Just finished #styling and #makeup on beautiful topaz for her #kauailifestyle magazine shoot! Love her @topazf @mycharlievalentine @wildandfreehawaii
kauailifestyle - makeup - styling - ashleyatbostons -
_indiecat : #ashleyatbostons
topazfernandez : 😍😍😍😍😍 it and love you!!! @ashleyatbostons
allee_b3 - piilani_77 -
Come get your pastel on! $15 a strand #pastelextensions #pastelhair #cottoncandy #mylittlepony #hippiehair #bohorainbow #love #ashleyatbostons
love - bohorainbow - mylittlepony - ashleyatbostons - cottoncandy - hippiehair - pastelhair - pastelextensions -
sharadee219 : Omg!!!! Love those!
wildandfreehawaii : I love it!!!!!
jamie96734 : You need an iPhone ASAP !!!
wutever : So cute. 😍😍
_indiecat : @sharadee219 omg I know! I have been wanting pastel for ever! Love extensions... @jamie96734 lmao omg shut up lol @wildandfreehawaii love you! @wutever heart @peezylarouche I'm bringing my stuff home with me, I can do it
kyri_m_ - miamdelaglace - brianeecabacungan -
#pastelextensions #itip #pastelellumin #goininmyhair
itip - pastelextensions - ashleyatbostons - goininmyhair - pastelellumin -
sharadee219 : I wanna see a pic once they are in! @ashleyatbostons
_indiecat : @rirenegade I know! Lol @sharadee219 you'll see em at the convention! I just made turquoise ones too!
__kaleii__ : that's sooooooo cool OMG @ashleyatbostons
khietluu : @ashleydana1 where did you get these? Can you text me the info.
_indiecat : @khietluu they were blonde and I've been experimenting with making my own pastel tones. I colored these myself. Just purchased the extensions ahead of time. They were blonde
_indiecat : Lol oh just ignore that last part. I repeated myself...I sound like a robot lol @khietluu
chloe_hunny : Where did u order ur hair extensions?!
luxuryhairforu : OMG I love your work. I would love to supply you with our Luxury Extensions at 40 to 50% off so you can make a profit. DO NOT respond on this account. Follow my Business Page MYPERFECTVIRGINHAIR & DM me there. Lets make some money together today
__kaleii__ - elliottwh - sharadee219 -
#wildandfreehawaii #photoshoot photo cred #lunalovephotography styling @wildandfreehawaii h/mu by me #ashleyatbostons my beautiful partner in crime @_mayava_ in eclectic #kapaatown
lunalovephotography - ashleyatbostons - photoshoot - kapaatown - wildandfreehawaii -
alexandramariko : Goooorgeousss ashhh😘
_indiecat : @alizepetron aww thanks sweet cheeks! Come home and visit me!
inyourliverpoolslums : .....
alexandramariko : πŸ‘Œi will once i get back to πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ boo! 😘
thekittenzmittenz - brittany_y_ - johnnybeyer - cherissekentrita -
#highbun #HOTD #instapic #bathroompic #hairpic #ashleyatbostons
bathroompic - ashleyatbostons - hairpic - highbun - hotd - instapic - hater -
caramariexoxo : Hahaha #hotd
_indiecat : @caramariexoxo well? They have outfit of the day, so imma do hair of the day. Boom
alexandramariko : Ashhhh i was running errands all morning but u weren't at work yet! I leave on the red eye tonightπŸ˜ͺ I'll be back soon!
arturoluna1 : #freak
caramariexoxo : Hahaha I get it it's just 😁
_indiecat : @alizepetron awww no worries babe I'll see you next time doll face hope you have a safe trip back momma!
_indiecat : @arturoluna1 #hater
stylepact_ - brandmt1 - wildandfreehawaii - t_to_the_stfu -
#ashleyatbostons #regalrandy #funhair #disconnected #bohemian #princess #lovelylady #Iwant
disconnected - regalrandy - iwant - lovelylady - funhair - ashleyatbostons - bohemian - princess -
_indiecat : @sofiyasmami awww I miss you too! I hope life is going good sweet pea
sofiyasmami : @ashleyatbostons it's getting better day by day, it's a hard transition for sure, for all of us. But this is where we are supposed to be right now, I just know it! Sofiya asks about Stevie all the time! Muah!
_indiecat : @sofiyasmami awww I know stevie misses her too! I'll show her their picture together and say who's this? She always says sofiya with a big smile
keatondodd : Looove
_indiecat : @keatondodd why thank you! She is a beauty and can rock that h/c
_egg_ : Oh MY GOD!!! #jealous #badass #hair #rockinit @ashleyatbostons ur an f-ing #hairgenious
_indiecat : @_egg_ that's her natural curl too!
