Up for no reason.🌞 Been sick took the sinus meds the doctor gave me. While it would knock most people out- I'm wide awake!!!!!😨 I hate this #sleeplessness😴 I've been having. And I don't want to take a sleeping pill, because I had to take a muscle relaxer earlier. 😩Joys of my life. 💫Having an #invisibleillness sucks. 😕Due to the fact I've been given so much medication in the past, certain meds don't work like they should with me.🌻 Do any of you other #EndoSisters have this problem with medication not working like it use to?😟 💊#SinusInfection #Augmentin #Baclofen #Promethazine #Dymista #VapoRub #endometriosiswarrior💥 #endometriosis 🐥#endosis #lotsofmeds
diluadid - endosisters - invisibleillness - vaporub - dymista - endometriosiswarrior💥 - endosis - lotsofmeds - sinusinfection - promethazine - augmentin - sleeplessness😴 - baclofen - endometriosis -
tinktink_toya : Yes I gain lots of weight and my stomach looks like 4 months pregnant
endometriosis_warriorv : Hope they give you something that helps with the pain in the ER. I know in my hospital stays, they gave me Duladid IV and that took the pain away. @tinktink_toya
endometriosis_warriorv : Some folks think I put on to, because I could be a ball of energy one minute. Then the next be in bed, in pain and not able to move around much. And then some days all can do is sleep, crazy body of mine @elkaye00
tinktink_toya : I'm so glad when I get on Instagram and you guys are supportive as a group and share stories because it's the same story. I get the looks and whispers that I look so good to b sick and that I'm not to sick to miss events.. And the worse line "you wasn't sick yesterday so how u sick today"! Ugh disgusting
endometriosis_warriorv : I feel you 100% @tinktink_toya! People can be so ignorant. I want to know what sick looks like. Just because I don't look like death warmed over, doesn't make my illness any less severe. Folks look at me traveling and think if she can travel she must not be so sick. Not knowing I spend a lot of time on vacations in bed. That's why I made a separate IG page for endometriosis that way I can vent about endometriosis without judgement. My regular page is @onenonlyv83.
endometriosis_warriorv : *#diluadid
tinktink_toya : 👍💗thanks!!
tinktink_toya : It has consumed pretty much all my life so I keep it real straight on my page so the rude ones can politely unfollow me... Vacations in bed thought it was just me... Flew to atlanta for 7 days spent 4 in bed not leaving out the room.
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#baclofen #musclerelaxant #medtime #steamedspinach #naturalsalt #myedsdiet #cylindricalfoam #foamthingy [ibergast & ginger:not pictured]
cylindricalfoam - baclofen - steamedspinach - medtime - foamthingy - gpfriendly - breakfast - myedsdiet - naturalsalt - musclerelaxant -
talledschick : #breakfast at 2pm =) #gpfriendly
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#sweetiethekitty #bigpen #arthritispen #medsroutine #baclofen #ldn #rantiadine #antihistamine #lists #spoonie
rantiadine - bigpen - spoonie - antihistamine - sweetiethekitty - ldn - lists - medsroutine - arthritispen - baclofen -
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What the fuck arm??? What are you doing?!?!? Why are you burning and spasming and overall just freaking out!!??? Stop it!? Muscle relaxant update ive found a MR that acually makes some sembelance of a difference. I dont think I realized how often my shoulder was spsiming until I wasnt fighting with it every damn minute!!! Ive only been on the baclofen for two days but man oh man. After 2-3hrs ita right back to flipping out again.. and ive already taken the three today. Im only on 10mg 3x a day so I need to talk with the pain Specilist about uping it. Has anyone else used baclofen... does a higher dose last longer? Or would I need to take it more fequently... im okay with more fequently I mean not really but its helping and I can really tell when it stops!! Its hell its kinda like why I hate pain meds cause it lasts so short a period and when it stops its miserable and Id rather always suffer then go back and forth through insanity and pain with each wearing off. But with baclofen its not exactly the same but now thats it's calming the spasms I dont think I can go back to living in constaint spasm... any suggestions? Also I couldn't take it and I took a fourth one today.. I rationalized tha technically it is tomorrow and this counts towards tomorrows three. Actually kinda hoping to sleep in but I have to leave the house tomorrow. I just must!
