Tfw u ain't got WiFi and u don't want to waste Ur data but u also HeLlA craving some Netflix #oc #originalcharacter #cosplay #occosplay #baberave #makeup
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#cosplay #baberave #oc #originalcharacter #occosplay #makeup
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ROAR :* #BabeRave #BabyRavie LOL
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03.35.am -
#verntailoredhair #baberave #mamojams
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bettyford79 : Pretty lady!
blackest_earth : Pretty
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Love this crew πŸ’™#thankgoditsspring #baberave #fetishball2015
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jenrose15 : A lot of sexiness going on in the pic 😻
humrme : @alyssahutchins ❀️
alyssahutchins : Sorry I ruin the pic😩 @vanessaberther
alyssahutchins : And 😘😘😘 @humrme
melissakcastle : Haha I'm totally cheesing but I still love this
curtismckillop : @humrme you are like barley in it
vanessaberther : Stop you all look πŸ”₯ @melissakcastle @alyssahutchins
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Spent #valentinesday with this little #crush @itsjustinbitch #crushsocal which we think should be called #BABErave haha #bestbabe #boyfriends #gay #edm #insomniac thanks for putting on another perfect event. #thechainsmokers #tommytrash #sevenlions #alvaro #mercer #kennedyjones #lostkings
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_harmon_kel : You guys are the cutest πŸ’
shalizi : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
raveclips : Nice!!! Follow and use #raveclips or DM to be featured.
calvinradsick : @raveclips thanks!
dotcommusic : hell yeah!
aircomaudio : interesante
elforestbailey : 😎 ✌
calvinradsick : @elforestbailey πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜œ
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Throwback to that time when my #artRave dates were hotter than your artRave dates. @horheeey @westgarret #tbt #babeRave #gaga
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K theory, dj swaka, &Kai wachi killed it last night πŸŽ‰πŸ˜πŸ˜βœŒοΈ #baberaveπŸ’‹
baberaveπŸ’‹ -
megelizabethbrown : Miss you bb cakes
nataliechehimi : I miss you tooπŸ˜” @megannnelizabethhh
life_withray : Looking good @natalie_loveskidcudi
the_mellen : Text me 2088415267
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Don't waste your money on pricey oil adsorbing sheets! Run to your closest Sally's and pick up a box of 500 perm papers for 3.99 that will do the job! Keep them in a tiny ziplock bag in your purse for whenever you need a quick fix! #babetip #productoftheweek #baberave #babehair #babehairbootcamp #moneysaver #beauty #hair
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Product of the week! Hands down my favorite BB cream. Amazing coverage, and actually makes my skin feel better and more hydrated πŸ‘ Boscia bb cream available at sephora. #productoftheweek #baberave #babehair #makeup #hair #stylist #beauty #bbcream #boscia #sephora
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boscia : @shandinichelle thank you for the shout out. We're so happy you love it xoxo
shandinichelle : @boscia absolutely! Would love to work with you guys! Love your products! My email is shandinichelleco@gmail.com
lauramcclain821 : Bought this and love it! Thank u Shandi!
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Products of the week! Love both of these, the finishing powder helps blend your foundation, bronze and blush for an airbrushed look and the subtle nude gloss is perfect for a soft "natural" look day or night. #productoftheweek #babehair #baberave #toofaced #makeup
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shandinichelle : Gloss color is flirt both available at ulta
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Product of the week! The Olivia garden nano thermic 3 1/4 inch round brush! Don't be intimidated by its size it actually is easier to use "bumper pads" for round brushing and allows you to take bigger sections for a faster blow out! My top pic for any girl with hair shoulder length or longer #baberave #productoftheweek #babehair
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Product of the week: Too faced color bomb lip crayon! My new addiction plumping, staining not too shiny not to matte in bigger berry. Great on any skin tone. #baberave #babehair #makeup #productrave #beauty
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xxbleedgoldxx : πŸ˜»πŸ’‹βœ¨
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If you don't know this make-up brand you need to, had been my favorite powder foundations for years. Blends beautifully, slightly iridescent for an airbrushed effect and does not clog your pores. Available online and at local specialized retailers. #youngblood #baberave #babehairbootcamp #shandispick #worthit check out my blog for more girl banter, product raves, boy talk and love. Www.shandinichelle.com
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#ontheroadtoshambhala #shambhalamusicfestival #shambhala2013 #baberave #villagestage #pagodastage #livingroomstage #fractalforest #camping #Salmo #BC #edm#music#gear #deckedout #camp#girls #regulators #insta#love
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sled_neck : Your something beautiful :)
happymattyk : Is it time to get back to shamb yet?
crystalelaine : @happymattyk I've been dreaming of it lately... I have to keep reminding myself it's still January ✌️ lol! 😎
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Made especially for @moshimao s bday party
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abbylabby : #graphicdesign #baberave #america
rkobane : Super excited I can't make it to this. Super. Fucking. Excited.
childlikeenthusiasm : Its okay ryan, we will just have to rage twice as hard in cali.
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