So tiny yet sooo effective for my hiccup problem. #hiccupsveryinconvenience #nuissance #baclofen #lioresal #novartis #tablet
novartis - lioresal - nuissance - tablet - hiccupsveryinconvenience - baclofen -
marjulgimolatan : Wow ang aga mong maka like @tinaasok
tinaasok : Hahahha @marjulgimolatan mata sayo ko ani ai hahaha
tinaasok -
I'd say the #baclofen is working. 🙏 #cpmeds
baclofen - cpmeds -
ckerr24 - gabrielle_kerr - myorganizedchaos - pattylephart -
New job position 😊 #Compounding #Baclofen #MedicineShoppePharmacy #WhatAmIDoing #ThisIsFun 💊💉
medicineshoppepharmacy - compounding - baclofen - thisisfun - whatamidoing -
socloseto_paradise : Aww I what to compound!! Im jealous!
juliegonzalez - heyysarahk - britt_heeyyy - natibprz -
Bedtime and morning routine. Stretching, range of motion, deep massage, then massage in this rx stuff. For $300/bottle you'd think this stuff would work better than it does :/ #diclofenic #baclofen #bupivacaine #lidocaine #loperamide #ibuprofen #pentoxifylline #ketamine #arthritissucks #chronicpain #brokefootbetty is #outofspoons today
ketamine - chronicpain - arthritissucks - brokefootbetty - diclofenic - outofspoons - pentoxifylline - lidocaine - ibuprofen - loperamide - baclofen - bupivacaine -
soulsofthesouth : Ouch!
the_trill_goddess - masonjon - colby541 - patchman73 -
Nu har vi gett upp!!!!!
medicin - baclofenpump - barnsjukhus - venport - elektrodress - operation - botox - portacath - mollii - blodprov - baklofenpump - syncromed - läkemedel - baklofen - läkare - baclofen - medtronic -
tyramyra98 : Haha du vill alltså att jag ska skriva en bok @cpkonsulten? Det är nämligen vad som krävs om du ska förstå vad jag menar...
cpkonsulten : Aha ok...tråkigt det äe så bökigt!!!
tyramyra98 : Det löser nog sig tillslut :) @cpkonsulten
tyramyra98 : #barnsjukhus #baklofenpump #baklofen #mollii #medicin #elektrodress #baclofenpump #baclofen #syncromed #medtronic #botox #läkemedel #läkare #venport #blodprov #portacath #operation
cpkonsulten : Absolut!!
idamariakristina_ : Vad är det som krånglar med pumpen för dig @tyramyra98? Ingen effekt av baklofenet? Ser att det var en ganska hög dos.
idamariakristina_ : Iaf jämfört med min egen på 180 mikrogram/dygn.
tyramyra98 : Allt som kan gå fel och allt som inte kan gå fel har gått fel.. @idamariakristina_
personalusageonly - ella_bella93 - spannerina1994 - ceciliaandersson -
Watch a #mswarrior using #Bioness I hope my insurance could get me this.I used it during a screening and it was like my life was back before 2012 ..,before #multiplesclerosis messed around with my gait. #mssucks #technology
multiplesclerosis - bioness - baclofen - mssucks - mswarrior - technology -
fit_4mykidz : I tried it back in 2012 too! @koethemswarrior
koethemswarrior : Did you like it. @fit_4mykidz
fit_4mykidz : Yes I loved it , I had drop foot really bad but my pt didn't think I needed the #bioness then , thank god it got better
fit_4mykidz : @koethemswarrior
_rosarm : What is this? Looks like I gotta look it up
koethemswarrior : That's good man. My case of footdrop is horrible. I take #baclofen everyday and it barely helps. @fit_4mykidz
koethemswarrior : Bioness. It's good for folks with a spinal cord injury, who had a stroke, who have ms, etc. @_rosarm
amannamedbenn - chiefselectbrown - ne_i_cy - ne3shi3 -
According to a book... Pain demands to be felt... And oh boy do i feel the pain!!! back to painkillers coz of my slipped disc... #arcoxia #pregabalin #baclofen #painkilleraddict #backtotherapy
backtotherapy - baclofen - painkilleraddict - pregabalin - arcoxia -
mckyprz : TFIOS!