musclespasims - chronicpain - ehlersdanlos - fabrifoam - spoonie - badarm - baclofen - zebra - edszebra - spasms - strapingmyarmbacktogether - musclerelaxant -
talledschick : #spoonie #fabrifoam #spasms #musclespasims #badarm #chronicpain #ehlersdanlos #strapingmyarmbacktogether #zebra #edszebra #musclerelaxant #baclofen
samanthagorson : U must be on a ton of narcotics
talledschick : Nope. @samanthagorson im allergic to all of them and have been refusing to take anything for pain for over four years. I use medical cannabis oils and topicals as well as vaping to calm other pain but my doctor recently helped me to realize that my arm is in constaint spasm and had to convince me to try muscle relaxants... I have a lot of bad drug reactions ever since I was a kid and I was super hesitant but this one is helping a little and im actually really excited no pill has made any real difference at all.. and if it does it never lasts so fingures crossed that this will keep working for awhole cause the spasms lead to bad dislocations of my clavicle, shoulder and elbow which is just a horror to deal with!
jennylomsdal : Highest dose is 3x 10mg or at least thats what I was told...it worked very little for v me orally. We are talking about trial for intercathecral baclofen possibly soon for me, which basically gets put in spinal fluid and works way more effectively supposedly. The best oral relaxant I have found is zanaflex/tizanadine i take 4 mg 4x day and amrix 30mg (time release flexiril) at bed. M
talledschick : @jennylomsdal thanks for the info. My epocrates app says that doses go as high as 80mg a day.. and that it comes in 20mg tablets too so Its gotta have a higher dose. I would think. I tried zanflex first and it put me to sleep for exactly two hours (just like flexaril) and then I woke up in bad spasims again. So it dosnt work for me.=( Which is fine since insurance wouldnt cover it anyhow. I was super suprised this is helping at all but im not getting my hopes up. Super glad you have something that helps... is the jntercatheral baclofen like a baclofen pump? I was reading about those last night...?
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Muscle relaxers 😊 #Baclofen 😊 #Goodnight 😍😍😍
goodnight - baclofen -
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These #medications are kicking my ass. I have been trying to take a shower all damn day & I just don't have the energy for it. Hopefully these #sideeffects go away soon. #Baclofen #Norco #Naporsyn #IHateWhenIHaveToCancelPlansDueToMyBody #Ugh
butiguessineedem - chronicpain - ugh - sideeffects - fuckpills - lumbosacral - spinal - thiswasmylife - 26sick - degenerativediscdisease - ihatewhenihavetocancelplansduetomybody - oldontheinside - iloathepills - medications - sacroiliacjointdysfunction - disorders - naporsyn - imanagedtogo7monthswithoutanymedicationsuntilnow - sijointdysfunction - iknewthiswouldhappen - radiculopathy - norco - notthistime - iwishmarijuanawasstrongenoughtokillthepain - lolz - overit - baclofen -
gracefullywild : 😘😘
lucretia_sews : ❤ you @gracefullywild
livingstonmoonset128 : Have you tried cbd's for relief? Quiet a miracle alternative to pharmaceutical options.
carmilla_mm : What kind of treatments have you tried? I have suffered with this for 5 years and I'm losing hope in doctors in my area.
lucretia_sews : @carmilla_mm I have had an si joint injection that went horribly wrong. They got it into my sciatic nerve. I've been on all sorts of medications here & there, but nothing helps. I haven't had many treatments yet due to misdiagnosis'. I need a neurologist, orthopedic & pain management dr. I just got insurance here in California, so I'm hoping I'll have answers and help soon. I'm sorry you're going through this. It's super debilitating & I feel for you.
