Which V/Blogger or Public Figure inspired your natural style and/or care regimen? Good and trusted information is priceless! Share the knowledge and let's keep spreading "That Life tho"! (#badu for todays inpiratoin).
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amberlydianna : @tarenguy for sure. Her positive spirit and energy is truly contagious and was so necessary at the beginning of my natural hair journey 3 years ago when I was totally lost and natural illiterate (yea, I just made that up). Plus she's a fellow #Virgo so it was only natural for me to love her spirit 😊
topicsoflene : @etcblogmag & @naptural85 inspired me and daughters natural hair care obsession. Never put any heat or chemicals on my daughters hair, but now we use all natural/organic products. They both encouraged me to love my hair, In that, love me. Thank you ladies! 😊
ms_bkeys : @jouelzy @glamfun they are my fav 4c girls!! :)
privatestockhair : @ms_bkeys yes!
privatestockhair : @topicsoflene dynamic duo!
privatestockhair : @amberlydianna Yep!
privatestockhair : @etcblogmag Ditto!
grungee_armsstrong : my big sis!!
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No. 84 Even though I had most of NSYNC's albums (and that backstage pass game), I loved the Backstreet Boys just the same. #BackSyncFan ☺ #100tunes100days #NSYNC #TearinUpMyHeart
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ms.nicole.xo : @ricky_tennis This song
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° Friday in Chicago. Fucc. Yea. #FinallyMetBackstreetBoys #backsyncfan
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elizabethweekes : I'm going to their concert tomorrow and I'm so excited 😱😱😱
serenaortega : Oh I'm jelly!
denaythediva : Yayyyy!!! @thechicnatural you've been waiting your entire life for that moment Ms. Backsyncfan
brispence7 : Ahhh!!! I'm jealous!!!!
ebirving : I missed this. I know you were hype lol!
misshill.25 : You were in Chicago I wish I could have met you
minnifield_wifey : Omg lucky!!!!
awkwardblackgirrl : Omgggg
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#backsyncfan #naturalhair #myinspiration She makes transitioning to natural hair fun! Follower her on YouTube;)
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My first time trying the no-heat banding method to stretch natural hair. 1⃣After my #dc I washed my hair with #sheamoisture's curl & shine shampoo. 2⃣,3⃣Then I sectioned, detangled, and applied #cantu's shea butter coconut curling cream and #ors hairepair vital oils to seal in the moisture. 4⃣I applied ponytail holders, twisting it down each section until I reached the end, and let the hair air-dry like this. 5⃣After wearing a #headwrap for a couple days, I took down the bands. This is the hair right after removing the band. (I'm not pulling or stretching.) 6⃣This is the hair after separating the section and finger combing. 7⃣All sections have been separated. 8⃣I used a pick to add volume at the roots and now have a big stretched fro. 😊 9⃣#Hubby and me. He wants me to rock the fro! 😘😘 Inspired by #youtube vlogger #backsyncfan.
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ionlyobey_mk : #naturalhair #teamnatural #stretchedhair #tryingsomethingnew #learningaboutmyhair #youtubestudent #haircare #healthyhair #ilovemyhair #bighairdontcare #mynaturalisdope #havanatwists #comingsoon #staytuned
ionlyobey_mk : I forgot to mention how soft and moisturized my hair feels! 🙊😁 👍👍👌
ionlyobey_mk : @thechicnatural 😊😊
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Check out my absolute favorite thrift store divas @thechicnatural on #youtube #backsyncfan
backsyncfan - youtube -
thechicnatural : Aww thank u!
mssweetnique : She's my favorite too!!! she is who got me thrifting lol!
kurlymommy : She is thee bomb!!!
photogenic305 : Yes she's wicked!!!!!
missredglasses : Mine too!
rock.n.cole : Omg @thechicnatural I've been waiting on this. I love watching all her fashion videos for inspiration
mrs.bthechange : Her creativity is bananas
nickystylish : She's awesome @thechicnatural
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Day 16: favorite vlogger. I don't subscribe to many youtubers. I usually find videos at random but she doesn't just post natural hair, she posts lots of outfits and makeup too. Love her! #naturalhair #teamnatural #teamnatural_ #youtube #backsyncfan #vlogger #ohcurlchallenge #ohcurl #mayphotochallenge #naturalhairphotochallenge
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Day one of me naturally....Goddess twist thanks to #backsyncfan look her up on youtube shes here I come!!
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