Robot! Door @artofgunnar #newschooltattoo #newschool #artofgunnar #tattoonederland
tattoonederland - newschooltattoo - artofgunnar - newschool -
artofgunnar : Thanks so much
lostworld_1 - pkmntrainer_andee - nestormurrayart - dr.beez -
Been busy working on some projects, but I thought I would whip up a little evil zombie kid for the holiday season. #oilpaint #oilsketch #underpainting #zombie #Halloween #trickortreat #creepy #artofgunnar
artofgunnar - halloween - oilsketch - creepy - zombie - trickortreat - oilpaint - underpainting -
joeskram : Very emotive ! I think the expression is great!
peter_tattoos : I love it!
lukejc10 : @paulconover this looks like you as a kid
j_ed3n_art79 : You don't see to many zombie kids these days unless they're in the playstation, lol I like it @artofgunnar
audrarochelle : Love this
imlesko21 : Looks like Isaac from Children of The Corn
gabenhf : Haaaaa I like turrrtles!!!
jeeperstcb - mr.meatballs - mikejasilionis - _unclecreepy_ -
This Thursday @boris_winslow will be doing walk-ins and @artofgunnar will be in for the week! Should be buzzing at Hidden Los Angeles!! So make sure to come by and say hi and get a tattoo! #artofgunnar #gunnar #boriswinslow #hiddenla #hiddenlatattoo #hiddenlosangeles #gunnabeagoodweek
hiddenla - gunnar - gunnabeagoodweek - artofgunnar - boriswinslow - hiddenlatattoo - hiddenlosangeles -
qatrmoon80 : @hiddenlosangeles Aside from Thu, when is Boris coming back in?
hiddenlosangeles : @qatrmoon80 hey brotha!! @boris_winslow will be joining us part time November/December-ish! His contact info is located on his main page, give him a shout I'm sure he's more than happy to get ya in and get ya laced up with something sweet!
artofgunnar : Woohoooo see you soon
big_rich_bumboclots - sarz391 - sixthstar82 - _thenatural_ -
About a year ago, I was lucky enough to be a part of the "Match Made In Hell" with @russabbott & @artofgunnar . Russ and Gunnar had the seminars at both @hell_city conventions. This was probably the most unique tattoo experience I've had. Russ and Gunnar built a model of the tattoo then explained their process for the DVD during the tattoo. Huge thanks to @kayleigh_fkirons and @fkirons for sponsoring and helping set it up. Thanks to @Sullenclothing for filming the DVD. Everyone should check out the Match Made In Hell dvd. #InkAndDagger #russabbott #artofgunnar #MatchMadeInHell #RedTree #BirdHouse #FKIrons #HellCity #sullenclothing #tattoos
tattoos - russabbott - inkanddagger - hellcity - fkirons - matchmadeinhell - redtree - artofgunnar - sullenclothing - birdhouse -
pretzel42 : Such a stellar piece bud πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
chrismiller513 : @pretzel42 thanks man. When you coming back to see Kyle ?
artofgunnar : @chrismiller513 thanks so much for everything. It was such a fun time. Hope all is well.
z_montana_z - bryanvanbike - waronstage - kayleigh_fkirons -
Drawing for a new painting I started today for an upcoming #starwars theme group show. #aliceinwonderland #jabbathehut #darthvader #cheshirecat #Leia #Alice #salaciouscrumb #whiterabbit #artofgunnar
starwars - aliceinwonderland - jabbathehut - salaciouscrumb - darthvader - alice - whiterabbit - artofgunnar - cheshirecat - leia -
elefuntozer : Watching your DVD my boys as we speak @jakekaramoltattooer @gabesmithtattoos
0verseer : @kris_kiddo
nathanvarneyart : @artofgunnar starwars themed arts how sounds dope!
bahnjaminbutton : Fuckin rad man
sandypandybear : @denisajade
iamjak_mosaic : cool, let me know if youd like to order a custom wood art piece!
keyagirl6 - taylorharpster - 1instinct - kris_mcdivitt86 -
Just wrapped up a great workout with @artofgunnar. We've been slacking in the gym lately but we are ready to get back at it full force! #sfbfit #steadfast #npc #npcbikini #fitmom #fitfam #tattoos #artofgunnar @sfb_fit
tattoos - fitfam - steadfast - npc - fitmom - artofgunnar - npcbikini - sfbfit -
spott3r : πŸ’ͺπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘
jeeperstcb : @artofgunnar is getting huge
npc_helena : Yes he is @jeeperstcb !!
