Приятности с утра 💛 #ayearlater
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shmotova_julia : Вау!!!
yulalala13 : Пррррелестии! 😻
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So Excited Today 👏😁, Not Only Cause It's Halloween 🍂🎃But Also☝️Cause A Yr From Today- I Had Announced to the World You Stole My Heart😘 @ruben_blades❤️ #HappyHalloween #AYearLater #OfficiallyDating #NowOfficiallyTaken #Bff/Bf #FlashBackFriday #PowerCouple
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djninobrownnyc : Happy for yous @ruben_blades @su_nena_buena
_bigsase : ❤️❤️❤️ god bless ya
su_nena_buena : @jenny360 @la_nicolee 🙏☺️❤️ ThankU My Loves & Happy Halloween! 🎃🙌😁
su_nena_buena : @henz0gram Henry!!! 😁😁😁 Come To Work Already 😜
su_nena_buena : @belanai Yup! 😁👍 Have a Lot To celebrate Today ❤️🎂☺️👻 Can't wait to See My Princess 😘👸
su_nena_buena : @_bigsase @djninobrownnyc ThankU Guys Means A Lot 🙏❤️☺️
henz0gram : thru sunday
_bigsase : Yw ... love is a beautiful thing really happy for ya love birds .. lol
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It started with a hashtag #struggletostarbucks that she found me on IG. Then we went 300+ comments on one of her photos. After a years worth of eating, traveling, dating and becoming more apart of each other's lives I'm too happy to finally officially be her boyfriend. #ayearlater #mydate #ThankYouInstagram
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rayyeezy : Siiick!!
y0uhateme : #legenwaitforit #dary
thealyssarae : I just vomited in my mouth. 😁
bangerangs : ^^^😂😂
cassandraedica : Hahaha @thealyssarae @bangerangs 😂😂😂😂
tanyaajudilla_ : 😭😭😭😍😍 too cute
cann3d_1ce : @thealyssarae lol 🙌😆
thealyssarae : Jk jk jk!!! Bring her to Christmas so I can meet her! 😉
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Finally got DeAndre's birth certificate #AYearLater #lol
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dante_too_slick : Bring the sushi!!! @pyt.94
pyt.94 : I'm not home
pyt.94 : @dante_too_slick
dante_too_slick : Where are you?? @pyt.94
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#tbt to when I first met this little munchkin! #5weeks #ayearlater #ilovemyjob #nannylife
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transformation thursday😂😜 #ayearlater
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It's okay. I realize it's not fair that I got all the cute in the world. #latergram #cutestdog #bathtime #stilldyingherepeople #ayearlater
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rittenhousek : Soooo, when you give Fudge a bath you dry him with a towel? Also, do you put him in the tub? Does he try to eat your arms? How do you avoid this?
pksdancinggirl : When the weather is bad, I use a towel, otherwise I just take her for a walk in warm sunshine. And I wash her in the tub now because i don't have a hose outside since i moved out of my parents' house. Fudge just goes completely limp when she hates the world, so she is very easy to give a bath to.
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Throwback to Italy 💓 #ayearlater
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Finally got instagram#ayearlater
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grace_basas : you should follow me 👌
pres.pop : Yas👍😂
surfer_kid13 : FINALLY
potato_master66 : YE FEG U FINALLY MADE A IG
kaaatttiie : Finally, that hair doe
cant_sleep_without_sirens : Omfg!!!!! Sage!!!!!! Your hair tho!!!! 😜❤❤
rooxyyy_ : you should follow me too . lol
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Still deciding what exactly I want to do but stay tuned. Also gimmie ideas #NOV10#MyDay# I want to bring it in the weekend of the 7th
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nwndup : yeah @VinesBeLike
dominicantwin1rich : My party on Nov. 15 @Evilla Atlanta on Peachtree come thru @ny_tata 40/40 Bday event
ny_tata : Kool, i will be there. U know it's our whole @dominicantwin1rich when i decide what ima do, i will hit u, hopefully u can come
dominicantwin1rich : Cool cool @ny_tata
ny_tata : U better come dis time mon @coolvibreeze can't believe u missed my party last year #StillSalty#AYearLater#SMH xoxo
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It's not even Thursday yet but here's a throw back of last Halloween Oliver as Mickey Mouse. To Oliver this year same costume a year later! 😂😊❤️ #halloween #throwbackthursday #sofunny #ayearlater #oliverfinn
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TᕼIᔕ ᕼᗩᑭᑭEᑎEᗪ TOᗪᗩY || I ᑭᗩᔕᔕEᗪ #ayearlater #ipassed #cosmetologist #letmecutyou
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taytaydanieller : Yay!!!!!
