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Going to see the hobbit botfa tommorow!!! I can't wait!!!!! #thehobbit #avx #Cineplex #OneLastTime #botfa #dwarfs #Fili #itstheend #lotr #marathonit #crying #dying #excited #happy #thisisgoingtobegreat
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Getting a @tigeboats #Z3 all put together for the boat show! Make sure you come check us out January 8-11 at the convention center down town! @seadek #wakeboard #wakeboatporn #wakesurf #thelakeiscalling #wakesurfboat #AVX #seadeked
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ellielanghame : Wow! Nice one! Btw are you already on RIDERS app @riderschannel? A pretty cool mobile app for action sports fans! Hope I helped :)
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"I Shall Call You Sting" "..being of Elvish make, the blade glows blue when Orcs are close.." Inspired by the Hobbit movie and Instagram's #WHPfairytale
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amygraceimages : #dailypic
amygraceimages : #canon
amygraceimages : #bookworm
satienple : πŸ‘
amygraceimages : #ringofpower
amygraceimages : #theonering
amygraceimages : #cosplay
amygraceimages : #follow
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This power is greater than any of you could ever imagine. Standing against me is suicide. #King #Namor #Atlantis #Atlantean #Mutant #TheTrueKing #ImperiusRex #Marvel #Comics #RP #Avengers #Defenders #AvX #PhoenixFive #PhoenixForce
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Custom sub box enclosure #w7 #JL #AVX #downfiring
w7 - jl - downfiring - avx -
martinmanz : Another day at the office 😝
matt_nahan - myloveandpassion -
Bought me a new cap. #Marvel #AvX #Avengers #Xmen
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danilotyko : Nice
ziggy442 : Cool hat
garcializy - danilotyko - agents.of.marvel - ziggy442 -
Storm ❀️ Black Panther #storm #blackpanther #xmen #AvX
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Movie time πŸŽ₯πŸŽ₯ Who has seen it!? 😊 #avx #3D #hobbit #movietime #whohasseenit #love #popcorn #3hrs #imsleepy
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gianasim : Wtf.... I was looking for Harry potter !?!? #cofused
arsiyashaikh : i saw :D
mayarmonnie : It's not in scale of the other movies unfortunately
gianasim : @mayarmonnie the others were better!?!? I need to have a marathon! 😣
superggirl98 : I am planning to See it this weekend but im not sure. What did you think of the movie @gianasim πŸ˜ƒ
gianasim : @superggirl98 I haven't seen any of the past ones, so I don't know the story, but I LOVED this one!
_fionagirl_ : I saw it yesterday with my school and I really liked it! It was also pajama day so boo-ya!! Lol I didn't know the story line but still, I really enjoyed it. It's too bad the theatre food was expensive! Lol @gianasim πŸ˜’πŸ˜
mayarmonnie : @gianasim yes I watched it yesterday at cinema too! I thought it child like (maybe because the Harry Potter producer was the main man)
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<younger incarnation of Namor> The Prince of Atlantis had always been confined to his palace, many Atlanteans had hated him believing that he shouldn't be the one to hold the throne. He hated being around most of the Atlanteans, so he would sneak out of the palace occasionally and go to the surface world to observe the surface dwellers. He hadn't discovered his true potential yet so he always had his trident with him, he kept the golden staff with silver blades attached to a strap on his back just in case he got into any trouble. Today he had decided to go the coast of a random city, but what he found horrified him, bodies scattered everywhere, limbs thrown around the beach, covered in sand. He could still hear the screams of other citizens, he pulled out his trident as he walked along the shore, looking for the culprit. "Who could do such a thing?" He asked himself as he knelt down by a man's dead body, it was still warm to the touch. Whoever killed him was still there. ((Sorry if there are any typos haha)) [Closed RP with @blue_symbiote_ml] #King #Namor #Atlantis #Atlantean #Mutant #TheTrueKing #ImperiusRex #Marvel #Comics #RP #Avengers #AvX #Defenders #Symbiote #Morgana
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blue_symbiote_ : @the.true.king.namor ((I may be delayed at times, I will be working)) {Our name isss Neon. Venom isss a different sssymbiote.} She growled as she rose to her full height. {Killing isss what we do. Jussst fun..} She forms her left hand into a giant blade, ready to strike.
