Been working round the getting all these orders out over the weekend from our sale! Half way now....only 500 to go! Love post day, I can see the floor againπŸ‘ Can't wait till all these hit the streets! @beau_hudson #beauhudson #sale #mailday #blessed #australiapost
beauhudson - sale - blessed - mailday - australiapost -
k_greenlee : Sash text me a pic of everything you all got packed over the weekend. So proud of you guys! That's beyond impressive.
gilliandeacon : Very impressive! I hope you get the rest out ok too!
nikkivandenende - gilliandeacon - malcolmdeacon - beau_hudson -
A postie and his Cockatoo!! For nearly eight years, "George The Cockatoo" has been pounding the Aberdeen Streets and paths with his owner Bob Johnston. He sits high on the handle bars at full throttle and keeps a "watchful eye" on the bike while Bob personally hand delivers mail to the doors of the elderly... 😍☺️ @dailytelegraph #cockatoo #AustraliaPost
cockatoo - australiapost -
lemasam : Love it!
auspost : Polly want a cracker?? Hehe
myvintagehome24 - lauren.baird - _naaaaaaaadia_ - marykatetobin -
Outrageous! I cannot believe you are doing this to me! This is how you treat a #travelmate !! You'll pay for this woman... #toytravel #travelbuddy #travel #crocpost #australiapost #Australia #croctrippin off to hang with @kymmolly
travelmate - australia - toytravel - crocpost - travel - australiapost - travelbuddy - croctrippin -
auspost : Luckily you're going via Express Post so you arrive quickly :). Have a safe flight! @croctrippin
kymmolly : So excited & looking forward to seeing you! @croctrippin
kymmolly : Take good care of him @auspost
julianewoernhoer : a so cool idea πŸ˜‚πŸ‘
dce004 - bearhugskomodo - grisha_the_dragon - mausbaer -
Love mail for me!! #carmusic #mynt #localsgetloose #australiapost 🎡🎡
localsgetloose - mynt - australiapost - carmusic -
hollyellul : omg burn it for me!!
livvramsay : I don't know how lol. @hollyellul
hollyellul : hahah put it on usb babes!
livvramsay : It's a cd @hollyellul
hollyellul : omg I'll do it myself ;) :p
victorgosa : awesome, check out my page I'm sure you'll enjoy my content
jessmorda - ryannnlui - victorgosa - stephsacco -
And this is where my #TomorrowWhenTheWarBegun #Series will go. If #AustraliaPost would hurry up and deliver it. #FirstWorldProblems πŸ‘“πŸ‘“πŸ‘“πŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ“¦πŸ“¦πŸ“¦πŸ“¬πŸ“¬πŸ“¬
tomorrowwhenthewarbegun - series - firstworldproblems - australiapost -
auspost : If you need help with the tracking of your order, contact us on Facebook or Twitter. I hope it arrives soon! @andreyoriginal9
martin.ap - bombardizzle - pierino95 - lozzydoyle -
If there r jeans sitting outside #australiapost #northmelbourne, does that mean there's a man in there not wearing any?!
northmelbourne - australiapost -
kate_chambo : I hope not @reneevue!
reneevue : ;) Nth Mel is a saucy little suburb!
auspost - kate_chambo -
When was the last time you wrote a letter to a family or friend? #AustraliaPost #LetterWriting #WestfieldPenrith
westfieldpenrith - letterwriting - australiapost -
tis_this_guy - kamal_grewal - jk166 - alienturkey789 -
How to move house like a boss. #australiapost #mailbags #kitchenscales #moving
mailbags - moving - australiapost - kitchenscales -
charma : Whatcha up to this arvo sweets?? I'm leaving Sydney around 12... Heading out to Paterson. Let me know what you're up to! 😘 @taleahjade
truckplease : :D
auspost : This is a good idea! Thanks for the tip! @taleahjade
tahlia976 - salmay - natlayyyyyyy - mini.__ -
Dear #australiapost maybe if u stamped your stamps people would stop reusing them... #snailmail #post #geelong #tamzentemple #oldies
geelong - oldies - tamzentemple - post - australiapost - snailmail -
_mel_cos_ : Umm 70c for a stamp now???? What the hell??
