My parents didn't have any other candles in the house so they used the ones that they gave my brother on his 19th birthday. I wouldn't have noticed if I wasn't actually only turning 18. #awesomeparents
awesomeparents -
mercedescorona - beccafed09 - jordendonovan - alex_trembl4y -
She asked...AND I SAID YES!!!! πŸ’πŸ’‹β€οΈ @leslie3755 #omg #marriage #parents #shelikeditsosheputaringonit #DallasSolida #LeslieSolida #solidafamily #solidastrong #LoganSolida #imallhers #soexited #loganstheringboy #pleasebelegal #equalrights #awesomeparents #perfect
equalrights - shelikeditsosheputaringonit - omg - awesomeparents - solidastrong - solidafamily - perfect - lesliesolida - pleasebelegal - loganstheringboy - soexited - dallassolida - parents - logansolida - marriage - imallhers -
_abigaillee__ : Congratulations!!!!
dallasdorr : Thanks @_abigaillee__
dallasdorr : :)
leslie3755 : πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜ƒ
dallasdorr : πŸ’‹πŸ’πŸ’™
charly_smith13 : ONG!!!!!!!!!! :) CONGRATSπŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ‘­πŸ‘­πŸ‘­πŸ‘­πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜
dallasdorr : I know!!! @charly_smith13 I'm so exited!!!! I can't wait to take on the Solida strong name :) I love you so much Leslie 😘
the_walking_tank - leslie3755 - s.grace.p - _abigaillee__ -
We don't always see eye to eye but without you I wouldn't have the two beautiful angels we have today. Nothing in this world could have prepared me for the path we walked, and the lessons we grew upon together. I thank god for you Sour Patch because you showed me what others couldn't. I love you SP. Thanks for. . Everything. #AwesomeParents #HesMyBestFriend @king_cvg_rawl5
awesomeparents - hesmybestfriend -
littlebaldmermaid - ayothatsveve - lovelyladyab - dvllass -
I don't know what yo say I'm so speechless about this right now.... My mom and dad do so much for me and I'm so blessed and greatful.❀ just thank you mommy and daddyπŸ‘ͺ for everything you have given me from what I need to what I want. Best surprise ever!πŸ˜ŒπŸ˜πŸ™Œ #xboxone #xbox #awesomeparents #blessed #greatful
greatful - awesomeparents - blessed - xboxone - xbox -
prayapp : I love @instapray - you will like it also
corbination_ : So lucky!!!!
rubbertoees : Whoa 1TB :O! Nice . Lol my parents wouldn't even buy me a Xbox ! I bought the super smash brothers tho 😌
_imports : Now we can game !
mad_bunnieee : @rubbertoe__sanabria you are lucky sir! I want that game
verkinnes - the_onslaught - maaariaaa__12 - lisette_alg -
I have loved every second and every minute with my beautiful little nephew; I am completely and utterly smitten. Well done Danielle and James, you've made a little ball of perfection. Love you Teddy Montgomery Bowmaker (the coolest name in the world) #montgomery #cool #coolkid #coolname #nephew #baby #birthingpartner #awesomeparents #lovehim #babyboy #blue #thebestest #goingtoruletheworld #powername
blue - birthingpartner - coolname - goingtoruletheworld - montgomery - babyboy - powername - coolkid - lovehim - baby - nephew - awesomeparents - thebestest - cool -
emilycase_ - minniefr - valenegray - rebeccajeanb92 -
Bought my first car yesterday! It feels so good to say to have a car of my own and to be able to say I bought it. Thank you to my awesome parents for helping me do it and guiding me through the process. I love you guys!! #blessed #praisegod #firstcar #excited #awesomeparents @hsholcomb
firstcar - awesomeparents - praisegod - blessed - excited -
kjohnson0728 : That is awesome girl. I like it a lot πŸ˜ƒ
instagrody : ahhhhhhhh! goodbye Mr. Van
instagrody : πŸ†
slkexperiences : Congrats. Very impressive that you bought it. Not many youngsters can ssy that. What kind?
saholcomb13 : @instagrody Wanda the Swaggin Wagon Eggplant😒 is still my love.
saholcomb13 : @slkexperiences it's a Hyundai Tuscan!!
slkexperiences : Thought it looked like a Tuscan but you're so tall so I thought it was a shorter vehicle. Looks much shorter when you stand next to it than when I stand next to my Santa Fe.