betsyhockadayfitness : Great pic! Love it!
aesthetic_athletes - peachybean - kittystavern - odbeef -
That's right everyone! Stoked to announce! @artofgunnar is coming back this October!!! Gunnar will be here from the 23rd-27th So if ya wanna get in, email him to seal a spot! #artofgunnar #gunnar #hiddenlosangeles #hiddenla
hiddenla - gunnar - hiddenlosangeles - artofgunnar -
tbirdhermz : Benny!! ❀️
brettherman : @tbirdhermz 😊😊😊😊 - sashakonkin - darthswarm - thecreatoroftheundaunted -
So @flex_lewis just left this comment on @artofgunnar page. Thank you very much for the kind words to both of us 😊 #artofgunnar #flexlewis #fitcouple #npcbikini #thankyou
npcbikini - thankyou - flexlewis - fitcouple - artofgunnar -
that_nagger - greaserclay39 - tattooedjuliet - odbeef -
And the backside #breakingbad #breakingslabs #breakingkitties #walterwhite #jessepinkman #gunnar #artofgunnar #coltanttant #art #artists #tattoo #tattoos #tattoocollector #tattoocollectors #hellcity #hellions
tattoos - art - walterwhite - hellions - artists - coltanttant - gunnar - breakingkitties - breakingslabs - jessepinkman - tattoo - tattoocollectors - tattoocollector - breakingbad - hellcity - artofgunnar -
tattjitsu : Couldn't find you to say bye but what a fun weekend. You are like an old friend, it was a blast. See ya soon!
pretzel42 : @tattjitsu no worries bud , for sure brother , I'm tellin you man feel like I've known you for years man , what an awesome weekend with family and I can't wait for our next adventure
jinxi : πŸ’™πŸ’™
pretzel42 : @jinxi πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ˜˜ love it times a thousands oh and by the way your awesome and so is your family
pretzel42 : @sillyjillypilly 😬😬😬😬 RIGHT thanks sista
pretzel42 : @s_cotterman how funkin cooool right brotha 😜 gonna be illll when it's done
pretzel42 : @tylerjeffries88 thanks brotha πŸ™
pretzel42 : @tbirdhermz isn't it sista lol so awesome what he's doing for me
inthegripofgrace - jimelitwalk - chuckdeezee - ladydilata -
WIP Here is the start to my #breakingkitties masterpiece done by brother @artofgunnar inspired by my brother @coltontant. We got a decent start but I had to tap because I was freezing my ass off and Gunnar couldn't have been more understanding and I can't thank him enough for that. Never expirenced a situation like that before but I still think we made great progress. I tried to be a trooper. We will finish up at red tree. Than you for everything brother. Absolutely incredible. #breakingbad #breakingslabs #breakingkitties #walterwhite #jessepinkman #gunnar #artofgunnar #coltanttant #art #artists #tattoo #tattoos #tattoocollector #tattoocollectors #Tattoocollectorsunite
tattoo - tattoocollectors - art - walterwhite - tattoos - tattoocollectorsunite - tattoocollector - breakingbad - artists - coltanttant - gunnar - artofgunnar - breakingkitties - breakingslabs - jessepinkman -
artbyjake : Haha this is awesome dude!! @artofgunnar killed it as usual!! Grats buddy!!!!