mckyprz : No it was actually An Imperial Affliction that was quoted by TFIOS
personalusageonly - egroeg -
Tänkte bara visa hur man inte får göra, eftersom min läkare gjorde så idag.
medicin - mollii - baclofenpump - spasticdiplegia - spastiskdiplegi - syncromed - slutatagganånjävlagångdittlillacp - operation - baclofen - lifewithcp - medtronic - sjukhus -
tyramyra98 : #baclofen #baclofenpump #syncromed #medicin #medtronic #operation #sjukhus #mollii #spastiskdiplegi #spasticdiplegia #lifewithcp #slutatagganånjävlagångdittlillacp
tyramyra98 : Du behöver inte ens fatta, dom gör ju såhär för att dom inte fattar. @ceciliaandersson
jessiflessi : Orkar inteeeeeee.
tyramyra98 : Snart är detta över, då börjar vi om!! @jessiflessi
jessiflessi : Du är bäst hjärtis!
tyramyra98 : Du är!! @jessiflessi
lottahellner : Kram!
tyramyra98 : Kram finaste du @lottahellner
ella_bella93 - _johanna_pa - lottahellner - emiliasundling -
Way behind on these posts because I've been in the ER the past 2 days... Day 4: Pills. This is what it looks like on chemo days. #day4 #pills #methotrexate #folicacid #meloxicam #baclofen #potassium #multivitamin #biotin #gingkobiloba #ciprofloxacin #mypoorliverstomachandkidneys #drugsdrugsdrugs
ciprofloxacin - day4 - mypoorliverstomachandkidneys - septemberphotoaday - potassium - septemberspooniephotochallenge - folicacid - gingkobiloba - drugsdrugsdrugs - meloxicam - biotin - multivitamin - methotrexate - baclofen - pills - septemberphotochallenge -
cooldjrvrock : That's like 2k... Be safe
mjm101 : #septemberphotoaday #septemberphotochallenge #septemberspooniephotochallenge
mjm101 : @cooldjrvrock lol I wish xD
carlie.the.seagyspy : I don't miss being on #methotrexate injections and pills what so ever!!!
mjm101 : @seagypsy11 I just started it yesterday /:
kaydeniero : I sooooo know the feels
emag_mynt - and_nathan - cwrousey - nuclear_c_otter -
Day 7. Night Meds: Baclofen, Gabapentin, Seroquel, Ibuprofen. #brandysspooniephotochallenge #spoonie #spoonies #meds #baclofen #gabapentin #seroquel #ibuprofen
spoonie - meds - seroquel - ibuprofen - spoonies - brandysspooniephotochallenge - baclofen - gabapentin -
thindetermination : Does baclofen help you much?
sherri_chronic_pain_living : Soft hugs 💕
mbball_168 - theycallme_chenna_ - lyme_fighter - pink__straw -
Medication time lol
oxynorm - painkiller - friends - hospital - strength - dystonia_fighter - oromorph - dystonia - baclofen - valium -
tazcass1973 : #oromorph #oxynorm #valium #baclofen #dystonia #dystonia_fighter #strength #hospital #painkiller #friends
she.est2000 - megsmiracles - tomer_lapid97 - scitter16 -
Vad ska man säga???
medicin - mollii - baclofenpump - spastiskdiplegi - trasig - hospital - spasticdiplegia - cerebrudparet - läkemedel - sjukhus - baclofen - operation - medtronic -
tyramyra98 : Biverkningar som kan komma får hon ju veta om hon googlar... jag måste väl berätta om biverkningar som inte finns?? @jessiflessi
jessiflessi : Aa dom som inte går att få ja.. 😳
tyramyra98 : Vågar inte berätta hela sanningen... @elinorkarlsson92
tyramyra98 : Eftersom dom inte går att få behöver jag inte berätta om dom..? @jessiflessi
jessiflessi : Nä alltså hon kommer bli rädd :S
tyramyra98 : Tror inte det är bra att berätta om komplikationer som man kan dö av heller.... @jessiflessi
jessiflessi : Nä jag tror det är bäst att dom som inte upplevt allt berättar för det händer som sagt inte nån annan!