carmilla_mm : Oh my gosh! I'm sorry you went through that! All I've done is pain meds and physical therapy. I have low income insurance since I lost my job because of this condition and it's been tough getting good medical treatment. I'm in California too. I saw a neurosurgeon yesterday and....it didn't go very well. I feel like there isn't enough doctors who are knowledgeable in this condition. @lucretia_sews
lucretia_sews : There really aren't enough doctors who are knowledgeable in such cases. I was diagnosed with most of my problems in Colorado but things didn't work out with my living situation. I smoke medicinal marijuana for my pain, spasticity, head/neck shakes.. It also helps distract me from the pain for a little bit. Doesn't always help though. I really hope the best for you. I'm truly sorry you're suffering. I try to tell myself that it won't be like this forever. XoXo @carmilla_mm
carmilla_mm : What did it take to get a proper diagnosis? I'm sorry that I keep asking questions. I don't see very many young women with this. I know a lot if people use marijuana for pain conditions, I just know that some pain specialists don't like that and will take your meds for using medical marijuana. :/ Its been 5 years for me and I try to be hopeful, but it gets tough when you can't seem to find answers and you are treated like your pain is not real because "you're too young". @lucretia_sews
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___ All that is left for me, The pills And your absence 《Pain of salvation - second love》
all - concept - love - citalopram - abstract - baclofen - pentaxk3 - evening - in - not - iran - me - save - about - prozac - ritalin - world - getting - straightface - propanol - mashhad - nostalgic - losartan - drugs - black - can - conceptual - the - painofsalvation - my -
hush_em : #getting#nostalgic#about#my#love#abstract#concept #conceptual #straightface#mashhad#iran#painofsalvation#pentaxk3 #black
hush_em : #prozac#citalopram#propanol#baclofen#ritalin#losartan #all#the#drugs#in#the#world#can#not#save#me#evening
empty9adequate : Hey you should direct message me ⭐
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My face before I give meds... .. Psyche!
gtube - licenseddrugdealer - streetpharmacist - laughs - lol - registerednurse - meds - joke - rn - baclofen - malenurse -
vegan_cyborg : #licenseddrugdealer #streetpharmacist #registerednurse #Baclofen #Gtube #meds
vegan_cyborg : #lol #joke #laughs #RN
vegan_cyborg : #maleNurse
vanessahuth : You look very mean nurse to give drugs laddat lol @vegan_cyborg
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THEY LIE!!!!! 😂😂😂 #humanlabrat #fibromyalgia #chronicpain #chronicillness #spoonie #spooniewarrior #cfs #chronicillnesshumor #lyrica #carbamazepine #baclofen #trigeminalneuralgia #endometriosis
chronicpain - spooniewarrior - fibromyalgia - spoonie - trigeminalneuralgia - endometriosis - baclofen - chronicillnesshumor - carbamazepine - humanlabrat - lyrica - chronicillness - cfs -
chronically_joyful_living : Legitt! 😂😂
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I'm super twitchy today due to a dose increase, it's super special... 💊⚠😣 #tegretol #baclofen #lyrica #meds #chronicpain #chronicillness #trigeminalneuralgia #goodtimes
tegretol - chronicpain - trigeminalneuralgia - baclofen - goodtimes - meds - lyrica - chronicillness -
tarnsah_8 : Eeeeer.. What increases did you get? Mine suck too. Thinking of ya xxx
boopsybones : @tarnsah_8 My baclofen was increased today, but I've been taking more of the tegretol and the lyrica bc my trig neuralgia has been really bad the past couple days, and my fibro has been terrible this winter. So basically all of them haha.
closetrich77 : @neenaknowsbest
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"One who gains strength by overcoming obstacles possesses the only strength which can overcome adversity." -Albert Schweitzer I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to get these up the month, but we've been SO busy with the New Year and training with 'Tony', our #ReWalk! Anyways here they are, check out December's #Milestones and our upcoming events! Lori can now initiate a knee extension with both legs with tapping assistance! Tracey did full squats on the #TotalGym unassisted while sitting upright! Adan did 1/4 squats on the #TotalGym for the first time! Tanner was able to hold an elbows and knees plank with no hip spot! Helena used arm crutches in the standing frame and was able to do #bodyweight push-ups! Melanie stood at the #combotwist with no hip spot, no hands, and minimal knee block for 15 seconds! Bill had his #Baclofen pump removed after TEN years of having it AND his core has continued to get stronger AND the arch in his low back is decreasing! Eric increased weight on the #combotwist by 15 pounds on each side AND continues to walk in the #LiteGait without a hip spot! Valerie was able to locate sensation in her righ leg for the first time in the #PowerPlate AND do prone knee extensions with her right leg with 2.5 pounds of resistance AND walked in the #LiteGait with minimal assistance for 30 min AND did sit-to-stands at the floating bar unassisted! Herb is now standing from the tall table and walking with forearm crutches unassisted! Matt Moore can now do 2 #TotalGym presses without a #chargeup for 2 sets! Chesley took a step while using her #Neurobraces in the #parallelbars with her left leg! Stephanie took steps in the #parallel bars with a hip spot and a knee block! Yvonne was able to hold her hips through and lock her knees on the #PowerPlate! Kendell is now taking fully unassisted steps with her right leg in the walker! So proud of our clients for working so hard! #work #itsnoteasy #ifitwereeasyeveronewoulddoit #nevergiveupever #believe #determination #ambition #perseverance #SCIrecovery #paralysis #paraplegic #quadriplegic #REACT
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lorenreeves11 : Can you please help our cause and check out my last post, it is very heart warming.