bdr6990 : @little.miss.inked
pretzel42 : @bbrones44 I remember that lolol. That was the jacket that I gave Scotty as part of his tip lolol. πŸ˜œπŸ‘Š brotha I was shivering for like the last 2and a half hours of it ,, extremely tough man. Gunnar was sooo cool about it
pretzel42 : @tbirdhermz like nothing I have ever expirenced I was shivering for like the last 2 and a half hours of it. Everytime he touched me I would lock up so I didn't move , and when he stopped I would just shiver. Lolo it was tough but I still think we got a good jump on it The ribs is tough
pretzel42 : @sillyjillypilly πŸ˜¬πŸ˜¬πŸ™πŸ™πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š how great sister
pretzel42 : @coltontant it's gonna be epic my brother , thank you for the inspiration of this idea and truly epic piece by Gunnar
pretzel42 : @artbyjake thank you my brother πŸ™πŸ™πŸ‘Š gonna be insane bud. Did you see my piece by Scotty on my foot Bananassssss
coltontant : Man thankyou dude I couldn't be more honored my man
damntim - richkacprzak - thesmokingsquatch - cadatonic -
Here is the final #sketch from my man @artofgunnar of the #breakingbad #walterwhite #jessepinkman piece of my baby kitties #walterwhite and #jessepinkman project we started yesterday @hell_city @hellcitytattoofest. I would like everyone to know this piece was inspired by one of my favorite artists , my brother @coltontant of a #breakingslabs piece that he did which I will post later. Can't thank both of you brothers enough. Truly an honor and thank you for your time and effort. #breakingbad #hellcity #hellions #tattoo #tattoos #tattoocollector #tattoocollectors #gunnar #artofgunnar #coltanttant #art #artists #ilovethisindustry
tattoos - sketch - art - ilovethisindustry - walterwhite - hellions - coltanttant - gunnar - artists - breakingslabs - jessepinkman - tattoo - tattoocollectors - tattoocollector - breakingbad - hellcity - artofgunnar -
pretzel42 : @coltontant right back at ya my brother πŸ™ŒπŸ™πŸ™πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š love ya buddy
pretzel42 : @ponylawson πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š thanks my man
pretzel42 : @bbrones44 thank you brother πŸ™πŸ‘Š spending Tom. With Scotty 😁😁😜
pretzel42 : @tattjitsu thank you my brother , your awesome bud πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š
pretzel42 : @sillyjillypilly πŸ˜¬πŸ˜¬πŸ˜œπŸ‘Š
artofgunnar : Such a pleasure hanging out with you @pretzel42 .
jimelitwalk : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
pretzel42 : @jimelitwalk πŸ˜¬πŸ˜¬πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š thanks brother , absolutely blown away by the start. Did you see the "storm toother" Scotty did on my foot yesterday Crazzzzy
jimelitwalk - peretti_custom_art - ladydilata - insomniatattoos -
On the left is 13 years of aging on an awesome original @artofgunnar tattoo from back when he opened his own studio, Gods and Monsters. I'll never forget when I told him the idea, he said "dude, I got a book full of those." On the right is the end result of 9 1/2 hours breathing new life into what was already an incredible piece. Now it's just next level ridiculous. Thanks, Gunnar!
tattoos - art - 0011000101100111 - tattoo - bodymod - boyswithtattoos - gunnar - lasers - ink - guyswithtattoos - redtreetattoo - tattooed - inkednation - pewpewpew - doesnotcompute - tattooeddudes - newschool - robot - dudeswithtattoos - artofgunnar -
rickcmj2 : That's amazing!
sarasharts : Hah! Wow.
mimithatonegirl : Amen to finding an artist who is excited and has the perfect style for your tattoo! That is awesome. I think it is time for some touch ups in my near future. Thanks for the share!
theasian : I have always loved that tattoo as it's so vibrant now. :). And, I'm digging the fact that 13 years later you're wearing the same tank top. Lol
luketoney : @mimithatonegirl thank you!
luketoney : @sarasharts @rickcmj2 @gramcrackers thanks y'all! Gunnar is the best in town.
luketoney : Thanks @theasian ! :D
stone_wallace : Cool
sedgwick_guth - fracturing - mariahfelty - imnolife -
Gunnar of Red Tree Tattoo in Columbus, Ohio will be attending Hell City Phoenix. @artofgunnar @redtreetattoo @hell_city #hellcity #hellcity2014 #hellcitytattoofest #hellcitytattoofestival #Phoenix #phx #Arizona #Biltmore #resort #tattoo #art #convention #festival #vacation #liveart #hell #redtree #gunnar #artofgunnar #redtreetattoo
liveart - arizona - art - phoenix - festival - phx - hellcity2014 - hell - redtreetattoo - redtree - tattoo - biltmore - hellcitytattoofestival - hellcitytattoofest - vacation - hellcity - resort - gunnar - artofgunnar - convention -
lunchbox2007420 : Fuck Yeh ! Gunnar is sick with it .
phoenixforyou : nicee @hell_city :)
emmalouiseee86 : @chrim801 Piper is famous!