_egg_ : Gorgeous and #lucky
wildandfreehawaii - t_to_the_stfu - lindamarienguyen - brookiiiiii -
A new but 'old' look #classiccut #publicenemynumberone #hotstuff #menscut #handsomehaircut #handsomeguy #johnnydeppeatyourheartout
handsomehaircut - ashleyatbostons - menscut - publicenemynumberone - hotstuff - classiccut - handsomeguy - johnnydeppeatyourheartout -
mycharlievalentine : I'm in love with this #haircut good job as always @ashleyatbostons
_indiecat : @mycharlievalentine awwwwwwwwww thanx babe! We need to get you in too!
lyf2srt : <3 the style! Def a fan if longer hair, but this cut fits Arturo quite well!! Pure handsomeness!
_indiecat : @lyf2srt thanx cole! Your so sweet! I want you to meet my family! Give the family live for me! I miss em
_indiecat : Love*
mrsamericanpie : @peezylarouche keeps talking about wanting to cut his hair
mrsamericanpie : ...this I like! Looks great on @arturoluna1 :)
_indiecat : @misscandyrocks aww thanx babes! ya @peezylarouche would look awesome with this cut!
brandmt1 - aliciaaltman - arturoluna1 -
#makeup #eveningeyeshadow #goinout #lashes #mac #ashleyatbostons
ashleyatbostons - lashes - makeup - mac - goinout - eveningeyeshadow -
caramariexoxo : #hawtgirl
surfacin4air_clean_latifah : #dragonqueen #hipster
_indiecat : @caramariexoxo you were totally in my dream last night lmao
caramariexoxo : Haha nice! I hope it was a good dream haha what was it about?
_indiecat : @caramariexoxo us just hangin out. You were just being you, silly and fun.
caramariexoxo : Hahaha fun!
loveburd : 
spanishmiss - ciarrajanae - _penalishhhh -
#me #ashleyatbostons
me - ashleyatbostons -
_indiecat : Aww thanks girly! @ahhhleesah
naeniezgoda : You look so gorgeous! (:
wildandfreehawaii : 😍😍😍😍
mrs_agustin : You do pretty well I wanna be like you when I grow up ....😍
_indiecat : Love you guys!
ciarrajanae : @ashleyatbostons my wife!!
kahealanikawailiula : awe, miss you gorgeous!!!
unwrapthenewyou - mattducat -
#Blueellumin #goldwell #myfavoritecolorline #hiendcolorline #thebestcolor #edgycolor come get your #hair done by me! #ashleyatbostons
myfavoritecolorline - edgycolor - hiendcolorline - thebestcolor - goldwell - hair - blueellumin - ashleyatbostons -
jonahfoote : Fancy!
ciarrajanae : Aww i love u bestie !!
somerella_ - joshua_toner -
Come support #relayforlife today! 20$ of every cut will be #donated to the #americancancersociety
hairbyme - disconnected - edgycut - relayforlife - funhair - ashleyatbostons - donated - textured - hair - americancancersociety - shavedunderneath -
_indiecat : #ashleyatbostons #hairbyme #hair #edgycut #shavedunderneath #disconnected #funhair #textured
arturoluna1 : Is that he head we found?
livelaughalohaofficial : @ashleyatbostons ξ€Ž
_indiecat : Yes sir it is! @arturoluna1 and now I'm coloring it...boom
surfacin4air_clean_latifah - kvtiejxhnsxn - sofiyasmami -
#ashleyatbostons #lips #pinklipgloss #mylipglossispoppin #makeup
mylipglossispoppin - ashleyatbostons - pinklipgloss - lips - makeup -
alexandramariko : Ayyyyyeeee sexy I must see u when I get go
alexandramariko : Home* in a few weeks!πŸ˜˜πŸ‘Œ
benn_harding : Love this !
_indiecat : @benn_harding why tank you!
alexandramariko -
#Bohohair #ashleyatbostons #randi #longAline #beachwaves #sunlightened
ashleyatbostons - randi - sunlightened - bohohair - longaline - beachwaves -
lyndsaykrodgers - notoriousbfc - plomes -
#ashleyatbostons #vintageinspired #beautifulhair #bettypagebangs #classicbob #kelci
ashleyatbostons - vintageinspired - kelci - bettypagebangs - beautifulhair - classicbob -
arturoluna1 - lilladi84 - steffgbm -
Favorite hair cut and color #ashleyatbostons #blondesdoitbetter #shavedunderneath #disconnected #platinumblonde #beautifulhair #alanna
blondesdoitbetter - ashleyatbostons - shavedunderneath - alanna - platinumblonde - beautifulhair - disconnected -
brookiiiiii : Wait... Is this the one u were talking about?
_indiecat : Kinda...on my sis I would shave the whole underneath and leave her hair natural there, but I can do a more subtle variation of this....more like the other photo of her hair that you commented on @brookiiiiii
gillykaz : I'm thinkin about chopping my dreads off..been over 5 years! This is inspiring to just take the plunge.😁so cute. Happy to have stumbled across ur page.
