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Взрослая жизнь наступает когда ты вместо игрушек покупаешь себе такие подарки ... #newyear #perents #axe #axegold #axeapollo #axedarktemptarion #axegoldtemptation #dove
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valera_reynolds_ : Чет ты поздно повзрослел
dima_krotenko : @valera_reynolds_ не) это просто только сейчас решил сфоткать.
aristowa_nika - giorgiascarabelli - andriienko - mindless101010 -
These little folks inspire me to be the best that I can be. It's such a blessing to be able to share my experiences with the future space explorers of The Little Apprentice. Thank you so much for having me, I truly enjoyed my time with each and every one. #AxeApollo #FirstPinoyAstronaut #DearChino
axeapollo - dearchino - firstpinoyastronaut -
nicherautomatic : Cute!!!
elchupacabraaa : They really are @nicherautomatic
mcgtyd : Thanks so much Chino for your precious time! Will post more pics then tag you! @elchupacabraaa @leslie.r.r
mcgtyd : @thelittleapprenticepreschool
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Fick den här boxen med AXE grejer i tidig julklapp av världens bästa älskling @pyff1999 💜💜😘 #Axeapollo#swedish#grymast#luktarjättegott#bästajulklappen#
axeapollo - swedish - bästajulklappen - grymast - luktarjättegott -
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Axe Apollo 👌 #Axeapollo
axeapollo -
glitchstop42 - jarr_3 - mando_vera - missy_smilelyface -
Early Christmas gifts! Thank you 😋 and thank you Lord. Blessings pa more! 🎁 #purplebox #axeapollo #axedarktemptation #axevice #sundaygalore #cool #colorpop #lumiagraphy
sundaygalore - colorpop - axedarktemptation - axevice - purplebox - axeapollo - lumiagraphy - cool -
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I make women orgasm, too bad dats nasty... #axebodyspray #axeapollo
axeapollo - axebodyspray -
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Happening this very hour #AXEgoldhour #AXEgoldpass
axegold - axechocolate - axe - axeapollo - axegoldpass - axegoldhour - iwantaxeapollo - iwantaxegold -
giumazi : Wow!!! you are consistently using #Axe from high school 'til now #AxemanAlan
maristella1977 : #Axeman ka pala lan! Awesome i remember u told last time to give you #AxeApollo gift ko sayo and funny I thought you are using CK intense euphoria #Axeloyal ka talaga
pajotaalanew : @janpajota u try #IWantAxeApollo thats one of the fragrance i use most! Follow their Instagram for more #Axe update here it is @axephilippines
janpajota : #IWantAxeApollo i got one yesterday and yes I feel my day is perfect even my friends told me yesterday was my day and noticed i've switch from Hugo Boss to #IWantAxeApollo
giumazi : Will also try to get some of #IWantAxeApollo and #IWantAxeGold for my husband and a good gift idea for my younger brothers this Christmas
pajotaalanew : @giumazi yeah a great idea for giveaways this christmas too #IWantAxeApollo and #IWantAXEGold @axephilippines @janpajota i told yeah right keep on using bro
angelodall : 😍
creazyd3ntist : where's the latest pic bro? hahaha
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#Selfie #Killerblick #NewFrisur #AxeApollo
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blubberblassenboy : Wieso makierst du mich?
kevin_sugar : Weil du n boy bist
blubberblassenboy : Halt deine schnauze @kevin_sugar :D
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me - axeapollo - finnisboy - hairstyle - best -
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On the 7th day of #xMas Father Coolbrandz brought to you... an #AXEApollo gift set of Extreme Hold #Hairstyling Cream Gel and #Antitranspirant for a galactic start into the year 2015 🚀🚀🚀 Hop on the #blog and leave a comment to participate: www.coolbrandz.com 🎄🎁🎅
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It's been a whole year since we left and came back from the #AxeApollo #SpaceCamp in Florida. Since then we've gone our separate paths pursuing our dreams, getting back to our everyday lives. But I never really had the perfect chance to send out a token of gratitude for the great time we spent training, studying and competiting not against one another but TOGETHER. Clearly I would have not made it as far as did without help and guidance from both of you Evan and Ramil. I'm glad we all got to share what's it's like being spun around, tried and tested with an obstacle course and an exam, improvising a rocket out of household materials and all that space camp magic. Till the next time we cross paths, God bless and all the best.
