After they did my headlights which still look amazing @autotechniquez polished my mirrors for me because they were so heavily oxidized. Thanks again guys!! #honda #s2k #s2000 #ap2 #autotechniques
ap2 - s2k - autotechniques - honda - s2000 -
obie.t : Ugh, I'm in desperate need of the same
supradave : I need to do mine... It's liking like poop.
jeremytin - watchatalkinbout_willis - cvklaveren - benjam5 -
So, so sexy
honda - oem - civic - ef - soon - autotechniques - ineedacar - dx - jdm - 1990 - paintisnotdead - crx - racecar - 2yearslater - project - dailydriver - rebuild - stock -
jlfleetwood : #crx #honda #1990 #dx #paintisnotdead #autotechniques #jdm #project #stock #oem #rebuild #2yearslater #ineedacar #racecar #dailydriver #soon #civic #ef
zackrj : Polished metal metallic?
jlfleetwood : Pewter Gray Metallic NH-537M @zackrj
zackrj : Figured, I got a polished metal metallic one and when I saw this on efclub I was like my car!
zackrj : I mean ef faithful
brickell_anwarrivas : Call me
thecircumference : That paint.
eedwardd123 - nicsom1 - _andrewr - 2tables1mic -
Officially working till im grey and wrinkly #workgrind #worktillidie #uniquemotors #autotechniques
autotechniques - uniquemotors - workgrind - worktillidie -
adamguilbert19 - amber_rode - jasonderrrjohnson - dtrain_07 -
#lockscreen #honda #crx #jdm #hondafanboy #project #ef #freshpaint #autotechniques #wcw #wheelcrushwednesday
jdm - ef - wheelcrushwednesday - wcw - crx - honda - autotechniques - project - freshpaint - lockscreen - hondafanboy -
micalbertl - saulohart - nicsom1 - cassandraejordan -
No need for bacon fenders. Negative offsets fitted properly. #keepitclean #vipmodular #vipmodularwheels #justwidenit #rogueautowerks #autotechniques
vipmodularwheels - autotechniques - justwidenit - keepitclean - rogueautowerks - vipmodular -
ruffbrian : @carsonblackstone lmfao no it's not. I'm not a dick like that
ratchetlover69 : But that bacon tho!!! :O
luna_845 : @melissaparkerrrr πŸ˜πŸ˜±πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ”₯πŸ‘€πŸ˜¬πŸ˜΅
melissaparkerrrr : @luna_845 😳😍
that_guychaka : What kind of color is ur car @ruffbrian digging that color man
vannyvaan : @boirorofasho
boiroro : @vannyvaan 😩 😩 😩
mikerimer : Bacon fenders πŸ‘Ž
turbo239 - ngufound - matterz4hzv - maxlamoureux -
#ThrowbackThursday #TBT When @nerdsrock22 took this most epic, majestic pic of the Stormtrooper, cant wait to make a trip up to Macon and shoot again and chill! Go follow @nerdsrock22 for some amazing photography too! #accord #stormtrooper #trendsetterzcrew #violentclique #autotechniques #loweredlifestyle #doworkson #dwsparts #IA #ImportAlliance #IAatlanta2014 #IAatl2014 #canibeat #stancenation #juststance #s3magazine #honda #accord #accordsondeck #my8thgen
violentclique - accord - iaatlanta2014 - stancenation - iaatl2014 - honda - tbt - accordsondeck - trendsetterzcrew - autotechniques - canibeat - dwsparts - loweredlifestyle - ia - doworkson - throwbackthursday - importalliance - s3magazine - my8thgen - juststance - stormtrooper -
sw33tnl0wcivic : Haha ah yay!!! Sounds good bruh!! Need to make it when a meet is here! Idk any "big" ones until late august
tlaabs904 : @sw33tnl0wcivic which one is that??
sw33tnl0wcivic : Dank fest
tlaabs904 : @sw33tnl0wcivic imma have to check my school schedule for when fall starts. Depends on the day. Nonetheless even just makin an event out of a weekend off and turnin up is good for me. Been too long!!
sw33tnl0wcivic : Wordddd. I mean there is a local meet next weekend! It should be a good time
tlaabs904 : @sw33tnl0wcivic man fuck all that short notice noise! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ once i get my money set and a few things fixed on the whip ill set aside the next best weekend to come up there!
