Slay slay slay #kesha #kesharose #rainbow #austingetwithit
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__saraaaahh : Follow back:)
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New rumors again... Honestly I think this rumor is false. I will not believe it unless it's coming from KESHA's mouth. Remember all the others rumors: new single in Juli? Nothing. In August? Nothing. In September? Still nothing. And now October seriously I can't believe that shit any more. #kesha #kesharose #warriortour #austingetwithit
kesha - austingetwithit - kesharose - warriortour -
keshascult : Totally @keshashusband
andreakoolkat : I hope it's on October
andreakoolkat : If her first song its out on October I will be happy because my birthday it's in October
avivrosentombraider : @keshascult actually a couple of months ago someone posted a comment on her facebook saying "can u give us a hint about a new single?" And then Kesha replied "STAY GOLD" so :/
bryansuxx : i dont think there will be music soon, maybe december?
k_e_sh_a_fanpage : I think January 2015 but maybe in December We're gonna hear something from her @bryansuxx
ale_ksss : C'est quoi les nouvelles rumeurs ^^ ? Et lipsha toujours pas de nouvel ?
k_e_sh_a_fanpage : Non rien du tout, juste des rumeur mais rien de confirmer 😐 (désolé du retard 😁) @ale_ksss
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Paradise 🌴
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kesharosecrew : beautiful
kesharosecrew : hey, where's Kesha?
bcarr11 : Where is this?
inaloveskesha : Logan please follow me :) would make really happyπŸ’•πŸŒ΄
andreakoolkat : OMG love this video
iis_a_rainbow : Looooooveeeee it!!
jaefusz : Is Austin finding sea shells? ;)
lowgy : @jaefusz yes! #sallysellsseashells 🐚
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🌈 #ibiza #austingetwithit
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🌈 #ibiza #austingetwithit
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markosrose : @maximeroberge I love her too that's why I support her
raphaelsebert : 😍😍😍😍😍
markosrose : What's your twitter Logan? @lowgy
imnovirginornovirgo : Shes so perfect wow
parisss14 : Glad your my cousin haha πŸ˜‚ she coming to Portland again anytime soon??
inaloveskesha : Please follow me :)β™‘
keshascrew : Baeeee 😍
a_bitty : @kelssgoldberg Austin!
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Warrior Tour dudezz πŸ’œβœ¨πŸ‘Š and we are, we are, we are, the Crazy Kids, we are the the Crazy people. πŸŽΆπŸŽΆπŸ‘‹ #Throwback #Kesha #keshrose #dance #crazykids #williegomez #alexbullon #jaefusz #austingetwithit #lowgy #nickgeurts #crazy #warrior #warriortour #purple #glitter #stars
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alexbullon23 : 😘
keshacrazyanimals : DM 😘
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$5 for the photo booth? No thanks, we'll make our own #photobooth #novacancy #secretroom #xandsbdayweekend
novacancy - austingetwithit - xandsbdayweekend - photobooth - secretroom -
dreablair : #austingetwithit
xandporter : #calledtheubertooearly #woops
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#austingetwithit and @blacqueunicorn show off their #sweatystyle after Wet Wednesdays last night at The Sweat Spot! #thesweatspot #wetwednesdays #fierce #dolphins
austingetwithit - fierce - dolphins - thesweatspot - wetwednesdays - sweatystyle -
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underwear party #lifeball #babyfriends #austingetwithit #4yearsTogether
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messmagazine : 😍😲
kesharosecrew : love u
paolicious : Kesha ♥
miky161 : Has Austin got Instagram account? @lowgy
danielelop : kkkkk
franpanda91 : Before clicking on the pic it looked like yall were in diapers lol
v2thevl0 : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
kesha_mylove : keshaaaaaa
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We Exist. #thedirectorsbureau #arcadefire @sirheffington @hanibuzz @pardoe20plus #austingetwithit
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delia_sweeney : Haha rad! πŸ‘
emiliepereira : YES!!!
vinatero : This was so cool! They did such a great job! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
hrenciuc : oh my god yes
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resting these daisy dukes #😝 #😳 #😎 #austingetwithit
austingetwithit -
whoiskola : lazy in your daisies
lowgy : @whoiskola 😝...nuked in our dukes
avaflav1 : Ha
whoiskola : hahaha πŸ™Š
tracymaygilbert : Is that the music film clip that kesha and you are doing now ??? @lowgy
wildcarddan : Where are the heels?
