There is something poetic about this level of savagery that i just really enjoy. This kind of determination and guts exists in very few men and women anymore. The truth is, its not about whether you will do it or not or even if its legal to do or not. It's about being able to convince your audience that you just fucking crazy enough to do it, consequences be damned. #ww2 #patton #greatestgeneration #greasethetreads #isisneedsthis #trueleadership #weneedmoreofit #backtobackworldwarchamps #Repost @yvi_nitsua ・・・ This is why we won WWII. I love this quote 😂
isisneedsthis - ww2 - backtobackworldwarchamps - patton - greatestgeneration - greasethetreads - trueleadership - weneedmoreofit - repost -
yvi_nitsua : I'm reading a book called "killing Patton". That's the first page of the book. Its really cool and it talks all about his military life. If you haven't already read it, I highly suggest it 😂
battle_scars_and_beauty - tasharenees - uriarte_18_ - usa_tactics -
#Merica #landofthefree #backtobackworldwarchamps #chevroletandapplepie #sweettea
backtobackworldwarchamps - merica - sweettea - landofthefree - chevroletandapplepie -
countrykid18 : 😂😂😂🙌👍
emmekreider - m_phillips97 - countrykid18 - kayla_marie_45 -
I love 🇺🇸
faxmax2000 : Wonderful pic, please check out my art
ayberkcik : Yo Brooklyn boy
nevermichael : America - fuck yeah!
_connorgeorge : @kieranoreilly5
ayberkcik - chopper65 - nevermichael - santi_castillo1 -
#merica #backtobackworldwarchamps
backtobackworldwarchamps - merica -
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@itsmickharrison and I taking #kettlebell acrobatics to the next level. #partnershit #equinoxmademedoit #playhard #trainer #backtobackworldwarchamps #HIIT #graceinmotion #bodiesofwork #fit #fitfam #freestyle #igfit #fitgram #cardiosucks
trainer - bodiesofwork - fitfam - fit - equinoxmademedoit - freestyle - backtobackworldwarchamps - igfit - partnershit - kettlebell - playhard - graceinmotion - cardiosucks - fitgram - hiit -
emily_birdwhistell : @sarah4fitness7 When do I advance to this?
spazzysoo - heatherjuefitness - stefabramson - carlymcphail -
#wcw goes to @zoejadeski check out this throwback to like 3 years back when you were blonde and I didn't have dreads! Also the year u were super into bein an American haha #backtobackworldwarchamps 🇺🇸
backtobackworldwarchamps - wcw -
zoejadeski : Hahahahaha such an American 👍
kels_kingston : @brooke_brady_ come to my studio this week so I can paint your back 😘
brooke_brady_ : Yes!!! @kels_kingston I'm so down for that!! 😁😁
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115 strict press with @olliegaps yesterday. #gainz #fit #fitfam #fitgram #igfit #supermanintraining #progress #projectbeast #strength #strongwomen #strongpeoplearehardertokill #neversettle #bodiesofwork #backtobackworldwarchamps
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eat.sleep.lift : Good job!
whenarichviktahwantsyou : Looking strong mama
jqrdavis : @whenarichviktahwantsyou thanks dude:)
spasarahjc : Love the grin and the #grind
blackmancam : chad in the background like #mkaymkay
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The land of the free as long as it's the home of the brave. #usa #backtobackworldwarchamps 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
backtobackworldwarchamps - usa -
jackrubisch : @northbuncoyl
jocelynnwilde : LITTLE JACK
zoeee_graceee : Made in China 😂😂
erin.bradley : this makes no sense
kennedychampion : Oh ur kewl
leahistall : Hu-larious!