miss9k : I'm down @tlaabs904
hussain_jaziri : @adnan_al_oraibi
mechaviolent - eltonsingh__ - pink_gab23 - neckbreakinglifestyle -
A touch of carbon! #carbonfiber #vinyl #tint #atcwindowtint #windowtint #Chevrolet #corvette #grandsport #carswithoutlimits #carlifestyle #autokings #autotechniques #carporn #cargram #carporn
tint - carlifestyle - carbonfiber - chevrolet - autotechniques - carswithoutlimits - autokings - corvette - grandsport - cargram - vinyl - windowtint - atcwindowtint - carporn -
godchaser_21 : @iconwrapz you in Miami bro?
iconwrapz : @godchaser_21 I go down there sometimes to do wraps. My boi use to play for the dolphins so I got a few clients from there.
godchaser_21 : Ok ok can I get your number so we can talk numbers and hopefully set something up?
iconwrapz : @godchaser_21 352-222-4822
almeidamarquess - corvettemods - marc_elite - trevorisbrown -
Picked her up today from @autotechniquez 😊😊 top shot of fenders. Needs a wash really bad, everything came out perfect other than a very small hiccup with the bumper fitment that we can fix another day when I'm not rushing to work. @t_phan @vipmodular #vipmodular #autotechniques
autotechniques - vipmodular -
ohitsjustcameron : πŸ˜³πŸ‘
morcheez : Now u gotta repaint a new color bc this one is old πŸ˜‰
dont_hate_deflate_tc2 : Thats harddddd
jaxness : I approve. She looks mean
ruffbrian : @jaxness yesss I got your approval. Life complete hehe
jaxness : YOURE WELCOME, haha ^.^
blakebenson : Did they do your paint as well? I'm leaving for the airforce in November, but as I've been following your build (and several others) I've been making a shop list that I would consider to perform the tasks I need. The subtlety of that widebody is impressive, I'm looking to go x12 F and R on my Lexus before I get on assignment, I'll be in Biloxi Miss for 6 1/2 months so that's where I'll likely be leaving it in a shop. Just bouncing prospects around, as I'll be closer FL than TN, even though there's no shops here that can do it.
ruffbrian : @blakebenson yessir this is the same shop. Shoot me a text if you wanna talk some more 904-463-1630
lilchayce - elizaldejaime - abood059999 - kiing_xo -
Clean #tint #atcwindowtint #windowtint #Chevrolet #corvette #grandsport #carswithoutlimits #carlifestyle #autokings #autotechniques #carporn #cargram
tint - carlifestyle - corvette - windowtint - autotechniques - carswithoutlimits - autokings - grandsport - cargram - chevrolet - atcwindowtint - carporn -
flyboardnorthflorida : @bryandangertaylor
sephiroth85 - kushkern_420 - uniquelegend1 - khalil980 -
Car comes home this week, than time to finish the project up with some goodies from @d2racingusa and @vipmodular hoping to make it to hot import nights Orlando #autotechniques #vipmodular #vipmodularwheels #d2racing
d2racing - vipmodularwheels - autotechniques - vipmodular -
ruffbrian : @eazy_ssb it's about 45mm wider than stock body, all done across factory body lines though. So while it doesn't look like it from this angle, if I posted a top shot you'd really see the difference.
eazy_ssb : Sick bro. Congrats. I may have to alter shit to fit my fronts
nome_de_plume : Never over the top...always a clean improvement of OEM. Excited to see it all finished!
ruffbrian : @nome_de_plume thanks buddy! It's much appreciated :)
dacostea : Looks so fresh @ruffbrian
skinzfan37 : Hey Brian my boy Austin was talking to you about the 3 piece offset for me and @jorge_airrex also told me I should talk with ya. Need your help man
ruffbrian : @skinzfan37 text me 904-463-1630
justtreyy : 😍😍😍 love it bro
sarante_28 - 96732allday - tony_milone - lip.low -
First coat of primer, needs a little more work but I can't wait to get this thing back !! #autotechniques #neverdone #wide
wide - autotechniques - neverdone -
jnsnm : Take note, this is how you properly widebody.
jnsnm : Good stuff
ki_cj : Dope
ruffbrian : @jnsnm thanks buddy 😊
r_smith345 : @ruffbrian where is this shop located?
ruffbrian : @r_smith345 jacksonville Florida
r_smith345 : @ruffbrian cool, is auto techniques the shops name?
