Please watch my tv special coming up lol. This dude is from #degrassi just like #drake. #asianslookalike #kasper
asianslookalike - kasper - drake - degrassi -
hayley_fuzee : πŸ˜‚ Ahahaha!!!
red_dawg559 - rawb_marley - alva.marina - _childish.geneva -
We love visitors. #reuniontime #ramen #canadavsusa
reuniontime - asianslookalike - canadavsusa - ramen -
stephietinie : Like a true Chinese family portrait πŸ‘
eyehearteyes : Yaaaay
debbeeee : #asianslookalike
saratangy - pmokka - adamkiuzzz - longnguyened -
That's what we Asians get for being Asians #asianpower #asianslookalike #weaweaome
asianpower - weaweaome - asianslookalike -
abbott_datsit : He was looking for his mom but he lost her
abbott_datsit : I tag @_lieutenant__dan_ lol yu feel me?
_lieutenant__dan_ : -.-
violin_girl_gen_ : LolπŸ˜‚ @_lieutenant__dan_
abbott_datsit : You do feel me @_lieutenant__dan_ lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ if you know Wat I mean XD
luisayyelmao - violin_girl_gen_ - muhanna47 - el_gavia -
Every now and then, this happens. #bitchstolemylook #asianslookalike #plussizemodel
asianslookalike - trendsetter - bitchstolemylook - plussizemodel -
catalinaamor : Who the heck is plus size in this!?? #noone #youcraycraytratray #lol
xoxojco : Umm...ur calling me plus size huh?!?! :) @tracyhermans
tracyhermans : @catalinaamor and @xoxojco, I'm a #plussizemodel for ws social but my rates are too high 😍 😍blame @kirs10h
kisatchy : @xoxojco @tracyhermans I'm so done with Tracy's hashtags πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ you guys look cute! #whoworeitbetter #denimondenim
xoxojco : @tracyhermans u crack me up!! Thanks @kisatchy
xoxojco : So what r we going to wear tmrrw @tracyhermans :)
tracyhermans : @xoxojco I'm wearing either black or white. Or some other neutral color. #trendsetter 😍
kirs10h - teresavision - killer.curves - shaunsearles -
#throwback when I was drafted by the #rockets #asiansbelike #asianslookalike #iwenttopiercecollege #foraweek lol
asianslookalike - iwenttopiercecollege - rockets - throwback - asiansbelike - foraweek -
c_cisnero : Lol!
cheacky_monkey - baby.mahusay - amacc89 - c_cisnero -
Dim sum with some of my #sisters #asianslookalike #twinning #myaritzia @stephvyvy @reezeetee
sisters - asianslookalike - twinning - myaritzia -
puccalemon - angelkivia - borhaha - wgdlp -
Synchro diving GG9
asianslookalike -
sixamfly : Omg no! You have a new synchro partner? 😫😫😭😭
juansimo : That's not me plus it's 3meters. I was thinking of cheating on you for 1M but they did not offer it & not sure why. #Asianslookalike :-)
sixamfly -
Following footsteps. #computerscience #twinningtuesday #asianslookalike lol
asianslookalike - computerscience - twinningtuesday -
sp_steev - alexandra_arndt - jay_mackenzie_14 - rxch.gang -
We all do look alike. #Ateam #Asianslookalike
asianslookalike - ateam -
cceesss : G00d night πŸ– @marissa_mkayy
brzben88 : Looks like a Tilly catalog.
lifewithlou333 : Thanks for coming. @cceesss
kathy1089 : @peternguyen_0 you didn't tell @angelanicholelipa and me you were hanging out with lu last month.
nickilipa__ : @peternguyen_0 selfish.
lifewithlou333 : Lmfao @kathy1089 @angelanicholelipa I feel bad that @peternguyen_0 has to live with you two.