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She was born in germany whoops... #america #fuckyeah #backtobackworldwarchamps #rowdygentlemen hi Josh
fuckyeah - backtobackworldwarchamps - america - rowdygentlemen -
joshpeterson24 : Hi
cassie_farrel : Bye @joshpeterson24 @griesburger
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'Merica. #backtobackworldwarchamps #worldpowersince1776 #USA #freedomtuesday
backtobackworldwarchamps - freedomtuesday - usa - worldpowersince1776 -
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'Merica #thesecolorsdontrun #backtobackworldwarchamps
backtobackworldwarchamps - thesecolorsdontrun -
souk31 - z_crizzle - z_oberkrom - tcard32 -
backtobackworldwarchamps -
shelbyboswell_ : 😂🙅🙅🙅
alanstockman15 : That hashtag was so beautiful that it brought me to weeping.
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So much America. @richfroning #america #crossfit #crossfitgames @exosleeve #nomorenakedknees #repthelion #life #earth #snatch #weightlifting #oly #adipowers @adidas @icantevenig @roxjusant @lindseylovejenks @bobjeff21 @crossfitkingspoint @royco31 @cfkpcolin #50shadesofred #backtobackworldwarchamps #fittestonearth
life - crossfit - backtobackworldwarchamps - 50shadesofred - snatch - repthelion - crossfitgames - weightlifting - adipowers - fittestonearth - oly - america - nomorenakedknees - earth -
icantevenig : #backtobackworldwarchamps
manunderbeard : Looking like a boss though, freedom head to toe.
exosleeve : Yea!!!!! 💪
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Freedom isn't free. It costs about a buck o five. #backtobackworldwarchamps #America #fuckyeah
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swornoutdem : Where did you find this masterpiece
nekrozach - stradleybevens - jschneidddd - 500daysofchaos -
The workout doesn't count unless your bleeding at the end of it. #beastmode #beautymarks #becausewecan #westwood #fit #fitfam #fitgram #projectbeast #pushyourself #backtobackworldwarchamps #bodiesofwork
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theanthonybrown : 👍
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Here is exercise #2 from @itsmickharrison 's metabolic #kettlebells #backtobackworldwarchamps #beastmode #projectbeast #supermanintraining #metabolic #neversettle #neversatisfied #bodiesofwork #playhard #cardiosucks #strongwoman #adultrecess #fit #fitfam #igfit #westwood
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laura_whitney : taters! now do squat taters
stefabramson : Is that my next move?
jqrdavis : @stefabramson you better believe it!
zac_monty - pats_gym - em_ramos -
@itsmickharrison killed me today. 10 minutes of 30s on 30s off, for 2 rounds. This was the first exercise. #kettlebells #HIIT #strongpeoplearehardertokill #strongwoman #beastmode #projectbeast #supermanintraining #neversatisfied #neversettle #cardiosucks #metabolic #fit #fitfam #igfit #bodiesofwork #playhard #adultrecess #backtobackworldwarchamps
fitfam - strongwoman - metabolic - igfit - strongpeoplearehardertokill - neversatisfied - kettlebells - projectbeast - supermanintraining - beastmode - fit - backtobackworldwarchamps - bodiesofwork - playhard - cardiosucks - adultrecess - neversettle - hiit -
divisionmvmt : Dope! We need Brand athletes! Check out our Bio if you want in!
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Shown here are two U.S. Marines invading ravaging Japanese positions on Okinawa. The invasion of Okinawa was the biggest amphibious assault of not only WWII but all time (yes even bigger than D-Day). 183,000 U.S. Soldiers and Marines landed, 12,000 Killed - 38,000 wounded. Japanese defenders, 80,000. Over 70,000 japs killed. #WWII #WW2 #Okinawa #USMC #MarineRaiders #USArmy #JapHunting #AlliedForces #USA #BackToBackWorldWarChamps
japhunting - usa - ww2 - backtobackworldwarchamps - okinawa - wwii - usarmy - alliedforces - marineraiders - usmc -
wwi_wwii_in_color : @youth_gone_criminal @john_c_weast the fight was only supposed to last 30 days but lasted over 60
john_c_weast : We were there a total of 112 days and 81 of those days were in combat.