dont_junk_it_race_it : @fabestar
lacemy_kicks - texas_accord - 96732allday - its_ek_allday -
The new ebay stainless steel fart cannon is all installed and ready to annoy the shit out of the rest of Orange Park! #lopsided #ebay #ebaysucks #fuckfakeparts #ricergang #project #crx #ed #ef #work #autotechniques #civic #honda
work - lopsided - ebaysucks - civic - ed - crx - ef - ebay - project - autotechniques - fuckfakeparts - ricergang - honda -
vicentevillasenor - uhhhmannduhhh - 79_ford - j_tinez52 -
Not much longer πŸ’ @t_phan @vipmodular #vipmodular #vipmodularwheels #autotechniques @autotechniquez #airrex #teamairrex
teamairrex - vipmodularwheels - autotechniques - vipmodular - airrex -
ruffbrian : @alvaro61_8thgen hopefully sooner than later lol
ibstatic93 : Thanks brotha. Gonna have to go this route with my tl when I order wheels and already got quoted so I'm just trying to see if I got fair priced or not! Car is gonna be dope bro!
corygibson : Dafaq man! You're killing the game again! Who the hell you keep trying to beat? Yourself!? No one is in your league!!!
elyonnyy : You Florida boys need to slow down and give us cali guys a chance for a first! Haha. We just started the back of my car and I might be doing the front too!
ruffbrian : @corygibson lmao! No man just something I've been wanting to do for a while. Been doing lots of planning for this one
ruffbrian : @elyonnyy lmao! Tag me in some pics when they start dude!
elyonnyy : Lol fa sho..I posted a pic in the fb group on Tuesday. I'm gonna get some more pics tomorrow when I visit the shop.
tony_agwheels : Stop being a Bitch and slap the 5 inch lips on!
merricamatt - no_joda - ks21_endless - trillanigga_adonis -
The babes straight chillin' #honda #crx #enkei #ef #freshpaint #autotechniques #project #batavus #moped #mopedarmy #swarmanddestroy #1977mopeds #treats #moneypit #mopedculture
swarmanddestroy - ef - mopedculture - treats - crx - honda - 1977mopeds - freshpaint - project - autotechniques - moneypit - moped - enkei - mopedarmy - batavus -
_quent1n_ - alexdangerrr - dankastner - brigacrx -
Is it sad that my car is my #wcw ? #jdmyo #honda #crx #enkei #morelow #newpaint #autotechniques #si #project #clean
wcw - crx - honda - si - newpaint - project - autotechniques - clean - morelow - jdmyo - enkei -
xfartacusx : I see u
dsmleo95 : Wheel crush wednesday (;
tiffanycarrion - vicentevillasenor - 79_ford - illesttsociety -
Shoutout to AutoTechniques Paint and Body for screwing me over and for failing to respond to my BBB complaint after 6 months with no progress, no communication, and broken deadlines. Make this right before I take you guys to court. @autotechniquez @autotechniquez #autotechniques #bbb #floridastance
autotechniques - bbb - floridastance -
daayumjamielyn : Thats wussup. U gotta do what is right!!
_pnoperana : Oooooo get em!
justincalamari : Oh fuck. Thats right I remember you telling me you were going to do work. Sorry bro, good luck! Their ass deserves whats coming
booogs : have you seen their fb? they had some reviews recently and they were positive. also, taking them to court won't be worth it unless you have the cash to waste on fees. i've been there before. if it's worth thousands of dollars to you to serve justice, then that's all you can really do at this point. you just need to hit someone up who lives near them to see if you can get them to send you your stuff and just cut your losses.
queenshabazz_ : This is in Orange Park, Fl?
jtasiii : @xoxocourtn3y supposedly. Why wsup?
boxtree619 : damn they're in orange park? That's right around my part of Florida
icejoejoefish : Fuck @autotechniquez
pokemonphil - mae.angela - rjcartero1427 - ayeerochel -
Really like this picture from #ilds #winterfest last year. ☺️ #vipmodular #vipmodularwheels #autotechniques #rogueautowerks #bagged #airrex
bagged - vipmodularwheels - airrex - rogueautowerks - autotechniques - ilds - vipmodular - winterfest -
jordanpeyton : @gaubitz @carpenter1992 fuckkkkkk
dantevandervoort : @ruffbrian what side skirts do you have?
abduljabbar1992 : What and what size rims is it ? : @willhernandez91 follow him dude
your1desire : Amazing @ruffbrian
ruffbrian : Thank you @your1desire !!