tyramyra98 : #baclofen #baclofenpump #medtronic #mollii #medicin #läkemedel #sjukhus #hospital #operation #trasig #spastiskdiplegi #spasticdiplegia #cerebrudparet
ella_bella93 - jessiflessi - emiliasundling - mickis.21 -
Ibland hittar man roliga saker på Facebook :D
operation - blodprov - minstoradag - hospital - vingresor - ving - venport - drömresa - baclofenpump - sjukhus - resa - baclofen - sas - cypern -
tyramyra98 : #minstoradag
ceciliaandersson : 😽
cpkonsulten : ❤️
tyramyra98 : #sjukhus #operation #blodprov #venport #baclofen #baclofenpump #drömresa #Cypern #resa #sas #Ving #Vingresor #hospital
jessiflessi : Min älskade bästa.
tyramyra98 : Jag älskar dig världens finaste @jessiflessi
ella_bella93 - kantonson - criolin - petragron -
hey guys, I thought I should update you all on how my neurology appt went this morning, I was brave and mentioned all my new symptoms, he said not to worry about most of them, that they're probably caused by the heat & if they are still there next time I see him in feb he'll look more into it.. I told him about the painful spasms I get in my feet so he's writing a letter to my GP for a prescription of baclofen, he's told me that it could make my dizziness worse but that if it does I can just stop taking it ☺️he's told me he doesn't need to see me again for 6 months! If anyone has any experience with baclofen please let me know #ms #multiplesclerosis #neurology #neurologist #update #positive #spasms #musclespasms #baclofen #me #self #selfie #makeup #eyes #browneyes #denimjacket
multiplesclerosis - eyes - selfie - makeup - update - neurology - me - musclespasms - positive - self - browneyes - ms - neurologist - spasms - baclofen - denimjacket -
caredds : Yesterday i waked up with a neuritis... that is added with a diplopia (that i got from one year) ... Good lucky 4 all :)
laura2202_xx : Im on baclophen for my back but does nothing for me :/ but doesnt gives me any side affects..hopefully it works for you :) x @prdg
gilljacko1 : Well done for giving up all your symptoms!! Hugs xx
gumchewingfreak : Baclofen made me pretty sleepy and didn't offer me a ton of relief from spasms so I stopped taking it, however my partner @wheeliefoxie takes it for severe spasms related to a spinal injury and it's a huge help - worth the exhaustion for her. Start slow, give your self a few weeks to get back to a working level. Good luck!!
amylosingweight : You babe! 💕
petitenursetara : I have really bad heat intolerance! I live in Florida too. Baclofen never worked for me ;(
petitenursetara : Soma is strong and only thing when I have real bad spasms and still doesn't help completely!
prdg : Thank you everyone! :) @caredds @laura2202_xx @gilljacko1 @gumchewingfreak @amylosingweight @petitenursetara 💕💕 I'll keep you all posted xxx
_anhb_ - jlmals - rich1968 - kandcompany6 -
3arosty ♡_♡ #baclofen #6years #bride #6daysleft #countdown
countdown - bride - 6years - baclofen - 6daysleft -
rawanashrafb : Salivaa 😂
kmshahine : Mish baclofen da kan anti-cancer 7aga kda?