tamzentemple : That's because all the oldies reuse them... Email...
caseybones - jennameenks - thegeelongfreelancer - 7dwarfs0_0 -
#blackeverything #harley #nightrod #australiapost @bobby_perera
australiapost - nightrod - blackeverything - harley -
bobby_perera : I can't even give you shit anymore about ur postie bike cause you have a better bike lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @elroy_jones
luiss_lugo : @fireman_dave_ me and you lol
tk_113 : When are we going for a ride big guy?? @elroy_jones
eastsideharley - _sneaky_pete - megan_vp - taz_eva -
Posting a letter tony hawk style #skateboardingisnotacrime #australiapost #skateboarding #friday #trackies
friday - skateboardingisnotacrime - australiapost - trackies - skateboarding -
auspost : Do any cool tricks on the way? @stuart.mckenzie
billygrummet - lachlanmckenzie1 - phoebe______ - z00york -
Id like to mark a sad day, that other makeup artists will understand. May you shimmer above in makeup heaven, to be with the other broken foundation bottles, palettes, and spilt powders that couldn't be salvaged. And To You #AustraliaPost get your act together! Something that is marked EXPRESS next day delivery should NOT arrive a WEEK later looking like it came from Nam! #shameonyou #RIP #girleecosmetics #girlee #makeup #makeupartist #sadday #post #shadowpalette #eyeshadow #palette #sad #angry #disappointed #heartbroken
shadowpalette - makeup - palette - rip - sad - post - disappointed - girlee - eyeshadow - makeupartist - angry - australiapost - shameonyou - heartbroken - girleecosmetics - sadday -
cherina_nc : @auspost
ameliggles : Oh no!!
cherina_nc : @ameliggles yes oh no indeed😒😒😫😭 haha
jessie_mck90 : @cherina_nc email Australia Post pal - let them know. The least they can do is refund postage.
aprillmc : Bit of this 😩😭 but a bit of that πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ at your caption haha
cherina_nc : @jessie_mck90 it happens all the time, already a letter sent! Hahaha knew you'd appreciate it apes haha thanks πŸ˜‚
auspost : I'm really sorry to see this :( Please take it into a post shop with the packaging. We can investigate for you @cherina_nc
vcocomua - jakewolffmua - chelsea_noyola - velliesmakeup -
Australia Post are now following me on Twitter. Hmmm I think they may regret that! #raenne #australiapost #auspost #dontmakethingseasyforsmallbusinesses @auspost
auspost - australiapost - dontmakethingseasyforsmallbusinesses - raenne -
artsyanthropology : Our post isn't awesome either
raennedesigns : Can you do most of yours online @artsyanthropology? We have to go to the PO to send overseas mail. Wouldn't be so bad but the staff are so incompetent and rude! 😣
artsyanthropology : @raennedesigns - i can ... I didn't for a while and it was awful
little_interiors : Aust post is shocking. But they better bring me a parcel from you @raennedesigns hehehe
raennedesigns : Definitely @little_interiors! Will be sending it today 😊
artsyanthropology - whatmamaloves - katiemissile - saritajoan -
This is the reason why I'll never use @auspost ever again! Last night I noticed what looked like a parcel collection slip in a pile of sticks and matter blown into a corner of my driveway. Turns out last Thursday a parcel collection slip was left (not in my mail box but just tossed on the ground). I went to the parcel collection depo on chapel street (where they know me by name because up to now I've used Aus Post for all of my product orders for my business). What was left of my dirty and rained on slip they made out that I'd need to collect it from Carlisle St. So I drove up Carlisle Street where a man.. Let's call him 'Paul..' 