I've received lots of compliments on my hair today-no idea what I did different. Maybe my hair enjoyed the long weekend as well! Lol #curlyhair #kinkycurly #asiamcowash #ecostyler #naturalhair #happytuesday
happytuesday - naturalhair - curlyhair - ecostyler - kinkycurly - asiamcowash -
melodyorganics : Beautiful
hvirluv - cocosouha - melodyorganics - nanimami3 -
New πŸŽ₯ up #hairtutorial #bandingtechnique #cowash #naturalhair #kinkyhair #curlyhair @cantubeauty #cantusheabutter #asiamcowash #coconutoil
kinkyhair - cowash - asiamcowash - naturalhair - curlyhair - cantusheabutter - coconutoil - hairtutorial - bandingtechnique -
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I know I posted this picture in the beginning of the month. This sale is still going on ends August 30th. I love this brand 😍! Use register rewards, & points to lower your oop
kinkygirls - collegecouponers - naturalgirlsbelike - asiamsmoothinggel - couponcommunity - teamnatural - asiamcowash - curlsforthegirls - naturals - naturalhair - communitycollege - ilovecouponing - asiamcurlingjelly - extremecouponing - asiamleavein - addictedtocouponing - collegecouponing - extremecoupners - asiamproducts - ballingonabudget - university - collegestudents - couponfordays - naturalhairdoescare - flcouponer - sflcouponer - couponfamily - college - neverpayregularprice -
misskiki_5 : How you know you have Register Rewards I'm so bad with that
college_couponing : A coupon would spit out after purchase of something that had the register reward offer. For an example the toothpaste at Walgreens has a rr offer of $2.50. There's a coupon in Sundays paper 50 cents off. Use the coupon when buying the toothpaste. Pay $2 somethin. And a coupon of $2.50 will spit out @misskiki_5
misskiki_5 : Cool thanks
cencalnewbie : This stuff is amazing!
lava_leshay : @shemixedbreed
lava_leshay : @authenticbratt
1curvyqt : What store is this?? Walgreens??
college_couponing : Walgreens @1curvyqt
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This is the result of my other daughter hair, Tiara @ixmari_ . She is rockin a twist out...its was wash day for her too. #teamnatural #twistout #asiamcowash #Acvrinse #naturalhair
acvrinse - twistout - naturalhair - teamnatural - asiamcowash -
richdianna : Love the natural hair
ten26 : Thanks @richdianna
yangdeguang : πŸ†’
_shayladenise - ladylear - shia_lenise - nella1369 -
From last nights wash...for everyone who's been asking...IM LAZY when it comes to my hair and I don't do much but here's a glimpse of some of the products I use if I decide to use any, nothing fancy! 😏 BEFORE washing, I usually finger-comb my hair with the "AS I AM" Coconut Cowash (Top Middle) and I was with a lot of different brands....Last nights choice was "Mane and Tail" (Middle)...I only use the detangler when it's REALLY needed, this time it wasn't, THANK GOD! πŸ™† After washing and conditioning, I squeeze all of the excess water out and use a T-SHIRT to soak up the rest, NOT A TOWEL. πŸ’† And I usually detangle with just my HANDY DANDY SPRAY BOTTLE (Mixture of water and oil) and Argan Oil (Bottom Middle)...The less product the better to prevent build-up after a fresh wash! πŸ’† ...and THAT'S IT! Told y'all I'm lazy!! LOL! Oh, and the bottom right shows how much of my hair shed while detangling...minimal if you ask me, it's been a month since my last wash. #naturalhair #nhdaily #teamnatural_ #teamnatural #naturalgirlsbelike #naturalhairinspiration #healthyhair #naturalhairwashday #llyh #protectivestyles #asiamproducts #asiam #arganoil #hairproducts #asiamcowash
teamnatural_ - asiam - asiamproducts - naturalgirlsbelike - arganoil - hairproducts - teamnatural - protectivestyles - llyh - healthyhair - naturalhair - nhdaily - asiamcowash - naturalhairwashday - naturalhairinspiration -
miss_sugahill : Wowwwwww how do you go a month without washing your hair? My hair would feel icky from product build up....you curls are perfection I'm So jealous 😩
mee_myself_andi : Don't be jealous!!! I love your hair! Lol @miss_sugahill And I can usually go that long because I don't really use product...just water and oil on the daily
miss_sugahill : Thanks babe. How's the Asiam cowash I've heard great things. You use shampoo after?
mee_myself_andi : Yes it's good! @miss_sugahill I use their twist-out cream too, it defines really well! And I tried the cowash this with no shampoo...it didn't work for me, so I kinda use it more as a pre-poo...
miss_sugahill : Ok imma try them both thanks luv 😘
dlene22 : Does the As I Am cowash not clean as well or you prefer to use shampoo following the cowash?
mee_myself_andi : I prefer to follow with a shampoo because of the length of time I wait in between washes @dlene22
dlene22 : Ok. Thanks.
