Errrrrrm. That's why you need school. It'll help with your graffiti grammar. Happy back to school to all the little punks out there. #backtoschool #fuckschool #graffiti #punks #badgrammar #badspelling #youlittleshit
graffiti - youlittleshit - badgrammar - badspelling - backtoschool - punks - fuckschool -
rc_89 - joyinc2 -
Why.. Did'nt i done this in my messy bedroom and that wide open bathroom.. There's so much chores to be done but it can wait didn't it? #verybadhabit #badhabit #yogi #yogaonline #fitness #badgrammar #deadmeat #damnothersthought
badhabit - deadmeat - yogi - badgrammar - fitness - verybadhabit - yogaonline - damnothersthought -
bef1tness - marit951 - mimiyogagirl - ajil_neil -
My neighbour supermarket's shopping bag!! So cute🙈🙈💗 #cute #lovely #howcansupermarketsbagbethiscute
cute - lovely - badgrammar - howcansupermarketsbagbethiscute -
maymayme : #badgrammar
kanasuna0605 - julia2207selena - nana___27 - mzkdevil -
#goodfeel #stayfocused #näillämennää #saliekasalivika #badgrammar #huonokielioppi #toimiitoimii i think i wanted to be actor or police. Luultavasti halusin näyttelijäksi tai poliisiksi. Now i just want to have a healthy life. Nyt haluan vain terveen elämän. May the force be with you. Olkoon voima kanssanne.
stayfocused - badgrammar - saliekasalivika - huonokielioppi - goodfeel - toimiitoimii - näillämennää -
Witcherycraft "No one knows were are they" Oh god. If you are making something "scary" at least try a bit harder. Oh and it seems this account is perpetually stuck at 69 followers. It's kind of hilarious if you ask me. Ah immature humor -Raven #grammar #badgrammar #ygs #ygsig #grammarnazi #yourgrammarsucks #scary #scarystory #creepy #witcherycraft #creepystory #witches
scary - grammar - witches - ygsig - creepy - grammarnazi - ygs - badgrammar - witcherycraft - scarystory - yourgrammarsucks - creepystory - : Please refrain from advertising on our posts in the future. Thank you. @taylorpz21 - the_black_damask - 8the_fandoms_are_coming8 - batmanthellama -
There is no hope for the people who work at my local store #badgrammar #bisquit #biquit #itsspelledbiscuit #biscuit #biscuit #biscuitdammit #sad #ghetto
biscuitdammit - bisquit - biscuit - biquit - sad - itsspelledbiscuit - badgrammar - ghetto -
tantanpandabear - storiesfromtheghetto -
I looked up #schoolstaringsoon And I found this monstrosity. It's honestly hilarious. -Raven Why do I feel like kat has fallen off the face of the earth or something? #grammar #badgrammar #ygs #ygsig #grammarnazi #yourgrammarsucks #rachet #bae #swog #ewtweens
grammar - ygsig - schoolstaringsoon - swog - grammarnazi - bae - ygs - badgrammar - rachet - ewtweens - yourgrammarsucks - : OMG. XD WHAT : One of the hashtags just made me "ugh" so I commented this " If you cannot spell beanie correctly you are not allowed to wear one. *drops mic*" : XD best. Thing. Ever. - tsu_tsu_tsu_im_not_your_senpai - fubuki_official -
Ok ok this isn't from instagram but I'm using it to announce the 3rd admin on this page. Kat and I debated over a few people but decided @the_fandom_and_i would be perfect for the job. She can decide her name on here but idk what to call her at this moment in time -Raven #grammar #badgrammar #ygs #ygsig #grammarnazi #yourgrammarsucks #tumblr
grammarnazi - tumblr - grammar - badgrammar - ygsig - ygs - yourgrammarsucks - : :D yeah! Ophelia in da hizzle mah shizzles! - tsu_tsu_tsu_im_not_your_senpai - eidolons_gallery - the_bad_apple_teacher -
Well, since school is starting for kat and I tommorow I figured I'd post this... Uuugh... You decide what that ugh was about. -Raven #grammar #badgrammar #ygs #ygsig #grammarnazi #yourgrammarsucks #school #skoolsux #skool #schoolstarting #ugh
school - ugh - grammar - skool - ygsig - grammarnazi - ygs - badgrammar - skoolsux - schoolstarting - yourgrammarsucks - : Hnnnng. Why. WHY? *cries in corner* - tsu_tsu_tsu_im_not_your_senpai - fubuki_official -
I'm still on the hunt for a physical copy in stores but I got a photo in the fall/winter publication of @blushmagazineca !!! Woot! First time in a magazine!!!
