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Me encanta esta foto #me #armenianwarrior #armenian4ever #armenian
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iarrue18 : Mazas
loquita_67 : *--*
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Missing Mr. SUPERMAN #missyou #vatche #poohead #cometoitaly #seeyousoon
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sarenaterella : #armenianwarrior @vatche_nalbandian
vatche_nalbandian : No no no mr superman not here
sarenaterella : Hey that's my nonna!!! @vatche_nalbandian
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Azat Asoyan 1994-2014 Being Armenian to me is a gift and a blessing. To have such a rich culture and history is amazing. We often forget that there are men and women in Armenia giving theyre lives so that we can still have that pride and honor. God bless our beloved brothers amd sisters in Arms against evils and enemies that try to continuously wipe us off the face of earth. Getse Azad Anghakh Hayastan!!!!!! #RIP #armenianwarrior #armenian #armenian #respect
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aramdamirjian777 : Thanx u @arsineskitchen
rita_habs : Always boo. Come home soon.
art_g : RIP ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ™ god bless our Hero's and god bless our people.
seto777 : Rip
tigran_the_great : Be careful bro Azeri idiots come to these things and Ike 100 of them talk shit
dimebagdarrellabott : Ba vonca Vor azeri bozer@ stex ban Chen ase?? Zarmanalia
aramdamirjian777 : Aper Eerants # hash tag chem are dira hamar. Amota vor mer mahatsasz zeenvorneree maseen aydents khosen. Esi mer ampokhch hayeri hamarem sarke vor eemanan eencha badahoum mer hayereneekee mech. @dimebagdarrellabott & @tigran_the_great
dimebagdarrellabott : @aramdamirjian777 shat lav es are, es azeri gioter@ shat putankaen
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Feeling real angry and vengeful over all the bullshit happening to my people over in Kessab, Syria. They want to wipe out Christianity out of the middle east but i say Fuck all u turks, muslims & all u fuck boys. 777 gang //:. #turkilla #armenianwarrior #armeniansouthsider #armenianandproud #113% #armenian #crusader #beirut #lebanon #syria #turkey
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aramdamirjian777 : Gracias @cyn_preciouslove
cyn_preciouslove : De nada :)
karamelll : That's really clean! : ) do you live there now?
aramdamirjian777 : Thank u Alina! For now I do. Im getting married at the end of summer and bringing my wife back with me to L.A. @karamelll
karamelll : I love it!!! Enjoy the shit out of that place! Some of us will never get to see it. : ( oh and CONGRATULATIONS!! She's gorgeous btw!
aramdamirjian777 : it is absolutely beautiful here hopefully ull get the chance someday and thank u :) @karamelll
aramdamirjian777 : @awadice ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
aramdamirjian777 : @gugo_co my back piece
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Double Fisting them lunkers @dirtykhach @whatstanks #bass #fishing #armenianwarrior #quantum #trilene #pondhoppers #fishingpicoftheday #follow #strikeking #lures #northeastlunkers
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mikefuckinhill : @realmen_
bobbyeckert : @mikefuckinhill lol
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Did this one yesterday Vartan Armenian warrior. #ivanonataletats #goodfellastattoo #bishoprotary #tatsoul #tattoolife #tattoos #blackandgrey #vartan #armenianwarrior
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stevesototattoo : Sick!
chuck_galati : Nice
rmen5 : That's bad ass u did that check out my art work I'm an Armenian artist @ivanonataletats
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