My 🌍👫 #jamie #bestfriend #love #him #allgrownupnow #tb #to #thetime #hewoke #meup #ugh #appreciationpost #helpsme #withboys #yahyah @jamiecarroll16 @jamiecarroll16
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#appreciationpost | friends for over 15 years & blood couldn't make us any closer 😘
appreciationpost -
japansveryown_ : I looked HIT ! 😩
__mamaoctt : Love Y'all , My Babies 👭💕
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What am I thankful for?... These people right here! Each and everyone of these pictures holds within them someone I love and care for beyond measures. The ones I've always found myself running to whether it's to cry on their shoulder or to bust my ass laughing with, the ones that have been there for me, helped me through my darkest times, and make me smile through my worst. I am beyond thankful for having you guys in my life; each and every one of you. Always & forever 💕 Love you guys! #Appreciationpost #RideorDie4evaas #MyFamily #SomepeopleIdonthavepicswith #Loveyouguystootho👌🏽
rideordie4evaas - somepeopleidonthavepicswith - myfamily - appreciationpost - loveyouguystootho👌🏽 -
aloha_blayze : Love u too Anty shanena and thanks
aloha_blayze : 💖💘☺️
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Got bare love for my one & only best friend ❤️ #bestfriends #texts #imessage #iphones #barelove #appreciation #appreciationpost #drunk #tfl #tflers #potd #instasize #instadaily
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You're always in my heart, you're always on my mind. But when it all becomes too much, you're never far behind. And there's no one that comes close to you that could ever take your place. 'Cause only you can love me this way.. #appreciationpost #mybestfriend
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chieners -
#appreciationpost ♥️🍗
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"Best friend" is such an understatement of what you are to me. You're my teddy bear to hug when I've had a bad day. You are able to make me laugh when I don't even want to smile. You love me when I don't know how to love myself. You're my human diary. You're such a great person and I look up to you. I love you Burr Burr ❤️ #appreciationpost #bae #thatsmybestfriend #mybestie>yours @britttttneeyyy
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Inspired after thanksgiving seeing my father. Love is deep! #fathersunitednow #family #FathersU #fatherhood #dadlife #lifeofdad #grandpa #peaceandlove #enjoytheride #appreciationpost #spreadlove #stayup #thankful #grateful #love #dad #urbanfathers #urbandads #dedicateddads #epicdads #inspiration #inspired #raddads #blessed🙏 #fam #blessed #tistheseason
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lw7949 : He still helps me to this day. Would be lost without my dad 💛💜💚💙❤️
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a little late, but i am thankful for all my friends, and most of all, my family. but i think if i had to pick one person to be the most thankful for it would be @hannah.sablich I honestly could never live w/o my partner in crime/my main girl/my rod/ my cousin/bff! i love you so much hannah! so here's to every other laughing memory that is yet to come. luv u so much💗 #appreciationpost
appreciationpost -
hannah.sablich : same goes to you. I literally don't know what I would do without you in my life , I always say that but it's so true. I'm so glad to have a cousin that I am this close to , and it also have her as a sister that I have always wanted. I'm so thankful for you and our inside jokes. #pattymelt #everthingwillbechill. I love you sooooooo much. ❤️❤️❤️
huff_is_buff_ : luv u more girl ❤️ @hannah.sablich
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#appreciationpost #milakunis #selenagomez #jennacoleman #wwepaige 😍
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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. ❄️⛄️ #nature #frosty #freezing #pretty #happy #winter #itsmyfavorite #dt #instalike #followforfollow #spamforspam #goodmorning #stillthankful #iger #girlsofinstagram #appreciationpost
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#appreciationpost for my lover/pecha/sloth💓
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madrid_tit0 : 🍄✌🏻️
anahixtorres : @madrid_tit0 😊😂
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You are my person. #appreciationpost #thecristinatomymeredith #okay #youcanbecristina
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meganblairfit : You both are so babely 😍
apatheticpotato : @meganblairfit this is my favourite photo of her. 😻
canowyrmz : #thecristinatomymerideth OH MY GOD
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Anyone who has struggled with #depression knows exactly how it feels.. kind of like this photo. A feeling of being stuck & locked up inside a box with no way out. When you have access to all this information your view of the world drastically changes. You start to question everything you're being told.. including yourself. We try not to post about our personal lives on this page but lately I have felt so stuck that I reached out to our supporters & shared with them bits of my struggle. I received a lot of encouraging & kind words from many many of our supporters.. some even went the extra mile & DM me offering a listening ear or a helping hand.. I want to first say that I'll always be in debt to those who continue to support this page. And to all those who commented & expressed similar sentiments, please know that your kindness has not gone unnoticed ♡ I really am blessed to have all of you as brothers & sisters. Here are a few DM messages that helped me hold it down. I appreciate the #kindness & #love greatly ♡ @lionzkingsview2 I just wanted to thank you so much. I am able to keep my people up on so much