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Friday thanks After work thangs. . #blessedChild #AzozoMummy #ariseandshineforth 😍😊😊💃
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The first light of April and I ran through the streets this morn. 🙌🏼 LOVE that every sunrise or "light" has a different effect on the same sky. 📸 Always diggin the clouds! ⛅️ Like us ... you read me?... We all have light that makes a different beauty. A different outcome or effect. Anyways- Can't beat a good sunrise chase and Love the million ways to shine. #dawnedonme #stokedonspringbreak #ariseandshineforth #Aprilrules #D&C115:5 #chasingsunrises
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procompression : Epic
aliciarunsfast : Yes! Everyone has their own special light! You too Bre! 👊🏻✨
simplifythegetgoing : Shine 💫
runfastersarah : Ahhhhh love them sunrises so much😍
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Today we are blessed cause Christ has Risen. Our Easter blessings include alot of things. For me its Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Gift of the Holy Spirit and Enduring to the End. May today Those Bless ings bless your house and family #easter #church #jesuschrist #blessings #ariseandshineforth
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ARISE AND SHINE! "Get out of bed, Jerusalem! Wake up. Put your face in the sunlight. GOD's bright glory has risen for you. ISAIAH 60:1(MSG) Have a Fantastic Friday! Remember to smile, shine and be a light in someone's life today! post inspired by @soultiescoach #Friday#weekend #Tgif#GoodMorning #blessedmorning #ariseandshineforth
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New #scriptures #whatsyourverse #patience #outoftheworld #ariseandshineforth
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tvdinner22 : Okay, okay. I get the hint. I got told by a trusted friend I needed to improve on my patience (lack of) then you're the second friend to post this exact same quote on instagram today... ha! The Lord wants to be sure I'm paying attention...
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#ldsyw #ldsyouth #lds #mormon #imamormon #youngwomen #quotes #inspiration #sharegoodness #ariseandshineforth
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#GodisGood #ariseandshineforth
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#GodisGood #ariseandshineforth #
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Love Don't Hate #Amor #RandomActsOfKindness #BeTheLightOfTheWorld #AriseAndShineForth
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I got up this morning feeling a little down and just small. When I saw the sun peering over this big shady mountain, it made me think about this quote from the book Doctrine and Covenants, section 115:5 that says: "Verily I say unto you all: Arise and shine forth, that thy light may be a standard for the nations;" I realized that even behind moments that seem big and dark, we can "arise and shine forth." It's always in us to make the change to brighten our day, and maybe we can start by reaching out to someone and brightening their day. If you've been feeling down today, I want you to decide to arise and shine forth. Let the light and good in you reach someone you know with a thoughtful email or text; Or a visit to someone in your neighborhood, or phone call. Feel free to leave a comment on how your experience went. #ariseandshineforth #positivethoughts #sharegoodness
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kalessam : That's so pretty!!! I wanna meet you SOOO bad!! You're a GREAT role model!!!
m.o.r.m.o.n.s : Thanks I really needed this ❤️
wassup__homies : honestly did I ask can u stop like delete ur Instagram right now I don't care about ur life we need to raise awareness for #kony rather than waste fucking time
pawwpadd : What a breathtaking shot! This has lifted me David, thanks so much! Been down quite a bit lately. ❤️💯🐾
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Happy Birthday to my one of my YW president since the beehive age🐝 Sister McCoy, you are a great example and I love your smile! I miss you so much and I hope you had a wonderful day. I love you❤️💐 #daughteroftheking #ariseandshineforth
daughteroftheking - ariseandshineforth -
kenzacoy : ❤️❤️❤️❤️
corimccoy5 : You sweetie!! Thank you for the birthday wishes!! ❤️
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I've love these CDs so much the songs in them are so great #efymusicisthebest #fsy #cantwaitforitnextyear #ariseandshineforth #comeuntochrist
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thedustylane : Love EFY!
evolutionyogalv : Sweet!