_one_mr.solodolo : @ladyxtryp
swolog : @04svtcobra
neckbreakinglifestyle - mahyar_rf - eder1212 - show1r -
Stoked!! Finally got to see the hard copy of my magazine feature in @usdmfreax . Definitely an awesome feeling. Thank you everyone !! #vipmodular #vipmodularwheels #autotechniques #rogueautowerks #wide #bagged #baggeddaily #airrex
bagged - vipmodularwheels - airrex - wide - rogueautowerks - autotechniques - baggeddaily - vipmodular -
laurenkayy_ : Damn that's awesome!congrats
ruffbrian : @airrexusa thanks as always!!
ruffbrian : @laurenkayy_ thank you!!!
boricua_dee : Wow!!!!! 😍😍😍😍
ruffbrian : @boricua_dee thanks!!
mrdc5 : Bedazzled
callmemisspinky : Dude your paint job is immaculate
the_realist_david : Where can we get this? @ruffbrian
lilchayce - dajlic93 - suryaburladas - dblejd77 -
She's sitting pretty! She'll be driving soon!
bwr - dseries - oem - honda - soon - skunk2 - freshpaint - enkie - dx - jdmyo - 92 - 15x8 - itsbeenayearsinceivedriventhiscar - crx - autotechniques - project - mycarisolderthanme - crxcommunity - snapon - hondatech - blackworksracing -
jlfleetwood : #snapon #crx #dx #honda #crxcommunity #enkie #92 #15x8 #dseries #hondatech #skunk2 #bwr #blackworksracing #oem #freshpaint #autotechniques #project #soon #itsbeenayearsinceivedriventhiscar #jdmyo #mycarisolderthanme
grandwizard8 : Looks great! Have the engine yet? @jlfleetwood
jlfleetwood : Thanks man, yea I got a motor. I decided to go a different route but I'll be needing a harness for it soon.
jlfleetwood : @grandwizard8
grandwizard8 : Ok thats no problem. You got my number when you're ready! @jlfleetwood
jlfleetwood : @ef_faithful
1997_civic_typer - grandwizard8 - brigacrx -
Got a little sneak peak of my two page spread in #usdmfreax magazine in japan from airrex. First ever print feature and feeling awesome about it. Thanks everyone for the motivation to keep it going and especially @autotechniquez @ilikeprimer for your hard work. I'm working on a little something now that won't be out until April but you all will just have to sit back and wait for it πŸ‘»βœŒοΈ@vipmodular @airrex #vipmodular #airrex #vipmodularwheels #bagged #feature #autotechniques #rogueautowerkz
bagged - vipmodularwheels - rogueautowerkz - airrex - feature - autotechniques - usdmfreax - vipmodular -
dat3vox : 😍😍😍😍😍
cbrown904 : That's so sick dude! Happy for you πŸ‘πŸ‘
toclassic04 : Representing for all the accord guys. Nice.
edgar_cs1accord : Killin it πŸ™Œ
tony_agwheels : Dope
vipmodular : @ruffbrian Join our VIP Modular FB group -
86quan : Dope bro
the_realist_david : Where can we get these? @ruffbrian
llovera21 - society_14 - lazzaaroo - ks21_endless -
@autotechniquez #autotechniques #rebuilddapurp
autotechniques - rebuilddapurp -
julieevonne11 : Oooooo pretty
miss9k : @sadiez_badass @julieevonne11 thanks !
adamstastny : I'm confused, is it a pearlescent?
erimzabeth : 😍😍😍
miss9k : @adamstastny the color itself is a pastel purple. Christian tweaked it to make it lighter and added a bunch of violet pearl.
adamstastny : nice!
miss9k : @erimzabeth 😘
paul_2jz : Love it!!
dennisekusnadi12 - kreazy904 - kdm_platano - og_smirk -
This is not a way to run a shop and handle business. In August of 2013 I made a deal to have a bumper merge done with #autotechniques in florida. He told me it wouldn't take long and I agreed to purchase a friends bumper there and have a second bumper shipped. It's been 6 months with no updates and no answers to texts or calls. This is your chance to make things right, Autotechniques. $500 of my property sitting in your shop for 6 months with nothing done is ridiculous. Posting this so others don't end up like me #carmeats #canibeat #stancenation #my8thgen #vip #stance #shadybusiness
stancenation - stance - vip - my8thgen - autotechniques - canibeat - carmeats - shadybusiness -
fatboyo_o : @jtasiii Have you tried hitting up your friend in Florida to check on it?
jbriggs220 : Dude wtf
booogs : shoot sorry to hear. i remember this whole ordeal too. should have had jaymer do it.
fcknclassy : Cops
miketothewright : Damn, I remember someone told me about this. That sucks bro, I'm sure you can settle some dispute, but I wouldn't really know. I don't know much about law and stuff
mirlayrob : Court.
