#LABlueBlazer👔 @stay_sick_44 welcome to LA , we're all recovering from something. We replaced substance for substance, one means everything one means nothing, get the #Epipen💉 for the flying monkeys . making me sick all they talk about is cream and honey. Getting our people high , Gunning them down in the streets. We sound the same but this is an RPG, we grow faster when we take part in something bigger than we. Slaying our innerMes together, steadily evolving. Getting better everyday , your teammates help you train. In the field running drills, dancing with you in the rain. We are the healers, when life is causing major pain. A golden apple a day keeps the devil away, kill that bitch and use it's tears to make #ginsing🍶 #CaptainCharismaSigningIn Our vibe could change the world #WeCouldBeHeros Here we're more powerful When the E is zero. That means please control your ego #SincerelyyoursElNinõThePrince I'm a class clown but #HomieDontPlayThatShit We just write the #DeathNotes @Ghost.panther paints the picture Don't make us #InstaKillYou🔫 Shots fired at your thinking cap These shot's don't miss jack Everything starts as a seed #DelayedImpact You know it too root if you come back It killed the rotten apple if they got a strong fall back. These kids are sharp with the #whiplashComebacks They thought it was over In This Empire Strike Back #ItsAllArt You'll get jabbed off wax #WMD👊 I didn't send for you Don't come for me. I gotta kill another devil, I'm almost out of tea. When you see this Just know, The fire won't cease. #Back2back2back Death comes in 3rs Our souls are eternal This is far from over my G. #SincerelyYoursLAFamilliaDeBlood We got it covered #NoSauceMyG
homiedontplaythatshit - instakillyou🔫 - deathnotes - lablueblazer👔 - sincerelyyourslafamilliadeblood - whiplashcomebacks - delayedimpact - captaincharismasigningin - wecouldbeheros - epipen💉 - ginsing🍶 - nosaucemyg - sincerelyyourselninõtheprince - wmd👊 - itsallart - back2back2back -
stay_sick_44 : We got it covered like deathcon 3 . Take a moment for sincerity . I'm falling apart, I need to reboot , restart. Cut me from ear to ear, I still won't grin. I eat you alive from the inside and don't even break a sweat. Grab a knife by the blade and stab you with a handle. I'm as bad as they come. I struck lighting , threw thunder In jail I'm like Muhammad, I'll show you how great I am. Better watch your back man, I'll be coming for you, me and my fam. I'm worse than an animal, darker than the devil, colder than pure evil. Look me in the eyes, you see a fire that burns so bright. This man can't be right. Help me back to the light. I've lost all sight , I've lost the ability to fight . No self control I'm an animal , the monster within has been awoken , no evil deed will go unspoken. I'm like ghostrider, killing all those who have sinned with a grin with my pad and pen ..... @ghostwriting_mirror
ghostwriting_mirror : @stay_sick_44 so raw we sign the bullets before we shot, no innocent casualties. This is immortal combat, flawless victory. Smoove decapitation, our cuts clean with the dismemberment. Yellow belly cowards we will disembowel them .. While they're still alive, rolling their intestines out with a rolling pen, on some queen Elizabeth shit. That was a cold bush, hail to the queen. Slap them in the face, finish them with the back hand. My PEMP hand way strong, raiseing my fist in the air. I'm a prophet emPoweringMyPeople , tag teaming with my. We back at it kick we'll beat that ass just us like ryu and ken. Soul fuse like goku and vegetta and spirit bomb and final flash then. KamahaGulletGun man fuck all this shit boommmm
stay_sick_44 : Sometimes I can't sleep, and sometimes I can't eat. What does this mean? Is the result of defeat? I use live up on cloud 9 not a worry In the world. You know you never hear any stories of the junkies plight. . I was respected, number one In the world, top of my game, never thought I was coming down. One night I got fucked, went out and fucked up and it fucked up my life, then got my Shit straight no longer fucked up, thought I was In the clear, got fucked up again and fucked up worse than before . I take a look In mirror. I tremble with fear , this man In the mirror I fear. Who is this man? The man in the mirror? Is it a man to be feared? I'm ashamed I am of this man I see in the mirror. The man I swore to never be is the man I see looking at me through this mirror. Chills, shakes, I began to tremble as I hear laughter this man, the man in the mirror. He is the man I fear. He is my greatest nightmare. This man is me. The atrocity in the mirror staring at me with blood shot eyes is me. Begging, pleading somebody set me free!! @ghostwriting_mirror