john_c_weast : If I were to be a squad leader, the loss of one man would be not worth it and I would consider that battle lost, but I do know that we must do all we can to win and survive, but we could have done better. We lost a lot of count less lives in the battle plans. Example. The battle of suger loaf hill. We tried 13 times to take that hill and a company of 261 men was knocked to 86. That battle was a lost. We took the hill, but did not have the power to take the next. @randyrrossi @youth_gone_criminal
john_c_weast : Look up Dick Whitaker on YouTube. @wwi_wwii_in_color @randyrrossi @youth_gone_criminal
youth_gone_criminal : @john_c_weast your a pathetic loser that woild never be a squad leader you obviously never even been in a fist fight apparently if its not gonna be a clean victory for you you wouldn't bother showing up wow its people like you n your thinking tahts tge reason our country is going to shit
john_c_weast : Wow, I think you are the reason that we are going to shit. You do not think before you act. You would blindly throw fire to the wind and lose countless lives just for your own ego. And no I have never been in a fist fight because I'm am smart and do have the tenacity to start an unneeded fight. That does not show that I am weak, but to have the ability to know when to fight and when to not. Judging by your name and the way you lashed out at me, you are a worthless piece of shit would push someone in front of a bullet heading towards you. You do not know respect. You do not know honor and the ability to hold your snake of a tongue. Courage is not knowing when to take a life, but when to spare one. That is why I will a great NCO, when my time comes. @youth_gone_criminal
youth_gone_criminal : @john_c_weast your a loser youve been disrespected countless times n your life and done nothing about so in a life in death situation you would get your ass beat because you have no experience yur a pussy boy you been eating too much soy i bet you like watching soccer i bet you never played a contact sport you gt this "everybody is a winner mentality " well that aint the real world there is always a winner and loser n yu r a natural born loser with no heart n just the fact that you mentioned pushing some one in front you in to a bullet in combat testifies just to the kind of bitch that you are
john_c_weast : Can you repeat that in English? @youth_gone_criminal
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#namaste #acroyoga #partnershit #becausewecan #strongwomen #tinydancer #ballerina #backtobackworldwarchamps #merica #bodiesofwork #brawnandbeauty #peace @mohodrews
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rockysguns : 👍👍👍👍
beckley90210 : @n_mahoney
yoga__h : Amazing!!!😍
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Let Freedom Ring 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 #murrica #freedom #BackToBackWorldWarChamps #ISwingAmerican
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ciara_lynn_3 : This is really gay
cgill72 : @ciara_lynn_3 love you too
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So I bought this sweet as shirt. #merica #backtobackworldwarchamps
backtobackworldwarchamps - merica -
greenpharmer : I would rock that!
the_greenthumb_kracker - stank_augustine - cannasseurr - the_green_ronin -
Yuppp. #ronaldreagan #merica #backtobackworldwarchamps #obamasucks #nobama
ronaldreagan - backtobackworldwarchamps - nobama - merica - obamasucks -
taterator : Bahahahaha
r.mino - andrewoftedal - j__barlow - a_metzzz -
Kash wedding 😍😍😍 love my dress #topshop #fifthave
backtobackworldwarchamps - topshop - fifthave -
azklugerman : Pretty!!!!
jasondcline : @edgaju rocking those #merica colors on point! You look nice too @anna_titley
barbarasigelbaum : Gorgeous couple.
anna_titley : Haha thanks @jasondcline Since July 4 @edgaju is very patriotic!! #backtobackworldwarchamps
janellelilley - showroomjoplin - jessartnyc - jhgellert -
#ussmidway #aircraftcarrier #murica #backtobackworldwarchamps #f14tomcat #topgun
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Rockin' our favorite patriotism attire for today's #crossfitopen workout at @crossfitallectus. #fifteenpointfour #crossfit #merica #crossfitallectus #twinsies #backtobackworldwarchamps #ithoughtihadbiggerguns
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marykod : Mmm I want one of those tanks!