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Went to visit my boo thang today. I love her life. πŸ’‹πŸ’‹ #family #sisters #cousin #usies #love @phina_mightbe
usies - love - family - sisters - cousin - nofilter - asiamcowash -
amarie83 : Out*
amarie83 : Aww thank you lovely. πŸ™ˆπŸ˜˜ @love_a_melody
_asiabree : Okay cuz I think ill be a blonde soon and I'm tryna make sure I don't try my hair out. Right now I alternate between deva curl, curls, and shea moisture! So #AsIAm will be my next purchase 😁
amarie83 : Just don't become a product junkie. Sometimes I have to catch my self. Lol @_asiabree
_asiabree : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I know! I'm becoming one but ima slow down I wana find what my hair likes the most
amarie83 : Good girl. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @_asiabree
dawncherie33 : Aww love this pic😍 it almost looks like you're going toplessπŸ™ˆ lolol
amarie83 : Ugh. Only you. Smh πŸ˜³πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ @dawncherie33
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@iridescenthair after one co wash with As I Am coconut co wash ... After rinsing the cowash I clipped the hair up on too if my head and let it air dry and then let it down. These are the results. πŸ’†πŸ™†πŸ’#asiamcowash #cowash #girlswithcurls #curlyhair #virginextensions #extensions #certifiedextensionist #washday #peruvianhair #braziliancurlyhair #brazilianhair #iridescenthair #protectivestyling #healthyhair
brazilianhair - protectivestyling - cowash - virginextensions - girlswithcurls - washday - certifiedextensionist - healthyhair - extensions - curlyhair - peruvianhair - asiamcowash - iridescenthair - braziliancurlyhair -
_grmnhurd : Sooooo I want this hair!! Your fault completely!!!
nickisimpmua : No no no πŸ™ˆ it wasn't ready yet I had to make sure it was good product !!! @_grmnhurd
_grmnhurd : No I mean next lol!!!!
nickisimpmua : Ok you'll love it @_grmnhurd
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Hair all prepped for tomorrow. Only took an hour this time. I did a Co-Wash, moisturized and detangled, and twist. I used my 3 Amigo's to give me a nice looking twist out! Can't wait to see the results. #AsIAmCoWash #CantuCoconutCurlingCream #SheaButter #MyNaturalHairCare
mynaturalhaircare - sheabutter - cantucoconutcurlingcream - asiamcowash -
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#WashDay #Natural #NaturalLove #NaturalHair #AsIAmCoWash #Curls #CurlsPattern #Curldefinition #Definedcurls #FingerDetangle
fingerdetangle - natural - naturallove - curls - curlspattern - washday - asiamcowash - naturalhair - curldefinition - definedcurls -
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I liked my results ☺️ #WashDay #AsIAmCoWash #FlatTwistOut #NaturalHair #NaturalLove
naturallove - flattwistout - naturalhair - washday - asiamcowash -
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Since my weg (wig) just magically disappeared I'm rockin my curls curls curl curls curls I do adoreeee!! #summatime #naturalhair #washandgo #asiamcowash #arganoil #nofrizz #heatfree #organic
arganoil - organic - summatime - washandgo - asiamcowash - heatfree - naturalhair - nofrizz -
ms_slim_shady : Turk yu know in my house thangs jus up an disappear (boots) πŸ˜’
ms_slim_shady : @turquoise_chauntel
irock087 : Love that co-wash!
ms_slim_shady : @irock087 😁me too
ms_slim_shady - nadia_coco - taylorrose_23 -
Hair goodies πŸ™ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜»πŸ˜» #missjessie #missjessiepillowsoftcurls #missjessiejellysoftcurls #asiamcowash #teamnatural #hairgoodies #productjunkie #ilovebeingnatural #naturalhairproducts
missjessiepillowsoftcurls - missjessiejellysoftcurls - ilovebeingnatural - teamnatural - asiamcowash - productjunkie - naturalhairproducts - missjessie - hairgoodies -
totsdaword : Miss Jessie is good. But expensive
beyond__infatuation : Ikr ! I only buy it from Walgreens. Use my discount and points lol @totsdaword
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Hair goodies πŸ™ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜»πŸ˜» #missjessie #missjessiepillowsoftcurls #missjessiejellysoftcurls #asiamcowash #teamnatural #hairgoodies #productjunkie #ilovebeingnatural #naturalhairproducts
missjessiepillowsoftcurls - missjessiejellysoftcurls - ilovebeingnatural - teamnatural - asiamcowash - productjunkie - naturalhairproducts - missjessie - hairgoodies -
abundantly_blessed7 : @college_couponing hello doll...I usually use As I Am.. but I purchased the pillow soft curls today how would you rate it?
