Not all of the #popovers popped but Christ did rise on the 3rd day and #BecauseHeLives we all will rise after death too. #Easter #religion #lds #Breakfast #faith #familytraditions #CrushIt2015 #ShareGoodness #AriseAndShineForth #yum #BecauseofHim #grandpawest
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#ElderPacker speaks clearly and powerfully of love & procreation and the plan of happiness. Watch #LDSconf live on lds.org #religion #ShareGoodness #AriseAndShineForth #CrushIt2015
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Morning everyone. You cant see it but thats the "blood moon". Happy Easter and Passover. Have a great weekend. #truckerslife #trucking #tankeryanker #kw #fuelhauler #working #ariseandshineforth #easter #passover
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Sunrise. Happy Good Friday #kw #fuelhauler #working #ariseandshineforth #truckerslife #trucking #tankeryanker #goodfriday #IGUthah#801#435
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Getting ready to take off. #truckerslife #trucking #tankeryanker #kw #fuelhauler #working #ariseandshineforth
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rentcarskw : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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Seminary is one of my favorite parts of the day. I ❀️ these teens that get up so early to make the scriptures an important part of their lives. They arise and shine! #earlymorningseminary #ldsseminary
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fancy_nancy33 : πŸ’«βœ¨πŸŒŸβœ¨πŸ’«
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Time to go put in some work. #truckerslife #trucking #tankeryanker #kw #fuelhauler #working #ariseandshineforth
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I had the amazing privilege today to attend a LDS ward in Bangkok. There are many members + stakes in the city and its growing bigger and bigger! The gospel is spreading across the world and the work is hastening. It's truly a spectacular thing! It was a great testimony builder and experience. I was able to meet these three cool elders. The elder on the left is from Payson, Utah!!😏 (It was pretty cool meeting someone from Utah, especially Payson, I LOVE Payson). The elder on the right was from Georgia. We actually both went to the International DECA competition in Atlanta, Georgia last year so that's pretty neat! Then the elder on the far right is from Ohio. Pretty cool guy. 😎 And I'll be turning in my mission papers soon after I get back from Thailand, and who knows, these could be my future companions! #ArmyOfHelaman #AriseAndShineForth #BecauseOfHim πŸ‘
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dragonyeager : no elder boonme?:(
jillwarburton : Turning in your papers already? Wow. But you boys are my babies now. You're supposed to stick around forever. None of this graduating and growing up garbage.
dy_moneyrespect : My soul aches due to a lack of Matthew Boonmee.
little_lem : #Ohio
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It's 6 am. Do you know where your favorite fuel hualer is. He's working. #truckerslife #trucking #tankeryanker #kw #fuelhauler #working #ariseandshineforth
fuelhauler - kw - truckerslife - working - tankeryanker - ariseandshineforth - trucking -
fifthwheelrw : πŸ‘ mornin driver
tankeryankergeorge : Morning @fifthwheelrw
centerlinewheels : Cool!
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Climbing up lamp posts in youth to get the perfect mormonads 😏 #livinglifeontheedge #ariseandshineforth #mormonad
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I heard an EFY song and it made me think of two summers spent with the SICKEST people I know - the Youth of the Church. β™‘ you for freaking ever.
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kneehowjoyce : #efy #ariseandshineforth #anxiouslyengaged #TRUETAHDEATH #flagstaff #saltlakecity #cedarcity #provo #kansas #kentucky #ogden
audis4life : :)
saralarayn : :-)
hannah_dahneke : :--))
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A glorious dawn o’er all the world is breaking // Arise! you are called to bear the Savior’s name // ================================= #toknowhimthealbum #ariseandshineforth #loftystudio #recording #sunrise #iphoneonly
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hopethehorselover : Love the pic and the song! πŸ˜‰πŸ‘ @calebrayne @jonathan_a._dewar
jonathan_a._dewar : I like that song too! 😊
solrising : Very cool!
arianavidela : amazingpicture
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This will forever be one of my favourite songs ☺️ #LDS #EFY #ariseandshineforth #mormon #beautiful #music
beautiful - efy - music - lds - mormon - ariseandshineforth -
missionguys : Wow like it!
bethie_gill : Me too! Absolute fave
hey_itsness : @missionguys it's really nice and sends across a lovely message :)
hey_itsness : @bethie_gill right?! Ngl I might have cried the first time I listened to it πŸ˜‚
bethie_gill : I knooooow! Actually sums up life perfectly awwe
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Rise and shine. A little jumpy sunrise I'll admit, but beautiful nonetheless. #sunrise #ariseandshineforth
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ch_ar_li3 : Hey I'm keen to go again!