axeapollo - spacecamp -
francoisdaileg : So guapo @elchupacabraaa
paulaloves28 : Hi sir @elchupacabraaa can I ask if you have the time for us to invite you in our convention next year, to be one of our guest speakers? Our theme is about space tourism. We will be glad if you share to us the knowledge and experience during your #axeapollo days. Thank you and god bless!
alexandraenrique - jypsonyparraguirre - headcoach.k - leslie89524 -
Tehtiin@geraami kanssa suomilippu#axe#apollo#axeapollo
axeapollo - apollo - axe -
topiasvalimak__ : Miten teitte ton? @geraami
askujut : Tre semme ja axeapollo laitettiin päällekkäin
minnaemma - _ive33_ - rosaemiliaaa_ - miiajulia_1 -
#Repost @elchupacabraaa with @repostapp.
Glad to say that tomorrow's solo flight will be my last before I get released as a private pilot in #OmniAviation. Coincidentally upon post flight I found my can of #AxeApollo and decided to take a group photo with the aircraft mechanics. #DearChino #FirstPinoyAstronaut
axeapollo - omniaviation - firstpinoyastronaut - dearchino - repost -
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Glad to say that tomorrow's solo flight will be my last before I get released as a private pilot in #OmniAviation. Coincidentally upon post flight I found my can of #AxeApollo and decided to take a group photo with the aircraft mechanics. #DearChino #FirstPinoyAstronaut
axeapollo - omniaviation - dearchino - firstpinoyastronaut -
gelothegigolo : Congrats!! Gud jab! 👏
bryanburca86 : Dapat may ganito din crossfit/badmintom team later!!! Haha
mandlamaseko : 👏👏👏👏👏👏
musikera_ng_musika : 👏👏👏👏👏👏 👏👏👏👏👏👏
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#axeapollo #axedry #axe #likebackteam #instalike #instapics
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It's game day! Come and support team white tonight, we're going up against team green on a semi final do or die. 8pm at the people's court, Brgy. cut cut, Pampanga. #OmniAviation #Basketball #FlyBoys #DearChino #Amoy #AxeApollo kami.
amoy - basketball - axeapollo - omniaviation - dearchino - flyboys -
jamesooooooo : Kelan finals?
jeric_antonio : Sir melviiinn! 🏀 haha.
snfernando_ph : So happy to see that a footballer like @elchupacabraaa can play the sport which I really love! #Basketball!
polosparky - shayekia - mojojojofranco - jab1004 -
Axe Apollo My design was chosen for regional introductory ad when i was still with unilever :) #freelanceartist #artist #graphicdesigner #graphicvisualizer #axe #axeapollo #achievement #unilever #ad #wheninmanila
graphicvisualizer - ad - artist - graphicdesigner - wheninmanila - introad - regional - unilever - advertisement - axe - axeapollo - freelanceartist - philippines - achievement -
vladmagallanes : #ad #advertisement #regional #introad #philippines
kishiasuka : omg nice!! @kineda post this on your page. Your fans would love it!!! :D
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#wemadeit #ayrıntıdagizli #me #selfie #selfshoot #v #tyressegibson #axe #kelly #brook #kellybrook #mercedes #slsamg #amg #mercedesslsamg #apollo #axeapollo #oklm #morray #kayseri #istanbul #incesu #ev #myhome #kateupton #lol
kellybrook - selfie - v - amg - morray - myhome - incesu - kateupton - axeapollo - ev - kayseri - mercedesslsamg - me - apollo - ayrıntıdagizli - istanbul - slsamg - wemadeit - selfshoot - brook - lol - oklm - axe - kelly - mercedes - tyressegibson -
vente_tabac_chicha : good!
petersoederberg : 👍👍
sahra13013 - supercarpups - busraa_yasar - dogukan_cgn -
Mi madre se ha vuelto loca!! #axe #axeapollo #axeclick #axeexcite
axeapollo - axeexcite - axeclick - axe -
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#Deo #Duschgel #deoduschgel #DuschgelDeo #AXE #AxeApollo #Apollo
deoduschgel - deo - duschgel - axeapollo - apollo - axe - duschgeldeo -
brud1s : Richt das guf?