college_couponing : Heyy and honestly an 8. I'll tag you in a picture when I used the pillow soft curls. I have a huge frizz problem and I don't get that with miss jessie. And keeps my curls in tact longer than most products @abundantly_blessed7
college_couponing : But it works really good. And not much string age. I ment to type an "9" not 8 @abundantly_blessed7
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Some goodies from our hair party last night. #wen #hairrulescurlywhip #asiamcowash #sheamoisture #deeptreatmentmasque #urbantherapytwistedsista #aunaturale #saunamasque #salonadvantage #motions
salonadvantage - sheamoisture - saunamasque - urbantherapytwistedsista - wen - asiamcowash - hairrulescurlywhip - deeptreatmentmasque - motions - aunaturale -
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Do they sell this anywhere in England? #asiamcowash #asiamcoconutcowash #need #want #musthave #naturalhair
asiamcoconutcowash - naturalhair - musthave - want - need - asiamcowash -
gocurls : Paks
taste_muah_tattoos - black_is_love - gods_son88 - dal_boy -
#naturalhair #blondhair #heynaturalhair #smallcurls #curlyhair #coils #twa
coils - heynaturalhair - africanamerican - blondhair - kinkyhair - asiamcowash - blackhair - kinkycurls - twa - naturalhair - curlyhair - naturalhaircommunity - smallcurls -
4hz : Hair's better than mine 😩
smallcurls101 : do you put anything in it? @4hz
smallcurls101 : #naturalhaircommunity #africanamerican #blackhair #kinkycurls #kinkyhair
4hz : Nah; what do you use?
smallcurls101 : @4hz when I get out the shower I use coconut oil and if I'm going out I put in cantu curling cream to enhance my curls ... and when I wash my hair I use #asiamcowash I took a picture of the products I use on my hair .
4hz : @smallcurls101 cool thanks πŸ‘
phaedramarcano : Thinking of this color and cut next! @smallcurls101 love it!!
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Let's just say this isn't even 1/4 of my products. #productjunkie #naturalhair #tyringtoseewhatworks #trialanderror #asiamcowash
productjunkie - tyringtoseewhatworks - naturalhair - walmart - trialanderror - asiamcowash -
sha_kirah1020 : Girl i am finally all natural...trying to find the right product....
riccarobin : I have four products out of your 1/4. I adore thee Lakair cholesterol
mistyd9 : @curlytiffany natural hair will make you a product junkie..I am constantly buying products..
curlytiffany : I love love love the Lekair cholesterol, but #walmart don't sell it anymore. @riccarobin Girl I still be buying stuff!! Lol @mistyd9
babyxwhore : Hey can you please get the app in my bio they have free gift cards ?? 😊 @curlytiffany
curlytiffany : I already have this app @celinezzy I don't use it very much but I already have it!
sassyaka01 - tipwilliams01 - babyxwhore - bakerycassamia -
New video on my YouTube...finally did a product review of the As I Am Coconut CoWash #naturalhair #asiamcowash #productreview
productreview - naturalhair - asiamcowash -
amberthecreditgirl - happilynaturallit26 -
#curly #curlsforthegirls #curlchallenge #allnatural #naturalista #naturallycurly #naturalcurls #orangelips #puckerup #blondeshavemorefun #teamnatural Day 2: #ojonrestorativeconditioner #asiamcowash #morrocanoil
naturalcurls - naturallycurly - curly - orangelips - blondeshavemorefun - ojonrestorativeconditioner - naturalista - teamnatural - curlsforthegirls - curlchallenge - puckerup - allnatural - asiamcowash - morrocanoil -
nicholastharpe - mrkhanyile - gofigr - ms.k.fatima -
#washday #washandgo #naturalhaircare #naturalhair #curlyhair #curls #kinkyhair #kinkygirlsdoitbetter #asiamcowash #organixdeepconditioner @cantubeauty #cantusheabutter #grapeseedoil @ecostyler #ecostylergel and letting the Florida 🌞 take care of the drying part πŸ˜†
ecostylergel - naturalhaircare - organixdeepconditioner - washandgo - curls - washday - asiamcowash - kinkyhair - naturalhair - grapeseedoil - curlyhair - cantusheabutter - kinkygirlsdoitbetter -
kaytemuk : Like it!