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-Aos 12 anos me tornei Firme e Inamovível. Aos 13 me tornei um Exemplo. Aos 14 me Esforcei e tive Bom Ânimo. Aos 15 Acreditei. Aos 16 me Ergui e Brilhei. Aos 17 Permaneci em Lugares Santos. Aos 18 Vim a Cristo. E finalmente aos 19 Embarcarei no Serviço de Deus! -At 12 I became steadfast and immovable. At 13 I became an Example. At 14 I had struggled and Good Cheer. At 15 I believe. At 16 I lifted me and shone. At 17 I stood in Holy Places. At 18 I came to Christ. And finally at 19 I will embark on the service of God! #embark #webelieve #holyplaces #comeuntochrist #ariseandshineforth #strongandcourageous #lightkeepers #steadfastandimmovable #lds #sud #mormon #ldsgirl #mission #utahsaltlakecitytemplesquaremission #templesquaremission #missionary #thebookofmormon #happiness
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Verily, I say unto you all: Arise and Shine Forth, that thy light may be a standard for the nations. || D&C 115:5 •always be seeking for truth and righteousness• #lds #mormon #doctrineandcovenants #D&C #Christ #light #jesus #jesuschrist #truth #ariseandshineforth #godisgood #god #bookofmormon #positive #potisivelife #mormonvibes #mormonlife
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dandc.365 : Saw this post about the BofM! We are reading D&C together this year if you or anyone you know might be interested!
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Arise and Shine forth! Be YOU! Thank you so much for 1.7k followers!😱 what a great surprise to wake up to!! You guys are amazing😘 Now let's get to 2k!! Tag your friends that you think would like this account! Thank you!! #mormon #LDS #inspiration #inspire #sharegoodness #teamchoosetheright #riseup #ariseandshineforth #beyou
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purplewhitney : @kirsi_g @riley_s_larson @lil_camille_7 @bryant_salazar
_jelly_b : @jarmaster24 @dont_mess_with_hess @aub.heyy @patty31401 @leannielynn
_jelly_b : @abby.cook
kennedy.jean.e : @sagedawnroth
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pele.takitaki_ : @ai.sley @samoan_4_eva @kiana.96708
madison_arnold02 : @mormongal_2020
madison_arnold02 : @hannah_arnold97
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There is beauty all around. A winter #raspberry #grandmasgarden #california #AriseAndShineForth #ShareGoodness
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Sunday in #grandmasgarden #oranges #AriseAndShineForth #ShareGoodness #california
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Goodmorning!! #nofilter #selfie #ariseandshineforth #xoxo
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ahmed.dilmurad : Cute
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#Mormon #shine #AriseAndShineForth
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@melarumbaoa ^^* #friendship will never end #lds #ldsyouth #ldsyoungwomen #ariseandshineforth #comeuntochrist
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jairobarey : Because modesty matters 😊
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I want to testify that you are a child of god, royal sons and daughters of a heavenly Father who loves him he knows your every need,weakness ,and strength's with Christ's help ALL things are possible,believe in him,let him share your burdens, let him be your strength in all your trials . let him be your example, let him be your strength to be the light in the darkness. Arise and shine forth.
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aubsjhansen : #lds#spirtualsunday #simpletruth#ariseandshineforth#youcanwineverytime#beandexampleuntoeverynations#tryharder #christlovesyou#heisthere#lethimin#comeuntochrist#mormon#loveit
callycocunut : Love this quote!
aubsjhansen : Hahha me too @callycocun15
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Have a great day ladies! #ariseandshineforth #RevereYWaremyfave #yourock @danielle_olivia_buckley @jasmine_suazo @johanna_the_awesome_xoxo @sydney_the_awesome_xoxo @tori__mac @betshinaaa13
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"Verily I say unto you all: Arise and shine forth, that thy light may be a standard for the nations..." D&C 115:5 #sunset #colors #colorful #arise #AriseAndShineForth #car #dumbmove #iphonetragedyaverted #highway #truck #ford #ford150 #antenna
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becca._.meows_fur_fun : That is great @aaronwbateman
aaronwbateman : :P I only had to stick my iPhone out the window to get it. @xlonewolf_socialbutterflyx
becca._.meows_fur_fun : You must have a really good camera. If I took it. It would totally suck.... @aaronwbateman
aaronwbateman : That's why I love the iPhone. :) great cameras @xlonewolf_socialbutterflyx
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#ariseandshineforth #keepcalm
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"Decisions determine destiny." I have already decided and will continue to serve the Lord with all my heart, mind, and strength. I have a sure testimony that Christ is real, and He LIVES. The gospel brings me so much joy and happiness, and I cannot wait to serve a mission and bring THAT joy that I have felt into other people's lives. How could I ever be sad when I know I have a Heavenly Father that loves and cares for me? How could I not always be happy when I know I can live with my family forever? Families are eternal. God is real. We are surrounded by people who love us. The gospel is happiness. Life is an amazing thing, and we are all here for a reason. It's just up to us to decide how we use this wonderful gift of life our Heavenly Father has given us. #AriseAndShineForth #BeTheGood #ShareGoodness #IAmAMormon
ariseandshineforth - iamamormon - bethegood - sharegoodness -
dancercal_ : Hollis, you're so inspiring! ❀
gabethebabe97 : Can we be friends?