the_julian__ : Ja schon aber ich find des goldene is bisl besser
playboyparfumsfrance - gntm_2014_fanppage - godfreyclan -
Whts i do wen i have #vouchers for free stuff... #happy #axe #axeapollo #vuse #vusesolo #vusementhol #ecigarettes #ecigs #vape #vapor
vuse - ecigs - vusementhol - vape - ecigarettes - vouchers - vusesolo - axe - axeapollo - vapor - happy -
jeci_b : You share them
rahsnightmare : Wht do u mean!?
rahsnightmare : @jeci_b
rahsnightmare : Oh lol mayb if u ask nicely! @jeci_b
xsvaporlounge - zamplebox - nikamonchi - avenged_7x_ -
Gift for the winner @appleuu @earthii @eakkapop @enjoysociety @chutee_aon @ning_always of Ogilvy Professional Achievement Award from our beloved boss @jiravara yum!!!😁😊😋 #axeapollo #2awards
axeapollo - 2awards -
appleuu : Araiii Ahhh. Is that food ? @punjijoy 😍
punjijoy : Yes, the most delicious cream cheese cake from Japan ja. We eat it all for you @appleuu
appleuu : ขอบคุณณณที่เหลือให้😥😥😥😥 @punjijoy 😡😡😡😤😤
punjijoy : Wish you were here @appleuu Yummy! !!!😋
appleuu - rueng - iteay - enjoysociety -
Thank you so much #SXC for the birthday present! Really can't wait for the upcoming space flight. #Lynx #AxeApollo #DearChino #FirstPinoyAstronaut
axeapollo - dearchino - sxc - firstpinoyastronaut - lynx -
mmlizares : Happy birthday Chino!!! :-) or am i too late?
musikera_ng_musika : #FirstPinoyAstronaut
elchupacabraaa : Just a bit, @mmlizares. Better late than never so THANKS! ☺
leslie89524 : Happy birthday astro!^^
jason_eugenio : Happy birthday!!
emanix : Happy Birthday Chinoboy!
miatuzara : Good day po, Sir Chino Roque. Hi, my name is Mia Tuzara I'm currently taking B.S.Tourism Management at PATTS College of Aeronautics. I just want to ask for your support in our up coming Grand Convention this FEBRUARY 15, 2015. If possible we are inviting you to be one of our Guest Speaker. With the Theme SPACE TOURISM. We believed that you can share some knowledge and experiences on the said topic. We are hoping that you will be one of us in compliance with our last sem. In college. Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon. God bless.
miatuzara : Sorry for the comment post. Im not sure if my private message dito sa insta di ko po kasi makita. Anyways belated po. Thanks
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If Max is gonna look like an #astronaut, he's going to smell like one too! #MaxTheLegographer #Legographer #AndrewWhyte #Lego #AxeApollo #Axe
axeapollo - legographer - astronaut - lego - maxthelegographer - axe - andrewwhyte -
leagueofthelego : Hey are you willing to swap the new spaceman for max?
astronuts93 : @leagueofthelego Sorry buddy, Max is special to me... The actual minifigure is from the sets Mission to Mars; I believe that's the name (:
astronuts93 : Hopefully you can find the minifigure or an actual set online
leagueofthelego : Oh well..the hunt continues
luciiifercx - _sammyg10 - niezwyklezwykla - rachelrs13 -
#axeapollo #stockingup. Best stuff in the world
axeapollo - stockingup -
astronuts93 - madi.gauder - selena.e - alltimeallysonnnn -
Yes !! We did it !!! So proud of us all ! 😄✌️Thank u so much @punjijoy @earthii for the hard work together ! 👍👍👍😘😘😘 YAY! #2awards #ogilvyprbkk #professionalachievementawards #superteam #axeapollo ❤️💚💖
axeapollo - professionalachievementawards - superteam - ogilvyprbkk - 2awards -
enjoysociety : 👏👏👍🎉😘😘😘😘
jiravara : Great job to the Apollo team ja 👏👏👏👏🌟🌟🌟🌟
chubbykoy : congratulations ja 👏🎈
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It's been a decade in the making: I'm really happy to have celebrated my birthday/first solo flight with these two. It's just perfect timing to have shown them the fruits of their labor. I wouldn't be where I am, who I am, and what I am without this God gifted pair. I love you mom and dad, this is priceless. RP- C 3602, landed and vacated the active runway. Closing flight plan- thank you and good day! #OmniAviation #DearChino #firstfilipinoastronaut #AxeApollo #Student #Pilot #ClarkLife #Finallygotmywings
dearchino - clarklife - finallygotmywings - student - firstfilipinoastronaut - axeapollo - omniaviation - pilot -
mandlamaseko : Big S/O to you my brother
mandlamaseko : Congrats bro
juanchoborja : Pasakay naman ako bro! Hehe congrats!