delt_nikolas : @ben_disclife top left
ben_disclife : Sick @delt_nikolas
eternaltattooz - theswiftstorm - lilbigdave - gertschreuder -
Had a awesome time hanging with our friend @artofgunnar this last week, he did some amazing stuff this trip..always a pleasure to witness his magical fingers in action! #artofgunnar #gunnar #hiddenlosangeles
bwhoooooo - gunnar - hiddenlosangeles - artofgunnar - lightweight -
jthomasinks : That's dope ! I want something by him soon
artofgunnar : @hiddenlosangeles thanks so much for a great visit....that pic is ridiculous...haha
artofgunnar : #foolsblood
christopher_velasquez : @artofgunnar #partiallycommitted
mistamoses44 : @hiddenlosangeles who are some of your upcoming guest artists and what dates?
hiddenlosangeles : @artofgunnar we had a blast hanging with ya man!! Keep slayin it!! ❀️ #lightweight #bwhoooooo
aimeerenea31 - dooneydnads - adventures_of_jessica_jean - hey_azzy -
Had a great week with @artofgunnar He gave me this awesome Frankenstein painting! Inspiring watching him do his craft! Thanks Gunnar! #yeaaabuddy #lightweight #foolsblood #ladygaza #ralphmachiatto #secretlynice #gunnar #frankenstein #artofgunnar
gunnar - secretlynice - yeaaabuddy - ladygaza - artofgunnar - lightweight - frankenstein - ralphmachiatto - foolsblood -
adampasquali : Lucky fucker!
brettherman : @adampasquali I know right!!!! ;)
swancoatart : Incredible!
joe_laney - 1711tattoostudio - hey_azzy -
Watching @grimisgood get tattooed by the great @artofgunnar πŸ‘ŠπŸŽ¨πŸ’‰ #artofgunnar
artofgunnar -
artofgunnar : @rlink88 I look so serious. @grimisgood definitely not looking as serious. Good seeing you guys. Hope to catch you again next visit
punkrockcowgirl - orozconick - bernaaaaay - cecelia_sarah -
Excited to have @artofgunnar here throwing down with us! He did this awesome cat today on @tbirdhermz freehand! Skills! We love you Gunnar! #secretlynice #gunn-gnar #bennybuttonsherman #artofgunnar #hiddenlosangeles
gunn - secretlynice - bennybuttonsherman - artofgunnar - hiddenlosangeles -
jamesgee : So sick.
grimisgood : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
_christymariaa - carol_santos31 - mango_217 - staybased13 -
Excited to announce @artofgunnar has extended his trip and will be at Hidden Los Angeles tomorrow until the 24th! Excited to hang with this fella! #artofgunnar #hiddenlosangeles
hiddenlosangeles - artofgunnar -
alexcicek - blair_anthony_41 - nattyydread - haviktattoo -
Working on some new sleeve ideas. Putting my spin on some Japanese folklore....available soon #kappa #gonefishing #okiku #revenge #Japanesetattoo #folklore #sketch #artofgunnar #redtreetattoo #redtreefamily
gonefishing - kappa - artofgunnar - revenge - aogsketchbook - japanesetattoo - folklore - redtreefamily - redtreetattoo - sketch - okiku -
artofgunnar : @mrjamesvaughn haha, thanks . I saw that they enjoyed cucumbers, but pickles seen way more fitting
siekay : Is that a kappa??? I have a kappa tattoo. Yay for the kappa!
drewski_elish : Hell ya thats what ive been workin on as well!! I finished my kappa last night!!
whiteboystyle : U rule
navqual : Awesome
mike_schielke : @artofgunnar Sorry it's a joke off a website is all lol.