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baby friend #austingetwithit
austingetwithit -
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The Warrior Tour looks so perfect, I wish I could've gone! #austingeteithit #warriortour #kesha Rhianne♥ {@lowgy sorry for the spam!}
austingeteithit - kesha - austingetwithit - warriortour -
keshasglitteryanimals : #austingetwithit
_kesharose : They all are @keshasglitteryanimals
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Dirty Love behind the scenes πŸ™Š #austingetwithit
austingetwithit -
supermelka : Is it available on YouTube? I just don't have twitter, so I'm not able to watch it :(((
sleazycannibal : Yes it's on Kesha's YouTube channel! @supermelka
supermelka : @sleazycannibal Really? Thank you!
supermelka : I don't know why I didn't find it there πŸ˜• @sleazycannibal
sleazycannibal : Just search "Ke$ha Dirty Love music video" @supermelka
supermelka : @sleazycannibal I'll try. Thanks for help!
sleazycannibal : No problem! @supermelka
supermelka : @sleazycannibal πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
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Hottest dancers ever ⚑#austingetwithit
austingetwithit -
keshahungary - jsmor - hallbrianna_ - roxo_xcx -
Austin is so lucky πŸ˜‘ #austingetwithit
austingetwithit -
aneesasuxx : Yes he is even just to stand next to her let alone grinding on her @sleazycannibal
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I haven't been able to stop watching this 😍 #DirtyLove #austingetwithit
dirtylove - austingetwithit -
netaneldamin : @sleazycannibal me 2 !! 😍
_.xxamandaxx._ - supermelka - jose_hernandezm - kiimsuxx -
Can you see the video? I know I can #austingetwithit
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I just want your dirty love πŸ’‹ #kesha #ke$ha #animal #cannibal #warrior #mycrazybeautifullife #glitter #kesharose #kesharosesebert #mrpeeps #mrfluffypants #getsleazytour #warriortour #tiktok #timber #wewantlipsha #fuckdrluke @iiswhoiis @lowgy #austingetwithit
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Check out the new Ke$ha vid choreographed by Austin Westbay and myself! I'm pretty excited about it! Youtube it! πŸ˜ƒ
marty_kesha_yeah : Logan, thank u for like in my last picβ™‘β™‘
oloberssykes : that scream tho <3333
brandonhilton : @lowgy y'all need to do my next vid! this vid was so much fun!
iisloveiis : What application you use for make this video?
lowgy : @ziamylarry_1d squaready for video
garciax5 : Can't wait Logan! Hope to see you tomorrow?????
smzyuu : OMG πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•I like you!!