the.true.king.namor : ((It's fine! Thank God I don't have to work today, I'd die haha)) "That...that's not right! Killing isn't fun! These people were innocent!" He yelled as his hand shook a little, he was nervous, he had never fought something as monstrous as Neon before. @blue_symbiote_
blue_symbiote_ : @the.true.king.namor Neon's head tilted. She could taste the jumpy nerves on this kid. {Isssn't it passt your bed time, kid?} She growled as she charged him, swinging her big blue symbiotic blade. Manic and kill happy as Neon enthusiastically ran to him. The hunger was overwhelming. A need to be satiated.
the.true.king.namor : He parried the blow with his trident with superhuman reflexes and easily held the blade back, he didn't know it yet, but he had strength that rivaled the Hulk. "I'm not a kid!" He yelled out as he pushed the symbiote away and pointed the tip of his trident at it. "Don't make me do this!" He said still shaking. @blue_symbiote_
blue_symbiote_ : @the.true.king.namor He was pretty damn strong for a kid. Not bad. Even the cerulean death machine had to admire his strength. She stumbled back a little and gazed at the trident. {Look like a kid to usss!} She cackled as a tendril shot out from her wrist, wrapped around the trident in an attempt to yank it from his hands. {Should of ssstayed in the ocean, kid!}
the.true.king.namor : He was surprised at the symbiote's speed as she snatched his trident. "Give that back!" He yelled as he clenched his fists. "You would fight an unarmed opponent?" He asked as he moved his feet shoulder width apart and got into a fighting stance. @blue_symbiote_
blue_symbiote_ : @the.true.king.namor Neon tossed the trident to the side with an amused chuckle. {Yessss we would! You're picking a fight with usss?! Are you ssstupid, boy?!} Neon laughed as she hopped up, and sent a left hook towards his face. {We don't follow your human cussstomsss. No honor here!}
the.true.king.namor : The punch sent him crashing into the sand he immediately recovered and smiled. "I didn't even feel that!" He said touching his jaw checking for blood "I'm not human! I'm Atlantean!", he got excited and started to jump around in the sand. "Is that all you've got!?" He said with a smirk, he was getting cocky now. @blue_symbiote_
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A big thank you to the #MayanTheater for having us out for #TheHobbit #AVX premiere
thehobbit - avx - mayantheater -
sophhaloaff : Awww :)
richlovestennis : @arttthebarber where you at tho?
thisninagirl - texanmom - _malloryyyyy_ - demus210 -
Come out to the #MayanSantikos for the #AVX screening of #TheHobbit and the first 12 people get a free shirt!!
thehobbit - avx - mayansantikos -
elvi68 : @isie_xvii I thought you'd appreciate this πŸ˜‰
stephanieglz : I should be there @thereal_eddierdz
thereal_eddierdz : Cuz of the shirt o que lol @stephanieglz
tuckerskozykorner : Ight!
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The surface dwellers will never understand. A King must protect his people at all costs. I'm willing to lay my life on the line to prove that my people are innocent. Someone will pay for what has happened, and no one, not even the surface's mightiest "heroes" will stand in my way. Let those who try to tarnish the name of my people, beware the might of Namor! IMPERIUS REX! ((Would anyone like to RP?)) #King #Namor #Atlantis #Atlantean #Mutant #TheTrueKing #ImperiusRex #Marvel #Comics #RP #Avengers #AvX #Defenders #XMen #SurfaceDwellers #Atlanteans
mutant - atlantis - defenders - atlanteans - xmen - surfacedwellers - atlantean - avx - avengers - imperiusrex - king - rp - comics - namor - thetrueking - marvel -
reed.richards4ever : I would like to
the.true.king.namor : Post or DM? @christmas.denise.jones @reed.richards4ever
britney.maria.tyler : Dm, you can send it to is
britney.maria.tyler : *us
the.true.king.namor : Alright @christmas.denise.jones
queen.hydra : I would
the.true.king.namor : Post or DM? @queen.hydra
queen.hydra : Post
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Doing work in the escalade!! #focal #JL Audio #stinger # dynomat #W7 #AVX
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matt_nahan -
Finally reading avengers vs x-men
avx -
emerald_apotcalypse : #avx
emerald_apotcalypse : @sammgrim you would be proud of my comic book game over break so far! Have you read the new she hulk? Law and disorder?
sammgrim : She hulk is amazing, I love her comics! I haven't read law and disorder though. Did you like it? I love talking comics though 😍
emerald_apotcalypse : Its ammmmmaaaazing!
sammgrim : I will check it out! If you like avx, all new x men is really good too!
emerald_apotcalypse : Nice! I'll check those out! Im also super into ms marvel right now. Let's get together over break and geek out over a beer sometime!