simply_teka : Thanks @kaytemuk at some point I'll make a full tutorial on how I do my wash and go.
simply_teka : @mrsrouzard2u this is a short video telling you what products I use...I'll let you know when I make the tutorial.
renren0923 - karynnstagram - prettycrisi - storm_monae -
Two new products I plan to try and review soon.πŸŽ†I was at Marshalls today and found this #aveeno #livingcolorconditioner on sale for $4 and thought well why not at least try it lol...its suppose to be good for color treated hair.πŸŽ‡ Saw this #asiamcowash at Walgreen's for $7.99 and I've been wanting to try this since I'll be getting back to co-washing more often soon.
livingcolorconditioner - aveeno - asiamcowash -
lalove_loyaltyteefah - divasneedlove2 -
Love this product now #asiamcowash #teamnatural #naturalhair #twa #sheamoisture #naturalhaircommunity #asiam #cowash #curlyhair #naturalista #naturalhairjunkies #curls #twistout #tresemmenaturals #teamnatural_ #teamnaturalhair #bigchop #missjessies #mybeautifultwa #curlyhairproblems #natural
naturalhairjunkies - teamnatural_ - asiam - naturalhaircommunity - mybeautifultwa - teamnatural - asiamcowash - naturalhair - curlyhair - curlyhairproblems - cowash - tresemmenaturals - bigchop - twa - natural - sheamoisture - curls - naturalista - teamnaturalhair - missjessies - twistout -
ameeravancollection - i_kee_natural_hair_diva - jessicaspheredaily -
For my natural girls! #naturalkids #asIamcowash #shemoisture #nautralhair #condition #wash #detangle #mygirlsNATURAL #naturalproducts
naturalkids - mygirlsnatural - asiamcowash - wash - nautralhair - shemoisture - naturalproducts - detangle - condition -
trulespecial - extremelyfatima - jragency - alwayzluvinlala -
#Latepost had to reup. ..love this. A must have #asiamcowash #naturalhair #asiam
latepost - naturalhair - asiam - asiamcowash -
biancamk_ - lovingleo725 - ladylear - marissadf91 -
Excuse the expression on my face. The sun was in my eyes. My hair did not dry all the way through so my twist out didn't turn out exactly how I wanted it but I still like it! #bighairdontcare
asiamcowash - naturalhair - bighairdontcare -
24caratblue : #asiamcowash #naturalhair
itzallcrystal_clear : I think I have what @blu_topaz calls hair envy!!
mrsbriab : Pretty!!
24caratblue : Thanks @itzallcrystal_clear and @mrsbriab πŸ’™
theracishere - mrsbriab - iam_r3zilient - bads_seed -
#bighairdontcare Part 2 #naturalhair #asiamcowash
asiamcowash - naturalhair - bighairdontcare -
bklynwoman11 - sweetl0716 - bads_seed - millery -
I don't usually post a lot about hair products on here but when I find one I love, I have to share! I am definitely adding this to my list of staples. This little jar is like gold. It allowed me to wash, condition, and detangle my hair in about 30 minutes and I didn't even need to use a comb. It normally takes me 30-45 minutes just to detangle. After washing, I applied a leave in and twisted my hair. The whole process took me about an hour. I will post the finished product tomorrow. #naturalhair #cowash #asiamcowash
naturalhair - cowash - asiamcowash -
rhonrhon6 : Nice! Maybe I'll give it a try
mrs_cox4ever : I use their coconut cowash and I like it
lala_land_tam : See, told ya!
portiaarianne : I will try it. =)
betty_brown_eyez : @solesista1920 lady where did you purchase this? I need something that will make detangling easier
24caratblue : Target @betty_brown_eyez. They have it at some Walgreens too.
betty_brown_eyez : @solesista1920 thanks lady!
mrs_cox4ever - elle_cherie - saiesha05 - hypnoticdoc -
Semi-Big hair don't care! Lol!! #loveit #lovemyhair #twistout #missjessiespillowsoftcurls #AsIAmcowash #AsIAmleavein #itkeepsgrowing πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸŽ€
itkeepsgrowing - kinkychicks - twistout - missjessiespillowsoftcurls - loveit - lovemyhair - asiamleavein - asiamcowash -
hoodsense : πŸŒΌβ¬…add this flower to it!! 😊
khaganz : Lol!!! Got it @hoodsense 🌼🌼🌼!