marty_kesha_yeah : Plz Logan say to Ke$ha to stay strong♥ we love her
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And last but by no means least, this year, I have had the pleasure of meeting you early in the year and I thought that it probably couldn't get much better than that I was so happy. So me @xeniameow @mojo_jojo_rox and @charlieesuxx decided that we'd take our dedication to you a step further. By going on tour round Europe supporting almost every single show you had there. So we did. Making tonnes of new friends and getting to know each other better than ever along the way. From meeting you outside with the other fans in Amsterdam, to drinking wine outside your tour bus with @jennstonekeys @twittorio the next night in Luxembourg... Receiving a tweet from you reminding us of our tattoo agreement the next day. Every single show got better and better and I'd never felt so alive and happy during each and every one of them. London: the hometown with some of my best friends I met through you. Paris: my favourite city in the world. Then came Prague, after a rough night sleeping in Frankfurt station, we needed nothing more than to just let go and enjoy the night, and when it came to it, we did nothing but that. Followed by more sitting outside your tour bus with yes, more wine πŸ˜‰ with @lowgy and #austingetwithit the night before our scheduled tattoo date. #jellyspiders ... Vienna: a night I could've never imagined. Being interviewed, filmed, tattooed, taken out clubbing. THE BEST night of my life, let alone year ❀️ and I couldn't have wished for it with a better crowd of people than the crew: @eliasmallin @azzienash @bkmoni @j_nicholasannis @kamase11 @shutyurbutt the #animals and of course you @iiswhoiis Thank You for an amazing year that I will never forget for as long as I live ❀️ #kesha #2013
kesha - animals - 2013 - jellyspiders - austingetwithit -
mojo_jojo_rox : Omg I had chills half way through and by the end tears of joy. Amazing awesome memories we'll never get sick of sharing :) life-changing <3
omfgitsajones : Your legendary
keshasglitteryanimals - keshas_fearless_rainbow - viki_braianova -
We love you too 😘 #FuckDrLuke #warriorbaltimore #kesha #ke$ha #animal #cannibal #warrior #mycrazybeautifullife #glitter #kesharose #kesharosesebert #mrpeeps #mrfluffypants #getsleazytour #warriortour #tiktok #timber #bringbackbluelips #wewantlipsha @iiswhoiis @jaefusz @alexbullon23 @williegomez @lowgy #austingetwithit
warrior - animal - mrpeeps - mycrazybeautifullife - warriorbaltimore - mrfluffypants - kesharose - bringbackbluelips - timber - glitter - kesharosesebert - warriortour - getsleazytour - ke - tiktok - cannibal - fuckdrluke - austingetwithit - wewantlipsha - kesha -
sleazycannibal : @j_nicholasannis @jennstonekeys
sleazycannibal : @nick_geurts
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...friends comforting friends when they feel uneasy ❀️ #meltsmyheart #beautiful #bumpytakeoff
beautiful - meltsmyheart - bumpytakeoff -
kissandmakeup_melle : I have to regram this
shutyurbutt : I know the feeling
eliasmallin : @kellycalabrese @gregcorner @daveelitch
gregcorner : Boot @shutyurbutt right there with you.
kellycalabrese : OH MY GOD
nickannismusic : Was @eliasmallin out of Xanax!?
idknicolle : HY BABY FOLLOW ME
brianpomp : I've had to do this for @eliasmallin before. Such a baby.
gabrielsuxx - sebert.rose - deendjers - lipshanews -
@iiswhoiis sound check...after @aslynmitchell I like to think I'm second back up. Miss you guys!!! @lowgy @jennstonekeys @eliasmallin @j_nicholasannis @bkmoni #austingetwithit #kesha #gold #glitter @markaromain
kesha - glitter - gold - austingetwithit - tbt -
princedanielleclaire : #tbt
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β€οΈπŸŒΈπŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ #kesha #austingetwithit #tokyo
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nickmurray21 : No hair!!??
aknilmsz : My pleasure!! :) Thank you for an amazing night!
miss_pchu : Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
danadaners : Fuck yes to everything.
a_ron_az : @lowgy I still can't believe you bic'd it!
osabdgl8k : Last night was CRAZYEST EVERπŸ‡―πŸ‡΅πŸ’“
leoele0 : πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜HAPPY BIRTHDAYπŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’—πŸ’—
lowgy : Thank you @leonald_davinch πŸ˜ƒ
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It goes down tonight on MTV! #tourprank #kesha #babyfriends
tourprank - kesha - babyfriends -
mattiestaddie : Feeling like a #sabertoothTiger 🐯
kesharosecrew : @natalie_suxxxx omg, lol hahaha, she's purrrrrrfectt
brandonhilton : @lowgy I'll take ALL 4! at once! πŸ˜‹πŸ™
s.amrose : Are you keshas dancer
aessuxx : Lo
zizou_35_ : @shahrzad___m inaro bbin,vali kesha khubeha!!