sammgrim : Oh yea! Ms Marvel is totally groundbreaking and I love it. I'll be back in town next weekend!
sammgrim - w_i_d_k_ -
Oops.... #King #Namor #Atlantis #Atlantean #Mutant #TheTrueKing #ImperiusRex #Marvel #Comics #RP #Avengers #Defenders #AvX #Frost #PhoenixFive
king - phoenixfive - mutant - atlantis - comics - defenders - frost - rp - namor - thetrueking - atlantean - avx - avengers - imperiusrex - marvel -
point108 : awsome
the.poltergeist - reed.richards4ever - printwolf - neworleansprince -
Just found this big issue, a complete #marvel event #AvX #AvengersvsXmen... Big issue with big price too 😲
avx - avengersvsxmen - marvel -
as.vip : @tj_stev mending aku download lah tjiauw wkwkwk
as.vip : Ho, lu su di kupang ju je? @janetsupit
tj_stev : @as.vip totalitaslah, mosok yg free terus 😏
as.vip : Totalitas ga mungkin segila itu lah tjiauw, 1 buku utk harga setengah jt @tj_stev πŸ˜‘
tj_stev : huahahahaha! gpp lah,koleksi,biar ketok sangar ! wkwkk,heh @as.vip stand by me wes bisa di dwld
as.vip : Ketok sangar tapi kantong kempes @tj_stev hahaha
janetsupit : @as.vip sudah, td malam smp.. Td pagi lu hnd iko pi kubur ?
as.vip : Bta minggu pagi bru pi @janetsupit kemarin dgn pesawat apa?
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So happy to have new boats to set up #tige#wakeboat#tigewake#avx#laketime#summerfun
wakeboat - summerfun - avx - tigewake - tige - laketime -
lanaeautumn - paulcraig83 -
My favorite version of #colossus is when he was part of the #Phoenix5 during #avx ~ NoMoreMutants.com #marvelnow #Comics #Marvelcomics #comicbooks #uncannyavengers #axis #avengers #avengers2 #ageofultron #uncannyxmen #phoenix #xmen #marvel #avengersvsxmen
avx - avengersvsxmen - xmen - uncannyxmen - comicbooks - avengers - marvelnow - axis - avengers2 - uncannyavengers - phoenix - comics - colossus - marvelcomics - ageofultron - phoenix5 - marvel -
nicholasmarvel_ : @nathanrenn_
lesitonio : Whos the artist?
nomoremutants : @lesitonio think it's a statue
lesitonio : Yeah but someone had to do it, looks more like a render to me, anyway im not really sure. I'd like to know who did this, it's amazing #teamcolossus forever!
shaqavey : @romano_huch
jmb12ii : @celerocks
crazyangie614 : Metal man
tharsb : @jgrewal13 @triple_g_91
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This Week I will be presenting my awards for the best in the Geekdom on @allthingsgeek_ ~ here is my choice for the Winner of Greatest Comic Book company... Hands down Marvel Now on Twitter @_NoMoreMutants ** Now on Pinterest @NoMoreMutants.com ** Now on Tumblr @NoMoreMutants-com.tumblr.com ** Download images at website NoMoreMutants.com #marvelnow #daysoffuturepast #daysoffuturepastmovie #dofp #Comics #Marvelcomics #comicbooks #mutants #mutant #uncannyxmen #xmen #avengers #avengers2 #ageofulton #avx #allnewxmen #uncannyxmen #amazingspiderman #spiderman #superiorspiderman #nyc #newyork #spiderman2099 #scarletspiderman #xmen #hulk #marvel
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nomoremutants : @matticusmol me too
entry66 : @nickr595
smittyjedi89 : πŸ‘πŸ‘
shaqavey : @james_gavet
alexxxxmac : @andrewburn
samsadique_ifbbpro : @musclepak
mikedamazo : Who was this by? I'm feeling the lines
mikedagreat123 : @timxtagram
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This Week I will be presenting my awards for the best in the Geekdom! The Winner of Greatest Comic Book company... Hands down Marvel Now on Twitter @_NoMoreMutants ** Now on Pinterest @NoMoreMutants.com ** Now on Tumblr @NoMoreMutants-com.tumblr.com ** Download images at website NoMoreMutants.com #marvelnow #daysoffuturepast #daysoffuturepastmovie #dofp #Comics #Marvelcomics #comicbooks #mutants #mutant #uncannyxmen #xmen #avengers #avengers2 #ageofulton #avx #allnewxmen #uncannyxmen #amazingspiderman #spiderman #superiorspiderman #nyc #newyork #spiderman2099 #scarletspiderman #xmen #hulk #marvel