wackyweston : STUD
gerthy : 😭I love this
katieeoka : This is great and you're greatπŸ’œ
kenzie_161 : BABE
joebyobeynobey : I miss ya bro and love this picture and message! This is the best ever thanks for everything you've done to impact my life!
brownsuuuugar : Thank you all so much!!!:)
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✨ Glorious ✨ Download from ITunes - Link Below https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/efy-2012-especially-for-youth/id534020311 #EFY #Youth #LDSSHARE #Glorious #HeavenlyFather #LDS #Mormon #Gospel #IAmMormon #AriseAndShineForth #DoctrineAndCovenants #PurposeOfLife
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eldernamok.plm : #LDSshare
bhandariayu - joelandries973 - lucymiles1234567 - mrs_amira_bejja -
Up close and personal with Sister Elaine Dalton. She gave a very sweet and encouraging talk in sacrament meeting today. #ariseandshineforth ❀️
meetthemormons - sweet - mormon - latterdaysaints - manhattanldstemple - sacramentmeeting - sisters - nyc - ariseandshineforth - talk -
barbarasita : Wow! That's so great you saw and heard from Sister Dalton!
brynanna : Oh my gosh!! How awesome!!!!! Lucky!!
theycallmemayo : #latterdaysaints#nyc#manhattanldstemple#mormon#meetthemormons#talk#sacramentmeeting#sweet#sisters
janellmurri : Awesome!!! I love her!
gabriellajazmin - truecrewsocks - mormonfamily - kennahope -
"Verily I say unto you all: Arise and shine forth, that thy light may be a standard for the nations"πŸ’›πŸ’Žβ˜€οΈ
lds - efi - likeforlike - takingitbackto - selfie - messyhair - ariseandshineforth - dontcare - 2012 -
christinaadams13 : #messyhair #dontcare
shelbi_duran : πŸ˜πŸ’‹πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘†πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ’œ
christinaadams13 : @shelbi_duran you little babe! 😘
hey_its_amyyy_ : So gorgeous :)
christinaadams13 : @amy_kearneyhogan YOU are so gorgeous!!!
soontobemrsluna : You were in my group! Ahh! :)
christinaadams13 : @laurenrebeccalulu I know, remember? :') when we first became friends!! I was like "hey, you're from the book!" Haha miss you!!
soontobemrsluna : That's crazy. That was over two years ago, girl! :o We did. :D haha, that was hilarious. I miss you too. x
kileecuffburton - aparker_600 - _chxrx - kennahope -
Can't wait for the Temple to be done!!! Also the cultural celebration!!! #ariseandshineforth
ariseandshineforth -
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Here's one of my lovely homemade videos for ya! Haha but truly y'all - be an example wherever you are. Whether you're the only Mormon in your school or you're surrounded by many others, be the person who truly represents Christ. Be an example through the way you dress. The words you say. What you think. What you do for others. How you date. Where you go. The list goes on and on. He's always with you. You're not alone my friends! Heck we have millions of members across the world that have the same struggle. But as you set an example and set yourself apart you not only are following the standards but you're finding out who you truly are and who you want to become. -A #lds #mormon #latterdaysaints #MusicMonday? #fhe #beanexample #ariseandshineforth #mormons #ldschurch #ldstemple
mormons - ldschurch - fhe - mormon - beanexample - lds - ldstemple - latterdaysaints - ariseandshineforth - musicmonday -
kristineym : I've heard this message before but it still resonates. Beautiful job!
army.of.helaman : Is that like the 2012 mutal theme sing
army.of.helaman : Sing
latterdaysaints : thank you! @key_to_success01 @logangreenfeld @_linde25_ @kristineym
latterdaysaints : I'm glad! @camipaige Yes. @leahholt01 I'm not sure! @missionaries_of_his_truth
army.of.helaman : Okay I thought I reginized from cc practice
leahholt3 : Gurl you good! @latterdaysaints at singing I means haha
chadhawkinsartwork : Since 1989 have benn one of the LDS church’s premier temple artists
lds.young.woman - calling.all.mormons - sman42 - foreveryoung_foreveryoung -
"5 Verily I say unto you all: Arise and shine forth, that thy light may be a standard for the nations" D&C 115:5 We must be an example unto the world, that they may see the "Face of God" in us! We must "Start a chain reaction"-Rachel (#rachelschallenge) and "pay it forward". This is it the blessings and joy we have been given in our lives. QOTD: What are some ways we can be examples? BTW guys I am taking a 3 day social media fast to help get more intune with the spirit so see ya all monday!! #ariseandshineforth #lovethisscripture #answertheqotd
lovethisscripture - answertheqotd - ariseandshineforth - rachelschallenge -
saaavvvvyyy : Having a good attitude about going to mutual activities and church
mormon_people_ : Can you do the als ice bucket challenge please it would make my day!!!
anxiously_engaged : @mormon_people_ i will!! Sorry i havent been on. Did u challenge me?
mormon_people_ : Yah
2random_mormon_girls - lds.words - how.firm.a.foundation -
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