austinknight7 : Hi! I hope you are having a fantastic day. We are creating something very heart warming & would love you to check out my last image. It is going to change millions of peoples lives. Thank you so much if you take the time & help us out
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And that's how you grind up 23 tablets of baclofen #pharmacy #compound #compounding #baclofen #latenightsearlymornings
compounding - compound - baclofen - latenightsearlymornings - pharmacy -
waysm0mmy : Isn't that the one that smells bad? My brain is loosing pharm knowledge already :(
showtime_rx : Situation Trituration
dr_derrx : @waysm0mmy naw it didn't smell bad. But I had to end up redoing it because the OraPlus I used the first time was expired smh
waysm0mmy : Bummer.
licaldwell : Coco, is that you?
dr_derrx : @licaldwell pet names huh? Time for you come out of NY lol
pinaskyz -
Goofball writing this thesis, call it my last report / Anesthesia, I'm sleeping, this is the surgery that I am needing. Yeah, I made a #LastResort reference. Anyway, stomach is empty, mind is full. Surgery is at 8:30. Getting my #medtronic #baclofen pump replaced... Cuz that's a thing I do every 7 years
baclofen - lastresort - medtronic -
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How I'm starting my new year's off #MS survival kit! #MS problem #fitdad #MSwarrior #blessed #igotmsbutmsdonthaveme #copaxone #autoinject #baclofen #gabapentin #HNY 2015
fitdad - autoinject - blessed - igotmsbutmsdonthaveme - copaxone - ms - hny - mswarrior - baclofen - gabapentin -
fit_4mykidz : HNY @mz_kerri_lee
mz_kerri_lee : Happy New Years to you tooooooo ☺
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#me as Aimée's #medication #waiter #disability #hiebaby #hypoxic #brain #injury #aimeejadeproject #epilepsy #cerebral #palsy #kepra #lomotrigine #chloral #baclofen #routine #hypoxicischemicencephalopathy
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The ultimate body applicator a.k.a. "the wrap" tightens, tones, & firms and improves the appearance of your skin. A full treatment consists of 4 applications. 4 for $59 on my site *www.wrapchanges.com* Do the 90 day challenge 12 wraps!!! *jahairaruiz@gmail.com* #hawaiidiet #lifestyle #epidemics #nativehawaiins #baclofen #greenteahawaii #intervention #guidelines #maori #improvehealth #hekorowaioranga #bariatricsurgery #islander #attitude #takecare #newzealandweightloss
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This holiday season, please don't forget Big Pharm or its New Age cousin, the vitamin and supplement industry. #multivitamin #glucosamine #omega3 #advil #baclofen #spinalcare #stilllife #VSCOcam
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rockstarwraps_1213 : What's up!...are you looking for ways to stay fit and healthy!
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...or pain is weakness leaving the body. Or no pain, no gain. To my #MSFamily, what's your means of coping when pain levels are so scarily high? General ER doctors don't understand the power of #MultipleSclerosis and the domino effect it is able to have. One part of me slows down, the rest is soon to follow... When the #Baclofen #Tramadol # Zanaflex #Dantrolene don't work?