_dovo : Still? Wtf 😠
dopefreshness : Messed up. Trash ass company. I hope you get this settled
erinalysse - almuniz88 - jensanjose - majed.alshabaan -
Pic from cars & tacos this past weekend. Shot by my good pal @uncle_gahrt , thanks for the pic homie! #vipmodular #vipmodularwheels #ggproductions #autotechniques #rogueautowerks #bagged #airrex
bagged - vipmodularwheels - autotechniques - rogueautowerks - ggproductions - vipmodular - airrex -
dehate : just saw you rollin' on 95. looking good.
ruffbrian : @dehate thanks dude!! Near the st aug area?
dehate : yeah I was heading south. had to have been right south of old st augustine rd
ruffbrian : @dehate nice dude! We need to get together and shoot again sometime. Been a couple years man!
keepinitclean : You finished the quad retrofit!
ruffbrian : @keepinitclean lol yeah bro like almost a year ago!!
keepinitclean : Damn! I haven't talked to you in a year! Car looks great as always bro.
boricua_dee : @liz_j35z3 😫 so beautiful !
llovera21 - maukatomakai23 - your1desire - usainbulk -
Mid 2012 top: winter 2013 bottom πŸ‘ #vipmodular #vipmodularwheels #accordsondeck @accords_on_deck #bagged #airrex #teamairrex #baggeddaily #malihinicustoms #autotechniques
bagged - vipmodularwheels - accordsondeck - airrex - teamairrex - autotechniques - malihinicustoms - baggeddaily - vipmodular -
emersonthecreator : Bagged beauty πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
jtranphotos : Dope!
ruffbrian : @jtranphotos thanks dude!!
aaronwuzhere : @jryancooper1985
ws_original : @beachskatin @beachcitytattoo @xwhitestripex
titiar168 : Both urs?? And it the same car that u just changed the color??
ruffbrian : @youngzkidz yes did a color change last year
q__32 : What kind of lip kit you got?
northtexasimports - funny_jo - lazzaaroo - datkidjavy -
Dat bumper, doe @ruffbrian
autotechniques - wrapisdead - freshpaint - sprayednotlaid -
jaxness : @autotechniquez #autotechniques #sprayednotlaid #freshpaint #wrapisdead
ruffbrian : Yay!!!! Thanks @jaxness
rydnkd : looks sick
pwn3du - gymfreak904 - resadhd - eddyalbiazul -
I don't have a 6-6 accord, but if I did, I would want it to sound like @tlaabs904 πŸ‘πŸ™Œ #magnaflow #slammed #static #whiteonwhite #snowwhite #snowbunny #whitegirl #mrrwheels #autotechniques
mrrwheels - snowbunny - whiteonwhite - magnaflow - whitegirl - autotechniques - static - snowwhite - slammed -
abhir616 : @arjun322 yupp.
cuban_link : @ramon_orlandoo sucia eso suena bien Duro
ramon_orlandoo : @cuban_link bien duro Y bien tight
cuban_link : Papi cuando @ramon_orlandoo le vas a meter un magna flow asi al tuyo
sheikh_7 : @szmgss
sheikh_7 : @justin88chenjin
mazen_155 : @majdaqeel
tagyourhit : Soooooo about that extra money lol @laitastic
fern_vteccc - 5tevendemer5 - alwayshazy - heathencraig -
Hi there beautiful 😍 thanks @loweredlifestyle for the pic at #ilds winterfest. #vipmodular #vipmodularwheels #bagged #baggeddaily #airrex #malihinicustoms #autotechniques #funkfashion #slammedenuff
bagged - vipmodularwheels - airrex - slammedenuff - autotechniques - malihinicustoms - baggeddaily - funkfashion - ilds - vipmodular -
jacob_workedphotography : @loweredlifestyle ✌
parker_190e : @ruffbrian beautiful. What offset and width are you running
ruffbrian : @parker_lol thanks dude. They are 20x10/11.5 but my car is widened so offsets are pretty cray compared to what a stock body accord can run.