khaganz : @kinky_chicks1
khaganz : #kinkychicks
_natural_beautyiam - simplycherrelle - luvnotlost - neseeb -
Got a new hair product from #sheamoisture.. Combined it with my trusty #coconutoil.. my curls feel so soft.. We'll see what happens when my hair is totally dry.. #newhairproducts #allnatural #curlycurls #curlyhair #curlygirlsdoitbetter #allnaturalhair #myhaircrush #naturalhairproducts #takingbettercareofmyhair #noharshchemicals #sulfatefree #allnaturalingredients #instahair #instagood #washday #noshampoo #asiamcowash #asiam #nopoo #cowashonly
newhairproducts - curlyhair - allnaturalingredients - noharshchemicals - sulfatefree - instahair - noshampoo - naturalhairproducts - asiam - asiamcowash - myhaircrush - sheamoisture - curlycurls - takingbettercareofmyhair - allnaturalhair - washday - instagood - curlygirlsdoitbetter - allnatural - cowashonly - nopoo - coconutoil -
bellavita829 : @chef_monkx coconut oil! Use a moisturizer than some coconut oil to lock it in best thing I've done for my hair!
chef_monkx : So I don't wash it out ? And moisturizer like an anti frizz oil ? @bellavita829 yes I need to save my hair it has no body at all
bellavita829 : So try the Shea moisture I have pictured it's for exactly like moisture & body then use a little of the coconut oil after to lock it in and help your ends.. Just use like a half a teaspoon at a time of the coconut oil so you can figure out what is a good amount for your hair you don't want to put too much and it will become greasy after a day.. I use about a teaspoon in my hair and I work it in from roots to ends.. You should also cut out the shampoo if you use it & try a cowash.. I haven't used shampoo in like 6 months and honestly I'll never use it again..
bellavita829 : @chef_monkx
chef_monkx : ThanxS !! I'm deff gonna try it
maddyalise : I NEED THAT!
curlyhairedbombshell : Whee did you get the hair milk at?
bellavita829 : @curlyhairedbombshell I got it in Walmart..
p_drillo - kitten823 - isysse - droppar -
good curls and its a rainy day! hahaha the lawd loves me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚ #curlbox #asiamcowash #asiam #carolsdaughter #missjessiequickcurl #missjessiepillowsoft #curlyhair #goodhairday
missjessiepillowsoft - curlyhair - missjessiequickcurl - curlbox - asiamcowash - goodhairday - carolsdaughter - asiam -
_ghostheart : Gorgeous
showcasenyc : Curls for days!
bing35th : Stuntin on them #curlgang lol
cherylannc : Curls πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
tiffanyb___ - victoria.karma - itsflue_bruh - jerrykaannette -
by @theautumnflower "Fav products for hair πŸ™†πŸ’†πŸ’ #sheamoisture , #coconutoil #leaveinconditioners #AsIAmCowash #manechoicedeepconditioner ##acv #almondoil #morrocanoil i loveeeee #paulmitchellTHECONDITIONER πŸ’™ & #sheabutter ...etc, still discovering good goodies" via @PhotoRepost_app
sheamoisture - leaveinconditioners - paulmitchelltheconditioner - asiamcowash - manechoicedeepconditioner - acv - almondoil - sheabutter - coconutoil - morrocanoil -
kiaanique - walkbyfaith__90 - realdoublev - reashamoriba -
Fav products for hair πŸ™†πŸ’†πŸ’ #sheamoisture , #coconutoil #leaveinconditioners #AsIAmCowash #manechoicedeepconditioner ##acv #almondoil #morrocanoil i loveeeee #paulmitchellTHECONDITIONER πŸ’™ & #sheabutter ...etc, still discovering good goodies
sheamoisture - leaveinconditioners - paulmitchelltheconditioner - asiamcowash - manechoicedeepconditioner - acv - almondoil - sheabutter - boldandnaturalchallenge - coconutoil - morrocanoil -
theautumnflower : @blackboldandnatural #boldandnaturalchallenge fav products day 9
mrsnacole : The Paul Mitchell conditioner @ronnieeeee_21
serena_g_smalls - x__paranoid__x - carlospachame - ogshimmyy -
Curls popped today #naturalgirls #naturalhair #bbn_ #naturallyshesdope #asiamcowash #cowash #washngo #curls #teamnatural #ilovemycurls
curlcuties - cowash - naturalhair - naturalgirls - curls - teamnatural - asiamcowash - naturallyshesdope - ilovemycurls - teamhealthyhair - washngo - bbn_ -
elegantcurls_ : #curlcuties
elegantcurls_ : #teamhealthyhair
elegantcurls_ : @healthy_hair_journey
strobe7 : Just beautiful
lene5 : I am going to go natural. I love your hair! What products do you use to enhance your curls? #nervous 😁
lene5 : @elegantcurls_
lene5 - embraceyournatural - naturalskillinit - treasur4rmhvn -
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