multiplesclerosis - baclofen - dantrolene - msfamily - tramadol -
only_jess11 : pain meds don't work for me either....I'm bout to convert to smoking weed lol @greaterthanms
jperez567 - healthy_fit_lifestyless - julienbillyalexander - miss_el_chapo -
I hope these new iron supplements start doing their job I'm fed up of finding random bruises and sore spots where I must have knocked myself or something and as for the tiredness that's getting ridiculous now, what with the #anaemia and the #baclofen side effects let alone my usual #morphine I'm like a bloody zombie! It means I can only take the baclofen when the spasms get too bad and painful cos of how it's all going to effect me *sigh* #spasms #bruises #ironsupplements #klippelfeilsyndrome #compressedspinalcord #chronicpain #chronicillness
chronicpain - klippelfeilsyndrome - morphine - chronicillness - bruises - ironsupplements - compressedspinalcord - anaemia - spasms - baclofen -
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do they cause dizziness? we'll never know! #baclofen #fibromyalgia #chronicpain
fibromyalgia - baclofen - chronicpain -
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Przez miasto, jak samolotem #nocny #powrot #beer #friends #alone #jinx #keke #baclofen #follow #me #car #l4l
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Good morning.🌄💖 I'm feeling determined.💪 Got the founder/president of the ‪#‎USPainFoundation‬ looking for info on the best neurosurgeon at ‪#‎UCLANeurosurgery‬ to do my ‪#‎discreplacement‬ 🏥 or to find any surgeon to help. So hopeful!! Oy. 32 years old, and I need f#€%ing back surgery😡👎 Time to get better. Chronic, non-stop pain for 3½ years is too much.😣😞😷 Feeling sooo done with this 🎢 roller coaster! Time to fix this thang!👍💘💯 ‪#‎workhardplayhardendupscrewedup‬ ‪#‎CestLaVie‬ ‪#‎lifewithchronicpain‬ ‪#‎ineedsurgery‬ ‪#‎chronicpain‬ ‪#‎faceofinvisibleillness‬ 😔 ‪#‎momwithchronicpain‬ ‪#‎stopthestigma‬ ‪#‎uspain‬ ‪#‎backsurgery‬ ‪#‎hairstylistwithchronicpain‬ ‪#‎invisibleillness‬ ‪#‎medicinalmj‬ ‪#‎momswithchronicpain‬ 👪 #‎hiphoptherapy‬ ‪#‎musicisapainkiller‬ ✮🎼🎤🎧🎶✮ #musictherapy ‪#‎stoptheouchies‬ ‪#‎hopeforthefuture‬ ‪#‎cosmetologistwithchronicpain‬ ‪#‎iusedtodohair‬ ‪#‎sidelined‬ ‪‎#injectionsMadeMyPainWorse‬ ‪#‎NEVERgotoLagsSpine‬&Sportscare 💉 ‪#‎LagsMessedMeUp‬ ‪#‎painmanagement‬ ‪#‎ihatetakingmeds‬ #chronicpainwarrior #oxycontin 💊 #gabapentin #baclofen #magnesiumpotassiumsupplement #scoliosis #radiculopathy #breakthroughpain #Ineedafulldiscreplacement #stopthepain #degenerativediscdisease #WonderingIfIWillEverGetBetter #longesthashtagsever #lessonlearned #trustyourinstinct #cantjudgeabookbyitscover #naturalnevermore #parentswithchronicpain #momwithchronicpain #notmyself #stenosis #stoptheouchies #determinedtogetbetter #discreplacementsurgery #bilateraldiscprotrusion #L5S1 #IWILLDoHairAgain #determined 🌹💕💇💖📷💘🎨🌹
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nellers212 : That's awesome @crazymarsi23!! I hope you get that help :)
crazymarsi23 : Thank you Jenelle :) me too!! @nellers212
shaynay_14 : You got balls! I'm going on 4 years and still can't see myself having surgery too scared. Stay strong love and good luck!
crazymarsi23 : @shaynay_14 I've had chronic pain for almost 4 years, too. I'm so sick of the pain, I welcome surgery, at this point
shaynay_14 : @crazymarsi23 maybe I'll get to the surgery point one day but since I've taken care of someone that had 4 and the horror of it idk. It sucks cause ur so young shit I'm so young I'm only 26!! Did something cause ur back pain? Or one day u just noticed pain? What meds have they put u on?