because of your hard work. I know this is not easy at all. So on this day I am thankful for your page. I don't celebrate so sorry but that is one thing I do like about it. Hopefully you find time for your family @justdae_ If no one has told toy today, Thank you for all that you do and report on. Don't let the haters fuck up a good thing. Just continue to post facts and not hate✊ @leslieanne0723 I'm not even sure how I can directly help in anything you do but I would love to. What you do is important, if it wasn't it would be easy. Let me know. Leslie Also huge thanks to warrioroftherebellion whom I consider family for frequently checking up on me ♡ Same goes to @terroar1776 & @truthbetold_010110 for always trying their best to keep a smile on my face by sharing with me & my team some of the most hilarious videos & photos here on IG ♡ ☆☆☆☆☆#AppreciationPost☆☆☆ We Are Legion. Much #love & #Respect. We See You. #HushReport #peaceloveunityrespect #followersappreciationpost #inspire #courage #friendship
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essenceoflife7 : Appreciate the truth you post. It is good to know someone is willing to put their time and not conform to the bullshit the media tells us. Keep opening eyes! Sometimes I feel so alone in my family, less friends and strangers who live in lala land and are too afraid of "offending" vs shedding the facts.
lasoulj : @eljay22s show this to July lol 😍
ladytata11 : ❤️❤️❤️
warrioroftherebellion : ✌✊💙😊
7nines : Bless you. Your information is so important to me as I am hanging on the ledge in hopes and works as well to help bring down this corrupt system. Nothing much will be left if they are allowed to continue. The white leaders of this country and of this world are mad as in insane with power. Fear, greed and hate. I understand a bit the depression. I feel the sadness and depression of all this hate and my race sees me as a radical. They can se me however they want but when my heart is affected, I stand strong. Bless you again for your work! It gives me strength and hope!
musicbiin : @dollinadollhouse
czarcasm09 : @kelsey_lafrance the kitty but then realized its also something about depression.
mr.shufflethepancakewave : @linda_bonetti_ how cute?😏
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I know this kinda late but I'm so thankful for my family, especially my cousins and siblings who without i wouldn't be the dysfunctional and cool kiana that you all know today. But mostly I'm thankful that I finally got to see my sister after over 3 years because I've missed her ugly ass like crazy. I don't know what I'd do without any of you. 💘💘💘 #cheesybuttru #iloveyouguys #appreciationpost
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#appreciationpost for the girl who has been in my life this month and turned from someone I just knew, to someone I will call my best friend. there's serious times and there's seriously too funny times and I wouldn't change it for the world. 💋🍀❣
appreciationpost -
premie_1 : @taymwilhitez 😂👌
emily.2017 : Can't wait to see you ❤️
emily.2017 : @premie_1 shut up fag
premie_1 : @emily.2017 fuck off sloot
taymwilhitez : get up off my insta I hate you. @premie_1 😡
premie_1 : @taymwilhitez well fine then 👌
emily.2017 : @premie_1 you were being a fag last night so
taymwilhitez : I'll jack that jaw again @premie_1
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I've posted a couple of times explaining how mentally & emotionally draining it has been for me lately to post about the horrors of the world then have to deal with Internet #hatespeech from trolls on this page. I received a lot of encouraging & kind words from many many of our supporters.. some even went the extra mile & DM me offering a listening ear or a helping hand.. I want to first say that I'll always be in debt to those who continue to support this page. Here are a few DM messages that helped me hold it down. I appreciate the #kindness & #love greatly ♡ These (and the next post) are some of the most beautiful #inspiring words I've been blessed to be told ♡ #Namaste. @alexramirezj23 Hey it's me again ha lol. I just wanna let you know that honestly you're an amazing person. I don't know you but as I see your posts I see the writings are written with #truth, #knowledge, and #passion. I understand your #purpose is to #inspire minds to think freely and to open the eyes the blinded. What you do is amazing. Your words are inspiring and breathtaking. Of course the people who don't know the truth won't accept it only because it requires change. They can't accept the fact that they've been living a mirage their whole life. They're #ignorant at the fullest level. They reject something they know nothing about. They do not listen with the intent to understand but instead they listen with the intent to reply. Never argue with #stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience lol. It's hard to beat a smart person but trust me... It's nearly impossible to beat a stupid one lolol. People may hate you for being different and not living by societies Standards but deep inside they wish they had the #courage that you do. Keep it up with you're doing (: you might not know it but you're making a bigger difference than what you think (: (this part didn't send with the first part idk why) @fatboy3694 You'll be alright #life's never easy in the world we live in but its adversity that forges us into stronger beings just remember that. ☆☆☆☆☆#AppreciationPost☆☆☆ We Are Legion. Much love & Respect. We See You. #HushReport #friendship
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monquieodebert : ✊ I'm a new follower, and I love you. This world scares me, knowing the truth but you are brave, and scared and human all at the same time....and its refreshing. Thank you.keep it up!
