Feeling real angry and vengeful over all the bullshit happening to my people over in Kessab, Syria. They want to wipe out Christianity out of the middle east but i say Fuck all u turks, muslims & all u fuck boys. 777 gang //:. #turkilla #armenianwarrior #armeniansouthsider #armenianandproud #113% #armenian #crusader #beirut #lebanon #syria #turkey
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awadice : You know better than that im pretty sure @aramdamirjian777
aramdamirjian777 : U fucking lil bitch made motha fucker I can give a fuck about the fucking rebels or bashar. All I care about is my Armenian race. #prisontat #centenela fuck ur thoughts its still fuck #turks #jihadeemuslims #kurds and anybody thats down with em puto hahahahahahah . V/ SSR X3:.//
aramdamirjian777 : @awadice ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
most.insta : Hey fuckingggggg kidd! U dont HAVE RIGHT to judge a RELIGION just for one fucking person!!! Dont judge religion!! I respect ur religion! And so u should! U fucking lil thing!
kbad_ : Still cursing huh @hatekillings? By the definition of islam, if you respect our religion, then you don't respect your own.
avocadosallday : Go fuck yourself hatekillings
aramdamirjian777 : @gugo_co my back piece
aramdamirjian777 : Hell yea @losif_vissarionovich ! Thanks for the support my friend.
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Double Fisting them lunkers @dirtykhach @whatstanks #bass #fishing #armenianwarrior #quantum #trilene #pondhoppers #fishingpicoftheday #follow #strikeking #lures #northeastlunkers
lures - bass - pondhoppers - strikeking - armenianwarrior - trilene - fishingpicoftheday - northeastlunkers - quantum - follow - fishing -
mikefuckinhill : @realmen_
bobbyeckert : @mikefuckinhill lol
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Did this one yesterday Vartan Armenian warrior. #ivanonataletats #goodfellastattoo #bishoprotary #tatsoul #tattoolife #tattoos #blackandgrey #vartan #armenianwarrior
tattoos - vartan - goodfellastattoo - tatsoul - ivanonataletats - armenianwarrior - tattoolife - bishoprotary - blackandgrey -
stevesototattoo : Sick!
chuck_galati : Nice
rmen5 : That's bad ass u did that check out my art work I'm an Armenian artist @ivanonataletats
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