mutant - avx - newyork - hulk - daysoffuturepast - xmen - uncannyxmen - scarletspiderman - avengers2 - marvelcomics - avengers - marvelnow - spiderman - amazingspiderman - dofp - spiderman2099 - allnewxmen - daysoffuturepastmovie - superiorspiderman - comics - comicbooks - ageofulton - nyc - mutants - marvel -
nycdimps : #very amazing
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Last nights Movie Night began at the theater with The Hobbit - The Battle Of The Five Armies. I thoroughly enjoyed this fight filled (and maybe final) trip to middle earth. The title promised battles and on that it did deliver in spectacular Peter Jackson fashion. And also, more ass kicking from Evangeline Lily, ahhhh!!! I gave it 4.5 *s, not as great as the second film but still great, and a fitting farewell. We followed that up with Armored, starring Matt Dillon, Lawrence Fishburne, Jean Reno, Skeet Ulrich and Milo Ventimiglia (from Heroes). What stared off a bit cheesy and slow turned into a pretty fun little flick by about the halfway point. The real star of this film for me was Columbus Short, I really felt like he brought a lot to the table here, he should be in more movies, no idea why he isn't. I gave it 3 *s, nothing too crazy but still fun. #movienight #shysmovienightreview #fountainpop #thehobbit #thebattleofthefivearmies #peterjackson #ianmckellen #martinfreeman #evangelinelily #cateblanchett #armored #lawrencefishburne #mattdillon #jeanreno #skeetulrich #miloventimiglia #columbusshort #shygoestothemovies #movies #film #doublefeature #movietheater #theater #cinema #cineplex #avx #scene #bigscreen #silverscreen #bluray
ianmckellen - avx - armored - cinema - jeanreno - martinfreeman - cateblanchett - scene - fountainpop - movienight - lawrencefishburne - bluray - peterjackson - silverscreen - film - shygoestothemovies - thehobbit - movietheater - theater - doublefeature - cineplex - mattdillon - bigscreen - evangelinelily - movies - skeetulrich - thebattleofthefivearmies - miloventimiglia - columbusshort - shysmovienightreview -
miloventimigliafans - houstoncity - blurayfic - manuele_hustler_nrc -
#Hobbit night!! Last one!! Rocking our #hobbitglasses!! Movie was awesome!! #3D #AVX Spent the evening with a great group of people. Especially this guy right here. #cuteguy #movienight #funtimes #christmasmischief
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Watching The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies! #PeterJackson #TheHobbit #AVX #D-Box #December #2014 #Movies
thehobbit - movies - avx - d - peterjackson - december - 2014 -
prateekgeorge : Niceee. I heard #DBox is amazing
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The end is near. Now watching #thehobbit #thebattleoffivearmies in #avx #dbox.
thehobbit - dbox - avx - thebattleoffivearmies -
jacqvalencia : just saw it. WONDERFUL
tylervaldal : Sitting in #Imax #HFR waiting for it to come on
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I'm at 1% battery... Can I borrow your cable? Now on Twitter @_NoMoreMutants ** Now on Pinterest @NoMoreMutants.com ** Now on Tumblr @NoMoreMutants-com.tumblr.com ** Download images at website NoMoreMutants.com #marvelnow #daysoffuturepast #daysoffuturepastmovie #dofp #Comics #Marvelcomics #comicbooks #mutants #mutant #uncannyxmen #xmen #avengers #avengers2 #ageofulton #avx #ironman #deadpool
ironman - mutant - avengers2 - daysoffuturepast - xmen - uncannyxmen - comicbooks - avx - avengers - marvelnow - deadpool - daysoffuturepastmovie - marvelcomics - comics - ageofulton - dofp - mutants -
mav_doom : @artumuss
artumuss : Haha tight!