lamisgelokbi : @olaoreiba luuuu 😍😍 they have been the best 6 yrs 3shan 3reftkk ya baclooo 👭💗 i luv u bbe 😙😙😙 #besties #oneinamillion #umakemehappy #sisterofthebride #excited 💃💃💃💃👰
lucille.poling2014 - amrzeinn - anoudwaled - sarashoeib91 -
#selfie #eye #sleepy #puffy #high #baclofen #tired
high - eye - tired - baclofen - selfie - puffy - sleepy -
peppereus96 - nblakemore1 - anaanasto - shadow_cat88 -
In getting my intrathecal pump filled today..#dystonia #dystoniafighter #ms #parkinsons #beautiful nurses ##intrathecalpump #intrathecal_pump #baclofen #fighters #weightloss #fitness #hello...thanks to the nurses and doctor they were great 😘😘
beautiful - parkinsons - intrathecalpump - dystoniafighter - fighters - ms - fitness - intrathecal_pump - dystonia - weightloss - baclofen - hello -
tazcass1973 : Aww how lovely @she.est2000 ..I'm so glad it I told u before too ur an inspiration and with ppl like ye I don't feel alone..thank you so much I really mean that xxoo
she.est2000 : Tara, I've had the Baclofen patch thingys, and medicine (have I mentioned this before to you?) and it made me extra weak and useless (which is achieveable on it's own 😜) Do you get any side affects like that having the pump ? xo
tazcass1973 : @she.est2000 yes hon i did..I'm the same with too much baclofen it makes me all floppy and weak..I have hydromorph in mine too which can make me tired and a bit all over the place haha..I actually got sick for 3 mths Solid pucking so they had to decrease the dose in my pump but ya even now it's still needs tweaking xx
emma__lelxox : Have any advice or would you recommend this procedure?
tazcass1973 : Hi Emma..well put it this way I was in a wheelchair for nine years and I'm out of it now 6 and I do find the pump great it definately does it's job when they get the medicine right in the advice with is just to be patient With it I suppose 😃..hope that helped a bit 😊
tazcass1973 : Sorry meant to write this with the last comment @emma__lelxox so ud get it
emma__lelxox : Thank you :)
tazcass1973 : Not at all Emma my pleasure 😊 @emma__lelxox
mohamad.bakr22 - chefjan.yogini - harold_owsla - pw700 -
Before and after Baclofen pump surgery. #paralyzed #paraplegic #surgery #baclofen
baclofen - surgery - paraplegic - paralyzed -
iwheelietwerk_ : 🙏🙏
dab2964 : Can hardly see it , how often does need refilling ? Hope change your life a bit
verna_anna : @dab2964 I'm not for sure yet. I go back to my awesome doctor in a couple weeks to get the dose fine tuned. So, how long I go without refilling will depend on the dose.
nbtoppers2 : My legs are awful! Do you feel sleepy at all? Does it stop them completely? Feel free to add me to Facebook I'd love to follow your progress with this! @blessedtobejess I'm with you its bad
selfcatheter : Email for free products!
dab2964 : How is it now after couple of weeks ?
goody713 : Hey I just wanted to know how the pump is working on you. @verna_anna
selfcatheter : Give us a shout free shipping & customer service
kaitlynmohan - l_boogie910 - tinyweapon - highxroller21 -
For anyone who's had the (mis)fortune of seeing me without a shirt on and thought "What the heck is that thing?" It's basically 95% of the reason I'm physically able to do... Well... anything. Without getting into a complex explanation of what #CerebralPalsy is, just know that the medicine in the pump, #baclofen, counteracts my spasticity. Was at my pre-op appointment and got to see a demo model. On my 5th one, implanted in 2008, battery lasts anywhere from 5-7 years, upgrade planned for January... #HumpDayMoreLikePUMPDay
humpdaymorelikepumpday - baclofen - cerebralpalsy -
cannonball_hands : Since I said it in 2008, I'll say it again: can I have your old one?
whytelyte : @cannonball_hands If they gave them to me, I'd probably hook you up.... But I'm pretty sure I'm just 'leasing it,' and upon removal it goes back to Medtronic
cannonball_hands : Fair enough. I doubt I could find anyone to install it anyway :P
whytelyte : @cannonball_hands this device is actually my primary reason for starting school again. Back to Kstate next week to start Electrical Engineering with an emphasis in Bioengineering
cannonball_hands : Really? I didnt know you were going back. Good luck man!