kelllllyyyyyy : YesssssssssssssssssssssssπŸ‘πŸ˜‰πŸš˜
ryrylopes - giftedsoul_ - diellebelly - kristiannaed -
Awesome #gamestop #christmas #awesomeparents
awesomeparents - christmas - gamestop -
neonicon11 : Such an addicting game
zehqa - newneomaster - sidiovs - momo__25 -
Yesterday marked six months with my amazing boyfriend, I couldn't ask for a better guyπŸ’ He is my everything and I don't know what I would do without him (: Not to mention how amazing his family is to me as wellπŸ’ž #sixmonths #seemslikeforever #ilovehim #awesomeparents #necklace #everykissbeginswithkay #paint #love #kisses #goofballs #tooperfect
love - tooperfect - kisses - everykissbeginswithkay - paint - goofballs - necklace - ilovehim - awesomeparents - sixmonths - seemslikeforever -
stephrowand : ohhhh that's why he got you a necklace hahaha
little_cinderella727 : Lol omg Steph @stephrowand
eileenpriestley - briurban3 - anthonyjsharp - elixamarie -
Somebody handmade this Groot swing for their kid!!! #iamgroot #guardiansofthegalaxy #awesomeparents
iamgroot - guardiansofthegalaxy - awesomeparents -
cartoongiant : @mfdoomed I am gonna make this for roro
mopingmogwai - vayabags - saahh_raahh - veraclash -
Super Proud of our Lil' Tigers this Season! All of our handsome boys did great! My Joshy got Defensive Player of the year! :) #LilTigers #Football #ProudOfOurLittleAthletes #Joshy #Azzy #DefensivePlayerOfTheYear #ProudAuntie #LilTigersFam #AwesomeCoaches #AwesomeParents #AmazingAthletes
amazingathletes - proudauntie - joshy - proudofourlittleathletes - football - azzy - defensiveplayeroftheyear - delanobengalsleague - awesomecoaches - liltigersfam - awesomeparents - liltigers -
veronicalisa16 : #DelanoBengalsLeague
bee_xoxo143 : They look so cute ' ❀️
veronicalisa16 : @bee_xoxo143 Well of courseBaby GirlπŸ’— they take after me! 😁 lol just kidding! Thanks❀️😊
bee_xoxo143 : lmao you would ! ☺️ & welcome πŸ’•
ayden_nana - mareballs69 - lexis_m720 - mzjilli -
~ My parents photo-bombed me. πŸ˜• #awesomeparents #koreanbell #lifeisawesome
awesomeparents - lifeisawesome - koreanbell -
duubuu - rchungyy - jchololl - peterhaugen -
Nothing like having goals with your best friend that you just so happen to be in a relationship with. #FAITHFULNESS #CHRISTIAN #BOSSES #LOVE #AWESOMEparents #HUMBLE
christian - love - bosses - faithfulness - awesomeparents - humble -
ashley_danielle7 : Yes! There is nothing like it!
the_brand_report - bigcyril14 - nubian34 - mrokosa -
#afterworkfood #awesomeparents #peardrax:)
afterworkfood - peardrax - awesomeparents -
ilyas_rajonitis : Ur go a post food @kyleramkissoon ?
joshuacoelho_3 - susanalambert - joedeoni - ilyas_rajonitis -
Kind of a.....'sleepy' sunday...hehehe #ss #awesomeparents
ss - awesomeparents -
raj_patel_411 : I felt so sleepy today cuz it was raining and I just woke up at 10:05, now I can't go to sleep @stephenf8384
baf119 - _alex_hall - gytxelxx - raj_patel_411 -
Thank you Turbo Hehe! @turbo_the_gsd #GSD #Cutedog #AwesomeParents #FollowThem
awesomeparents - followthem - cutedog - gsd -
teaster_55 : πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚
kaitycupcakee : πŸ’£.com! Lol :)
turbo_the_gsd : You very welcome !!πŸ˜‰
kaitycupcakee : @keaster06 ^^
teaster_55 - turbo_the_gsd - purezra - keaster06 -
Back stage at yo gabba gabba!!! #awesomeparents #wehadfun #yogabbagabbalive
awesomeparents - yogabbagabbalive - wehadfun - ygglive -
mrsmikucki : #sundayfunday!!!! This is so awesome 😁
andreadusil : I have a feeling you guys were the best looking family there
momma_kitten : hahaha chris went! ya chris!! #dadoftheyear
kevidahl : Omg so cute!