desidoodle - billagans56 - flex_ur_fupa - f_khan407 -
Jackie Pham ;') #Asians #asianslookalike #faceswap #eyebrows #Wtf #Jackiechan #nightlife #lol #funny #what #weird
eyebrows - funny - what - jackiechan - lol - asianslookalike - nightlife - wtf - weird - faceswap - asians -
iamkontroversi - miguelxcolon86 - bennyfranks727 - errrmerrgerrdits_gary -
#yoursoulismine #mortalkombat #shangsung #faceswap #cuzican #ballin #asianslookalike #videogames #weird #boredatwork #eyebrows
eyebrows - funny - mortalkombat - shangsung - geeks - yoursoulismine - mk - asianslookalike - cuzican - boredatwork - neverdull - videogames - weird - ballin - faceswap -
dreameleganceclothing : Whats up! What do you think about becoming a rep for us? If your interested contact us by text, our numbers on our bio!
mike_thee_mild : #geeks #mk #funny #neverdull
drdoggystyle - michelleiscoooool - sundayxslk - elaolim -
4th of July in #HuntingtonBeach! First time I had to use an ID that wasn't mine haha. Thanks for saving me @_kikapillar! πŸ˜†#forgotmywallet #tbt #goodtimes #asianslookalike πŸ˜‚πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
4thofjuly - asianslookalike - independenceday - huntingtonbeach - forgotmywallet - tbt - goodtimes -
victorrrriaaaaa : #independenceday #4thofjuly
_jamieanne87_ - pcityra - joshuahanna - shannanigansz -
#mcm #eddiehuang #andhecooks YASsSs!!! Lol
asianslookalike - mcm - eddiehuang - andhecooks -
cmccusker15 : I thought that was your hubby for a sec lol
jane_y_lo : What are you trynna say @cmccusker15 lol #asianslookalike Lmao
cmccusker15 : Nothing bad. Promise. I had to look twice cause I thought it was him that's all ;)
cmccusker15 - nataliedee_92 - heykittykitty909 - dayz_day -
Having a #deep #convo with @parantula_ #totem
edcvegas - edc - asiankid - edctotempole - edclv14 - convo - edctotem - totem - edclasvegas - asiantotem - totems - deep - edclv - asianslookalike - edctotems -
pablo209_ : #asiantotem #totems #edctotems #edctotempole #edctotem #edc #edclasvegas #edclv14 #edclv #edclasvegas #edcvegas #asiankid #asianslookalike
tekilakayla : That totem was the best thing ever
leodow : Got a gud 1 of @briansiphavong #gotm lol!
laidbackdrew : I can now say that I went to EDC as a first grader lol
cristinasea : This is so awesome!!, who gets to say that^ ?! @parantula_
cristinasea - dinomiletaofficial - imilkyourcow - cgeno -
Pre-July 4th nails :D
asianslookalike - mistaken -
tmarieeex : Drive by you? Where?
thesmoothtrippyhippy : Manhattan
tmarieeex : Nope I didn't drive down manhattan today πŸ˜ͺ #mistaken #asianslookalike @_trippylifeee
thesmoothtrippyhippy : Did I say today ??? O OK IT WAS ON LIKE THURSDAY IDK
tmarieeex : Don't gotta be rude @_trippylifeee I don't deal with that shit 😀
thesmoothtrippyhippy : You brought that on yourself by assuming
tmarieeex : Assuming isn't gonna kill you, just bc I didn't know doesn't mean u gotta be rude, take that shit else where. @_trippylifeee
thesmoothtrippyhippy : Lol you mad ??? It's not that deep
thesmoothtrippyhippy - darion314 - winnie1luv3 - jeremywilliam20 -
So I am related to this guy @the_evening_owl #asianslookalike #brotherlove #brodate #nohomo #chingchong #ninjatwins
brodate - nohomo - asianslookalike - ninjatwins - brotherlove - chingchong - greathonor - oldschool - bigasian - hugsandkisses -
ecb14 : Them shorts are throwbacks cuzzz @the_drew_bear
max_paton : Those are my shorts you fucker
_tyrannosaurus_flex : @vic_ly dudes like 6 ft now #bigasian #greathonor @ecb14 these shorts doe bring back some memories homie #oldschool @max_paton I will clean them and return them if you spend time with me Sunday queer #hugsandkisses
vic_ly : Damn lol, beats me. I'm only like 5'11. You guys coming down in July right?
