Finally I've watched this all started when I met my niqqa from back in campus in tao @club_rumourz ...Mr. super producer @chabugzz who produces the show n we did what we had to do so some people could talk about it...glad we achieved just that..whether in a good or bad way.. #Gibberish #KTN #TakeMeOut #AreYouMyType
gibberish - westmall - takemeout - ktn - areyoumytype -
nelson.nels : @sharon.cherrycheruiyot it aired on least ur the only one who never called me...
nelson.nels : @rhayoh gi mark your calendar..we link up this weekend usual spot.. #WestMall for the big match.
rhayoh : Its marked already men @nelson.nels Btw, wats the progress on the other mission u started? ;)
nelson.nels : @rhayoh on and off..sijachangamka since thursday
rhayoh : Take ua time, I know twil come thru. Lol?! @nelson.nels
nelson.nels : @rhayoh mos def
sharon.cherrycheruiyot : @nelson.nels na sipati YouTube aaarg how could i miss.nikishawatch I'll call you
sharon.cherrycheruiyot : Nimeonaaaa
ole_gunnaress - celest_isabwa - nobertoezjnr - gabriellanatan -
Great turn-out for the ATC Blood Drive! We had a great staff that collected a lot of donations! #AreYouMyType?#DonateBlood #ISavedALife
donateblood - areyoumytype - isavedalife -
kathyy_from_kfc - jybvm101 - omarody - taylurr_s -
Be who you are and never been something your not always remember your better than that #better #selfie #glow #positive #strong #staystrong #tatted #brown #eyes #red #areyoumytype
brown - eyes - staystrong - positive - selfie - better - tatted - strong - areyoumytype - red - glow -
alexstava - inthedarkart - alexandra_vega01 - kriscian -
Your UWI-WJC Guild in association with the National Blood Transfusion Service invites to to take part in the RED Initiative: Respond, Educate, Donate! A blood donation initiative on Thursday November 27, 2014 from 8am - 4pm at the UWI-WJC Students' Union! Come donate and give back to a worthy cause! Wear RED to show your support!!! #RED #Donate #BloodDrive #GivingBack #AreYouMyType #UWIWJC #UwiWjcGuild #StudentUnion
uwiwjcguild - studentunion - blooddrive - uwiwjc - givingback - donate - areyoumytype - red -
princessivy4u - mhzrosewelt - tannisha_jones - sincerelywizana -
Stay tunned to KTN #AreYouMyType
areyoumytype -
sonnie_emily : @celestizel wee what you doing there????
notybynature : @celestizel we on it..congrats
platinum_queen_ : Nice!!!
ngate3 - katherine_muchau - makorig - shikobaibes -
Becoming free as hell #apositive #regular #areyoumytype? #chillerdenbare
regular - apositive - chillerdenbare - areyoumytype -
by_mdma - soffidlow - hendedekalderemma - _cel2z_ -
Preparation!! Behind the scene! #bsp #bsjv #aepblooddrive #areyoumytype
aepblooddrive - bsp - bsjv - areyoumytype -
vovvy254 - evertape_kb - naza_zur -
I wasnt kidding wen i said am going places...That was my Grand Entourage ti #KTN #AreYouMyType dating show.....Tune in KTN....This saturday 8pm...for the whole episode.
ktn - areyoumytype -
jumbavincent - moniqsmwangi - shi.deh.773 - roze.flawah -
Repost from @aepblooddrive AEP Blood Drive! #AEPBloodDrive #BSP #BSJV #85yearsShellinBrunei #blooddonation #bloodforlife #Areyoumytype
aepblooddrive - 85yearsshellinbrunei - blooddonation - bloodforlife - bsp - bsjv - areyoumytype -
quackquackk : #jauhjoaaa
le_fizz - quackquackk - harith_imah - kurapak -
AEP Blood Drive! #AEPBloodDrive #BSP #BSJV #85yearsShellinBrunei #blooddonation #bloodforlife #Areyoumytype
aepblooddrive - 85yearsshellinbrunei - blooddonation - bloodforlife - bsp - bsjv - areyoumytype -
aepblooddrive : @ranoadidas
vovvy254 - evertape_kb - naza_zur - khaier.lazim -
Blood drive today!!(: #areyoumytype
areyoumytype -
18_rohan : Omg so sweet of you :) @c.elaine15
evrizlia : Follow back :) @c.elaine15
ohmydeareststephany : Candice!