'Served' me. He asked for my photo ID, I took it out and showed him my photo ID however it had my previous address as I've only just moved house. He said I'd need something with my address but they only will hold the package for 10 days... and with it being delivered this time last week (not that I knew about it because it was in a pile of dirt in my driveway) I have no way of getting to the post office tomorrow (as I work for myself and can't even run off to pee let alone to the other side of the city to get a package) then I'll be out of Melbourne until after the 10 days had passed. To make it easier i just told him I'd be flying interstate tonight and won't have time to get back until after the date written on the form but he still made no effort to provide a solution.. he just circled where it's stated you need photo ID with the address to collect a parcel.. however this was half rubbed off due to it being rained on all week. So I rushed home to find something with my address on it before the post office closed. I got back in time and was served by another lady who was lovely ('Paul' was busy with a woman who was "extremely frustrated.. "This is pathetic" before moving on to 'serve' another customer.) The lady explained I could update my ID on the website but I said I'm probably going to stick to DHL who I've been using for all my online purchases. I said it costs me $2 more a parcel but they collect it and deliver it next day.. none of this mess.." and as I finished the sentence 'Paul' yells out in front of his...
auspost - ripaustraliapost - neveragain - australiapost -
willywalloo : Somethings wrong with the higher ups if they let (low pay, lack of customer care) assholes in to work.
willtaff : I always call corp. on guys like. "Care" like that is bad for business. Sadly sometimes you find the company is rotten from the ground up.
theonlybrett : #byepaul πŸ’
harmonychynoweth : What a complete asshole! :(
raragram : Wow... What a complete Bastard!
drew_au : So frustrating! I have parcels delivered to Drew as it's the name I always use. But when I go to the post office to collect a parcel they give me grief because my ID says Andrew. Even showing then business cards which say Drew they still give grief!
auspost : I'm so sorry about this. Did you log a complaint when you spoke to Customer Care? @colin_hutson
colin_hutson : I have made a formal complaint @auspost REF: VH2910716 I'd be interested to find out how the team member will be reprimanded.
handraandray - mattchewww - kawmoreira - josenunu13 -
#roadtransport #airtravel #dangerousgoods #australiapost I wonder why the definition of what are considered to be dangerous goods is much stricter for Australia Post than for a passenger on a plane. For example, Australia Post will only send mobile phones and perfume by road as they're considered dangerous goods yet passengers can take both of these on a flight. Both of these are imported items that no doubt would've arrived in Australia via air rather than sea.
airtravel - starsapphire - roadtransport - semipreciousstone - dangerousgoods - srilankanstone - australiapost -
nathensieben : The battery can catch fire under certain conditions, on a passenger this will be noticed and dealt with immediately whereas in a cargo hold it will not be noticed as fast or dealt with as quick which poses a much bigger risk πŸ‘
ellie_p79 : @nathensieben but laptops and cameras have batteries and aren't always used during a flight.
nathensieben : But they are pretty much always stored in carry on bags so if they were to catch fire it would be quickly noticed and dealt with because they are in the cabin not the cargo hold. I do understand your point though.
ellie_p79 : @nathensieben I understand that re batteries. What about perfume then?' That's often in the cargo hold..
nathensieben : Small individual quantities and requires an ignition source, would not be accepted as cargo in large 'freight' quantities.
ellie_p79 : #starsapphire #semipreciousstone #srilankanstone
leisa_sanderson - sylvine - santizen - ascartiz185 -
I think the latest range of Australia Post stamps look just lovely on my white envelopes! #australiapost #australia
australia - australiapost -
quiltsonroute66 : Love!
carinaschan : Lovely stamps!
72derwents : I love these ones too
auspost : I think so too :)
npagequilts : Love these stamps!