thehushreport : @keeping_it_riel @yvonnemac1 @jdvalentino_1 @wednesday_addams81 @k10stew @ragingthebar505 @monquieodebert much love & respect to all yall ♡♡♡
monquieodebert : 💜💜💜
queen_beee_12 : 💗💚❤💙💛💟
slinky_ironman : 👣 keep moving
slinky_ironman : 🌴🌳🌲🌱
slinky_ironman : Those are happy trees
slinky_ironman : 😹😹😹😸
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Just an #appreciationpost to my sister❤️ I love you so much sissy! 💗😘 @mckenzielynn28
appreciationpost -
mckenzielynn28 : omg I hate you 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️ I love you so much to sista
__dxox__ : ITS FUNNY😂😂😂😘
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Best friends since 1998 #siblinglove #appreciationpost 👭 @enchantedgirl01
appreciationpost - siblinglove -
enchantedgirl01 : 😘
jillwftalsky - kthorne1401 - bluebirdnights - mrd_develop -
Theres never been a day that i questioned my love for you. I knew the day i met you that you were something special i had to hold on to. You walked 30 minutes to my work in the cold just to hangout with me the day we first met and even then you ended up having to wait on me. Ive been through alot with you and im so thankful to have you by my side. And in a couple of weeks we'll have our first apartment and im so excited. I love you too the moon and back baby forever and always ❤😍😘 @chyannesaucier #appreciationpost
appreciationpost -
Uhm . Ek weet ek is soms aaklig om mee te praat maar baie dankie dat jy altyd tyd maak om na gekla, my eienaardige manier van goed doen en hoe ek nooit luister nie. Ek wil net se baie dankie dat jy altyd daar is vir my en ek waardeur dit uiters baie 💕 #shesprettierthanyou #appreciationpost #thankyou #cute #perfect #motogirl #mxgirl #mxgirlsdoitbetter #dbk #thankyousomuch #thebest
perfect - cute - dbk - thebest - shesprettierthanyou - motogirl - thankyou - appreciationpost - mxgirlsdoitbetter - thankyousomuch - mxgirl -
xxamor16xx : Dia altyd n plesier, ek sal altyd daar wees vir jouuu no matter what💕
christopher_larsen1 - dndavids16 - biancabuhr - danellekingg -
How cute are my nanny & grandad!🙈 love these two so much, be lost without them!☺️❤️ #Appreciationpost
appreciationpost -
antonette133 - _.kixnx._ -
#appreciationpost - I don't know where to begin with you. No one has ever understood me like you do. It's been rough the past couple months but we've worked through it and of course right when we get together, it's like nothing has happened and we pick right back up. If I lost you, I'd lose a little part of myself, too. Don't give up on me cheesy and you know I'll never give up on you. I'm also proud of the effort you've been putting in for yourself, so don't give up on yourself either! I love you so much and then some 🤗💗
appreciationpost -
megeroni__and__cheese : oh my gosh I love you so much dude. I couldn't imagine what these last couple months would've been like without you. I love how we get each other & how we never give up on each other. you're the best!!!!! go best frand dats my best frand, so proud of everything you're accomplishing & how I'm right by your side through it all!! here till the end 💯😘
wishonnastarr - mariahdeanna - al_wild - brock.fowlkes -
Sisters 💃 -- -- Jaja, Cikni, Achik and Kakdyo 💖 Too much to say about them. They are my second family. Whom I cried and share my happiness and also gedikness with. Ezz saaaayannng kakak-kakak ezz sangat. Whatever happens please and please dont ever forget that. Thank you for everything all this while. Love you pretty sisters so much. Takecare 😘 -- -- Ohsemm pictures with ohsemm photographer. Thanks @abgsyukphotography 😄 #appreciationpost #bff4ever #majorthrowback #stillcantmoveon #kasichancelah
kasichancelah - appreciationpost - majorthrowback - stillcantmoveon - bff4ever -