tressabetz : Beautiful family
jillienepaige : #ygglive
shopinag - lynnlonsdale - babaa30 - heysaylorbaby -
These people win parents of century. πŸŽ‰ #doctorwho #davidtennant #awesomeparents #adorable
doctorwho - davidtennant - adorable - awesomeparents -
luliicaldenteyfangirlfeelings : that's the cutEST THING EVER
officiallyizzy : I kNOW RIGHT?!? @luliicaldenteyfangirlfeelings
luliicaldenteyfangirlfeelings : I WANT A SON LIKE THAT. NO,I WANT PARENTS LIKE THAT.
officiallyizzy : I WANT BOTH OMG @luliicaldenteyfangirlfeelings
lilliedurkee : Tbh// I MISS U BABE
officiallyizzy : I MISS YOU TOO, MY LOVE @lilliedurkee
cellogirl2001 - danjello_ - riddle.mystery.enigma - kinglet_1 -
Why can't I have cool parents 😱😩 #lifted #besttoy #awesomeparents
awesomeparents - lifted - besttoy -
king_chubzz11 : I no tell me about it .dude that is so cool
welderswife6679 : That is totally adorable
jmpate5 - drake_shirel - _haleyy26 - jacksonwilliams96 -
β–ͺ️This is seriously one of the most amazing things I have ever seen!β–ͺ️
thedoctor - gallifrey - eleventhdoctor - fangirl - superwholock - rorywilliams - timelord - fandom - tumblr - sherlock - sherlockholmes - awesomeparents - samwinchester - doctorwho - donnanoble - johnwatson - deanwinchester - tenthdoctor - whovian - ameliapond - ninthdoctor - supernatural - amypond - twelfthdoctor - rosetyler - sonicscrewdriver - christmas - castiel -
lets_go_steal_a_tardis : • • • • • • • • • • • #doctorwho #whovian #tumblr #fandom #fangirl #superwholock #tenthdoctor #eleventhdoctor #twelfthdoctor #ninthdoctor #rosetyler #ameliapond #amypond #donnanoble #rorywilliams #gallifrey #timelord #sherlock #supernatural #sherlockholmes #johnwatson #samwinchester #deanwinchester #castiel #thedoctor #christmas #sonicscrewdriver #awesomeparents
x_so_many_fandoms_x - - ferris.louise2015 - hastur13 -
Aft 3 days & 3 nites of not seeing each other. He's back safely in my arms today :) #mrnmrszf #loveofmylife #awesomeparents
awesomeparents - loveofmylife - mrnmrszf -
kirmizi27 - katkhatijah - mojowalcott - black_ops -
Happy 24th ibu & ayah. Many more years ahead. Love u both to the moon and back to earth and back to moon and back to the earth again.. hehe. Will celebrate with you guys real soon just not today. #awesomeparents #jagadiauntukku 😘😘😘😘😘πŸ‘ͺπŸ‘ͺπŸ‘ͺπŸ‘ͺ
jagadiauntukku - awesomeparents -
a_laverne - riyatiniesta - syxxxrx_96 - norazli03 -
TK "Despicable Me" Santa Parade 2014 #theme #tkrocks #awesomeparents #dancestudio πŸ’œπŸ’šβ­οΈβ­οΈβ­οΈβ­οΈβ­οΈ
tkrocks - theme - dancestudio - awesomeparents -
walkchris : We look great! Love hearing the kids yell "minions!!!!"
tkdanceworx : Everyone loved you guys !!! @walkchris
grizzleypaws - sophiewong8 - maddy.barber26 - dina_dance25 -
Third time this month. That's how you know it's someone's #birthdaymonth. #yolo #parentingtips #awesomeparents #awesomekids #susiecakes
awesomekids - parentingtips - birthdaymonth - awesomeparents - yolo - susiecakes -
jmtoki : Can't wait to try it :)
sarita_2414 - meganrayerob - ctoki - hasrowland -
Thanks for the early birthday present mom and dad I love it! #rayban #awesomeparents #momanddad #earlybirthday #almost18
rayban - awesomeparents - almost18 - momanddad - earlybirthday -
dickscottons : awesome!