sbsiegle - kylee_merzwski02 - janaemarie123 - mmueller907 -
Any veterans in the new haven area who ever need a shoulder to cry on or a person to talk to I'm always here for you!! Don't ever feel ashamed....or embarrassed and if you need help I can help you. I don't offer services to anyone. But to a vet who gave it all I'll go the extra mile. Please don't resort to pills, hard drugs or suicide... You have people who care for you an we are always here to help... #usa #thankavet #Connecticut #westhaven #newhaven #va #veteransofforeignwars#vets #backtobackworldwarchamps#homeofthebrave#thesecolorsdontrun#911 #neverforget
veteransofforeignwars - neverforget - usa - va - backtobackworldwarchamps - thesecolorsdontrun - connecticut - thankavet - vets - homeofthebrave - westhaven - 911 - newhaven -
ray_4200 : I hope that federal bill gets passed so maybe more vets will be introduced to meds that can help
avalonmohegan - homelessinlosangeles - ezonedafirm -
#murica #backtobackworldwarchamps
backtobackworldwarchamps - murica -
cts_finest_710 - americanasfuck1 - fuckyeahamerica -
Because Murica that's y #backtobackworldwarchamps, #undefeated
backtobackworldwarchamps - undefeated -
cobra_commandr - carroyo807xo - itsnore -
4:45am. Cleaning guns and installing a new trigger. Insomniac status: 💯 #venicegunsales #sleepisfortheweak #custom #pro2a #pewpew #pewinsilence #insomniac #ruger #USA #backtobackworldwarchamps #DTOM
insomniac - usa - backtobackworldwarchamps - sleepisfortheweak - pewpew - custom - venicegunsales - ruger - dtom - pewinsilence - pro2a -
for_god_and_guns : Rise and grind brotha 👊
sneaky_pirate : This is the story of my life, the insomnia part... are you putting in Ruger's new trigger? Curious how it compares to something like the Timney.
clay_gregg_hunter_fisher_ - kianoosh6984 - kaiden_d_12 - arash.azizkhani -
#flashbackfriday shoutout to great grandpa Krepser- Inventing the duck face, while simultaneously fighting the Germans in WWII. #warhero #tailgunner #backtobackworldwarchamps #merica 🇺🇸🐣
warhero - merica - backtobackworldwarchamps - flashbackfriday - tailgunner -
anavidreyes : This is awesome
cotton281 : Thanks Scarlet made me smile
catanialasagna - kzornnnnn - __sweet_ness__ - jordan_massey -
Epic pic of a Pacific Marine #MARINE#BACKTOBACKWORLDWARCHAMPS#WWII#tattoos#badass#greatestgeneration
wwii - tattoos - backtobackworldwarchamps - badass - marine - greatestgeneration -
nmoran3305 : @devilduck2111 @daniellamoran1255 needs help with her #WWIIproject.
ramos_diane : Too bad I didn't know that for Dave's Dad is a WWII Veteran who was captured twice by the Germans.
bripearl - alvareezzy - jason0352 - thebehrfootlady -
#bathroomselfie #freshcut #spring #america
merica - backtobackworldwarchamps - bathroomselfie - spring - america - freshcut - screamingeagle -
iammabel : I can't believe you hash tagged America lmfao @carlosdadude
carlosdadude : Damn right! #Merica #screamingeagle #backtobackworldwarchamps
rockysguns : 👍👍👍👍
twists_sponge - carlito_honda_boii - rubyv.00 - sugnyte -
May freedom fly #merica #usa #BackToBackWorldWarChamps
backtobackworldwarchamps - merica - usa -
amandapanderz : This makes me smile 😊😊😊🇺🇸
uprcase : Awesome
steeze_melon - foxtrotandthegetdown - t0mmy__b0y - skc_me -
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