badgrammar -
tkparas : Congrats! That's awesome!
cherluk : Thanks @tkparas !
blushmagazineca : Should be in most chapter indigo locations across Alberta now. Also orders available online. Pleasure working with you!
cherluk : Thanks Najla! @blushmagazineca
amy.l.amiro : Congrats!
micah_paul_lukasewich : Awesome! Grats!
lukasify : Yay! Love it!
leeann.miko : awesome babe!! <3
mattrhodes - leigh63 - lorrainemarie - heidpeters -
Everyone you care will die if you dont. I love sherlock so this hurts my heart. Also, i feel like I'm the only one posting on this account anymore. -Raven #grammar #badgrammar #ygs #ygsig #grammarnazi #yourgrammarsucks #sherlock #moriarty #stevenmoffat #markgatiss #bbc #johnwatson #myhearthurts
johnwatson - grammar - ygsig - stevenmoffat - bbc - grammarnazi - markgatiss - ygs - sherlock - badgrammar - moriarty - myhearthurts - yourgrammarsucks -
fubuki_official : Friend zoned
patrick__stephanie - lovinqdoctorwho - tsu_tsu_tsu_im_not_your_senpai - thevampiredolphin -
#mbm #miniboardmonday Gettin it done with what you got. #badgrammar
mbm - miniboardmonday - badgrammar -
thejeremygibson : I started with fulldrive and dd20!
brunoastorga - poppunkdefender26 - jonesyj45 - theasablack -
Celebrating Labor by becoming your couch's best friend and watching Netflix. 🎬 #laborday #holiday #tb #thailand #kohchang #beach #summer
beach - summer - badgrammar - kohchang - thailand - holiday - tb - laborday -
mapthemoon14 : #badgrammar
rayray547 - kissjq - film_preechana - nonoysofianita -
Happy to his mom didn't die #first #ride #bianchi #imasissy #thankyou @diomcleod
thankyou - imasissy - bianchi - badgrammar - chihuahua - ride - first -
lorrylee13 : #chihuahua
djmarieclaire : Look at that tail blur!
lorrylee13 : #badgrammar
lorrylee13 : @djmarieclaire 💙
thewillwatkins : Let's ride when I get back!
viktoriamodesta - percycifuentes - johannaspp - thecheen -
Have you ever loved someone until it hurts to breath? I don't know why I cried every night recently, I couldn't stop thinking about the boys, I mean they have grown so fast, we didn't even realize. I know the fact that they will split someday, maybe not today, not tomorrow, but someday they will, because life must go on and I'm not prepared for it. I keep thinking that they will forget us. I'm scared, so damn scared. I will always love the boys, I will remember every single tiny bit of memories we have been made together, everything we have been through. I will remember tons of sisters, I have been gained. I will remember all the bad grammar, missed spelling, Harry's knock knock jokes and all the drama. I was about to write something short and quick about my feelings, but I fail, and duh, I'm such a shitty writer, but lets back to the point. At this time, I keep thinking about their lives, they will have kids and a wife someday or soon who knows? And I can't help, I feel like there are jelly beans on my heart, a deep jealousy, but I know we are going to live our life soon, I will be happy for them though. For the 5 women or girls who will be their future wives please I just want to say please take care of them, they are our heroes, our world, the saved us you know? Just promise us that you will take care of them, don't hurt them, because you're the luckiest person on earth. You have our whole world in your arms. You're lucky enough to be their lives because they are our lives. Please take care of them, yea? #badgrammar @fakeliampayne @harrystyles @niallhoran @niazkilam @louist91 #liampayne #harrystyles #zaynmalik #louistomlinson #niallhoran
liampayne - harrystyles - zaynmalik - badgrammar - niallhoran - louistomlinson -
finia_horan99 : Awww i am crying😭❤ its too much for me!!❤
potatomaybe - _a_b_y__ - unicorn1dsupernatural - albamendoza_012 -
Look at these garden stone's! Only 4 pound's! Totally's worth's it's! #comeon #badgrammar #apostropheabuse
apostropheabuse - comeon - badgrammar -
luke_costin : That top one sounds so much like a british "Cats are just children that live on the floor".