angieroqs : Awww this brought me to tears on a Monday morning! Love u Chin @elchupacabraaa
im_gali_g : Sir, this is JM Galinea of ABSCBN Global. Can I have your contact details? Or kindly text me or call me on my number 09274460623. We would like to feature you on our show in TFC. Thank you. :)
im_gali_g : @elchupacabraaa
klrbee7 : Wohooo.... Was Tito calm or was he doing the same when you were driving on the 5 freeway? 😜 congrats @elchupacabraaa👍👍 keep up the great work and many more great accomplishments to come... 🚀✈🚲
emanix : Dude, your mom showed me the videos last night. No hugging muna in the near future, k? Hahaha! That's grows! Lol!!! Soar high with your wings Chinoboy!
mojojojofranco - phtcamacho - neon_spectrum - lesterg_yoga -
Voor maar €3,99 bij de Action in Utrecht 👌👌👌 #axeapollo
axeapollo -
erinstekel -
Went and got me two cans of #axeapollo 😅😝😎😆 #gottasmellgood
axeapollo - gottasmellgood -
it_gets_better97 - bekahjewelholt - yo.feed - angelakduncan76 -
#AxeApollo #Nuevo #Antitraspirante
axeapollo - nuevo - antitraspirante -
moyanitoo_cab : mmm lo anotare en la lista de q me chupa un huevo
biankyflores463 : Con olor APollo 👌
matias_peirano : Jajjajajajjajajajajja
biankyflores463 : ✌
matias_peirano - juanmcbf - adisodi - belen_larubiaza -
Today is #November14 #2014! #HappyBirthday to this guy who will wave our flag again, but this time in space. I saw him before as a varsity football player for #LaSalle at the #UAAP, although I'm an Ateneo supporter. (And the league should be proud of him also.) Surprisingly, he will be our country's #FirstPinoyAstronaut together with 23 other aspirants for next year's #XCOR space travel! I'm wishing you to make us proud again on your space trip and show to the universe how high we #Filipinos could fly! #HappyBirthday, @elchupacabraaa! #DearChino #AxeApollo #Manila #Philippines
happybirthday - uaap - firstpinoyastronaut - dearchino - november14 - filipinos - philippines - manila - axeapollo - 2014 - xcor - lasalle -
elchupacabraaa : Thank you for your never ending support @snfernando_ph, God bless!
snfernando_ph : @elchupacabraaa No problem po, Sir!!! Hoping to have a selfie with you here on Earth before yoy take a selfie in space! God Speed po!
lenielou15 : mygaaassshhh.ka birthday ko pala c mr.astronaut..hahah..
snfernando_ph : @lenielou15 Happy 18TH Birthday na rin! Debut mo na, inday! May instant reply agad!
lenielou15 : hahahah...@snfernando_ph. 19 na ako.,anyway.thank you.,heheh...love love.,
snfernando_ph : @lenielou15 No problem! Natupad na ang wish mo!
lenielou15 : @snfernando_ph. Oo super advance ..God really granted my wish..best birthday ever.,heheheheh
snfernando_ph : @keithhniss
imraemarc_nimraj - kendlegaspi - mynameiskal.el - lenielou15 -
About to be smelling Hello Good! #AXEAPOLLO <3
axeapollo -
alexik3234 - ed_partida - devon_30 - katynme -
Axe apollo challenge #throwbackthursday #AxeApollo #Random
axeapollo - random - throwbackthursday -
joshuaopena - kadeemarenas - ainajavier2 - jesseybaby15 -
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