billymenegat : πŸ‘
artofgunnar : #aogsketchbook
scales81 - gizzardgoop - _whiskey_tango_foxtrot_ - _psylied_ -
New collaboration flash set from the talented artists over at @redtreetattoo is available. This set features sheets from @durbmorrison @artofgunnar @kevinstress @adamfrance @freedomfeet @artbyrusty and @bunnydontinstagram. Please visit our site for more details. #durbmorrison #artofgunnar #kevinstress #adamfrance #freedomfeet #artbyrusty #bunnydontinstagram #tattooart #tattooflash #tattoo #tattoos #tattooing #tattooartist #tattooartists #kingpintattoosupply
kevinstress - artbyrusty - tattooartists - tattooing - tattooartist - tattoo - tattoos - freedomfeet - durbmorrison - bunnydontinstagram - artofgunnar - tattooart - tattooflash - kingpintattoosupply - adamfrance -
anonymous21345 : @brandonsontag
morbeats_32 - victorknuel - 1711tattoostudio - mal_esw -
Fun tattoo for today. #newyork #bigapple #bluebird #birdtattoo #ladybugs #ladybird #skull #skulltattoo #colorbomb #colortattoo #artofgunnar #redtreetattoo #ohiotattoo
skulltattoo - artofgunnar - skull - newyork - ladybugs - colorbomb - 614 - colortattoo - bigapple - ladybird - ohiotattoo - redtreetattoo - birdtattoo - bluebird -
eric_the_don : Awesome
danielguzmantattoos : So cool
artofgunnar : Thanks @eric_the_don
artofgunnar : Thanks @danielguzmantattoos
danielguzmantattoos : @artofgunnar. Np man always a big inspiration!!
artofgunnar : #614
seanhermantattoo : I love this!
damionsilver : @artofgunnar the work looks great man! Glad to see you well!
musicsavesasoul - wheelyumdee - andresgomez_sdink - woodindahood -
Another one I did for fun a while back. Based off a sketch from @artofgunnar
upperplayground - artofgunnar - onevibe -
dzains : So cute!
dogumdesign : You. My friend. Are an animal at this thing called art.
ririv : Love his soulful look!
onevibe : @projectaloha @bdlart @connorscreations626 @dzains @dogumdesign mahalo to you all! You guys rock
onevibe : @ririv ☺️
onevibe : #onevibe
pipingskieee : Cool :D
onevibe : #upperplayground #artofgunnar @upperplayground
megwalsh18 - ev222 - emanon_emn - siscacfs -
Our good pal Gunnar is coming back to @hiddenlosangeles and @art_junkies_tattoo July 17-23rd email him at to secure a spot today! #artofgunnar #gunnar #hiddenlosangeles #artjunkies #guestspot
artjunkies - guestspot - gunnar - hiddenlosangeles - artofgunnar -
eric_the_don : Woohoo !
loricomplex - timoe237 - daryllsaints - milo8otis -
Super excited to announce @artofgunnar will be back for another guest spot in July! Email him at to book your appointment ASAP! Space is limited! #artofgunnar #gunnar #hiddenlosangeles
gunnar - hiddenlosangeles - artofgunnar -
tbirdhermz : Rad!!!
hiddenlosangeles : @tbirdhermz heck yea!!!
thebabykhaleesi - shamrockpat - _tongueincheek - cabezadecaca -
Sweet little sneak peak at a sketch @artofgunnar is workin on for the next @mementopublishing book project "The Sketchbook Collection" always a honor to include Gunnar he has such an imaginative and original style! Give him a follow and keep your eyes peeled for this amazing book dropping later this year!!! #gunnar #artofgunnar #thesketchbookcollection #mementopublishing #thecoloringbookproject
thecoloringbookproject - mementopublishing - gunnar - thesketchbookcollection - artofgunnar -
nickmitchellhatesyou : That's awesome!!
thecoloringbookproject : @nickmitchellhatesyou heck yea!!
thecoloringbookproject : @nickmitchellhatesyou @artofgunnar is the man!!!
sharlyswaag - new_username_same_lame_dude - ponylawson - yogicapone -
I absolutely love the progress being made on my half sleeve by @artofgunnar ... Maybe one or two more sessions until it is completed. Still have to put the wolf and moon (logo) on the inside and then add a bit of color.
owl - family - freshink - company - ulekstore - guitar - sugarskullturtles - ink - logo - plugs - skulls - tattooartist - turtles - familydog - halfsleeve - tree - dog - wolf - artofgunnar - tattoodesign - anchor - raven -
ulekstore : #ulekstore #artofgunnar @artofgunnar #owl #wolf #raven #guitar #tree #family #anchor #company #logo #turtles #skulls #sugarskullturtles #familydog #dog #plugs #ink #freshink #halfsleeve #tattooartist #tattoodesign
saarahelaaine - wickitty_cat - todopefordope - erinmhendrix -
Tattoos from the Cloud πŸŽ†πŸŽ† @artofgunnar πŸŽ†πŸŽ† πŸŽ†πŸŽ† @redtreetattoo πŸŽ†πŸŽ† #tattoocloud #thinkyourink #artofgunnar #tattooartist #tattoostudio #tattooartistmagazine #tattoosnob
tattoocloud - tattooartistmagazine - artofgunnar - tattooartist - thinkyourink - tattoosnob - tattoostudio - - studioavenue - chris_tat2 - coreybedwelltattoos -
🚭 need to finish this bad boy. Come back to California already @artofgunnar #breakingbad #walterwhite #heisenberg #artofgunnar
heisenberg - walterwhite - artofgunnar - breakingbad -
fernandoe_amador : Bitch!