jacksondwyer13 - milkonthelense - thiskiddcraa - _big.booty.sambamm__ -
TV / 4096 #10mg #baclofen #junkiesofiggg #pillpoppin #pills #flatfaced #pilladdict #withdrawls
sleepy - flatfaced - pilladdict - pillpoppin - candy - 10mg - musclerelaxers - junkiesofiggg - withdrawls - baclofen - pills -
personalusageonly : #musclerelaxers #candy #sleepy
turnup_salad : Where the Roxie's at
personalusageonly : not here my friend , sorry @turnup_salad
personalusageonly : At least not yet
crystalizedforest : Very nice
mrs.chestnut - sonnyrussian702 - thekingesco -
Omg it hurts so freaking bad!! I accidentally missed a dose (or two, I really can't remember) of my #baclofen and my #esophagus has been a jerk ever since! It keeps spasming on and off and IT REALLY HURTS!! I imagine a heart attack would be equal or lesser than this pain. Damn you #nutcrackeresophagus!! 😡 #spoonie #spoonielife #spoonieprobs #owowfuckityow #inpain #pain #invisibleillness #goawaypain #InstaMessageApp
nutcrackeresophagus - pain - spoonie - invisibleillness - spoonieprobs - instamessageapp - inpain - spoonielife - goawaypain - owowfuckityow - esophagus - baclofen -
misskim005 : @rachellouise42 NO. Hiccups are a disruption in the diaphragm. Esophageal spasms are in the esophagus. The pain is equivalent to a heart attack.
falling_domo27 : R u ok?!?
misskim005 : @falling_domo27 I will be. Just another rough patch to get through. Thanks for asking. ❤️
falling_domo27 : @misskim005 NP doll :)
rachellouise42 : Ok thanks for clarifying :) I need to go back to anatomy 101 ha! I get hiccups all the time and they hurt like the dickens!! I was wondering of this was the same...
misskim005 : @rachellouise42 I hate those deep hiccups. 😖 I have nutcracker esophagus so it's like a squeezing sensation and seriously feels like a heart attack. I am on a medication that is supposed to control them but I missed a dose earlier in the week and my esophagus has been a jerk ever since. Eating and drinking is miserable when it's in a full spasm. 😫 You know that feeling when you swallow too hard or when it feels like food "goes down the wrong pipe"? That's what it's like all the time.
misskim005 : @personalusageonly No, I have my own prescription.
personalusageonly : cool .
rraawwrr22 - fighting_against_it - srsmith01 - kimberlydianne -
Pretty bloody tired today! The light blue means restless sleep or restless body. I haven't been able to exercise due to my upper respiratory infection and I need to #exercise to help with my #transversemyelitis to get the #bloodpumping and #musclesfatigured. so last night despite #magnesium and #epsomsalts salts I had #restlesslegs...they wouldnt stop moving and they also #spasm and #cramp which is quite painful and I just can't sleep. I let it go for a while as you can see before I had to have a #valium and a #baclofen so that I was able to sleep. #sickgirlproblems.