72derwents - aussiebluebelle - 2brownbirds - tessatownend -
After months of #AustraliaPost being annoying and sending my packages around the world I finally recieved one of the figures I ordered! #sao #asuna #anime #manga #sword #swordartonline #online #art #figure #figurine #toy #collect #collectables #sopretty #iloveher #mailday #onelove
art - mailday - figure - asuna - macross - iloveher - collectables - sao - onelove - toy - swordartonline - australiapost - collect - figurine - anime - sword - online - sopretty - manga -
brookethemodel2k15xoi : hey do you want 600 free followers? @tankzinno15 @hallie_williamson @anggrainirara5
therussianblue : Oh wow awesome!!! ^.^ Asuna is amazing πŸ’•
kirstywoodhouse : @therussianblue yes she is I LOVE HER. I have more on the way but they are #Macross cross over anniversary ones. 5 of them 😳
deemac_77 - sarina_martin - sherenapnkz - mikheevmm -
So a parcel came today! #bookworld #australiapost #books #parcel #package #mail #letter #excited -I also ordered 5 more books that should be here in the next 3 weeks!
parcel - package - australiapost - books - letter - bookworld - mail - excited -
auspost : Oo anything good?
reading__obsession : @auspost it's from bookworld, it's always going to be good πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ
gabby_jane - imaginationison - 5secondsof_herondale - cpav57 -
#instaplace #instaplaceapp #place #earth #world #australia #AU #melbourne #australiapost #shopping #street #night
australia - shopping - australiapost - melbourne - street - place - instaplaceapp - night - world - au - earth - instaplace -
kunigund - aj_coleman11 - tello.muriel2015 - nay.88 -
Special cake delivery for moi! #australiapost #servicewithasmile #cakeygoodness #outandabout #goodmorning #perth_life #loveperthlife #eastperth
loveperthlife - australiapost - perth_life - outandabout - cakeygoodness - eastperth - goodmorning - servicewithasmile -
auspost : Lucky you :)
hilmitak - ryshel_thims - stellou_lou - nutsarun_seinuksorn -
These don't feature very often around #Melbourne #australiapost #postbox
melbourne - postbox - australiapost -
lizzers13 - normasfinest - adrianashton2 - aboutabugg -
#SA #sunday #post #australiapost #memory #adelaide #grenfellstreet #direction #distance #friendship #relationship #love #family #miss
distance - grenfellstreet - love - relationship - family - miss - direction - australiapost - sunday - memory - post - friendship - sa - adelaide -
cosmo5125 - therealjbbrown - bobettewyjessi - mohd__g -
#auspost #australiapost #postboxes #postoffice #leongatha #victoria #seemelbourne #lovemelbourne
explorevictoria - leongatha - australiapost - victoria - auspost - lovemelbourne - postoffice - postboxes - seemelbourne -
auspost : Great shot @lindyfrance
lindyfrance : #explorevictoria
melbournefoodandwine - melbournesquared - vjl_photography -
#auspost #australiapost #post #postoffice #narnargoon #royalmail #victoria #lovemelbourne #seemelbourne
royalmail - australiapost - victoria - auspost - narnargoon - postoffice - lovemelbourne - post - seemelbourne -
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#letterbox #letters #australiapost #postoffice #auspost #strzelecki #lovemelbourne #victoria #seemelbourne
letters - strzelecki - australiapost - victoria - auspost - postoffice - lovemelbourne - letterbox - seemelbourne -
melbournesquared - vjl_photography - cassettapostale - normasfinest -
#auspost #australiapost #post #postoffice #telegraph #victoria #seemelbourne #lovemelbourne
explorevictoria - australiapost - victoria - auspost - lovemelbourne - telegraph - postoffice - post - seemelbourne -
lindyfrance : #explorevictoria
melbournesquared - sanfranlowry - cassettapostale - internaltheories -
#auspost #australiapost #postoffice #post #leongatha #postboxes #letters #lovemelbourne #seemelbourne #victoria
letters - leongatha - australiapost - victoria - auspost - postoffice - lovemelbourne - post - postboxes - seemelbourne -
melbournesquared - cassettapostale - vjl_photography -
πŸ’–πŸ’Œ Thank you @auspost πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒ #australiapost #auspost
auspost - australiapost -
katrioska_mail : Yay!!!