zizou_35_ : @shahrzad__majd
shahrzad__majd : @zizou__35 -_-
darion_2018 - aessuxx - timakills - rickikardashian -
My #tourfam is out tonight!! 😊😊😊 #keshadancers @lowgy @jaefusz #austingetwithit I looooove these guys!!!
keshadancers - tourfam - austingetwithit -
lowgy : ❀️❀️❀️❀️
bgirlshortyrocc : On my way slut
bkmoni : Awwww ❀❀❀
fnkybeats : I miss you boys!! xxxxx
alexbullon23 : Lol just saw this @bgirlshortyrocc I love seeing u always
maq91 - namakahookano - tsadd - etzio33 -
#tourists @heathermontagna #austingetwithit @eliasmallin @lowgy @jennstonekeys #penguins
penguins - tourists - austingetwithit -
kellyyymoran : omg
brianpomp : @eliasmallin looks as interested as usual.
natashaveinberg : Aww I miss you guys!
cedarparkrik - ishirokoff - 11btcc - poison_girl_84 -
#tbt Performing with one of my fave bosses @iiswhoiis #kesha and my boys @jaefusz @lowgy and #austingetwithit #keshadancers #warriortour #europeantour Missing u all! #blondehairdontcare
keshadancers - blondehairdontcare - alexbullon - austingetwithit - warriortour - kesha - tbt - europeantour -
_diegocruz : Maravilhoso!
jota_ache : Y now what do you do @alexbullon23 ?
chrisuxx : Que envidia Alex. Por favor dile a tu jefa que venga a España algún día que la echo mucho de menos!!
lowgy : Such a fun time!
alexbullon23 : Love u @lowgy
alexbullon23 : @javierasuarez gracias mi amor! Ya quiero volver!!
lowgy : 😘
alexbullon23 : #alexbullon
yurii_teles - andreefelipeee - alexvicshow - beautifulsoul66 -
OMG.! Keshasuxx I Love It. Having the best times ever booty out #lowgy #my #little #pony #austingetwithit
pony - little - lowgy - my - austingetwithit -
robinzolanski - backtowonderlanddd - steph.postan - kesha8926 -
Having the best times ever booty out #lowgy #my #little #pony #austingetwithit
pony - little - lowgy - my - austingetwithit -
mellyypants : @tr0mb0ne into it.
animals_are_here_for_kesha : U r not the real Kesha real Kesha is @iiswhoiis
stacymom22 : I am a big fan : Nice hair loser
ecemnur1 : SaçΔ±na öldüğüm karΔ±Δ± ❀️
iixna_ : @i_xlfmgx
lgrande218 : Kesha ,hafe got a friend and this girl love your music i live in spain and today is her birthday
madi.r.a : Lol
m_alannazi - anastasiasechs - k_guess - litocamisetas -
Having the best times ever booty out #lowgy #my #little #pony #austingetwithit
pony - little - lowgy - my - austingetwithit -
stanplesse : Conshita Wurst
iamdainalisha : Wow lol
coolcars45 : He's so gay
fbehbehani93 : @mabehbehani1 I'm sorry, I just had to!😳
lxzzi : Uhm? Okay? @coolcars45
keshasuperfan : Hahahah
daisybearss : Aw @lowgy
ughmisha : @syyydniii
texas_born_countrygirl - inaloveskesha - eliifgokalp - prforever01 -
Now u got me jonesin for a mustache ride @nick_geurts @lowgy #austingetwithit ☺ last show
austingetwithit -
r_andbe : PAPA?
kissandmakeup_melle : I was wondering where this went
weeeo : Are you going to be dancing at the show in LA next Saturday? You need too!!!!!!
backtowonderlanddd - steph.postan - mac02121 - jawbutch -
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