calorieburn - cramp - transversemyelitis - motivation - exercise - pedometer - physio - sleep - bloodpumping - fitbit - epsomsalts - cardio - weights - valium - spasm - sleepdata - monitor - inspiration - kickingtransversemyelitisarse - baclofen - sleeptracker - weightloss - rehab - trainhard - steps - magnesium - fitbitsleep - musclesfatigured - sickgirlproblems - restlesslegs -
healthy_pinup85 : #fitbitsleep #sleeptracker #sleepdata #fitbit #monitor #pedometer #sleep #steps #calorieburn #kickingtransversemyelitisarse #trainhard #inspiration #motivation #weightloss #weights #cardio #physio #rehab
live_life9028 : @eat_stop_eat
houseofwolves2 - bopping.betty - heatherkippfitness - scoopdeluxe_beardbalm -
#mirtazapine #tianeptine #baclofen 💊💊 #mozdzierz #apteka #wieszak #mieso #dzik #jezioro #skatepark #trip #ptg #katowice #dyskoteka #techno #mucha #mojamewczii #adam #malysz #kapodaster #olkusz @swiatek_sb @frediiix @pjanaz
mucha - ptg - kapodaster - jezioro - mieso - katowice - trip - olkusz - apteka - skatepark - mirtazapine - malysz - dzik - wieszak - mojamewczii - techno - adam - tianeptine - baclofen - dyskoteka - mozdzierz -
jakkubo : Jaaa, Toje ta muzyka z ibizaaa
kasiagryz - truskavkaaa - edziuuuu - ba_rtix -
MY #Prescription ain't #No Joke #Tramadol #Loratidine #Baclofen #Naproxen #Gabapentin #Norco (coming) By Dr.Feng #GirlScoutCookies #SuperSkyWalker By Dr.GreenThumb #BeatsStudio By Dr.Dre ........... sexy #Nurse and a #BedPan needed LOL Due to severe nerve pinch and reoccurring shoulder dislocation. Pain specialist referred and Surgery requested.
superskywalker - bedpan - prescription - no - tramadol - loratidine - norco - girlscoutcookies - beatsstudio - gabapentin - baclofen - nurse - naproxen -
bighomierum : @codi93hill yea
codi93hill : Dat right there is a strong name @bighomierum
queen_plain_jane_ray : REAL SPIT!!
ms_flame24 : Them norcos ;)
city2city1 : I told you, you need to get on my level 30mg oxycodone and dilaudid 8mg, neurotin 800mg, volume 10mg. Plus you know the other slew...
queenpappylaw : Damn u got 4 of the same pills i take smh @bighomierum
too_tru_ru : God bless hope all is well my moms suffering from diabetes an takes majority of what u do so I'm feeling ya pain g I pray everyday why these krakkers sit bakk n let us die smh
too_tru_ru : Stay strong ya words of wisdom help me thru
personalusageonly - shitgetsreal51_50 - biggzmyace - bangrubiano -
Seriously makes me wanna cry, lol. Ive known you for sooo long. And our friendship is like no other. Now we are starting our little families and growing up lol. I love you terd. #waybackwednesday #wbw #baclofen #hairyhole #cunter #friendsforever #sisterlove #faglings
wbw - faglings - hairyhole - waybackwednesday - friendsforever - cunter - baclofen - sisterlove -
hunterkittykelly : @arieljeanx
arieljeanx : I can't wait till the babies are old enough for jake & jordan to watch so we can go be weirdos for a night lol
hunterkittykelly : Lol yeees! @arieljeanx we deserve a girls night. We havent had one in forever/ :
arieljeanx : Seriously!
xo_amber_xoxo - classyyjackie - yvettenorma21 - staceymizerovsky -
Necesitamos el medicamento #Baclofen de 25mg. O 10mg. No se consigue en Vzla. #cabudare #barquisimeto #venezuela #colombia #farmacia #medicina #remedio #medula #relajante
remedio - relajante - barquisimeto - medicina - baclofen - farmacia - cabudare - colombia - medula - venezuela -
kcyz : Ya lo conseguiste? En colombia lo puedes conseguir @mariaalicia81
ruiz_chataing - carlosebravo81 - josesalesss -
In Rue Lecourbe, waiting for Pr Philippe Jaury, the One who initiated the investigation on baclofen at a high dosage for people suffering from addiction✌ I am healed thanks to him 🎆🎆🎆 #baclofen
baclofen -
personalusageonly -
Just starting baclofen, anyone have any experience with this?? Side effects look scary and so do withdrawal symptoms but I need help with the muscle contractions and spasms causing most of my pain. #fibro #fibromyalgia #fibromyalgiaisreal #fibrowarriors #chronicpain #chronicillness #butyoudontlooksick #invisibleillness #baclofen #myofascialpainsyndrome
chronicpain - fibrowarriors - fibromyalgia - invisibleillness - myofascialpainsyndrome - fibro - fibromyalgiaisreal - chronicillness - baclofen - butyoudontlooksick -
katieface86 : Baclofen never worked for me. It just gave me horrible nightmares. My current rheumatologist who refuses to prescribe Baclofen, put me on flexeril which worked out but just left me downright exhausted even 24 hours after taking it. I'm on Soma now. It works well with no bad side effects. Of course everyone is different when it comes to medication.