chiquita176 : Thanks @katrioska_mail 😊
auspost : Our pleasure :)
siobhanaudrey - rebecca.u.york - sarahg2223 - katrioska_mail -
There were 47 letterbox's in this row at a town called 'The Letter A' I loved all the different shapes and sizes #australiapost #aussiepost #letterbox #postie @auspost
cessnock - postie - nsw - letterbox - aussiepost - australiapost -
auspost : You don't see this everyday :) It looks great
monstar_79 : When I was a postie at #cessnock #nsw the mail was delivered from there to The Letter A, not sure if it still goes from there though :) lovely part of the country @auspost
auspost - _bucalettere - cassettapostale - iamblakeproud -
'Stamped with Love' - 'A Glass of Wine Design' can create your very own wedding stamp design to send off to Australia Post for printing #aglassofwinedesign #bridetobe #creative #custominvites #engaged #engagementinvitation #igbride #invites #igwedding #invitations #love #savethedate #weddings #weddinginvites #weddingplanning #weddedwonderland #weddingstationary #weddinginspiration #weddinginvitations #australiapost #stamps #personalisedstamps
love - stamps - weddings - engaged - igwedding - weddedwonderland - weddinginspiration - bridetobe - engagementinvitation - weddingplanning - invitations - igbride - personalisedstamps - weddinginvitations - aglassofwinedesign - australiapost - creative - weddinginvites - weddingstationary - custominvites - savethedate - invites -
postcardstore1 : So nice!
thebirdthebear - sprightlies - shredbeforeyouwed - royalweddinginvites -
Still waiting 😣 #australiapost #postoffice #waitinggame #parcels #post #bored #building #sunshine
building - sunshine - waitinggame - australiapost - postoffice - post - bored - parcels -
auspost : What are you waiting for?
duetmonitor : πŸ‘
koopuipui -
Using fun stamps makes me happy... Australia Post may have put the price up by 20 cents since I bought hundreds of these ones, but I still like using them, even if I have to add extra postage. Who knows how many people notice they got a Dame Edna at the other end, but I like sending them. #100happydays #100days #day71 #stamps #letters #oldschool #australia #legends #australiapost #dameedna
australia - letters - legends - australiapost - 100happydays - stamps - day71 - 100days - oldschool - dameedna -
auspost : How awesome would it be if we had 20c stamps with Gladioli!
theamandawoods : @auspost yes!! That's exactly what I need :) BTW I love the Southern Aurora ones. Just bought a bunch of those too. Beautiful.
travelbugwithin - noelposus - rosenaari - lovingrightnow -
6am tea packing #packingteaisagreatwaytostarttheday #thatswhentheearlybirdpacksherteaorders #brackendaletea #looseleaftea #australiapost
thatswhentheearlybirdpacksherteaorders - looseleaftea - australiapost - brackendaletea - packingteaisagreatwaytostarttheday -
rowemade : Such a sweet set up!!
annies_view : It's really lovely reading about someone who loved their job @brackendaletea Have a great day
brackendaletea : It's a great setup hey @rowemade .. Makes it so much easier.. Thanks @annies_view you have a lovely day too :)
auspost : How lovely! Though at 6am I'd be more likely to sleepily eat the leaves
mishbay : Looks like your business has really t(
mishbay : Looks like your business has really takes off? @brackendaletea
brackendaletea : Hey @mishbay .. Yeah working hard :) hope you guys have had a great summer!
mishbay : Its been a beautiful summer here in Sechelt. We moved here 4 months ago! We love it here!!! @brackendaletea
grantevans007 - flyingdutchman1969 - dysieriley - mishbay -
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