parker_190e : @ruffbrian im on vossen cv7 20x10.5 +25 all around but i want something way more agressive. Im between vip modular and work vsxx. Youre inspiring me with this mind blowing lip-age
ruffbrian : @parker_lol lol thanks dude! The stock body can only take about a 10.5 +15 in the rear with normal amount of camber. And yeah I have tested them before, fronts are flared but even then it ain't close to happening lol. One of these days
shanegardner : God this is amazing
kidjigguh : @ravenlescano
shaneh85 : @derrickoyervides that lip
sc00bay - toclassic04 - slickdaruler87 - _foreignxx_ -
Loui and my wheels before paint. #autotechniques
autotechniques -
iamsimplyclean : That lip tho
to1n3_sunworks - ekcubanito - tommy2777 - kiing_xo -
Ooooooh kill em! @tlaabs904 #loweredlifestyle #canibeat #autotechniques @autotechniquez #mrrwheels #honda #accord #stance #fitted #badassnigga #sandwichman #tlaabsinthehouse #ricerflyby #whiteobwhite #ihatehashtags
tlaabsinthehouse - accord - mrrwheels - stance - sandwichman - honda - whiteobwhite - autotechniques - canibeat - badassnigga - loweredlifestyle - ricerflyby - fitted - ihatehashtags -
accords_on_deck : @miss9k Can you send me this video please? Ill shout you out...
miss9k : @accords_on_deck done
accords_on_deck : @miss9k Awesome! Thank you!
miss9k : @accords_on_deck welcomf
dommiewhitesi : That exhaust note @gnellz
gnellz : @thegreatkebob
fredy856 : Dat shit sound good @frank_boll0990
somebodyonyourig : @masonhendricks17
king_johnson1 - itsdjxo - that_filipinokidd - garcia.845 -
My paints dead again !!! #paintisdead #colorchangenolie #rebuilddapurp #honda #crz @autotechniquez #autotechniques
rebuilddapurp - paintisdead - crz - colorchangenolie - honda - autotechniques -
jamieclark89 : @miss9k goin back purp
miss9k : @jamieclark89 hehe maybe
jamieclark89 : @miss9k id like to do mine matte black, but have other stuff to do first
bobjoe1337 : Looks like your crz has eczema
akings_heir : @miss9k is it just about done?
miss9k : @akings_heir kinda
akings_heir : @miss9k kinda is better than nope! Say waaaaaat
roga_dodga_ - dennisekusnadi12 - mitchels2k - michael.laroche -
Left: in the sun Right: overcast πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­ #donthateme #autotechniques @autotechniquez #rebuilddapurp
autotechniques - donthateme - rebuilddapurp -
kdmstance : #paintlives !
chillest_chandler : That's how mine is too, I hate rainy days haha!
scott_trice : Pshhh seen it
_ssfamous_ : Looks like it has some orange peel
miss9k : @_ssfamous_ I don't see it ? And this is only one layer of paint and one later of clear just to see how the color would be. Lol.
_ssfamous_ : Ok, so it hasn't been wet sanded yet
miss9k : @_ssfamous_ it hasn't been painted.
_ssfamous_ : Gotcha
khaled_abdolmannan - bdgdl08 - rsellos - rotodude -
Barrels are ready for paint ! @autotechniquez #autotechniques #rebuilddapurp
autotechniques - rebuilddapurp -
scott_trice : #biglips
royaltyhidandled : Deep
khaled_abdolmannan - lorrinmarie - rotodude -
I'm actually proud of my fitment at this point honestly, I think it's pretty on point. Would you agree? πŸ‘ #c12productions #vipmodular #vipmodularwheels #bagged #baggeddaily #autotechniques #airrex
bagged - vipmodularwheels - autotechniques - vipmodular - baggeddaily - airrex - c12productions -
aj_lee18 : Eh it's okay I prefer my stock ride height πŸ˜πŸ˜‚
airaffiliated : Choose your side! @airaffiliated or @strictlystatic! Static respect or hard parked. You vote by following one or both! πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
dope__status : @ruffbrian send me pics email is on bio bro πŸ‘ŒπŸ”°
neckbreakers.hq : Follow us
kenny_coastin : What front end is that?
ruffbrian : @kenny_coastin it's custom man
kenny_coastin : Oh okay thanks
fadzz08 : @tazdivona
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