c.elaine15 : @ohmydeareststephany yess?
c.elaine15 : @ohmydeareststephany oh i saw Patriciaa comment. Tell me your topic and what Kronopolis wanted and I'll help you.
saintrizzle - rickyysuavenueve5 - yes_its_james - trevorcase08 -
RAYMOND #Areyoumytype#
areyoumytype -
wanjirutharao - yassi1997 - nimohtharao - cal_me_iphe -
With #Timmy...the #WeleWele singer/artist/ the shoot f..#AreYouMyType dating show
welewele - ktn - timmy - areyoumytype -
ekidax : Timmy my boy,we grew 2getha one famehood,,one blood niggah,
jumbavincent - joanwayua - dennis.burton.984 - dj_reighnherd -
Excited b #KTN screens on today's "#AreYouMyType?" dating show.....I need your Support guyz. #Thanks.
ktn - areyoumytype - thanks -
dullahmzoeffu_de_lamma : go go go
mukami_mghetto_sautiyamoshi : Ok Dullah...Will do yu proud.
jumbavincent - dullahmzoeffu_de_lamma - dennis.burton.984 - brayo_obryz_madagashian -
Donating blood is literally a great experience, especially cause you know your helping save lives πŸ‘ŒπŸ’‰πŸ˜πŸ‘ #blooddrive #2ndtime #mybloodsquirted #lmao #A+ #lol #areyoumytype #lmao #blue #vans #goodday #hadfun #goodexperience #savelives #savedalife #bleadbyexample #wootwoot #ifollowback
wootwoot - blue - vans - ifollowback - goodexperience - 2ndtime - blooddrive - savelives - savedalife - a - lmao - goodday - lol - areyoumytype - bleadbyexample - mybloodsquirted - hadfun -
mylife_as_anthony : @marlovestein I thought it was so cool! Lol
mylife_as_anthony : @_reyannarey you will soon :)
xmrs.martinezx : Great experience πŸ™ŒπŸ’• painful but worth itπŸ’―πŸ˜Š but I have like 2 big bruses πŸ˜‘
mylife_as_anthony : Awww but like you said it's all worth it πŸ™Œ
mylife_as_anthony : @mrs_kmartinez
xmrs.martinezx : I know πŸ’‰πŸ‘Œbut idk why I have 2 bruses 😯 when they only poked me once ,, When's the Next one !πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜· ?
mylife_as_anthony : @mrs_kmartinez hmmm idk... Maybe in like a month or 2
_simply_diana_ : Hey can you send me our pictures? 😁❀
herminagmphill - xoxobunbunn - vanitajzriesner -
Blood drive next week (: Sign up at lunch ^.^ Repost plz. #avhs #areyoumytype
avhs - areyoumytype -
shayy_kiss - white_chocolate_wonder - jake.the.ripper_ - f1ower_jasmine -
I never met nobody like you, that ain't no compliment, that's the truth. You're nothing but a cold heart covered in gold, that's why I'm leaving you πŸ˜ŒπŸ’‹ #selfie #curlz5dayz #photooftheday #areyoumytype #ornah #quackquack #andnoidc #byefelicia ✌️
ornah - selfie - curlz5dayz - byefelicia - quackquack - andnoidc - areyoumytype - photooftheday -
rachelee_12 : Oh my goodness, you have got to tell me how you do your hair like that 😱😍😘 @missashleynn
aquaknight : Audien ftw!
ultra_eddy : Hope you getting ready for EDC !!