sierra.0 - oswain - blackxfeet - gera_kings94 -
Metal melting unicorn! Thanks Gunnar I love it as always!!! @artofgunnar #unicorntattoo #artofgunnar #horsetattoo #cutetattoo #melting #girlwithtattoos #girlswithtattoos #myartcollection #mybody #amazingtattoo
melting - myartcollection - amazingtattoo - girlswithtattoos - mybody - girlwithtattoos - cutetattoo - artofgunnar - unicorntattoo - horsetattoo -
paradigmdrift : :>
epohorez : Dope
chrismiller513 - black.paradize - jlangotti - pri_leon -
Armpit tattoo, butterfly bat #bat #battattoo #butterfly #cutetattoo #artofgunnar #armpittattoo #colorfultattoo #color #art #butterflybat #sleeve #girlwithtattoos #bodymod #tattoos #cute
butterfly - tattoos - bat - art - butterflybat - sleeve - bodymod - color - armpittattoo - girlwithtattoos - cutetattoo - cute - artofgunnar - battattoo - colorfultattoo -
epohorez : Love it. That's awesome @freeasdeer glad you got to stop in the good old red tree gallery @redtreetattoo
moddedpunk - gattea_ayana - mike_aka_crash - jamiekxc -
It took me a while, but I finally went back to finish my arm. Couldn't be any more pleased with it. #finished #gunnar #artofgunnar #colortattoo @artofgunnar
colortattoo - finished - gunnar - artofgunnar -
big_hawaii : What does it all mean?
bencoriell : @big_hawaii it's a metaphor for life man.... it's deep, like the ocean.... you know..... meaning and stuff rabble rabble
aranciognostica : ᎣαŽ₯αŽΎα†αŽΉαŽ­αœαœαœ maraviglia
bencoriell : @giordanabruno you know I don't speak Spanish Lidia! Geez.
aranciognostica : MARVELOUS
bencoriell : @giordanabruno I get it, you can speak multiple languages..... in English now please for us simple folk.
aranciognostica : @bencoriell πŸŠπŸŠπŸŠπŸ† better?
bencoriell : @giordanabruno 3 boobs and a dildo. Got it.
kileypie - sophialoferski - idoenjoybakedgoods - nikkerbacher -
Breaking in the new @redtreetattoo artist's lounge with @artofgunnar #redtree #durbmorrison #artofgunnar #redtreetattoo #columbus #ohio photo: @artbyrusty
columbus - redtree - artofgunnar - ohio - redtreetattoo - durbmorrison -
bruiselikeapeach : @earthnap
tattooedjuliet : I like what you've done with it!
shawncraig1 : @durbmorrison @artofgunnar this looks like an atmosphere album cover!
gregdrake517 : Rock stars!
eshaneb : Look who's on the bum bench now? My good man.
nesadvantage - french_g - juliahaus - sammasb -
Gunnar's wolf head from Hell City Killumbus. @artofgunnar @hell_city #hellcity #hellcity2014 #hellcitytattoofest #hellcitytattoofestival #Killumbus #columbus #ohio #tattoo #art #convention #festival #hell #gunnar #artofgunnar
tattoo - columbus - art - festival - hellcitytattoofestival - hellcitytattoofest - hellcity - killumbus - gunnar - artofgunnar - convention - hell - ohio - hellcity2014 -
cashaza : @yeka_hueso
jclipschultz : Excellent
tattoo_steph_78 : Bad ass
ftwtattooed : That's my leg!!!! @artofgunnar
artofgunnar : @ftwtattooed :). It's showed up a few times. Check out @stencilstuff and @inkedmag (I believe) . Thanks @hell_city for the shout out
ftwtattooed : Thanks again @artofgunnar I'll be making the driving for another one for sure!!
afredic - druunita - marceltattooer - x3ilikepiex3 -
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