awwsomeazam - owaisjun - amal_khan - helloangelia -
They watch and learn ... They either repeat what they've seen or decide to go a different route.... Ultimately, It all comes down to what YOU decide to give them as THE example. Do Your Actions Match Your Words? Time will tell. #iLoveMeTheory πŸ’‹ #WeAreRoyal πŸ‘‘ #parenting101 #awesomeparents #likemindedpeople
ilovemetheory - awesomeparents - likemindedpeople - parenting101 - weareroyal -
jonathanglen - thereshopekidsfoundationfl - prof_mcintyre - danfordbarnabas75 -
Getting ready to roll out and enjoy the evening with the family. #blessed #awesomeparents #daddylife #happybaby
daddylife - awesomeparents - blessed - happybaby -
nicolenoel1025 : who says kids hate rear facing :) he is too cute!
brg8o8 - sonyadajani - drewguerrero - jehsikaaa -
A labor intensive birthday today lol. Big thanks to my parents getting this set up for the classes. Proudly promoting ourselves with quality coaching, good equipment, a pull up bar and a ring/rope setup coming.. And still only $5 drop in!!!!! What is there to think about?!?!?!? Let me know if interested, limited spots available.#CrossFit #crossfitjr #garagebox #fitness #itsmahburday #awesomeparents #noexcuses #doyoueven
crossfit - noexcuses - doyoueven - fitness - crossfitjr - awesomeparents - itsmahburday - garagebox -
slammed__miata92 : #crossfitjr
that_jessicagirl : Hey btw happy birthday!! @jr_martinez_cf sorry it's late. Kind of worked all day...
smoothcriminal305 - _justingonzalez - fredo_788 - lmorphy -
Happy anniversary to the world's best parents, my biggest fans! We just had to take a #selfie before they travelled. They say I look much like >> him though. 😎 #anniversary #proudson #awesomeparents #love
proudson - awesomeparents - love - selfie - anniversary -
hoylumeeday : Oyaaaaa follow back
royal_engrtm : Hehe, baba I sight you!
moshoreyray - seywondenigma - yimika_e - mrdezzy -
Showering @akamrst today! #baby #newlife #awesomeparents
baby - awesomeparents - newlife -
lizod58 - sk3rns - akamrst - babeetalk -
surprise - awesomeparents -
estibenkiyel : S5* @justineroda :)
justineroda : Haha OMG xD Hindi ko yung nakita πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
justineroda : iPad air 2 πŸ™ˆ Galaxy S5 ☺ #awesomeparents #surprise 😭
beatrix.lim - sergeevka_ - chiniggaa - abeeyousee -
Grinch: "I'M AN IDIOT!!" *echo*: "YOU'RE AN IDIOT..IDIOT...idiot" #tumblr #textpost #transguy #thegrinch #tiredoflife #transgender #tumblrtextpost #insane #iloveyou #outerspace #paint #perfect #awesomeparents #galaxy #grinch #genderfluid #girlswholikegirls #gay #gaydar
insane - gay - tumblrtextpost - tumblr - genderfluid - gaydar - girlswholikegirls - transguy - awesomeparents - textpost - galaxy - perfect - tiredoflife - grinch - thegrinch - outerspace - paint - iloveyou - transgender -
_supernatural_snowflake_ :
lgbtqtravelers : your pics are super nice!! tag us if you have any travel pics.
ood_lovegood - thepupsquad - tropic_the_rainwing - jones.venus2015 -
I missed these little monkeys. They went to my parents for a long weekend, but they stayed for over a week. I was having kidney stone issues, so my parents kept them longer. I am so grateful to have parents who loved on, played with, and took care of my children when I wasn't able to do it well. I began to feel better yesterday, but my mom told me to take an extra day to rest. I have the best parents! I am so glad to be feeling better and have all of my children back with me. #childrenareablessing #awesomeparents #feelingbetter #blessed
childrenareablessing - awesomeparents - blessed - feelingbetter -
devinkboyd : So glad you're feeling better!!!
emques : I am so so sorry you were sick :(. I would have brought you food! So glad you are feeling better and have your kiddos back!
gingerhamlett : @emques Thank you so much for being such a thoughtful friend. I really didn't have much of an appetite.
princess_sherri - llw1971 - mdw_18 - devinkboyd -
6 weeks scan, hopefully at the12 week scan our little jelly bean will be a lot more visible (: 2 more weeks! #Baby #JellyBean #MiniMe #Scan #SoExcited #AwesomeParents
soexcited - minime - jellybean - baby - awesomeparents - scan -
anya_jordan : Congratulations Tamsyn!! Xx
paigey_19 : Ah wow congratulations love πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ @tamsyngalloway xx
tamsyngalloway : Thankies (: @anya_jordan @paigey_19 (: xx
lauriesxxx - beedinardoxo - paigey_19 - jennifer__lothamer -
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