ghostwriting_mirror : Flowing with @stay_sick_44 is like going against myself. We are one so I gotta help myself. We are substance abusers, trying to save ourselves, the wave off life rolled in and tried to drown us. You aren't eating because the soul is starving, can't sleep because your soul speaks thru writing. Begging you to pick up the pen and get high again. Back 2 back came on and we relapsed. There are people in the world who need us, We are the voices that speak up, empowering the people. Fighting their innerMe like us. Gave them the ginsing let them read it and so their souls can sing like us. If they're devils them fuckem quick, til they cry rivers like us. The difference is our rivers are magma, melting anything trying to block us. Tune in and watch us go from audiologobots to super human. Covered them in the spirit while we're shooting. Making sure they're covered in case we Overdose. Didn't mean to go that hard but revolutionaries have an angry flow. We feel things on a deeper level so we're always angry bro. There peace in the release with each pen stroke we free souls, ours and who ever is watching tho. People don't like the pics they probably died from the shots.that just goes to show that the world ain't like us. Epluribus unum. Is that really a bad thing, less is more. Call the doctor to get their hearts off the floor. Either recover with us or be the sacrifice, become the embodiment of our sins and let us kill you. That's why it's a crucifixion.. It's a win win. We'll all be free in the end
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#NEWMUSICMONDAYS #WDIG WE WORKING BIHH #mezanmient #HMG #SkateBoardgrind #DadeCounty #BarbourCounty #Back2Back2Back #LongLiveBizziedadon #Network #BreakRecords #salute to the #DJS #Music #Hip-hop #Connected @shootamusic @titusvincent @tonydavisthedj2day @djhotboyhorace @djtwyst @djfupayme @djseriousgtw @djgwap @djmeat @djcrankitup @djdui @djgorgeous1 @djfwhite
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Totem tattoo to celebrate Hawks premierships and being in Mexico #anaussieinmexico #back2back2back #alwayshawthorn #vustudyabroad #Guadalajara #Mexico #aztec #azteca
alwayshawthorn - azteca - anaussieinmexico - mexico - vustudyabroad - aztec - guadalajara - back2back2back -
jc_trios -
movie - part3 - labelonsunday - back2back2back - threepeat -
therealplat : Wanted to come😔
jamesblackice : @therealplat well ?
bankrollmarkus - drummondaf - deejaytrap - skycityflo -
movie - part3 - labelonsunday - back2back2back - threepeat -
mr_woods - sweetasshea - - jamesblackice -
Throw🔙 to the 2k15 grand final. What an awesome day and stadium! #premiers #back2back2back #3pete #mcg #go #hawks #always #play #your #role
play - mcg - always - 3pete - hawks - role - back2back2back - go - your - premiers -
sailingant : Get over it
darcy__sharp3 : We get to be premiers for another whole summer though! @sailingant
miranda_sharp123 : Never get over it
brookeamkeegan - radhhaaxo - elizamachall - melody_summer_ -
I keep needing to buy this stuff every year #everymoment #playyourrole #ourhouseourrules #hawthornfc #back2back2back
everymoment - ourhouseourrules - hawthornfc - back2back2back - playyourrole -
_matt_james_ - hcamaddy - raddler70 -
Dedicated to my beloved father and mother and my #afcfamily And of course my haters....thank you for pushing me to limits i never though i had ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡ #53🌷#back2back2back#nolackin
53🌷 - nolackin - afcfamily - back2back2back -
farzz18 : 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼
mark_majdandzic : What did you win boss @dida1010
26th_letter : 💯💯
milad21k : My niggaaa <3
aka.h._.02 - grey.flow - sham.alif - feribsm -
Game 3 of 3 #Back2Back2Back #TheCarry #MVPs
thecarry - back2back2back - mvps -
micah.mason1821 : 1st
aurora_siciliana93 - tvseriesbrasil - gotcustom - tin_tim123 -
Game 2 of 3 #Back2Back2Back #TheCarry #MVPs
thecarry - back2back2back - mvps -
micah.mason1821 : 1st
diego.xt - clan_cptn - shasha7000 - __raiders_for_life__ -
Game 1 of 3 #Back2Back2Back #TheCarry #MVPs
thecarry - back2back2back - mvps -
micah.mason1821 : 1st
benniepenny1 - pics.of_life - clan_cptn - shasha7000 -
ITM006 #back2back2back
back2back2back -
elinsaciavle - pnut0_ - jessie_99999 - crackypizzle -
