice with sore body and mind but he finally made it! Involve in many part, also choreograph for golbro part, congratz bro! @soniclmsc too many things that he has done, the point is I am beyond grateful having him as family. I really think we cant do it without you. Really thank you for everything! @arieagha hi zipperman, one of the popular guy this week. He's the one who got bullied all the time but amazingly he never get mad, not even once! He is a super kind boy and learn like a sponge. Keep it up! @adrianyoko having a very rough time in his family, never stop him to be helpful and caring. He is the one who always neutralize everything, always supporting others and reminding us to depend on God. #LMSConeDecade #unshakable #5threcital #dancerecital #pardonmyenglish #badgrammar #youknowiknowenoughlah
dancerecital - unshakable - 5threcital - lmsconedecade - badgrammar - pardonmyenglish - youknowiknowenoughlah -
soniclmsc : Thank you so much ce.... #speechless #BIGHUG
adrianyoko : @tiky_mmjl ceeee. Thank you!! Love you so!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
arieagha : Makasih bnyak umi ku @tiky_mmjl cantikkk who always love us..
irsamuel : Thank you ceeeee!!!! Terharu jadinee.. huaaa
leonardoharianto : @arieagha jangan sombong lohhh
ichakarenina - emilybintang - jodyhappyfeet - michael.march -
Family... where life begins and love never ends. Last Minute Street Crew @stephaniedjimantoro the one who always cheer us up, so usil and love to laugh. Always said on a diet but cant stop eating other's food. The most beautiful girl on team because she always crown her lips with smile. @leonardoharianto the mister detail, always reminding every detail that needs to be done on our recital. The one who changes a lot in the last few months, change to be the better version and I think thats the real you, helpful, caring, and supportive. @michaelrw_ the cutest boy in the team who struggling with UN and distance but he manage to catch up all the part that he needs to learn. Multi talented boy who always entertain us with mandarin songs and his goyang dombret. @michaelmpos the king of kpop, the most successful part in our recital! Design, exam, projects, choreograph, practices...too many I guess...but he survive hahaha.. great job on your very first design project for recital! #LMSConeDecade #unshakable #5threcital #dancerecital #pardonmyenglish #badgrammar #youknowiknowenoughlah
dancerecital - unshakable - 5threcital - lmsconedecade - badgrammar - pardonmyenglish - youknowiknowenoughlah -
stephaniedjimantoro : I miss you so much to windy TT kapan ke sby lgi? @windywijaya
tiky_mmjl : Mike...please, aki gak ngerti tulisan opo iku 😐 @michaelrw_
tiky_mmjl : Itu gak di edit kok 😊 @petertheodorus @stephaniedjimantoro (krn emang ak gak bs ngedit wkwkwwk)
michaelrw_ : @tiky_mmjl ituu wo aii nii ceee... i love youu hehehe 😜😘
stephaniedjimantoro : Ce aku trharu pol mbe katakatae cece benerrrr thank you for everything iloveyou very much. Wkwk 😘😘😘
leonardoharianto : Thanks cee for being patient and believing that every changes need a lot of process...
bingblink : @michaelrw_ ζˆ‘δΉŸηˆ±δ½  lol
windywijaya : Klu ad wkt liburan panjang pasti ke sanah. Ntr windy kabarin yahhh 😘 @stephaniedjimantoro
ichakarenina - chardsoe_ - nandanilestari - michael.march -
See you in September #goosehunting #badgrammar
badgrammar - goosehunting -
mbahry - williamtmitchell - catesc33 - dcurley25 -
Taken by Aurel :3 I'm still dreaming to be a model in this pict haha #photograph #instagood #stembayo #instamood #badgrammar #badenglish
badenglish - photograph - stembayo - badgrammar - instamood - instagood -
karinamafaa - ihwazizah - exoplanet_tv - artisetya -
#judgenot #realness #bosslife #mywordspaintapicture #badgrammar #kickedoutofschool #stilldoingbetterthenyou
judgenot - badgrammar - realness - stilldoingbetterthenyou - kickedoutofschool - bosslife - mywordspaintapicture -
miss.honeyy - heather_heart - katiemc_d - dmarieh77 -
Sorry for not blurring the license plate numbers/letters for privacy, but look at the frame. Read the top line, then read the bottom line. Notice anything wrong?.... lol this is what you get for wanting something custom made and sending in your quote without checking for correct grammar. Learn how to use the right words people! Or else you look like this person I saw today driving down the street. #fail #failphoto #BadGrammar
fail - failphoto - badgrammar -
sammariesimmons : Maybe her granddaughter is an octagon
rachellepadillo : HAHAHAHAHAHA @sammariesimmons
ayebigayle - face_me_now - czarina.dawn - mxcci -
Like yeah Starbucks would be part of it, but one in Europe at least. #Starbucks #forgotmygoldcard #justgivememymacchiato #coffee #badgrammar #repost
coffee - starbucks - badgrammar - repost - forgotmygoldcard - justgivememymacchiato -
chef_vane - edgaravalos64 - jessicalyz620 - del_steven18 -
Mientras tanto en Chile... #Instachile #Instacolegio #badgrammar
instacolegio - instachile - badgrammar -
maxi_pr9 - roco_cutica - hawnbatneme - gridarias -
We wear no casio, we grown. #badgrammar is popular. #meeting @keepnottoyourself @shielaruiz
meeting - badgrammar -
beautylinda.drum -
How it all startedπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Our Schedule: Monday: Laziness Tuesday: Improper Grammar and No Backspaces Wednesday: Gloria/Olga Day Thursday: Dumb Things Friday: Random Saturday: Story Time #braibola #symptoms #laziness #badgrammar #gloria #olga #dumbthings #random #storytime
braibola - laziness - olga - random - symptoms - dumbthings - badgrammar - gloria - storytime -
cool_gaby1 - themelmels - _isabellac_ -
My mom's called what? The anticipation? Wait.... There's no apostrophe... Does that mean I have multiple moms and they called? #badgrammar
badgrammar -
misslemon2u : πŸ˜‚
ninjakitty95 - iamawesome87 - misslemon2u -
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