y2kbsm - tteugeo - joykathleen - fusearts -
Last Friday at #LeBlanc in #Cancun — Got up early for one last swim and had the pool(s) all to myself. This was the last photo taken before my #gopro said it's memory was full. #andscene
gopro - smartphones - andscene - badgrammar - cancun - leblanc -
thecantu : Its memory, I mean. #smartphones = #badgrammar
justinduhhhh - mattimo - ramirasamny - bick_na_ -
My attempt at modern art, I call this picture 'a circle' :P #art #concept #modernart #creativity #notreally #badgrammar
concept - art - badgrammar - creativity - modernart - notreally -
mariabenedicte7 : 😂👌
steph_pudd - mariabenedicte7 - rancano_ -
Good morning! #bloodymary #ericwouldbeproud #grilling #wheresBrandy @_lyonaz_ @alxwun @bbergeron985 @brandybergeron
wheresbrandy - bloodymary - badgrammar - doublenegative - ericwouldbeproud - grilling - dc -
organic_beauty80 : Kind of early my friend
trahj500 : It ain't never too early. @organic_beauty80 its after 10 lol
organic_beauty80 : Kmsl!!!! You are too crazy. Are you off today?
trahj500 : #doublenegative #badgrammar
trahj500 : Yes. I'm in #dc grilling by the pool with @_lyonaz_ and @alxwun
taylorduplantis : Drink one for me! @trahj500
juliewhit1 - bigwill1126 - kimfalgout - zkphilly -
WHY GOD WHY #memes #hotdude #badgrammar #grammarmeme #funnymeme #funnymemes #meme #hotguymeme #indianchick #indianyoutuber #funnyindian #hilariousmeme #youtubermeme #youtubersnapchat #youtubememe #badgrammarmeme #grammarsucks #funnypost #funnytumblr #tumblrmeme #tumblrpost
meme - funnytumblr - youtubememe - tumblrpost - hotguymeme - youtubersnapchat - hilariousmeme - indianyoutuber - funnymemes - funnyindian - indianchick - hotdude - tumblrmeme - funnypost - grammarsucks - grammarmeme - funnymeme - badgrammarmeme - badgrammar - memes - youtubermeme -
socialbutterfly04 : Heading on to ur channel! xD
mann10 : Tell me about it. @thatindianchick_
thatindianchick_ : @socialbutterfly04 bahahahaa wait what? XD
thatindianchick_ : @mann10 amirite or amirite bro? :P
simran_976 : Hahhahahahahahahhahahaah totally!!!!!
mann10 : You're freakkin right. I've gone through this a million times man. This fucking chiseled Greek god approaches you and he turns into a truck driver when he opens his mouth. @thatindianchick_
thatindianchick_ : @mann10 ARRRRGH! I feel your pain :'( has happened to me too many times to even recall
ankeeta97 - hey72 - itsyokidroger____ - anujdaviddayal -
I think I looked damn cute today. <3 #vintage #redlipstick #pinup #birthdayweekend #selfie #classy #nofucks #eyebrows #bonesrtucture #highlife #flowerchild #treehugger #hippy #flapper #hummingbird #smoke #marijane #tunes #youarentmytype #youngspirit #oldsoul
eyebrows - flapper - nofucks - badgrammar - selfie - birthdayweekend - flowerchild - oldsoul - treehugger - redlipstick - hippy - pinup - imsorry - hummingbird - mygrammariswrong - marijane - youngspirit - vintage - highlife - bonesrtucture - youarentmytype - smoke - classy - tunes -
sammiejopecor : I think you look damn cute all the time
claireeilleen : Oh shucks, thank you cutie pie. <3 @sammiejopecor
93approved : Great!
claireeilleen : #badgrammar #mygrammariswrong #imsorry
salinaries - madisonnnn13_ - _sierradawn_ - veronicacalk -
Well, as long as they apologies for the 3th, that's ok.