rachelee_12 - alnorris41 - ima_fkn_lady - rollomodelo619 -
#AreYouMyType #BloodDrive #BloodBank #Donor #Event #LifeStream #0Negative #0Positive #GoodCause #StudentGovernment #SaveALife #Blood #Senate #College #Education #Needles #Juice πŸ’‰πŸŠπŸŒ #Support πŸ’™
savealife - lifestream - senate - studentgovernment - juice - blooddrive - needles - college - blood - goodcause - 0positive - education - 0negative - areyoumytype - bloodbank - support - event - donor -
beautifulchanee : πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘
nmkm_93 : You must have forget me from crossword
nmkm_93 : I use to call you my big sister
addalesson23 : Your full if beauty.
addalesson23 : Of
elleryslife : πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– if you have a chance, I'm raising money for my rare disease by my song on iTunes. Have a listenπŸ˜šπŸ’˜
dreamzzcometrue : Follow back ? πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•πŸ‘Œ
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Gave blood and the guy gave me a bow on my tape 😊😜 saved 3 lives!!! #AB+ #areyoumytype
ab - areyoumytype -
smashlie_ - jkushaney - lauren_nicole_livingston - littleva33 -
Donated today 😌 #americanredcross #opositive #areyoumytype?
americanredcross - areyoumytype - opositive -
leannlovee_ : Ok what was you going to tell me ?
princebx241 : Why u look soo damn sad
princebx241 : ??
_lightbrightxx3 : @princebx241 i have no idea
princebx241 : Smh
_liyahhmichelle - official_young.spazz - _basaldi - desertt_foxx -
Selfie ft. Green band #areyoumytype
areyoumytype -
alien.juice98 : cutie asfβ˜ΊπŸ’š
justicia_oh9 : @alien.juice98 😘
bren__dahhh : Dang boo 😍😍😘
justicia_oh9 : @bren__dahhh πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ˜˜
asaptron909 : πŸ˜œπŸ˜‰β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜
_kasssandra_ : I see my scarf πŸ‘€πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
justicia_oh9 : @_kasssandra_ lmao I know
cash_man18 - special_ed.9 - _kasssandra_ - joe_moreno6 -
Check Out What People Had To Say On #AreYouMyType Page On FB.
areyoumytype -
purity_cute - sir_leon_pixels - lilshaniz - willymuturi -
Thanks Guys For The Support. Jana on #AreYouMyType On KTN. "Acting Fulltime". @Shemghipuka.
areyoumytype -
marykybeh : Ooooh no. I missed that bit, any rerun perhaps?
shemghipuka : @marykybeh Dont Worry Kuna Next time...abt rerun siko sure inakuanga wen but nikijua ntakushw...
sir_leon_pixels - marykybeh - lilshaniz - greysea_nyambura -
#DesertSunEspanola is a proud sponsor of the #Rotary Club of Espanola's Community #BloodDrive. Come by the Santa Claran before 3pm and donate today #AreYouMyType
blooddrive - desertsunespanola - rotary - areyoumytype -
yourappleaday - tyweezy4sheezy -
#Ns ktn's #Areyoumytype #celebrityhangout with my fan @shemghipuka who turned out to be a very amazing person and now a good friend. ..talented musician too.Watch out for him... #my_fan's_fan ☺
ns - areyoumytype - my_fan - celebrityhangout -
iamyoalex : He is also a producer too
njeshwakabbz : @dee_kenya the bootsπŸ‘’πŸ‘’πŸ‘’
dee_kenya : @yoalexproducer Ooh he is...multi talented. .we wish him all the best. @njeshwakabbz hehe...your hair!
shemghipuka : @dee_kenya It Was Nys I Enjoyed the Show @yoalexproducer Hahaa Thanks To You am a Producer to!!!
iamdambiz - emmanuel_recapp - sheilakaai - mzaziwillytuva -
I know what font you used last summer. #areyoumytype #typography #typeporn
typeporn - areyoumytype - typography -
asthetikmind : Hehehe cute!