deee_mariieee : @redlands_83 thank u ;) @taytaydanieller thank u 😀😀
crazy_b132 : Giggity giggity 👌 you da 💩 @deee_mariieee
deee_mariieee : @crazy_b132 😘😘😘😘
sassydevera : Great job cousin! So proud of you!! XOXOX
missvanessa24 : Whop Hooo u go girl
deee_mariieee : @sassydevera thank u cousin love u
deee_mariieee : @missvanessa24 thanks boo 😘😘😘
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#timehop #ayearlater still #sotrue
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I can't believe how much our baby boy has grown in the last year! #halloween #decklan #ayearlater
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Missing our #EuroTrip bad! #AYearLater #Paris #SistersAbroad #TakeMeBackTuesday
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annieloo17 : ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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Throwback to this weekend... Beautiful Sameeha's wedding... A special day for one of my regular clients... It was an honour getting both these sisters ready for their big day... 👰 thanks for the pic Arifa... #ayearlater #theyarebutiful #babysdolls #whenclientsbecomefriends #earlystartsbutworthit #morepikstofollow
theyarebutiful - ayearlater - babysdolls - earlystartsbutworthit - morepikstofollow - whenclientsbecomefriends -
missayalls5 : Lovlyy ❤️
sadiyah5392 : Wow mashallah Sameeha looked absolutely stunning on all the days @babysdollsx 🙆🙋
taslima_7 : Love!! Xx
raeeshapatel : My beautiful sister inlaw 😘
nafisamulla : My beautiful sis mashallah xxxx
scrummy_nappy_cakes : Mashallah
mull4_salx : My stunning beauties ♡♥ x
anutailor : Beautiful 😘 xx
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Finally found a use for my collection of coasters 🍺 #ayearlater #ineedmorenow #bars #coasters #beer #memories
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dave_beyond : 👀 that's dope
danisthemenace : Sick!
flawlesssteph : Did you catch that #bey0nd in the back? 👀 @dave_beyond
babie_simba : Dude I have so many at work.
__gisselle930 : Delerium tremens are the best! And you can get beer from all over there world at total wines.
picboyedd : Nice!
dave_beyond : @flawlesssteph oh snap, just caught that! I need one of these now lol
limastrikesback : That's dope af..
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emmaleelyd : Finally doing my first driving lesson🙈🙈 #ayearlater #lazybitch #weepose #selfie #pout #bignose
xolovejessicalovexo : awesome more please hey add me
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My brudderrrrr #family #BigBrother #AYearLater
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Hiiii mum 👋 #ayearlater #hehe
ayearlater - hehe -
jemimajohnson : YAY☺️😭😅
_fair : Did ya wet yourself? @tessholloway
tessholloway : Little bit 😂 @_fair
_fair : Thats alright least your mum would have some spare undies for ya @tessholloway :)
shazzafrench : 😢 that's so beautiful Made me cry @tessholloway
ashgunit : Yaaay you darling sing @tessholloway
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You ever had a drank in a pumpkin? #tasteofatlanta #tasteofatlanta2014 #ayearlater ✌️
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n.nicole : I should've gone!😫
awwready_1 : You missed a good one @n.nicole
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#ayearlater #doingthisagain
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Lottenass#ayearlater#let's have a party tonight
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lottcynthia : Woehoe party !!
merlijnscheffer : Goeie chicks!
lottcynthia : Ja Merlijn wanneer zien we jou weer eens een keer?
merlijnscheffer : Als je me uitnodigt ;) @lottcynthia
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Grass!!! #gizmocangointheback #ayearlater
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kaseboog : Nice!