spellcheckwontsaveyou - badgrammar - english -
weakadrenaline : #badgrammar #english #spellcheckwontsaveyou
erinfreeth : 😂😂
fabmissv : @ellie285
christiewhyte : 🙊🙊🙊
christiewhyte - ojedna -
I've never got a kawaii result :') but this pic was makes me hurt :'v *heavybreathing* *overattachedboy* umm okay -_-)v #painttoolsai #digitaldrawing #drawing #pixelate #manga #blue #badgrammar -_- ´3`)a
pixelate - blue - art - digitaldrawing - badgrammar - kawaii - drawing - manga - painttoolsai -
ajay_fu : #kawaii
ajay_fu : #art
talishemes - merepoixs - rachealduxl - gamliibaykus -
Had fun with these homies. #turnup #summer #swaglevel5 #imnewtothis #badgrammar
turnup - summer - badgrammar - imnewtothis - swaglevel5 -
declothingline : Hello ! Interested in becoming a rep our line? Seriously haha, check 0ut 0ur bio for 0ur number!
rkariina - kimbowey_ - patronaaaaa - theehomie_jackiee -
I AM NOT A LOAN. #awful #badgrammar #lolz #Oakland #lakemerritt #graffiti
graffiti - badgrammar - awful - lolz - oakland - lakemerritt -
zoneistanbul - rheanoelblackburn - skyoakco - joz_and_easy -
Proof that the improper grammar/spelling epidemic in this country is reaching epic proportions.. Sigh. 🚫 #torrance #badgrammar #talkpropertome #punctuationequalsinfatuation
talkpropertome - badgrammar - torrance - punctuationequalsinfatuation -
bungled1 : Maybe this place is run by snakes?
jessecacs - ashleykdig - - p_rez14 -
WELL TOO BAD NO.ONE WILL LOVE YOU MADAM - And a big hallow to all chu guys cause I'm.the new admin , admin Shizoka ~ Shizoka #badoc #recolor #ewgrammar #badgrammar #worstoc #gtfo #plz
worstoc - ewgrammar - recolor - gtfo - badgrammar - badoc - plz -
marisathewoodley - perlison_is_ma_name - the_warriors_fanatic -
I was internally raging about this all weekend. #fanexpo #badgrammar #howdoesthisevenhappen
fanexpo - howdoesthisevenhappen - badgrammar -
scottybgoode : Maybe the name of the company is Smoothie's. As in "Smoothie's smoothies". "Hey let's go to Smoothie's for some smoothies."
scottybgoode : No one ever says "Hey let's go to Hamburgers"
shutuplaura : @scottybgoode nope.
weareroboteyes : Who's smoothie?
katcurtis : OH GOD ME TOO.
madfab : I said let's go to hamburgers but I am french
newtonzero_ : Maybe it's a place called Smoothie that gives away free dairy and gluten
madalinez : Aww I was workin every day!
howlthemarquis - havikhanibal19 - jennievil - sean_sheridan -
#fortunecookie #fortunecookiegrammar #badgrammar
fortunecookiegrammar - fortunecookie - badgrammar -
taylorrrrgang_ - mrq1027 - brittttttanyyy - fortunecookieco -
Hahahahaha 😂😂😂 #badgrammar
badgrammar -
drum_art_giles : But seriously you half kind of are
samanthakrajina : 😂😂😂
timmyf2912 : @phebesj
molliedolly6 : @deanpitt
mmmbrizzle : @_andy_26
szheyer : @danicasekulovska
michellekateee : @nnnaomis49 lol
graceebaldwin - cam_hinkley - rrr_obyn - adrianfancellu -
Me and Mini-me. #badgrammar #turd2 #vans #twins @queenmomahollis
turd2 - twins - vans - badgrammar -
danielle_3bybee : Ahhh my favorite!! Tell Isaac I say hi!
awsmjp : He said, Oh hey. Haha @danielle_3bybee
awsmjp - heyimcesilee - tmodler - skirtratt -
Awesome grammar Blackpool 😂😂 #blackpool #badgrammar #thick
blackpool - thick - badgrammar -
caseyormrod - hennashahxx - bobrjs - hollbrad -
No gay people aloud? Like, I can't scream "GAY PEOPLE!" At the top of my lungs? Aw I really wanted to do that. -Raven #grammar #badgrammar #ygs #ygsig #grammarnazi #yourgrammarsucks #oc #gravityfalls #gravityfallsoc
grammar - ygsig - gravityfallsoc - oc - grammarnazi - ygs - badgrammar - gravityfalls - yourgrammarsucks -
encription : IF YOU DONT LET ME IN I WILL KISS THIS WOMAN IN FRONT OF YOUR CHILD : @encription oh god NO! Someone help! A non-threatening attack! D:
encription : @the_fandom_and_i BE AFRAID - designsbykatierose - juststahpocs - _____spoderman_____ -
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