Earlier today. #back2back2back #weddingphotographer #prenup #engagment #ratedlovephoto
ratedlovephoto - weddingphotographer - engagment - prenup - back2back2back -
gudeyesniper - - elizabeth_carrie - jarrajamora -
Had a good time tonight hanging with old buddies and being able to speak tonight at fpu's dinner on the diamond was such a honor #back2back2back
back2back2back -
margaretirwin : Nice to see you tonight Josh. You did a great job on your speech. Very inspirational. So proud of you ❤️⚾️
__mochahontas__ : I helped make cakes for that today! 😂 this is a cute picture of you two
ma2reno9 - jesusnmaria.garcia - brooke_vidmar - therealyoungmase -
#ChaleanExtreme ##PushCircuit3 #LookAtThoseBoots hahahaha N #burnintervals N #AbBurner #back2back2back #IncreasedWeights in #burnintervals #FailedDuringOverHeadTriExtension #EXHAUSTED #FullShirtSoaked #SweatinBuckets #FatPuddles #QaloRing #BarbellsForBoobs #breastcancerawareness #SaveTheWomanThanTheBoobies
pushcircuit3 - savethewomanthantheboobies - fatpuddles - fullshirtsoaked - exhausted - failedduringoverheadtriextension - chaleanextreme - increasedweights - sweatinbuckets - abburner - breastcancerawareness - lookatthoseboots - barbellsforboobs - qaloring - back2back2back - burnintervals -
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In honor of #Back2Back2Back shutouts by Michigan, and also in honor of my lovely mother's 43rd birthday. #GoBlue #LoveYouMommy
loveyoumommy - goblue - back2back2back -
the_monkeygod : To good looking for her age
hayden_lee125 : @the_monkeygod I agree
kylerperez75 - momma_florider - __pitzulo__ - zhassan17 -
Lucky tshirt! #champ #germanbowl #afterafterafter #back2back2back #3 #thecrew
germanbowl - afterafterafter - 3 - champ - back2back2back - thecrew -
sandrakanka - maraleebu - jthrns - roza_lini -
Once a champ always a champ x x Congrats guys :D © #Back2Back2Back #bravehearts #MACI2015
maci2015 - back2back2back - bravehearts -
juicydalee : Threepeat is 😍😍
marjquesada : HoooooMayGash! 😍😍😍
beanslake - dine.kun - aynyoyeyn - abricks360boss -
what's better than winning the championship game? winning the championship game three seasons in a row! 🏆🏆🏆⚽️#back2back2back #sameposedifferentseason #8coedsoccer
8coedsoccer - sameposedifferentseason - back2back2back -
oforsure - kaitlinjanerexrode - pigfloyds - jonaldaren -
#back2back2back then @stonersdelight with the flick 👌
back2back2back - astoriaskatepark -
n8rojas : #astoriaskatepark
shenanigansboards : Check out the contest going down today. @ #astoriaskatepark #producttoss
selenaglomezz - santiagojason59 - vincentbral - faaaavio -
3 years in a row of Charlie raising the cup like the Hawks. 2013 age 3, 2014 age 4, 2015 age 5. #back2back2back #gohawks #playyourrole #always @hawthornfc #Charlie
always - playyourrole - charlie - back2back2back - gohawks -
lizzmcl : Yehhhh !!!👱🏆🏉💞
indianagirlonabike - dougatthebay - dabman_77 - lizzmcl -
3peat #3peat#triplethreat #back2back2back #unstoppable #hawksforlife #numberone #bestinthebiz
3peat - numberone - hawksforlife - unstoppable - bestinthebiz - triplethreat - back2back2back -
sarahjadeclarke_ - beautysusan.parker -
From one generation to the next, We're a happy team at Hawthorn!! #Hawthorn #Hawks #familyclub #historyrepeats #back2back2back #3peat #cyril #hodge #mitchell #dunstall #brereton #glenferrieoval #brown&gold
3peat - brown - hawthorn - cyril - familyclub - dunstall - historyrepeats - hawks - hodge - glenferrieoval - back2back2back - brereton - mitchell -
joanne_of_art - andrewpattison - natambrosee - clairehodgart -
Hawthorn premiership stars Brian Lake and David Hale both announced their retirements from AFL football today. @brianlake17 @hale20 @hawthornfc #hawthorn #hawks #afl #football #lake #hale #premiers #3peat #back2back2back #like #follow #like4like #tagsforlikes #instagood #picoftheday #amazing
3peat - hawthorn - football - hale - follow - premiers - afl - like - hawks - lake - instagood - tagsforlikes - amazing - back2back2back - like4like - picoftheday -
jakestaah : skin game😍
afl___australia : That's a sick edit @aflposters
afl___australia : I'm loving ur account aswell @aflposters
aflposters : Cheers @jakestaah @afl___australia
alex_ivone : Anytime 😉👊 @aflposters
afl___australia : Anytime @aflposters
afl___australia : Go on direct massage @aflposters please
theodorasbeautyboutique : ✌
afl.edits.hd - _afl_2016 - real_afl_stuff - xcc1sarah -
#tb to the best game of footy 💁🏽💕🏉 #back2backbaby #bleedfortheaags #bigthingstocome #back2back2back?