thescoliosislife - ayemoney_718 - thisneverendinglove - therealandrewbeck -
: MEDICATION / DAWA ZA KUZUIA MATUMIZI YA POMBE. Kama wewe au ndugu, jamaa na rafiki yako ana tatizo la kusumbuliwa na matumizi ya pombe. - Kazi haziendi. - Familia imemshinda. - Mahusiano kuvunjika. - Kugombana na vyombo vya sheria. - Kushindwa kubalance matumizi (fedha). - Hufanyi kitu bila kula pombe/kiroba. Matumizi ya dawa pekee yanaweza yasifanikiwe bila kuongezea USHAURI WA KITAALAMU (PROFESSIONAL COUNSELLING). Hapa ndo bado tatizo lipi hasa kwa hii nchi yetu kwani watu wanakurupuka tu na kujiita counsellors bila hata kujua darasa la counselling linafananaje, bila kujua miiko/ethics za counselling zinafananaje na mwishowe wanaishia kutoa ADVICE badala ya COUNSELLING na hii imekuwa sababu kubwa ya matatizo ya watu kuendelea kuwa makubwa. #Vivitrol #Trexan #baclofen #lioresal #Counselling #Counsellor #ProfessionalCounselling #Tanzania #Zanzibar #Mtanzania #Ndugu #Jamaa #Rafiki #ethanol #alcohol #pombe #bia #kiroba #konyagi #beer #spirit #wine #Knowledge #Information #Power. Usiangamie kwa kukosa maarifa, tumia wataalam wapo kwa ajili yako, achana na kudanganywa na watu wasio na maadili ya fani. Uliza ili upate huduma fasaha. "Pursue Knowledge" ~The Igwe~
ethanol - power - counsellor - rafiki - bia - lioresal - trexan - pombe - konyagi - spirit - zanzibar - information - counselling - alcohol - tanzania - professionalcounselling - beer - kiroba - jamaa - mtanzania - vivitrol - baclofen - knowledge - ndugu - wine -
antidius_the_igwe - ally2118 - ney_steve - betterlifewills -
: MEDICATION FOR ALCOHOL USE DISORDERS /DAWA KWA WALE AMBAO WANA TATIZO LA UTUMIAJI WA POMBE ULIOKITHIRI. Kama una ndugu, jamaa, rafiki au wewe binafsi una tatizo la kusumbuliwa na matumizi ya pombe, unaweza ukajaribu hizo dawa kulingana na stage/awamu uliyopo. Wengine wako kwny awamu ya kuacha lakini bado wanahisi kurudia pombe /relapse dawa zao zipo pia (#BACLOFEN (#LIORESAL). Wengine ndo kwanza hawajui waanzeje kuacha pombe japo inawaletea madhara makubwa sana katika maisha yao, nao dawa zao zipo (#TREXAN, #REVIA & #VIVITROL) zinaufanya ubongo usiwe na ile hamu hamu ya kilaji /pombe. #alcohol #Beer #Wine #spirits #ethanol #hardliquor #medication #disorders #pombe #dawa #dawayapombe #bia #gongo #konyagi #ulevi #kilevi #kinywaji #kulewa #alcoholism #cancer #diabetes #heartdisease #hypertension #killer "If you want to hide something from them..put it in writings". KNOWLEDGE_INFORMATION IS POWER ~The Igwe~
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larginineplustm : Love it!
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Baklofen pompası.Spastisitesi olan hastaların tedavisinde kullanılmaktadır.Mesela cerebral palsy,ms,parapleji,tetrapleji olan hastalarda. #cerebral palsy #multiple skleroz #tetrapleji #parapleji #serebral palsy #baclofen pump
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mlhabc : 😂😂😂 instagrama ayri bir boyut kattin suanda 😄😄 @zaferingo
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OK baclofen you can kick in anytime now thanks! #spasms #baclofen #pilatesgotmespasming #itsworthit #nopainnogain #ouch #feelslikeprogress #ihurtanyways #makingchanges #workinghard #danger #backspasm
pilatesgotmespasming - makingchanges - danger - ihurtanyways - backspasm - ouch - feelslikeprogress - workinghard - spasms - baclofen - nopainnogain - itsworthit -
carolinagirlruns : Ugh... Hope you get some relief quick!
pattya925 : Hope it works soon!! Back spasms are no joke!
kristingrafsoto : Thanks y'all. @carolinagirlruns and @pattya925 . I pushed really hard doing my Pilate's today ...hope it turns out to be worth it. 💪
butterflyfibrogirl : Hope your feeling better hun. Those are the worst.😉
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I'd say the #baclofen is working. 🙏 #cpmeds
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New job position 😊 #Compounding #Baclofen #MedicineShoppePharmacy #WhatAmIDoing #ThisIsFun 💊💉
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socloseto_paradise : Aww I what to compound!! Im jealous!