scj916 : :-) #phase3complete
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It never gets easier... But I still miss you baby girl 💙#AYearLater #HappyBirthday #LilyLundyPhotography
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Can't believe it has been a year since I transferred stores. I am so thanful that I was greeted with open arms & it still hasn't stopped. I have met so many wonderful people who are still there, transferred or were taken from this world too soon. I truly enjoy my Frisco family ❤ #ripmilton #tbt #lowes #ayearlater #thanksforthememories #everythinghappensforareason
thanksforthememories - ripmilton - ayearlater - lowes - everythinghappensforareason - tbt -
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My 🌏 #boygirllove #manigga #friddo #boyfrandd #ayearlater ☺️👫💖
friddo - boygirllove - boyfrandd - ayearlater - manigga -
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Love my baby flores 💙 ....thank you everyone for all the love 😘 #ayearlater #imakebigbabies #howamistillup 😳
imakebigbabies - ayearlater - howamistillup -
el_vegaboo : You have to update your IG heading now :)
thunder.monkey : Your makeup is still on point 👶😂👏💙
ohdamnitsdevin : Congrats!
lilmamaz_1ofakiind : @darlingcheri wats his name? Cash?
kelleyamber_ : 😍😍😍😍😭😭😭 you make the cutest babies & but really.. who looks this good after labor 😍
darlingcheri : @kelleyamber_ haha thank you! Yeah today I don't tho haha I feel gross
kelleyamber_ : I feel you haha I felt like that the next day too I just wanted to go home 😭 How are you feeling pain wise?
_jdmcouple_ : @darlingcheri congrats hun!!!!
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#tbt to my first IG post. I just noticed it was literally about a year ago. I was skeptical about joining but someone had convinced me to do it for my art. And here i am 52 weeks later. Some things are still the same, some things have changed. Not all for the best but it's been quite the adventure so far. Plus I've met so many awesome people on here, virtually and even in real life. Thanks so much, guys. I wanted to do a small giveaway for my 1000 but I'm swamped and still dealing with some bullshit. I'll probably announce something soon tho. Till then, keep being awesome and much 🐐🐇luv to you all #ayearlater #bestideaever #youguysareawesome #goatbunnylovesyou
ayearlater - youguysareawesome - tbt - goatbunnylovesyou - bestideaever -
evertooth : I absolutly love your art <3 And your one of the nicest people ive met on instagram 😊
cult.of.goatbunny : @evertooth Aww thank you! I love seeing your animal drawings on my feed!! And i don't really have a reason to be a asshole, almost everyone on here has been super amazing and kind 😊
evertooth : Aww im glas you think so ;a; it means a lot that you like my art. Thats good to hear ^^ ,ive seen some not so kind people on here myself 😰
cult.of.goatbunny : @evertooth yeah... There are. I've been trying really hard to just block out negative people cuz I've had trouble doing that all my life. I pretty much just grew up around constant stress and negativity and I need to get away from that shit.... Still hard but I'm trying.
evertooth : Aww im sorry to hear that, deffinitaly not easy i have to admit to 😥 all of high school ive been getting some bad rumors going on that are.just completely random and not true at all... Deffinitaly not fun to deal with ether
cult.of.goatbunny : @evertooth gahhhh fuckin high school. I wish i could say it gets better but honestly i feel like most people just mentally get stuck in high-school. I work with middle aged people that still act like children. It's irritating as fuck. But there are good people. Stay awesome,we all eventually find each other 👍😜
evertooth : Yeah, changed to a new school so its mot so bad... But its still occasianly there. Aww thats no good. Well hopefuly everything works out for you and things get better soon. You stay awesome to 😁 Night~
cult.of.goatbunny : @evertooth good luck with everything! Nitey!
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Finally get to sit & watch The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. And by sit & watch I mean 20 mins at a time between the tv, iphone & ipad throughout the evening while kiddo did homework, swimming class, & showered... Yup. #ayearlater #lifeofaparent #pausestartpausestart #alwaysplayingcatchup
ayearlater - alwaysplayingcatchup - pausestartpausestart - thestruggleisreal - lifeofaparent -
litell3 : haha. I've been trying to watch the same movie all day too.
rokycloud9 : @litell3 😂😂 #thestruggleisreal
litell3 : Lol #momissues
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I can't believe it's been a year since I had red hair! I miss it so much...but it did destroy my hair pretty bad haha #tb #ayearlater #imissit #redhair
imissit - ayearlater - tb - redhair -
kristijanmeic - lysrebz - dessiejade14 - _dawn94_ -
Ruth and her giant pumpkins... #ayearlater #wefoundactualboobs @wheeeeeeeeler
ayearlater - wefoundactualboobs -
wheeeeeeeeler - b.hghs - bethykensa -
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