back2backbaby - bigthingstocome - tb - back2back2back - bleedfortheaags -
zachhjoness : Patricia
_sophiegoode : ✈️✈️✈️
pchaaaay4 : All you @_sophiegoode
pchaaaay4 : Knuckle head jones @zachhjoness
zachhjoness : Your in man
pchaaaay4 : Sick dude are you in 16s cricket bro ? @zachhjoness
zachhjoness : Yeah man coming tonight?
pchaaaay4 : Yep @zachhjoness
m0lm0l - james_walker_1 - will_ellis__ - _jadelittle_ -
Missing the days preseason tickets were $10. but hey, we champs... #goingtotheship #preseason #weouthere #blasé #squad #mcadoo #and1 #back2back2back #dubnation
preseason - blasé - weouthere - squad - back2back2back - goingtotheship - mcadoo - and1 - dubnation -
itsbribruh : Thanks for the invite 😒
itsbribruh - thc_mack - realstevie925 - nicholasmccarthy_ -
COME AND MEET GEORGE POWERS: George Powers tomorrow will be at his home in the LEGO shop at Downtown Disney. Come and say hi!🇺🇸 #gograsshoppers #lego #back2back2back
lego - back2back2back - gograsshoppers -
aaronslego - oyo_den_col - minifig_all_stars - northerndemonsfc -
New year same story. #back2back2back #3x
3x - back2back2back -
keontae3 - bdentlinger17 - dallas_bell10 - masonporter12 -
#brownandgold #back2back2back
brownandgold - back2back2back -
alexganipeau : So why trying to hang yourself ?
karlos55 : You survived?
karlos55 - sarahhicklin_13 - soph7005 - bobbybacksmith -
@nakane_ #back2back2back #cookiessf @chainreactionboys ™][R @chainreactionboys ™][R @chainreactionboys ™][R @chainreactionboys ™][R
cookiessf - back2back2back -
fam_man_44 : @nakane_ yah beed you fukin killin brah!!! Keep moving forward... P
mermaidtiaaani - _akolivera._ - ericisso_ - sterlinglaa -
@gzos RIP to the afl... Going for a 4peat #hawthornfc #3peat #4peat #back2back2back #back2back2back2back ??? #hawkers. Who's going to stop the hawkers
3peat - back2back2back2back - back2back2back - 4peat - hawkers - hawthornfc -
kostikova - anastasiyascheglova - o_reich - aka_cyril_figgis -
Take me back! #3peat #AlwaysHawthorn @hawthornfc #rawr #Back2Back2Back #NowForFour
3peat - rawr - alwayshawthorn - nowforfour - back2back2back -
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AFL - HAWTHORN "HAWKS" COLOURS, LOGO AND THE NAME RIOLI - (NORM SMITH MEDALIST 2015) - SPORTSAFE AUSTRALIA CUSTOM MADE PROFESSIONALLY FITTED SPORTS MOUTHGUARD... #juniorfootball #afl #mouthguard #brownandgold #AFL #sportsafeaustralia #hawthornhawks #sportsafeaustraliamouthguards #sportsafeaustralia #playhard #juniorafl #juniorclubs #juniorfootballclubs #auskick #AFLWomensFooty #gohawks #hawthornfc #AFLFinals #AFLEaglesHawks #finalsweek #Finalsfooty #gohawks #AFLGF #PlayYourRole #aussierules #auskick #australianrulesfootball #3peat #normsmithmedal #cyrilrioli #backtobacktoback #back2back2back
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tout.spam : @tout3_
lachlan.ives : @lupo_a
lupo_a : 😍 @iveyives
tommytout_ : I'll get one @tout.spam
tout.spam : Haha @tout3_
sportsafe_australia : Sportsafe Australia can make you custom made professionally fitted sports mouthguard with any colour, colours, name or club logo.. You choose what you like and we create the best custom mouthguard for you...
tout.spam : @tout3_ ^
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