_indiecat : Awwwwwwwwww thank you! Glad my work has inspired you! What a compliment! Lemme know how it goes if you decide to! Our if your on the island, come see me! @gillykaz
gillykaz : I visited Kauai for my first time last year and fell in love! Looks like you doin great out there. Will def come see you when I make it back. Cheers😊
_indiecat : Yay! Please do! @gillykaz
caramariexoxo - gillykaz - haysterical -
Hair/mu by me #ashleyatbostons #pastelhair #blondesdoitbetter #mymuse #beautifulhair #colorzoomchallenge #goldwell my beautiful sis alanna
blondesdoitbetter - ashleyatbostons - colorzoomchallenge - pastelhair - mymuse - beautifulhair - goldwell -
brookiiiiii : Ohhhh!!! I want mine like that!!!
caramariexoxo : Is that a for real human?!
_indiecat : Before we took the photo she was! Lol @caramariexoxo
caramariexoxo : Wait what? So she was a human before but now she's not? Hahah
fanntabulous : Love!
_indiecat : @caramariexoxo : p"
gillykaz : This one too! Beautiful work lady!
_egg_ : Hey! Thats,me#
brookiiiiii - chanel_11 -
#mymuse #weloveturquoise #hairbyme #cheyenne #tattoobyarturo
hairbyme - ashleyatbostons - tattoobyarturo - weloveturquoise - cheyenne - mymuse -
wildandfreehawaii : She's gorgeous!!!
_indiecat : Oh ya, and sweet too! @wildandfreehawaii
_indiecat : #ashleyatbostons
_indiecat : @dddiamonds That's what I've been saying! I can't believe no ones discovered her yet?
benn_harding -
Hair/mu by me! Beautiful cheyenne... #ashleyatbostons #hair #makeup #mymuse #fauxhawk #mullet #girlymullet
hair - doctoreddoll - ashleyatbostons - makeup - girlymullet - mullet - mymuse - fauxhawk - doctoredlocks -
_indiecat : @mz_sheri yes I do! I'm at bostons in lihue! I'd love to give you a new look
mrs.cheyenne.sarsona : She's gorgeous!
_indiecat : @doctoredlocks #doctoreddoll #doctoredlocks
sass_14w - socalinkslinger - mikaelalundbergh -
Have a good weekend! #happysaturday #kisskiss #haveagoodday #nowitstime #togotowork
kisskiss - happysaturday - wildandfreehawaii - haveagoodday - nowitstime - ashleyatbostons - togotowork -
livelaughalohaofficial : @ashleyatbostons Hope u bringing the lil one to Tianos tmrw :)
wildandfreehawaii : Cuuuute!!!!
_indiecat : @alwayslivelaughaloha yep! I'll be there! @wildandfreehawaii thanx chan! I'll swing by after work to pick up my #wildandfreehawaii shorts!
wildandfreehawaii : @ashleyatbostons I work at 4 .. Jamie should be home..
_indiecat : #ashleyatbostons
wildandfreehawaii - livelaughalohaofficial - whatevernicole -
Tonights makeup, a splash of purple #makeup #eyeshadow #mac #eveningeyeshadow
eyeshadow - makeup - mac - ashleyatbostons - eveningeyeshadow -
_indiecat : Thank you love! @msriri_11
fanntabulous : Love the purp!!
annelise.etc : Pretty! Do mines! I need a new spin on my look!!❀
_indiecat : I would love to baby cakes! @sodas_girl
_indiecat : #ashleyatbostons
_egg_ : Colors?
fanntabulous - courtneyhopesalliswell - whatevernicole - sofiyasmami -
I have openings! Come get your #hair done with me at #bostons
hair - bostons - ashleyatbostons -
eryarisharishi : Ash...you work Saturday? I wanna do my hair. Lmk😊
_indiecat : Yes babes but this sat is booked out already! what about next week?
_indiecat : @eryarisharishi
eryarisharishi : @ashleyatbostons Ok. What time?
eryarisharishi : @ashleyatbostons or what's ur number I'll text with u.
_indiecat : 509 374 7447! @eryarisharishi
_indiecat : #ashleyatbostons
_indiecat : @kroniclesofroke on my right knee
michelleelizzza - sofiyasmami -
#hair #curls #curlyhair #shinyhair #childrenscuts #littlegirl
hair - littlegirl - childrenscuts - curlyhair - shinyhair - curls - ashleyatbostons -
_indiecat : #ashleyatbostons
calebslinger : My favorites
_indiecat : @calebslinger cuuurls!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
calebslinger : Shhhhhh just let it happen
mycharlievalentine - aarvidssons - sofiyasmami -
#misskauaifilipina # beautyqueen #crown
misskauaifilipina - crown - ashleyatbostons -
_indiecat : #ashleyatbostons
ls_79 - brookehauoli - mycharlievalentine - sofiyasmami -
#wingedeyeliner #makeup
ashleyatbostons - makeup - wingedeyeliner -
_indiecat : #ashleyatbostons
calebslinger : Of
fixietime - corinavalenz - _egg_ - mycharlievalentine -
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