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Bedtime and morning routine. Stretching, range of motion, deep massage, then massage in this rx stuff. For $300/bottle you'd think this stuff would work better than it does :/ #diclofenic #baclofen #bupivacaine #lidocaine #loperamide #ibuprofen #pentoxifylline #ketamine #arthritissucks #chronicpain #brokefootbetty is #outofspoons today
ketamine - chronicpain - arthritissucks - brokefootbetty - diclofenic - outofspoons - pentoxifylline - lidocaine - ibuprofen - loperamide - baclofen - bupivacaine -
soulsofthesouth : Ouch!
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Nu har vi gett upp!!!!!
medicin - baclofenpump - barnsjukhus - venport - elektrodress - operation - botox - portacath - mollii - blodprov - baklofenpump - syncromed - läkemedel - baklofen - läkare - baclofen - medtronic -
tyramyra98 : Haha du vill alltså att jag ska skriva en bok @cpkonsulten? Det är nämligen vad som krävs om du ska förstå vad jag menar...
cpkonsulten : Aha ok...tråkigt det äe så bökigt!!!
tyramyra98 : Det löser nog sig tillslut :) @cpkonsulten
tyramyra98 : #barnsjukhus #baklofenpump #baklofen #mollii #medicin #elektrodress #baclofenpump #baclofen #syncromed #medtronic #botox #läkemedel #läkare #venport #blodprov #portacath #operation
cpkonsulten : Absolut!!
idamariakristina_ : Vad är det som krånglar med pumpen för dig @tyramyra98? Ingen effekt av baklofenet? Ser att det var en ganska hög dos.
idamariakristina_ : Iaf jämfört med min egen på 180 mikrogram/dygn.
tyramyra98 : Allt som kan gå fel och allt som inte kan gå fel har gått fel.. @idamariakristina_
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Tänkte bara visa hur man inte får göra, eftersom min läkare gjorde så idag.
medicin - mollii - baclofenpump - spasticdiplegia - spastiskdiplegi - syncromed - slutatagganånjävlagångdittlillacp - operation - baclofen - lifewithcp - medtronic - sjukhus -
tyramyra98 : #baclofen #baclofenpump #syncromed #medicin #medtronic #operation #sjukhus #mollii #spastiskdiplegi #spasticdiplegia #lifewithcp #slutatagganånjävlagångdittlillacp
tyramyra98 : Du behöver inte ens fatta, dom gör ju såhär för att dom inte fattar. @ceciliaandersson
jessiflessi : Orkar inteeeeeee.
tyramyra98 : Snart är detta över, då börjar vi om!! @jessiflessi
jessiflessi : Du är bäst hjärtis!
tyramyra98 : Du är!! @jessiflessi
lottahellner : Kram!
tyramyra98 : Kram finaste du @lottahellner
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Way behind on these posts because I've been in the ER the past 2 days... Day 4: Pills. This is what it looks like on chemo days. #day4 #pills #methotrexate #folicacid #meloxicam #baclofen #potassium #multivitamin #biotin #gingkobiloba #ciprofloxacin #mypoorliverstomachandkidneys #drugsdrugsdrugs
ciprofloxacin - day4 - mypoorliverstomachandkidneys - septemberphotoaday - potassium - septemberspooniephotochallenge - folicacid - gingkobiloba - drugsdrugsdrugs - meloxicam - biotin - multivitamin - methotrexate - baclofen - pills - septemberphotochallenge -
mjm101 : #septemberphotoaday #septemberphotochallenge #septemberspooniephotochallenge
mjm101 : @cooldjrvrock lol I wish xD
carlie.the.seagypsy : I don't miss being on #methotrexate injections and pills what so ever!!!
mjm101 : @seagypsy11 I just started it yesterday /:
kaydkiraiero : I sooooo know the feels
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Medication time lol
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tazcass1973 : #oromorph #oxynorm #valium #baclofen #dystonia #dystonia_fighter #strength #hospital #painkiller #friends
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