emie_xoxo_ : The side effects can be worse than what the meds are supposed to fix. I'm scared to go off a med I know it's definitely helping so I'm hopeful it's not making me worse. Going without when the pharmacy screws up 1 out of 3 times? Too often! Is really bad! It's not one if those meds though something else. I hope it helps!!
peacelovenhap : Sending lots of love your way ♥️😘 hope it gets better 😥💊
waverks : @darkestnite9 hi. Sorry for creeping but did you experience any of these with Baclofen? Thank you! :)
darkestnite9 : Mainly the drowsiness and dizziness as well as extra bathroom trips but nothing terrible @waverks
waverks : @darkestnite9 alrighty. thank you so so much for the help!
lupus_chick - arogayoga - bth_lee73 - the.coexist.spoonie -
Stay broken, stay smooth #baclofen #colace #senna #ambien #laxative #breakingbad #pills
laxative - senna - colace - ambien - baclofen - pills - breakingbad -
greenwalt98 : livin that thug life.
asek_one : Damn!
wilabong : @greenwalt98 @asek_one buy my laxatives in bulk
catbouwkamp : Baclofen is god.
wilabong : @catbouwkamp 140mg a day
_riot.maker_ : Baclofen is weak. I take 200mg just for fun. Try snorting a whole 40 mg opana
fud1127 - printwolf - mikadoclothing - catbouwkamp -
Compounding action and missing my organic lab! #pharmlife#baclofen#spasticity
pharmlife - baclofen - spasticity -
trappasaur - marcia_mae - chupacabra13 - jkalch85 -
I was so high last night, I took these 5 pics and text'd Josh a line of nonsense at 5 this morning!! Damn these meds!! #high #meds #baclofen #prednisone #medication #pics #text #nonsense #funny #outofit
funny - medication - prednisone - text - nonsense - pics - high - meds - outofit - baclofen -
_riot.maker_ : Done this shit before ^ 200mg a at one time ain't no joke
_songofjoy_ : @_riot.maker_ It took me 4 days to come down!! Never again!!
yourdarkguardian - hummi -
Really not a good day for me: my back hurts, my hips joint are swollen, my legs hurt... One of those days when I'm having a hard time managing the pain. #BeingSickSucks #NervePain #JointPain #Pain #Tramadol #Ixprim #Actiskenan #Skenan #Baclofen #mysterydiagnosis #Tired #SickOfBeingSick
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gwen30stm : @vivyfashionlove Thanks :-)
sarahfunes : Pain is never ok
letoile77 : J'espère qu'aujourd'hui sera une meilleure journée! 😉
gwen30stm : @letoile77 Merci :-)
megan_zass : @gwen30stm me too ever since my car accident in 93- my legs, ass, & feet feel as if they are on fire. Docs said it's where the nerve endings are moving but since I'm a spinal cord injury the nerves aren't getting the message to my brain. They said eventually they die. Hurts so bad. Saturday will make 21 years in a chair. I've been on several meds for this & nothing helps. Ugh. I wish they'd die.
lunamilitis : T'as carrément de la morphine?
gwen30stm : @lunamilitis Yeap! Mais au bout de 5ans, c'est légèrement moins efficace (faudrait que je revois le dosage)
lunamilitis : En effet, vois même à songer à changer de classe si cela ne te vas plus... Courage ❤️
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