sh0sh0cat - ericjunker - asthetikmind - fitboholove -
areyoumytype -
caoimheoneill_1 - nicole_elph97 - emzie_98 - clareshea2000 -
Am from #AreYouMyType ? How was the clad need your vote guys
areyoumytype -
kennedykenzi - kkeunieth - gladyswangechi -
I've loved && been loved..I've gained && lost..I've cried && laughed yet when I feel it's all sunshine in comes the rain && everything I've felt has been washed away so I'm starting again clean slate now I wonder are you my type ? #areyoumytype #andiwonder #amiready #thinking #rememberingourdays #waitwhatdays #imweird #okaybye
rememberingourdays - amiready - thinking - waitwhatdays - andiwonder - imweird - areyoumytype - okaybye -
boulvine : Aye how you doin
eeveedragonn : @boulvine I'm doing good you ?
boulvine : Great, just out here in the grand canyon staring at the stars and thinking. Then I thought it's been awhile since I've talked with you.
smoke_meimdope23 : What's up
greaserjosh : What's up :)
tgod.leo : Omg here
_mixco95 : Hey txt me , u got my number! Lol
rodski97 - eyewatchla - francescoricasoli - manny2286 -
Blood Drive ^.^ #AreYouMyType?
areyoumytype -
zonum97 : I Could Be Your Type ;P lol iMiss You :) @elie_sweetie
elie_sweetie : Miss you too c:
zonum97 - pauline_aurora - ronnie_murillo - only_oneydi -
That moment you go to donate blood and your face is everywhere. #rockstar #lifesaver @hoxworthbloodcenter #hoxworthbloodcenter #queencityblooddrive #donate #opositive #areyoumytype? #alltypeswelcome
alltypeswelcome - lifesaver - rockstar - girlswithtattoos - opositive - hoxworthbloodcenter - tattooedmom - queencityblooddrive - paintedlady - donate - areyoumytype -
mandyme03 : Oh my gosh if would have died!!! and @miss_srh it's o negative and I had and you have to get a shot during pregnancy and then i had to have another one afterwards too because my daughter was A+ and O negative can only receive blood from O negative and apparently it's super rare so they kept my mom on standby as a donor during my labor in case there were issues because I had the pregnancy from hell
_dragongirl_ : I'm B+ :P
ihearttattoos : @_dragongirl_ yay!!!
ihearttattoos : @mandyme03 ugh. I was just reading about o-
ihearttattoos : #girlswithtattoos #paintedlady #tattooedmom
hoxworthbloodcenter : Thanks for being a #lifesaver and a member of the @HoxworthUC Type Cast Crew!
vidamia : πŸ‘Œtoo funny!
mrmoustachio : Good thing it's a purdy face!
skittishwolf - mmmmamabearrr - missy.mermaid - afurudashuuh -
So I donated blood today and I am extremely excited about how adorable my shirt is πŸ™Š #toocute #areyoumytype
toocute - areyoumytype -
rauschcolton : Hope your senior year is off to a good start @alexis_nycole
alexis_nycole : Thank you! I hope your year is amazing as well! @rauschcolton
rauschcolton : Thanks hope to see you in the near future @alexis_nycole
alexis_nycole : We'll since Joely is cheering I should be at a couple of football games. So I'll see you then 😊
alexis_nycole : @rauschcolton
karengomez_1 : hey are you going to macro tomorrow?
tbushxoxo : Hi I miss you lots and lots
alexis_nycole : Hey I miss you too @taylor_alexis_bush
codyorlebeke42 - britt_tay28 - amylori66 - marissakay_j -
Are you my type ? 😁 #flashbackfriday #fbf #areyoumytype #family #yeah #were #weird #hateonit
family - yeah - areyoumytype - hateonit - fbf - were - weird - flashbackfriday -
ayeitspaola : πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ
moniqueealexis__ : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ’• @ayeitspaola
matt_weise48 : Tbh we had a fun time during the weekend in la jolla wether or not u thought i was annoying or an asshole, i thought u were a pretty cool and fun girl and i look forward to next time were all hanging out together 😏
moniqueealexis__ : Aha no I don't youre annoying or an asshole πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ but thanks . @matt_weise48
moniqueealexis__ : Think **
moniqueealexis__ : @matt_weise48
anthony_pacitti16 - b.e.l.l.a.xp - enter_galactic_precious - jerick_12 -
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