leeyanamansor : I'll dear.. huhuhuh... rindu sgt!!!@ezzatiezz @nazanasrul @syazwanihjmohamed @suhaida_eyka
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Wat 'n great eerstejaar! Weet nie wat ek sonder julle sou doen die jaar nie. My rotse ❤ dankie vir die liefde, lagsessies, jokes, mekaar uithaal (skuus Mia), saam huil, saam die dorp omkuier (en vergeet) en al ons great adventures. My liefde loop oor vir BAE ❤😘🔥 #appreciationpost #foxybabes #love #girls
girls - appreciationpost - love - foxybabes -
ruangoose : Julle is my favs!! 👌🏼
lara_matthysen : 😘 @ruangoose
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Definitely don't feel I need only Wednesdays to show my appreciation of women and the female body! Such a beautiful thing! @katyaelisehenry is my ultimate motivation! 💪🏼😍🍑#appreciationpost #fitness #motivation
motivation - appreciationpost - fitness -
anasusic - _ninaclark_ - neemv - thulamakhoba12 -
Feeling very grateful and appreciative. 💕 #gettingolderandwiser #spiritualgrowth #peaceandlove #appreciation #appreciate #appreciationpost #grateful #forevergrateful #lawofattraction #abrahamhicks #fulloflove #fulloflife #fulloflifeandlove 💜
forevergrateful - fulloflove - fulloflife - appreciation - gettingolderandwiser - fulloflifeandlove - peaceandlove - appreciationpost - grateful - spiritualgrowth - abrahamhicks - lawofattraction - appreciate -
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#Appreciationpost because I'm so thankful for my best friends, they are the best and I'm so glad we have gotten so close this year keepin it real my homies 😈❤️☑️
appreciationpost -
50_shades_of_tod : ✌️😈✌️
tf.and : love youuuuuuu ❤️❤️
jlotarr1 : Love you too 😍😍
kinzequillen : I la la looooove you 💕
jlotarr1 : Love you Kinzz 😍
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appreciationpost -
syamsulanwarr : resas sekolah mana
rasydanjalal - sabok7 - dlfrro - nisaasyuhada_ -
what's school without this pau 🙊 #appreciationpost
appreciationpost -
hazieqhamzah : The school will be an unsteam pau.
naylybatrisyia : @hazieqhamzah yea..... semua orang pau tak masak 😐
hazieqhamzah : Pau bbq sedap
naylybatrisyia : tak pernah wujud do pau bbq. kau duduk zaman bila 😑 @hazieqhamzah
hazieqhamzah : Pau bqq ayam adalah 😂
naylybatrisyia : @hazieqhamzah merepek doh kau haha 😑
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appreciationpost -
penguinmcduckys : ohmy Dan
penguinmcduckys : OH CRAP SORRY
penguinmcduckys : JAHAHAHAAHAH
daniel.lyons_ : thanks alysso :'-)
alyssamartinus : @daniel.lyons_ i have been waiiting for 10 minutes to post this at exactly 12 am pls 😹
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#appreciationpost to my bestfrienddddd ❤️ if there's one person I can Aways trust its her! She's always got me threw thick & thin👌🏼 love your gay ass💎😘😅
appreciationpost -
sa_d__ : Thanks love!!! Love you 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍
drummerboy_8404 : That girl in the corner of there looks mighty cute 😊
savannahbruno : @sa_d__ ^^😏😉😉
sa_d__ - devin__ruiz - brxd.__ - riverhardin.1 -
A day late for Thanksgiving, but that doesn't mean I can't give a million thanks to all of my wonderful friends, those pictures here and those who aren't. You're all so wonderful and have changed my life, whether we've been friends for years or have just come into each other's lives. I love all of you so much ❤️ happy thanksgiving, because thanksgiving should be every day 🙂 #thanksgiving #thankful #friends #bestfriends #love #forever #appreciationpost #shenanigans #adventure
forever - love - shenanigans - thanksgiving - thankful - bestfriends - appreciationpost - adventure - friends -
scarlet.sunflowers : Reno❤️
wingding_47 : Girl child ❤️
scarlet.sunflowers - ramirez.lily - m.ollyelizabeth - snelson_for_life -
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