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- Isaiah 60:1 #AriseandShine #AriseandShineForth #GreatnessAhead #GreatnessAchieved
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First day back to school and @rowen_christensen123 isn't nervous, but I am!!! Every year I prayerfully select a #familytheme for the upcoming school year... This morning is the soft launch of our new theme "Stand as a Light". I was worried that if I did our official launch party it would stress Rowen out, so we will get a few days behind us and then have our special back to school night celebration. "Verily I Say unto all: ARISE and SHINE forth that thy LIGHT may be a standard for the nations." DC 115:5. I know that when we prayerfully turn to the Lord with questions for our families; he listens and answers our prayers. It amazes me how perfectly each of our #familythemes have fit our circumstances each year. I'm excited to see what this new year brings for us!! #StandasaLight. #AriseandShineForth #LightitUp
standasalight - familythemes - familytheme - lightitup - ariseandshineforth -
runkatrun : So awesome. What a great theme!!
scwam6 : You are the coolest!
a.honey1 : Fabulous momma! - stayspiritstrong - maltmyer - melissasummers73 -
Look who just stopped by in Provo! :D I love this guy and an SO excited for his mission!!! @_juicyjon #makeyourpapacatproud #uganda #efy #ariseandshineforth
makeyourpapacatproud - ariseandshineforth - uganda - efy -
elder_juicyjon : It was so good to see you and Darcie! Love you guys! #ugandamissme #doitforpapacat
_megan_mcd : Love this!!
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Two of the most awesome people in the world!! The people tagged are pretty awesome to #rexburg1efy2015 #ariseandshineforth #efy #fam #ss
ss - rexburg1efy2015 - fam - ariseandshineforth - efy -
janeyygreer : ok good you tagged me...
justin_lee_theobald : You afraid I wouldn't?? @jgislandstyle
janeyygreer : Well you just said the people you tagged were pretty cool sooo just wanted to make sure haha.
annabelle._.perry : Tbh: you are pretty cool. I miss the fair. You are a good friend and I hope fair comes back soon.
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Brightly beams our Father's mercy From his lighthouse evermore, But to us he gives the keeping Of the lights along the shore. Trim your feeble lamp, my brother; Some poor sailor, tempest-tossed, Trying now to make the harbor, In the darkness may be lost. Let the lower lights be burning; Send a gleam across the wave. Some poor fainting, struggling seaman You may rescue, you may save. #brightlybeamsourfathersmercy #lds #hymns #ariseandshineforth #pointarenalighthouse #irishbeach2015
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Wake Up And Live. Another Chance to Prosper 💪 #ariseandshineforth
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Such a sick week guys! Thanks for the memories! #rexburg3efy2015 #ariseandshineforth #hereami
rexburg3efy2015 - ariseandshineforth - hereami -
hannahwarden : Aww Taylor and Dylan bffs 💕
dyl_bot3 : You know it! @hannahwarden @m_taylorbrad
corbs.buchananananan : You went to efy with spencer brosnahan!? He's in my ward!
m_taylorbrad : Dude no way Corey! That's tight!
nykol15 - parkslayton - dyl_bot3 - jukeyjake -
Literally could not have asked for a better company. EFY is the greatest thing ever and I am so thankful for the experiences I got to be apart of this week. The church is true and I am so happy I am apart of it. ❤️ #HereAmI #rexburg3efy2015 #ARISEANDSHINEFORTH
rexburg3efy2015 - ariseandshineforth - hereami -
brookebgay : 💕 I love this! Also cute shirt 😏
beccailasmith17 : @brookebarnett13 hey, thanks. 😏 it's almost like you were there when I bought it or something.
brookebgay : Yeah it's almost like that. almost
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I miss these beautiful girls, and to think I got to spend a whole week with them! #ariseandshineforth #rexburg2efy2015 #beautifulgirls #bruhh #myshirtscool
beautifulgirls - myshirtscool - rexburg2efy2015 - ariseandshineforth - bruhh -
gabbythornock : Miss you too Jon!
taya_maree_1 : Lady killer
janhoyer : Womanizer☝
tia_looove : ❤️❤️❤️
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I can't believe I forgot to post a picture of my children from last week! I'm not worried about the future of the church at all, because I got to see the passion these youth have for the gospel of Jesus Christ and their desire to share and defend it. They are amazing individuals and will do so much good in this world!! #ariseandshineforth #cats #rexburg2efy2015
cats - rexburg2efy2015 - ariseandshineforth -
devanie_t : I think our boys are handsome and cool.. 😮 miss you all!!