_tyrannosaurus_flex : @vic_ly hell yeah I haven't seen you fools in like a decade! I'm about to beat someones ass at video games first thing when we get down there
vic_ly : Just hope you're not planning on trying to beat anyone on street fighter or something, everyone is too good haha. But yeah it has been at least 10 yrs, too long!
_tyrannosaurus_flex : @vic_ly I am pumped to see the whole family dude! I plan on gaining 10 pounds from how much food I will eat
vic_ly : Yeah dude, I have a feeling there's gonna be too much food
babeitskels - bbrunner32 - tonyxmcdonald - ciciyahhlater -
Well, it does say excellent. πŸ˜† #radiology #imaging #lol #asianslookalike πŸ’€#xray
xray - asianslookalike - radiology - imaging - lol -
apacman - trezles - hdl416 - heyjanie -
@johnspoh is that you? #doppelganger or #asianslookalike
asianslookalike - doppelganger -
ls423 - veevstar - mikerips - jeanzpoh -
#squatrack open for me?! 😌
asianslookalike - squatrack - signatureselfie -
armani_thao : No, this is a @sithrawk selfie. It's his signature selfie. Lol
noodlesieat : @armani_thao #signatureselfie tags lol
armani_thao : Lol
sithrawk : @armani_thao lol, no such thing! @noodlesieat sweet selfie bro!
ouch_34 : @noodlesieat smith machine?!?!? #shitsweak πŸ˜‚
noodlesieat : @ouch_34 no more smith machine squats lol. True squat rack
ouch_34 : @noodlesieat NICE!
caryncam : #cdawgselfie
ouch_34 - lisachan_xo - caryncam - sithrawk -
#Family #Cousin #Brother #Sister #Mom I don't smile often but when I'm wit #Fam #AllSmiles #Love #AsiansLookAlike
sister - love - family - brother - allsmiles - asianslookalike - mom - fam - cousin -
j.jao - klassicksoul92 - vinceeynts - tommyboipsu79 -
@erivora wouldn't let me take a whole body picture but we twinned together today unintentionally.... #twinning #unplanned #asianslookalike
unplanned - twinning - asianslookalike -
tianaatraan - meganslipsonice - ssydney_lee - katcouteaux -
Came to see my friend who showed me how to make shell jewelry and run into these tourist from South Korea who thought I looked like one of there nephews. Hahaha told them they had a good eye because I was half japanese. Really friendly couple. #asianslookalike #tourist #vta
vta - asianslookalike - tourist -
rooman663 - ten_ten4 - skinidc_fitness - jessiejays -
These are my brothers #nationalsiblingsday #asianslookalike
asianslookalike - nationalsiblingsday -
superjp3 : Quadriplets? lol
lbmgabo : Jesus, all you guys look alike lol
lbmgabo : Where is @sosodonn
wrath_of_khanh : @lbmgabo hence the hashtag lol
wrath_of_khanh : @superjp3 we get asked that a lot lol
paw125 : At least you guys look alike or resemble each other hahs my sisters and I look nothing alike..some and by some i mean one or two resemble each other but I don't think I look like anyone haha
wrath_of_khanh : @paw125 Priscilla looks like you lol
paw125 : @khanhudigit haha really? Some would say she resembles my older sister more haha
romo16_ - thuglifetanyaa - jaytphan - gray_fox93 -
Walked around Star Casino looking for our mate Greg. Took us 2 hours to find him. #asianslookalike
asianslookalike -
jenelopejay : Lol
jomurray101 : Who knew there were so many Asians at Star Casino?