johnnyg811 : I have that issue
rusty_urq : @cris8409
yo_yamz : @_joekerr_
gadawgs7588 : @sofajedi93 @mzsofajedi92 @fitness_lover26
save_theking : @florelizraquel
ken_bruh : @theatomray this is you asking if you can charge your phone everywhere
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The wait is finally over!!! #thehobbit #avx #Galaxy #3D
thehobbit - avx - galaxy - 3d -
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2nd part of my birthday gift from @scrufffmcgruf ! Super excited!πŸ’œ #movie #hobbit #thebattleofthefivearmies #bilbo #sting #birthday #gift #3D #AVX #boyfriend #lovehim #geek #fantasy πŸ‘Œ
avx - gift - movie - sting - geek - fantasy - birthday - hobbit - bilbo - lovehim - boyfriend - thebattleofthefivearmies - 3d -
aliza_discover : Hey! stunning post 😁
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Reading this monster finally. #AvengersVsXMen #AVX #Comics #Marvel #TradePaperback #Epic #Crossover
marvel - avx - avengersvsxmen - tradepaperback - comics - epic - crossover -
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How hot are those glasses? ;) (They are my glasses from the first movie!) It's finally here!! It's #Hobbit day!! Oh yes, I am venturing out to opening night in #3D #AVX!! It's going to be a fun night of #shenanigans & #laughs!! #hobbitiz #golum #hobbitglasses
avx - hobbitglasses - shenanigans - laughs - golum - hobbit - hobbitiz - 3d -
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Stands there and watches gladiator get destroyed* You could've joined us brother. You are a mutant like us, is this not what you want? No answer... I'll take that as a no. Take him away! I don't want to see this traitor anymore. *watches as namor and colossus take him away* If the strongest man in the universe cannot defeat us, WHO CAN!? This power this force is underrated. They think it consumes you but no.. It only makes your life that much better. This cosmic entity is quite destructive. Now. Is there anyone else who would like to take us on!? Please step on the stage! #phoenix #gladiator #colossus #emma_frost #namor #cyclops #beating #mutant #avx #traitor #punishment #marvel
mutant - avx - phoenix - colossus - punishment - cyclops - namor - traitor - beating - emma_frost - gladiator - marvel -
the_mutantleader.cnu : @pryde.kitty ^
pryde.kitty : Ok, post or DM?
dwarven.storyteller : "So...Cyclops... Let's talk about your troubled past..."
the_mutantleader.cnu : Okay where do we start @dwarven.storyteller
dwarven.storyteller : "Well,You have one of course. Someone dear to you, someone you failed to save. Or a grave error in judgment causing too many deaths. I've known a couple of people like that...Or maybe betrayal! That's always good. "
the_mutantleader.cnu : Oh you're talking about...jean...*goes silent and takes a deep breath* I did not fail her for I made her wish come true. Humans are coming together to unite with the mutants @dwarven.storyteller
dwarven.storyteller : "Jean? Come now Cyclops. You need a new nickname.. You remind me of someone. A bad someone. He wanted mages and mundane to be the one. It was fucked up. This stuff isn't natural. And Bianca doesn't like freaky shit. Well,She does,But not that kind."
the_mutantleader.cnu : Marvel Girl... Is that a good enough nickname? It was here codename for the xmen before she changed it to the Phoenix. I--*sighs* I just don't want to talk about her. She had a huge impact on my life and I'll never forget her. She is the one who makes me do what I do today.. That is all I have to say sorry. *looks down* @dwarven.storyteller
mnoainjusticemagnetocbucbf - j.sanchez_31 - infinity_daken - magik_official -
Damn, Wolverine. Get it. #avx #wolverine #myeyeshurt
wolverine - myeyeshurt - avx -
nizzitynate -
Sorry for the silence! Between prepping for our week long vacation, finishing up work, holiday shopping, & us getting sick - we haven't had much to post. Buttt....we do have some good news! We'll be attending #SacAnime winter (in our #xmen / #xforce #cosplays)! And we'll be going to the Dead Hooker's Ball that Sat! It is going to be one jam packed weekend. Who else will be going? #SacAnimeWinter #cosplay #cosplayers #anime #conventions #marvel #marvelcomics #comicbooks #storm #ororomonroe #weatherwitch #warpath #thunderbird #cosplayersofcolor #mixedrace #AvX
avx - conventions - weatherwitch - cosplays - xmen - mixedrace - sacanimewinter - xforce - ororomonroe - sacanime - cosplay - thunderbird - cosplayersofcolor - marvelcomics - comicbooks - warpath - anime - storm - cosplayers - marvel -
kiri.cosplay : I'll be there!
superlani : @kiri.cosplay Nice!
adragonwolf : Cant wait!!!! Highlight of me and my daughters year!!!! Best people in the world to hang with!
superlani : @adragonwolf YEP!
theatreg33k - mage_of_water - blackrose_deceiver - printwolf -
#avx #gymtime #spotify
gymtime - avx - spotify -
cipriannn - szied28 - lene773 - itz___bunny___3912 -
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