montezmacedonia : I can't find me. Did u take that when I was sick
darcandra92 : @ms_mouse_sanchez we must've :(
montezmacedonia : Ok its fine
mccallpeart - vadajae21 - issybusy23 - asian_sista -
EFY was such an amazing experience. I met so many amazing people and had the time of my life with all of you cool cats ❤ #ariseandshineforth #efy #rexburg2efy2015 #byui #mormonkidsarecooler #hereami #idahoisntthatbad
efy - rexburg2efy2015 - byui - mormonkidsarecooler - ariseandshineforth - hereami - idahoisntthatbad -
spencer_roylance : Haha well I need to get out there then😆
elder_juicyjon : Talk to me in two years😉😂
arielle_lisette : Hahahaha oh don't worry, I'll be writing you on your mission for sure 😉 @_juicyjon
elder_juicyjon : Good😛
speckled.sunshine - lexybell999 - katiebahr99 - spencer_roylance -
This week was definitely one of the best weeks of my life. I'm so grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ and for all these beautiful souls that blessed my life this week❤️ #rexburg2efy2015#ariseandshineforth
rexburg2efy2015 - ariseandshineforth -
annikamiller23 : AW THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY😍 Ily
rochelle_shantel : Miss you so much! 😽
elisabethcupp - annikamiller23 - issybusy23 - spencer_roylance -
I'm going to miss these people so much!!!! I had the most amazing time at efy this year at BYU-I. I have felt God's love for me and all of His children so strongly this last week, and have felt His comfort and guidance as I studied the scriptures and listened to some amazing speakers! This was definitely a week I will never forget:) #ariseandshineforth #rexburg2efy2015 #EFY
efy - rexburg2efy2015 - ariseandshineforth -
sarahknight14 : Love you too!!! @beccalee143
spencer_roylance : Im going through a depression state right now! Miss all of you
sarahknight14 : Miss you too! @spencer_roylance
gabbythornock : Love ya girl!
gabriela.williams - elisabethcupp - the_beairded_man - issybusy23 -
I love these humans so much!!! I can't say enough good about them. They have so much love for the youth and the gospel. They've been incredible to work with and I've been so blessed to be their co!! #cocos #blessed #rexburg2efy2015 #ariseandshineforth #hereami
cocos - rexburg2efy2015 - blessed - hereami - ariseandshineforth -
emmaleebradshaw : You're adorable!
issybusy23 : Best counselors ever!! 😊❤️
its_sades : ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ so much love
joshbrown08 - quinn_tipton49 - timmyjr007 -
#selfiesunday with my boys on #efy Thursday! #provo11aefy2015 #ariseandshineforth
efy - provo11aefy2015 - ariseandshineforth - selfiesunday -
jacobgoss18 : No hang signs...
praisemimi - britterbug_93 - camrynallyce - zachdt16 -
The sun was really bright, but so is our spirit! 😊💥 #efy #ariseandshineforth #lds #cats#rexburg2efy2015
lds - efy - cats - rexburg2efy2015 - ariseandshineforth -
rochelle_shantel : I love this picture! 😎
shaunae_green : Where's Ash?..
devanie_t : @shaunae_green not everyone is in this picture! 😞
shaunae_green : Well, ya sure are pretty😍
wrestlerbeast88 - tannergrover_22 - austin.tanner - beccax_l -
I love these cats. #papacatpride #Rexburg2EFY2015 #efy #ariseandshineforth
efy - rexburg2efy2015 - ariseandshineforth - papacatpride -
issybusy23 : #papacat
rochelle_shantel : #papacat
devanie_t : #papacat
ashliemccall : #papacat
gabbythornock - devanie_t - anna.gagnon - davidkbean -
"...whosoever shall put their trust in God shall be supported in their trials, and their troubles, and their afflictions, and shall be lifted up at the last day." Alma 36:3 I love these beautiful girls and I love this incredible gospel!! #rexburg2efy2015 #ariseandshineforth #ladycats
rexburg2efy2015 - ariseandshineforth - ladycats -
darcandra92 : @_garett_tayte_24 hahahaha hopefully I'm married by then!!
_garett_tayte_24 : Haha you got one pegged out yet?😏
darcandra92 : @_garett_tayte_24 hahaha not yet!! But my fingers are always crossed! :P
_garett_tayte_24 : Well I wish you the best of luck!!😜
nickpiscitelli7 - erika_adams_ - _nicoleosborn - michelle314159 -
Off to devo! #provo11aefy2015 #ariseandshineforth
provo11aefy2015 - ariseandshineforth -
emmamae.h - brynnemin - susiegodfrey17 - m_ashby007 -
#provo11aefy2015 #efychallenge11a #ariseandshineforth #raptorcontest
provo11aefy2015 - raptorcontest - ariseandshineforth - efychallenge11a -
bdawgg814 : This may be my favorite.
brookybutton : This really is the best!!!
naomieerwin - coramd3o - emmysoper - smashrogers23 -
#provo11aefy2015 #efychallenge11a #ariseandshineforth #raptorcontest
provo11aefy2015 - raptorcontest - ariseandshineforth - efychallenge11a -
paigesmalley : @andielongson
zachdt16 - emmamae.h - britterbug_93 - allison_elsie -
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