jenelopejay - jomurray101 -
Met our long lost brother tonight! #longlostbrother #asianslookalike #doppleganger #funny
longlostbrother - funny - doppleganger - asianslookalike -
leslie_gon1345 - sj_young1987 - geester82 - valley_boy24 -
Am I in Vegas right now? #japaneseplates #chineseplates #dontkno #asianslookalike
asianslookalike - dontkno - chineseplates - japaneseplates -
nvqn - fredsomar - sherimann - j_lizette87 -
My cousin said I reminds her of #Dorothy from #richkidsofbeverlyhills so I googled her and we only kinda look alike with glasses I don't care there she's #gorgeous #twins #notreally #kinda #iwish #asianslookalike #camille #dorothy
richkidsofbeverlyhills - asianslookalike - camille - iwish - twins - kinda - gorgeous - dorothy - notreally -
staygold_11 : It's difficult to see the similarities with sunglasses but I do think you have better hair! Lol
camille143 : @nellyrokx yeah just google her she pretty though but me having better hair is what u wanna hear! Lmao
camille143 : I* @nellyrokx I is what I met not u lol
kshyne55 - ckspp - ohkehaus_that - clotildelepoulain -
what happens when you upload an album with over 1000 individual faces and a majority of them are Asian? Facebook gets confused. #asianslookalike #onlytocomputers #bsan #picsareup
bsan - asianslookalike - onlytocomputers - picsareup -
jaynesayshi : Omg I just figured out what bsan stood for right now
jaynesayshi : Wagh so sad
juugaao - elleninhae - rubeeyang - tcharng -
U Carr doktah jones rady!!!! @snake_morales #shortround #drjones #asianslookalike #craycray #crunk #getrad
drjones - asianslookalike - getrad - crunk - craycray - shortround -
hauathe13th : Bwahahaha
patrickjam : 😭
myrarhythm : Bahahaha! πŸ˜‚
bamiam10 : No time for love dr. Jones
thee_jen_bee : Hahahahaha this is awesome
vliens - jersey_pete_ - deathroeoutcast - bennydgram -
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #imdead #racistornah #asianslookalike
racistornah - imdead - asianslookalike -
young_swivel : Lmfao
_gorgeoustootie_ : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
jasbarn_x : πŸ˜’
_therealtyv : Lmao what! @jasbarn_x
jasbarn_x : That's not funny πŸ˜‘
_therealtyv : It's crazy cause I bet you laughed! @jasbarn_x
jasbarn_x : But I had the straightest face πŸ˜’
_therealtyv : 😳
mexi_boom - beautifulmee625 - ant_smoove3 - gulleyist -
We were twins again at @lisaalinh's birthday party πŸ‘― #sexybitches #hashtag lol
asianslookalike - twin - twins - hashtag - sexybitches - triciasboobs -
alisongracelee : #twins
alisongracelee : #twin #asianslookalike
triciacoronel1 : #welcometocleveland #boobs hahaha
alisongracelee : @triciacoronel1 #triciasboobs
alisongracelee : @triciacoronel1 check the hashtag. It's not the first one under the category LOL
triciacoronel1 : Mine are better. Proud of my girls. Lol
alisongracelee : @triciacoronel1 πŸ˜‚
ashleemariel - strive1 - tonythepirate - rockybot -
#beaniefriday #quintupling #asianslookalike #sistas #loveuppl
asianslookalike - loveuppl - quintupling - sistas - beaniefriday -
jennajchen : aw love you πŸ˜˜πŸ’•
yuluvsu0715 : πŸ˜˜πŸ’• @jennajchen
shaya_nikfar : Post our pic cc
shaya_nikfar : YU KARENNN
kimberswaggy - kangieroo - nharrisss - claramortonn -
My boy sent me this. I laughed but that's messed up lol o_O #kasper #asianslookalike #share #music #chinky
asianslookalike - share - chinky - kasper - music -
egyptianthuglife : lap*
young1kasper : @egyptianthuglife u want fly lice?
youngzinz213 - mpbm18 - daddysback_730 - cheacky_monkey -
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